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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. In church yesterday, we were challenged as to whether we had become lukewarm and indifferent to the things of God. If we were going through the motions – serving, attending a small group and church services, etc – but not really connecting with God. The minister asked us to raise our hands so he could pray for us.

    But I didn’t raise my hand. The heart is deceitful above all else, of course, but I didn’t feel I WAS indifferent. I DO actively strive to connect with God, to rest with him, to encounter him… but I AM busy. It is busyness that is the distraction, and this book calls me aside to rest.

      • This is certainly a much needed breath of fresh air, real, loving, encouraging…Thank you so much for opening up and sharing His love with us, the weary women of the world. In His Mighty Blessings, Vicki

      • I am just now getting back in to teaching ladies Bible study and would love to win this, and possibly use for a study. This sounds just like what so many women need today in our world.

    • I have recently resigned from my job of 23 years. Even though I now have free time I am finding it difficult to truly connect with God. I would love to read and apply this book to this new chapter in my life!

      • I few years back I got caught up in the economic decline and financially my life turned upside down. Today my life is so different from 7 years ago, but so many new opportunities have opened up for me. I ended up retiring early and getting deeply involved in volunteer work. What a blessing all of it has been, but where has all my free, quiet time with God disappeared to. This sounds like the perfect thing to stimulate myself into creating “spiritual whitespace” to refresh my heart and soul!

    • I would dearly love to put this book in my weary, broken-down 22-year-old daughter’s hands. The excerpt I read so closely parallels her journey. She has completely distanced God, but little does she know the peace she craves will be answered only in Him. Thank you.

      • Feel the same way, oh my daughter who is 43
        and broken, tired, and left a 17 year old
        marriage with two children, now 20 and 17,
        when the abuse was too frightening. She
        had prayed and believed, but realized
        she had to get out.
        Now here I am, a Mom of this beautiful person
        and I was a teacher, counselor with trauma/children
        who were hurting, and hospital chaplain.
        And I am fixer, and can you imagine what a hard worker
        I have been smile.. I just truly love people and can be professional
        and of course compassionate when I was working, but oh my heart
        is so torn. In fact, the Father image is a strong strong image to children.
        And when a Father is abusive, selfish, and not there for his wife and
        of course children, it stays with you… and the now older children,
        lose touch of their Heavenly Father. He is our Perfect Father, and
        this book, truly would be a blessing. You are a blessing, and all of Dayspring.
        Thank you, Martha Smith from Georgia.

        • forgot to add this.
          My doing and hopefully good/things
          I have done, all the glory to Jesus,
          but I am tired, and have hurt myself
          working, and caring, and keep on.
          Sometimes not giving over to the Lord
          my burdens, and cares.
          I am now in a wheelchair, rheumatoid
          arthritis, fibromyalgia, psor arthritis,
          asthma, and had two cancers,
          one has been six years/out breast cancer,
          and the other since 2007/status quo.
          So I am at home, and now am praying
          more yes, and God’s Word digging into it,
          although I am a seminary graduate, that is correct.
          The intimacy of the Lord and His Presence,
          there is nothing like it.. So I have HAD to rest,
          I did not want to, but my body said rest.
          And it was time to obey.
          So know that the Lord needs us, His vessels
          but still we need to take care of ourselves
          in order to be a part of His Kingdom in love,
          and shining for Jesus.
          Thanks for sharing.
          martha smith
          mahs777@yahoo.com see part one – of this

    • We all need to learn how to enter into God’s rest–while we are still here among the living. I would love to have a copy of this book!

    • I am trying this year to experience God-given joy regardless of circumstances, and to live more in the moment, seeking to experience His peace that surpasses all human understanding. Your book sounds like a wonderful resource!

    • One of the hardest things I’m finding is that time to be still with the LORD. I miss my time,and yet I’ve let other things pull me away. 🙁 Help! Sometimes I feel like the apostle Paul-I do the things I don’t want to do. And don’t do the things I want o do.

      • Hello Marianne,

        There is a chinese proverb that says that a long journey starts with the first step.
        You can go slow but go ! Read a verse of the Bible each day. Pray every day and God will guide you through. This world is very difficult to us that are in the flesh, but the Lord promised He was going to be with us until He returns from Heaven.
        Romans 8:37 ” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us”.
        I will be praying for you this week. I myself have problems, sure, so please pray for me too. All the best, Marcio ( from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Emailto: marciobettecher@yahoo.com.br ).

      • I feel that exact same way Marianne!….In fact I think of Paul often and that verse, I also find myself saying many times over. I believe Lord help my unbelief. Although that sounds ridiculous…..we struggle so much with ourselves and do the things we don’t want to do. Lifting you and I both up in prayer to the only One who knows us so well. Blessings.

    • What an amazing journey this book sounds like it will guide us on. Wrapping my arms around the idea that others feel the way I do is a bit bizarre. This writing sounds like someone was truly in my head and I’d love to read more….. Would be tickled with a copy.

    • We were just discussing this very topic at my Bible Study on Monday night. I would love to win a copy of this book!!

    • I am a 43 year old taking care of my mother who has sarcoidosis of the lungs, helping out my aunt whose husband passed away. I work at a job where they won’t give any breaks.I have noticed that I needed to draw nearer to the Lord and to rest. Last week it was confirmed. I have been bleeding and was so anemic I needed a blood transfusion 3 pints. I am off for two weeks. This book would be a perfect time to read the book if I won it.

    • I am at a crossroads in my ministry life and serving Jesus. I so need this direction!

      Cindy Leonard MA

    • You are right, I think many of us as women need that utmost rest, and at times we don’t even know how, we utter some talks to God trying to vent our frustrations and we sought of still feel the same – but we can’t stop what we are doing because we think its going to make us less christian – its time for some invigorating search.

    • Just the title of this book made me cry. Reading the excerpt made me cry again. The crying is a release-a relief…that someone gets it. And that she is willing to help point me back to Jesus who said, “Come unto ME, all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you REST.”

    • I sometimes have a hard time in remembering to rest. Life’s demands are screaming at me. I have to remember that those things are “screaming” at me are also blessings in my life, too. I am always on the “treasure” hunt for a book which will enrich my spiritual relationship with Christ so that I can impact someone else’s life. I look forward to reading this book. I have the scripture of Matthew 11:28-30, and Psalms 23 underlined in my Bible. When life’s circumstances are too much, it is always a reminder that God my Father loves me so much to carry me through those times.

    • I am in a this place of rest right now and finding faith in God and would love to read the book “Finding Spiritual Whitespace”. God has rescued me from stress and giving me rest. How blessed I am to be here rejuvenating my soul. The way it happened was not my choice it was GOD’s, but I thank him from the bottom of my heart that I am a t rest in my winter season at this time. I would cherish a gift of the book “Finding Spiritual Whitespace”. Thanks so much for the chance.

  2. Bonnie’s writing gives me strength and hope to face another day. I’d love to read her book…her blog has truly given me hope.

  3. I love your blog and would love to win a copy of the book. Thank you for blogging and writing and sharing your heart for The Lord and helping others grow too.

  4. Shattered dreams give way to numb, cold days, and there are not enough words to describe the feeling when something is taken away. The rest concept is an epidemic. I, along with many of my female friends, are exhausted. We do so much, too much, and wonder why we are so anxious and tired. We forget what it was like to be carefree, what it was like to hold on to a dream with childlike exuberance.

  5. I’d love to win a copy of this book!! I love reading Bonnie’s blog and I know I’d love her book too!! My life is so busy right now with my husband working in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor. I work full time outside of the home and we have two boys who are 13 and almost 11. I’m so busy that its ridiculous. I try to find time every day to do bible studies and to spend time with God, but it seems there’s not enough time in the day. By the time I get home from work and the gym, I’m just so tired and worn out. God’s so important and he’s a necessity in my life. When I’m not spending the time I need with him, my days are so much more hectic and stressful. He’s always there for me and I need to thank him by spending time with him everyday.

  6. We all need rest, and drawing closer to Jesus gives us that. Sometimes it is hard to carve out the time to just ‘be’ with Him, but it is well worth it in the long run.

    Thank you for this give away.


  7. Oh thank you thank you for that post. Today I need rest for a weary soul and long to lay my head on the lap of my Saviour and rest.

  8. I love what so many have shared in these comments. Its so nice to not feel so alone in mg stress and complete utter exhaustion. I would love to read this lovely book.

  9. Sometimes the only time we take time for ourselves and our spiritual white space is when tragedy or illness force us to Stop Doing. Oh that I would make time for white space on purpose instead of when forced to….

  10. I am at a spiritual low point in my life. I look forward to this (in)Courage column in my email. It is uplifting and encouraging. So too, this book sounds like a book I would appreciate reading. God bless you all!

    • Hello Joanne~PLEASE do not give up! It is not by chance that you have written today. HE loves you too much to leave you in that spiritually low place! The simple act of responding to this post has brought prayer warriors into your life and you are now covered in prayer! Consider this His way of wrapping His loving arms around you, holding you close and whispering in your ear, “You are never alone. I am with you always, even to the ends of the earth.” He sees your pain, knows your challenges, and wants you to NEVER give up. You are loved. You are needed. You are His.
      May you feel His Presence, embrace His Truth, and rest in Him today.

  11. Just watched the trailer, wow! As a woman working for a non-profit ministry, organist at a local church, wife, and mother of 2 young adult daughters, it’s hard to imagine or find that white space. Looking forward to reading this and seeing what God has in store for me as I learn.

  12. Bonnie,

    I truly understand this. We as women always forget to take care of ourselves and most time run on empty. We live in this society that tells us that we can do it all, have it all and if we don’t, there is somehow something wrong with us. God loves us for who we are and not what others want us to be. I am thankful for that Lord:) That is enough….
    I hope to be able to read your book, it is a journey all of us women need to take…

  13. I was reading a portion of your book via mobile and thought i’d really like to read the whole book, so I prayed and here is my chance to win a copy. Money is too tight for me to buy it so if God wills it so grateful I will be. I’m with you so tired all the time. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  14. I’m excellent at stuffing things down n keep it moving ?!!just keep going ,keep pretending that your so strong ,that your dad leaving you at 3months old didn’t effect you ,being raped didn’t effect you ,having 2abortions didn’t effect you ,your mom working all the time didn’t effect you !!!you are strong n the less you think about it or deal with it the less it will hurt !!!but like Bonnie god is saying Gloria it’s time to heal

  15. At almost 50, I am just now learning to take care of me and not feel guilty or ashamed about it. I say learning because I certainly haven’t mastered it. I still feel like there are so many others that deserve good things more than I do, especially God’s grace, but He has enough for us all. My head understands that I already have it. Now I need my heart to catch up. Thanks for writing this book. I hope you received many blessings from it.

  16. I would love to read the book! As a mommy of a strong willed 3 yr old and one on the way I need encouragement and guidance in every faucet of my life. ❤️

  17. This book sounds like a wonderful reminder to care for self too. Its too easy to get lost in vocations and forget you need time for you

  18. This book really speaks to me! I am on a journey with CHRIST re-opening the past of hurts & troubles. This whitespace has come at HIS perfect timing for me. I am on a journey of healing and seeking rest day by day. Thank you for your words of comfort. Thank you for the work HE has done in you and now in others because of your journey. HE is truly with us! 🙂

  19. This book sounds just like what I’ve been feeling! Even when I try to make time with our Lord my mind keeps straying into what needs to be done that day . Everything is so loud in this world that calls me away..I just want to focus on His voice that whispers to me

  20. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I am in this place now, taking care of others (3 small children, all strong-willed and one with extra needs), and not taking care of myself. I am worn down and have a heavy heart with little joy. I need to find rest and joy. I will read this even if I don’t win. 🙂 thank you.

  21. Ahh, rest, that sounds wonderful. While we did get quite a bit of rest over the fourth of July weekend, I definitely need to make it part of my life and not just on holidays. 😉

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful message with women, who tend to be so hard on themselves and put themselves last.

  22. I feel like God gave me my whitespace. I had been caretaker for my hubby Delane for several years with multiple myeloma bone cancer and Parkinsons, I and my daughter sat with him at a cancer care center while his life was ending. We had time to reflect on God’s grace and love and then he passed away and we got his funeral planned and I ended up in the hospital and couldn’t even go to his funeral. I was ill and in taking care of him had not taken care of myself. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and so I had lots of whitespace to reflect on losing my hubby, trying to get well myself and giving it all over to God, my grief, my healing and my love. He never left me in that time and has blessed me so much daily since all that. I love my heavenly Father and know that my hubby is with him and one day I will see them both. Thanks.

  23. Wow! You have certainly hit the nail on the head with this book! I would love to hear what you have discovered…thank you for sharing your journey.

    Anna :0)

  24. God is calling me to rest … in his timing…
    to take my eyes off the clock, the watch and the calendar …

  25. Always trying to find the balance between being a mother, a wife, working, keeping the house in order and finding time for God. Why does it all feel like a chore?

  26. Wow…been feeling like God has been calling me to rest to spend more time with him. Lately just been feeling emotional not sure why. Then fear and worry try to step in. Its busy working full time work is is stressful and busy with my kids and their sport games etc. Ive felt overwhelmed and I have to rest I know he’s calling me to rest and seek him more. Would appreciate winning this book.

    • I am an artist and I understand the value of whitespace on a canvas. Am really anxious to read this book.

  27. I very much need this message. I always feel like I’m barely keeping up….and I’m certainly not keeping up well, with my soul filled.

  28. oooo I have been eyeing this book every time I am at the bookstore. It would be such a great message for me to read.

  29. I have really been encouraged by Bonnie’s blogs! Bonnie, I am inspired by your vulnerability and beauty of spirit- thank you for being brave and childlike and encouraging all of us in the journey. Much love!

  30. This is the first I have heard of this book…there has been a weariness, bordering on sadness, around the fringes of my life. I know, intellectually, that because of our wondrous Jesus I should be vibrantly alive with hope and joy…but the weariness persists…would love to read these life-affirming words..thanks for the generous giveaway and God bless!

  31. Spiritual Whitespace….that’s such a good word for what I am on a journey to experience. I am retired with my husband and life is so different. Seems I never really understood the word “margin” but I believe this may be more than that. I am finding “rest” to be a reward and it is so amazing to experience a place of just “being” after raising three sons, working in ministry, cancer, and living through all that life can hold — highs and lows. I am looking forward to reading this book.

  32. At 70 years old, I also need to fill in my life with God and his plans for me, not what others tell me I need to do or not do.

  33. I am recently retired from teaching and looking forward to “rest” and “renewal” in this new season of my life.

  34. We have just been transferred to a new place of ministry necessitated by my husband’s health (he has MS). While the change is welcome, learning our new “normal” has been very hard for me. I’m used to running myself ragged . This opportunity to “rest” is challenging me to go beyond slowing down. God is telling me to “stop” and be still. I am learning, the hard way, to let go and submit. The deepest recesses of my heart tell me to listen to God’s Spirit, but “my” logic fights at every turn. I am thankful for gentle reminders that God is with me and He will patiently wait while I learn to let Him lead.

  35. White space is a term I use with my seventh grade English students when trying to emphasize the need to write paragraphs. White space gives the eyes rest and hope to keep reading, because it allows the eye to not be overwhelmed by too much on the page.

