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  1. This is one of my favorite verses. Thank you for sharing and reaching out via technology. I would love prayer for my son who left this week to be a freshman in college. He is struggling with homesickness and connecting with people. Last night he called from stranger’s phone to tell us his “dumb” phone was stolen. Ugh. It was a reminder of the fallen world we live in. Who would still a dumb phone in this high techno society? Please pray for him to find comfort in The Lord and that the phone would be turned in. Thank you.

    • Cathy,
      Praying for your son. I have three grown married children. I remember the days when they left home for college. So praying that he will feel God’s presence surround him and that God will bring Godly friends into his life. Praying for you also it is not easy, but knowing God loves them more then us helps.

      God Bless,

    • Cathy,

      Prayers for your son to connect with friends and find groups to join. Perhaps there are Christian groups like Baptist Student Union, Wesley Foundation (Methodist) or a Catholic group.

      Prayers for you and your hubby as you deal with his growing up. May God give you all the peace and contentment you need to get through this semester.

      Blessings 🙂

  2. I would like to ask you to pray for The Lord to give comfort and guidance to my 8 year old son (birthday today) so that he can truly see what a wonderful boy he is, to give him confidence to be himself and that’s ok. Also that The Lord will show me how to parent him in a way that builds his self worth and confidence at the same time garnering respect from him teaching him the importance of treating others with respect.

    • Hello Jas,

      Your son will be in my prayers that he will feel safe and secure wherever he may be and that he will know in his heart that he is special and the importance of treating others the same way. I also pray that you will be able to guide him in all that he does in a positive and healthy manner.

      Happy BD to your son….


    • Jas,

      Happy Birthday to your son! I pray God gives him many many more birthdays to enjoy!!!

      Prayers for your son to have the confidence he needs to know that God is with him always. I pray God give you the guidance you need to parent him and build his self esteem up~!

      May God Bless you !!

  3. Lord hear Cathys prayer. Watch over her and her son. Give him comfort and help him to make good friends:) IJN Amen

    • I don’t always read the comments on this website, but I guess the Lord lead me to them today. I too am concerned about children, my two grandsons 11 and 7. My son and his family recently moved from Arkansas to Florida and my grandsons began their first day of school today in their new home, environment, etc. I would appreciate prayers for them as they learn to adjust to new surroundings and find their way to new friends, etc. And I offer my prayers for the parents who commented above. May you find peace in the Lord’s love and Grace and safety for the children we love in his arms.
      Thank you. Martha

  4. Please pray for my marriage. My husband blindsided me with wanting a divorce. He has turned his heart from God He does not believe out marriage can be restored and says he does not love me. My boys (ages 9 & 11) and I are devastsated. We are praying God will touch Mike’s heart and he won’t leave. I am trying to rest in the prescence of God but gosh some times it is so hard!

    • Trista,
      I am praying for you and your marriage. In all things God is able, but I pray that your husband’s heart would be softened and that whatever temptation has taken him away from you would be removed. I pray for God’s loving arms to surround you and let you know that you are his child of great worth and that one person’s rejection does not define you. Praying for peace in your heart.
      Love and blessings,
      ps. My husband left twice and the second time we did end up divorcing…I’m here if you need someone.

    • Trista,

      You and your sons are in my prayers now! May God give your husband a heart change and transform him into the husband he used to be.

      Prayers for contentment no matter the outcome. Know that God is surrounding you with a great many prayer warriors and His all consuming love! He will see you through this and bring you out the other side a stronger person!

      Know that you will be prayed for daily! Keep us informed! Blessings

      • Trista

        This is judy again. If you need to talk please contact me judy.sousa@aol.com
        I didn’t know I could leave my email so I came back. I know your pain & so does
        GOD, he will be your healer. Dear Father, Please put your loving arms around Trista and her clhildren, you are the true healer and comforter, change her husbands heart to soften & to let him realize what a mistake he will be making if he walks away. also work on Trista’s heart, you are the true healer of us. You are the one and only true
        Miracle worker, because nothing is impossible for you. I pray this in Jesus’s name, Amen.

    • Trista
      I have been in your shoes with 2 ex-husbands. My heart goes out to you. In my 2nd divorce, I found GOD, trust him, he will show you the way. Look into rejoicemiistries.org. if you truly love your husband, this web-site will help you to become the wife GOD wants you to be. Also look into DivorceCare a biblical driven support group. This is the group that led me to Christ, you don’t have to be divorced to attend. I still love my 1st husband, & I believe I always will, he is my covenant husband, the man GOD joined me with, so I say Stand & fight for your husband, because I tried to love another man and your 1st husband is always going to be in your heart. I am praying for you and your clhildren, but be still and listen to GOD’s small voice, I wish I had Christ in my life during my 1st & 2nd divorce. Definatly look into both of these website. Blessings to you, My Sister in Christ. I wish I could be there with you right now to Hug you!!

    • Trista, I just want you to know I will be praying for you and your sons. I pray that God will keep your heart and words calm and kind and loving. Your sons will be looking to you for comfort, and it will be very difficult for you as you are hurting as well. I went through a divorce although my sons were older. It was still very difficult on them. I will also pray that your husband’s heart will be softened by God.
      You are in His loving hands.


  5. I am thankful for the people who have read my blog post about helping children who are being sold into slavery and worse in Pakistan being personally told that Jesus loves them and who have supported, financially, the goal of starting a Christian school that will take some of these children off the street and fuel them with hope with an education. I am, however, dismayed by the high percentage of people who read my blog choosing not to step forward and help. My heart aches for these kids who so need to know that they are loved and have great worth. My prayer is that more people would be led by the Spirit to help out. I also need prayer that my heart will not lose hope and that I would have confidence in my Lord who is more than able to provide.
    Thanks and blessings,

    • I pray for Bev that You my God make more people to help her out in her endeavors to help children in Pakistan. Also show her that You will do your will so to reassured her she is in the right path. Thank you Lord for all that You are already doing, We praise You!

  6. Please pray for my children. The oldest (29) she came to know Christ when she was 4 years old but now she doesn’t want to know anything about God. She became a feminist and probably is gay. The youngest (21) is living on his own terms, he believes but abandoned college and wants to work and leave home. Thank you for your time to pray. I already did for Cathy and Jas below. God bless you all.

    • Hi, Maria
      Let´s pray for The Lord and He will comfort your heart and do all He have planned in Your kids lifes
      Remember that God have differents ways to do things, He loves You and loves your family too.
      Dear Father, I put this entire family in Your presence, I want to pray for her oldest daughter, lead her heart into Yours, Daddy and let her to get to know You for real, and to fall in love with You.
      I also want to put her son, I don´t know where he is nor what he is doing but protect him from whaever is trying against his life and his communion with You. Show him how much You love him and how priceless he is.I also put Maria lifes in Your powerfull hands, give her wisdom from The Holy Spirit and lead her from situation to situation, to victory into victory
      Let Your will be done In Jesus Christ Name. Amém
      If you need any help with prayer, here am I ok? 😉

    • Maria,

      Prayers for you and your family! May God change the hearts of your children. Remember God’s ways are different than our ways. Maybe your children want to explore the world for a while. Prayers that after a few years in the world they will come back to God and you!

      God can and will work miracle in people’s lives! His timing is different than ours. Prayers for you to have peace and contentment know that God is in Control of these situati9ons.

      Blessings 🙂

  7. Please pray for my husbands salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. He has a pornography addiction that has haunted out marriage of 17 years. The Lord has asked me to stay in the marriage. It is very painful and I get PTSD everytime he acts out. I would also like to ask for prayer that my 4 children would come to know Jesus personally. They are all under the age of 20. Thank you!

    • O dear Ali,

      Praying that the LORD would release our husband from this darkness and horror.

      Praying and blessing you that JESUS will heal his addiction immediately and turn his eyes on to JESUS and be saved. I pray that JESUS has been protecting your children all these years by the power of the Holy Spirit and will accept JESUS as their LORD and Saviour and that all your decendants will be blessed in the abundant blessings of the LORD.

      In JESUS’ great and mighty Name I pray amen.

    • ALi:
      I pray that the Lord will open up your husband’s eyes to the fact that he has an addiction and the destruction it is bringing not only to his life but to you and the children and that it will bring him to repentance and an understanding of his need for the life and comfort he can find in Christ. I pray that he will come to know the Lord in a way that will ignite a passion within him to follow Christ and he will rise up and be the leader and head of the household in a Christlike manner and that this will have a trickle down effect on your children and will bring them a place where they will want to accept Christ as their Savior. I pray for strength and courage for you as you stand in the gap for your family.

