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Claire leads social innovation at Twitter, Inc. and is the author of Twitter for Good. Named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, she has a heart for speaking and coaching. Follow her journey of unexpected grace on Twitter via @Claire.

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  1. I have had my eye on this book and would LOVE to win a copy! Stories like this inspire me to ALWAYS have my eyes open!!

      • wow, love this. Prov 3: 5-6 – so true in our lives as a Christian,
        follower of Jesus.
        Thanks for sharing. Would love this book. My life long calling
        was to do something like this – go and minister, and love right in
        the marketplace.. to those who need a smile, but also we are the
        ones blessed when we give. So true. God is like that, isn’t he.
        I worked with the Navajo children/AZ one summer, and I was
        never and still am not the same. They inspired Me ! smile.
        thanks.. for making this offer…. to us.

    • So inspiring!!! Love reading AND sharing. We have a weekly prayer meeting (Pray Without Ceasing) at out church. For the most part, I have been its leader and I’m always on the lookout for stories that really have truth, reality and possibilities for me to share with all the participants as a meditation about the excitiement of life. Beautiful! Would love to win a copy. Thanks so much!

  2. What an amazing story! I would love to win a copy of your book and be inspired by your journey. Thank you!

  3. Claire you have me hooked! I will be reading this book regardless-
    Bless you for sharing your adventure and inspiring the rest of us-

  4. Isin’t God awesome?! Even at my age I am seeking His will for my life and learning that it is to be nothing other than what I am, that is good enough!

  5. I’m new to reading on this site and I’m happily finding out about new books and ladies who inspire me! Can’t wait to read this one.

  6. I’m sure I’ll read this book one way or another! Would love to own it though to share with friends! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. I would love to have this book to read and share with others! I love your story. Kenya is very dear to my heart also after spending time in medical missions in the Mombasa area. Blessings to you and thanks for your wonderful, challenging story.

  8. Claire, isn’t it funny how God has other plans for us when we think we have them all laid out all nice and pretty! I’m glad God touched your heart to help in Kenya and I would love to read your story!

  9. This sounds like an amazing, inspiring story. I love to hear how people are learning about God’s love around the world. I would be very happy to read this.

  10. Sounds like a meaningful read, journey. my son was a peace corp volunteer in Africa and his experience is changing my life

  11. God is amazing…at every turn. No matter what WE think our life path is, He inevitably has
    something else in mind. In His infinite wisdom, He brings together hearts to serve His purposes.
    Yes. I say again. God is amazing!

  12. God can and does change all of our lives in a moment or through the course of many moments. And isn’t He wonderful for doing it! Praise Him!

  13. After having volunteered on the Mercy Ship 4 times in various west African countries, my life was changed. This book is on my list. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  14. My maiden name is Ortiz so while reading this your name caught my eye. I have not read your book but I have read other people’s experiences while visiting 3rd world countries where there is so much need. It was interesting but not surprising that while you were not searching for what you encountered God had a very different plan for you. How blessed you must feel to know that you made a difference in so many young lives and how it enriched your life profoundly. Thank you for sharing your experience and for inspiring others to follow their own path to serving God. I have not read your book but would feel honored and blessed to receive your book.
    Blessings, Anna

  15. It never ceases to amaze me, and at the same time I always end up pondering how anything amazes me, being His child after all, when things such as this happens to people, and I am sure in my soul that there are a gazillion more stories such as this because it is His world. So, in advance, thank you for putting in print your amazing experience and sharing it with us.

    May He continue to bless you both, richly and abundantly, far above what you are able,

  16. ‘Just happened’ to ‘stumble’ across this today…but we know…there is no ‘just happenings’ with the author of our days. Having visited a school for mostly orphans in SA this past Jan., I’m still wondering what it means and my place in it all! would love to read about the journey of your story and Sammy’s story. Thank you for sharing…
    Cheryl…who will never be the same post Jan. 2014. Never…


  18. This sounds like an amazing story! Crazy how God can turn our lives upside down to what we thought we were doing to show His excellence. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. What a beautiful & inspiring story. I can’t wait to read it! Thank you for featuring it.

  20. Would love to win this book to give to my niece who is about to impart on a similar journey with a friend of hers. She did some volunteer church work in Africa and fell in love with the people. I think this book would be very interesting for her to read and when she is done, she can pass it on to me to read.

