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  1. My niece and I are going by Faith, we are going where the Lord is leading us to go. Not by Sight but by Faith. My niece has more Faith in God, I don’t like going blindly, so I call it Blind Faith. We are leaving our Egypt on 25 Sept’14 and heading to our Promised Land, to arrive there on the 26th. We don’t know anyone there. We don’t know where we will be staying. But my niece wants a home. We found 2 choices, but have 5% for a down payment. We are asking for big miracles and we are asking for prayers in this. Our Lord has been blessing us, 2x2x2 as my niece says. She says don’t worry, God’s with us in this. This is His plan for our lives. You just got to have Faith and keep moving forward, putting all your Trust in Jesus. He is everything. He wants you to lay everything on Him. So, as we take this journey to our Promised Land, we ask prayers that all of God’s doors open up to us, that we would be able to move into our new home soon, with winter coming soon, it’s going to be very cold. Our Lord has some awesome plans for all of us, and testimonies to give at some churches. In Jesus’ Mighty Name We Pray, Amen and Amen, that we will be settled in quickly and Praise God at every moment we have a Blessing. Thank You and God Bless!

    • Nanners,

      Prayers for you and your niece. God does call us to go on Faith! He will provide for ALL your needs!!!

      Father God

      Help Nanners and her niece as they venture out to a promised land in a few days. Provide them with all that they need including a place to live. Shower them with your grace, love & mercy! Protect them with your wings!

      AMEN 🙂

    • Faith is all you need. Our God will provide everything. Go forward knowing that He guides and Protects you wvery step.
      To God be the Glory as we pray for the successful completion of your journey.
      Amem. Amen. Amen.

  2. Nanners Carey: praying for God to fulfil your every need and in so doing strengthen your faith in Him who always provides and never fails or forsakes. Whenever you doubt, hold onto Deuteronomy 31:6: Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the One who goes with you. He will never fail or forsake you.

    Having lost my mother to brain tumours less than six months ago, I am calling out to the LORD to turn my brokenness into healing and life, not only for myself, but also for those He is calling me to love.

    • Anna,
      What a God thing that you were able to be online and pray for Babeth in her native tongue! I am praying for you and ask the Lord to bring beauty from the ashes of your mother’s passing due to brain tumors. God promises that He will not leave us in our time of grief – that He will come to us. Praying for Him to make His loving presence known in your life right now and to bring peace to your hurting heart. Praying that He will wrap His arms of lovingkindness around you.

    • Anna,

      Prayers for you as you grieve! May God console you and help you to love those around you! May you find comfort and peace knowing that your mother is no longer suffering & that one day you will see her again!

    • Babeth,
      Though I do not know your complete prayer, I know that God hears our prayers in ALL languages. I do understand, “Help me” and I pray for God, who is our Helper, to enable you to trust in Him. I pray for His comfort to surround you and to hold you close. May He hear the pleas of your heart and answer you today with His love. I am praying for you too…

  3. And BTW Nanners: God provided faithfully for my parents, when they took the gospel to Germany with four young children and only enough funds for their trip and a few weeks of living costs…time and time again, money and other support came when they needed it.

  4. Lieve Babeth, moge God jouw in zijn Hand dragen door alles wat gaat komen, je zegenen met zijn kracht en rust in Hem. Praying for you.

  5. I know I sound like a broken record…but it is the deepest desire of my heart for my son, who currently walks in darkness, to come into a personal and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. He’s been raised in a home of faith, but chooses to follow his own path right now. I pray that his heart would be softened in order to truly hear the gospel message and accept the truth that it offers. I have visions of wanting to see him baptized as a believer. I could also use prayers for myself for the ability to continue to wait and to trust.

    • Bev, I have a son in the same situation. I have prayed for the Holy Spirit to bring back to his mind scriptures that he heard and learned during all those years in our home and church. I will pray that for your son, too. Will you add my son to your list as you pray for yours? Thank you. God said that His word does not “return void” so we ask you, Lord, to bring fruit from your word in the hearts of these two young men. For Jesus’ glory, Amen

      • Hello Bev and Linda,
        I am praying for you both concerning your sons’ desires to walk in the flesh after being raised in homes of faith. I too have been praying for my wayward middle daughter who decided to become an agnostic after going to college back in 2006, to give her life over to Jesus. Please pray for my daughter as I will be praying for both of your sons to remember the children’s church lessons and home bible knowledge of their upbringings. In the Lord’s Name I pray, Amen.

    • Bev,

      It is ok to ask over and over for something! Especially if it involves a loved one not in Christ! God does not get worn out by our continually asking!! Know that I’ve said a prayer for you and your son!!

      • My son, also, Bev and Linda. Our faith was so challenged years ago he did not recover. I pray, Mighty God, that our sons feel Your presence. I pray the warmth of Your love flows over them. I pray, God of the Universe, that they find a desire to explore Your Word and in it they find their own way to faith in you. I pray we are examples of faith and strength and joy. Bless us all in our journey, Savior, Amen.

        • Yes, Linda and Lyndsey I will pray for your sons as well. Like you said, “God’s word does not return void.” Where two or more are gathered, there will God also be. There’s power in numbers ladies…joining in prayer with you. And, Beth what a blessing you are…thank you for your continued prayer and encouragement!!
          Bev xxxxx

  6. I’m struggling in my marriage. I want to be more intentional as a wife and especially as a mom. My husband is a good man, but has broken my trust in a few areas. Finding it hard to move past the hurt, and when I try to talk to him about my needs or desires, the changes I want to see for our family, though in the moment he usually listens, nothing changes, and he generally seens unconcerned about the things I am. I’m not feeling much of anything towards him and that scares me. Thanks for your time.

    • Thank you for posting BJ, I understand a little of where you are coming from. I have felt the same way.

      Lord, please give BJ your comfort and hope for her marriage. Help her to look to you for her strength and to love her husband. Do not forsake her in this wilderness that is a season of dryness. May your will be done in their home and in their marriage. Amen.

  7. God, thank you for loving BJ and her family and Lord please help her to fully surrender her marriage and family concerns to you. Total surrender is so hard but God we know that you are a God who is able and capable of bringing total restoration to this marriage. Thank you for loving this family and guiding them throughout this difficult season of their life. God also help BJ today know that you love her and that you hear her and give her comfort and peace.

    I also struggle with fully surrendering my circumstances over to God. Please pray for me today as I am seeking a way to find true JOY in my circumstances today and always. I was laid off from my job earlier this year and while I am praying for God to bring me “the right job,” I more importantly, have found that while a new job will bring me temporary happiness, it will not give me the type of joy I am striving to find.

    • Traci it also very hard for me to turn things over to the Lord. We know that He is willing, ready, and able to take on these problems we are having. Being out of work is so hard for so many people in these difficult times we are going through, it seems even harder for us as Christians in some ways.
      I will definitely keep you in my prayer journal that the right job comes to you and also for the joy you are also looking for in another area.
      I am getting over major back surgery and it is hard for me to “take it easy” and “listen to my body and slow down” but I am improving and that is due to all my church friends praying for me. I also lost my aunt who I was very close to and took care of a lot things for her. She left a fairly good size amount of money to my brothers and sister and I. She had no children and was very good with money. But what I would like prayer for is that it not cause so much dissension in our family. I pray that one day we can get together like a family like we were. The money doesn’t belong to us anyway it is the Lord’s and He definitely will get his portion. I am the only Christian in my family. I will definitely keep you in prayer, I can’t imagine surviving without a job. I am retired due to the inability to work because of my back and all I want is to be able to walk without pain and live without pain at least some of the time. God Bless Traci, God is with you always and knows you’re every need. He will fulfill all your needs in His time, I spend a lot of time reading the Bible and also doing Bible studies. Most of my day is devoted to the Lord, it really does my heart good to stay so closely bound to Him. May things work out quickly for you and remember God takes care of those of us who follow and love Him.

      • Hi Linda,
        Thank you for stating just how hard it seems for us Christians to endure being out of work. I made the decision to walk away from a job I had for the past 8-1/2 years on August 20th. I was an Accounting Manager of a pharmaceutical solutions company who was acquired by another company in September 2013. My new boss began to treat me badly after a slight conflict that we had and the treatment became so hurtful, I could not stay and endure it any longer.