    • Dearest sweet Ali,

      Prayers for you to have peace and contentment. May God open the eyes and change the heart of your husband. I pray you can find some contentment in Christ. Keep reading your Bible & listening to Christian music–especially on Pandora.com. Maybe these actions will bring about the needed heart change for your husband.

      Prayers that your children will see Christ in you and want that so much! May God work super miracles in their lives and make known to them what they are missing out on by not having Christ in their lives.

      Prayers to you and your family–May God bless you all!

  8. Maria, I ask that God wrap His arms around your children and give them guidance and clear direction. I ask that He comfort you in the knowledge of the love and protection He offers each of us. I also pray that He comfort and reassure your mother heart and give you peace about your kids. They are never far from our minds. I ask for prayers for each of my three children too. Guidance, discernment, and protection are my desires for them. Thank you!

  9. since you asked: Well since this is the first thing i read this morning and since you asked — I am having Total Knee Replacement tomorrow morning at 8:a.m. My prayer requests are
    1. I rest in the arms of Jesus so anxiety will not overtake me.
    2. I already know from experience narcotics type meds make me nauseous and my prayer is that the medication they will use to combat that will be effective so I can focus on my rehab.
    3. Pray that I will be faithful and courageous in my rehab. I know the results, aside from surgery are mostly up to my participation in the exercises I have already learned.

    and for Marie’s children – reveal yourself to them in ways we cannot imagine and give Maria’s mother-heart peace as she releases them to you, knowing you love them even more than she does.

    • Father, in Jesus name, i pray that you will watch over Carol’s surgery tomorrow and guide the hands of the surgeon and the staff that will be assisting in the surgery and aftercare. I pray your peace that passes all our understanding will be Carol’s security blanket now and through the surgery. I pray that you will give her strength and determination to rigorously participate in her rehab and that you bring words of encouragement if she ever feels discouraged in the rehab process.

  10. Prayer for my son who, although he acknowledges God, and knows Christ as his Savior, has been drawn into mysticism and is searching out other religions. Prayer that the Lord will open his eyes to the true source of life and comfort. Also prayer that the Lord would heal him of his anxiety and self centerdness and bring success to his business.

    • Lord, I pray for Mary and her son today. God give Mary wisdom to say the things you want her son to hear. I pray that he will understand the peace and joy that only you can bring Father. It’s in your son’s name I pray, Amen.

  11. I ask for prayer help for Liliana and Michael’s relationship. That there be more open communication,and that God opens the way so that they can be together and be married.
    Also, that they don’t have to live in different countries and that they be together very soon.
    Harmony,love passion and truth always surround their love.

  12. For me it’s simple really.

    O LORD JESUS, hold me close to YOU and watch over me day and night and night and day. Never let YOUR eyes leave me that all in my life may be good. So very berry good. Bless me in my studies towards a degree in Biblical Theology and teach me LORD to walk along YOUR narrow narrow path in YOUR WORD that all I do may be prosperous for it is YOUR promise.

    I pray that YOU would bless my studies and focus my mind and heart ever towards YOU LORD JESUS and never ever stop studying YOUR WORD O LORD JESUS. In JESUS’ Name I pray, amen.

  13. Pray for my family. We are struggling financially. I pray that we can find a new place to live and all other matters fall into place. I also pray for a friend I’ve hurt dearly. Pray that she can heal and that God guide my words to only bring kindness and love.

    • Lord,

      Please give Kim and her family the financial miracle they need. Help it to come in a way that they know it could only come from you! Help them to realize their dependence on you and you alone to solve their problems!

      Also help her and friend to forgive each other. Allow Kim to apologize and for the relationship to heal. Guide her words to bring kindness and love.

      Bless Kim, her family and the friend~


  14. Lord, please bring peace to Carol as she has surgery tomorrow. Give all who care for her wisdom, calm hearts, and steady hands. Please let her body tolerate whatever medication she is given. Father, give her strength and motivation to do the exercises that are needed for healing. In your precious name.

    Be also with Mary’s son that he would see you. You love him and are holding tightly to him. Help him to turn his eyes to you–to know your graces and mercies, so that the ways of the devil would not appeal to him in any way. Please calm his heart and mind so that he can live in a way pleasing to you.

  15. I pray for God to heal Mary’s son of his afflictions and also that he would be drawn back to Jesus as the focus and leading of his life, so that he might become successful in his endeavors. I have been praying for a job that I do not have to be on my feet all day and not work weekends, so I can spend more time with my grandchildren, who live in different states than me. I believe that they are my ministry and I need to be filling them up with the love of God as often as I can. Please join me in these requests I have laid before the Father.

    • Lord,

      This prayer is for Tom who would like to be able to spend more time with his grandchildren and needs help in order to do so.

      Just last night my seven year old said to me, “I wish I still had a Grandpa, mom.” He lost his only grandpa Christmas Day of this year. Tom I hope and pray you will be able to fulfill your wish….


  16. Please pray for my son, William. He has renounced his faith. He moved out of our home and went to live with a friend. I found out yesterday that his friend deals marijuana and the dad supports this activity. He left yesterday with his friend to go to Colorado. I don’t know where he is . I am heartbroken. He won’t call me or text me back.

  17. My daughter Laura at 47 needs to find God and let him heal her of her depression and anti-religious feeings. She needs to find a new Christian life and friends.

  18. I ask for prayers as we choose a new school for my daughters this week. We live overseas, and they have been attending the American school. However, it has been a horrible experience for them. My oldest daughter started self-harming to deal with the stress. The other options for us are British schools, which will be a huge transition.
    Please pray that we would make the best decision–one that will lead to a very happy and healthy school year. My daughters are 12 and 14.

  19. Prayer for Karyn. God watch over her and bless her in her studies. Keep her focus on you Lord.

  20. Praying for wisdom and clarity for you, as well as safety for your daughter, as you make this transition. God will make a way for you and your family. He will be a light to your feet and make a way for you in the wilderness.

  21. one of my very good friends has a daughter who had her children taken from her. They went to court on Thursday and the recommendation was for them to be taken permanently. Now, they did not recommend termination of parental rights, but in the process, they have also denied grandparent rights. These children (2 of them), are very much older and are very much used to being around their mom and grandmother on a daily basis, so to have that taken is going to be detrimental for everyone. I am not saying put them back with the parent, but don’t just rip them away either. The grandmother is a believer and is very angry with God right now, because (her words) if I asked for peace and for prayers for them to be with us, why did God do this?
    I pray for mom to be intimate with God and really realize what is needed to change her situation and for grandma to understand that God doesn’t do this, it is an action of our free will (even if we didn’t make the choices) someone around us did and it directly changes our lives. That God is good always and always will be good!

  22. Please pray that my husband, Jon, would be overcome by the Holy Spirit and that he would repent of his abuse of alcohol, deception, and adultery that is destroying our family. Thank you ever so much.

  23. As my 19 year old son heads back to college I would ask for prayers that he make wise decisions and choices. We had some issues that came to light this summer and he just needs prayer. We are a private family but he really needs prayers for clear thinking, to not be influenced by those around him.

  24. Laura I liftnup your friend, her daughter, and the children that they may feel God’s arms of love wrap around them and that he is walking everynstepnof this journey with them.

    I am a teacher and we begin this week so I am asking for a good week and also that I balance work and fsmily. My twins are seniors this year and I am seeing so much already. Last year was hard and I want to say the best yes to God and what He would have me do. I want to enjoy the school year and yet feel I am living truly living for God

  25. Prayers for you Lois as you make these decisions for your daughters. Schools and peers can be so harmful to children, and it only takes once. Life is way to short to be in a bad school system when there are so many options! Father God, we bring Lois and her daughters before your throne, and we know that all blessings come from you. We ask that you guide this family in making the right decisions, that their choices are your choices, and that the kids will benefit especially where their learning is concerned.
    We ask you to protect the daughter who is self-harming, first from herself, second to help her realize that she is worthy of you, WORTHY of YOU. She is the daughter of the one true king.
    Please give them peace and understanding in every decision.
    We love you and praise you; thank you for this beautiful day…

  26. Father please protect Cheryl’s son, William. Draw him back to you, speak so clearly and strongly into his life that he cannot resist or deny Your love and mercy. Cover him, Lord, with awareness of You and Your plan for his life. I plead with you to soften and turn his heart. Please Lord bring comfort and peace to Cheryl’s heart. Strengthen her to rest in Your power alone. Please help her to take heart. In Jesus’ name.

