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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, heart-encourager, and grace-needer. She's also a wife and mom of three Joshua (27), Andrew (24), and Aster (13) and the best-selling author of "A Confident Heart" and her newest book, "A Confident Mom," released in February! Renee loves making memories with her family, creating beautiful...

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      • Hi Renee I was heartened by your post this Am. I ask everyones prayers for more abundant work! I work as an ESL instructor at a local college as a casual instructor….usually I get lots of work but this term it is not as plentiful!! Thisn has /can change at the last minute so I HOPE!! Lately I have been feeling fearful…. Joanne

    • Brian, my husband, as he looks for another job. He was told two weeks ago his department was being reorganized in September. For God to lead to the perfect job for him, for him to be patient, for him to be happy! For our two daughters, Abby & Tori, who are away at a Christian boarding High School. One is a Junior and one a Freshman. Help me be the mother they need through encouraging texts, emails, and phone calls. Keep a prayer on my lips for my family and for God to use me for His service!

    • Anthony, my husband.
      You are a wonderful, amazing, smart, caring man who has inspired me to be better than I have ever known. If only you could see what I see in you, your feelings are important and special, your life has so much meaning. I just want him to know he is not alone, God nor I have never stopped loving him. He is not in a good place right now we have been separated and on the verge of divorce, but if these words and prayer will reach his heart, maybe, just maybe God’s love can restore our family. Please pray for Me, my Husband ( that he will receive God in his Heart) and daughters that God will lead us down the path that he has planned.

  1. Renee,

    Cathy…I will encourage her by reminding her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made and that she is a precious daughter of the King. I will encourage her that God is her healer and that He will walk her through her physical and emotional difficulties…He will not leave her stuck there. I will provide an available and listening ear….and set a coffee date.
    Thanks, Renee, for the encouragement and the loving nudge to remember to encourage others.

    • Oh I love that Bev!! I love how your heart sees just what Cathy needs to hear. Praying for your words to be a big deposit of hope and encouragement in her heart today!

  2. Sharing these verses with my friend Laura, who is going through a very rough time. Thank you for the reminder that a little encouragement can go a long way. Encouragement is one of my spiritual gifts and sometimes I feel it’s not that important. But have helped me realize just how important it truly is..

    • Jesus, I pray that You would use Kim’s encouragement to touch Laura’s heart with the hope that she needs. Infuse her words with wisdom and grace that only You can offer. Amen

    • Kim, I pray God will help you see the value of your gift of encouragement!! I too have struggled with seeing that for myself, but this past year He led me to study it and Barnabas specifically and I saw God does much through encouragement. I’ve always been blessed by the encouragement others offer, but have been thankful to get a glimpse of how He uses me to share it as well. Asking Him to help you experience the same!!

  3. My friend, Carol- I am in. 🙂 Carol is a dear friend, who has battled health issues for years. She loves the Lord and is always an encouragement to me. We love to share funny husband stories. She makes me laugh and she is an inspiration to me and I need to tell her how she encourages and inspires me.

    • Sounds like Carol is a really special friend, :Praying your words would be a sweet gift to her heart and asking Jesus for healing in her health too!

  4. My husband, Dave, who is really depressed because of health issues. But how do you encourage someone who has been in chronic pain 24/7/365 for the last 5 years? I have to pray for God to give me the words to say.

    • I can’t imagine how hard that must be for your husband, Dave, and for you. When those we love hurt, we hurt. Praying for Jesus to give you words that will make Dave smile. Encouragement and memories that will warm Dave’s heart – and a powerful touch of healing that would come unexpectedly and relieving the pain completely. In Jesus’ Name amen!!

  5. I shared this text with my nephew Michael a few days ago: He has loved you since the beginning of time. He uniquely made you. There is no one in this world like you and you are valuable to Him and to this world. “God never abandons anyone on whom He has set His love; nor does Christ, the good sheperd, ever lose track of His sheep.” J. I. Packer

  6. My friend, Karla who has lost one leg and is in fear of losing her other leg. she has had so many surgeries and is such a strong fighter but I know she has down times and I just pray she can stand in God’s precsence and know He loves her and will always be there for her.

  7. I’m in~ I just recently signed off Facebook so I could be more real and intentional in encouraging others…either through notes (yes!) Or in person. My dad, who died in 2003, always sent notes to me. It is a hole in my heart to see the empty mailbox, so I am determined to fill others!

    • Karyn,
      Hello! I’m “Jill” from the story above and yes, the bit described has some sad parts, but like Paul Harvey says, “The rest of the story”…is one God is still writing. I don’t have time to share all the details here, but God has worked in amazing ways!! I’ll say this – “Our words have power!!” And God uses them. Blessings to you tonight!