  21. God bless you for submitting and allowing God to change your plans! I’m sure your year journey is inspirational and would love to read it and pass it on to the youth le3aders at my church to inspire their teens to consider missionary trips or their own pilgrimages.

  22. Sounds like an inspirational book – one that helps you get your priorities in order. Sign me up!

  23. From what I’ve already seen/read this sounds like a wonderful story. I would love the opportunity to read the rest of it if that is the Lords will also. Thank you. Your friend in Jesus’s name.

  24. I love, love, love your story. I have read snippets of it prior to this and would love to read it in its entirety. Hope Runs. Hope breathes. Hope feels. Hope heals. Hope loves. I love the Hope Giver!

  25. This is such a great post.. love it.. thank you for a chance to win a great book.

  26. What an amazing and inspiring story! My daughter (almost 11) and I are avid runners. We run with a non-profit running group, the 100 Mile Club. It would be incredible for both of us to read this book together and help share your story with others. Thank you so much for this generous give-away.

  27. I had never heard of this book or story, AWESOME! Winning a book is always a good thing 🙂

  28. How brave you must be to travel the world like you did. And then to follow the call of God to stay in Kenya and help those in need. I would love to read this whole story, maybe it would move me to get up and do something important with my days.

  29. As a teacher and a mom, I am well aware of how one child can change your attitude, behavior, perspective, and more. I would really like to read “Hope Runs” to learn of the author’s changes, knowledge acquired, and Christian perspective in this era of her lifestory. 🙂

  30. God does works in His own way, and in His own time. It’s amazing how we each have a unique story and yet it is all for His one purpose. I am learning to wait on Him, and to reveal what is next in my life. It would be wonderful to hear your story by reading your book. May He keep changing you into His perfect likeness!


  32. Isnt it amazing how God changes our plans and leads us where He wants us to go. Yours and Sammys story is such an inspiration. God bless you both

    love from Lynnette

  33. Based upon reading the brief excerpt, Hope Runs sounds like it will become a classic like The Diary of Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place. I can’t wait to read it.

  34. I have discovered through various experiences that God still does work in mysterious ways! I’m sure he has a sense of humour! Would love to read your story…it’s always encouraging to know how God uses us for his purpose and glory x

  35. Would love to read your full story! It’s good for me to be challenged to step out and be brave – I need examples like yours spurring me on.

  36. I would so love to read this book as my firstborn daughter who is 17, has such a heart for orphans and I feel this is where she will journey, both physically and in her soul.

  37. This book sounds so inspirational. I would love to share with my daugther who has a heart for missions, but is very shy, and does not think highly of herself. She would be inspired!!! Thank you for being open to God’s plan and will. Thank you for your story!

  38. As a 12yr survivor of Leukemia, I have faced medical challenges that have changed the direction my life in many ways. As “living proof” that God is still in the miracle business, I know i am here for a reason and He will use me where He has planted me.

  39. The book sounds amazing. I do a lot of volunteer work and hope to some day so mission work so would love to read this story.

  40. Looks very interesting and challenging to me right now! Would love to read this story God willing!?

  41. I would love to share this book with my daughter who just graduated from Penn State with a degree in journalism. I know it would be an inspiration to her!

  42. I love true stories and faith-based too. My too faves combined. Would love to read this book.

  43. I’d not heard of your story until today on the (In)Courage blog. I am looking forward to reading it, one way or another! Thank you for sharing what God has done.

  44. Wow, I almost stopped reading the email and almost missed this!! I got the book from the library and couldn’t put it down!! I am not a reader, but this book was different. It has hidden gems that applied to my life so perfectly. I want everyone I know to read it. I had to send it back to the library, so I don’t have it anymore, but would love my own copy!!! This book has been the highlight of my summer!!

  45. This sounds like a story I would love to read. & learn more about! Thank you for the chance to win a copy! God is writing each of our stories & they are all unique to His calling & plan! We are to listen to Him & obey! God bless you!

  46. I’ve been wanting to read your story – I would love to win a copy! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  47. Whether I win this giveaway or not, I will be asking my husband for this book. We are eventually going to be missionaries in Central America, and I can’t wait to have amazing God stories like you and so many others. I pray He continues to bless you!

  48. I have been feeling the Lord continually prompting me to read books such as this . . . to respond to Him in prayer and with an open heart. . . . to read and see, yet again, the amazing ways He (unexpectedly!) uses people to do mighty things for His glory! All this while I walk the journey with an open heart wondering what (unexpected journey) He might have in store for ME!? This will be on my “next to read” list!

