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  1. My prayer request is that I’d be able to find a psychiatrist with an opening in the next couple weeks…my school needs me to see one before I am allowed to attend in the fall (and we have a super early start), but they didn’t tell me that until a couple days ago…and getting in soon seems to be difficult if you don’t have any pressing issues–which I don’t–I just got myself on the radar of the behavior team at school by breaking a rule a while back when I got really upset, and it seems regardless of what the infraction is the process to move on is to see a psychiatrist…which is really dumb since I’ve been in counseling at school for a while, and between those records and the forms I’ve had to fill out for the experiential learning office at school they already have more than all the information they are asking for from a psychiatrist…plus it was multiple violations from someone on their end who seems to be getting princess treatment that got me upset enough to break any rules in the first place…I am really upset, but need to get an appointment so that I can at least go on with school, because I have too much invested to just give up at this point.

    • Praying for you that an appointment would open up soon and that God would guide you to a psychiatrist who can help you. Also praying that you would seek out Christian counsel from a counselor who could help you sort out your feelings once and for all about this incident that you speak of. May God put the right people in your path that He would bring His peace that passes all understanding into your heart and that you would know the true freedom that comes from forgiveness. Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that God is the ones that really sees you and understands you and can quench anger when it rises up within us. You are loved and cared for and I will continue to keep you in my prayers!!!

    • Pray for me that I will make Godly decisions. I do not wish to make decisions based upon what I want but, upon what God wants. It’s hard for me to do this sometimes. I’ve been a Christian for many years but I know that sometimes we have to give some things up to move up. So, keep me in your prayers.

      • Angie,
        It sounds like your heart is in the right place, and God knows that. Being human, we all sometimes make decisions based on what we think we want or need. Just continue to ask Him for guidance and try to keep your heart open to his answer. I’m sure many who read your request will pray for you.

      • Angie. I am praying you make sound Godly decisions. It helps to memorize scripture and understand who God is. Remember He who created the eyes, sees,He who formed the ears, hears. He who shaped the mouth, speaks, and He who designed the mind, knows. He is a watching, loving, seeing, communicating and knowing God. Ask Him and He will give you the wisdom you need to make God decisions. Know God – Know His mind.

    • Prayers that you would find a good Christian Counselor soon. May God guide you in this and help alleviate any problems you are having with your emotions.
      I know how hard that can be.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Prayer for salvation for my elderly father and for me as I start a new job tomorrow, Courage and godly wisdom.

      I also agree with my sister that she would be able to get an appointment soon. Sometimes you can get an appointment with a psychiatrist with the state sooner than a private practitioner. Even if you did not want to stay with that person, you have made your appointment. You could perhaps show the school all the names of the people you have attempted but cannot see right away. Also, sometimes you have to cross state lines to get a faster appointment. Will be praying for you. Blessings in Christ, Darcy

      • Lynn. Thank you for your heart for your father. I pray God will give you the desires of your heart. What an amazing and exciting thing to come into a new job – a new opportunity for people to see Christ in you – the Hope of Glory. May they, without a word, smell His sweet aroma of grace and love on you. You are a witness.

    • I too will be praying for you. I have a son who has had to see a psychiatrist, so I know that it isn’t always easy to get an appointment. I am a teacher and value education very much. For these two reasons I was touched by your prayer request. I am praying for that appointment and that you will start school on time. Don’t forget that He loves you.

  2. Hey girl, the situation you are facing sounds tough, but thankfully we have a God who can handle tough! Praying that God will guide you in the direction you should go, to the phsychiatrist that will make understand your situation and make time to see you. Praying for patient endurance for you as you face your Goliath today, love you sister!

  3. What is keeping me from living free in Christ? Yikes, thats a hard one! Please pray for me to let go of control, not only to let go but give over control to God, to totally surrender to His leading trusting that He is the God who is faithful to His promises, and that He truly has mine and my families best interest at hand.

    • Kristen,
      All our requests are coming in simultaneously…I used to be a super control freak and I realized that my control was based in fear. God helping me to face my fears enabled me to let go and truly, truly surrender my life to Him. Lord, I ask that you would enable Kristen to let go of the control she seeks to keep on her life. Help her to see that you are Sovereign and that you have a good and perfect plan for her life that she can relax into. Enable her to trust in You for her future as well as for her family. Give her the peace that her heart so dearly seeks. Give her confidence in your promises that you are faithful in All things. We ask all this in Jesus’ name, Amen.
      Blessings to you Kristen,

    • Praying for you, Kristen! I, too, have struggled with control, so I understand how hard it is to let go. Praying that God helps you to release control yet still feel protected and safe. Wishing you the best 🙂

      • Prayers for you to let go of control and let God run your life. He knows what is best for you in all situations!!

        Give Kristen wisdom and guidance to give control over to you! Help her to see that you know what is best for her!


    • Kristin. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior we are His lock, stock and barrel. Our mind plays tricks on us and tries to tell us otherwise. “Lord”, in ancient times meant “Keeper”. He keeps you in the palm of His hand. Suggest you memorize Scripture concerning His character. He abounds in love, slow to anger, merciful, caring and the only one I know called “Love.” I spent twenty years trying to grasp control myself and wondering why things weren’t working out. Then one day I hit a wall I could not scale. I had to pray at that point , “Either You are God or You’re not!” I chose to let God be a God of His word. I don’t regret that day in April 1998 for surely He reveals Himself faithful to the faithful. I pray that He becomes more and more real to you as you spend more and more time with Him in the Secret Place, behind closed doors.

  4. A Praise that my son has found a job and a continued prayer request that the Lord would soften my son’s heart of stone and form a heart of flesh – one that would be open to Christ’s relentless love that pursues him. My ultimate dream would be to see the day that my son would be baptized as a believer. I know my God is able, prayers for my ability to keep trusting are greatly appreciated.

    • Praying that God will do his work in your son’s life to draw your son’s heart towards Him. Perhaps it won’t be today or even this month, but praying God’s will be done in his life.

    • Prayers for your son Bev.


      Thank you for helping Bev’s son get a job. Thank you for helping Bev with all her problems and for being there for her when she needs you! Thank you for her praying servant heart and her wonderful new marriage. Help change her son’s heart. Turn him back toward you and make him realize that he needs you in his life!!