    I need white space in my life. I am so convinced if I keep pushing through, work hard enough, everything can be done AND THEN I can completely rest. This is a lie. I need to find what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. And that means living as God first set up His kingdom: time to rest IN HIM. Time to be like Mary and sit at His feet instead of fretting like Martha, thinking I must get tasks done right now. Time to be like Jesus and walk away from the demands of everyday life to refresh with God.

    Even though I know this is true, I struggle to find white space in my life. This book sounds like it has what I need to guide me along.

    I just finished Jean Fleming’s Pursue the Intentional Life, and I want to be intentional in the atmosphere I create everywhere I go by intentionally pursuing God by resting in Him. Not just when I can fit it in, but as a regular part of every day. How better to gain a countenance of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control–fruits from the Spirit so God is glorified.

    • This morning as I wearily drove to work…again. I said aloud to God- why at age 61 am I still confused? Still trying to find my way? Still so exhausted? Still so….you fill in the blanks.

      When I arrived at my office yours was the first email I read…no accident. Yes! Amen! Alleluia! I am not alone in this weariness- this confusion- this place time & place…thank you for taking the journey and then writing about it. Yes I need to read your book.

      May God continue to bless you with riches of energy, courage and peace!


  36. Beautiful concept, beautiful video, beautiful words. touched my very soul as I remembered my own Pink Outfit.

  37. I definitely need MORE spiritual whitespace! Thanks for writing this book. Can’t wait to read it!

  38. I have this book on my wish list. . .Sounds like such a good book! Lately, I am learning to take care of myself and sounds helpful in this process right now.

  39. Thank you for your encouragement – especially today. I am like all other women – I run and run and please everyone. I try to read scripture each day and I love the Lord my God with all my heart. Some days, though, are hard to find that place. I have found much teaching and truth in the books I’ve read. I believe God places each one in my hands. If I am sent this book, I will know it is because God wants me to have it. God bless you – you are encouragement to me.

  40. This book keeps coming across my radar. I’m not excessively busy, but I do feel as if what I’m doing doesn’t have eternal significance. I just finished Pursue the Intentional Life by Jean Fleming and it gave me many thoughts upon which to meditate. Perhaps this would be a nice companion book?

  41. As I read you article today it reminded me how important it is to have faith, belief and trust in God for our own personal needs, dreams and hope. Not to only have faith, belief and trust in God that He will do those things for others. Pray for me I am still learning this truth.

  42. Peace and harmony are my two focus words for the year. This book seems to be the perfect fit!

  43. This sounds exactly what I was journaling about this weekend. I didn’t call it whitespace — just space, but it is so needed in our society right now. None of us stops to question and discern if all our busyness is what we were intended to be doing.

  44. Feeling very little whitespace in the past year or more — would love to be able to read this for inspiration!

  45. During the last six months, having experienced a house flooding , and 2 car accidents resulting in feelings of loss, devastation and broken bones, I find myself at a place of having more questions that answers. During this enforced ‘time out’, I am at a loss to know what my next steps should be …….having just heard a message at church yesterday about God wanting us to ‘step out’ , as He did with Moses and the Red Sea, Joshua and the trumpets and the boy with the loaves and fishes, I need some understanding about the next part of my journey. i am looking forward to reading and learning from Bonnies experience.

  46. I have lived much of the last decade on a page with no room in the margins. Before each day ever even began, it was full. There was no white space, no empty canvas, no breathing room of any sort in my too-busy, too-anxious, too-fast-paced life. Every minute was crammed with something. It lead to horrible anxiety and stress. And even when God gave me permission, time and space to rest because I was ill, I still pressed on with my schedules, to-do lists and busy-ness. Until one day I ended up flat on my back on the floor. Then I finally gave into the rest He was calling me to experience. But now, I am healed. And I’m learning to live with white space, learning to live in the present, learning to live without a to-do list. It is a moment-by-moment challenge to not slip back into the days with no margins.

  47. Wow!! This is how I have felt for the last 6 months. Being a single mom, working full time, running like crazy, and just so overwhelmed. I know Who my hope is, but just so weary. Day in and day out, struggling to make ends meet and so tired of having to worry about getting things fixed, done and everything on my shoulders. But I am a fighter and I know that all things work to the good of those who love Him, but just so weary.

  48. Work life has been so challenging & busy, it’s hard to find time for spiritual renewing I crave each day – every hour!

  49. So many lines ring so true. The brokenness and the wholeness. This will be a great one to read!

  50. If I was at home reading this and not in my office at work I would be sobbing. I am so sorry about your pink outfit. I, too, have had many “pink outfits” and have developed a crippling fear of being happy or excited because disappointment has always been just around the corner. Memories of my “pink outfits” haunt me, especially those from my childhood, and they often feel unbearably painful. I identify with your feeling of being constantly restless and stressed and not even knowing what’s wrong. I stay so tired emotionally and I wonder if I will ever feel at peace. The little child in me still hurts so badly over many things and I don’t know how to comfort her.

  51. This is such a hard concept to get a hold of. I would love to read this authors experience and counsel on the subject of rest!

  52. WOW!!! Tears streaming down my face….so needed this today. I am a nurse and caretaker of my family…..those words about doing for others yet not for yourself, needing to have that time with God. I needed this, have been struggling to care for myself, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially. SO MANY distractions have come up! THANK YOU. For the encouragement for today……..GOD’S BLESSINGS to you!!!

  53. This looks like a much needed message for a lot of people. May those who need it most win these free copies. Blessings.

  54. Would love to read this for myself, and also pass it along to my pastor, who is pressed beyond measure.

  55. What good timing, this book looks like just what I need for what I’ve been going thru this year! What you shared about powering thru life’s circumstances not fully allowing ourselves to feel or deal with pain, resonates with me. I loved reading your excerpt, wonderfully descriptive! Thanks!

  56. Oh how timely this book is to me I know without a doubt I am to read this book. I am most anxious to dig in and see what God is wanting to show me.

  57. I am in the middle of crazy at work and at home it’s so hard to slow down and make time for God when so much needs my attention!

  58. As someone who finds herself continuously looking for inner peace and joy, this is definitely a book I am looking forward to read.

  59. I love the description of “spiritual whitespace”. This speaks to exactly what I am needing in my life in the season I am in. I have taken care of everyone and everything for so long that I am finding myself just plain weary. I don’t want to feel this way. I am excited to read this book.

  60. I find it hard to “rest” and run on empty often. I would love to win this book!

  61. I need this book – just the trailer touched me in a place where I know I need help. All the challenges of being a wife, mother, friend, and more importantly child of God is sometimes overwhelming especially when you have a past that produced many hurts and unresolved feelings of neglect, abuse, and loneliness.

    To view my whitespace and tap in to the inner dimensions of my walk with God awaits me. I will also purchase this book for my mother in law who at 81 – is dealing with these very same feelings. She needs help too – we all do.


  62. The Holy Spirit has been nudging me lately (OK, maybe more like pushing me hard) to find time to rest in Him more often. He has put so many things in my daily path to remind me and obviously this book is one of them. I can’t wait to delve into “Spiritual Whitespace” and see what God has to show me.

  63. We just studied yesterday to “Be Still” and this falls right in line with that. Our class would truly enjoy your aspect of how to be quiet, be still, rest in the Lord etc. Blessings for your willingness to share.

  64. I would love to be able to find the whitespace and sit quietly with God and have him fill me.
    I have had several rough months raising my grandson who is a very angry person. Just last week we had him at a crisis center and now a residential center. It is hard to find time in all the anger and fear. I would love to read this book and ask prayers for our family and for him to find peace.

  65. That story so breaks my heart–for all the dashed dreams and disappointments and broken places in us all. It’s a deep ache, and one I can’t even articulate, so I won’t. (I usually wax long in comment boxes)….but maybe I need white space more than I know. Thank you for sharing here and for writing a book which I hope to absorb.

  66. Life is so busy at my home, helping my daughter raise 4 children, at 64, sometimes I get lost, and don’t have time for me! This book may help me to find myself again!

  67. Pick me!!! Pick me!!! Pick me!! In all seriousness, Bonnie’s writings bring hope and encouragement to me!!

  68. I struggle to find time or even know how to rest. I’d love to learn though.

  69. This book interests me as a relatively new widow (Jan 2014). I find myself wanting much more intimacy with God, but keeping busy to keep the pain at bay, which doesn’t leave enough time for God. Vicious cycle!!

  70. It has been a very difficult year and a half. I am the core foundation for my family. My husband has alzeheimers, four of my children are special needs – 12, 12, 13 and 22 still living at home. My older children helped to care for them but my oldest daughter has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. I dropped a piano on my toe crushing it. I have had one surgery already and may have to have a second. And that is just part of the story. ….

  71. I feel beyond hope & help, but I know as long as there is breath, there is hope, so I’m not gonna give up! I long for a closer walk with The Lord.

  72. Not only is this something I need, but I feel the need to share it with other women.
    Kudos to you for being so real in sharing your heart and your past!

  73. I so need this – if I can find time to make myself put away the distractions and the to do list and put God first and myself (for me if only for a few minutes each day) I think I could find that rest I so desire.

  74. Beautiful video . The Lord is asking me to Come and Rest.i love the ideas of Spiritual White pages, To start fresh with what the Lord is speaking to ,me know. Would love to read this book,

  75. I am about to read the book for the second time. I want to let it draw me out and it is blessing me and I need to go slowly through it. I want every woman I know to have her own copy and will give mine away should I win one. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  76. I am so weary and restless. I am a single mom and life has just been plan hard. My shoulders ache from all the responsibility that goes with being both mom and dad. I constantly feel restless on the inside and I hate that feeling. Look forward to reading this book. I am so sorry about your pink outfit. Your book is going to be a huge success, so go out and allow yourself to get a new pink outfit. It won’t be the same, but this time, no one can take it from you. You deserve it. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  77. I have perused this book and look forward to reading it. After years of doing, doing, doing, and then reaching a breaking point, I have come to learn the deep value of rest. The Lord has done, and is doing, mighty things through the rest.

  78. This book sounds like it wold meet a need in many women’s hearts. So excited to get me a copy of it and share one with a friend…

  79. The title of this book captured my attention as I opened this email and blog post. Entering into a new season with lots of unknowns, moving to a new city with a new job! However, the one known factor in my life is that I need more rest, more calm and space to reflect and rejuvenate. This book title reminds me of a nugget of wisdom my mentor shared with me a few years ago: say yes to the BEST and no to the GOOD. So many wonderful things will reveal themselves; however, I want to step into choosing more wisely 🙂

  80. I think almost everyone has joy taken from them at some point in their life. It is hard to understand why some people want to burst someone’s bubble for no reason. Maybe someone burst theirs so they feel like they need to do it to someone else? I doubt that it makes them feel any better.

  81. In my life, I struggle with believing that I am worth Jesus’ love. I now understand the root cause of it, being disappointed and emotionally needy as a child. Now that I am an adult, Jesus is taking me step by step towards building my trust in Him — so I may receive His restoration of wholeness by faith. Some days are better than others, and I’m walking through this process right now as an infant (so it seems) just trusting that His presence is ever-present in my life.

    I’m so thankful for your restoration so that you may help others reach the same.
    God Bless.
    Please pray for me……

  82. I am currently going through a separation from my husband of almost 10 years. We have one child. I have a good relationship we my sons father but it is still very hard. I have let it consume me, my thinking and I am in need of peace and rest. Life is hard, but there are others out there who are hurting more than me. I have many distractions in my life and need to learn to let them go and solely listen to Gods calling and will for my life. I look forward to reading this book if I a to win.

  83. The faith barista has connected with my heart in every posting, I would love her book but am unemployed today. God bless each recipient of this book.

  84. I am intrigued by this topic & would love to read this book & possibly lead a study with college women.

  85. My sister challenged me this weekend that I’m always giving, serving, and not taking time for rest. I look forward to reading your book and being challenged to find the white space in my day. Time to honor God. Time to rest.

  86. Your book has intrigued me greatly. As I was preparing my sermon for church yesterday on Matthew 11:28 – Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest – I realized I did not really know what it means to “rest” in Jesus. Then this morning I read this post on in-courage about spiritual whitespace – definitely a God incidence! I would love to learn how to truly rest in the Lord and your book I feel is a good place to start. Thank you for being so willing to put yourself out there for the sake of others – He is using your words to bless us!

  87. God has been drawing me out of legalism and into his wonderful grace. I’m learning that I don’t have to DO anything to prove my worth, but that’s a hard lesson. I yearn to run in the freedom of God’s paths because I want to, not because I have to.

  88. I too have had some of those “pink outfits.” But right now I have a very dear friend that I think could benefit greatly from your wisdom expressed in your book. Thanks for the opportunity to try for the win.

  89. In this specific time in my life I find myself with marriage issues, only child turning 18 (and leaving – Wow, do I miss him!), compounding work stresses, and unending church obligations… I find more and more that I’m just… tired. I know I need to rest, re-think, and re-position myself in order to move from surviving (barely) to living again. I’m excited about this book. Thank you for putting everything out there for people like me.

  90. I have health problems at the moment, and work full time – commute to another town to do it, while caring for a full house… I have to literally be forced to sit still – and I’m stubborn and willful – to the detriment of my family…. I know rest is important and it is something I need to learn to do gracefully!

  91. Slow.
    Take time.
    Don’t schedule so much, and look for the quiet moments to get away.
    Pray first thing.
    Look for the grace he is always giving.
    My Easter gift mug: Beauty flows from a heart at rest.
    Capture thoughts in writing.

    I’m sitting at Starbucks after having dropped Ravinia at science camp (9-12) and taking the time to reflect. I need reflecting time and to put my incredible May into perspective, onto paper, so that I can lead others in a similar (but better?) trip another year. I think I will work through Bonnie’s book slowly, like one a month or at most one a week! Blessings are to be cherished. Savored slow.

    I’ve already given a copy to a friend, and I have the kindle version (but sometimes you want the book to underline and write in and make it yours).

  92. I am 3 yrs out from a divorce. I am a God-loving woman and I never wanted to get divorced. But I was sinking ever deeper into a rest-less depressive relationship. Two children, just grown. Youngest is a son with multiple disabilities and is 24/7 care. I could no longer do it all and was pretty much ready to throw in the towel on life (literally). When I saw a glimer of hope in the form of therapy for myself, and admitting that I was totally burned out, I took the chance on a separation, so I could rest. Prior to this prayer-less time in my life, I tried everything in my means to save this marriage. Prayer, respect, attitude, selflessness. Nothing changed. I was hopeless and disappointed. I prayed for God to enlighten me endlessly about what was wrong and how to ‘fix’ it. After I left my home was when God started moving in MY life again. I was shocked because I thought I was going against God’s will. But when I finally stepped out, I found rest. Rest in God, rest, sweet rest. God’s moving in my life was the reassurance I needed to continue to move forward and find Him again. And find rest for my worn out soul! Praise God! Thank you that you never foresake us!

  93. I can relate to Bonnie’s story. I’d love to read her book, and appreciate her honesty & authenticity. God bless you, Bonnie~

  94. This sounds like a wonderful read… just what I need to hear as I parent a 1 year old boy & await his brother’s arrival in October!

  95. I love walking outside anywhere, on trails and on the beach where I can talk and pray to God. Sometimes I can just be quiet or listen to praise music. I would love to be entered to win this book. We all need it with our busy and fast paced lives.

  96. This a message God is writing on my heart. Be still, stop striving, trust and enter my rest! I can’t wait to read the book.