    Please pray for a physical healing or even just a diagnosis of this unknown disease that is trying to destroy my body and life. Please pray my family and I are not consumed by this season of suffering and uncertainty. Please pray for my doctors. Thank you so much.

  27. Dear Lord please heal Sarah from a disease that only you know at this time. Give her and her family comfort, peace, and strength in this unknown season. Please give her doctors the wisdom to diagnose her correctly and allow healing in her body. In your name, I pray.

    Please pray for my family and myself. We are plagued with so many different problems right now. My health and the health of my 16-year-old son; our financial situation; we need to find a place to live; and the well-being of all of my five children and two grandchildren. I ask that that God’s will be done in our lives through your prayers. Thank you.

    • Carletta,

      I’m sorry I missed you yesterday it was being posted while I was typing to the post above your’s

      I pray that your situation will be improved both physically and financially for you and for your family.



  28. Sarah,

    I pray that your Dr.s will be guided in the right direction in order to help you with your suffering.

    I had a dream the other night and it went like this,
    I was walking along a beachfront and out of the corner of my eye was a blur that turned into a cougar and than two more appeared.
    Then slowly one horse after another stood in the ocean and just as the cougars crouched down I clapped my hands and woke up. In this dream the horses hair was the same color as my children’s and my husband’s.
    So my prayer request please is for my family:
    That in light of the changes in their lives that they will be kept from harms way….


  29. We feel heavy right now. It’s a mix of housing up in the air, job search continuing, leaving church home, and a string of dear friendships lost. We are blessed to be healthy, needs met, and have each other. We are just a little worn.

  30. Heavenly Father, In the Holy name of Jesus, I ask for the hedge of protection be placed around each of these families and their situations. You know Father their need and you also know the great battle that the enemy has tried to wage agaisnt your creation. Give to each the strength to persevere. Heal relationships, strike down the temptations of our flesh, remove those things that are not of you, reveal yourself in decisions, show the path to righteous and deliver those in bondage. We come into agreement that your word is a living sword that is able to cut through that which binds the soul and we acknowledge the works of the enemy to be none and volid. For you Lord Jesus Christ are our deliverer and our HOPE is always in you. Thank you Lord Holy Father for giving us such a redeemer. We rejoice that every knee will bend and we know every head will bow at the sound of the name of “JESUS” AMEN AMEN

  31. Please pray that I will get my affections in the right order, as God would have them. Also, for the Spirit to help me win this battle of my mind. I need to do my part and redirect my thoughts, but I need His help in my weakness!

  32. Katrina, I pray that you will be sustained and renewed by the love of God. I will continue to pray about your situations.

    I am struggling with depression after a third spine surgery left me unable to walk. I am now in a wheelchair with little hope of regaining the use of my legs.

  33. Harriet, I know whereof you speak–our emotions are so terribly difficult to control. Praying that the Lord will direct your affections according to His Will and that He will aid you in controlling your thought processes.
    I request prayer that I will sense the Lord’s Presence in all areas of my life. I’m hurting so badly today that I just want to cry out and ask the Lord “Where are You?!!” I feel so totally alone and abandoned; please pray that this horrible, horrible depression will pass and that I once again know that God is with me.

  34. I begin teaching tomorrow and I have a physical disability. The principal and asst. principal would like to get rid of me as they don’t want to deal with my accommodation needs. They have been very hostile towards me. I am a middle age and due to foot issues can’t stand for long periods of time. She want movement and has said so to my face. I have an approved accommodation but she is trying to get the downtown office to make life difficult for me. I am working with a disability office to help me write a new accommodation letter. I know I have rights under the American Disability Act but it is hard to go to work each day knowing you are not wanted and that they purposely are making things harder for me than need be.
    I am a single mom and have to work. I feel so rejected. I would love to quit but can’t. My self esteem has hit rock bottom and I don’t feel confident to look for another position due to my age and disability. I know theses are lies from satan but I am struggling in this area.
    Both the principal and asst. principal profess to be Christians but there is no evidence in the evil way the run our school. Others feel the same way about them. The moral is very low at school. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  35. Elaine,
    I have dealt with depression and have been on medication for it. I struggled with wether or not I should be on the medication and could not
    Understand why I could not just pull myself together and get over it. Depression is a medical condition just like diabetes or any other medication conditions. I strongly suggest you see your doctor. Chonda Pierce, the Christian comedian has written a book about her experience. Hearing her story has really helped me. You can see her on you tube talk about it, she just lost her husband a few weeks ago. I have clung to the scripture in Psalm 40: 1-3. Please know that you are not alone. In those times, I sit quietly before The Lord and pour out my heart to Him. It has helped me so much. I begin teaching this week in a very hostile environment and my only child is moving out of state to take his first real job out of college. I have been a single mom since he was one. I am dreading the empty nest and at this moment, I am very emotional and those feelings of loneliness are trying to set in. I am playing praise music in the house, crying when I need to release the built up feelings and praying. The one thing I know for sure is that our Abba Father will never leave us, is always right there with us and will see us through anything we face. Please know that I will be praying for you each day. Email at katjam4233@yahoo.com if you want to talk.

  36. Father God, In Jesus name and by His blood, I ask Your mighty presence with Harriet. Let her feel Your Holy Spirit with her and submit her heart and mind to You. Please remind her that Your strength is made perfect in her weakness and when she feels overwhelmed by old patterns, let her cry to You, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief!” with the father in Mark 9. I ask also that you will give her new habits of thought which give You glory to replace those which do not. Give her courage and remove her fears, so that she will be radiant in You. Thank You, for Your constant love, that You never leave us or forsake us and You are always working in us and for us, preparing us to live with You. Amen.

    Extended family relationships and choices for the future are both wearing heavy on my heart. I need help with boundaries as well as to break down personal walls. Thank you for your prayers.

  37. Marybeth and Elaine–this is the first time I have ever used this to leave a prayer request. I believe our Father wanted me to not just for asking for prayer for myself, but so I would also see your two requests. I too am suffering from a depression. It is prescription-induced and I have kept wondering why I have to go through it. Wrong question for me. I have been led by others whose faith I respect to ask instead, “Where are You, God, in this pain?” because He IS there. And also to ask, “Holy Father, what do you want me to learn from this?” One thing I have learned is that so many women are suffering from depression. Every single woman in my prayer community of six has depression. I have no neat answers. But what has helped me is to form intentional community with other believers and as we came to trust each other and shared our stories, we found that we had this in common. Then we pray for each other like crazy. I know your feeling of aloneness and abandonment, but believe me, you are Not. I believe Christ suffered depression and abandonment at least temporarily in Gethsemene. HE absolutely knows how you are feeling and HE is not about to leave your side. I am going to pray for both of you as if you were in my own prayer community. My love goes out to you.

  38. I have asked for prayers in the past on the blog about our international adoption process. Praise we are now the parents of a beautiful 16 month old girl. Now the wait for travel to hold her in our arms. Praise for her protection and our patience.

  39. I pray today for Kathleen K. I am also a teacher so I understand the heart of those of dedicate their lives to our children. God let her adm. give her grace in this physical limitation and allow her to shine through her adversity. Give her strength to start this year with a joy of serving you.

  40. I would appreciate prayers as we begin a new school year. I teach high school, and with the curriculum and standards changes, I feel more unprepared than I have felt in my 18 years of teaching. Pray for the students as we begin a new year.

    Today my in-laws celebrate 50 years of marriage. I just pray that their marriage be an example to others. In a time when marriage is under attack, it’s a blessing to have examples such as David & Barb.

    Amy, praying for safe travels for your family as you bring your precious daughter home.

  41. I want to wake up in the morning with peace…peace that Gods love never ends, that He loves and accepts me as I am and that I would love me and move past insecurities and fears!To love and serve Him and reach out to those He puts in my life because we truly need each other : )

    • Praying for you Dina… that you KNOW that peace that passes all understanding… that you FEEL it in every breath, and SEE Him open heavens (Isaiah 64:1), open hearts (Acts 2:17-21), open homes (Acts 2:46-47), open highways (Isaiah 40:3-5) and open hands (Matthew 10:7-8). May you experience the fruit of these openings… and feel God at work in you, through you, and all around you…

  42. Thank you for your prayers; I do feel the Presence of the Lord and have seen Him at work immediately after I sent my prayer request.