  8. I’m in- my sis Kathy. She needs to hear these words. She’s one of the sweetest women in the world.

  9. Just what I needed to hear at this precise moment. I try really hard to encourage others but tonight I really needed some encouragement myself xx

    • Simone, grateful God used these words to speak to you! Sometimes I think those with the gift of encouragement are actually the ones who need it the most!! It’s easy for me to encourage and speak words of life to others, but then I talk to myself in a different way!! Asking God to fill you with encouragement tonight!! Blessings!

      • I do the same thing………..encourage others, but have a hard time convincing myself that I’m worth anything. Having come out of a legalistic religion, those whispers of “never measuring up” still linger. Thank you for the reminder of who were are in Jesus, not who we are in the eyes of men. Because, I’ll never measure up in the eyes of my father. He is on his death bed right this minute. I didn’t go see him because I know that I will be judged for leaving their religion. I’m desperately clinging to the hope I am okay with God, and that He really does love even me.

        • I needed these words of encouragment. I encourage others but sometime I get very down and don’t want to do anything.

  10. “…let’s take these words and give some away.” What a powerful phrase, Renee.

    I will tell Dawn how much it means to me to have such a Godly woman as a friend. To see her humble submission and obedience, all the while knowing of the burden she carries, helps me push on.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. I think everyone needs an encourager in their life at one point or another. This was so beautiful. Renee, can’t wait to see you at the Divine Design womens conference in troy, illinois!

  12. i am close to quitting. i was encouraged today by several good friends but still struggling. i was told that suicide was stupid & selfish. so instead of slicing my wrists i will pay the encouragement forward to brianna & renee.

    • Micki,
      Hello! It’s Jill from the story above and I can relate to where you are at…I’m am confidently going to the throne to ask God to draw you near, encourage your heart and remind you of who He is!! He has a plan for you, one that is good! This story took place 15 years ago in Sept. and I never would have expected to be where I am at today. He can take what is broken and make you whole, what is empty and make it full. Cling to Him, reach out to those you trust, He will make a way. As you encourage Brianna and Renee I pray the Proverb that says, “He who refreshes others will be refreshed” will come to life.

    • So glad you didn’t do that Micki! God has a plan and purpose for your life. He loves you and we need you! Jeremiah 29:11. Whenever you feel down or like giving up remember that God is not giving up on you-ever! Psalm 30:5. I love you! You encouraged me tonight by saying you’re going to encourage someone else. Have a beautiful night!

  13. Connie – I’m in……thank you for these encouraging verses. I will share them with my sister, Connie. I’m grateful for the reminder to listen a bit closer….to be Jesus’ hands and feet to others.

  14. My Husband who is in prison. Need wisdom to encourage him and for his salvation. My 2 sisters Arlene and Deborah who diligently prays for us. God bless you. Thank you Renee for this opportunity.

  15. I’m in….I will encourage my sis, Rita, who suffers from many health issues, is unable to work and has money issues. I will encourage my nephew Alex who has ADHD and several health issues. I will encourage several church sisters who suffer health issues and homelife issues. I feel so blessed to be able to encourage others. God made all of us for a purpose, we have jobs to do and encouragement is one of mine. I love those verses. May God shower you with blessings.

  16. Kaylee, this beautiful young girl is going to liberty University as a new freshman. She is struggling to find a good friend and is quite homesick. She feels like she doesn’t fit in and is self conscious about a weight issue. She needs to know she is loved and is where God has led her and to be passionate about her mission. I sent her a prayer tonight to encourage her and let her know she is loved.

  17. My sister, Sandora. We are back in touch after a number of years distant. I will tell her how God made such a loving, compassionate woman capable of carrying out God’s Will, no matter what that may be and that God is always by her side in everything.

  18. Renee, i am going to write these words in note cards tonight and send them tomorrow. I am always thanking and encouraging others, but on the eve of my medically fragile grandson and I (I am his Special Education teacher assistant) moving on to a new school and first grade, I thought of the two preschool teachers that had the most impact on our lives and so many other families…
    Lisa and Nicole…I want to remind you both today what phenomenal teachers you are. You make a difference in the life of every child that walks through your classroom doors. You open your hearts to every student and their families. You embrace each child for who they are! You see beyond their autism, their mobility issues, their broken bodies….and look into the eyes of a child with unique abilities and disabilities, strengths and weaknesses…a child with challenges and/or special health care needs…but to you both, they are simply children of God. You have blessed the lives of many by your gentle touch and encouragement, your patience and love! Andrew will never forget you! I am blessed to know you and love you both as my forever friends!

    • Awesome ladies Mary! God bless them both & you and your grandson! I love great hearts! May more be encouraged through the four of you 🙂

  19. My husband and my mom! And hopefully someone else I don’t know-I’m in!. I love to encourage others. I thank the Lord for His love and Him dying for me. I am thankful that He is risen and pray that He sends me a good friend into my life. Please pray for me sisters I’ve been grouchy today and want and need The Father’s love to fill my heart tonight. God bless you all.