  97. I have a lot of down-time as I’m going thru chemo treatments right now, but my mind is busy and my rest doesn’t seem peaceful. I would love to read your book to see if God has a nugget in there for me. Then I could pass it on to someone else I share my weekly treatment journey with! Thank you.

  98. I definitely get caught up in busyness and even at times of rest I feel restless. Disappointment in things that I had expectations for is definitely not foreign to me. This book sounds very relate-able and I definitely want the chance to read it!

  99. This sounds like a good follow up to Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts that my Bible Study group just finished. But the trailer made me think of me and my life.
    Rests in music are like white spaces in art. Sundays were God’s way of rest too, but we have messed that up too.

  100. This book would be a definite read for me. I have been one who spends more taking care of everyone but myself and my health is slowly catching up with me. God has given me the time I need to do take care of me but something else always creeps in. I can also totally relate to the “pink outfit” moment as something so vivid came to mind regarding my son and when his father and I divorced and he was caught in the middle of the challenges that we should have faced as adults without bringing his little heart into it. Thank God we are in a much better place now and my son is going to college and driving and doesn’t need Mama as much as he used to. Would love a copy of this book 🙂

  101. Thank you Bonnie for writing this book. All the excerpts I have read have really touched my heart with a longing to experience this true rest and ‘rest’oration. This story about the pink outfit brought back some memories of the joy being snatched away by an alcoholic dad and I realised I need to release and forgive him. Am hopeful to win a copy, thank you so much! Blessings xx

  102. I would like to read this book…. I would like to win this book…I think MOST woman feel this way..whether they are a wife…mom..sister..daughter….friend…or any number of other labels woman attach themselves too..we are made to care for others..I truly believe that. By that same token I think we ALL put ourselves last….to make sure that whomever in our lives are cared for FIRST. Not that God expected that….it just happens…because the people in our lives like being cared for…so do we…so we run ourselves ragged to give others everything…not realizing WE need to be cared for as well. Thank you Bonnie for writing this book.

  103. Bonnie’s book may have been written for women, and it certainly has helped me in ways I could never have imagined. I am older…56 as a matter of fact; our single son is 31 and lives a few states away, so it is just me and my soul-mate hubby. Unfortunately, we are in a transitional season of life; he is unemployed and feels that his worth as a man has been reduced to nil. He has become very depressed, and no matter how much I try to lift him and encourage him, he often just argues with me, saying I don’t understand. I am using Bonnie’s book to give him food for thought, and he is responding! Admitting that he is just overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do about our situation. He worries so much, he has forgotten how to “be in the moment” and enjoy simplicity. I am so grateful to Bonnie for allowing GOD to lead her in writing this book!

  104. Bonnie,
    Your words today brought soothing breeze to my shattered-dream state. I go to church and feel blessed by sermons but feel I fall so short once Monday a.m. arrives. Instead of the many reminders of my failures, I would find your book a welcoming beacon of rest I didn’t realize I needed more than the many improvements I have been trying to make spiritually and personally. Thank you for sharing your work of love and for the opportunity to perhaps receive a copy. God’s blessings to you.

  105. I am trying to find rest and peace right now. It’s been 8 months since I lost my 30 YO son suddenly. He left a wife and two young children. She is shattered and I find that I am ignoring my own grief as I help/comfort my son’s young wife and kids. I need time alone with God to get to the deepest hurt of my life.

  106. Yes ma’am…I can’t figure out if resting for me is so hard because of the culture we live in, or (as I suspect) I am naturally a driven person who likes to feel like I’m accomplishing something…anything…at the high cost of missing peace. I’d love a copy, to not only read, but then pass along.

  107. Would love to win a copy of this book! 🙂 Count this weary mother and wife in!

  108. I don’t think I know what rest is. I feel like most of my days are spent just treading water and trying to survive what we are living with right now. Even my most recent vacation turned into another problem at the end. Rest just doesn’t come easy. I miss it for sure.

  109. This book is exactly what I need right now. Really feeling overwhelmed and stressed to find time to dig deeper in His Word.

  110. The past couple of years have been long on busyness. I have said several times how sometimes I feel like a machine. Just pushing through. Going on from dawn to dark – sleeping, then doing it again the next day. I feel spiritually dry and weary.

  111. Would love to win a copy. Am learning that “no” is an okay word to use so that I can have more time for me and God.

  112. This looks very interesting and nourishing. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  113. My heart yearns to be able to share this with my best friend who I worry so much for. She desperately needs to know it is okay to be still, rest and take care of herself.

  114. God’s been bringing me to rest in how I approach life and mission. There is no need to go, go go! He has opened doors and has brought about peace and calm and rest. I am overjoyed that I am learning how to be still, do less, have less, and in the process I am realizing I have so much more!

  115. This week marks one year that I’ve been unemployed which is the only time in my whole career this has happened. It has been up and down the last year and this morning was one morning when I was starting to stress out about the whole thing. Lately, I have been reminded more and more to simply stop being in constant motion and just sit with the Lord. When I stop to just rest and hear His voice, I walk away reminded that God is bigger than anything and anyone.

  116. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I’d love to read it and share it with my best friend – to whom I’d say Ditto to what Shannon above said – it’s okay to be still, rest and take care of yourself.

  117. Would love to read this book! As much as I know I need whitespace, more than anything I want to CRAVE whitespace with the One who desires most for me to have it.

  118. Thanks for this post. Rest is certainly what more women need these days. Sometimes life gets overwhelming and we need to rest in the Lord. Please pray for me as I help my eldely Dad out these next few weeks as his wife is recovering in the hospital. Thanks!

  119. Would love to read this book! Definitely been feeling that need and craving more whitespace!!!

  120. As I was reading the excerpt all I could think about was what a wonderful resource this would be to share with our ladies. I lead a ladies prayer breakfast once a month and we ( including myself) could all use some whitespace.

  121. When I first saw this book around different blogs, I thought it’d be nice to have but wasn’t something I’d need. Ironically, I got a smack in the head and realized I really could use this. 🙂 Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  122. This post was referred to me by a friend after a post that I wrote today – she thought I could use this book! I would LOVE to win!

  123. My heart truly hurt when you said that the joy of the pink outfit was gone… There have been many times that I have failed to choose joy and felt despair when others did/said things that hurt. Thank you for using your gift that God has given to touch the hearts of those that need to hear they are ok in Jesus!

  124. As a, single mom of 4 who didn’t meet God until I was 30 it is so easy to get caught up in busy and step away from that much needed room he of replenishment that makes this life worth living! This is a Mitch needed book for this generation

  125. I have been taking care of my daughter with PTSD for 18 years, and she has finally been able to move out on her own. I don’t know what to do with myself and for myself, anymore. I need to quit filling up all the time I have and learn to relax and listen for God’s voice and rest.

  126. Just the excerpt connected to some personal pain I have, and I can’t wait to read more of this book!

  127. I want this book for my mom! She’s always so busy, running around, doing stuff for other people that she hardly ever gets to relax. I think this book will definitely work as a reminder and rejuvenator of taking time to rest in the Lord.

  128. This describes me so well…I stay busy so I can’t think, and I stuff so much inside. I would love to win a copy.

  129. I’ve been wanting to read this book since I first heard about it. Every quote I see from it seems to be speaking directly to me. <3 I found spiritual whitespace when I was struck with a rare chronic illness that left me disabled. Sometimes, whitespace is painful.

    Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  130. After reading the excerpt about the pink outfit I realized maybe this book can aide me in rediscovering joy. Through a series of life altering events I have lost hope and joy – one thing after another keeps happening and although I pray and ask God for help He doesn’t seem to do anything to alter the situations. I’m no longer working in my God-directed career, or in anything else right now; I feel broken and bruised inside and defeated. I’ve had two heart surgeries and just cannot seem to find my energy; doctors look and can’t find the problem. My husband and I are both Christians but our prayers seem unanswered, or at least if they are it always seems to be a “no”. We don’t know what to do; we need real practical help not just platitudes of “don’t worry, it will be alright” – I know what the Bible says and I know I’m not gleaning corn from the dirt in a third world country, but in this country, my country, my life is a struggle. Where are the Christians who do more than say “I’ll pray for you sister” as they drive off with a wave to their comfortable homes in their comfortable lives with their comfortable families where nothing ever goes wrong?

    • Becca – I was wounded by your comments, as I was wounded by the Pink Outfit story. We have so many ways to hurt one another it boggles the mind. Intentions almost have nothing to do with the power of a poorly chosen word spoken in the blink of an eye. I have chosen never to say it will be alright, because I cannot see in the future. But I lean, heavily, on John 14. Especially when Jesus says, “In the world you will have trouble. But take heart; for I have conquered the world!” None of us live the comfortable lives you long for – we all have trouble. The mother threw away the Pink Outfit because of her pain and suffering, passing the legacy on to her daughter. You have suffered through your events but take heart, God knows and hears your cries from heaven, is collecting your tears and will, in his perfect timing (which never seems to match our own) will wipe away those tears. Look for His mercies, new every day, and collect His miracles and it will feel better even if it doesn’t actually get better. Sister, I will pray for you. I’ve already cried for you. Neither will come back empty. Remember – TAKE HEART!

  131. I just watched the trailer for your book and it made me cry. There have been many seasons in my life as with everyone else, but this past 10 months have been the most difficult in a long time. Last August I asked God to take me out of my complacency because I wanted more. There had to be more in my relationship with Him then what I had had for too long. Ten major things things, six health related with my mom that were serious, two broken friendships that were 20+ years, one with ultimate betrayal that has been irrevocably severed, lies being said, and so much more…BUT GOD has helped me to begin coming out of my brokenness, stripping the layers of hurt from my heart, and my relationship with Him is closer than ever. He will never leave me or forsake me when everything seems to be falling apart. This book sounds very encouraging and inspirational. I would love to win it and read it. Thank you for your transparency.

  132. It’s so true that we sometimes put ourselves last when we need real rest. I look forward to reading this book and carving out some time for rest in my life!

  133. I am were you are and I couldn’t have said it myself. My only saving grace is my talks with God daily… I think I could benefit from reading your book

  134. I am a busy, working Mom of two busy little girls. I find it real hard to get in any “me time”. I would love to read this book and maybe find some suggestions to implement in my own life!

  135. Why is resting so hard for so many of us? This sounds like a really good book – one I could definitely use!


  136. I’m in a season of rest – and I haven’t figured out how to rest yet. I am so looking forward to reading this book!

  137. I would love to win a copy of this book! Verse for the year – to be still and know – having a hard time doing that!

  138. Wow this looks so good. Why is rest not a part of our lives today? I want to rest.

  139. I breathe through camera and lens, seeking beauty in the small, because it’s what I can find. Moments in between the medical. Four of our five kids have significant long-term illnesses and I long for days without appointments, nights of uninterrupted sleep, for a son who might one day be well enough to return to college, for my girls to hold onto hope in the midst of hard information to process in their teens, of enough time to take care of me. Time to read and write. Space to breathe. Hours of quiet with no-where to be, nothing to research, no more symptoms to chart. Time to enjoy an unscheduled day with my family, doing nothing more than sharing conversation around the campfire. Days of no more meds. I can do this life I’m called to live. And do it well. But there’s no margin. No whitespace. And I know it. I just don’t know how to find it. I would love to win a copy of Bonnie’s book.

  140. Boy, oh boy….do I need rest! I love to read and it would be a pleasure to read this book! Sweet blessings!

  141. Would love a copy of this book..I try to take time each morning but not easy with little ones. I journal, try to do the 3 things to be thankful for and listen to music. But it is not an easy thing for me to do..rest. 🙂

  142. I really like this book, the author and her weblog, and have both recommended and bought the book for others in need of some R&R in Christ. I would love to win another copy to pass on to another friend in need. Blessings in Christ.

  143. After hearing al the wonderful comments from people on facebook, I would love to win this book. Thank You

  144. Thanks Bonnie. The Lord has done great things through you. It has been said, He never wastes our pain. So glad we have a good God that can make something good out of something bad.
    Looking forward to reading your book!
    There is no God like our God!
    May He continue to bless you abundantly!

  145. I am TERRIBLE at white space…and I know it. I’ve been living life to the edge of the page for as long as I can remember. And now, it’s catching up with me. 🙂
    Would love to dive in and be challenged to stop the madness!!!

  146. Sounds like Bonnie has her hand on my pulse and sees the reason my friends sometimes ask me, “Are you okay… you just don’t seem to be yourself.” I would love to read more and learn how to fully “rest”.

  147. I’m thrilled to have found this encouraging group of women! Recently moved to a smaller town, left a great job, married a pastor, married a step-family and it hasn’t been easy – left loving friendships behind and just can’t seem to find white space in my life ……

  148. As a new mother, I struggle to find time for God and myself. I really need to learn how to create more whitespace in my life. I also live in Northern California/SF area like Bonnie and can relate to the fast-paced, hard working culture. You feel guilty for wanting to breathe and rest. This book would really help me.

  149. Why is it that I can find time to do so much, but white space is so difficult? I think I need to read this book 🙂

  150. I would love to win this for my daughter who has two small sons and often feels tired and discouraged. Thanks for the chance!!

  151. Such beautiful words. I’m no different than any other woman who needs such space. My dad passed away 2 years ago…July 29. Soon after that, things went “wonky” at our church and we just didn’t feel like we belonged. I’ve been struggling….anxious….confused. There isn’t much time for that when you’re a wife and mom to a 12 and 15 year old.

  152. Oh, how I need to stop running and sit at the feet of Jesus. Please enter me in the drawing.

    • These words rescued me for the day. Being a caregiver for my husband with advancing Parkinsons and a daughter who is clinically depressed and bipolar, I crave the “white space”. My Father and Saviour sustain me. I can use His additional encouragement through the message of this book. Thank you.

  153. This book sounds like an answer to some thoughts and prayers I’ve been wrestling with.I think its only me having a hard time getting through each day.I pray for help concentrating,help listening to
    God’s whispers but all I hear is “static” or jumbled thoughts.I would really consider it a huge blessing to be able to enjoy the whitespace!

  154. I am very interested in reading this book. I am looking to find that inner peace and ‘hearing’ God when He speaks to me.

  155. My heart initially leaped when I saw the post giveaway on Instagram. I then went to my email to get the link quicker while anticipating what I was about to read. I say this because I just saw this book earlier this morning when I went to Lifeway bookstore to look around while passing time to pick up my kids from volunteer work. After reading the excerpt, I wanted to cry. The unsettled feelings I have had lately and how I felt when I glanced at the book told me I should buy it. I didn’t do it. Ugh. Maybe it’s confirmation from the Lord. I pray that I win. If I don’t, may those who do be blessed. God knows. I’m in need of some serious whitespace for real!

  156. This sounds like what I have been struggling with. I would love to have the book.

  157. God has called me to rest and has also put on my heart to read books like this only one chapter at a time. This is helping me to slow down and to really soak in the message.

  158. I would love this book. I am a person who is always filling up any free space with something….not good at slowing down. I would love to read this book and be able to share the principles in my counseling practice also.

  159. We all need to learn that we can’t take of others until we take care if us! Would love this book!

  160. Excited to read this book! I am a Pastor’s wife from Iowa and love encouraging ladies to live their lives, by making memories and enjoying moments God gives us; instead of always living in the CRAZY! Would love to receive a FREE copy to share with others

  161. Would love love this book!! I need rest, I have difficulty finding rest, especially in this current season! Sounds like a wonderful read!