    • I don’t know what is going on in your life, but I know that God would love to help you through it. Praying for you 🙂

  5. My husband and I have been believing for a breakthrough in his job situation for 3 years. We are believing God will open a door for a job opportunity in Colorado so we can move home from Texas to be with our family. We have an 11 month old daughter who deserves to be surrounded by her family. Thank you

    • Praying that God will help you to be content/have peace knowing wherever He puts you is the right place for you and for your daughter 🙂 AND for jobs to open up in CO if it is there.

      • Jennifer,

        Prayers for a great job to open up in CO. Prayers that you would be content no matter the circumstance.

        Father God,
        Help Jennifer’s hubby get a job in CO, if that’s where you want them. Shower them with patience and contentment. Give them your peace knowing that you are in control.


  6. Please pray for my family and I we need a new apartment by the ending of August….NY Apts. are fair but the credit requirements are ridiculous.. I need a breakthrough to find a place without strict guidelines, so my kids can get settled before school starts.

    • Michelle,


      Please help Michelle and her family find a good apartment quickly. Make them move a smooth transition for them and their children. Give them the patience and endurance they need.


  7. Pray for me to be the mom I need to be for my kids. To help me be more patient, loving, compassionate…..I need daily strength to care for them. These times are so precious but can be so exhausting. Help me find strength and beauty in every moment.

    • Elizabeth. You are a mom – God created you to be their mom. He will give you what you need. Read God’s Word every day and He will pour into your heart and mind just what you need. Look to Jesus and not the problem of motherhood. You will find your strength, patience and grace in the Secret Place.

  8. Pain is holding me back. Parental abandonment pain. Pain of abuse. Pain of seeing believers protect the people who have hurt me deeply. Loneliness. Fear. Exhaustion.

    • Andie. I pray you will let God be the God of His Word in your life.
      “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
      “I know the beginning from the end.”
      “Lay your burdens down. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.”
      Eyes turned away from people and toward the Living God always reaps a great reward. Go to the Secret Place, behind closed doors, and watch what happens. AWESOME!

  9. I retired a little over a year ago, which is a blessing, but I had no idea what life would look like on this side of it, no plan. Please pray for me while I walk in this place of uncertainty as I desire to trust in The Lord and not lean on my own understanding.

    • Retirement! I too am retired. AWE, what a place! You have so many opportunities that others can only dream of. You are ears to hear and arms to reach out. Others are busy in the hustle and bustle of the business world. You can go to behind closed doors, in the Secret Place, and cuddle up close to Him. He has plans for you, good plans and awesome plans. I am so excited for you. Let me know what He does for you.

  10. Andie, I ask our Father to meet you where you are in the midst of pain and confusion and loneliness and exhaustion and to hold you so you are aware of his presence and provision. Andie, I ask that you are overcome with the knowledge of Gods presence and character, that you know his love and mercy and grace and peace. Andie, focus on who God is, his character. Don’t go the the why of where you are. Focus on who God is. A hand and heart in Texas is honored to join you before God, trusting for him to meet your needs.

    I need prayer for the time of transition in my family’s lives right now. My husband, brother and I are taking care of my folks, my mom with Alzheimer’s and my dad with depression. It is so hard to be caregivers, to watch the downward spiral in my folks lives. We also have other heart concerns involving my husbands mom and our family dog. Prayers appreciated.

  11. Praying for you Linda, that the Lord might show you the way He wishes to lead you in and that you trust in Him always.

    Please pray for my husband, that the Lord might heal him of his emphysema, that he might obtain some relief from his discomfort and also that he might find faith in Him. Also for a new situation at work that starts tomorrow and for which I am very nervous and worried, that the Lord might show me also what he wants me to do and grant me the strength to do it as well as I can. In His name, Amen.

  12. I pray for Linda that God would give her the certainty she needs as you show her what the next step is.

    I am on the other side in a job that often is hard and with health problems it sometimes seems impossible. Right now it is going better. I had been considering retiring because I felt I could not physically keep doing it. I am crying out to God to show me the way and what is right for me. I can retire financially but I am scared. It is a BIG decision. I don’t want to follow my feelings but to KNOW what God is saying. Please pray for guidance and for God to SHOW ME HIS will.

  13. Linda, I, too, retired after this past school year. The plan was so I’d have time each day to spend with my folks and to do things for them that they are no longer to take care of. The plan. The emotional toll of taking care of someone else is enormous!
    I do not know what faces you in your retirement, but I do know that retirement isn’t always spent out back sipping on a cup of coffee while trimming the flowers. I ask for God to make you aware of his presence and plan for you. I ask for his clear direction and empowering. Do today, Linda. Know God is with you. Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God

  14. MrsC, praying for your husband so he can be Healed and he can take heart in the fact that God is watching over him. Also for your changing situation at work, may God gives you favor and grace to carry out everything you need to do.

    My prayer request is for my preemie baby to start breastfeeding, that I can have enough milk and he can know how to lactate after almost 2 months of bottle feedings. Also for strength and peace

    • Diana praying for you and your baby….for his ability to breastfeed after all this time and for peace and strength to get you through. God honors your motherhood, your care for your child, your prayers. God bless you both.

  15. Prayers for Baby Aiden who was born 2 weeks ago and has had problems ever since with his bladder. He is having a diagnostic MRI tomorrow. Asking for prayers for him, for answers, for a clean bill of health, for discernment by the medical team… and for his parents John and Lisa…..God’s peace! Thank you…blessings.

  16. Pray for a young mother Kelly who found out recently her 3 year old son has cancer. Also has other personal things going on in her life. She believes her faith in God will get her through.

    • Father,

      Please be with Kelly whose 3 yr. old has cancer. Give her the faith and patience to endure these trials. Shower her with grace and mercy. Give her a good friend to talk with. If it is your will please heal this young child.


  17. The thing that is keeping me from God’s freedom is concerns around my finances. As my husband prepares to retire I do not want money to be a stumbling block.

    • I understand. Father. Show Georgette that you surround her with Love. You are her inheritance and more than silver or gold combined. Thank you, Sir, for You. In Jesus Name. Amen

  18. This sounds so minor compared to the prayer requests of everyone else, but I need your prayers to help me focus. I have an alteration shop and have more work to do than I can handle. I should be sewing now, but here I am, on the computer! I’m getting overwhelmed and need help coping. Thank you.