  43. Father I lift all these needs up to u and ask u to bring healing to Kathleen from head to toe that she would be made whole right now in Jesus mighty name! Give her wisdom. Bring healing to her wounded soul because your word says as our soul prospers everything else will prosper. Thank you that your favor surrounds her and her children and you are their provider. Strengthen her to go thru life from breakthrough to glory to glory. Pour your blessings upon her Lord u are her husband and father of her children take her deep in u being her.husband Lord! Thank u precious Lord we lv u!!

  44. I ask that God will bring me through this current move with grace, inspiration, motivation and His fruit abounding! That I would understand and see His will, and not be exhausted (how I feel in THIS moment). ((thank you))

  45. Plz pray for me I need many healings in my body, heart, knees, stomach hernia, sleep apnea which all this has made me almost immobolized. No job in 2 years ive worked for 40 years. I hv no income we cant make it on just my husbands. Need friends, fighting depression daily have totally lost my purpose. Thnks for yr prayers..

  46. May The Lord be ever present and merciful in hearing these prayers.

    I am in need of healing prayer as I have struggled with a mysterious allergic reaction causing hives/rash for two months. I have a 6 month old baby girl and 9 month old puppy, so slowing down to rest is nearly impossible. I’ve come crying out in prayer for healing and guidance to find the triggers. Desperate to get better.

    • Dearest Ashey,
      we do have a healer, who knows what it is that your dealing with. I believe I have part of your answer, but you will have to seek out the rest on your own. Take a look at your diet. It is quite possible you are allergic to wheat proucts / gluten / celiac. A rash, depenging on where it is could be linked to excess sugar in your diet, Candidia. And it is highly posslbe you are allergic to your new puppy. My prayer for you today, is that the Lord would show you, lead you , guide you to the answers you seek. Google, Allergy and wheat products, or rash and candidia, and how do I know if I am allergic to my puppy. I know the Lord has the answer, but sometimes we need to take the first step and see what door may open to us. I assure you the Lord sees your tears and hears your prayers. Praying for your recovery.

  47. I started a neighborhood watch group and now I am struggling to organize & lead this group. Actually had a religious leader yelling at me for 20 min. In front of my daughter because he thinks we need to focus on just one thing–Safety. He wants to take hold of this group and restructure it as his definition of Neighborhood Association.
    I started this group after the death of a 10 year old child in our community. Originally we had 46 people at a meeting with an officer & many of us did the short 2 hour watch training. I started a facebook group, and a Next door group with a total of about 60 members. Organized a Family Safety and Fun Event with a pastor of a small church and community leader.
    My problem is other people are not helping. Our last meeting was only 15 people. This other pastor & his daughter were very loud & critical of my lack of organization there and at the private “safety meeting.” My 20 year old daughter had to witness me getting yelled at. They may not be back to our large group meeting August 25th.
    I need prayers that I can reestablish that this group is a neighborhood watch group. That we watch over & protect our children, elderly, & families. Please pray that if the pastor & his daughter show up and try to take control that God’s purpose for this group will prevail. Help me to be strong as a leader, but help people to step up and be block captains. And. may our Family event be successful for building bridges in our community.

  48. Lord, I lift Kris before you and pray that she would feel your healing touch. Lord you said that you would meet All of our needs and I ask that you would meet the needs that Kris and her family have. Give her your peace that surpasses all understanding and lift the spirit of depression and discouragement that so easily comes when life gets hard. Thank you in advance that all things are working for her because she is trusting you, her abba father.
    Amen and amen.

  49. I deal with Osteoarthritis , was diagonised in 2008. I run on exauhsttion daily, pushing through the daily pain. I am a born again Christian, and I have the Lord at my core since 1981. My 29 year old son lives with me ( he too, knows the Lord), and has been unable to find a job since moving here with me from another state. To earn his room and board, he keeps the house and does all the things I can no longer do. I am a receptionist at the job I have held for 6 years now. It appears the Lord has us in a holding tank, and although I know that the Lord moves in HIS time, it has been a long time since there has been any joy or life in this house hold. His father abandoned him when he was quite little, I divorced his father after a 23 year marriage to an alcholic. I lost a daughter, my son lost a sister to cancer when she was 14. Our journy out here has flet like a 40 year journey in the wilderness of nothing. We need restoration, we need a return of life, we need to be able to cross the jorden to the land flowing with Milk and honey. Yet we wait on Gods timing. We have traveled to many states over the years and have no roots. No family, they are all scatterd. we do not have a chruch home, and my health keeps me from attending on a regular basis. And getting involved with outside activities is closer to impossible these days. We need a Miricle Move from God. Seasons are changing, the crispness of fall, is on our heals and my heart aches at the thought of hibernation. Jeramiah 29:11. I know HE has a plan, a time, a season and a reason for all HE does. Please pray for me, and for my son, Asher, who will turn 30 on September 14th. Thank you for your prayers

    • Dear sweet Leslie,
      My heart goes out to you sweet sister! Some of what you shared echoes in my life and I feel the pain you express of feeling alone without a church or family near by. I can only imagine the physical struggles you face or losing a child. But I know without a shadow of a doubt that God is right in your midst and He does have a plan for you and your son. He has the best in store for you, even when you don’t see or feel it. I have gone through a season of feeling alone and discouraged the last couple years after losing my husband and found much encouragement through (in)courage and other Christian women’s blogs and Instagram feeds. I encourage you to stay in the Word, find a community online if you can’t get out and continue to surrender every situation to Him. God loves you so very very much!! You are so beautiful and special, and He has a very special plan and purpose for you and your son. I pray that as you seek God in the Word that His voice will be clear and alive to you. I pray that He will bring you women to encourage and lift you up. I pray that He will give you strength and energy as well as physical healing so that you can find a home church to feed your soul and connect with fellow Christians who will be able to support and lift you up. I pray that God will open the door for your son to find a job that will be financially sound, that will use his gifts and talents and bring him much purpose and joy! I pray that God will bring a complete emotional and inner healing to both you and your son, that no matter what you face, God will fill you with His joy and peace that is unshakable!! I pray that God will surround you with His love and pour out an abundance of blessings to you and your son. I know it is hard to be in a season of waiting and just encourage you to look for blessings in every season. Even if it is the littlest of things, when we look for the little things to feel blessed it brings us a joy that can’t be taken away.
      Much love and blessings dear sister,

  50. In 2008 I married my husband at age 33, having been a single mom for years, however our marriage was filled with strife and struggles. We were separated as much as we were together, but through it all I learned to draw close to God and give everything to Him. My husband let go of an addiction and had to give everything back over to God, serving Him in ministry. Two years ago my husband passed away while on a mission trip to Mexico. We were separated but in good terms when he passed. Over the last two years I have faced some of the hardest challenges of my life. The church we attended was my husband’s church when we met and when he passed my daughters and I were not embraced by the church so after several months we left. I left my hometown when I met my husband and have struggled to make friends in my new town. I just started two new jobs and will be busy working to get us out of our financial struggles, we are currently 2 months behind in rent. My prayer requests are that God will give me strength and wisdom to be able to keep these jobs, be a light on the workplace and to stay on budget to get our finances straightened out. My other request is for prayer to find a home church where my girls and I can feel apart of the church family. Where I can once again be apart of ministry, encourage other women, and find a few friends. I have been without a group of supportive friends for sometime and would really love that connection in my life. Thank you so much for your prayers!! Blessings to you 🙂

  51. I am asking for prayer as I navigate the waters of transition in my life and the lives that are intertwined with mine. I also have a special request my first visitor blog post is @ Michelle DeRusha’s this week if the Holy Spirit leads you Please read and comment Thank You! http://michellederusha.com/2014/08/a-journey-of-life-and-grace-i-am-a-spiritual-misfit-series/#comment-47385

    Dear Dina, I am lifting your prayer petitions for the Peace of God which is in Christ Jesus to fill your heart and mind as you walk in His Presence Dear Sister in Christ! Amen.

  52. Would someone please read my post above and comment. I really need “sisterly” advice/prayers.

    • Carol,
      I will come alongside you in prayer for your Neighborhood Watch group. May God move in a powerfull way to unite all of you in keeping your children safe. May He give you personal guidance on how to best deal with the different personalities and differing ideas each person will offer. Remember that He said “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” Zech 4:10 God bless and keep you.

  53. I would like to ask for prayer for a dear sweet 6 year old named Karli. She started having seizures February this year and they have so far been uncontrolled by medications. She has had several reactions to medications, as well. She just started a new medication and has to start at a very low dose because of all the reactions she has had with other medications, which makes her more at risk for another grand mal seizure. The Neurologist have said that, even on medications, she has seizure activity all the time and spikes on the EEG lasting longer than they’ve seen on a child that isn’t bedridden. We know prayers are protecting her brain from her seizure activity. We are praying that this new medication is able to stop the seizure activity without any side effects. Thank you for any prayers. It means so much to her family.