  162. I would love to win a copy of your book. I’m going through stage 4 breast cancer metastasis in my liver. It’s a rough road but I’m keeping my hope up!

  163. This has been me for very near 35 years. I strive now to fully comprehend how much of myself I have depleted to years of 24/7 caregiving to my children, including a 29 year old w severe cerebral palsy from birth. Was a sandwiched caregiver to my parents for five plus years in addition. Caregiving everyone but my own very tired, fragile vessel.

  164. I too have two little boys, but also have a little one on the way as well. This post today is just what I needed. I feel more than weary this very moment. I need to learn to find that white space. I would love to win this book!

  165. I’ve seen nice reviews of this book. Yes, I am in need of spiritual Whitespace .

  166. Oh my goodness! I just added this to my Amazon wish list an hour ago! I read a blog post about it (Emily Freeman maybe?) and since then it’s becoming more evident that I may need to soak up this book <3

  167. I really need to read this. I am struggling to heal from a miscarriage and have 2 little girls and a husband who needs their mommy and wife. I think this book would be a great encouragement to me.

  168. Rest never comes easy. Even when the kids are grown and gone and the husband of thirty years has decided that someone younger will make him feel better. There are so many empty hours, but no rest. I pray. I try to remember that God is in control. But a lifetime of habits are hard to change. Now I wait for God’s next chapter for my life and thank Him for always being there, even when I didn’t listen.

  169. As a full time senior in college, a lead mentor at my full time job, a youth leader, internship worker, freelance artist/ designer, a wife of 5 years and a mother of a 4 year old. I could definitely use this book . At the age of 23, going on 40, I do not have a day off. Get 5 hours of sleep a night and I am the only one in the house who can cook. I could use some inspiration to help me find my me time. I feel like a Martha with a Mary’s heart. I long for the time where it’s just soaking in gods presence but I neglect that time to take care of responsibilities. I’m finding more often than not that this neglect spreads across all areas in my life. Neglecting the spirit leads to neglecting the family, the marriage, the soul. Prying myself out of a divorce decision and dealing with PTSD from domestic abuse that was over two years ago, I NEED to slow down. I NEED to find my peace . I would LOVE to win this book and maybe something would click.

  170. The doctor told me that she thinks my health problems are all because of stress. I guess I’m being forced to rest!

  171. I feel like the topic of this book is speaking to me. I am tired of fighting and struggling, even against my own body. It takes so much work and effort to get through each day.

  172. Weary seems like a new normal, at times. I would be interested in winning a copy and sinking into a new normal.

  173. Going through so many struggles right now and being strong even though I feel so weak. Would love to read this book.

  174. There is no mistake we were all lead here to this link. Looking forward to seeing how He blesses all of us.

  175. I have a friend who is running herself ragged doing the Lords work at church…she never says no to anything and she is not leaving time for her relationship with Christ. I would really love for her to read this book. I think it would help her see how important it is to take time for herself.

  176. For the last 3 months my pastor has been encouraging the body to rest this summer. During the last 2 months God laid on my heart after 13 years of being the church secretary to take 5 weeks off, mind you I have had vacations and days off but this will be different. I am taking a sabbatical, a rest to seek the Lord for His will in my purpose within the local body and the universal body. Ahhhh……the countdown is on!

  177. I think every woman, and every human being, craves the white space that you describe. In a society that gets more and more “connected” by technology, we are becoming more “disconnected” from the One who matters most: Our Lord Jesus Christ. I would love to read the book and I thank you for the opportunity to win.

  178. Wow. Are you sure you haven’t been secretly watching my life? I can relate so well to the story of the pink outfit. Not hoping = no disappointment. Thing is, I haven’t even realized that is what I’ve been doing. I fill my life so full of “busyness” that there isn’t room for relaxation or time to invest in friendships. I spend most of my time serving on boards in our community or doing things for others that I don’t leave any time to take care of myself. Sometimes I feel so emotionally drained that I can barely force myself to get through another day. It’s time for some white space in my life, for sure!

  179. I would absolutely love a copy of this book. Coming from a tired, desperate place, where I am searching for Hope and answers at every turn. This maybe the answers I have been looking for.
    Thank you,

  180. In the past two years I have faced 2 major family upsets, major diagnosis with no cure in sight, 4 surgeries and daily pain while all the while feeling guilty about not helping this person, not doing enough, etc. I would love to read this book. Truly, we need to learn to more than to just lean in Jesus, but to grab ahold.

  181. I loved this because I can so tangibly relate. I had an experience as an adult, though I was so young and fresh of heart, bursting with hope, optimism and creativity and it mirrored your closely. Thanks for sharing!

  182. Beautiful, restful words. Just this part has been refreshing for today. Thank you!

  183. Thanks so much for your encouragement! It’s great to hear that we’re pretty much all in the same condition–different circumstances, but all in need of rest and/or joy… It seems to be the American way of life for women. Reading through some of the above comments makes it obvious that MANY women need to hear this message–we need to make time for ourselves…

  184. Loved this blog post. It is hard often time to find rest in this busy life. I downloaded a sample chapter of this book and I am hooked. Can not wait to read and share it with others

  185. By reading the comments it is nice to know I am not alone in the search for ” rest”.

  186. I totally relate to ur story. I think n take of every other person but myself.

  187. I love this quote from your blog post. “Whitespace is the space on a canvas left unmarked. It breathes beauty. Just like beautiful art, we need space to rest too.” I have been dealing with some health issues lately as well as just being overly busy. Working, being part of two women’s groups, teaching SS, getting ready for Vacation Bible School, leading a Bible Study and just simply feeling exhausted all the time. For the last two weeks I have slept at least 12 hours a day. Sometimes more. I’m used to accomplishing more. So many of my friends have said to me, “you must have needed the rest…maybe that will make you feel better”. I have felt so guilty about my dirty house, the stacks of paper on the table (where I keep my teaching stuff), dirty clothes, and the sink spilling over with dishes. And I’m single. I keep thinking “What if I have to call 911? What will they think of my house?” The truth is, they won’t care. And neither will I if I have to call 911. But this quote made me think, we all need rest. Sometimes more than normal. And it’s okay. Thanks Mary for reminding me of that.

  188. This book sounds like a good one for my book club to read. I would love to win it so that I could preview it.

  189. I would love a chance to get a copy of this book as i can so relate to the story shared

  190. To be ok in this season saying no to things without feeling guilty or having to explain but trusting I’m honoring God.

  191. This looks like a book that would do me so well right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. The title pulled me in to read a little more. What I’ve been craving is quiet. In fact, I just signed up for a weekend in solitude at the end of the month. I’m giving myself quiet space to be still and listen. I’m looking forward to checking out this book.

  193. My heart ached reading about the pink outfit in the incourage newsletter this week….your words, “But if you’ve ever truly had a perfect moment carry you to a place of belief -and then had it taken away, then you know what it feels like to see something perfect end up in the refuse of broken dreams and mismatched opportunities.” So many of these moments have happened that resting and enjoying moments can filled me with anxiousness!!! Definitely look forward to getting the book to digest!

  194. Home life as a stay at home mom has been so challenging & busy, it’s hard to find time for the spiritual renewing that I crave each day. I would love to read your book.

  195. Would love this book! Trying to carve out some space for myself, but it’s such a challenge with a toddler & newborn. If I can’t find it now, I’ll have to look forward to it in retirement!

  196. It takes great courage to speak a painful memory like that. So many women wounded in childhood and feel as though they have no voice. It is my hope that your story not only creates that whitespace but gives women the courage to share their stories.

  197. I have been learning a lot this year about the importance of Margin and Rest. My husband was diagnosed with stage four melanoma cancer just a month ago. Now I understand why he was calling me to Abide in him. I would love to get my hands on this book for this season.

  198. Our church is hosting it’s first ever women’s retreat in September. The theme is Rejuvenate and Rejoice. Slowing down and taking time for ourselves. This book would be perfect to go in one of our raffle baskets,

  199. I know of several women who would love to have this in their hands…and I would love to provide that resource for them.

  200. I so need this book! I always put myself on the back burner and put everyone else first. I don’t take the time I need to spend with the Lord daily because my calendar gets so busy, I have trouble finding time. I would love to find spiritual whitespace!!

  201. I would love to get this book in my hands. The struggle between work, school, family and friends leaves me feeling broken down, unworthy, discouraged and so much more … Ugh! Maybe this book is the answer to my prayers for some uplifting encouragment. Whom ever may win, I’m sure it will be a blessing!!

  202. Sounds like just what I need to read to better take advantage of the down time!

  203. I would love to read this, for I have forgotten how to rest, how to relax…

  204. I know we all can’t win this book, but if I did, I would be routing it SEVERAL of my clients and friends! 😉 After I read it of course 😉

  205. How I would love to win a copy of this book. I find so many of my days such a test of my strength and faith. I feel I would find a sense of peace by reading this. Maybe answers to help me. Thank you for the blessing of this giveaway.

  206. This would be total confirmation that God has this book especially for me at this season of my life. 2 of my closest friends have poured this book content into me saying they have LOVED it and that I need to get it. I want it, more than most books, I know it will minister to my soul. Thank you! (I think I’m believing in my heart that I already won)

  207. It is something I have been wrestling with for a while: what does it MEAN to “rest in Him,” to “simply enjoy Him,” etc.? What does it really MEAN to “be,” rather than “do”? I can use all the help I can get to try to wrap my head around this!

  208. Bonnie,

    Thank you for being so open and honest about your past! This, for me, has been a tough year. Dealing with my aging dad–moving him to assisted living, medication issues that landed him in hospital and rehab. It was so tough I had to miss church on Easter. My dad was in rehab and I had family from out of town staying with me.

    I have had highs and lows–more lows than highs. It has been tough to find the spiritual whitespace to truly connect with God! I rush from work to see dad, run errands, etc. It has been crazy. Things have finally settled down and I may just get that whitespace I need.

    If I won this book I would definitely share it with friends!

  209. My church takes the months of August and December to “abide”; we reduce the programs and try to give everyone space to be quiet and rest in God. I struggle to actually do the rest part, instead of filling my time with other things.

  210. I find myself yearning to rest in the Lord’s presence. I definitely can relate to feeling burnt out in this busy season of being a stay at home mom of two little boys. I think this book would be a blessing!

  211. This sounds like exactly what i need !! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  212. Ever since my divorce, I have been making myself take care of me although I’ve been called selfish by many including my own parents.

  213. I love the title of your book! I occasionally find myself having “quiet time” that is anything but quiet, at least internally, & it’s not refreshing or renewing in the least. I need more of what you so beautifully call “spiritual white space.” Thank you for addressing such an important topic.

  214. I’m at a point in my life that this I could benefit from the message of your book. I would be thrilled to receive a copy!

  215. Whitespace, I hear, encourages reading. So, I am excited to enter the contest and intrigued by the challenge to find out what the author has to say. I sense a beautiful mind wants to share w/us.

  216. The title alone is the desire of my heart. Would be honored to receive a copy of the book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  217. Oh my goodness, I was brought to tears just reading the excerpt from your book!! I can’t wait to read the book. The grace of our awesome God is truly flowing through you in the pages of this story.

  218. How can we say who needs it most? Bless you if you win! If I should be so fortunate, it would be shared.

  219. I have 2 rare diseases and I’m a newlywed for the first time at 44 yo. I am constantly battling to be still and losing all the time. My pain and choices have me distancing myself from God but hungering to be close to Him. I would love to win your book and learn to enjoy the white space instead of being filled with ‘stuff’. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

  220. The book sounds like something I would love to read. Giving it a shot for a copy.

  221. I’ve been reading Bonnie’s blog for a few years and I’ve always loved her messages!

  222. My spiritual journey has it’s ups and downs. I am always working hard at it, at my marriage, at being a Mom, and being a good employee. Nothing ever come easy. I do give it my all though. I would love to read this book and think it would be so beneficial to me.

  223. I completely get this. I know God has told me many times…”be still and get to know me”. But for me to be still brings a feeling of guilt and frustration. I started a ministry for women escaping domeztic violence and prostitution in the city rated #3 in human trafficking. I invited my disabled mother, my prodigal son now suffering with social anxiety, and my emotionally abused daughter and her 2 very young children to live with me. My part time job is taking care of a woman with m.s. for me to take a few minutes to shower is a chore since I am always exhausted. I need to study my Bible, pray, and rest and all those desired activities elude me. My first book was published and the second is a slower process than I’d like. Whitenoise is something Idesperately need to grasp.

  224. I would love a chance to read this book. I could sure use all the rest I can get!

  225. God has been reminding me that Sabbath is so important if I am to be effective doing what He has called me to do. I look forward to reading Bonnie’s book!

  226. This book sounds heavenly…I can’t wait to read it! Sounds like a book we all can use!

  227. This sounds wonderful. We are coming out of an intense season and while we are getting our feet under us and moving again I am tired, I need time to recover and rest.

  228. I am at point at 78 years old of looking back and seeing little but losses, seeming like my place in the church, the service I have put in as a young Christian and later as a pastor’s wife, etc., seems in vain. My life is full of suppressed anger that comes out of nowhere to hit my at my lowest points. Maybe Bonnie’s book is what I need to help get back on track. It sounds like a wonderful read. Thanks!

  229. wow… I am excited to hear the rest of the story… but this book sounds amazing… the more I hear about it the more I want it… I hate being unemployed… not having funds for any extras… like a good book… I would so love to win a copy… but if not I will continue reading the blog and hear the comments… very encouraging and thats why I love this site… thanks…

  230. As an artist, whitespace is so important to highlight and brighten a painting and give the eye rest, it also brings attention and focus to what is important. Matt 11:28, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Spiritual whitespace helps us focus on what is important, Christ. So easy to understand, but so hard in practice. As a single girl, I’m working 10-12 hours a day as a Sr. Analyst. I take care of my Mom who is sick and we’ve not found someone to diagnose the problem. It seems almost impossible to have any kind of life or even find enough quiet time to get my mind to be quiet enough to hear God or even think some days. I’m sitting here this morning at 5:30 a.m. so tired I can hardly move after working the holiday weekend and 10 hours yesterday without even a lunch break. I’m thankful for my precious Savior who is so patient with me and I know is calling me to do something, but I can’t seem to get to a point to know what it is. I’d love to see if there are some tips I am missing that would help me focus more and find that rest in God so I can become the Godly woman God created me to be and to find those still waters and rest. Thank you for this opportunity! God bless.

  231. Wow, I’ve never thought of surviving like the clip says. I just survive. It would be great to read this and discover insight to resting with our Lord God. Thank you.

  232. Sounds like something I need to read. Feel the need to rest n reconnect.

  233. What a needed book for women. As a counselor and busy wife, mother and grandmother, I relate. I seem to never get it all done and I am the last one for whom I give permission to rest. Bonnie’s story of the pink outfit broke my heart for her. I cannot wait to read her words….and will be recommending this book to hurting busy women.

  234. This looks like just the breath of fresh air I need right now as I struggle with the concept of Sabbath and what that looks like.

  235. I would really like to read this book! As you described above I am married to my soulmate and have two beautiful, healthy boys. God has blessed me with so much and I am very thankful…Yet, I too, have a feeling of unrest that goes beyond physical tiredness. I know I should spend more time with the Lord…and I do in short little prayers throughout the day but it isn’t enough. I do want to find rest. I want to feel settled and at peace in the middle of the busy day. Thank you for this post and blessings to you!!