  49. Would love to read your story and share it with my oldest son, who spent time at an orphanage in Tanzania some years ago and holds those children he met in his heart. He runs also and skis and bikes. He is a Dietitian and would love someday to go back to Africa to share his ideas about hunger and food.

  50. i am learning that God’s miracles don’t always look the way we would have planned, but He is a big God! would love to read this story!

  51. Hi Claire,
    I had not heard of your journey or your book until now reading this on incourage . Several things though resonated with me and my own story…the words Hope , REDEMPTION and then being in a place that seemed so contradictory to Gods character…my journey has been and continues to be one made up of trauma and loss — great suffering–and often paralyzed by the fear and shameI feel like i am still in college!
    Ive hadm

  52. I would love to win your book. Either way, it is going on my “must read” list.
    God bless you for listening to His voice.

  53. I’d love a copy of this book. I’m looking for some inspiration in my life. It’s time for a change.

  54. Hope is a powerful compass on the road to inner transformation. I would love to draw inspiration from your story 🙂

  55. Claire,

    I haven’t had the chance to read your story yet, and I already LOVE it. Thank you for sharing your hope with the world!

  56. I’m preparing for a mission trip to El Salvador in January and my prayer over and over again is, “Break my heart for what breaks yours.” I want to see, experience, and then do for the lives that are hurting around me. I would love to learn more about your journey to living with eyes wide open!

  57. Inspiring!
    Connecting dots, as the late Steve Jobs would have said, is looking backwards and see the beautiful painting God had given us as the path of our lives.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

  58. Dear Claire,

    As an adoptee myself, I want to thank you for having the courage and selflessness to change another person’s life. Think it’s proof that love, compassion and empathy can be as strong as genetics and that families are made in many different ways. My parents are my personal hero’s – thank you for having such a positive impact on the world!

  59. I was in Portugal last week traveling with friends, explaining why I had vetured previously to Argentina…. I mentioned my cousin and her amazing family including a boy named Sammy. l briefly explained the story and she said to me. “This sounds like a book I heard of and want to read “hope runs”, have you heard of it?” What an amazing small world. So proud.

  60. I really would love to go through this inspirational journey. This is so inspiring !! Hats off Claire and Thank you so much for this lovely Journey.

  61. Dear Claire,

    I don’t know if I win this copy or not but please let me know where can I buy a copy of this Journey? I am eager to be a part of this. Thank You !!

  62. What an amazing story. The word ‘disruption’ is used a lot in business these days and I think this was a disruption that brought an amazing outcome both for the “American Tourist” and the “Kenyan Boy”. Claire, this is truly inspirational and I think both you and Samuel should be congratulated on bringing your story to the world. I am looking forward to reading it one way or another.

  63. Sounds like a great inspirational book. Would love to read it, but think my lovely wife would grab it first – she loves these ‘real people stories’.

  64. What a beautiful story – sounds like it would be a very inspirational read! From time to time, I think everyone needs to get lost in a story like this as a reminder to be grateful, to live life fully and to dream. Would love to read your story!

  65. Just reading the little I did read has got me already wanting to read the book. I’m wondering already did she adopt him and bring him home to raise him? Did she stay there and work with the orphanage? I read nothing but Christian books now after giving away about 5 large egg boxes of fiction books having absolutely nothing to do with God. He is the most important thing in my life, no, He is my life. Jesus lives in me and through me and I love helping other people, mostly older people who have no one. I would love to have the book, and actually have already put it on my book list of books to get. God bless you and your mission whatever it might be, eventually one way or another I will know what it is!

  66. Would love to have a copy of your book…have been reading Kisses from Katy….what can I say? We have no clue as to the needs of these children…we are so comfortable in our prosperous America…

  67. I really want to read this book since I read comments about it few months ago, but I haven’t been able to find it here in Bahrain where Im currently living. I hope I will get one!! 🙂

  68. Clair,
    Thank you for following Jesus even after you heard him change your course. This is no small task, as many people turn away and follow a different path, when they hear His voice. I am always reminded of Jesus and his love for kids when I hear of others loving his love little ones. I think this story is beautiful like the people in it. I will buy a copy even if you do not pick me. Jesus I ask you to send your Angels to Clair, her family and to the orphans of the world. Please help her in her ministries and bless what ever she does in your name amen.