  20. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that we never know how God can use us when we encourage one another. This is a great reminder to me to write to Nolan, as I have been meaning to do for weeks now. Thank you!

  21. Renee,
    What a wonderful surprise to come here tonight…I clicked over via your blog in my email because I was a weary soul who needed some words! Your words and the story you told did that and more. What a trip down memory lane and a great reminder of all God has done…I’m grateful He intervened 15 years ago and didn’t let me die physically, but I’m thankful He did make me realize I needed to die to self and begin a relationship with Him. He has done so much, i don’t even know where to begin!!
    Tonight I pray I can encourage YOU! I’m grateful for how God has worked through you to teach me, encourage me and help me become who He made me to be. He has used your words of encouragement to speak life so many times!! Through your words God’s etched His on my heart. Proverbs tells us he who walks with the wise will become wise…thanks for sharing some wisdom with a girl who needs lots!! Thanking God tonight for you Renee and asking Him to fill you up and bless you BIG!!

    • Jill, I’ve been reading your comments and you’re very encouraging. You’ve got a gift! God bless you tonight! And when you need some encouragement you won’t have to look far, God will be there always to refill you up! I pray our Father showers you down with His love, and that you will be a shining bright light wherever you go, I pray that your presence will make others feel better immediately. God bless you also Renee! Thank you for being an encouragement to me and so many other women. I pray that more opportunities will open up bigger than you’ve dreamed about because we serve a great, big, awesome God! God bless you Renee!! I Corinthians 2:9, Revelation 3:8

  22. Thank you, Renee, for sharing your encouraging words to many of us at just the time week after week! You are a gifted communicator.
    And, Tanya…I’m in.

  23. Misty J. Im in.

    Being a single mother for 10 years my heart goes out to them. They need the encouragement. It isnt easy bei.g mom and dad. .

  24. DeAnn……I’m in. She is a single mom of 3 under ages 7yrs and a new believer, praise the Lord. She has been stressed with all responsibilities of working, parenting, finances and the list goes on. I would encourage her in that ‘God loves you and He is in control of all your circumstances. He will supply all your needs. He is for you. He will always be with you. Trust Him with all your heart and put your hope in Him. Love you.’

    • God bless your friend Grace! And great advice! I’m glad she has you around to help encourage her. God bless you too! Please keep me in prayer as I need some sisters to encourage me. Thank you.

  25. I’m in – Debbie (one of my dearest friends), Kerri (my sister going through lots of transition), Brittany (a high school student of mine that needs Jesus), Lauren (my teenage daughter In her senior year), and my husband (who is under a lot of pressure and stress as a high school teacher, coach, and church leader.

  26. Sharon Mthimkulu, God to uphold her in this times and make a way for her where there seems to be no way.

  27. These words brought tears to my eyes tonight. Im struggling with being real with those around me for fear of being hurt. I’m in and will make time to encourage those around me at work this week.

  28. Thank you Renee!! I was outside praying!! Came in and read this!! Brought tears to my eyes, yes I needed this right now. Something I never doubted, just reassuring words!! God Bless!!

  29. My nephews Brian, Jack and Evan- all are struggling with different issues and they need to know how much they are loved.

  30. Thanks Renee, I really needed this today. The Lord is so good, but we still have to ‘battle’ at times with the enemy…I’m winning by the way! 😉 Gloria, who leads our women’s small group. I need to tell her she is more than a ‘conqueror’ for Him, and that He is battling for her!
    May you hear His words of encouragement to you today too Renee!

  31. Renee, your words were perfect timing today! Thank you for sharing the Grace of Jesus and encouraging all of us. I will lift Colleen to the Lord …dear sweet friend that needs to reminding that Jesus is enough:)…I’m in!

  32. Myself, I’m in. I keep getting more and more overwhelmed everyday with no idea of how to get out from under it.

  33. Sam(Samantha) – I’m in! Sam is battling cancer and, as far as I know, is not yet a Christian.

  34. I need your prayers as I have been battling discouragement with my relationship with God. Please pray that I allow God to love me regardless of where I am in my spiritual journey. Thanks

  35. My son Kyle. I’m in. Struggles with depression and lack of worth. Has moved back home for almost a year. Battling alcohol addiction. Had almost entirely store stopped drinking and was doing so well. Finally has a full time job with benefits. He is not a believer like the rest of our household and is convinced he is “too different” to be here. It breaks my heart.
    I surrendered him to God eleven years ago and know He is in control and loves and pursues Kyle relentlessly. I believe God will have the victory in Kyle’s life!!