  236. I can so relate even as an adult. After 3 years working hard to get into a nursing programme in my 50’s it took one clinical nurse to intimidate me put me in a corner and break my confidenece and dreams. I was left wondering what God had in store for me, I know that God will find some way to use this as a blessing, that the pain will heal. I trust God as my father to guide me I am a survivor.
    I would love to win a copy of this great book.

  237. Wow how aptly put! I think you are right about the pink outfit. I know I have of few. Your words seem to speak straight to my heart. Its funny how I know I need “whitespace ” but just can’t seem to locate it. Thanks for writing the book.

  238. Taking a break to simply rest in God’s presents is something my soul so desperately needs and longs for

  239. Be still and know ….. it just may be that tattoo my son kids me about. With four sons and a full time job, I know that I need to be purposeful about being quiet and in His presence. For when I do, it is without a doubt when I am most content. If I don’t win a copy, I will definitely be purchasing one! God Bless all the amazing women of faith out there!

  240. I can totally identify- too often my spiritual health is put aside for the business of life.

  241. Oh, what a heart-rending story of the pink outfit! I can only imagine how horribly your mother’s words and actions must have hurt. Yet … what a beautiful example of how God takes things meant to harm us and turns them to good use. No doubt this account is going to bless many women who need to read it. Thanks for the blessing today and for the opportunity to win a copy of the book.

  242. *Spiritual Whitespace! What a beautiful way to describe all that my heart, mind, & spirit are in undergoing! In Februlary of this year, there was an undeniable stirring inside my heart. A restlessness that I couldn’t deny. God made it very clear to me through the whisperings of my heart that my passion for teaching, in which I was once vibrant, and passionate, and boiling-hot crazy about… had become luke-warm, just so-so, and was draining to my spirit. This status-quo-ness was even more disturbing to me than my drained-dry tank of passion. And so, without one single thing to fall back on other than the great God of the universe, I prayerfully let go of my job, and grabbed on tight to God’s potential for my future. I am now resting quietly in a peaceful place where my full identity now lies in Christ alone. I am engulfed by God infused Spiritual Whitespace ~ and it is here that God is ministering to my heart in a mighty way!

    Your book announcement arrived in God’s perfect timing! Blessings to you!

  243. My husband and I are often talking about why we feel like we’re constantly in survival mode and what we can change to live with margin. Interested to read this book for some insight!

  244. Your words settle deep within my spirit right now and I know I am to read this book….as if you speak my heart language! Even if I don’t win, I will be purchasing this book!

  245. The perfect reminder at every stage of life to slow down and “be still and know.” Canmt wait to read!

  246. I have a pink outfit — in fact, I have 6 of them — babies who were gone from me all too soon. There is always someone else to comfort, someone else to take care of. It’s hard to take that for yourself. Sometimes you feel like if you open the door to that it will consume you. Thank you for reminding me that I was never alone. I know that in my head, but sometimes it’s hard to realize it.

  247. I hit burnout at 40 years old after a short 6 mo marriage which destroyed my family and left me wondering if should even be alive. I was suicidal and had a hard time forgiving myself for bringing that monster into our lives and family. And God felt very far away. I had an emotional breakdown. I decided I didn’t want to be a nurse anymore – I didn’t want to be a mom anymore, in fact I didn’t want to even be a person anymore. I asked God to erase me….just pretend I didn’t exist. I was convinced the world would be better off without me. My children were 11, 14 and 15. But as bad as that was, it was at that point in my life I began my desperate search for God. And I found him. In the quiet still parts of my heart. I called out… And he answered me and rescued me. I look forward to reading your book.

  248. I so need this book! I have had a real struggle all my life trying to stay connected to God. I feel so empty inside at times, I need to connect with God and let him take over my life…I wish I could win this book so that I can read it and reconnect with God again…I feel best when I let him take over my life….I’ve had a hard life and its not something I’m very proud of….

  249. I have been looking for something to read that will awaken my spirit …life is getting hard I need some renewing of my spirit hope to win a copy 🙂

  250. Thank you for your encouraging words. I haven’t felt “rested” in so long. I think I have lost the ability to truly rest. This book sounds like what my soul has been asking for.

  251. I need to just slow down and take better care of myself. I can’t wait to read this!

  252. It is a great book! I already have the e*book and had to learn how to underline on my Kindle just for your book! But I always love to hold the real thing in my hands… If I win, I would give it away.

    Great book!!

    Best, Lina

  253. We all live such busy lives that it can be very difficult to stop and take the time to listen for God to talk to us. There are so many things in our lives that demand our time, it sometimes seems that we need a sound proof room so that God can talk to us and refresh our souls. Listening to this video fills me with a sense of peace, and I would love the chance to read this book.

  254. Would live to do more than just survive. Recently my husband told me he didn’t want to be married anymore after 24 years of marriage. It came completely out of no where for me. I rather be rejuvenated:)

  255. I and my family of 5 have been pioneering missionaries for over 16 years now – I know tired ! and burn out and doing whatever everyone else needs for a long a time. But God is helping me to re-order my inner and outer world for more pink-ness….

  256. On, the irony that I have had a ministry for the chronically ill called Rest Ministries for 18 years now and yet I am still seeking the rest you speak of. Our family has carried many burdens and my illness is only one among them. But I would love this book and not just read it but share it! It is going on,my list to read for sure, thank you!

  257. I once said, “Look at our life. Isn’t it just perfect!” and within ten days everything I had been so sure about had collapsed around my feet. I often feel anxious when I am trying to rest or trying to enjoy something. This book sounds like just what I need.

  258. In a world where success is measured by the amount of things you accomplish and the busyness of our schedules I think this book breathes a breath of fresh air and allows us to learn how to step away into the quiet with our Lord. Can’t wait to read it!

  259. I find myself struggling with this a lot. I ask God a lot to show me how to find the time to rest and not feel guilty about it. Because even Jesus, when he was on this earth, had to have some alone time. So I am looking forward to reading this book.

  260. It took a car wreck in sept. For me to see God was trying to give me rest & I just kept going…taking care of everyone else. Putting everyone else first. The healing that has come from the time of recovery has been so precious, refreshing, & absolutely eye opening to what God truly has for us. I would love to win a copy of your book to journey through renewal God has for all of us when we come to Him in our weariness. Thanks

  261. Just seeing the word R E S T puts a longing in my soul. I am one burned out stressed out lifeless mom who feels like giving up. The stress of raising a very difficult special needs child is beyond overwhelming….this book might be just what I need 🙂

  262. I’ve been thinking about rest in God and trust in God recently. They seem to be related, perhaps twins, although not identical. I am to give myself over to rest in God, to trust in God. What seems to happen, though, is that I resist that total surrender. Recently, the story of Annanais and Sapphira at the beginning of Acts 5 really shook me. They sold a piece of land and said they were giving the proceeds to the early church, but decided that they would keep a portion for themselves without disclosing the fact. Peter calls each of them liars before God and each of them dies. Keeping a portion for ourselves…I think about this in terms of my relation to trust in God and rest.

  263. This sounds like a book I need to read – thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  264. After ten years of being sole guardian for my mother and spending ten days at her bedside as she found her way to glory I need to fill my days where I once was full of worry and concern. I am a three time cancer survivor and I feel I have a purpose but I feel at a loss of what to do next. I’m hoping to be a winner of this give away but either way this will be on my reading list soon!

  265. I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the preface of your book, or journal. I feel exactly the same way, less the job and a great husband. I cannot seem to find happiness. I don’t think the way I feel 95% of the time is: happiness. I can truly say I was happy once. It lasted 2 years and it was gone too. I haven’t felt happy since 1996. I feel so depressed I can’t get up and to look for a job. I’m not lazy, by far. If there’s something I really want to do, I have all the energy I need. It seems that everyday is a struggle to get through and finally the night will come and I’m safe, once again. I’m not able to sleep without anxiety medications. Without my medication, the second I lay down my heart starts to fly. And It doesn’t stop until I get up. I see a doctor a a monthly basis who prescribes the medication and I’ve told him all I’m sharing with you. I’m 53 now and I don’t want to exist any longer; I want to live life! I need happiness, real happiness, feel happiness. I’ve shared my feelings with several family members but there’s nothing they can do. I just need to let somebody know how I really feel. Please keep me in your prayers and the prayers of your site followers. I need to know happiness. I feel if I miss the opportunity I haven’t lived my life, I’ve only existed. I’m not a bad person, I’m not a mean person, I’d give my last sock to anybody that needed it. Everyone that knows me would tell you that. I just want to be happy. Thank you for the opportunity to leave my comment. May God Bless your work!

  266. Crushed dreams and the loss of hope for the future can become fertile soil for growth and joy, but it doesn’t come easily. I’d love to read someone else’s story of how they were able to know joy again. I am still on that journey.

  267. I really enjoyed your degree of vulnerability. I have a family member who is going through a painful divorce and she has a 7 year old daughter. Your post inspired me to really love on this little girl. We are having her spend the night with us this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  268. the dailyness of life itself and my allowance of just any ole thing to occupy my time leads me to the need of whitespace. I want to learn to enjoy the downtime, listen for the still small voice of God leading my way instead of me filling my physical and mental moments to the brim and leaving me spiritually dry.

  269. Whether I win a copy of this book or not, I’m definitely putting it on my “must read” list. Thank you for approaching a subject that many of women struggle with.

  270. I feel so beaten down right now. The last 5 years of my life have been nothing but stress and pain, burdened down by my Mother’s chronic and numerous illnesses. My role in the household has been reduced to full time caretaker. I barely have any life of my own. I’m just drowning. Why would God make me suffer this long? I had dreams. I wanted to be somebody. Now my Mom and I are at each others’ throats and God feels to be nowhere in sight

  271. This book looks wonderful, I feel it would be a blessing to read it. I have been wanting to purchase it but have not been able to afford it. A friend of mine has it and says it is transforming. I definitely need to find my spiritual whitespace, especially in the hectic life of a single mom that I am living and have been for seven years. If I am blessed enough to win this book, I will put my all into reading it, getting everything I can out of it, and grow deeper in relationship with the Lord…while keeping my sanity! God bless, and thank you for doing this giveaway!

  272. Thank you for the chance to win this book! I’ll be reading it one way or the other. 🙂

  273. You will never know how much I need this book. At this point in my life I am a weary traveler. I look forward to the read.

  274. I would really love to have this book. I desperately need to reconnect my spirit to my Father. My indifference to the things of God scare me more than anything. I know that God will place these books with those who need them most, so I would ask for your prayers above all. ♡

  275. So true. Having and making time for everyone around you. Need to make set time for Him.

  276. I am really interested in getting your book. Just reading what it is about encouraged me (: I have always taken care of others, and for the most part have wanted to and believed that it was what I was suppose to be doing.. but for the last year or so I have been so restless inside and have tried so many things to make myself feel better ( usually trying to give more and more ) but nothing has helped. I loved that you shared that it is never too late to find the rest and dreams God has put in our hearts… That he has put before us an open door that cannot be shut ! So encouraging!

  277. I am a weary traveler seeking a closer relationship with God and would love a copy of this book!

  278. Thiscsounds like avery good book to help me get my focus back where it needs to be- on God.

  279. An amazing lesson that we all need to learn, and learn and learn again! Thank you for sharing your story and an opportunity to win. I look forward to reading your book. God Bless!

  280. The Lord has been echoing in my life these past months the word “rest” and His words in Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” have been my focus. So I am all about rejuvenating my soul. 🙂

  281. This is a book for me. I struggle greatly and I know it would be a great blessing.

  282. Being a nurse and taking care of my dad until he died in May, taught me that I need to take time for myself. I just don’t know how.

  283. I look forward to reading this book. While you dont want others to experience the same feelings, it is nice to know we are not alone.

  284. I always thought that I was one of the few who had the problem of trying to slow down and talk with God and ease the restlessness of my spirit. It’s reassuring to know that others feel the same. I would love love love to have this book! I think there are many of us that it would benefit!!

  285. We all need more white space in our lives. I find myself being busy for God and losing track of God. Where did He go? He didn’t go anywhere, He is waiting for me to slow down and find Him. This book sounds great.

  286. This is something that is top on my mind lately. Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10 has been presented to me in different ways in the past few weeks. I just feel so distracted and seem to be having internal turmoil.

  287. I’ve been restless lately – this book sounds like it could help shake me out of whatever it is that’s weighing me down these days.

  288. These days I wonder if I’ve given myself too much white space. After losing my husband in December I hung in until school got out. Now I’m on summer break, determined to press in to God and grieve as I need to. But I’ve pulled away from everyone as I spend my days remembering and aching. I would hope the book gives me guidance and support to make my white space positive and productive.

  289. Intriguing. Lord, if this is for me, make a way for me to get my hands on this in Your perfect timing. Amen!

  290. Oh Lord, do I need this book! I’ve been a caregiver to family and friends all my life. Ie raised first my two sisters and then my niece and nephew. I went on vacation and ended up basically becoming a housekeeper for my aunt. I don’t know how to care about myself and do what I need. The timing of my seeing this is a Godsend. I’m trying to change my life now but have been very lost.. And honestly suicidal… Whether I win a copy or not, thank you for putting this book out. God bless.

  291. Immediately I think of psalms 46:10 . Too often I don’t take the time to be still and truly know God. Thank you for using your talents in writing to draw us nearer to his presence. How honored I would be to have an autographed copy.

  292. Would love to read this and figure out how to find rest when being needed in so many areas.

  293. Balancing a blended family of 6 with aging parents is challenging but I press on. After my Mom passed away earlier this year, I thought life would relax ftom all the Dr appointments and errands. Not so. Life just keeps moving on and my Dad needs me now more than ever. It is far too easy to put God on stand-by for the moments I really can tune into him yet those should be every moment. Great concept for your book!

  294. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about what we all struggle with, making time for God! I am going to have to read this book!

  295. Change, transition to a higher spirituality is my goal, to simplify my life to be more loving , to serve God, I would appreciate winning this book.

  296. I know my day and life goes better when I take time to “be still and know I am “. I’m trying to make this a priority.

  297. I would be truly grateful for this book. I am seeking God & trying to get closer to Him. I am praying for that deeper relationship.
    God bless who ever win.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  298. I am at a very ‘tired’ place in my life. A place of not feeling like I belong anywhere…perhaps I need ot find my white space and draw closer to God. Perhaps this book would have insight for me.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  299. I would love to read this book!! I be so focused on making sure my boys, husband, and everyone around me is happy & deep down I’m not happy with myself inside. I ALWAYS say I’m fine but I have so much bottled up inside since I lost my mother a few months ago. I know I’m stressed but I continue to go on each day standing strong for my family. This book would be right on time for me

  300. I feel like my life is overrun by the unimportant stuff. I know that I need to spend more time with God. I feel that this would be a great book to read.

  301. Even now that my children are grown and I am currently not working, I still find that I fail to take time for myself to simply dwell in God’s presence – as if I’m programmed to always be “busy” even when what I doing is not that important or can wait. I really am looking forward to reading this book!

  302. I would love to read this book. I have a very hard time with rest. I grew up with the idea ” I can rest when I’m dead”. Maybe this can help me.

  303. Looks like a good read…especially after my night…ER visit…chest pains…but turned out to be stress….thanks for your faithfulness to encourage those of us who need it.

  304. My heart is moved by so many ladies sharing. We are not alone in our struggle. We are not the only ones going through it. Praying for all of us this morning for God to give us focus, clarity of the mind, peace and His presence with us in y step we take today.