        I prayed so hard for the Lord to change my boss’s heart towards me, but when things only became worse, I gave up believing that the situation would get any better and left peacefully. I know that my patience to wait on God was tested then and it has certainly increased with each new job attempt rejection.

        Please pray for me and I will pray for you that God will help both of us to totally lean on Him and trust that He is working (behind the scenes) to provide us with our new jobs. He will reveal both of them to us in His time, I know this, but as you said, it is so hard to trust and not worry sometimes.

        I encourage you to also meditate on Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or in dread of it, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave or forsake you.”

  8. I have been having health problems this year, especially seizures.
    Also, my aunt has a brain tumor and is not doing very well.
    Thanks so much for your prayers.

  9. As I am adapting to a broken marriage and empty nest syndrome, I am asking God to reveal Himself to me and reveal how He desires me to serve Him in this stage of my life. Thank you for your prayer support and grace.

    • Nanci, I have been in a broken marriage that God transformed…I am saved , my DH is not. It is a lonely place to be…and then to top it off with a child or children leaving home. I am sorry for your losses…I do know that “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18) And I know that HE can mend a broken marriage. I pray that you would be able to feel HIS PEACE and JOY that he has promised his children…not the peace of this world, but a deeper peace that comes only from him. I pray that He would reveal his plans to you, if only a glimpse. I pray that you will find JOY as you watch your child(ren) build their own homes. I pray that you will keep your eyes on JESUS and just be able to step outside your circumstances and LOVE the way God wants us to. You are a child of God and he cares about the big and the little stuff…He knows what’s happening and He will lift you up. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other….

      • Nanci – I too am still adapting to a broken marriage (it’s been 5 years) and a partial empty nest (one at home – two already out). I will pray for you with the same prayer that I say everyday – God, please show me what’s next and let me trust in you more fully so that I am able to understand your plan for me.

  10. After recently going off of my anxiety/depression meds (due to adverse side effects after a long time of use) I have lost my JOY…It’s been a little over a month and my anxiety level is getting back to normal for the most part, but my emotions are all over the place…It’s like I’m really “feeling” for the first time in many years…I CAN”T sleep either, which makes it all the worse. Please pray for me to get GOOD SLEEP and for me to be able to extend the same grace to DH as I could on my numbing meds(everything he does or doesn’t do seems to get to me now)….I want to find my JOY and PEACE without drugs helping me…God can do anything. Please pray for my DH too…he isn’t saved and is used to A LOT of grace from me. Our marriage is a bit rocky right now, as he bailed on me emotionally at the first sign of trouble. Or rather maybe I never needed him in this way, so he was never really there…just pray for me please!

    • I’ve been there, and good for you for kicking the meds! Try replacing those with new kinds of daily meds:
      1 does of faith
      5 doses of gratitude
      unlimited doses of self care

      And you DO need your hubby emotionally. And you need to tell him so. Most men shy away from this because they like to fix things, and don’t know how to fix this, but you need to rely on him – think of him as your new antidepressant! First, just ask him to comfort you as you fall asleep, rub your back, whatever it takes to comfort you to peace before bed. Do relaxing things before bed, but not TV – its winds you up mentally.
      Prayers and Blessings as you continue your journey to peace.

  11. Laurie, praying that you will be overwhelmed with joy by knowing and experiencing how the Lord delights in you and rejoices over you. I pray for open eyes to see the abundant blessings and grace in your life.

    Prayer request: that my desire to commune with the Lord increases, and out of that relationship may I share His love with others.

  12. Brandee, I pray for you. That the Lord will heal you from seizures so you can be free to live peacefully. I pray for your Aunt. May the Lord be with her and help her to stay strong during this difficult time. Help her to be strong in her faith and know that she will be ok no matter what happens. The Lord is with her always.

    I am having a difficult time trusting my husband. He plays hockey once a week and comes home late at night. When we see eachother the following morning he has guilt all over his face. He used to smoke marijuana but stopped doing it because I told him Id leave. I just wish and pray he would stop lying to me and our family. I feel so disrespected. I wish he would tell the truth, but he won’t. I don’t know what to do. I have two young children and feel stuck and scared. Please pray for us, especially my husband.

  13. Lord, I pray for Elizabeth and her marriage. Please guide her husband to do the right things and lead him away from the wrong. Give Elizabeth strength to make it through this.

    I am asking for prayers for a family conflict. I have been anxious and worried and overwhelmed. I pray that this will soon be resolved.

  14. Elizabeth: Praying for God to speak to your husband and bring him back to you. Also praying for you to find your strength and peace in God. Seek after Him with your whole heart and he will lead you down this road, even when it feels rocky.

    I need prayer for how to reach the heart of my daughter. She is only 13, but already seems so cynical about God. I feel that she just goes through the motions to appease us. Please pray for her spiritual heart.

  15. Trailer – I’m praying for God to pour out JOY in your life! Over you, your marriage, your husband!
    May you see God at work, healing and restoring!! May you fall in love with each other all over again, and look at each other like you did on your wedding day!!

    For me, physical healing please, as I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now, on antibiotics for a week, and need to help care for my grandkids as a new one arrives this week – prayers for his safe arrival too!! That momma will deliver well and feel healthy and rested before coming back home… ((thanks!))

  16. Christy, I ask in the name of Jesus to come into your daughter’s heart. That Jesus would touch her in inly the way He can.
    I pray for you to be guided by the power if the Holy Spirit in all wisdom, knowledge and strength. Praying God’s mercy and grace on your family

    Pls pray for my marriage. I have chosen to stand for my marriage. God spoke to my heart three yrs ago to seek out ministries and others who want to fight for their marriage. God has been faithful to provide all I have needed. My husband needs a damascus road experience. To be touched by Jesus to come home. I am waiting as the father did in the story of the prodigal son. Opened arms…..

    Elizabeth: go to http://www.rejoiceministries.org

  17. Marina – I pray that The Lord heals you and blesses you abundantly! Also fro the safe delivery of a healthy grandchild and that the mom would be refreshed.

    To hear God’s voice on when to move back east. So want to reconnect with family and shar The Lord with them.

  18. Elizabeth, I am praying for your family. May God shower you with His blessings and gifts of Faith and Trust in Him! May you be filled with the Holy Spirit, God within you, receiving His Comfort, His Peace, His Love, and His Joy! With Jesus, you are never alone! “Do not be afraid, I am with you. Do not be anxious for I am your God. I will help you. I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with my victorious and righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10
    Elizabeth, “TRUST in His timing. RELY on His promises. WAIT for His answers. BELIEVE in His miracles. REJOICE in His goodness. RELAX in His Presence.” I think that came from Tracie Miles and I keep it taped up on my bathroom mirror….it always reminds me of God’s great Love!

    I am in a season of family illness and also issues of both my daughters in their families. Please pray for God’s Healing…spiritual, physical and emotional for my family. In all things, I praise God!

  19. Penny….praying that you will know when and where God wants you to be. He has a perfect plan, and with patience and assurance that He is in control, you will know His will for you! Praying for you and your family….

    Asking for prayer for a friends baby, baby Aiden, who has been in and out of the hospital since birth. Please pray for healing, wisdom for the medical staff and wrap the parents in His Love!

  20. After a disastrous year of becoming financially destitute thanks to someone else, having to sell my house and move, become separated, unemployed and a near death experience that saw me spend a month in the hospital, I’m finally listening to whatever God puts in front of me – which is to turn my (new to me) backyard garage into a workshop, where I can create inspirational and spiritual word art and furniture. I am working with the creative gifts God me, and am following a path that allows me to be with my girls at home as much as possible.
    Please pray for success for this opportunity to encourage others through my art! I launch October 18th.
    Thank you.

    • Tanya, I ask God for wisdom and clarity as you venture into this new passion. I pray God would bless it and keep you at home with your girls. I pray He would rebuild you up financially, emotionally, as a parent, as an artist. Praising Him that He makes such creative people in this world and that in some way, your art would also be therapy for you, a way to replenish your soul and mind and give you confidence.
      I pray for strength to grieve your losses and for strength to continue on.
      Many Blessings to you.