  36. Sister Rosemary she is so negative, seldom has a kind word to say about anyone or anything.

  37. Karen, a co-worker just found out that her husband who is battling cancer has 6-9 mo to live. She is definitely weary. I pray God will give me the right words from HIM to encourage her right now and that HE will remind her that he is present and near to her and HE is all she needs and he will walk through it with her. That I can provide a little love, support , comfort and encouragement physically and God will with the Holy Spirit

  38. Love the Words for the Weary! Sometimes just a kind word, smile or note can go along way in this world! God bless you Renee.
    Love you, Jenny

    Susan, Angie, McKenzie, Erinn, Sheila, Angie F. I’m in!

  39. Christy – I’m in! Been investing in her, sharing hope & encouragement (& getting a bit fired up along the journey, encouraging her to fight!) She shared yesterday how God had been speaking to her, showing her she has choices – to let others in or continue a downward spiral into depression. She’s choosing to ask for help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise be to our God!

  40. Just what I needed to read today. I tried to commit suicide yesterday. Sent to the hospital but sent home as there were no beds for mental health patients last night. I hurt so bad mentally from things that have come from my past as a child, mel

  41. My Mother – Barbara, I would tell her how happy I am to have a godly mother that taught me what it was to walk with God all the days of my life. How I appreciate what a good mother she was to all of her children. She gave up her life to raise her family under the direction and love of god. She is battling stage 4 bone cancer at this very moment, and staying positive in the fact of her relationship with our lord. She is my mentor and my friend and know she needs this positive love in this very moment.
    I love my mother with all my heart, and don’t think one can hear those words enough.

  42. Maxine- my mom! I will tell her how strong she is! Even though dad walked out this year after 51 years of marriage, that she is beautiful, she’s courageous, she’s a true Woman of God and she is an inspiration!! She is a daughter of the most high God! And she is still vivacious and lovely! And that no matter what, she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her!!

  43. I’m in! I’ve battled depression for years. In the last week, two different friends have asked me what to say to someone who is struggling. I am finally able to be the encourager. My eyes are open for opportunities to share the hope.

  44. Ted my fiance, we run a business together and it has been really tough on him. For every one step forward it has been three steps back. He has always be resilient and amazed me with his positive attitude. This year he is struggling, Lord take him in your arms and hold him up.
    My mom, my dad died last year in October and she is so amazing. Raised grandchildren and great grandchildren, always kind and loving. Lord take her in your arms and hold her up.
    These two people are my everything, I will tell them that today. I will tell them I asked the Lord to hold them up.

  45. I’m in. Thanks Jill and so many beautiful people.
    My son Dylan says to storm heaven for some special petitions. I’m grateful he truly believes in the power of prayer. He so wants to meet a
    Loving girl to share his life and service in the church. He has been trying sincerely for years but things have not worked out.
    From faraway India, it is tough and lonely ,but nothing is impossible with God
    Love you all

  46. Melanie my husband’s nephews wife is battling cancer. She is young, in her 30’s, and they have 4 children. She beat breast cancer but is now struggling with other tumors. She is very positive but I am sure she gets weary too. Please pray for this wonderful lady..

  47. Lois- she has had a difficult year with so many changes and newest one being a job that has turned out to be so much more than what was presented; my friend is overwhelmed and getting depressed. I want to encourage her by reminding her that she is a beautiful princess and God knows exactly what she is facing. He knew all about this well before she did, and he has, and will, equip her for the task(s) ahead. I also want to remind her that she can rest in Jesus’ arms, for He cares so deeply for her.

  48. Lexi, Tessie, & Pastor Ryan – I’m In Renee! Thanking YOU for the encouraging words!

  49. Colleen, who has many health issues with her gallbladder and kidneys. To encourage her with knowing God has the power and will to heal her.

  50. For my husband Mitch, we moved to the east coast 6 yrs ago. Mitch came a month ahead of me and our son Tyler to be closer to his daughter and son he had been estranged from due to divorce and being kept from seeing or talking to them since his daughter was 8 months old. She is now 35. Something terrible happened 2 weeks before me and Tyler came. It rocked our world. I spiraled downward deep depression(I’ve had ptsd from age 10) Mitch began drinking after work until he passed out trying to kill his pain and suffering. We 3 were so happy and close,good marriage,Tyler raised in a Christian home was destroyed.I’ve tried suicide 3 times,developed personality disorder in and out of mental hospitals(never had these kinds of problems before) Tyler was taking care of himself at13. Then Mitch made me Tyler’s responsibility to care for because Mitch considers himself unworthy to be forgiven by GOD since he can’t forgive himself. By the Grace of GOD we 3 still live in same residents but separate rooms. He had major back surgery January 2013 rods, 8 screws and it was a failed attempt. His Dr refuses to admit he messed up and Mitch is facing another surgery for his SI joints(hips) being fused together. He was hurt at work is why he had first surgery. Workmans comp denied his claim,his big boss is starting process of pushing him out on disability because he doesn’t like him. He is in constant pain 24/7/365. The naval shipyard union recommended a federal employees attorneys group because he’s being done so wrong. He has 5 work awards for his performance. He has been telling me for 51/2 yrs we’re over but I refuse to accept it. I’m back in church after 7 yrs of us being out. PLEASE help me encourage him to believe GOD has forgiven him and loves him just the same before we moved here. He is convinced GOD can’t love him for what happened and believes he’s worthless scum. I’m trying to forgive and it’s all taken its toll on our family. I was ready to give up on life yesterday and I’ve been crying out to GOD and Satan is attacking from more directions to count. I reached out yesterday to sisters of Christ and I’m still overwhelmed by all the love,prayers and support for me now I need it for him and Tyler. My promise to Tyler has kept me grasping until then. I’m now determined more than ever that our family is going to let GOD mend crushed hearts and spirits and emotionally. My faith is weak and I need help PLEASE.