  305. I would love to read this book, at times I feel worn out. There is always someone wanting something done or wants to download on you and then when there are family problems one wonders as to what one has done wrong and then one starts to doubt their own salvation.

  306. I would love to receive this book as I am going through difficult time as my husband died last 12th June 2014. I need support and encouragement to move forward as I lost my partner in life raising 3 girls now on my own. God bless

  307. Craving Whitespace. When I first read about this give-a-way, I thought about how many of us just don’t have the time to sit down; be still, and know that HE is God. Then I thought about my circumstances. Since losing my son, my job, my home, etc., I’ve had more than enough time to just sit. My problem lied within myself. My head. It has been so overwhelmed with anxiety – so foggy – that I haven’t been able to mentally/emotionally take the time with God; the one who could actually help me with this anxiety and ”foggyness”. I so crave the whitespace to get close to Jesus. I so crave for my mind to ”Be Still” and know that He is God.


  308. This sounds just beautiful. As a multi-media canvas artist, I love the white space reference. As the daughter and caregiver to two aging parents and an autistic son, my soul and spirit long for this elusive entity called peace. I very rarely get a moment of quiet and despite my best efforts to rest, I am left depleted. What a gift to us. The people pleasers. The women, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters whose hearts to serve can often keep us from doing just that. Thank you. I would be truly blessed to receive this book.

  309. Thank you for writing a book for all of the burned out and tired women! This is how I have felt since I started working, after being a stay-at-home mom for close to seven years. Days are long, but there seems to be so many demands with my husband and children, I feel drained to even have five minutes alone; with God! This would be a great collection to my “must reads”! Thank you again.

  310. I’m in a process that will lead to me ending made redundant! This means my job and ministry have gone in 1 blow as I have been lecturing and also chaplain. God is encouraging me to rest before the next step, but I do find it hard to know how to really rest and recharge even though I know I have to do this to regroup!

  311. This past year has been a really difficult one for me. When I sit down with my devotional book during the day, sometimes it’s a breath of welcome relief, but as often as not I just stare at the black words on the page and feel disconnected, while my brain runs in circles going over my problems and stress. I am definitely looking for ways to rest, and I am grateful for the many ways God is meeting me during this time and showing me how he is walking beside me and taking my yoke onto his shoulders. Sometimes my “devotional” of the day is just staring at the clouds in the sky for a few minutes, and I meet God more closely there than if I were reading the prayers printed in my devo book.

  312. Reading through the story of the pink outfit reminds me of the times I faced similar situations in the past and the hurt that went with losing it when it was dropped in the bin, condemned or outrightly broken without having a discussion on what was wrong with the gift. And indeed it is the Lord that smoothens the hurt and gives one the grace to move on and forgive.
    Today’s world for the working woman like me include the daily struggles through the challenge of meeting the needs of one’s family, meeting seemingly insurmountable deadlines sometimes to the detriment of one’s spiritual wellbeing. It is therefore important to create and nurture one’s ‘spiritual whitespace’ where one can have rest and succour

  313. God is prompting my heart in ways of rest by using my chronic illnesses. I am learning how much prayer brings rest in my heart, soul, and mind. As I pray for others, I know this is how God chooses to use me now even though I would prefer to be moving and doing other things.

  314. It is amazing that God puts the right words or people in your path when you most need it. I am a recent subscriber to DaySpring devotions and already I have read wonderful encouraging words. I am going through an especially difficult time, caring for my invalid husband and elderly mother in law. People often say, you must take time for yourself. I always say, how? It sounds like your book may have guidance for doing just that. I would love to find that healthy balance.

  315. It is difficult to find “rest” when you feel as if you are following God’s will for your life and you are intently listening for his voice, but meanwhile a spouse makes remarks that make you feel guilty for doing so. How can he resent what I’m doing when I feel so strongly it is what He wants? I long for spiritual rest.

  316. Being a mom is the most wonderful experience of my life but it’s the most tiring as well. At times I forget to take care of myself so I can take care of everyone else. I look to The Lord to rest and help to be the woman he desires me to be..

  317. This book sounds like exactly what I need. I have five children and a year ago married a man with twins one of which has ADHD and the mother now wants to give to us permanently. Every day I’m just trying to make it to the end of the day and feel like I didn’t blow it…learning to carve out time with Christ is becoming part of that challenge.

  318. I would love to read this book since I have been struggling with feeling lost. I so want to let God guide me to where I am suppose to be in life but I feel that I can’t stop going. I must keep the gas pedal to the ground since if I let up my family and I will fall to pieces. There never seems time to give Glory to God as I should since there seems to be so many other things that I need to make sure are working!

  319. I would love to win this book. Our life has been crazy upside down but I know that God is with us and will carry us through, but learning to carve out time amongst the chaos is challenging.

  320. Even though I know I need to be intentional in prayer and faithful in trusting the Lord…I get bogged down in caring for my 88yr old father who has had a stroke and balancing his life with my family needs. A deep breath and rest in Him is the answer but sometimes fleeting. I would live to read this book and boost my ability to better serve.

  321. Looks like an awesome read!! LOVE the concept of “spiritual whitespace.” Count me in!!

  322. As I finish another school year and prepare for vacation, this is just the message I needed to hear.

  323. I need to learn how to find that whitespace, it seems that I go from the time I awake until the time I lay down. I want to take that time to serve and enjoy serving, I want the time to build friendships and fellowships…

  324. Rest is a challenge God has been giving me for several weeks, seems like messages, verses, this theme has been repeating and repeating ….thank you for yet another pull toward finding His rest in my life!

  325. I have been struggling with finding time for God. When I read the introduction to this contest, I thought that is so me! I am always going, going, going! My husband will say that’s me too! I am slowly finding a schedule that works for me on spending time with God.

  326. Right now I feel as if my life is running me, instead of me running my life. So many things to get done, places I have to go, things to do for others. This book sounds exactly what I need, to take the time to unwind and just be.

  327. Wow. I was praying yesterday about needing rest. I would love to read this book. Thank you for putting your journey out for women to read.

  328. I would love to have this book . I’m a doctor working in the Nursing Homes , feeling burned out sometimes . It’ll be very nice to find my whitespace with this book !

  329. Wow, I so identify with what I have read. Lately I have been feeling like I’m running on empty. The challenges of being a caregiver and a minister and a friend to others who are sick or dealing with the death of a parent, can be overwhelming at times. i need to slow down, I need to recharge; I need to return to that place of rest; taking a break from washing and folding clothes, cleaning the house, etc…

  330. As a pastors wife and homeschooling mother of three rest seems life a foreign idea to me. I need to find white space in my life but just can’t seem to figure out how.

  331. Would love a copy of you’re book! I’m creating a personal reading list on the angle of John 15:5, abiding in Christ. Reads that point me to soul care, choosing joy, etc as 20!4 has been a struggle to “take care of myself, my soul” with all its personal, difficult events….I would love to not only add it to this list but of course read it. I love the idea of whitespace and rest in God…

  332. Spiritual whitespace wow what an analogy I run around trying to please everyone even our amazing God. This reminds me I need to be still but am not sure how, as i feel this pleases Him most! Most times when I stop to be still I fall asleep. Would love some more wisdom on this. Bless you Cass

  333. So many of the women I minister to could use this to gain wisdom and experience from someone who’s gone through it….myself included!!

  334. I think I so need this book. I lost my dad in April after taking a leave from work an d caring for him24/7. Just after he passed, my brother’s health declined due to aggressive cancer and he is currently in his last days. Work demands, family presses and my volunteer obligations overwhelm me. I desperately need some whitespace!

    • I am praying for you! God is faithful! I pray His perfect peace over you and to give you rest in Him! I loss my grandmother a year ago and I was her caretaker. It’s the hardest thing I think I have had to do, but so worth it too! Soak up the minutes you have. Ask questions that you don’t think you will ever hear answers for and love deeper than you ever have. God is faithful and He is your strength! I don’t know you, but God has put in my heart to write you. Breathe in His Grace!

  335. So timely, so appropriate for today’s ridiculously hectic lifestyle. I’d love to win a copy and after reading it share it with friends.

  336. Yes, we do need whitespace. As a mother and grandmother I find myself always busy with
    helping everyone. I love my work I do in church so much, but sometimes I over schedule
    myself and try to do too much. I recognize more as I get older that I need to “take time to
    re-charge myself”. We need more time to connect with our Father and know what he wants
    for us. This sounds like a wonderful book to help us reach this goal.

  337. This book has my name written all over it. My life has spread over the edges of the paper so there is not even a margin. Among work, grad school, home and family, training a rescued dog and training as a competitive athlete, there is little time for much else.

  338. I would love to win this book, but if I cant be one of the lucky ones to win it, I am going to go out and buy it…I cant wait to read it. I think if we look for it, all of us need some whitespace! Thank you so much for the oppertunity to win this book. I cant wait to start reading it. And thank you for your wonderful site, incourage. I just found it and can not wait to see what is posted next. Have a wonderful God filled day! Sheli

  339. I am adding words to this “whitespace” because this sounds like exactly what I need. I have not purchased too many books in the last few years because I have lost a desire to even read–which used to bring me much joy. Going to the store to get Bonnie’s book is on my list of things to do this week.

  340. I have even lost my ability to read and enjoy books in the last few years, but going to get Bonnie’s book is on my list of things to do this month.

  341. I think this may be just the book I need. I am so distracted by the noise and busyness of the world. If this book can teach me to allow spiritual whitespace in my life, that would be such a blessing.

  342. REST…I’m learning to rest in JESUS. Trusting Him for healing and restoration in my life and my family’s lives. Bonnie, thank you, for writing your story; for sharing your heart…Father’s heart for us…to REST in HIS LOVE.

    JOYful Blessings!

  343. Rest is often what I long for and find in too few opportunities. To rest in Christ is a desirous thought.

  344. I too feel like I’m taking care of everything around me, but so often I’m not taking care of me. I look forward to reading this book.

  345. I always make time for God first thing, talk, pray and worship through out the day but feel like I am so exhausted by doing to much for others and not taking the extra time I need with him. Lord, I need you to teach me to rest within you.

  346. I am so grateful to you for writing this book. I feel so distracted by the clamoring of life. If this book can teach me to some rest in my life, that would be such a blessing

  347. I have been through a lot recently; my son being tested for a heart disease, trying to avoid foreclosure, lots of medical bills, one car needing over $600 of work, the second car the transmission going out, you name it, look at this girl…it’s me. Then I will say that God woke me up in the middle of the night to have me open my bible straight to James 1 “Count it all good when you go through trials…”. My heart was filled with the awe of God. Though I had read it over and over again, something different spoke to me; be faithful and persevere. About a week later, my devotional shared Romans 5, which again God was sharing two words: Faith, Persevere. Then a friend shared a story with me that spoke to me to be thankful during my trials. You have to keep your focus on the Lord and not on your circumstances at ALL times. All this has been a life changing experience for me. I am so overwhelmed in my life with things to be worried about from health to finances, but I am putting my faith in God and not on the things of this world. I pulled up this email today to see what the devotion was about and I could relate in so many ways. Whether I win the book or not, I have a God who has an awesome book and I know that whatever happens, He’s got my back! He’s got yours too! Stay faithful in all you do and He will see you through!

  348. Tears came to my eyes as I read the devotional. Yes, it described me perfectly. Providing care for a parent whose health is failing, working full-time (plus more) as a church secretary, trying to take care of my own family, being there for a friend going through a rough patch — it’s all becoming a burden not something done with love and concern. Everyone says to me “you have to take care of yourself to be of any good to others” and, of course, then follow that up with “This won’t take you a minute—can you do/help (whatever the favor is) for me”. What I hear is—“Yes, take care of yourself, but only after you take care of me.” This morning at 1:00 as I was finally in bed for a few hours of rest before starting the race all over again, I realized i hadn’t picked up my Bible all day and had only prayed popcorn prayers all week. No wonder I feel burned out! Thus the reason for the tears when I read this. Another little nudge to remind me that God loves me and is trying to guide me back on the path to Him.

  349. I think … no I know this book was written for me to read. Yes, I’d like to win it as much as the next person but still from the few lines shared from the pages of this book and comments Bonnie Gray and others have shared about the book I feel it may help as I have often felt weary and needing rest. Quality rest. Spiritual rest.

    Just in case … thank you for writing it.

  350. WOW! I wonder how many copies I can afford! I know so many women who need to know how to rest in God and take care of themselves instead of draining their energies on life. What a timely book. I pray that it can refresh many women and direct their hearts to the fullness and peace found in God. Blessings to you and to all who read your book.

  351. Each day I ask the Lord for the opportunity to share His word. I cannot count the number of days when that prayer is answered. In the most unsuspecting places or situations, the Lord guides me to share His word. What a beautiful blessing he gives us all when we can take the opportunity He provides and share His word. I need more and more “Whitespace”, to just spend the time reflecting on the gracious gifts God bestows not just on my family and I, but all the people of this world. I tell so many to just look around and count the blessings they see, when they look they are amazed at what they see and recognize as a blessing. May we all find more time to share with our precious Lord.

  352. It’s been a little over a year since my 50 year old “baby” brother died very unexpectedly…. I live near my parents and my sweet sister-in-law and her precious family… it’s been so painful watching them grieve and grieving myself… I feel like I’ve lost myself somewhere along the way trying to keep my head above the water. I’m intriqued by “whitespace”…. I’ve been trying to clear my crazy schedule to find myself and My God again… I just feel numb from it all. I’m craving real, nonjudgemental rest.

  353. I need to read this book for myself but more importantly my older sister, Trish, needs this book. She is seriously going through a very trying situation right now. My sister prayed for me for years that I would give my life to the Lord. I did at the age of 42. Now, my sister needs and has my prayers but she needs to know that she is not alone. She needs to know that other women have felt exactly like she has….that she is all by herself without help. She needs the reassurance that our Lord is always there with us walking by our side and then sometimes carrying us.

    I pray that I would ‘win’ this book for my sister, Trish.

    thank you,

  354. Going through these messages I feel so truly blessed. So many women struggle with things in life that I don’t. Still I find myself asking, “why do I find it so hard to find whitespace?” I am just a working wife and mother of 2 beautiful boys that are really grown men now. I still find myself doing everything except spending the time I should with my heavenly Father. I read my Bible and worship Him thru music and devotions daily but I need rest! I pray that everyone that left a message, including me, can learn to care for ourselves the way God wants us to. God Bless….

  355. I have so much enjoyed reading this portion from your book. It sounds as though it would be a wonderful book. I so need that whitespace and rest in the Lord on a daily basis.

  356. I am on this journey this summer and I would love to have a copy of this book. It sounds like just what I need. I am also a Pastor’s Wife and would love to share this journey with my ladies.

  357. This looks like a great book for me – often busy but not taking enough time to be quiet and still with Jesus. I would also like to pass this book onto my daughter, a young wife & mother of 2.

    Blessings to you and your ministry! 🙂

  358. Wow. This so sounds like my battle for rest. To be instead of do. Would love to read this book!

  359. All I have I have given to my family. Isn’t this what a mom does? We make sacrifices. Put others first. Deny ourselves. It has been a difficult year but God shows up so faithfully. His goodness is obvious and evident but I need to make room and open my eyes, eats and heart in order to receive this goodness. I need Whie noise space for God.