  21. My husband died at home, and in my arms ,tragically three months ago today. He had just had his 39th birthday in April. Right in this moment, I am struggling to care for our 4.5 year old son. I am struggling with anger towards those around me. I am not sleeping properly. It feels like I cannot be a mother right now. I have good supports, and I have family here. But I feel like I can’t let the anger out when I need to. The tears have been acceptable but the the anger, not so much. I have believed in God my whole life, and in it, I have lost a lot. I know God will strengthen me with whatever He sees fit to strengthen me with. And I KNOW He is not “picking” on me. But this loss has been the most weighty and crushing of all. Please pray for me and my son. Please pray for continued grieving and continued healing within. Please pray for direction, as I will have to return to work soon, that God would speak and I would listen. Please pray for peace and rest for my body, mind and soul. Please pray that God would give me extra measure when it comes to raising or son and that God would give our son extra measures of joy, peace, courage…that he would keep some of his innocence for a while longer.
    Thank you and I am grateful beyond measure. The prayers of others have been the most precious of gifts we have received.



    • Miranda, Please know God can handle your anger. He can handle your pain. He will not leave you no matter how much you rage at Him. It is okay. The only way through the pain is the pain.

      God, please be with Miranda and cradle her in Your loving arms. Love her as your child. Hear her hurt and help her tell you everything you already know. Help her be gentle with herself. Help her tell others what she needs. Help those around her aid her in her expression of grief. Amen.

    • Father, cover Rebecca in peace. Cover her mind in clarity and wisdom. Father, we know believing in You gives us hope but there is still pain. Guide Rebecca through her grief, disbelief and the thoughts the enemy would use to bring her down. Father I pray as she has prayed for me, bring practical help to her, please send others to carry this burden for her. Cover her children, protect their hearts, their minds, their feeling of security. Extra measures of peace, joy and courage for them and Rebecca. You are in all, over all and through all. Rebecca is crushed, but not ruined. You will raise her up again. We will continue to pray for her. Thank you Lord for this precious family. Please, extra measures of healing Lord.

    • Rebecca,

      I feel privileged to pray for you today. You see, I know what you are going through. My ex had an affair 20 years ago. I found out when she answered the phone in his hotel room while he was out of town.

      So, I lift you and your children up to the Lord. I pray that God will give you peace and a calm that can only be from Him. I pray for godly friend to offer you love and support at this time.. But, most of all, I pray for your marriage. I pray that your husband will remember the promises of his marriage vows.. that he will turn around and be the husband and father that God created him to be.

      Rebecca, I will continue to pray for you, your husband, and your precious children. Draw close to God now… Read the words of Isaiah 61:1-3.. those words are for you, sweet sister.

  22. Father, I lift up Miranda to you. Please be real to her and show her your love like she has never known before. May the tears that she has shed be turned to joy and may she have peace and practical help. I pray for her son that you would help hi. Through this time to turn to you even from a young age. Protect this family Father. In Jesus name.

  23. Dear Father in Heaven, Please be with Rebecca this day. Embrace her with thy love. HELP her to not loose her self esteem but to know that she is of great worth. See her through all that she must face. Bless her children and shelter them with thy grace. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  24. Dear Lord, help my sisters above in there needs. You are all about relationships. You know the number of the hairs on our head and you care about ever aspect of your children’s lives. Lord You know my hearts desire to serve You. Please give me the right job to serve You and support me, Restore the family relationships that the locusts have taken. Amen.

    • Father, please Sandra to see with eyes that are light all that You are and what you have done and are doing. We ask that she shares her gratitude by her actions and attitude. We thank you for leading her to share her struggles and to ask for help. In Jesus name. Amen.

  25. I have been a Bible Study teacher.. mostly of women.. for the past 14 years. I have been blessed to see the light of the Word of God come alive in the hearts of women for years. I always call them “my girls”.. thinking of them as my little chicks gathered under my protective wing.

    In December I had surgery for thyroid cancer. And, during that surgery my vocal cords were damaged. I have been unable to speak clearly since them. I’m told my voice can return. But, that it could take as long as a year.. if ever. And, I have to rest my voice.

    So, I am unable to teach.. to meet with “my girls”. I’m trying to understand the “why?” and realize that I should be asking instead “what?” .. what would you have me do now, Lord?

    Please pray for peace and acceptance to cover me. And, thank you in advance for your prayers.

  26. Please pray for me. I have been having debilitating back pain, and doctors can’t tell me what is causing it. X-rays show nothing outside of the ordinary. I’m a single mom and a first grade teacher. I need all of the energy I can get to teach my little first graders and to be a mom. Yet this pain leaves me breathless, even lying down does not offer relief. Please pray that I find what is causing this and that this pain will be gone from my body in the holy name of Jesus Christ. Thank you and God bless you!

    • Aurora, our family will be praying for you. We share single motherhood in common and also health issues…so I am certain He led me to login right now to read your prayer request.

      Heavenly Father, look in on your daughters physical condition. She prays for health, strength and energy…not just to survive her day, but to thrive as she serves the children in her life. We ask that you lead her by your Holý Spirit to give her the wisdom and understanding as to the cause and look to you our healer for her cure. Look in on her also to provide for her, protect her and her family and bless her…because of your Son, your love and your abundance, we know you to be a tender Father and will do all we ask and more.

  27. I am praying for you, Jane. “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think according to the Power that works in us. To Him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

    Please pray for my daughter, Rachel — specifically that the Lord will encourage her and continue to bring amazing friendships and experiences into her life. Thank you, and God bless you all!

    • Renee, i pray with you for your daughter, that He guide and direct God fearing positive influencers filled with joy and life and light to Rachel. That she may experience life here on earth in a full and deep way…That she be led by You, encouraged by You and find the way You want her to serve. Amen.


  29. Praying for you and your situation, Celia!
    I am requesting prayer on behalf of my mom. She is at a place where everything is so big and out of hand, especially with her weight. I pray that she could experience a dramatic, healthy weight loss and the satisfaction of having achieved it. I pray she would feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I pray she would grow closer to God and feel better about herself. I am worried about her health and mobility and pray for this situation to improve and for her to have many healthy years left. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Katie, it must be so hard on your mom and on you. .. we pray God moves in her the desire, the energy and the courage to make whatever changes she needs to make. We pray God moves people into her life to be encouragers.. We pray He gives you grace and peace about your mom. In Jesus name. Amen

  30. I absolutely love this site. You are all so wonderful. <3

    Please pray for my household, we don't seem to be getting along lately. Lots of arguing, no one is happy. It's so sad.

    Please pray for my husband, he is unhappy at his job, and looking into changing his job. Hoping God guides him to where he is supposed to be.

    Lastly, I am going back to school. I have spent 16 years raising my babies, now that they are all in school, it's time for me. I am so excited about this!! I prayed about this, and the timing is right, I can just feel it. I thank God each day before I start my studies. Please pray for God to guide me through this whole course. 🙂

  31. I have been at the same company for many years and I am faced with the opportunity to change companies. There is so much fear that comes with this change because I have a family and I am the sole bread winner. Please pray for direction and peace with whatever decision God shows us is right…and that I have the trust and strength to take a risk in faith if He says it’s time to move on from my current company. Thank you!!!!

    • Father in Jesus name we pray Your Holy Spirit look in on this family to speak the words of their situation and circumstances, to pray on their behalf with groans that words cannot express…meet their needs and make a multiplicative of the blessings you have for them. Amen and amen.

  32. Praising God for this new chapter in your life, Angelica.
    Praying for peace in your home and God’s hand on your husband.
    My heart is broken for so many sisters here struggling with broken trust in their marriages. After years of abuse, I am now separated from my husband of 18 years with our 8 children. I need His mind, strength, and peace. Please pray that my business would continue growing to support us. He has been so faithful in protecting us.

    • God, in Jesus name we pray to you…you and you alone know the pain, struggle and grief that Tricia and her family are going through right now. Please provide for them and increase their stores. Please continue to lead her to make wise decisions and to seek your will. We pray she and her children remain strong in You and let go of any anger to your righteous response. God, in Jesus name we also pray for the father of these children if there is hope left for him, may he be sought by You, that he come to know You, to repent and to be brought under Your guidance. We pray for mercy, strength and grace for this family as they take steps forward with you. Thank You for your protection and presence. Amen

  33. Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, i know you are with these precious sisters as they cry out to you. You, loving Father, know each and every one of them and are with them in times of joy and rejoicing and in their times of need, distress, and/or pain. I thank you for your love and mercy towards these sisters and know your will will be done in them. Please give them faith to let go and let you take care of them and their needs. In your precious Holy name, Amen.