  51. For my friend G, he lost his wife to breast cancer a few years ago and he has 3 children that without ever meeting them in person, holds a part of my heart that desires to protect them from anymore pain or hurt. After a year in grief counseling he met a woman who quickly became a part of their healing the loss of wife/mom….she brought “joy” to his life when he needed it most, and for over a year she and her children became a vital part in my friend and his children’s lives, unfortunately just as quickly as she entired the families life, after thousands upon thousands of spent and “borrowed” money , she exited the relationship and honestly it has become a real-life unwritten Lifetime Movie. I say this only because to me, only in movies and TV could someone play such a destructive role in so many hurting life’s. -with all of this said, my friend has been struggling for almost a year now with trying to figure it all out, get answers and also trying to actually mend the relationship that “made him feel again” after losing his wife. ..since October of last year I have spoken to him almost daily and tried to encourage and walk beside him thru this, one of my spiritual gifts from God is empathy and thru continual prayer and seeking guidance thru his word of how He wants to use me thru my gift, I have at times been consumed and even physically ill from knowing and emotionally feeling what someone(s) is feeling themselves….so for the last year I have truly tried to be that constant encouragement for him….but not by telling him all the time he is right for whatever he feels but my consistency has been that, the one and only true healer and deliver of so much hurt, confusion, depression and suicidal thoughts will NEVER COME from a woman or true Happiness and contentment will only be superficial until he allows himself to like then love who God created him specifically and uniquely to be and that type of love takes faith, trust and hope in and from only our God who loves so selflessly and deeply that He not only died for us but ALLOWS each of us to come to him thru our choice….. I send him scripture and quotes of encouragement throughout the day because even at 350 miles away I feel when he is struggling, so with this all shared I would like to ask for one or more to pray for g and for his kids, for the woman’s heart to be broken and for someone or something to come and open her heart, to not just proclaim she is a christian but that she would completely surrender to her heart and life God. And also that God would make clear to me how to take time to be replenished and rejuvenated as my family and other close friends are dealing with some big spiritual battles that I am directly or indirectly but emotionally trying to be God’s hands and feet to further His kingdom. Thank you all sincerely for hearing my petition and for the prayers I know are being bestowed on all my requests! Blessings to you and yours!

  52. Mel
    I will be lifting you up in my prayers. I totally understand what you’re going through as I’ve tried suicide 3 times. I know GOD was there standing behind my son Tyler holding him up with his arms wrapped tightly around us both. All I remember is looking up and seeing Tyler holding my hand crying so hard saying wake up mom you have to stay with me I need you. Every time I would start drifting away he’d start patting my face telling me how much he needed me. The first 2 times I don’t remember anything at all. I thought night before last he was the only one I had to love me and I’m still so in awe of how many friends in Christ I’ve made and are still coming faster than I can read or respond to. So PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU.
    Just scream out to GOD as loud as you can for as long as you need to because he’s beside you every minute for life.
    FATHER GOD we’re all standing firm with MEL that you are with him and have never and will never leave him alone especially in our brothers time of need.

  53. I’m in! My friend LeaAnn -who has been there for me so many times – now in her own valley of healing. My friend Mandi – who is knee deep in learning how to have a “Confident Heart” – gaining wisdom daily from you Renee – All my bible study girls!

  54. Mel desperately needs our support and prayers so he can truly know that GOD has bigger plans for him and to never forget GOD is fighting his battles for his by just asking. And most importantly GOD LOVE’S him SO much more than he can REALIZE.

  55. Nancy-she is struggling with hopelessness and addiction. Today she wanted to leave treatment because the cravings and emotions were overwhelming her. I pray for her cravings to abate, that she finds hope in God, and that as her therapist, with Gods strength I will not give up on her as countless others have.

  56. I had this in my inbox for a few days and just read it. I can so relate to what was written and many of the comments. I have been struggling emotionally and physically. I feel useless to my family since I am not able to do all I once did. This is a tough spot to be in.