    • That is not minor. It’s your business. That’s important! I have found it helpful to make small goals. Doing one thing a day is better than nothing. Then if you can do more do it. If not, take care of yourself. Know what your ONE thing in order of importance is for your next day. But be satisfied you accomplished enough that day. During times of anxiety I have been paralyzed by everything seeming to big. This helped me. I pray peace and clarity too you. That is a wonderful talent you have. Break it down to whatever you are able. And that is enough. Don’t feel guilty. Your body is watching out for you.

      • Thank you Holly and Stacey for your prayers and encouragement! I truly appreciate your help.

        • I agree. It is not a minor thing. It is important to you. He knows the desire of your heart. I find clearer guidance and direction if I lift each item I am doing to Him. I say, “Sir, here is my to do list. It’s more than I can do please show me how to work smart here. Amen” Then I will find new ways to do old things. He good like that. lol. Try it and see. Lift up each item your working on and pray for the person who will wear it. Maybe, just maybe, God will show you what He’s doing in their life too. What a privilege you have to do this.

  19. Needing God to intervene in a big way for us financially — yes it’s our fault but we still need help as we try to rectify things. Son needs a vehicle and a job. Peace about upcoming move. Energy.

    • Holley,

      Prayers for God to intervene and give you the finances you need. May God provide a good job and car for you son.


      Please send the needed finances to this family! Shower them with financial blessings that can only come from you! Help her son find the right job and a decent car! Take away all fear and give them peace and contentment!

  20. Sat in the church service, and not feeling freedom. God has been talking to me about peace, and I’m not peaceful. Feeling oppression.

    • Melanie. I am sorry to hear the enemy is at your door knocking. Thankfully you’re not letting him in. The battle is the Lord’s. I wrote this today. I hope it helps
      Cares of this world

      More cares of this world

      Hard knocks
      Out of Control
      God getting the world’s attention

      Gospel preached

      The Word in the hand of the enemy

      Battle for the soul

      Letting God be God

      The battle is the Lord’s

      Abundant Life
      Victory in Christ Jesus

      “Do not be afraid, stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today” (Exodus 14:13)

  21. Pls pray for safety and protection and freedom. Baby due any day. Kids and I live in turmoil with an angry, abusive husband who will not change or get help. Intense spiritual warfare. Need clear direction.

    • Anonymous, I am praying for you right now, for you, your husband and your children. I pray for peace and an easy delivery for strength and wisdom in your abusive situation and that God works a miracle in what seems to look like the impossible. He loves you so. Erin

    • Anonymous.

      Prayers for your family and you right now! May God slowly work in your husband’s heart and change his behavior. Prayers for a successful and easy delivery and for peace.


      Change the husband’s behavior. Help soften his heart toward his family! Give the mother and children wisdom and strength to endure. May she have a successful delivery. Give her friends to come alongside and help out in this situation!


    • Heavenly Father. Reach out right now. Touch her on the head and give her peace that passes all understanding. Give her an untroubled mind that trusts you in and through this. You know, see and understand. Nothing is too difficult for you. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

  22. My prayer request is that I would be obedient and let go of anxiety and trust that God is God and he doesn’t need my help. I pray for safety for all 3 of my children who are away at different places, for my husband starting a new job tomorrow and that God would provide after such a long stretch of unemployment. I praise Him for providing and I want to trust him for the future. Blessings. Erin

  23. I had a thought yesterday. I decided i have suffered and endured long enough. It is not enough that God walks with me through this painful season, I need this painful season to end! I need a job, my teens need to be doing better, my beautiful adult daughter needs to meet her spouse. Oh Lord forgive me my lack of trust, my refusal to surrender control and please give me strength for the journey.

    • Daisy. What a wonderful place you’re in right now. The most powerful moment in our life is when we relinquish all rights to self. Our hands off means His hands on. It is hard but just wait and see what happens. It will knock your socks off.

  24. I am caught in between a legal battle and need surgery for a cervical herniated disc. It’s been a year. I want to get back out into life! Please pray for this to resolve and for healing. Thank you so much!

  25. My relationship with my boyfriend is on the rocks. Pray for humility and guidance from God for the both of us to work things out. Also healing for the broken areas.

  26. Laura and Diane, I am praying for these two precious babies: For Aiden and his parents as they determine what is going on and for God’s healing, and Laura, for your sweet preemie and your family, that he can nurse and that God will provide as he grows so he can grow strong and healthy. I ask that God help both these families have energy, strength, courage and faith, as well as God’s comfort.

    My request starts with my family’s health, I’ve been out of work for 5 days (after working 12 days straight) with an ovarian cyst and a sinus infection. Pray that my boss will be understanding (last year I missed 3 days, I was written up and put on probation for 6 months for unexpected absences). My Mom is also very sick with an infection and some undiagnosed issues, has poor vision, and I take care of her.

    I am seeking God’s will regarding my job, my location, my calling, and if I need to move closer to good doctors (3 hours away). For me, being single, being a caretaker, and not fitting in where I currently live, has been difficult. For the first time, I am lonely. I think loneliness and the desire of feeling I belong somewhere or to someone where I can find strength and comfort is my hardest battle. Sometimes, I just feel I don’t have the strength alone. I trust God and love God with all my heart, but it helps to have fellowship with like-minded people and I don’t have that here. Thank you so much!

  27. I am praying for each request here. I ask that ladies be comforted and upheld as each of us fights our own battles. I pray that individual requests be granted as God moves in each situation and life. God bless each one making their way every day and open hearts to carry out His will in our lives.
    I am a retiree too and it has been wonderful. Incourage has wonderful groups for this time of life. Watch for a new session to begin and you will find wonderful and encouraging friendships there.

  28. I am so grateful Lord, for the healing you have given me after two back surgeries. It is such a great feeling to be able to do physical things again. What a Blessing! I pray for your continued guidance, Father God, in the direction of my life with my husband. We welcome the journey you have for us and pray we will willingly go through your open doors. Thank you for your continued protection and guidance over our daughter as she readies herself for her senior year in college. help her to have drive and focus on her studies…we know how distracting all the other exciting aspects of college can be.
    In Jesus precious Name I praise you.

  29. Mine would have to be a job burnout. I have held the same job for 18 years & feel like I should be doing something else. I work full time & could easily go to part time but afraid to. I keep thinking of the what ifs like an unexpected crisis or ??? I feel God is telling me to slow down as I have been having some health issues due to my job stress. Please pray that I can get some clarity on what to do. I have 2 teenage daughter’s & a very understanding husband who stand by me either way. I just want to enjoy life again.