  34. Have had a painful eye inflammation that flares up frequently. Please pray for healing as I have to drive my son to school and plan to do some serious writing to bring in income. Also for God’s gracious provision to give us a breathing space to heal.

  35. Need prayers for strengthening of my family and myself. I have a bad habit of thinking, “No one loves me.” I try to keep Gods word in my heart and his love…but it is difficult more times than others.

    Sita, I pray that your eye inflammation heals completely and I also pray that you will receive inspiration to help you to seriously write.

  36. I just want to quit grad school so badly. I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. Will this degree in counseling be worth it? will I be able to find an internship? will I be able to pass the CPCE exam? Did I mishear God on this? I need a Sunday nap!

  37. Please pray for strength and healing for my daughters sprained ankle. Tryouts for the gymnastics team are in two weeks and in order to try out she needs to be able to tumble. Please pray that the Lord wraps her in strength and healing, both physically and spiritually.

    Tracey: all things worth having are worth working for! I pray that you find the answer to your questions. I also pray that you see that as a counselor you possess a wonderful gift of help for many people. You have the ability to help people emotionally and the Lord can help them spiritually. God bless your aspirations and God grant you the peace that you need at this time in your life. AMen

  38. Please add our family to your prayers…
    We are needing healing for my daughter and myself, for provision for our single mom family of three, for wisdom and understanding of the place God wants us to live, how we can serve Him and how we can live His will for our lives.

    It seems some of the path we are on is hindered by financial, legal and locational issues…His clarity, His abundance and His healing hand are needed. I pray to recognize His will and willingly follow and to share who He is and what He has done so others will be encouraged.

  39. Gracious God, be with Kristen. Guide her as she maneuvers how to be a single mom to two. Grant healing to her and her daughter. Grant Kristen wisdom and understanding as she listens to where you are calling her and her family. God, you know all she needs. Please provide what she needs.

    I am constantly praying for God to bring that special man into my life. I am so ready to start a family. Some days it is so hard to trust that this will come true for me. Help me to trust God when I doubt. I ask for peace in the midst of yearning and longing for a family.

    • Tara,

      Prayers for the special man God has for you. Prayers for you to trust God & His perfect timing. It is special and wonderful when they all come together. God may be working on your man to change his heart & soften it towards a good Christian woman like you!


      Tara is ready for marriage. I pray that you bring a special Christian someone to her that will love her as you do. May she feel the kind of happiness that she deserves. May she have faith to trust that this will happen in your time!!

      Blessings 🙂

  40. For God to give special blessing to my work with a Special Needs child in his school. And for Him to help my Mary and Martha business flourish ~ all the glory goes back to Him from whom all blessings flow!!

    • 😉 it’s all good. He knew who you were talking about. 🙂

      I privately pray a similar prayer for a husband…I guess that cat is out of the bag now. Oh well 😉 I can understand the longing and desire…for a partner, for the fulfillment of being an ezer kenegdo, for children… despite my situation and circumstances, I too desire more children. Tara, I do pray He uses your desire to prepare you and that He sees your desire and says it is good while He prepares a man for you. And I pray He moves quickly on your behalf 🙂

  41. Amy, may the Lord be a lamp for your feet and light to your path,to show you they way in which you should walk and guide your steps. May He grant you His manifold blessings, all for His glory. Amen.

    Ladies, please can I ask prayers for my husband, for his health and work. Also for myself, lots of worries and stresses-for the Lord’s protection and guidance. Thank you so much.

    • God, may the peace that passes all understanding fill MrsC in her heart and mind and may You lead her husband by your presence. In Jesus name Amen.

  42. I have a good friend (Sandra) at church. She is slowly dying of brain, & lung cancer. Her family could use prayers now. Her hubby (Mickey) is out of work and needing a job desperately!! Also he just lost his dad a little over a year ago so he is in a down mood.

    Prayers for healing & work is requested!

    • Beth, we raise Sandra and Mickey to Our Father in Jesus name. May He provide and guide this family. Amen.

  43. I need to find a full time job. I have been looking for a long time and nothing is opening up. I will Praise God as He has continued to meet my needs, but still have some bills to pay.

    • Nancy, press forward, keep persisting…we pray in Jesus name for provision, for an appropriate job, for her bills to be paid and for God to move on her behalf. We thank You God for Nancy and her family that You have met their needs, we are asking You to grow their financial house. Amen

    • Nancy,

      I am asking God to open up jobs for you. May He provide the right job and the money to pay all bills. May you trust that it will happen in His perfect timing! Keep on persisting and soon it will happen.

      Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you” “To give you a hope and a future”. Remember He is El Shaddai-All sufficient@

  44. Laurie, I am praying for a complete healing of your daughter’s ankle. May her healing bring her peace, both physically and spiritually.
    Kirsten, May you find peace knowing you are on the right path. God’s timing is always perfect. May he wrap you in Hos loving arms and bring you peace.
    Please pray for my health and my husband’s. He has kidney failure, and I have fibromyalgia. I am in pain all the time. I am his caretaker for dialysis at home with creates stress, and the stress flares the fibromyalgia. I also babysit my 4 grandchildren. I’m feeling selfish for wanting a little me time.

  45. Prayer that the Lord’s Spirit would guide me wisdom from on high as I navigate the waters of transition in my Spiritual journey And gracious Lord Jesus please answer the petitions of my sisters prayer petitions that she holds deeply in her heart.

  46. Amazing God, God Who Covers All,

    Please comfort all who are expressing their needs here. Please, please guide us and bring us wise counsel, courage and reminders of your grace. Cover us all with your love. Please bring us reminders of your joy and peace in the midst of all our upheaval. Strengthen our hearts and point us in the way we should go. I ask that you give us peace and comfort in our dark hours, when all our souls can whisper is, “please help, please help.” Amen

  47. Need prayer concerning my youngest daughter and a relationship she is in that is out of God’s will.
    Dear Lord I ask you to draw close to Lisa. Strengthen her with your righteous right hand. May someone see her needs and bless her with their time. Touch and heal her body. Guide Marie Lord as only you can!

  48. Nancy, praying the Lord will open a door to a job that will bring you joy as well as gainful employment. May He also strengthen you in the journey along the way. Also thanking God for your beautiful prayer Lyndsey. Asking for prayer as my family nears the anniversary of my sister’s call to heaven.

    • Lord please be with Maria & her family as they come to the anniversary of her sister’s death. Help them to heal & shower them with your presence, grace & mercy!

  49. Lord in Heaven, please give Marie a discerning eye and warm heart. Help her to see anyone who might be out to cause her harm or keep her distracted from Your Will and Your Way. Even if there may be short term heartache, gently guide her away from any harmful relationship that potentially keeps her from living out a Christ-like life. Cover her with strength, wisdom and love to get through that difficult period. Amen
    Please pray for me and my 3 daughters as we recover and heal from an abusive husband and father. Pray that we are strengthened and healed and soon experience joy and happiness in our lives again. The losses have been great and we are all hurting deeply at that realization of those losses.

  50. I am asking for prayer for a very dear elderly couple that are like parents to me. The wife is becoming very forgetful and the husband is feeling down. Birth have some health issues. Their only living child is across the country and he refuses to face facts that his parents in their eighties need help. Today he insisted on charging my dead car battery and backed into my neighbors car scratching the door. I felt so bad because we had to report it and now his insurance could go up. Prayer for my finances and for my son’s workmanship comp settlement conference call to go well in his favor. The call will be on the 29 th of Sept.

    Lord, I lift up the needs of these precious sisters who have written in their requests. Requests for jobs, healing, finances, relationships, etc. You know each one and their hearts desires. We thank you ahead of time for answered prayers. We give you all the glory and praise for what you are doing in all of our lives. Help us to be your hands and feet each day in our daily lives. To be sensitive to those needing a word of encouragement . Thank you for all you have done for us and continue to do. We love you Lord.

  51. Please prayer for me to take the leap of faith in believing that Jesus loves me and needs me to learn to love me as he created me so that I can serve Him with all that I am and have been given by Him. Please pray for every person who has ever known abuse and pain, worthlessness.