  57. When my older daughter went from Illinois to New York City for her first year of college, I started the habit of sending good morning texts to her. When her sister went from Illinois to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide), she got good morning texts as well. Over the years God has impressed upon me many others that get a text in the morning or afternoon. They are silly texts (Good morning Pretty Princess ______ or Proud Prince ______. I love you. Hugs X cats X dogs X llamas X alpacas X rainbows. <3) Lately there have been those whom I knew to be struggling and so I started including a Scripture verse. The response has been truly humbling to me. The texts are silly. The Scripture is not. But I have found that my texts are missed if I cannot get to them in the morning, that they bring a smile or a chuckle to the recipients and that the Scripture is exactly what the recipient needed that day. What began as a way of greeting my daughters, who were away from me, in the morning God has morphed into a ministry that reaches many women and a few men as well. My point is that we can never tell when God will use even silly good morning texts to strengthen and uplift someone. Go for it ladies! It is well worth the effort!! You will find that you also receive a blessing as well.

  58. Renee, my list is long. You see, I once was Jill and ready to take my life. I had it all planned out. But God …… used people to encourage and show me His love. It wasn’t until this weekend that I recognized I have someone who loves me and is jealous, as well as zealous, for me.
    He laid His life down, no one took it from him; not even himself.
    Women need to know and feel the depth of His love. Your entry today is what I want to tell ladies like Jill and I.
    Love is more than a four letter word, life is worth living and YOU are worthy of life.

    ~ Marjorie

  59. Pammy and Detta, they need it to know that God is in control and that if they are willing to acknowledge that, He can and will do great things in their lives. Help me pray they will seek Him as they are in a very stressful situation

  60. I can identify with everyone’s comment on this page, Pray for my husband Rick who is use to being the rock and will not share is something is not right, just hit 25 th annivercary I know when something is wrong yes some of you are Probally saying he doesn’t want you to worry that’s not the case, we can pray about it….I’m a strong believer of taking your situation to God, He will move mountains, being attack from every angle by satan which is causing me to be clinically depress, I have brought it to God I know everything is in his timing meanwhile we are sleeping in separate bedroom not even saying two words to each other. Please pray for us and that The Lord will soften my Husbands heart, he is continuely hurting me. Need prayer for marriage restoration as well as healing prayer there is just too much going on to post. God bless you all.

  61. Sandi, Janet, & Becca. I Love you & I’m here for You! May God’s Will Be Done,To God Be The Glory!

  62. My sister in Christ, Shirley had a stroke on Tuesday and will need much healing and therapy. Encouragement not to give up her praising of the Lord to everyone she meets. For her husband and family to know God also. For us all to help her as she recovers.

  63. I love being an encourager, people have told me it’s God’s purpose for me. But sometimes, a lot of times, it occurs to me that I’m rarely encouraged. And it hurts. A lot. This weekend is one of those times. I know God is there but it sure would be nice to have a Jesus-with-skin-on in my life. Thanks for this article, IT is encouraging.

  64. I’m in, but I’ve shared it with all my family and friends, on Facebook. We all need encouragement. I believe God saw fit to encourage me, today. After reading this, I found another word of encouragement, shortly after beginning to scroll through my FB news feed. 🙂

  65. My niece, Char, who said her August wedding has been cancelled. Was with her former fiance for 8 years. I’m in!

  66. Just came across your website and please count me in…..there are so many people needing encouragement in this time and age. With everything going on around us they feel So discouraged but God is using people like you and many others to show us that there is hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that is our God who is control of this universe….God bless

  67. I am blessed by all the heartfelt prayers and testimonies and so much encouragement.
    🙂 Jayne

  68. Last night my husband said something to me that tore my heart. I couldn’t sleep, just kept thinking about forgiveness and how much I needed my God to fill the hurt with His love and reflect that to my husband. The world says I should hurt him back or even end the marriage. I made a commitment to God and a commitment to the commitment. Each moment, each hour, each day I stay focused on Him, no matter how badly my heart hurts. I love You so much, Jesus, I will not turn my focus to the right or to the left but only to you. I am weeping inside, but rejoicing at how You love me.

  69. My wife,Dawn. She has been diagnosed with depression and BPD. She struggles everyday. She tries to hide it from all that knows her, but I see her slowly dying inside. It kills me to see such a caring , loving , good person have to deal with such a horrible ailment. It wears me down as well and I try to be the rock she needs, but at the same time I have no one to talk to when I’m feeling down. That’s why I’m here. I pray everyday that God give her and myself the strength to keep going. I also pray that he heals her and gives her awareness of how much she is loved by all that has been privileged to have her in their lives. I love her more than myself and would give ANYTHING to see the woman in her that I once knew! Thank you for such a wonderful blog! God Bless!!!