  360. Sounds like a good book to read for inspirational thoughts to help with burnout. The best thing to do is to turn to God to recharge your life.

  361. This spoke loudly to me today, as a Christian woman in the corporate world, balancing the demands of work, children, family, church and life gets over-whelming at times. This is a wonderful reminder to us all that REST is found in HIS presence. Thank You!

  362. I sooooo relate..my friend/mentor/spiritual mom, Carol often remarks how appropriately I am named “Kare-n”… firstborn of six, RN, CAREgiver/encourager for everyone, including their pets! I need to learn to be still and hear His voice and learn how to be like Jesus, ONLY doing what our Father says to do! Thank you for sharing this.. SHALOM!

  363. I could really use this book! Stress over helping my elderly mother is really taking a toll on me, mentally and physically. I’m so tired of being tired.

  364. With a husband and 3 little boys I have a hard time finding white space for myself!

  365. Last April I was sitting in my car and I began to cry for what appeared to me to be no reason. Being on the mission field and a leader of a ministry, life was exciting and I saw God performing miracles daily before my eyes. How could I be so sad and for what reason? As I began to connect with God in a new and deeper way He peeled back the layers of abuse that I had experienced as a child and I felt so naked and vulnerable. The clothed in His love He has been building me up again. It’s a long and painful process but definitely worth going through for the joy and peace that is and will be mine. There are no therapists and help is limited in this area of the world. I thank God for the people that He has brought to help me and the Holy Spirit who has been my comforter and friend. This book sounds amazing!

  366. Wow! This book looks amazing and what so many of the women I lead need to hear.

  367. This book is what I need to have with me! I need this so much right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful book!

  368. I love the way God works! He sent your message at the perfect time!
    “My heart feels weary. Most of the time, I don’t know what is wrong. So I tell myself nothing is wrong.”
    This is me! Feeling very empty and searching. Although I pray daily and work on having conscious contact with God always I feel I am going through the motions not really feeling. I tell myself to step it up, wake up and be present.
    🙁 this me … I know I am not alone and will be your newest reader listening to what God has to say through your experiences. Thank you!

  369. I really identify with the writer. I am recently divorced after 23 years of marriage. I cared for both my parents in my home until their passing. My father died in 2011, and my mother in December. I am a minister, but even though I read, study, pray for everyone else. I find it hard to find time to do those things just for my spiritual health. This book really resonates with me. I hope I can win a free copy.

  370. This incourage message was perfect timing for me!!! I have felt very burnt out over the past 5 years with family, work, and church committments/ministry, and see that it is affecting me in every aspect of my life: physically, mentally, & spiritually. It’s to the point where I’ve never experienced this, especially in the summer, of not feeling like getting out of bed to tackle the day. I used to be a person with lots of energy but as someone in my 40’s feel like I’m already tired (physically & emotionally) when I wake up and begin to think about the day — isn’t that for someone in their 70/80/or 90’s???
    Thanks for prompting/reminding me to take care of myself in the best way — spending time with God/Jesus for refreshment.

  371. would love to read this book. I’m so overwhelmed with responsibility I didn’t ask for and would rather not have, but I do, and I need to find time for me. My sister, as one of the other replies said her daughter, has distanced herself from God and doesn’t understand why she can’t find peace. I have the answer but she doesn’t want to hear it. We all need to know how to rest in God to find true rest and peace

  372. My heart whispered yes as I watched the trailer. I have lived life by checklist –“measurable productivity.” How to find soul rest, soul space? Maybe this story has the way through.

  373. I am a single mother of two girls. Life is pretty busy to say the least. I’m always struggling to find ways to grow closer to God. I always pray and find christian music and articles from Proverbs 31 so helpful and reassuring. I would really like to receive a copy of this book, i believe it would be helpful.

  374. Making room in your life for “you” can be difficult because we get in a routine. We as women are nurturing, care-givers and it seems like that’s all we do; but, thanks, for showing us that there is space for us to meditate, to refresh and to grow — to expound on what we need, what we love and who we are. Yes, winning a book from you would be fantastic. Thanks for all who are chosen to receive your book. Be blessed forever and always!!!

  375. I have been a caregiver for over 30 years — I take good care of everyone else but myself. Now I’ve become physically ill and just got fired from my job. This book is for me! I need to find rest… rest and restoration! And I Must find time just for Jesus and me! I hope I can win a free copy of this book!

  376. I’m tired and weary and never seem to be able to make time for myself. I think it makes me feel guilty. I would love to read this book!

  377. I have been having tension headaches and I was convicted last night that I need to rest in God and let Him BE. Thank you for writing this book.

  378. I so needed to read this message today as I am weary from my God-appointed role as caregiver to others. For several weeks now I have felt tired & overwhelmed at times. This was a timely reminder to take time for myself to rest and recharge!
    P.S. I would love to have a copy of the book!

  379. Grateful for the opportunity to win this book and then pass it along to others in my work office and life. Love sharing good reads and helpful food for the soul.

  380. From the excerpt I read from your book, it sounds like it carries an amazing message that will bring hope and direction to a weary heart. Can’t wait to read it.

  381. The story really touched me and gave a little balm to my spirit. I have times when hurts that I think I’ve dealt with-things I’ve overcome, that have healed, sometimes sneak up on me and I’ll wake up sobbing and filled with pain of old wounds. It leaves my spirit heavy and even though I can “walk it off” physically and pray, it leaves me weak and tired for a few days. I like the perspective of that gift of rest and peace for my soul. Thank you!

  382. From the excerpt I read yearbook it is full of hope, encouragement, and direction for the weary heart. I can’t wait to read it.

  383. Rest is so difficult in our work-obsessed culture. We rarely stop to hear the still small voice of God and end up on the wrong path. A few minutes alone with Him can place us back on track. Thanks for this reminder Bonnie.

  384. I was intrigued when I opened my email. Whitespace….I had never heard that word before. It caught my attention.
    I have been called this summer to do just that to embrace what you call “Whitespace”. I have walked with the Lord and served him for almost 35 years now and have just been called by Him to make this time this summer for quiet and time to breathe again. I have served in a very important position in my community for the past 3 years and lost me somehow in the process. My Lord who I was serving was who I was loosing.
    With a grateful heart I am beginning to learn again to be quiet and still….I want to learn more about the “Whitespace”.

  385. The past two weeks I’ve been “go-go-go” and have not built in my normal devotional and prayer time with the Lord every morning. The consequence is I feel harried and un-centered, and frankly missing my sweet time with Him who encourages and teaches me. A friend of mine mentioned the idea of “white space” and have always been intrigued. I would definitely like to read this book.

  386. I found out I have copd and am having trouble coping with this I pray thie book will haelp me rest in Christ with my life.

  387. I love the story about the pink outfit. So many of my dreams have come to nothing. Just recently a dream that was growing suddenly disappeared. I had planted wildflowers around a pond behind where I live, and they were growing nicely, when a company that cared nothing for monarch butterflies, wildflowers, or buffer zones came in and mowed it all down. I think I don’t have much white space in my life – it is always filled with something. Your book looks really good.

  388. I have lost myself so far at times because of sorrowing for a loved one, or finding myself not where I need to be–I have wondered what is the real me. Knowing God loves me and is there for me has been my saving grace

  389. In the midst of Life’s challenges I have been blessed to know the encouragement of God’s Holy Word flood my life and My husbands Life. With 3 adult daughters and a young step daughter, work school and life knocking on my door every second of every day, I seek Gods presents in the ciaos. This book has been, is now and will be a blessing to many women.

  390. From the long list of comments this book is resonating with so many of us. Just the other night I was standing at the kitchen sink, trying desperately to bring a little order to one corner of our chaos, weeping and crying out to my husband “I’ve tried everything to find joy, and nothing has worked.” My soul is weary, weary of the fight, weary of the fear, weary of not being equipped with the coping skills to move beyond my past and how despite my best intentions I’ve textbook recreated so many facets of my family’s dysfunction. Looking forward to this book. Would love to win a copy.

  391. Going through hard times. Need to read something good sent from God. I hope this is it.

  392. I would love to own a copy to read before school starts again! I need to learn to set boundaries to recharge.

  393. Thanks for this reminder of rest today. Encouraging in this time of weary waiting, while my world continues to require my attention unaware of my internal struggle.

  394. I look at the clock and it’s 5am.
    I look at the clock it’s 10:34pm.

    I have yet to deal with the many loses that have occurred in the last 7 years. Because ‘I have to’ do this and do that. In years passed I enjoyed my time with God while walking my dogs in the woods before work. Add ice and snow… there goes my time with God.
    I work in a church; God’s home. I am so busy with work and helping visitors that I briefly get out a ‘thank you God’.

    I know so many women who are on the same treadmill.

    This sounds like a book to get us back on the right track and perhaps use as a Ladies Sunday School class in the Fall.

  395. I would relish a copy of this. So many times I feel saddened and just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I need my joy again. Some days my heart hurts because I’m so lonely.

  396. I just thought at church Sunday, I need motivation, I need joy and I need to know how to get that back in my life. I try to find the time, but am not successful at taking time for me. I need to read this books with the how to’s. Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing your talents with others.

  397. Wow! This is just what I needed to find. I look forward to reading this inspiring book. Thank you!!

  398. Bonnie: Liked the pink bubblegum outfit story. Makes me think of times I’ve said “No” to joy when I could have said “Yes” and found a blessing. Our Daniel Plan group was talking about Focus last evening and this sounds like a perfect match.

  399. Hi Bonnie,
    So glad you’ve written this book to minister to many women who may be battling difficult emotions due to burnout. What struck me were your initial comments on how some of us women (especially) give of ourselves so much to others that we fail to honour our very own need ie. to guard our hearts and minds; to look after ourselves. I experienced burnout as a result of prolonged stress over many years. This later led to clinical depression. Thank God He saved me from taking my life as I had wanted to give up on myself. It was indeed an awakening for my soul! I would dearly love to write about my personal journey too.
    Every day now, is a day for celebration, for I remember full well the Grace & Mercy of God that saved me from destruction. But again, being human, we are subject to attacks from the evil one now and again. We continue to practise His presence in our lives. I certainly would love to read what you have to say in your book! Please, may I receive a complimentary copy of your book? I do not live in the United States so I wouldn’t mind paying for the freight if need be. Thank you for reading my little comment.

  400. Until recently, my life was so filled that I wasn’t allowing enough time for sleep: Semi-retired from a job that keeps me mentally active, I have an ongoing project that is my passion and pulls in others–involving volunterism at a pioneer village for all of us. Three years ago, I got sucked into playing games on my computer that choked out things I needed to do at home. I finally broke the chain involving the games a few weeks ago….That white space for my spiritual needs is what I desire. It would be a blessing to receive this book!

  401. Thank you Bonnie for this reminder. I agree with some of the others. busyness, doing for others (which is my case especially) get in the way of my “rest with God”. I do serve and help but am I really doing what God wants me to, do I really have close relationship with him?
    Even if I don’t win, I want to buy this book, along with 4 others for the ladies in my bible study group, we are all in need of ‘resting with God’. thank you

  402. Loved your book excerpt I’ve just read, it’s really moved me. I would surely love to read the whole book. Thanks for sharing your life story. God bless you ….!

  403. These are powerful and freeing concepts for me! Even as we get older, there is a need for rest and drawing away for quiet time and refreshment with our Creator. I’m looking forward to reading this one!

  404. I have struggled for so many years with the thoughts of feeling guilty when I relax. The work is never done and never will be done. As I have grown, I have come to embrace the beauty of the rest on Sunday. God in his perfect plan knows exactly what we need. I would love to read this book to inspire me even more.

  405. Dear Bonnie, as I read the headline of your email to be honest with you I wasn’t sure what to expect, however as I was reading the introductory part of your email I culd relate to every word and I felt as if you were writing the emai just for me. My life is full of chaos and business, I recently graduated from college with my BS in Human Resouces and although I hold a full time job I feel as if I have lost my sense of direction. I feel like a fresh out of high school student. I find that “white space” ypu mentioned a little scary. I lve my life on the go always dong somerthing for someone or helping someone with a project or being involved in a church fundraiser. I am about to become a grandmother in less than a month I am 41 years old and I certainly don’t feel ike grandma yet I know this was a part of God’s plan for me. I rarely have time for me, and if someone were to ask me what I wanted I think for the first time in a log time i would be dumbfounded. I don’t know what I want but I do know what my heart longs for, My heart yearns for more alone time with God, a quiet place where he and I can be alone. I yearn to have my chaotic life to stop for a moment so that I can focus on just being in that “white space’ with him. I yearn for direction as to what I should do and I want to fill my “white space” with His love and with His word. Thank you for your posting it was inspirational and it truly made my day! God Bless you.

  406. I have one word to describe the season I’m in, LOSS. I’m holding on to the truth found in God’s word even though I don’t feel it, see it etc….
    This book may be for me.

  407. Thank you for this! Yesterday I had a colonoscopy and was really scared not knowing what to expect and so on…anyway, I was so nervous and my husband had to leave the room so the doctor could start the procedure and I just started saying “Jesus Jesus Jesus” over and over again until the medicine took effect. I felt such peace when I was saying His name. I would love to read this book it sounds like something I need to learn to have “white space”

  408. I so needed to read this – my 20 year old son is going through some major health issues and I’ve been so stressed I haven’t been able to even really pray. I’ve cried out to God at times and reached out to others to ask for prayers but rest is SO what I need right now….I’d LOVE to win a copy of the book to read….

  409. I think you have written the anthem for women striving to do all things; serve in church, in the home, and in the workplace without the ability to truly find a Sabbath rest for herself.

  410. Like several others have commented here, it has taken me 52+ yrs to get to where I realize I need to take care of me so my family can learn to take care of each other & their future mates & families. I am now leaning hard on the Lord in regards to my aging parents & their health & daily problems. I am now nearly a year into our most recent family death: my father’s sister. After 3 long trips across country we still have one last trip to finalize probate & have an estate auction. I never knew how grueling dealing with the after death details could be! Not to mention how emotionally & spiritually draining it can be to deal with the greed, deceit & drama of our family as well as her friends. I feel like I need a major vacation when this is all over, but can’t afford any more time off.
    Instead I make a point to relax and seek peace & healing from my God as I take a mini vacation at home each evening. I choose something inexpensive, yet rewarding & positive to do: plant some flowers; put some yard sale garden trinkets around to enjoy (wind chimes, old teapots, enamel cups, my Aunts gazing ball & bird feeder now grace my yard, too); found some free bricks and laid them down as a patio on the side of the yard that only grows weeds; have my morning coffee & evening glass of water out there & enjoy what God made available while I plan & relax & visit with my kids–who always know where to find mom to chat…etc.
    Next to spending the morning in my garden with God, It’s my favorite part of my day. Prayers of God’s Blessing of Peace & healing on each of you ladies…

  411. At 55 years old, I continue the struggle to care for myself.

    I recently lost my job, my husband is on disability due to Bipolar Disorder.

    My daughter lost her job, has unemployment which is NOT enough to cover her bills

    I had oral surgery due to an infected tooth causing an infection through out my body and currently recovering from this.

    Yet, everybody continues to look to me for support, answers and encouragement, and I just wish I could get a “break.


  412. Life is busy…everything from the mandatory to the optional is always offered in “super-size”. Even the good stuff….Take time–absolute quiet time. No phone, no computer, no errands, no meetings and go sit with Him and His Word. Let Him speak. Feel His presence…after all He’s been waiting for you!