    • If God is telling you to work part time then do it. He has some great and wonderful things in store of you. As I told my sister once. When we don’t obey it affects others as well as us. Someone, somewhere out there is waiting for you to obey. I wonder who it is. I wonder what He is going to do. I wonder what wonders He has in store for you. I always say: To know Him is to love Him. To love Him is to trust Him. To trust Him is to obey Him and THEN in the obeying the adventure begins. Let me know what happens. I am so excited for you.

  30. I need freedom from trying to help GOD out. I keep trying to do things in my own strength and I know better. It’s a stronghold that is strangling me. Please pray for this stronghold to be broken completely, forever. Thank you.

  31. I too pray for each of the requests brought before you today father. That each of your daughters would feel your presence moving in their lives, that your will would be done here on earth. That regardless of our circumstances, we would feel your love for us shine through our situation. And that as we navigate uncertain times in our life, our anchor in you would hold fast. And that you will be glorified in it all. I pray father that you would place encouragers into all our lives Lord, to encourage and strengthen. In Jesus’s precious name,amen.

    I would ask for prayer also; I have three sons. Two who have turned away from The Lord. Prayers for healing in that area. One who is divorcing his wife after one year, another one who has a pregnant girlfriend, and who lost his job recently.
    My third son middle son) is married with 6 children. Who was hit in a car accident. And his wife and him both will not be able to work again due to the injuries from it. Prayers for healing, and provision. Also prayers for me as I deal with a diffacult relationship with my daughter in law. Who only plans things for her side of the family, and dosent make room for us. Trying to let it go. And not place expectations on her.,but we plan things months out, and then they cancel a day before, and go do something with her family. And claim that we never planned anything.
    Prayers also as I navigate this time in my life @51 I find myself out of work, The Lord has given me a season to figure it out. Also for my health. (I had breast cancer in 05) as I try to get my vigor back from treatment.

  32. I pray for more trust and faith in God as I worry. Leaving on a mission trip with my church family and daughter….Pray we are safe and serve God and stay healthy and it is God lifechanging. Pray as my son stays home, he is safe. Pray I give my fear and worries fully to God

    • Dear Joy,

      I pray for your safety and that of your family while on this important journey. I pray for your family members remaining at home. I pray God walks with you and eases your worries.

    • Joy! what an awesome opportunity you have to go on this mission trip. The enemy is not happy. Don’t worry about it. God is in control. He’s got your back. Watch what He is going to do. Man! and to go with your daughter. Wonderful. Let me know how it goes. I am so very excited for you.

  33. I’m alone and scared of losing everything I have, including my faith which is not too strong to begin with. I feel as if I don’t even belong in a church. I don’t know if my prayers are worth anything but I will lift up your names and ask God to help you.

    • Dear Marty,

      Yes, your prayers are worth everything. God is listening to you even when you do not have the strength to pray. I pray that He will wrap His loving arms around you in your struggles and help you cope during this time.

      • Marty. You’re not alone – never alone. It is not the church but the Living God that makes a difference. Please do find a church because the fellowship is important. Prayers lifted up in faith are alway near to the ear of God. Don’t give up. God is with you.

  34. Today I ask for fervent prayer and I am praying for each of you, as well. I ask for prayer for several very important matters in my life. First of all, my husband was out of work for almost six months before finding another job. During those six months, we used our savings as a means with which to live. My husband has finally found employment, but we are now seriously behind and are having a very difficult time. I ask for prayer for our financial situation. Additionally, it was during this time my husband was unemployed that he confessed to having multiple extramarital affairs…after 25+ years of marriage. One of those affairs lasted five years and was with a family “friend”. It has been four months since the confession and things are quite raw. There are no words in which to adequately describe my devastation. I ask for prayer that God be with me as I heal and try to decide which way to turn. My head is spinning. Lastly, I wish to ask for prayer concerning my health. I have lupus and am an ovarian cancer survivor. I am asking that the severity of my circumstances does not adversely affect my health, as stress contributes to my illness in such negative ways. Thank you for taking the time to pray for me. I am grateful.

    • I pray for God’s healing and blessing on you in all areas. Lord please help her be faithful with her finances and get out of debt and give wisdom to her in regards to the situation with her husband. Give Chloe peace at this time so as to not aggravate her health conditions. Let her make wise, purposeful, Godly decisions.

    • OH Chloe. My heart goes out to you. Keep looking up. You are His witness. You are strong because He is in your life. He will never fail you nor forsake you. You may go through the flood, the fire and have trouble on your head, but He will never fail you nor forsake you. He is faithful. Memorize every scripture verse you can get your hands on concerning His character. See Exodus 34, Isaiah 40 and all the Psalms. Your troubles will become small in the hands of such a big God. To God be glory, great things He has done. So loved He the world (you) that He gave us His Son. Let God be the God of His word and watch to see what happens. Nothing – absolutely nothing is too difficult for God.

  35. What is holding me back from Christ? Not sure, only know that I need a deeper relationship with him and need to learn to let go and trust him more. Guess that’s what I need is prayer to learn how to let go and let God.

    • Dear Lisa,

      I pray that God stand beside you as you learn to rely on Him in your life. I pray that God lend you strength and love to show you the way. I pray that He gives you a place of rest and nurturing in order to allow you to strengthen your trust in Him.

    • Lord, please help Lisa to trust you more. Reveal Yourself to her as Jehovah-Jirah, God who provides. Help her to see in your word that you are all sufficient and that everything is in your hands. Help her to rest in you.

  36. I need prayers as I have moved back “home” and due to baggage, etc. it is quite difficult. I need help with adjusting and trusting that God has me here for his glory and good. And Lisa, I will be praying for a deeper relationship with Christ for you…and letting go IS hard…for me I have to start over every day.

  37. Marty, you may feel alone but the truth is that you are not alone. I don’t say that lightly I know that feeling all too well but I also am learning to recognize that nothing can separate me from His love.
    I pray that today you would know the truth and the truth would set you free. You are His beloved one.
    I pray that you would cling to nothing except Jesus and you would see the amazing truth of seeking first Jesus and everything else being added as well, being worked out in your life.
    God values your prayers as highly as He values the prayers of all His children, not because of us, but because He is a kind and generous Father and we pray in the name of His Son.
    Grace and peace to you today, Marty x

    I would love prayer that over the next couple of weeks I would hold on to His hand and allow Him to hold me.
    Thank you

  38. Please pray that the doctors can find some help for my fibromyalgia pain and that God will reveal how I can serve and glorify Him in my circumstances.