  54. I’m requesting prayer for my daughter, Stacy who is having a total knee replacement surgery tomorrow morning. Stacy is 40 & single & a strong Christian who has suffered much in her life. I’m asking The Lord for a successful surgery, great outcome & a good recovery. Thank you so much!

  55. Ladies, thank you so much for this! I always feel encouraged by you all. I would love for you to pray for me, that the Spirit would direct me in my personal ministry as a follower of Jesus. That the Lord would put opportunities before me to love others and that I would see and take them. And that I wouldn’t say yes to things that are not my assignment. 🙂 Lastly, that He would direct me as a writer, and that I’d stay on mission for His glory. Thank you!

  56. father we lift up Carol to you right now Lord we ask your lead guide and direct her Lord give her wisdom in this whole situation and that all these people would come together in unity and work well together remind them to go into prayer before they go to the meeting Lord. thank you Lord for showing Carol exactly what to be involved in and how to handle situations. Amen.

  57. Praying for all the people here Father God, that your hand of healing would touch their lives. And that the beauty of your presence would color over the trials they are facing. May they feel your love encircle them and fill them with your peace that surpasses understanding. In Christs precious name, Amen.

    Please pray for me as I have developed a infection in my ribs, very painful and slow to heal. Also for two sons who have fallen away from The Lord.

  58. Please pray for my family and I. My grown son is far from the Lord, and through a series of bad choices has found himself with out work, no way back to school, penniless and almost homeless. My husband is not a Christian either, and is unwilling to help my son any longer. I”m torn between obeying my husband and trying to help my son get back on his feet. Please pray that those two will someday know the Lord, that my son will find gainfull employment, or a way back into school or both. And I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth ya’ll. I need your help.

  59. Hello, Friends. It’s amazing how God works to put us all together so that we may see that we are not alone in our suffering, and that each one of us has so much to be thankful for, even when asking for prayers! I am asking for prayers for my daughter, who is going off to college this Tuesday. She is a wonderful girl with a bright future ahead of her, but I know the devil is lerking in this cruel world, and I pray for protection and guidance as she goes out into the great unknown! I ask for prayers for our family, as well, as we adjust to her not being with us each day. God is good, and I know he is with us, it’s just nice to know others are supporting our prayers, as well!

    I will pray for your healing ribs, Kim, and for your two sons. May God have a hand in your healing, hopefully with as little pain as possible, and guide your sons back to Him very soon, so that they too can be blessed with His grace and mercy always! Amen

  60. Lord I come alongside Kim (above) that you meet her financial needs and help her family to find a new place to live. May there be healing between her and her friend. Soften their hearts. Thank you Lord for meeting all of our needs daily. And God bless the women who prayed with me above for my neighborhood watch group.

  61. Edie, I was typing when your came through! I will also pray for your husband and son! I, too, am married to a man who doesn’t know The Lord, and it can be so difficult sometimes. I just keep telling myself that God put us together for a reason, and I believe that in my heart! Your strength is a blessing to them, even when they don’t realize it! Keep looking up, and God will reward your loyalty. We, too will lift you all in prayer that hope is not lost, and your son will get back on his feet soon!

    • Thank you so much. It’s a great help to know that there are others walking a similar path. I remember very well when my son first left home, and I know how you are feeling I lift you up in prayer, praying that God’s peace will fill your mind and heart. I pray for the safety and security of your daughter, and that the Lord will bring her many like-minded friends who will love and support her.

  62. I don’t usually ask for prayers for me, it’s usually for my unsaved husband and sons. Today I ask for prayers for complete physical healing of my broken arm and wrist. Surgery was successful and physical therapy starts tomorrow. I will pray for Mom@lthfarm for her husband to be saved along with mine. <3

  63. Good Afternoon, I am asking for your prayers for a new job in social work. I have come to a point in my current position that I do not fit and have outgrown a lot of the behaviors that surround me. While I’m growing in Christ I see others making sure they keep arms length from Him. Unfortunately, the administration has a mind of its own and many good people, several who know Christ, have left in the last 3 months.

    I pray that God will save Edie’s husband. I will keep him in my prayers.

    May God give Carol a great recovery. Be obedient to your doctors and watch God bless you as if you never had surgery. I had a broken ankle and because of my obedience, I have never had a problem.

    God Bless and Thanks for your prayers.

  64. Today, I’m asking for prayer for the family of Michael Brown (who was shot & killed by a police officer last week), the town of Ferguson, Missouri, and America as a whole. Please pray for peace and comfort for his family and friends. Also pray for the restoration of peace in the town of Ferguson and St. Louis, MO. People are hurting, angry, and scared. Pray for the protestors that just want justice and their voices to be heard. It is also my prayer that the spirit of racism, corruption, and violence be eradicated from this country as a whole, and that EVERYONE truly learns to love their neighbors (and not just their neighbors that share the same skin color). America is still suffering from the effects of slavery (whether you realize it or not), but God is still able to mend wounds, shatter racial tension, and heal our land!

  65. Prayers for my daughter Jessica.. She just found out she is pregnant with twins… She has suffered miscarriages and almost died having her son (he was born prematurely and had health issues- praise God he is now a healthy 9 year old!)

  66. I have read and responded to many requests here today. I pray that God will answer everyone’s prayers and grant you all peace and contentment! May you all see God working in a wonderful, miraculous way!!

    My prayer is for a good friend battling brain cancer. I have really gotten to know her through Bible studies at church. Please Lord heal her and allow her to live and be a testimony to your great works!!

    My pastor’s wife’s mom is not doing well today. She (wife) had to drive 5 hours to check on her. Mother was feeling dizzy and unsettled. Please pray the mom will come down here for a week & stay with her daughter.

    A co-worker’s (89 yr. old) father fell about 8 weeks ago and broke his hip. He had surgery, rehab. Saturday he was to be released to go home. She flew out west to be with them (parents). Her mom has dementia, can’t hear or see well and still drives. The daughter has huge task in front of her getting dad settled in his house and getting it handicapped ready. I know she is worried, but glad to be able to have these 2 weeks out there. Prayers for healing and good time to talk about their (parents) future living & care.

    Praise Report: I have mentioned this being a tough year for me. My hubby’s job problems are solved and God brought good out of it! He is still working–YAY!! 🙂
    My father is getting more content at the assisted living and having great days!

    Praise God for answered prayers!! 🙂 🙂

  67. Lord, I lift Carol up to you and pray that You would give her healing of her arm and wrist. Thank Your for a successful surgery, and I pray that she would be dedicated to her physical therapy and that You would give her therapist the wisdom to know how to direct her so as to restore the full use of her arm and wrist to her.

    I’ve been out of work for seven months now. I’m the bigger breadwinner in the family, so the loss of my income was painful. I thought, perhaps this is an opportunity for God to open a completely different door, perhaps I can do something from home and be here for my boys more. I am doing work from home, but it doesn’t come near replacing my previous salary. My unemployment benefits have maybe three weeks left before they’re used up, and we’re getting in a bind financially. We bought this house in September of last year, and we prayed about it – asked God to throw up an obstacle in our path or make it clear to us if this wasn’t where He wanted us, and no obstacles were forthcoming. We feel like God gave us this house, and now we’re trying to keep it. I’ve applied for well over a hundred different positions in all sorts of fields (I am not job proud or title proud, although I do look to make enough to make it worthwhile to put my boys in after-school care – it won’t do us any good if I’m spending more than I make to have someone else keep them), and nothing has opened up. Please pray for direction for me, that God will make it clear where He wants me to be, be that an office job outside the home or something different/something additional from home, and please pray for provision for our financial needs. Thanks.

    • Lord,

      Please give Lisa a good job. Put her where you know she will bloom and grow and be super productive. Help her to earn enough to pay bills and keep that house. Shower her with financial blessings beyond her wildest dreams.


  68. Praying for you Lisa that the perfect job/door will open for you this week. Praying that God’s peace and blessings will flow to you and your family. I am looking forward to hearing your praise item about God took care off you this coming week!!!
    I request prayer for the medication session tomorrow and my ongoing, excruciating divorce. The actions of my former husband has really negatively affected my daughter and I need healing and protection for her. For me, I am in desperate need of restoration in every way. I am beyond exhaustion and out of hope.