    Pax Christe,

  69. Interesting theme, visualized by two people running in a probably very hot and humid scenery. Must have been hard to do. Hope to read your book to discover the truth behind the cover-scene.

  70. This is an amazing story. One only God can write. I am personally waiting on God for such a clear direction… Longing to see what He will do but knowing waiting is part of it and I journey on in what He is giving me now. God bless.

  71. Reading your story about finding a place in Africa resonated with my heart. Africa is my hope, my pulse, my reason to keep striving when life seems too difficult here in states. I am waiting for direction from God to go back to my beloved Africa, but until then I find comfort in God moments like this, when i stumble upon a blog post about a woman who heard God speak to her to stay put on the red clay of Africa.

  72. Whether I win this book or not, I think I need it on my reading list. My family and I have been talking about how God redirects our footsteps as we walk through life so that where we end up is not where we thought we had started out to reach.

    Dear Claire, your posts so often inspire me to reflect and rearrange my priorities. You have such a bright eye on the world and it lifts my spirits and reminds me to keep going with a thankful heart. Thank you.

  73. I know God is calling me to ministry. After my recent trip to Liberia on a mission trip, I know my calling is missions. Whether it is here in my home town, my state, the USA or elsewaher. I don’t know yet, but I will go where he calls me.

  74. My hope is that God heals me of cancer that I’ve been battling off and on for 8+ years so that I can have strength to do what He’s called me to do; to be an encourager and a continued witness to my children, granddaughters (some of whom are in a backslidden state), and whomever He puts in my path. I’d also hope to read your book! Thanks.

  75. I find peace knowing that God has a plan for me, and everyday I try to find out what it is, to have my eyes and my heart open to be able to listen to him and know what is His plan for my life. I find it very inspiring to know of other people’s journeys, and yours, Claire, sounds amazing.

  76. A truly captivating story and message. As a young entrepreneur in tech I am constantly looking upward to Him for signs, meaning and strength. There is something about the fast paced world we live in that we forget to live in the here and now and appreciate what’s under our nose. This book has many messages and learning aside from the main story line that I would love to dive deeper and share with others just like you have done for us. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your mind and heart.

  77. Pick me, Pick me!!! In any case, I will be keeping an eye out for it and read it anyway.

  78. i like reading hopeful and inspiring books like this!! Pick me!!! I am unsure what God wants in my life…i question too much?? I try and sit back and let things flow..thinking that is what God wants..but I am unsure…the things that inspire me are people around me who know what they want..go and work for it.

  79. This story sounds really interesting! I love true stories of God’s amazing work in peoples’ lives. The TRUE stories are often more amazing than fiction stories could ever be!

  80. I love reading & it would be a honor to win this book. I’ve seen all good reviews on it.

  81. I would love to own this book to help me focus on keeping hope in my life even when things get tough.

  82. I am 44… Never married… Still hoping to be a wife and a mom. Only God knows how, or when. His timing and His methods are not at all what I anticipated 20+ years ago. I’ve stopped trying to figure Him out on this. I am His. He is mine. Of this I am sure. I trust that He will bring me a soulmate and family in His wisdom, In His time.

    • Kelly,

      Keep praying! God has someone out there for everyone, I believe and it will happen in His perfect timing!!

      In the meantime–be available for God to use you in any way possible! God can work amazing miracles in the most unusual places and times!

      Blessings 🙂

  83. Claire,

    Sounds like an amazing adventure! God’s timing is perfect and He will work miracles in our lives! It is interesting how He orchestrates life and lives and works out His plans!!

    Blessings 🙂

  84. I would love to win a copy of your book! Thank you for offering the chance. Thank you for listening to God’s whispers! We know when He calls, but many simply refuse to listen!

  85. Your book sounds amazing. I cannot imagine what that experience was like, but would love to read your written words describing it… I think I am going to give a copy to my mom, we both started running running together this summer and God has placed the idea in my head to start a ministry of it. Anyways, thank you for sharing your experience and most of all your willingness to follow God’s leading in your life, changing the lives of those around you!

  86. This book sounds AMAZING! I hope I win a copy 🙂

    I so love hearing how Hod has worked/works in the lives of others! He is SO GOOD!

  87. I know my question may sound crazy, but i just want to ask if it is still possible to get a copy of this book? Thanx & God bless 🙂