  39. Mental strong hold. In constant worry. finances, family issues. Going through a divorce. I feel scattered and in spirals

  40. My husband and I sold our house, we have a short sale under contract. We have to move in 60 days.
    We know that if this is the house the Lord has for us he will make it happen.
    If not he will find somewhere else.
    Waiting on the Lord is so hard.

  41. Jamie, I am praying for God to wrap his arms around you each day and to guide you daily in your return home. I pray He will go before you and make your path straight, that He will give you spiritual eyes to see what He may be working through this season in your life, and that He will give you an extra measure of peace and patience.

  42. Prayers for everyone here! May God come near and heal everyone. I pray that you all feel touched by the prayers and by God who loves you dearly!

    This year has been tough for me. I’ve had to move dad into assisted living, deal with medication and other health issues that landed him in hospital and rehab. That has all settled. Praise God!! Then came iffy news for my hubby. We were concerned for a bit. That turned out decent for now. Went through all that while working a job I can’t stand and dread going to daily.

    Please pray for my hubby and I as we transition into this new season of working a new shift and place. He feels demoted, in a sense, and I feel useless at work.
    Prayers please!

    I will remember each one of you in my prayers!!


  43. The last two weeks of my life have been a taste of hell I hope can be extinguished soon. A son hurt his young sisters sexually. These girls are reliving what they went through years ago that finally came out. There’s forgiveness but has a mother feel so frail and so blindsided that it was all missed. Son went through some horrific nightmares in his early childhood including finding a close relative dead. Healing can begin but oa household is so topsy turvey and my marriage is barely hanging on by a thread. Just need so much prayer.

  44. Please pray for my daughter, she will be traveling to Spain next week to visit our exchange student and her family!
    Also, I need prayer for wisdom. I haven’t been feeling well and I am not sure how to get out of a rut I’m in!

    • praying your daughter has safe travels. . and praying you have the wisdom and guidance you need to make healing choices and continue to look to the Divince Healer.

      3 John 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

  45. Sinking,

    Praying for you and your family during this stressful time! Asking God to restore your marriage and heal your children. I pray each one of you draws close to The Lord and you feel the peace only He can provide.

    Blessings to you!

  46. My husband had a job interview on Friday for a job he would like. Praying for the job and a good salary and moving expense. This job would move us back home. . .where our friends and family are, which would be a blessing to me and all of us. We were doing Dave Ramsey’s plan and my husband took another job that set us back financially so now we are trying to move up from that. I just took a big load to an auction house to help with our debt too. Also, that God would heal my left knee and ankle from a bad fall right before Easter and that I would not need knee surgery. And finally we go to a Christian psychologist to diagnose my son with some issues on Tuesday morning and praying that goes well so we can help our son learn. . .we believe he has asperger’s.

    Thank you prayer warriors. Praying for many of you too!

  47. I ask God to bless each of you who have contributed to today’s prayer requests. He will help…He always provides.

    My prayer request is for help in making the right decision about whether to have knee surgery. I do not see the doctor until Sept, and at that time I’m praying that he will direct me appropriately in this decision. I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees, both are bone on bone. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all.

    • Mary I hope you and your doctor come up with the best solution to help your pain. May God whisper to your heart what you need to do. If you do have surgery, I pray for you, the nurse, doctors and others involved, that your surgery would go well and you would have a problem-free recovery.

  48. Monica ,
    Thank you for your prayers! I will be praying for you and your family!
    Praying God will open just the right doors for a good job for your husband. Praying God will bless you for your obedience to be good stewards of His money.
    Praying your ankle will continue to heal and you won’t need surgery!
    Lifting up your precious son, asking God to be with him, guide him and heal him! If he does have Aspergers, praying for wisdom and the right team of doctors to help this sweet boy! May your son feel so love and supported!!

    Blessings to you!❤️

  49. Mary,

    I’m praying for wisdom in your decision to have knee surgery. Also praying for any pain, and hardships from the osteoporosis until your appointment in September. May God also wash you in peace as you wait and in what you decide.

  50. I need prayers to break free of the chains of depression. I have major chronic clinical depression and I am on a lot of meds. I recently had to find a new psychiatrist because my other one retired, I had been with her 15 years. I wasn’t able to find a woman that could see me right away, so I have started with this young male dr. I have had one appt with him so far and talked to him on the phone twice about med concerns. So he seems to be easily accessible when in need. But we are making med changes and I just feel yucky. My mind is in a fog and I don’t want to get out of bed (which isn’t new). I can’t picture myself ever totally free from depression but I would like a “break” so life doesn’t seem so hard.

  51. Please pray that God will show us how to nurture our children’s spiritual growth and how to share Christ’s love with those in our extended family who don’t know God.

    Please pray that our house move will sort itself out. Please pray that our new house will be filled with joy and laughter and peace. Please pray that God will show us what we are to do with/in this new house.

    Please pray that my husband doesn’t become so overwhelmed with work that he loses himself, physically and spiritually. He feels such a sense of obligation to look after the rest of us, for which I can only be thankful, but please pray that he learns to lean on God’s arm, as it were, and take a rest.

    Please pray for me that my health continues to improve and that I will find out soon about the therapy that I am waiting for. I have been on the waiting list for over a year. God has been so gracious to me during this time but I know I need the treatment.

    Also on my heart are our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering in the Middle East. Please could I ask you to pray for them and pray both for the peace that passes understanding to guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, as Paul wrote, and that God’s peace will permeate even the coldest, most vicious hearts of their persecutors. Amen

  52. God of all comfort so many of your children are in need. Thank you that we can trust You to provide for all those needs and for the gift of this space so we can pray for each other. I lift each and every request to You, knowing your love, peace, and providence will cover each one.

    We lost my precious sister to cancer recently and ask you to pray for healing over the loss to my family. it’s been a painful, heart-breaking time for us.

  53. Hi, please pray for my sister’s health and faith and for the people around her to show God’s love. Pray for her and her husband’s future. Thank you so much! I am praying for your family’s healing, Maria, and for all of us to know God’s goodness and be filled with confidence of His grace and love.