    • lyn.
      I have never answered or put a prayer request on this site. I will be divorced one year this week never ever give up HOPE on YOU. Try to focus on taking care of you and your daughter. Take a prayer walk, make dinner light candles, take a long hot bath, watch the sun set, look at the clouds, let friends help you, pray, read your bible seek a good advice from a professional pray ,apply lipstick. Some days will be tough just getting out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other. , it will get better!!!!!!!!!, pray . Lay on the floor and lament face down do not stuff your feelings. You are loved and cherished by GOD he will take care of all the details. I am in need of new employment….

  69. Experiencing two losses: my daughter going this week to early college ( residency program) and my father in Hospice care, not expected to last the week. On top of both, financial worries. Feeling very much in the valley of the shadow.

  70. I sympathize with most of these posts and will keep you all on my prayers.

    I have a very difficult request of my own. I have a 7-year-old nice named Ella. She is the sweetest, most wonderful little girl you will ever know, but she has been diagnosed as intellectually challenged. She’ll be entering the first grade this year, and, for the first time in her life, she will be entering public school. She has always had learning difficulties, but she has been in Montessori school where they worked beautifully with her. Since this official diagnosis, the Montessori school doesn’t feel they are equipped to give her the help and attention that she needs. This decision has been especially hard on my sister. I love them both dearly and ask for your prayers for each one of them. I’m worried for Ella being in public school… We all know how cruel kids can be. I never want to see her made fun of our hurt in any way. In Montessori, she had been in the same class with the same kids since she started there when she was only two. They grew up with Ella and loved and accepted her just as she is. I how you can see why I have my concerns. Ella also suffers from severe anxiety, and I don’t know how she’ll adjust to this change initially.

    Again, any and all of your prayers would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

  71. Please pray God will restore our relationship and we will pass thru to our promise land. All chains of stubbornness, rejection, blame, hurt, resentment will be set loose from us in Jesus’ name.

  72. Pamela and Lori, I will keep you both in my prayers. Pamela, I know the pain of both kinds of losses you are facing. Please know that you are NOT alone! I will pray for God’s peace for you during this trial.

    Lori, the hardest thing we moms do is place our precious children in God’s care, and my heart cries for you. I will pray not only for you, but for Ella, that Jesus will go with her and protect her as only He can do.

  73. I will pray for Ella, her transition, her safety, her anxiety. I pray this transition will be a positive peaceful experience, as God walks with her. I still believe there are many good people in public school. I pray a faculty member will take her under their wing and provide her compassion and peace in her new surroundings.

    Please pray for me, that I have done all I can do to sell the home I built and love. It’s so hard letting go, moving on, when life feels so unfair.

  74. I PRAYED for Bonnie and will keep you in prayer. I would like prayer for my daughter and the healing of her mind. I would also like prayer for my sister who was diagnosed with barre syndrome. She start rehab tomorrow. We are praying she will walk again. Thank you for your prayers. I am thankful for this community.

  75. Loving Father, I lift Vonnie’s before your throne. Help her to find peace and joy in letting go and moving on as she sells the home she built and loves. Shower her with your presence that makes wherever she is ‘home’. Hold her close as she navigates through her unfair position and onto the future you have planned for her. Plans to prosper her and fill her with hope. In Jesus’s name. Thank you that you hear our prayers and answer according to your perfect will and timing.

  76. I’ve been struggling over 3 years with a medical mystery and it’s very difficult to get out of the house much. Long cool story of my 45 years following Jesus, but this is wearing me down. I would love for the God I know to breathe new life into my physical body and restore. Joel 25:2 thank you to those God may stir in to pray for me.

  77. On Tuesday morning, August 19th, I am having dental surgery, two teeth removed, a root canal and a bridge made. Please pray that my pain will be minimal because I am a real wimp and everyone who has had the surgery before says it is a nightmare.

    • Praying for you. . .that God will give you a real sense of peace that comes from Him as you face this dental work. . .that the staff will be especially sensitive to your needs where you go and that you will, indeed, feel minimal pain from start to healing.

  78. On Tuesday morning, August 19th, my daughter is having a hysterectomy. Please pray for a successful surgery and the doctor is able to leave at least one ovary (she is 45). And, prayers for me as I go to take care of the household and keeping her on bedrest!!! Thank you, sisters!

  79. We praise God my husband got a job he recently interviewed for. We ask for prayer that our house will sell quickly and that we can get one in the town where we are moving. We have one picked out a house that we would like, if God wills that one. Our son has special needs so praying we can keep our family together through much of this as I homeschool him and have no support here. Finances are tight as we move but we know God can provide for us. My husband starts on August 25 so praying he fits in well and enjoys the job too. This job will allow us to move back home where we have a family support system, home school group and friends waiting for us. Thank you all!

  80. I have read through many or the prayer requests and can sympathize and come along side of many of your requests as I have been in some of the situations. Nelda I am praying for you! I have asked God to hold your hand through out the dental surgery. I need prayers because I am living in an area without my church and do not have internet on a regular basis other than the library computer; so I can’t watch church online. I am so lonely for Christian fellowship. I am being teased at work as a nice gentleman is picking me up and taking me to work. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and if I walk to work I am almost too tired to work. I don’t have my own transportation. People are teasing us that were are going to get married. I couldn’t marry him as he has no interest in Christianity. I am also quite strict that the guy I would marry would be from my church. There is no one like that here. Also I have been divorced only since November 2013 and am in no rush to get married again. I get so angry with people constantly teasing me about this and other stupid things. I am a 60 year old woman and am praying for respect. Also praying for my daughters to come back to the Lord and the way they were brought up. Thank you for your prayers.

  81. Monica, I will be praying that God will allow all of the pieces of yours and your family’s life to fall into place. I will be praying for God’s provision for your family as you all transition into a new community.

    My husband and I have been waiting a little over a year to adopt domestically. I am a little discouraged that we haven’t had a placement or even come close to getting a placement. We have been waiting to start a family for 5 years now. I am tired of waiting, tired of feeling left out and left behind, and tired of all of the paperwork and red tape. I am just tired. I need to feel God’s peace in my life. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

  82. Praying for an affordable car to get to work everyday. Praying to get out of debt. Praying to be the best teacher I can be with God’s help and strength. Praying for my wisdom teeth to be extracted and that the bill not be too expensive. Praying for furniture for my apartment. Praying for my students and their families. Praying that I will be light and salt on my job. That I will trust and believe and not doubt, worry or complain. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

  83. Also praying for a biblically sound church home where I don’t stick out like a sore thumb since I don’t have a husband or children. And for single godly female friends.

  84. Please pray for my daughter and grandson, and our relationship. Thank you so much.

    I am praying for those who have requested.

  85. Praying for you Lisa as you parent your son.

    Please pray that God will provide me with Godly mentors and teachers for this next portion of my journey in life.

    • Michele, Jer 29:11-13 has always been one of my favorite verses because it reminds me that God has a plan for me and that He wants me to seek Him with all my heart. I pray that as you seek His will, you will find it and move forward, confident that you are in His will.

  86. Praying for you Salley to be the best teacher this year. I am a teacher as well and we start tomorrow. I work in a hostile environment but I will not give up. Pray for my son as he travels to his new job. Pray for the finances and strength needed to drive the long hours it will take to get there. He can’t afford a motel room so has to drive straight through. Pray for me as I adjust to an empty house. I have been divorced for many years and it has always been the two of us. I am dreading this change. I also need a church to attend.
    Praying for the other requests as well. We serve a God of all grace and He is never asleep. He is faithful in providing everything we need.
    I appreciate the opportunity to pray and to be prayed for through this site. Blessings and peace to everyone who has written in.

  87. My 13 year old son has no friends. He is really bright and can be sweet & funny, but he has some challenging personality traits that have made life hard for him. He’s been hurt and is very defensive & that doesn’t help either. Please pray for my Ben that he would have someone he could call friend.

    • Cindy, I’m also praying for my 12-year-old to find his niche and to find good friends. I’ll pray for Ben as well. {{{HUGS}}}

      • Lisa, Thanks. I’ll be praying for your 12 year old as I pray for Ben. God is good. I have hope & I’m encouraged as I’m reminded that I’m not alone in this & neither are our boys. 🙂

        • I have a 13 year old Grandson. It is a hard age and children can be so uncaring and hurtful. I am pryaing for Ben. For God to send him a very good friend who may be feeling the same way as Ben. I also pray for courage, strength and healing.

