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  1. Wow, I remember those days. It’s wonderful to finally realize that we are never beyond His reach or His sight. Great post!

  2. Loss, loss of marriage, job, and my health, but this Is where God met me. In each and every one, he have me his sufficient grace to meet my needs. Although I lost some of the biggest parts of who I was, he has shown me who I am in Him, and little by little I am learning that he is so faithful!!

  3. Micha – just love everything about this. And been praying, sitting on a post about your book for some time. This felt like God’s green light. 🙂 Have a great day.

  4. Thank you for sharing from your deepest part of you … I love your writing. Also on a journey regarding prayer so I’m loving your “Found”. I read of your new baby and my mind flies back– 50 years last December he came into our lives … what a gift. Oh my goodness I had no idea how hard it would be just to simply “Mother”.
    Thank you dear — please keep writing!

  5. Tears here. Thank you for this reminder, these poignant words of truth.
    This is my story too–down to the details: A full-on amazing, glamorous, accolade-filled career that I loved to a new baby I loved even more after a move across the country where no one knew me or loved me (other than my husband and baby)– just like you wrote, yes. I felt so so so lost. And then a year later we moved to another country where I had more beautiful babies and felt a different kind of lost. Five years later and I cannot tell you the change that has happened in my life and heart since I leapt into the vast unknown of lost-ness– It would take pages to write out, so I will just say that yes, the paradox of being found in being lost = a remarkably precious gift. Thank you again for your words– God be with you.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. It took me back to a time where my husband and I moved with our 4 month old baby to a country I had visited once and where he was born. I can still remember the first day sitting nursing my son looking outside at the trees and unfamiliar sounds feeling like I was lost. We eventually moved back home but life was never the same. God found me in the midst of the pain and loss of a life that I could never get back as I lost my marriage, job and nearly lost my son. Praise God for his loving arms finding me.

  7. Everyone has losses of one kind or another. As a youngster I moved 5 times in 7 years. We ended up in FL–hot muggy FL! In my 20s I gave up church and God. He never stopped pursuing me. Then in my thirties we moved to small (Johnson City), TN. I knew no one. The only way to meet people, I thought, would be to attend church and get involved. I did and found some good friends.

    Along the way God was pursuing me. It wasn’t until years later in my 40s, married and going to a small Christian Church that I truly met and fell in love with Jesus. It was a Wednesday night Bible Study at church. Something the pastor said just clicked. I went to his house & talked with him. Shortly after that I was re baptized-this time I was immersed in water. After that time I have been craving more and more of Jesus. I want to hear good Christian music, listen to good preachers, do Bible study, and pray super hard! I love a quiet afternoon just listening to Praise and Worship music and meditating on God!

    Blessings 🙂