  54. That my husband would seek treatment for his depression and midlife crisis — and return home. That he would cease being a servant of Lies, and seek TRUTH.

    • Father, we lift up Irena’s husband to you today and ask that you would open his eyes to the depression he’s been suffering from. Please give him the grace to accept his need for help and guide him to the right source. We ask you to forgive him for any wrong choices he has made that has hurt You or others in the midst of his depression and give grace to those he has hurt to forgive him. It is so tempting and easy to turn to the wrong things for comfort that only make matters worse. Father, we ask You to turn his eyes to You, Lord, and find in You the forgiveness and the freedom from depression he desperately needs so they can be reunited again. We ask these things in Jesus name. Amen.

  55. Please pray that I am able to handle all that is in front of me.
    My husband (of 20 years) walked out on me and the three children a little over four years ago. I was a stay-at-home Mom all those years so that he could travel and advance in the company that he worked for so it has been very difficult for me to find a job. I have had two part-time jobs in the past two years that have ended due to down-sizing. My children all live at home with me (oldest recently graduated with a Masters Degree and is looking for a job, middle child will be a Senior in college and youngest will be a Senior in high school). Their father has no contact with them and no interest in their lives (by his own choice). Needless to say it has been a difficult journey – feeling sad and lonely lately.

  56. Please pray that I learn to trust my Heavenly Father for what I am going through in my life. I need to move forward but am so paralyzed with fear and insecurity. I want to believe that he can set me free I seem to b going on a roller coaster ride with my faith.

  57. Father, we lift up Irena’s husband to you today and ask that you would open his eyes to the depression he’s been suffering from. Please give him the grace to accept his need for help and guide him to the right source. We ask you to forgive him for any wrong choices he has made that has hurt You or others in the midst of his depression and give grace to those he has hurt to forgive him. It is so tempting and easy to turn to the wrong things for comfort that only make matters worse. Father, we ask You to turn his eyes to You, Lord, and find in You the forgiveness and the freedom from depression he desperately needs so they can be reunited again. We ask these things in Jesus name. Amen.

    I would like prayer to let go of smoking. I don’t know why it’s so difficult, but it is. I need the grace to let go and the grace to not pick it up again. Quitting is easy–it’s the not starting again that’s a booger. Thanks! :O)

    • Father,

      We ask that you would give Kathy the strength, one day at a time to remain free of smoking. Please help her to exert her will to trust You in this area of her life. Father, please remove shame or worry from her mind. Cleanse her with your word and refresh her heart and soul with the sweet aroma of you.
      We love you Lord Jesus, and thank you for Kathy. We thank you for the grace you have established in her life and ask you to grow and sustain this grace and peace in her mind and heart.

      In Jesus Name,


  58. Please pray that I will trust God with my children. They are at critical ages, they are believers however I need to trust in God’s sovereign plan for them and whatever that may include.

    thank you.

  59. Please pray I will trust God fully. And that I will stop fainting in my mind and hold onto my faith. I HAVE PRAYED FOR for Kerry. THANK YOU..

  60. My husband and I have been trying to have children for 5 years without success. Last year we went through all of the steps to adopt domestically and on August 1st will have been waiting a year. Right now we are having to update our homestudy since we did not get a placement within a year. Our hearts desire is to be parents but we are so tired and weary from all of the waiting and disappointments. We know that God has a plan and He is walking through this season with us. Sometimes we just feel so alone and left behind. Please pray that God will send us our children soon.

  61. I would like to be free of the prison of deep debt. It’s a prison I made myself, it’s all on me. But it’s choking the life out of me and I can’t breathe. I so very much want to be free of debt.

    I want Amy to know my heart goes out to her, and I am praying for her and her husband.

  62. I would like prayers for my husband and I buying a house in my hometown 2500 miles away. He wants to take an undone car project that he has not touched in 14 years and we do not have money for the expensive of moving it or a place to park it when we get there. I have worked 11 of the 14 years we have been together and i am tired and want to retire and relocate to my affordable region and buy a house there. I sold my real estate a few months after meeting him because he talked big and I believed. I am a fool married to a fool. I am 63 and he is 70. We should know better.

  63. Pray for peace. Lately I have been worried about dying and what happens after. I’m not sick, I’m a Christian so I know I have nothing to worry about. I know it’s just the devil trying to cause problems. I just need to let go and let God, but it is really bothering me lately.

  64. Please pray for my daughter, Janet. She was recovering from anorexia, but I think she is restricting again. She just turned 18, so her parents’ counsel doesn’t hold much weight 🙁 I want so much for God to overrule and destroy the lies that she is listening to. And i need wisdom what to do and say. Thank you.

  65. Can it add another? I just returned from church. The sermon was on the joy of The Lord. I think I cried all the way through. As is sometimes the case, I felt kind,of alone there was one sister who made an effort, but I mostly felt on the outside.( I’m at a new church this last year) please pray that I won’t isolate, or become apathetic. But will continue to reach in to others lives regardless of feeling a lack of friendships. Everyone is really loving there, it’s just they all have known each other for so long. ) I came out of a legalistic church, and am doing the hard work to rebuild my relationship with Christ the healthy way. The few,I’ve shared my difficulty in this with have had a hard time understanding what being in a performance based church can do to your walk. And I think they don’t know what to say or do into the situation, so they often steer clear. So thus the isolation. Please pray for strength, and wisdom as I navigate this. Im truly growing there, and know that The Lord can do all things through Christ.
    In christ

    • praying for you,..a new church can be so hard to fit into and yes when people don’t know what to say or do they steer clear..just human way of coping but there will be that one person who cares and will help you.ask God to send someone your way and also join Christian groups like ladies groups if they have them..it opens the doors more sometimes outside the church sunday setting.praying for you..have been there too..

  66. Control or trying to maintain control of every situation and/or interaction I have seeks to trick me into thinking and acting as if I am not free in Christ. Please pray that my mind would be steadfast and that I would focus on that which God wants me to focus. I need to lay down fears and anxieties that have plagued for over a decade.

  67. Kim,
    I pray in Jesus’ Name that you would be free of the entanglement of legalism and performing well and that you would find a true friend and mentor that would help you navigate the murky waters of this time of transition. I pray that you would come to know the depth and breadth of Christ’s love for you just the way you are right now. I pray that you would one day be able to share this love, this freedom tah you are finding with many, many more people.

  68. Pray for my young boy who has mono. Healing, protection, and provision. Pray also that I can finish off the summer without completely losing my mind!