          In Christ’s Holy Name,

  88. Cindy, praying for Ben right now…I have been working with children with challenges (of all kinds) for 33 years. Each of our children are blessed with a gift from God! I will pray that Ben’s gift will shine so brightly that his other traits will pale in comparison. And that he will use that gift to connect with one friend and then another and another. We will be patient and wait on the Lord! Praying for you as well. It is hard for us as parents to want our children to be happy and feel helpless to do so, but God is our Strength! He will help you and he will help Ben! You are always in His Presence! He never leaves you, nor abandons you! He will lead you both! God bless!
    I am asking for prayers for the family and loved ones of one of our students, Anna, who went home to Jesus in the early hours last Monday morning…prayers for comfort and His Peace!

    • Mary,
      Thanks for your prayers for Ben & me. I’m praying for Anna’s family and loved ones as they grieve. May God give the peace that passes all understanding & may He grant you strength as you work students processing this loss.

  89. Please pray for me. I am in a lot of pain in my foot. I was injured at work in January and subsequently had to move and quit because everything with the workers comp insurance. Lawyers who vowed to help left me high and dry. In such a difficult economy I have to work a part time job where I stand all the time and I don’t know how I will make it through another day. I pray and pray for God to heal me but he hasn’t yet. I’m hanging onto hope. I also deal with a great deal of depression and anxiety that has had serious effects on my family. Thank you.



  90. Father God we lift Jennifer up to youLord. Lord we pray you heal her from the top of her head to thebottom of her feet. Renew her mind in You O Lord. Father I ask that you bless her with favor Lord. Please pray for a friend of mine and myself to get promotions. I know that promotion comes from God. I am thankful. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  91. WOW – this exercise is great for perspective. We all have our own journeys and burdens. May each and every person here know God’s loving presence and mercy and may He be glorified in each life lived for Him.

  92. Amy,
    I pray for God’s peace over your life right now. I pray that you will be encouraged right now and to feel the Lord’s presence and hand in everything happening right now, knowing that it is working for your good. I pray that the Lord renew your strength. I thank Him in advance for the addition(s) to your family. Halleujiah.
    Kathleen, thank you. May the Lord comfort you and send you godly friends and surrogate family to fill the lonely moments. May He provide you with a loving church home and family as well. May He guide and protect your son and supply ALL of his needs. In the name of Jesus.
    Lisa, thank you. May you rest in God’s grace and strength to help you with raising your son. Amen.

  93. Lord Jesus I thank you that you are our healer and our deliverer. You are mighty to save and you delight over us with singing. Lord bless each prayer request and strengthen your precious daughters as they wait upon You. Holy Spirit let your joy be their strength. Fill them with your presence. Comfort and grant them peace in the midst of their circumstances. Thank you Father in Jesus Name Amen.
    Please pray for my son Corey. He will be moving to Cayman Islands to work. Also for his personal struggles.
    Pray for Mark and our friendship
    Thank you

  94. Father God, I thank you for this opportunity, that you are a loving and sovereign God. Lord I thank you for Joanne and her son, Corey, who is going to work in the Cayman Islands. Lord you know Corey’s needs and I pray that Corey will feel your presence in the Cayman Islands. I pray for Joanne’s friend, Mark and commit their friendship to you. Thank you that you know everything that is on our hearts Lord.

    Please pray for my friendship with Steve.

  95. Thank you for your site and encouragement. I’d ask for prayer today for my husband and I. He struggles with a pornography addiction and fell again last night. I’m now left picking up the pieces of my heart this morning and trying my best to understand it’s not about me or that I’m not good enough.

    • Heather ~ I will pray for your husband and for God to fill the empty place in his heart with God’s love and the strength to resist the temptation to reach for pornography. I pray for peace and serenity for you. You are a loving child of God.. take care of yourself. Fill your heart and mind with God’s Word and know you both are a child of God facing the daily struggles of this world.
      I attended a ladies brunch where Vicki Tiede was the guest speaker she wrote this book;
      When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart Paperback – October 1, 2012 by Vicki Tiede Author here is the link; http://www.amazon.com/When-Your-Husband-Addicted-Pornography/dp/1936768631
      I pray this can give you some help in your search for peace, faith, guidance, joy and love and taking care of you. God bless you~

  96. Father I thank you for Steve and what he means to Louise. I ask for wisdom and discernment and perspective as they build a friendship that is based wholly on YOU. Bless Louise with peace Lord.

    I ask for prayer for my husband’s terminal cancer and my own breast cancer. Pray that he will not get sick before I have completed treatment for this breast cancer. Pray we will continue to learn to trust and rest on God’s grace.
    Thank you

    • Hi Ali,
      I was about to leave this page after reading so many prayer requests, but GOD would not let me leave without reading yours. It is not a coincidence that I am a mammographer and a Christian as well. My heart goes out to you and your husband, and my prayer for you both is to be healed from cancer. We serve a mighty GOD, and nothing is impossible!!! It is so important for you and your husband believe this as you both go through this dark valley. GOD is with both of you, and I speak healing in your bodies, and your spirits. It is in Jesus matchless name that this prayer goes forth, AMEN!!!!!!!

  97. Heavenly Father, be with Kimberly as she seeks Your will for herself and her family. Give her peace in knowing that you will reveal your plan in Your perfect time. Lord, we know that You have a plan and a purpose for us. Please give us the patience to wait for it to be revealed and the open hearts and minds to listen and hear when you speak to us. Amen.
    Kimberly, Priscilla Shirer’s study “Discerning the Voice of God” was comforting and filled me with hope and peace as I was going through a time when I was seeking to know God’s plan and purpose for my life. I recently reviewed it, as I am once again seeking to know His will for me.
    I am asking for prayers for direction as well. I have been unemployed for almost 3 months and have had no calls from the many jobs I have applied for. I wish to know His will for filling this need, and how to take steps in the right direction. Also, continued peace for me and my family as we wait for Him to fill this need. Thanks!

  98. I was in Liberia on a mission trip in May. Now the people I met and prayed with need our prayers. The Ebola virus is spreading rapidly and most people die from it. I am praying for a cure and for the protection of those caring for the sick and dying.


    • Praying for those in Liberia. Please let the great healer touch these people. Cover them with your protective arms in Jesus name.

  99. Father, I lift up Liz and her family to you. Please provide peace and wisdom. Your timing is always perfect! I stand in agreement with Liz that you have a job waiting for her. I am praying Jeremiah 29:11 over her…you have plans to prosper her and not harm. Thank you sweet Jesus, your name is so powerful. I need prayer for my marriage. After 25 years, my husband had told me several things he has been unhappy about for years and that he has just been waiting for the children to be older. Now that our youngest is in high school, he talking of leaving me. I am devastated. I hope that he can find forgiveness and release of the bitterness that he has secretly held for years. I love him and he says he still cares for me.

  100. God, I pray for your grace and love over Karla’s marriage. By your grace, I pray that Karla’s husband will be able to let go of the hurt and forgiveness. Release your love and forgiveness over every bitterness in his heart. Heal & restore this marriage for your glory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
    Need prayer over my relationship with my boyfriend. Our relationship fell apart a month ago because of his selfishness. He asked for a month break because the relationship is an inconvenience for him while he prepared for his ultra marathon race. I still love him but I’m unsure if this relationship will work. I would rather break off with him now then suffer marriage. Desperately want God to speak to me and guide me in this relationship. I seek only God’s will over my life.

  101. Lord I pray for wisdom and discernment for Pearl, that you would open her eyes and make it abundantly clear what you want for her concerning this relationship. I pray that regardless of the outcome that you would help her to honor you with the answer you provide and I pray that you would pour out a blessing over her life and help her to be a blessing to others. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    My heart has been so heavy for the hurting, especially for those in Iran and Israel and Africa. For fathers and mothers desperate to save their children. For all the evil in this world, near and far, for protection and provision for my own family.
    I’ve been so burdened that I’ve been having panic attacks. I ask that you would pray that I would find comfort and peace in the Lord (I have been seeking scripture on worry and meditating on His word) and however else you feel led.
    Thank you so much, so grateful for all the amazing women in Christ that have been put in my path!!
    God bless!

  102. As I go about life in my small corner of the world please pray that I will be a blessing to those I come in contact with. Also that I will be a reflection of Jesus Christ and His love.

  103. Our Precious Father, I lift up Pearl to You and ask for wisdom and guidance. You know her heart, God, and her desire to follow Your will and plan for her life. Help her to move forward in her relationship with her boyfriend – whether they remain separated or come back together. Help Pearl to see the blessings You have for her and to experience Your truth in this relationship. Help her to have the support of loved ones around her, speaking wisdom into her life and helping her hear Your voice. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

    It’s no coincidence that I’d also like prayer for my relationship. Zuriel and I have been dating almost 3 years. He lives in Malawi and I live in the US. This makes dating really difficult and makes moving forward and making decisions hard as well. Prayers for patience are appreciated. I know God brought us together and I am continuing to lean on His truth and guidance as I move forward. Thank you.