    Dear loving Jesus Christ, Thank you for all that you are and the love that you rain upon us in our brokenness and on our broken world. I pray for every sister here, that you meet their needs with your loving compassion, mercy, and healing. You are truly the divine Savior and Physician who made a way for us all. I pray that you gently and lovingly guide each one here in the way that they need to go for you teach us your ways and never leave us. I pray for them in you Holy name. Amen

  52. Please pray for my husband, Jon, to be free of addictions and that he would commit his life to the Lord and that our marriage and family would be restored. Thank you so very much.

  53. I am in the throws of establishing a support network in my region for families who have experienced pregnancy loss or neonatal death. Pray grace, courage and strength from The Lord. We are a messy bunch of people, but I know that The Lord has a deep deep live for those who mourn.

  54. My husband needs healing in his back so he can go back to work. This injury has brought us closer to God and more active in our church ..thank you Jesus…we just need to rely and have complete faith in the one who made us!

    Dear Lord…we come to you with gratefulness and thanksgiving for all you are and all you have given us! I lift up Kathleen K. Elderly neighbors who seem loving and still wanting to serve others. Help them in this time of their lives to know they are loved and protected by you ! Thank you for your grace. .Amen!

  55. Blessings, you heard from my aunt this morning, this is her niece, Mel. Cancer hasn’t skipped a generation yet on my mom’s side, but I declared in Jesus Name it stops with me. I want to dedicate to those with Cancer and other ailments, what the Lord gave to me to share with others.~~ The Lord, spoke to me this morning 30th July ’14, and I got up and started reading Matthew 9 (I sleep with my Bible) ~ David, the psalmist, declares, ” He restores my soul.” Only God knows what it takes to remove the build up that may be existing in your life. But He specializes in Restoring and Renewing the human heart. Praise God! Without Him where would we be? I’m glad we have Him on our side, don’t you? Trust Him to see you through days that may be different from the ones you encountered earlier. You are being challenged with the silent struggles of winter.
    Our situations (both men & women, families & friends & complete strangers) are like the woman with the blood issue. She knew how to seize the moment. Each of us needs to learn how to seize the moment in the Spirit realm. If you miss the moment, you may miss out on the miracle you need. There are too many things We need God to do for us to sit back in our seats when the Anointing of God starts to fall. We want to jump in. We can’t afford for any of our miracles to pass us by. This woman knew she was at the end of the line. She was out of health, out of money, out of physicians, out of people who could minister to her. But she wasn’t out of Faith. She had run out of everything in her life but the one thing she needed. She had her belief that if she could only touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she’d be made whole. This woman did not have any other human being to help her. Nobody was counseling her, was running interference for her, was ministering to her. She had nobody. She had only one person who could preach to her, Herself.
    This sick, bleeding, wounded woman, weak in her body, but not in her Spirit, began to preach to herself. She Said, ” If I may but touch..” when the Bible says that she ” said,” the tense of that word means that she said and she said and she said. She kept on talking to herself. She told herself over and over and over again, “If I may but touch His clothes, I shall be whole.” She kept saying, “I can’t die yet. I’ve got to touch Him. I can’t give up yet. I’ve got to touch Him. I can’t lie down and surrender yet. I’ve got to touch Him. And if I can touch Him, if I can only touch His clothes, I shall be whole!”
    The 23 July’14, they found a large mass in my left breast. I told the Lord, it will not control my life. All it is, is just a fatty tumor, and nothing else. I cut the cords on this generational curse of Cancer and I hand it all over to Jesus. The Blood of Jesus runs through my veins, and Cancer Stops with Me! In Jesus’ Mighty Name We Pray Amen & Amen! You too can put a stop to these ailments in your family right now. God wants to Heal you right Now.
    This woman may have had a little doubt about whether she had the strength to get through that crowd. She may have had a question about whether she could get close enough to touch Him. She may have had some self- doubts. But she had no doubt in Jesus. She knew that if she could get to Him, He would heal her. If she could only make contact, she would be well. She didn’t need any other physician, any other counselor, any other helper, any other person to minister to her, if she could just get to Jesus.
    Let there be no doubt in your heart today. Jesus is the One. He is the Healer. He is the Great Physician. He is the Deliverer. Just touching Jesus is all that Matters!
    When I learned of this large mass, I took it to Jesus. I notified my friends Chris, Karen, Solomon, John & Suzanne, my Aunts and Uncles. We (my aunt & I) stopped at Chris’s, we went into circle of prayer. Before and after my appointments, On 30 July, I went in to see Karen (she lost both breasts to cancer last year), I gave her what I have shared with you and she made copies. After we left there, the car wouldn’t start. We prayed, it started, we went to Chris’s, the car wouldn’t shut off, so all 3 of us prayed before my appointment with my dr. My aunt had to stay in the car, while I went in to see my dr. I brought the same writting with me. Dr came in, all smiles and she said Praise God! What the Lord had given to me was Life! It wasn’t the C word! Praise God! It was just a cyst! Praise God! She too made copies of God’s Word. When I walked out of that Dr’s office, I was walking and leaping and Praising God! My aunt did a God Dance and I made calls to my Prayer Warriors with the Good News! What a Blessing! Our God is a awesome God indeed! I hope this will help those, who read this, to have the encouragement and know that they, are not alone in this Fight for their Lives. Jesus chose to Give me Life and He too can Give you Life. May the Lord Bless each and everyone of you and those around you, and Give them the Faith, knowing that they can Give Him All Their Burdens and Be Set Free. Take Care & God Bless!

  56. Lord, we are so thankful that no matter where we are, we can serve You. Help us to reflect Your image in our current situations, even if itms not where we hoped we would be. In Jesus’ Mighty Name We Pray, Amen.
    ~ Write your plans in pencil and remember that God has the eraser.~

  57. Lord, it’s amazing to us that You, Almighty God, would want to spend time with each of us! Thank You. When we stumble with our words at times but we are in awe of You. Thank You that You want to hear from us.
    ~ Talk with God, He wants to Hear your Heart.~

  58. Father God, in the midst of our trouble, teach us to rest in the fact that You are Almighty. Thank You for the confidence we have that You are stronger than anything that threatens our life.
    ~ God is Greater than our greatest problem.~

  59. Dear Lord, help us to remember that You are with us, even when We are unsure of our own abilities. Give us the Faith to believe that You can help us to do anything You ask us to do.
    ~ You need not be afraid of where you’re going when you know God’s going with you.~

  60. Thank You, Lord, for the Promise that You will meet our needs. Help us not to fear or doubt. We’re grateful that You’re watching over us and that our cries for help reach Your ear.
    ~ Our needs will never exhaust God’s supply.~

  61. struggling with my marriage and also need prayer for my daughter to get out of a bad marriage and to get back into the church.

  62. My eldest daughter will be getting married in less than 2 weeks~ Oct. 4. Please pray for strength, endurance, JOY, for God to be glorified and to live with open hands-surrendering to Him- through the next two weeks

    Father, I lift up lmwakw and pray for believers to surround her and her husband to hold them up in their struggles. I pray for resources to abound that they might take advantage of in helping their marriage. I pray for openness, honesty and restored love in their relationship.
    For her daughter, may You pursue her with your Holy Love and may her heart respond to your loving kindness. Bring her back to fellowship and community. Protect her, provide for her in every way.

  63. My 20 year marriage ended due to infidelity on his part and I have been struggling ever since. As a stay-at-home-Mom for all those years I am now left to find a job to support my children that their father wants nothing to do with. I have applied for more jobs than I can count at this point and have had a few PT positions that were temporary. Applied to yet one more on Friday – received an encouraging e-mail on Saturday. Please pray with me that this is the one. And if I can add to the prayer request – for my daughter – she is a recent college graduate (Masters Degree) and living back at home because she is unable to find a job in her field. Thank You

  64. Sheila,
    I know what it is like to apply for jobs and the waiting for favorable replies. I pray that God will open this door for you, and not only for yourself, but also for your daughter. Remember that God is with you, and that He is the loves us .