  70. Larry; my son Jaiden; my grandson and Nicki his mother- I’m in
    My son who has spent the last two years in Jail and was just convicted of his crimes. He has given his life back to Christ and is holding on to his faith. He has been through a lot of pain in his life; some by his own doing. He held on to anger and it became a poison in his life. Strange it took this for him to look to God for comfort and to make any sense of life. He turned down a plea bargain, thinking that was what Gods was telling him. He is struggling with trusting God with his future, to raise and protect his son, and with the guilt of what he did and how it ill have long reaching effects on Jaiden. Please pray with me that Gods mercy will fall on Larry and the Judge will not be harsh in his sentencing. He is looking at 15 -40 years. I know God can use him in prison but I need words of encouragement for him and for that matter myself. What do you say to seven year old? He loves his dad so much. To make matters worse they live far away. Nicki; Jaiden’s is not emotionally stable. Jaiden thinks it is job to take care of his mom. She was delivered from demonic procession only a few weeks ago. I know it sounds like a movie. Sometimes I think I am having a bad dream and will wake up soon. I know encouraging them will actually help me. I need some encouragement too and am thankful for all the beautiful promises of Gods Word that were posted in this blog. Sometimes I feel like I can’t breath. I can only ask that God would have great mercy on my family and my son’s sentence will be as short as possible. I still struggle with how God could have let my little boy be hurt so badly. I know as an adult he had choices and did not make good ones. I know that in his spurt he is finally the man God meant for him to be; the anger is gone. I pray that he will be able to be part of our family once again and not locked away in prison for life.

    • Jaci,

      Sometimes tough love and punishment for your crimes will help a person realize what they could lose and turn their lives around.

      Prayers for the family! May God bless them and shower them with His wonderful Mercy and Love!! Prayers that the sentence be short and they realize he has already served 2 years. Prayers for complete healing for the mother and someone to come along side Jaiden. May God bring a friend who can encourage him and show them all God’s love!!

      Prayers for you as you watch all this from afar. May God give you a sense of peace and contentment that He is in control. Know that God loves you and your family deeply and cares for each one of you. May God come & touch you with His healing hands and surround you with His love!!! 🙂

      Blessings Saying a prayer for everyone 🙂

  71. Alexis – that the crushing worthlessness she feels be defeated and yes destroyed by Words of love and encouragement.

  72. As I contemplate divorce, I feel overwhelmed. I have been married for 29 years but have found out my husband has had several affairs during this time . I have forgiven but can’t continue living with a man I thought was trustworthy. Please pray for me and my family’

    • Mer,

      Prayers for you and your family. May God give you the wisdom to know if divorce is right for you. May you feel His loving arms surround as you go through this trial. I pray blessings on all involved.

      Know that God loves you no matter what! He is super crazy about you and cares deeply about what happens to your family!!!

      I just said a quiet prayer for you and your family! Asking God to provide wisdom & knowledge to show you the right path to take!

      Blessings my Sister 🙂

  73. Renee

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I know my God given talent is encouragement. Constantly I am sending e-cards or sending notes letting my friends know I care about them. Some I take the time to call and see how they are.

    This week I’m sending Sandra B a card to let her know I’m praying for her and for a cure for Cancer! May she know that she is loved by her church family.

    Hubby–Tell him that I love him dearly and am grateful God put us together 10 years ago. Encourage him to look for a different job. His current job changed and he is on a shift he doesn’t like. Tell him that he is the best most wonderful, loving, caring man I know!

    There are others Marie F-ask about Pat her mom.
    Kathy T-ask about her mom.

    Blessings 🙂

  74. May the God of hope fill us all…everyone who has posted here…with His joy and peace in believing, that we all may abound in HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes life is so crazy and overwhelming. Sometimes life does NOT seem fair. Sometimes it SEEMS that the best thing would be just to quit on God and quit on others. Sometimes being a hermit is very tempting. Just go live in a cave somewhere and not deal with PEOPLE, PROBLEMS, PAIN, or PRESSURE. Take a vacation and go to Tahiti. But then I am reminded that “those who endure to the end SHALL be saved” and I know I must press on for God’s sake and mine (as well as others). This is the heart of encouragement…helping others to press on. “Forgetting those things that lie behind, I press on for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” May God give us ALL His strength to PRESS ON.

  75. God bless and help each one.I thank Him for His using this site.

    Today I really asked the Lord how I can be used for Him.I have often sent cards/emails to people, all my life,just to show love and encouragement,but yes it is so hard when you are left alone at times you so need it yourself!