  69. Jessica,
    I am praying for you that your son heals quickly. Also, I remember when my daughter was young and felt the same frazzled way in the summer. I pray that you can make it through this summer with all brain cells in tact! 🙂

  70. I feel that I am pulled in various directions right now with the tables turned and I am the parent of my parents, a daughter who will be a Senior in high school this year and the stress of college applications and knowing this is my last full summer with my “baby”, and some other family issues. Please pray that I know which direction to take and that I have the grace to keep remembering to turn to God and not to keep taking it back when I give it to him—that is a real bad habit of mine. 🙂
    Thank you so much.

    • Kathleen, my pastor used to say that my two sons were black and blue because I kept offering them on the altar to the Lord and then dragging them back to myself. I can feel your pain. Praying that God will help you realize that as this season of life closes and your nest empties, He has wonderful plans for the next phase. Keep an eye out as He discloses His plans for you!

  71. I am 60 pounds overweight. I lead women’s ministry in my small church. I am constantly struggling with feeling that the women can’t hear what I’m saying for looking at my body. I am defeated and depressed because I can’t get a grip on this weight issue. I know all the scriptures. Just can’t make the connection.

    • Father God, you are our creator. You have made us according to your Will. You have placed each ingredient into us to make us who we are today! God, I pray that Pam is able to see that God-loving woman that you do. I pray that the comfort of YOUR love and YOUR affection be all that she needs to make her feel complete. God, we are all imperfect and although the grass always seems greener if we only had a different issue(s), but they are all the same. We all struggle with our own demons and none are better, easier or lesser than any other! Satan is our culprit, this world is just full of the devil and it’s so hard to get past that. But, all things are possible with YOU! Pam loves you, she serves you and does her best to share your love and your Word to others! Let YOUR light shine through her so bright that she only sees herself through your eyes! Perfectly made, just as you wanted her to be! May she feel peace, right now, may she be able to BELIEVE in her heart, that you and what you think of her is the only thing that matters! Things of this world are not important, including the opinions of others! Lord, if she needs help with eating better, may you give her that self confidence to do so. If she needs the support of a loved one, may you put that person in her path to help her along. If she needs exercise or has a health issue that stops her from being able to do that, may you put in her path, the perfect solution to being able to get exercise without hurting herself. God, there are so many challenges in life, and YOU are the only solution! I pray that Pam is able to accept your love so she can fully love herself, so she can move on and be confident that the women she is reaching out to, love her for who she is and not what she looks like! God you are the Almighty! You are our creator! Through you, there is nothing we cannot do! Thank you, Jesus!!! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  72. My daughter was accepted to a missions project in England. She has about six weeks to raise what humanely seems like a very large sum of money! My prayer is that God will use these next few weeks to stretch our faith and to grow in the area of trusting Him with the impossible! To have even the smallest of mustards seeds and to see mountains move! Thank you.

  73. I dunno how to ask prayer for this. A lady in the ministry God has placed me to lead (children’s Sunday school) in is causing dissention by her tongue. Pls pray for discernment for my co-director & I.

  74. My prayer is that I find a full time job. I am single and only working part time so am struggling financially. I know and believe that God is my Provider but it is very difficult and at this time do not have money for August rent and some other bills.

    • Nancy,
      I’m on a similar path. I pray for God’s peace to fill you and I pray that you know His strength and provision during this dry time. I pray that it’s His will that this dry time for you is short.

  75. I would like to request prayer for strength in my walk. I am very unhappily married and have been forever. We’ve been married for 11years and every day is a struggle. Some days I have more peace and patience, but some days I want to leave my entire family (children and all). Every day I have to pray for patience and understanding. I’ve actually more recently been working on not seeing ANYTHING he does or says or doesn’t. I don’t want to be married and I haven’t for years and years and years. But, God has put us together and so, therefore, let no man separate. There are no reasons to break up this marriage that is acceptable from the Bible and I believe that God has put me in this relationship for a reason. It’s just soooo hard to keep focussed ALL THE TIME! I keep praying that God will change my heart, soften my heart, that I’m in this for a reason (there isn’t a relationship, we live like roommates) and that one day God will bring my husband to Him, soften his heart to break down the barriers and rock he lives under. He is sooo closed off emotionally and has such issues from his childhood but lives in denial. I have been praying that God breaks those chains so he can live and be free and have a relationship with me and his children. My prayers are also that they don’t grow up expecting and living by his example so that they aren’t stuck in a rut like me and have sooo little expectations of their partners, that they just are unhappy. I would hate for my children to live the way I do. I love God and will never choose to break my covenant to Him, I will perservere with His purpose, but It’s so hard sometimes. I really just need prayer for His strength to keep me keepin on BETTER than I have. I want it to become easy for me to live fulfilled spiritually ALL THE TIME, not just MOST. That not seeing the worldly is second rather than first! Thank you!!!!!!!

  76. I, too, want to be free from anxiety and be confident in Christ in all things. I’m unsure of finances and not having enough money to reverse a tubal ligation to have another child. It just leaves a bit of an empty spot in my heart that I’m grieving over because I can’t fix this situation and other ladies I’m close to are pregnant. I don’t want to be negative over their joy or jealous. I truly am so happy for them, but it’s regret and frustration that cloud my heart. I just want to surrender this to God, but I hold onto it because I’m afraid He will say no to my desire for another child. That’s a bitter pill I don’t want to swallow, even though I know He only has His very best for me. I think it just the loss of a dream that I’m grieving and if I hold onto it some it may still come true. I just need total surrender to Jesus and His peace and comfort.

    I pray for Keiko and her marriage. I pray for understanding, patience, and every provision needed by Keiko and her husband. God please wash over their home peace, comfort, and love. Protect them Lord and strengthen them in every area of their lives as a married couple. Love them so completely and deeply and may Your love flow from each of them to each other. Thank you for the great work You are doing in their lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Hi Amy

      I pray that you may be freed from anxiety and be confident in your life with Christ. I pray that you may give up your worries into God’s Hand and not be afraid of His plans for you.

      We all battle with this, sweet lady at some time or another. God has good plans for you and in His time will fulfil your heart’s desire according to your needs.

      I feel I was lead to pray for you as I struggle with the same questions in my life. Letting go can be very hard to do as we can’t see the whole picture. We are called to live life by Faith and not by sight

      Lots of blessings to you – may God grant you peace to live every moment, one moment at a time.