    Like yourself, I am looking for another job, but without success . I am overwhelmed by my present job, so much so that I made a serious mistake and now have to report this to my boss. He is very strict and can be hurting in the use of words. Plse pray for me that my boss will forgive me and not speak harshly with me. Thank you

  65. Please pray for my family I have been taking out payday loans to cover my bills but I found myself take another loan to pay the first loan, well it snowballed I can’t pay any them and now I can’t even pay utilities but I was able to talk to an Elder at our church and I am in counseling
    tomorrow I go to see an attorney and file for bankruptcy. I felt like I was drowning unable to get my head above water but I do see hope and I pray that while this is going on and when it is over that I would be a good steward and I pray for healing in every area of my life and my family’s lives
    At service to day I asked the Pastor if he was looking thru the windows in my house because all that he was preaching is what we I was going thru , he told me he only had to look at his own life we all go things but we must confess and ask for help
    I ask for prayers that I do stand firm and be obedient
    Thank you for this website it is truly a blessing

    All Glory & Honor to our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ!!!!

  66. Doeis, I know what it is like to have a boss who “can be hurting in the use of words”. I worked for a woman like that once. “Father, please give Doeis the courage she needs to handle this situation so it will not dwell with her and create difficulty. Also, help her find another job that would be suited for her. In all of this give her strength for whatever You are wanting her to learn through this process — leaning on You and seeking Your will. Amen.”

    I would ask for prayer for one of my daughters. The oldest one is pregnant, 39 years old, and suffering from pre-eclampsia (SP?) and high blood pressure. She has a one year old and a seven year old. She needs two more weeks before giving birth and the doctor thinks the baby will be fine. I am certainly excited about a new grandbaby . . . but this is my baby who is in health difficulties. I really don’t even know what to pray. She needs to put her feet up and rest . . . with a one year old.

  67. I don’t know what to pray for anymore. I pray We pray we ask for other people to pray and nothing has changed it even gotten worse. we prayed for help in keeping our house in our financial problems and then my father dies still having problems with keeping the house and now we are just getting by not even getting by We don’t even have two nickels to rub together. I’m about to give up. I cry my self to sleep and wake up to more crying.

  68. Lord Jesus, thank You for hearing us even when we don’t know what to pray for anymore. Thank you, Spirit, for knowing our heart and for interceding to our Father on our behalf. Thank you for the privilege of being able to intercede on one another’s behalf, for the honor of carrying my sister, Tammy Cordery, to you. Father, I’m “letting her down through the roof on this stretcher,” the financial crisis being too much for her to bear. She doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t see any resolution. Yet, You are mighty to part waters and bring down Jericho Walls. Please quiet Tammy’s spirit, even now, as you prepare to work on her behalf. You say that whatever is lost can be found in You. Just as the shepherd found his lost sheep, the woman found her lost coin (oh! that this would be Tammy’s redeeming story!), and the prodigal son returned home. May Tammy’s heart be open to this opportunity to look to You for her strength. Give her supernatural resilience to these circumstances, a resolve to preach to herself just as David did (“Why so downcast o my soul? Put your hope in God!), and clarity in hearing Your Spirit as You speak comfort and reassurance over her. Please provide for her daily needs and give her hope for her financial situation in this season. Thank you, God! And, Lord, thank you that not one of Tammy’s tears has gone unnoticed by you. That you catch every single one of our tears and collect them in a bottle. Father, you are mighty to save. Please intervene in Tammy’s circumstances and reveal your glory.

  69. There’s this box… Over a month ago, we were packing up to move overseas and so I boxed up some incredibly important binders and expensive curriculum with the thought that it would arrive about the same time we arrived in our new home and give me and my three teenage homeschooled children structure and continuity in this new place. Well, we still haven’t received the box. I am meditating on Philippians 4:6-7 as I don’t want to be anxious about the box, (I do wonder if something happened to it?). Will you pray for me that not only will I not be anxious, but that I will use this opportunity to see other ways to creatively teach my children and create structure and order out of our present situation? Thank you so much! To God be the glory!!!

  70. Lord, I lift up Sharon’s situation to you and ask for your peace to cover her. I pray that she would continue to dwell on what is true, lovely, excellent, praiseworthy and that anxiety would be kept at bay. I ask for your wisdom in taking this situation and turning it into an opportunity for creativity and something new, something better than she can imagine. I pray that Sharon would count this as joy and see the blessings that can come from this. Be honored with how Sharon approaches this situation.

  71. Please pray for my family. My parent’s marriage of (almost) 30 years is strained and full of much brokenness. There is so much hurt and depression…and I’m watching my mom withdraw from those around her. Mentally, things are not well with her and it’s heart-breaking to see. Physically, she is not taking care of herself either. She needs healing in every way… and it’s so hard to know she’s going down-hill.
    I also want to ask for prayers for myself as I graduate from college this fall. Pray for wisdom and direction as I’m considering full time children’s ministry.

    • Lord, please be with Chelsea. I know how hard it is to watch a parent decline in health and spirit. Please give her peace and comfort that only comes from you. Show her how she can help or what she may need to do in this situation, if anything. Please give the same to her father.

      As she graduates from college please guide her steps. Teach her to look for you for the open door. Give her peace about the choices you would have her to make and let there be many people confirm these choices if they are what you would have her do with her life at this time.

      I pray that you would be with her, be her strength as she journeys out into this adult world. It’s not easy to act grown up sometimes when you still feel like a kid inside. Help her to lay her burdens at your feet and not take on things that you do not have for her.

      In your precious name, Amen.

  72. Dear friends,

    I have had inexplicable health issues these past few weeks that make me completely exhausted. I have 4 small children, 3 that are not even school age and I have a very short temper with them because I barely have enough energy to get through the day’s most basic tasks anymore.

    These issues and exhaustion also cause my glasses not to fit well leaving me with headaches and not being able to wear my glasses consistently. I can function at home without them, but it’s more complicated.

    There are a few things that I can do to support my body, but I feel like I am caught in a vicious cycle because those things require energy I don’t have.

    I need healing and some motivation!

    Thank you.

  73. Lord Jesus,
    I pray for my sister in Christ, Krista. Thank you giving her the courage to reach out and ask for prayer. She’s asked for healing. We combine our faith and ask Father that you would heal Krista, in Jesus’s name. Your word tells us to ask and believe and I ask Lord that you will touch Krista’s body in these unexplained health issues and make her whole. Give her the physical and mental strength she needs to train up her children. God I pray that You would be her sufficiency when she feels insufficient. I ask that you would give her the patience of Job. I ask that You would boost her motivation and desire to make choices that will help her to function as You have called her to live. We thank you Jesus that you see Krista and will meet her in her time of need. We trust that You will continue to do great things in and through Krista. In Jesus’s name, Amen!

  74. Father I come to You lifting up Nicole. I thank You for her Father. Please strengthen her Lord. Thank You for all of her blessings. I ask for prayers to help me walk in love. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  75. My prayer request:
    (coles notes version)
    I was to be married in June 2014. One week before the wedding, my ex finance sent me a text message saying that he has 2 tween aged children. Not only were they coming (they lived in another country) for the wedding but, they would also be living with us after we got married. He never said anything about these children in the past; this was BRAND NEW INFORMATION. As we discussed this text message, more hidden things were revealed. I wanted to postpone the wedding but, he didn’t want to have explain to people why the wedding was postponed. He was concerned that his reputation would be tarnished. (yes, this is a true story) So I cancelled the wedding. The subsequent weeks were the aftermath: tying up loose ends of a non wedding, closing on the house we built, selling the house we built, buying another place for me to live as a single person. It’s been a terrible season in my life. I’ve always believed that I am called to be a wife, a life partner to someone. The hurt, confusion, disbelief I feel cannot be explained. Please pray that God will heal my heart and the hearts of my family who are very very hurt. Please pray that God will restore my ability to trust people. Please pray that God will give me courage to have faith to hope for a brighter future. And dare I say it: Please pray that in God’s time I will find a life partner. Thank you.

    • Oh dear girl. Oh sweet woman. Oh daughter of The Most High.
      You must be numb. Or feeling everything.