    Because it is tricky to reveal my burdensome prayer needs to my bible study group(because I feel I am betraying the privacy of my family),I would like to ask for prayer for our two wonderful sons who have been let down from our many relocations over the years.One (B) is on medication for psychological issues brought on by stress and has all but given up finding work;the other (D) is now in effect a recluse and has lost the will to move on.They both are faithful Christians and have so much to give!!Our daughter (R )lives too far away and has been through a very bad marriage(which affected her health),has since had to endure divorce and is now engaged to a terrific Christian,but I miss her terribly.I believe we should move back closer to her and give our sons more employment opportunities.But we have so much stuff to sort through first and struggle physically and financially these days.My husband (B) won’t budge unless there is very clear leading from the Lord.With all this heaviness,I sleep very poorly and it’s really started affecting my health.Please pray for clear,urgent guidance for us…that we know the Lord’s will for us all and also that we can be used while we are still where we are.Thank you so much.

    Isaiah 4:1-10 really encouraged me today and do I pray it can do so to everyone else:
    “Fear not for I am with you,Be not dismayed for I am your God,I will strengthen you,Yes,I will help you,I will uphold you with my righteous hand”.

  76. Thanks for the reminder. I am definitely in! Just sent one to my cousin who lost her dad (my uncle).

  77. Just now I was praying that I would accomplish the works God has for me to do. All summer it has been about being there for people. He told me these things matter a great deal because they encourage people he loves and cares about. I’m waiting on a job but am primarily waiting on God.

  78. Leigh, a 33 year old recently widowed friend who is struggling with her loneliness and questions. I pray for wisdom as I encourage her to keep on moving forward to the life she will have without her late husband. I know
    it will be difficult to picture a future, but pray God will bless her with his
    vision for her, giving her new eyes to see good days ahead. I’m in.
    Thank you for this post challenging us to encourage someone specific, you have changed many lives by doing this. God bless you!

  79. Renee, I am SO in! 🙂

    To my “sista” Angie –
    I love how God put this blog in my inbox tonight because Renee just confirmed the text I sent you earlier: You ARE loved, and your feelings DO matter. <3 No matter what the world may tell you, you are a Divine Design – a delightful daughter in the eyes of Our Fabulous Father. You have gifts and talents like no one else in this whole entire world. He created you in love and loved the thought of your creation — How awesome is that?! No matter what life hands you, I will always be by your side. We will get through "life" together. 🙂 I love you MOSTEST!

  80. My young daughter Em-That she will not be influenced by the world’s view of beauty and instead recognize that it’s the inner beauty that counts. Even at 11, there is such a push to look perfect, and the peer pressure is intense. It breaks my heart to hear her insecurities. I pray for God’s protection and wisdom, and that He will give me the words to speak to Em.

  81. My name is Mary. I am a Christian and I can honestly say I have been on both ends of this one. I’ve been the receiver and the giver of encouragement when it was needed. I have been up and I have been down. The key for me is really listening to people when they share, look them in the eye. The eyes “truly are the heart of the soul”. Show people when given an opportunity that you care, how important they are to you and use Bible verses there are thousands to show that Jesus loves us in all circumstances.

    One of my favorites is, “I can do all things through God who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13 “God will never leave us nor forsake us.” Believe this is in Deuteronomy. Sometimes my memory is not the best. As a result of going through chemo, I had cancer in 2006. But have been cancer free ever since. That was a special time for me to use the verses and read my Bible during chemo, when I was so sick with Thrush from the chemo. I read more than I ever had before. I knew “my life depended on Him and His Word”. I was able to share often to people when going through chemo and radiation. It worked again and again. Never miss an opportunity to witness. It is one thing that is unique to you. God allowed it to happen for a reason, use it!

    Always remember He created us in His image and likeness. We are not junk. He died on the cross just for me and all of you. Tell someone you know or don’t know they will listen if your heart is right. Don’t miss and opportunity. It might make a major difference in your life or the life of someone else. God is constantly giving us opportunities to work for Him. Don’t tell someone, ” I will be sure and pray for you.” Stop, pray with them quietly right then and there. It makes all of the difference in the world.
    Go out there and love someone as Jesus loved us today. Love and Prayers,
    Mary Kaiser

  82. My sister Maud who is suffering from lung cancer. It is a tough time for our whole family and for some of us who live on the other side of the world and cannot be there to care for her. She is a Christian for several decades and I am grateful for what Christ has done for her.

  83. Alana- I pray for you. You are not alone. God loves you and is with you and He is for you. I know the circumstances that has come your way is very hard to understand. Just know that God fully understands and He has a plan. He is seeking after you and will not leave you alone nor abandon you. He is taking care of you.

    Mark I pray that God would give you a new prospective for the things that has caused you to become this way. You have such a kind heart. You light up a room. You make me feel as I want to be felt… as a person. Understand that you are valued and loved. I am here for you I hope you will come to realize that. You don’t have to do it alone or in your own strength. God wants to help you my friend. May God cover you and shelter you under His wings.