  413. My mom just passed away and I am resting in God’s peace and love to sustain me during this time of sorrow. I feel your book would minister to my spirit and bring rest to my burdened heart.

  414. I’ve been trying to gear myself up to spend time with God in the morning. Even before I hit the floor I am overwhelmed with responsibilities and emotions. I crave a moment when something isn’t calling/yelling at me to get something done, a task. I crave even more a moment when I can experience possibility … dream … be proactive instead of reactive. Now I have a word picture for it, whitespace. Thank you for the excerpt – I feel like this book may just be the permission and reason I need to focus. Blessings, Laura

  415. I believe that we all have time, it is just what are we choosing to fill it with. I know I feel at peace when I pray and read the Word. When I feel overwhelmed and there isn’t enough time in the day to finish what needs to be done, it is when I have been watching TV or on social media sites. If we just sit back and evaluate what we do on a daily basis, we will find the distractions and then it is up to us to minimize them and feed our spirits and then w e will not feel so lost or overwhelmed.

  416. Amazing wisdom and such beauty! I can’t wait to read this book, and I need this so much….I rush from busy item to the next, forgetting to breathe. Thank you for sharing.

  417. This book sounds like it is just what I need! I work full time, caregiver for
    my mom and husband. I was also caregiver for my dad but he passed in
    2013. It seems like I have been on the run for the last five years and
    unfortunately it seems that I have also been on the run from God.
    I find that I need to reconnect and let my heart rest in God. I would truly
    love this book and even if I do not receive a free copy, I plan on
    Thank you!

  418. Wow. Can’t wait to buy this if I don’t win one! Currently caring for Dad who is in hospice care in our home. This caused me to cut back work hours to preserve energy, my respite is time with my children and 2 grandbabies. I realized just how many times I day ‘I’m fine. ‘ I’m not. It truly is God’s grace that sustains me. But God…

  419. Wow! This post showed up on a perfect day. I am going to share it with two co-workers who are also feeling “parched” and weary. Thank you! – Diana

  420. We are not promised tomorrow. I would love the opportunity to read this book. I am on disability and a very fixed income, so I don’t have the resources to go and buy the book. I would love to win a copy of it. God Bless you as you encourage others with your writing.

  421. I certaintly struggle to find that space to be alone with God. Not sure what I am avoiding but from reading a little bit of the book on your site I am feeling challenged. Would love to have this book!

  422. Sat in the car, in the driveway, and cried last night because it was the only place I could be alone, uninterrupted, and pray my heart out to God. Once again, my husband had trampled my heart with his words. God is good and gave peace, but when I read this today I realized why I’m hesitant to “ask and you shall receive.” Too many “pink outfits” ruined. God Bless.

    • Yvonne, your comment caught my eye as I could relate, “too many pink outfits ruined”. Please don’t give up on yourself and hope. Take one day at a time with God’s help and who knows who you will inspire with your strength. I know it seems like no one cares but that’s Satan’s lie to us. You are a valued child of God! Stay stong despite your husband’s comments!

  423. This book would be perfect for my life right now! The last 30 years have been full of things to respond to and get through and help with and survive. My two children and two stepchildren are now 21-29. Through their teen years I did what I could for my mom while my dad faded away with Alzheimers. During their college years and weddings for 3 of them, I was caregiver to my mom as she went from caregiver to dementia to hospice and finally Home. I’ve always worked full-time and now am busy with grandchildren and volunteer projects. I am struggling with trying to make time for myself — to relax, work on creative projects, and learn to be still and listen in God’s presence. There are two verses that I am drawn to right now. John 15:11 where Jesus says “These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” Jesus wants us to have Joy! And Luke 10:38-42, Jesus says . . . “Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” Mary took in everything Jesus said without distractions. I need to learn to do that!

  424. I’ve been wanting to get me hands on this book. It sounds amazing exactly what I need to grow 10 degrees hotter toward God.

  425. Bonnie,
    What a great title to your book. I would love to read more to find the ‘Spiritual Whitespace’ that we all need. I can relate to your passage and many of the comments. Then I thought of my oldest daughter & husband who have two biological children then took two foster children into their home (six years ago – they were 8 months and 3 yrs old at the time) and adopted them as the mother lost parental rights. Then the mother went on to have two more children (they are now 3 & 4…. all four have different fathers). She wanted my daughter & husband to take those children, also. So, through the same agency they fostered then adopted the last two children. My daughter and husband couldn’t bare to have the children separated. So, now they are looking at the results of the biological mother not nurturing the two oldest (one has anger issues and the other has been diagnosed with Radical Attachment Disorder) and the two youngest also have special needs…a result of no prenatal care. She definitely could use your book as she rarely finds time for herself. As I said at the beginning, we all need some “spiritual whitespace” just to know where the Lord would want us and to help us through each precious day He has given us. Thank you, Bonnie.

  426. Yes, we are just so and so’s wife, somebody’s mom,…and may be some company’s CEO. Who is our God and our God’s daughter? thank you for the book

  427. I was drawn to your topic of spiritual white space. Years ago, I learned what that meant in publishing…it’s the space between periods and the next capital letter; the space between paragraphs, the border around the page. It makes everything on the page make sense. I’m once again in a place in my life where the white space has been crowded. Even when I download an article, I’m minimizing outer borders to put more on the page. Help, Lord!! I need this book! Thanks for the opportunity! and Bless you for writing it!

  428. This is exactly what I have been struggling with. I am a mom of nine, and I’m living with Late Stage Lyme Disease. Some days I feel like if one more person quotes “Be still and know that I am God” one more time, I’m going to hand them their face. Yet I know that I really *DO* need to learn to be still and rest in that knowledge. It’s such a challenge, though.

  429. I read your message and I have a daughter living with me age 40 who really needs this, I keep praying for her, but I would love to give her this book. She has two teenage children who are good kids, but Mom is out of control.

  430. I have so enjoyed your blog and, at a time when God has been speaking to me about slowing down, it has been a sacred echo to me about letting go of some things and living in the moment.

  431. I am so looking forward to reading this book. I definitely need to find that spiritual white space. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  432. The past year has been a whirlwind. I had two daughters’ weddings, my husband had an unexpected triple bypass, and loss of jobs by family members resulting in an entire family (including a newborn and a 3 year old) moving in with us. Work has been beyond stressful while trying to keep up with a house and a family. I know all about not taking time for yourself. I cannot seem to find the time or the quiet space. Your book sounds like a breath of fresh air for a withering wife, mom, and MiMi!

  433. WOW! I recently became extremely aware of how busy I am trying to do everything for others while taking very little, if any, time for myself and that includes, sadly, my time with God! I cannot wait to get my hands on the book as I feel it will do wonders for my perspective!

    Blessings & Peace to You!

  434. Wow! There are literally hundreds of women who would love this book! And all have radical and important reasons! As for me, I can so identify with “what it feels like to see something perfect end up in the refuse of broken dreams and mismatched opportunities”. I am there now. Staring at that perfect thing in the garbage, slowly disappearing under the refuse of pain and rejection. Thank you Bonnie for writing this book. And may the Spirit of the living Christ work through it to heal our broken and weary hearts.

  435. Thank you for sharing your pink outfit story. I feel my own life is so busy, that I have forgotten how to dream, how to hope for better for myself, and how lonely it is being a mother, and wife sometimes. I have wonderful children, and a loving husband, but sometimes, I feel like I don’t even remember how to dream anymore. I am having a pink outfit right now. I look forward to reading your book, regardless if I win, or if I purchase it. I know I need a fresh look at how to get through your hopes and dreams going in to the garbage.

  436. Sweet Sister in Christ,

    Thank you. I struggle with joy. i am empathetic, sympathetic, attentive and caring. But, I have trouble sharing in other people’s joy as well as feeling it myself. I have prayed for God’s help in sharing the joy of others. This moment, I pray for God to restore me to a place of joy, so I may then recognize and share.



  437. So need this book. I need to soul rest so bad, but I really feel I can’t (and the people around me push me to keep going even when they themselves are borderline burnt-out themselves).

  438. The Lord has ben speaking to me AGAIN about rest . he says come to me and i will give you rest. its one of the hardest things to do . But if I dont I burn out . Been in this place a few times in my life. im a carer of my hubby with MS and leaukemia so i ned to carve out those times of rest. But what do i do ? End up running on empty and then wonder while i feel depleted . I said to the lord this morning , why do I run away from you when you are all my heart longs for ?
    And then I come across this book today . If i dont win it I will be buying it anyway .

  439. I have been looking for words to describe my feelings inside of me. I am a missionary, 40 years married and just this sentence sums it all up for me:

    ….Maybe this is when I first learned how completely lonely a feeling it is to hope for joy -– how hoping for it meant leaving room for disappointment.

    Breast cancer survivor, and yesterday I was diagnosed for the 2nd time with shingles.
    I look forward to be able to read this book as I do need encouragement from someone who has been there. My life has been a journey with God by my side, which I do give all honor and glory to Him.

  440. I really think that Father is trying to tell me that I need to rest more. This week I came down with a terrible cold & ended up in bed. As I was reading a book called “Kisses From Katie”, Father began talking to me about resting in & trusting Him more. It is my heart’s desire to do just that, but it seems that HE always has to allow me to be knocked off my feet, (i.e. become ill so that I must be in bed or resting), before I take the time for Him & me to be together intimately. I talk to HIM all the time & I have a daily quiet time, but it is mostly superficial chatter. When I am sick in bed, then we have some wonderful times together. Your book sounds like it would give me a few hints on how to have this intimacy with HIM all the time. Thank you for the chance to enter your competition to win one of the free10 books. I pray I will be one of the chosen winners.

  441. Wow, I am on “vacation” right noe, but cried when I read the story of the pink outfit. It could have been a story out of my own childhood. It could have been the story of my husband of 23 years ending our marriage to pursue another woman. Whatever it is, as a servant of Christ, I know I need that spiritual white space for God to write on so I may rest from the past and look forward with anticipation of the future. Thank you for this book!

  442. My word for this year is rest – would love to share in your wisdom on this topic! 🙂

  443. The world is full of trials and tribulations! When we go through,we will feel depressed, lonely, disappointed and frustrated! But our Heavenly Father says that He feels, hears and understand our pain and suffering. My prayer is that every one should believe that we have such a loving Heavenly Father and be at rest in Him! He will fight our battles and we are the victors! Just trust in Him!

  444. Your writing is beautiful…I would so loved to have a copy of your wonderful book. As an artist I can relate to the soul’s longing for the washing to peace, the whitespace of the possibility of the unseen…

    I have lost loved ones…homes and so much that I thought was the foundation for my peace, my security, my joy…

    When it seems there is nothing below me, nothing on which to stand, I look up…Between the blue sky and an open Heaven, there I am…Now I can fly…

    Bless you…

    Yvonne M. I. Wick

  445. I need this time; therefore I need this book to guide me to the path of achieving this! Thank you

  446. God is calling me to rest by taking time out of my business to read this book! To carve out time away…to teach my kids I need that time and it will benefit them also.

  447. I am in a study right now about Hebrews and rest! I am struggling! We are almost 50, have moved to a new location in our City, have virtually no friends, my mother-in-law and father-in-law died 4 months and 1 day apart. My husband is the executor and their is much stress, tension, between several of the family members. I pray for healing that we can come back as a family and see past the things, money, our differences and do what is right and good! My daughter doesnt know it, but is being proposed to Friday and we have been busy with that as well. Nonoe of this is going to end in a wekk or two, we are talking months ans years. I need to convince my husband that he too needs rest…….unplug from society, go on a vacation where no one can call, tex or email. For usr to rest together and connect from God!
    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this book!

  448. The synopsis itself speaks to my soul…such Truth. I can only imagine how the Lord spoke to you as you wrote this and how He speaks to others through it. I know He does this as I write; it’s so beautiful.

    Look forward to reading your – His – work.


  449. This book sounds like a much needed breath of fresh air for my soul! I love the definition given of white space- such a cleansing message we all need to soak in. Thank you, Bonnie, for baring your soul to help others enjoy a newfound freedom! Blessings to you!

  450. I love this, Bonnie!! As a Life Coach, defining peace is such a key to living in fullness. Rest is the ability to find peace in the midst of the storm. I love the specific ways you have suggested. Techniques I love and share often. It’s also knowing how to tune in to the light within, but it can’t be done if we don’t learn how to be still now matter what circumstances surround us.

    Will definitely be reading your book!!!

  451. I have had the BLAHS lately…no energy but, restless in my spirit. I know that GOD is #1 in my life. I don’t know if I have something physically, emotionally, or spiritually affecting me…but, maybe this book will help me figure it out. So, I am praying and hoping that I will be the receipiant of a copy.


  452. When I read about your book, it felt like you were talking directly to me. I found myself saying, “YES”, out loud several times. I am grateful that you have allowed God to use your life to minister to others and me.

  453. This popped up on my FB page at a very timely moment in my life. I am going to find the book. Thank you from all of us who needed a reminder.

    Kelly Redinger

  454. I am a 16 year old girl who has struggled to find peace. I am going though an especially hard time right now. I seem to only get a glimpse of peace when I am away from everyday life. I would love to find peace right where I am at. 🙂

  455. I too need rest. I am feeling spiritually parched. I have been through some very hard times and my pastor and church family have not been supporting me in prayer. I know this because the pastor told me himself. I haven’t given up on God, just on my church.

  456. What a beautiful excerpt, would love to win this book! Bless your sweet heart Bonnie for sharing your life, wounds, struggles and victories!

  457. This morning I awoke and noticed that within only 15 minutes of waking I was writing a to-do list while I was multitasking brushing my teeth with the other hand. It’s really quite ridiculous now that I think of it. In the midst of this I felt something in my spirit saying, “I’m waiting for you to put me on the top of your list. I’m waiting to spend time with you.” Then only hours later I open up this post on finding rest in God. I tell myself I am just in a busy season of life and that “once I graduate from grad school” I will have more time to rest and more quiet time with my Savior. I am encouraged and challenged to return to my first love just at this post alone, and honestly would love the opportunity to grow in truth more from reading this book. Thank you for writing and sharing your story with us. 🙂 It’s blessed me today.

  458. Thanks Bonnie for finding His strength to write your book that will help so many women find their ‘spritual rest’. I can see by the number people commenting that so many people want to read your book.
    God bless!

  459. Almost 6 years ago – a near fatal car accident – time shared with Jesus – He leadeth me beside the still waters, He restoreth my soul.

  460. God is everywhere. He is in the sunrise and sunset. In the whispering of the wind in the trees. He is in the little children as they sing worship songs. He is on the dew on a flower in the early morning. He is in the quiet as we read our Bible and devotionals. He is our peace and our strength. May God bless all of you and may he speak to you as you watch and listen to him.

  461. I cannot wait to read this book; my heart and soul and very being are so weary. Impending dissolution, loss of family home, only child leaving for college next month and two surgeries scheduled 6 weeks apart. I NEED spiritual whitespace – really, ALL of us do.

  462. My Mother, my best friend, has had several strokes but one that left her totally dependent,( on me), where she was so independant before. I have a 12 year old daughter (going on 17), and a husband that won’t come near me, doesn’t pay for much anymore because he expected me to get a full time job, I’m a substitute teacher. I’m 58, have sciatica/lower back pain, and now I must make time to relieve the pain, with surgery or other pain management. I so need to stop and rest and believe your book has been put in front of me to help me do this…. I would l