      Father, your child is wounded, bruised, shaken and defrauded…she was misled, manipulated and marred.
      Oh God, touch her heart, her mind, her spirit. Oh God bless her by your comfort and compassion. Oh God hold her tenderly and walk her forward from this brokenness. Father, we need you to take away the rage, the confusion, the pain, the self doubt and the questions and replace them with the peace that passes all understanding. We need you to bring life, light and joy from the ashes of this destruction. We ask that you restore what was stolen from your daughter. Lead her by your presence constantly and whisper your love into her heart and into the hearts of her family.

      Oh God, those children need you as well, their father needs you too. He is your man, your creation and yours to address. Show mercy on him as he needs to be a better man, to face and repent but to be restored…if only for the sake of the children Lord.

      God, Nicole has needs and desires she cannot put words to, she has questions that keep coming to mind, she has memories the sting and hopes that have yet to be realized. Please Jesus, advocate for her, please Holy Spirit comfort her and counsel her, please Father we ask that you protect her and make your way known to her. She wants you to be closer to her so she can know your will and trust that you are working through this for her good.

      Father, she is humbly asking, could it be possible that you do have a man you are preparing for her…could it be possible that you are continuing to prepare her for him…could you answer her heart, her hope, her desire as quickly as she needs you to…don’t delay. In Jesus name. Amen

  76. God can you help Marie with love and bring love in her life show her what love is god and I just to be heal from all the pain that I have god and my health to be restore amen

  77. My son has been a very unhealthy relationship on and off for about 6 years now. Its hurtful and harmful and dangerous. Please help me pray for this girl to get her life straightened out. Her name is Amanda. He is living with me now,but I found out yesterday,he is thinking about the possibility of going back again. Its as if they are there to only hurt each other ! He has visitation every other weekend with his two sons,here at my home. I don’t want to see him lose that. I try not to be frightened for his live, but I tell you no good can come of it ! I have prayed protection over him physically,emotionally and spiritually ! For his mind to want to come to God. For him to be cleansed .
    Pleaded the blood of Jesus over him. I am asking to stand in agreement with me.not just for him ‘Grant’, but for every wrong relationship,every where. Thank you sisters’ for the prayers. In Christ !

  78. Please pray for me. I am broken. My husband of 23 years admitted to our 3 sons that he was an alcoholic. Of course we’ve all known it. I am so empty. I feel so bad that I didn’t confront him sooner. I enabled him. He says he wants to be free, delivered from alcohol. I want to see him free, and to be all God created him to be. It’s so hard for me not to be synical. I don’t trust my husband. I want to leave him, but I know this not God’s will for us, our family. I know God wants to restore and make us new. God is dealing with me about unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, anger, etc. Jesus spoke to me “Let it go” just a couple of days ago. I know I need to. I want to let it all go, but only by the power of the Holy Spirit can I do this. I am so tired, And so empty. I have hurt dear friends by cutting them out of my life. I don’t want to do this anymore. Thanks for prayers. I haven’t lost my hope in Jesus. Satan has tried to destroy me and my marriage, but I choose to fight for what God wants!

  79. I’ve recently gone through a very painful unexpected divorce. My two young children are now shared by us fifty/fifty. It is tough, but they seem to be adjusting. It is me that hasn’t or won’t adjust. My heart aches for the family we once were and what I hoped we would be. Please pray for God to heal me and to protect my children in this time of transition and sorrow. My health is not good because of the shock and I’m having a difficult time keeping up with everyday life some days. All prayers appreciated.

    • Amber,

      I pray that God will comfort you through His holy spirit, as only He can! I pray that you would begin to find a way to get through each day depending on Him. I pray that the great sorrow you feel will ease and you will know God’s will for you life and how to move forward. I pray for restored health and for comfort for your precious children. You are loved by the almighty God and his love is perfect. He is with you.

  80. Melicia,

    Dear Jesus,
    We come to you as a collective body of women and pray for our friend and fellow believer Melicia and her family. We ask that you will give her a peace that passes all understanding. May you work your mighty hands in her marriage and restore her faith in you and provide a new deep love for her husband. Only you Jesus, have the power to work miracles in our lives and we are asking now for a super natural miracle for her husband to be restored and transformed to clean and sober. May he be a walking testament to your power of healing in Jesus name. Father we know your ways are not like ours so we give our lives to you and ask for help. Please help Melicia to find rest, help, healing, and love in you her true Husband. May you wrap your arms around her and surround her with your grace. We thank you in advance for your miracles and we give you praise and glory. In your precious and Holy name,

  81. Please pray for my marriage – that God will restore intimacy and friendship, and feelings of security and peace to our marriage, and that God will bless our finances and my husband’s business.

  82. I am sitting at the hospital as my ex-husband goes through a series of pre-op tests before having open heart surgery on Thursday. I am struggling with this situation. Trying faithfully to do the right thing for this man who has caused me see such pain and suffering over the years. Our only child is in college and he has very little family to support and provide assistance, so here I am. I long to have the ability to do this without compromising the strides I have made in my own healing. Please pray that God will lead me to be what He would have me be in this overwhelming situation! Thank you – M

    • Mitzi Leigh, I am keeping you and your husband in my prayers. I hope you will be able to gather everyone’s positive thoughts to sustain you at this time. God is good…

  83. I am looking at unemployment after 34 years. Not planned but happening anyway. Many health issues and may have to decide between owning a house or buying monthly medicine. Please pray that issues will resolve. I loved my job and will miss it but it is not easily replaceable.

  84. As I get older I am finding that I mostly just tolerate people and do not have a sincere love or desire to spend time with most. and i’m a pastor’s wife …. sigh

    • Know that you can be who you are and take the role as “pastor’s wife” as you wish–praying for those you find yourself frustrated with and for your own sense of frustration in feeling as if you “have” to like everyone. Be kind, bless them, and give yourself the luxury of the friendship of a few.

  85. Please pray first for my daughter, 16, as she finds her way at her early college–finds friends her own age to relate to, see how she can lead and fit in, and release her from the bonds of negativity (victim of bullying in the past) about herself, others, and life in general;

    and for me as I begin the long task of losing 80 pounds of excess weight, worry, discontent, and sorrow.

  86. Please pray for me as I struggle with my chronic illness, with my faith in the times when I feel so unwell, and with trying to find a job that I am physically able to do. That God would show me my ‘path of life’ and that I will submit to his will.

    Pamela I pray for your daughter that God will be with her, that he will show her the amazing beauty and potential in herself and that she will find many friends.
    Praying also for you that God will shine blessing onto you and help you.

  87. GG I am praying for you now. I pray that the great physician will touch you with His healing hands. I pray that as you search for God’s will in your life, that He will give you wisdom and a clear guidance. I also pray that you may find work that you are able to do and you will be blessed financially. I believe in the power of pray and our God is so powerful and hears us. Peace for you GG.

    I am facing struggles in my marriage. My husband is no longer sure of his feeling. He is still living at home and he is trying. I just ask for prayer that any wrong thoughts that fill his mind would be blocked and he would find his love of our God and of our familial and marriage strong again.

    Thank you!

  88. I am seeking God regarding a trip to Isreal to do some prophetic actions which he has asked me to do. I know it will happen at the right time, but there are list of things that have to come into place before I can even think about going.
    Money, someone to go with, the right timing.
    Please pray for things
    Thanks so much

  89. Karen, praying for God’s guidance, supply and perfect timing!

    I am having strange neurological symptoms. They may turn out to be nothing or something life altering. Unfortunately I cannot be seen for another 2.5 weeks to have clarity. I am asking for prayer for peace in the uncertainty. And for Trust, regardless the outcome. Thanks!

    • I am praying that you would have peace during this time of waiting. Please remember to “cast all your cares on Him because he cares for you”. I also pray for his healing touch and comfort.

  90. Please pray for my son in college. He needs friends and to feel included. He’s very unhappy and this is making him angry and frustrated. Pray that God will send him some friends that he will connect with in a positive way.

  91. Dear God, I ask that you will give Vicki’s son the willingness to wait for your perfect timing and to draw close to you, the only one who can meet his every need. Thank you for giving him the grace he needs.

  92. God ha been dealing with me as His child and asking me to stop the pity party that I have been having because my life is not what I intended it to be. I have confessed, but now there is much transformation that needs to happen so I can be grateful and trust thatHE is enough for me.