  104. Father, I lift Lanette up in prayer and ask you to work in her life to bring her peace and a calm spirit. Father, she is so burdened right now that it is causing her to have panic attacks. Father, wash her over with your love and “rain down” your healing power. It is though your name that I offer this prayer. Amen.

  105. Lord give Carrie the wisdom she needs with her relationship with Zuriel. I know what it is like to pray for patience as we continue to wait for Haiti’s children’s social services to refer a sibling set to us. Give us both patience, help us to wait with grateful hearts full of praise to you. You are in control and Your timing is best. You have a plan for us, help us not to run ahead of You. thanks.

  106. I would like to request prayer for my daughter Janelle and her husband Bobby who met at church, went to a Christian college, and now as adults have decided they are “atheist”. They do not believe a loving God would allow such heartache and tragedy in the world.

  107. I would like to offer up a prayer request for myself…pretty selfish, I know, especially when I know of many, many others in my corner that need them, more than I…..but, I’m going to do it anyway, because I’m feeling pretty desperate. I need prayers for the relief of my very severe anxiety disorder/ depression. Mornings are just horrible, and I’m struggling just to keep it mildly together. I’m tired of feeling fear, and panic, and anxiety. Calm. That’s all I want. For maybe one full hour….THAANK you, sister in Christ whoever you are for praying for desperate, anxious and very hopeful me. I don’t know who you are, but I’m saying a prayer for your need too.

    • Dear Lori! I got you! I’m your prayer sister today and it is my privilege to pray for you. Please don’t label yourself as “selfish” ….. I know a Father who adores you and wants to hear from you a million times a day if necessary. I commit my heart to yours in prayer for the next week…ESPECIALLY IN THE MORNINGS. You are loved!

      I would love prayer for my sweet husband…whatever comes to your heart for this strong man of God. Thank you!

  108. Julie
    Dear God I come before You at this time and I place Julie’s sweet husband at Your feet. Lord I ask in Jesus Name that You would touch this man. That You would anoint him from the crown of his head right down to the soul of his feet. Jesus grant this man out pour of Your blessings that his cup overflows. Let Your rod and your staff comfort him and guide him. Lord prepare a table before his enemies and may your goodness and your love follow him all the days of his life. Strengthen the love between Julie and her sweet husband. In Jesus Name. Amen

  109. I am in a dark place and have been having suicidal thoughts. I would appreciate prayers that I will have time to hear God’s whisper to me and that the screaming of the world will quiet down some. Thank you.

    • Kelly,

      My prayer for you, is that you will be able to hear the still, small voice of God telling you that you have a purpose for living on this earth and that He has so many wonderful things ahead in your future, to make up for all of the trials and attacks from the enemy (Satan) that you have endured.

      God Bless,


    • Kelly,

      You are not alone in this dark place that you are in …..I pray for you to find the peace you are seeking and that the light will shine upon you…..


    • Sweet Kelly…when that dark place comes, as it does for many of us, I have found deep hope in these words (psalm 139:12) “even the darkness is not dark to You; the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to you.” you are loved beautiful daughter of the King. praying!

  110. Kelly, you are loved, needed, cherished, and so important! Hold on! Sending love as well!!

  111. Dear God, help Kelly in Your way. You know her situation, you know the reasons. You know the exit. You still have a purpose for her life. You still love her.
    Please, pray for my dear Ukraine, for the peace. Thank you very much.

    • Tetyanna, I am praying for Ukraine that God’s light will shine through, that the people of Ukraine will not only be safe but will FEEL safe in their own homeland. Lord, I pray for other countries, peace loving countries, that will help Ukraine be able to keep their homeland.

  112. I need prayer for myself concerning the harsh trials I have been enduring at my job due to an unsaved, unjust boss. He has a proud ego and believes that he is never wrong about anything. He also shows preferential treatment to certain members of the department over others.

    It is very difficult to endure this at times and I have asked the Lord to relieve my burdens many times, but it feels like it only has gotten worse. I know that I have to keep believing that in an instant the Lord will make my crooked places straight and lighten my load.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers and any words of encouragement.

    God Bless,


  113. Dear Lord I am praying for Tammy today. May she find the grace to love the unlovable. May she find a bright spot in her day to help along the trials. May work shift for her to be more of a place of joy. Lord please comfort Tammy as she is faithful, in Jesus’ name AMEN!

  114. Dear Lord, I pray for peace in the world. I pray for more of Jesus. I long to truly understand Him and so please keep encouraging me to turn to his Word. The love of God fills me with such pleasure that I pray for more and more. In Jesus name AMEN~

  115. As a life coach and a former pastor’s wife, my heart aches for the confusion and heartache in marriages, or regarding intimacy – whether married or single. I have read through many of those heartbreak again here.
    In response to the prayers of many women in our area – we are hosting NAKED TRUTH event in LIMA, OH, October 3 & 4. We have invited Linda Dillow & Dr. Juli Slattery of authentic intimacy.com to come and lead a very open conversation about God’s view of intimacy. Please pray that the hearts of those 600 women that God is preparing to hear this message would be open. And that they would join us. I could say more (authenticintimacy.com/lima). But I just ask that you pray.

  116. Lord I lift up the naked truth event that is taking place in October and I thank you for going before it and orchestrating everything from the speakers and worship to the very last person who signed up to go. I pray that you would open all the attendees hearts to what you have to say to them and that they would hold onto your truths instead of the lies…for many years to come. I simply ask for prayer for my littlest one, born two months ago. Something seems to be wrong with his swallowing even after having his tongue tie surgery. Please pray that god would allow his little body to work as it should in that area. Thank you for your prayers!

  117. Holy Spirit, will you come in even more of your presence, strength, and compassion and heal this little one’s swallowing. We asked for your increased presence. We invite more of you. bring together all that you have designed so this little one will have no trouble swallowing. I bless Leann with even more grace to rest in you. I bless her with more grace to be quieted by you. I bless her profound mother’s heart.

    God, I ask for your resources to undo a financial and legal conundrum, and soon.

  118. Dear Lord, I pray for the little boy to be able to swallow and be ok that you will help his family be strong at this time and help them not to worry. And please help Loann with her troubles as she faces them. Help her to be guided by you and that everything will fall into place for her. Please give her the strength and support she needs now. In Jesus name I pray amen.

    Please pray that each one of us can go out and do our part of God’s bigger plan. That we will ask for direction and follow it no matter how little or big it is.

  119. I’m asking for prayers for my family. Our divorced daughter is having financial problems, and has decided to quit her job without any plans. My husband & I have been blessed, so we did help her a little on a couple bills. She and our granddaughter are living with a man that we are trying to accept without saying too much. She is a college graduate and at 44 should have her life some what in order but she just keeps spiraling downward. She was raised in a God-fearing, church going family but her decisions are just off the wall! And to top it off, she is loved by everyone, has a great personality, and is a hard worker, but her choices are so, can’t think of another word, but WORLDLY.
    My husband & I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in a couple weeks and do have plans, but this situation with our daughter is weighting so heavy on our hearts that it’s hard to think of celebrating and being happy. But I know God doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle and we do pray for guidance and our daughter & granddaughter finding the Lord again. Thank you
    God Bless Each One That Reads This

  120. Dear Father, I just thank you for Alena’s beautiful heart and ask that you will give us all the wisdom and know how to do the things you want us to do for Your kingdom. Help each one of us be aware of our neighbors needs and to act accordingly to what your word teaches. Amen

  121. I am asking for prayers for my family, God knows the need and exactly what it is. I am so glad and thankful that he hears us!!! So thankful as we come and call out to him he meets us there and listens!!

  122. Dear Father I pray this very moment for Barbie D , lord you above all people know that no matter how hard we try with our children they can make bad choices just as Adam & Eve did. But father we also know that you have to write their stories. I pray that you would strengthen Barbie & her husband right now! I pray you would give them peace the peace that only Jesus can give! I pray that you would bind the enemy from all areas of their life so that they can celebrate this wonderful occasion in their life!! Father help their daughter put your as around her and their grandchild and guide them gently back to you. I ask this in our precious Saviors name Jesus. Amen

  123. I know I’m late joining this page. But please could you pray that I’ll be well enough to get to my hospital appointment today, and that the doctors will be able to help me find relief.