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I believe each day should include celebration, the Bible,vulnerability, and coffee with French Vanilla creamer.

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  1. That is so sweet. It kind of gives a different meaning to being covered with His robe of righteousness! Even thinking of Papa’s robe being like a baby’s comforting blanket makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just as your child found security and love in your bathrobe, we find security and love in our savior. He wraps us up in His love, and we find that same safeness and shelter. Thank you for a wonderful visual of his warmth for me!!

    • Thank you, Kim, for sharing how this connected with your heart. God showed me his love and security is continually available, even in the middle of a busy morning.

  3. Beautiful! God gives us many different places to find comfort and a bathrobe is one of them. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


    Three of our 4 kids are “young adults” now, and we have one still in school. I remember the blue robe days like it was yesterday.

    This: “I am continually struck by the combination of vulnerability and intimacy that lies in parenting. Powerful love this deep can’t help but brings things to light. There is a continual offer of closeness: sometimes it is welcomed, sometimes in ways different than imagined, and sometimes in perseverance when ignored.”


    • Marty, your kind words remind me to enjoy the “bath robe days.” Thank you for the encouragement. Uplifting words from a veteran mom are golden when you are starting out, learning on the fly :).

    • Trudy, in hindsight, I am glad I let that old robe go on a field trip, too :). I needed to shed insecurity that I would look wierd to give God’s love more room. Thanks for your encouragement.

  5. Thank you for this sweet post!! He does certainly meet us in our need, even when we go to preK and need some comfort – it was so good of you to let your baby take the robe! I so love the imagery of it all!! Beautiful post!

    • Thank you Maria! Turns out there was much for me to learn that morning and an old robe was the vehicle to do that. Thanks for pointing out the imagery. The mental picture of her hefting my robe will surely stay with me.

  6. Tia had a “silky”. It was a pillow case from a cheap set of satin sheets. It was royal blue and went everywhere. When Tevyn arrived she insisted he have a beloved “silk” as well. After a while and cutting up the sheet we ran very low on said silkies. Finally Sissy relented and turned over her last one to her baby brother. This thing saw ALOT of action. Church youth group trips, vacations, ball games….LIFE. The other day I was cleaning out a drawer and low and behold I found the last remaining remnant of silky. A flood of “first” ,”finals” & “forever’s” flashed through my mind. Making a home, providing memories & showing littles how to live for Christ is what it is truly all about. Robes, silky”s & all!!!

    • Aw, De’Ron, thank you for sharing! I love that image. Did you keep the last remnant of the silky? I sure would be tempted to. 🙂 Thanks for coming over here and reading and connecting. Thank you for also sharing that while there are “firsts” and ‘finals,’ there are also ‘forever’s,’ time marches on but God keeps those special times forever in our hearts!

  7. I just loved this post! No children here, but I can relate to this post and your child. When hubby and I were dating he took off a shirt and I snuck it home to have him close to me. He never even knew till I fessed up.

    I love how everyone here talks of God’s love constantly being with us and these earthly reminders we need daily!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for sharing and I am so glad you stopped by. I love that you shared that special memory of your now husband’s shirt! 🙂 I too, enjoy this website, I need practical reminders that God’s love is way more than powerful and incredible than I tend to realize on my own. I like that the people are really real too 🙂
      I am glad you were encouraged!

  8. Wonderful story. Thank you. I hope to read more from you! My youngest started Daycare this week and wore her new birthday socks on her hands like Mittens – 3 days in a row. ???

    • Eddie, thank you! Much strength and love to you this week as you start the day care adventure.
      Violet wore socks on her hands as well, the day care teacher told me, oh so politely, that she looked liked a homeless person, could I get her some mittens? I don’t think she meant to be offensive, just being honest. I just smiled and said, she may look homeless, but she is happy in doing so. May you be blessed in this new season that ultimately feels so stressful and chaotic at most times, God’s love is waiting to pop up in front of you to refresh and make you smile….maybe in a pair of socks on the hands 🙂