  93. Kathy, I am praying for. I pray you will “Let it go!” Let go of everything…hurt, disappointment, bitterness, bad thoughts, unforgiveness. Letting go doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter…Jesus doesn’t say that! Jesus loves you so so deeply….He wants you to let it all go over to Him. He desires to take all the “stuff” you’ve been carrying around. He actually wants it all. Give it to Him, your disappointments. Lord, I pray Kathy will give it all to you, “cast” it upon You, and for you to take it all and give her beauty for ashes. Yes Lord, even now You are doing a new thing in Kathy’s midst. Thank you Jesus for Kathy and the good plans you have for her. Kathy I feel The Lord is saying don’t look back. The past can’t be changed. Look to Him for the “now” and your future. Praise Him, worship Him. Yes! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

  94. Kathy, praying for you – I know the pity party stage – pretty sure that’s where I am also! My heart knows I need to move on, but my head says….what about this and that….
    So glad that God is bigger then any of my self pitying! And has me where He wants me to grow more like Him.
    I feel like I’m stuck in the rut of the mundane life right now: Work, homeschool, be a wife, mother and try to fit myself in there somewhere. Life just seems to be overwhelming sometimes. I want to be making a difference for the kingdom. Please pray that I can be content with this season God has me in and do everything I can to the best of my abilities and for His glory.

  95. Rebecca, life is hard, especially when we envisioned so much more. We wonder what our purpose is or our reason for being. I will pray that you will find direction and peace in your God given roles. May God know your heart and give you the contentment you desire and the fulfillment of your needs.

    I ask that prayers be said for me and my husband. We found out 19 days ago that he has leukemia and recently found he will need a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Our children could not bear losing their father and I could not handle losing my husband. Please pray that we won’t have to.

    Thank you.

  96. I am 60 years old and I am presently the primary caregiver for my 7 year old grandson. My daughter came to the Lord years before I did, however she is a backslider. My prayer is that she will return to the Lord, get her priorities in order and make godly and wise decisions for herself and her son. She needs to come to the understanding that no one can love her like God does. she needs to be delivered.

  97. I pray for you, Charlene. You already raised kids, but I know God is with you to raise your grandson. I know this, because God will see his servant through to the end. You are that boy’s hope, wisdom and love. I pray this in confidence in our Holy King.
    My prayer request is this: that my sister will enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and stop lifting heavy weights. She is 7 months pregnant and needs to lift less.

  98. Lord, please show Tamra’s sister that this is a time to lay aside the heavy weights and to do other kinds of exercise instead – for her own sake and the baby’s!
    Please pray for my wayward husband, chronically ill daughter and her marriage too. Thanks.

  99. Hi I am new to the community here. I am dealing with a battle in my life that I feel like I am losing. Not sure how to share this but taking a leap of faith that someone will understand and I wont be pushed away from here. I grew up in a RA home. I am struggling now with getting away from them and their rituals. I trust god to help me this time of year is very difficult do to the increased holidays that are celebrated this time of year. I am looking for prayers to help me keep running to God and get away from the curses that have been placed on me by my family. My prayer request is pleases stay by my side and help me through this difficult time.

    • Robin, The Lord will always be there for you. He never moves away but we can turn away. May you be able to focus on Him during these hard days. Curses can be broken by His power, His holiness, His love. God loves you. He will protect you!

      Praying for Haiti’s adoption process. This month no new charts accepted to get caught up on back-log. Our family waits for a referral of a sibling set-now on month 8. Want to be able to visit our children for our socialization visit, to pray for them and their bio families by name, to know ages and details about their lives. Lord may those taking care of them be teaching them about you, to pray and praise, to worship. Break through the barriers. Destroy the devil’s delays and detours. Free our children by parting the waters! I thank you for working even when we don’t see it. Your will be done! Give me peace, hope, news and patience.

  100. Please pray for me, my son, Cody has turned his back on God, says he doesn’t believe there is a God anymore and told us he is gay. I love him dearly, but it is so hard, I believe he will come back to God, it is the in between time that is rough. I cling to scriptures, pray almost daily for him and God has continued to encourage me, give me hope. He has told me in my quiet times it will get hard before it gets better…. I would just appreciate prayers, thanks.

  101. Every time I see this “How Can We Pray For You” come up in my email box, it stuns me, because I’m always praying for somebody else. I thank you for asking, and I need pray for physical healing and wisdom. After several years of working through different treatment options, I had foot surgery on my right foot in January of this year. After several months of intense pain, it was determined that the hardware used to fuse my ankle and other parts of my foot was being rejected by my body, so I had a second surgery to remove the screws and other metal pieces from my foot. Now I am experiencing extreme pain, which I believe is probably nerve pain. After 8 months, I am worse instead of better. I am the Director of Worship at my church, and am used to literally running around to do my job. I have now sought a second opinion for my foot and ankle, to see if there is anything my doctor missed. She IS a good doctor, and I have nothing against her, but sometimes you just need a new set of eyes. My next appointment with Doctor #2 is next Monday, September 29th. I would so appreciate your prayers for the Lord to show the second (and first!) doctor what the root cause of the pain is, and reveal a treatment plan that will be successful. I receive so much from your ministry, and am so grateful for this opportunity to receive prayer. I will catch you up later. Blessings and God’s peace and presence be with you!

    • Lifting you up today as you prepare to go to your apt tomorrow. I pray God will guide the doctors, help them to see clearly what the problem is and to truly be able to help relieve your pain. Praying, too, that God will help you to minister to others through this. . .and that you would find encouragers surrounding you and helping you through the difficult days.

  102. I have strayed away from God and spending time with God. Everything in my life has been going wrong. I have a very important meeting coming up on October 9th and I have to admit I am afraid of the outcome. I need prayer to get closer to God and have a better relationship and for a good outcome for this meeting. A lot depends on the outcome of this meeting. Thank you for your prayers and support.

  103. Dear Lord, I lift up Becca to you. Give her comfort and the knowledge that You are always with her. You never leave. Please help her to seek You in all times and to find comfort in a relationship with You dear Father. Be with her during this season….open doors and shut them where you want to lead. Give her hope. Many blessings I pray for her. Amen..

    Please pray for me….slightly overwhelmed and needing encouragement and direction. I pray for blessings on an upcoming trip to Kenya to see my dear friends and to do your work. Please provide provision for this trip. Also, for knowledge and discipline to finish out the last semester of my bachelors. I often let the financial aspect of things keep my from pushing through. Please let me lean on You and to have your blessings in these endeavors. I would not of made it through the past 2 years without the hope and promise you give me.

    • Dear Lord,

      I lift Angela up to you today. I pray that you would guide her and encourage her, especially as she heads to Kenya to visit friends and do your work. I pray that you would help to feel your presence and your peace in a special way and that you would provide all her needs for this trip. Thank you for all of the blessings of hope and promise you have given Angela these past 2 years. Amen.

  104. Please pray for my husband, myself and our 12 year old son as we sell our house and move back to an area we have friends and family at. Please pray our house would sell soon and that God would guide us to the right house for us in Ames. Also, I fell and hurt my knee a few months ago and it has hurt more again lately. Please pray for complete healing so I can exercise and take care of my family. I am concerned about the actual move and finding a moving company within our budget as well. Lastly, I ask to feel God’s peace through this and that I would honor Him in my words and actions. We praise God and are thankful my husband got this good job offer allowing us to make this move.

  105. Please pray that my husband, Jon, will be healed from alcohol and drug addiction and that our marriage and family would be restored. Thank you so very much.

  106. My husband wants to give up on our marriage due to a difficult relationship between me and my stepson (11). Please pray for him for calm and godly decisions, and for me to be a real mother to his son.

  107. Your relationships and your marriage are very precious; please know that I will ask the Lord for His Will to be accomplished in the midst of your turmoil.

    I am asking that I may be filled with the Holy Spirit…maybe I’m not worthy or maybe I just don’t have the faith necessary to be a spirit-filled Christian. For whatever the reason, please pray that I will experience life being guided and filled by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your prayers.

  108. Father I pray that you let her know she is precious in your sight and that you love. Fill her with your holy spirit let her know and sense your presence with her always.

    I am asking prayer for my father in law who they found a tumor in his brain he is scheduled for surgery on Mon. I am believing for miracle that God will heal him so he wont need surgery he is 70yrs. Also ask for God to give me direction in life. Direction for my husband as well.