      When you don’t know what to do, do the next small thing, right away, the right way.


  77. Thank you for your prayers Kim. Appreciate it dear. I add mine to yours for your sister health, her husband and for blessings and healing for your entire family. God bless you.

    • praying for fear and doubt to be pushed away and the spirit of God to be in the areas where the fear has been..breathe in Gods spirit and know that he is here. remember fear stands for..F is for false
      E is for evidence
      A is for appearing
      R is for real

      fear is false evidence appearing real..no truth or real facts just a over whelming feeling of being nervous..God works all things together for our good.

  78. hi please pray for my mother Eileen she is 80 years old and an atheist she has rebuked Jesus every step of the way in her life..lived in control over everything and made a huge mess out of her own life ! She has pushed everyone away from her with abusive words as she has to be in top control over everyone and everything so has no use for God. have tried to help her see how good it is to let go and enjoy life..she refuses and knows she isn’t saved. Please pray for God to show up in a BIG way in her elderly life and reveal himself to her. .really hope she can find him especially at her age. pray for goodness for her in her soul, releasing of control and hate that have gone hand in hand over the past 70 years.. may Gods glory shine on her and she be amazed and made new.

  79. Thank you Andrea,
    I too am praying for you, that Jesus would take the anxiety and need for control that is burdening you and that in Christ you would feel a new freedom, and sense of purpose within Him. And that you would have peace within, regardless of any circumstance you find your self in.

  80. Prayer – If only it was that simple. I often think and feel as God has forgotten me. I try God again.

  81. I’m asking for prayer for both my son, Brian and me. My heart just breaks for all the times I’ve seen him try to give up drugs and always goes back. He has recently recovered from an accident that nearly killed him and he did say he knows God saved him, and he went forward not that long ago, but Satan just won’t leave him alone. I need strength to accept him as he is…to just be able to let go and let God do His thing with him. I just want God to clean him up soon, so I can stop worrying if he’s going to make it home in one piece every time he goes somewhere. He was all ready to go to rehab a couple weeks ago, but soon changed his mind. He said he could do it on his own. Well, that lasted about a week. For a week I saw a wonderful person with a good brain. Then he was his old self again with no memory from the pot and back on the pain pills. Any and all prayers are much appreciated.

  82. Please pray for my weary and broken heart. I have kept in so many emotions of fears, anxiety, doubts and insecurities over the years that I am stuck and I feel I have pushed people away. I want the freedom to trust and believe God’s love for me and to use me…to love and accept myself. I pray for and desire for myself to have and be a faithful friend.
    Thank you your prayers!

    • I will pray for you, Dina. You must believe that you are a treasure to God! He came to save the broken-hearted. He is there for you and I pray that you will believe that. He doesn’t always answer our prayers in our time, and I know that is a hard one. I will pray for your peace and that you will believe He loves you and that you begin to love yourself.
      My prayer request is that I am having a career change, which I prayed for and did not come my way for a long time until right now, and it is a difficult thing to do at 42. So I am adjusting leaving my boys during the day and having to learn a whole new career and lifestyle and it is daunting! I am scared and unsure! So I ask for strength and courage and peace following this decision and that I can feel secure in this new role sooner than later! I really need that peace! Thank you!

      • Sandy,
        I will give a prayer of thanksgiving for you. That the career change came for you, and in God’s time. I will thank Him because He didn’t answer your prayer without planning to give you all that you need as you make this change. I pray that you will feel the peace that surrounds you when you turn your worries over to the only One who can handle everything for us.
        My prayer request is that I will be changed from a person who too often loses her patience with her children and husband, to a person that is able to respond calmly and fairly with the wisdom and kindness that can only come from God. And I ask that you pray for my atheist husband, wonderful man, father and husband that he is, that God will meet him in the way and time that he needs in order to see that Jesus is the Son of God and our only way to salvation.

        Thank you.

        • Sharon,
          I thank you for your beautiful prayer…all four wonderful women who took the time to so lovingly pray for me brought me to tears! I so appreciate it..thank you! And I do pray for you and ask God to give you the patience that every mother knows but sometimes just needs other women to hold them up and ask God to give you the strength at THAT moment to see those beautiful children as an extension of God and your love and just place that peace in your heart. God will and can do that for you. And I will pray that your husband sees your example of needing and loving God and how he provides for you. I have shared lately with some people who don’t have God in their lives just examples of how he truly has answered my prayers at times…not pushing just sharing and letting them decide. You may already do that but I encourage you to and it may not be you who can lead him there but you will have planted the seed. God Bless You!

  83. Lord I lift my sister Sandy to you and pray for the peace she needs as she transitions into this new season off her life. Please bless her home with your peace also. Bless her children during this season. I also ask for favor at her new place of employment. May she be a light that shines for you. Amen!
    Please pray for my husband Tom. He has a growth/hernia type in his groin. Please pray for a complete healing as he just started a new job after four months of unemployment and we have no insurance until August! Thank you.

    • Dawn,
      I thank you for your beautiful prayer for me…the loving women who took the time to express such beautiful prayers really brought me to tears…so I thank you!
      Dear God, please put your healing hand over Tom so that this growth is easily taken care of and take away the fears of having to start a new job with this weighing on his heart. God please give Tom and Dawn the peace in their hearts to know that you are in control and are holding them. God Bless You, Dawn. Trust in God.

  84. Dear Jesus I pray that You would give Your peace and comfort to Sandy as she settles into this new career change. Please remove all fear, worry and doubts from her mind and just fill her Jesus with your peace that surpasses all understanding. Bless her previous boys watch over them and protect them.
    Sandy I pray that you will be prosperous in all things and be in health as your soul prospers. In Jesus name amen.
    I continue to ask for pray for my friendship with Mark and for his salvation. Thank you.
    Love and blessings to each of you. Be strong in the Lord and His mighty power!

    • Joanne,
      I thank you so much for your beautiful prayer. The loving way you and the other women who prayed for me phrased your passage, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      And I pray, Dear God, that Mark will see the beautiful example Joanne is as an extension of you and your love. I pray that he will find his way to you through that example or let Joanne be the seed that is planted in his journey of coming to know you, God, and have a relationship with you. May Mark see the light and love in Joanne of God and want that for himself. Bless Joanne, Dear God, for having such love for You and for Mark that she selflessly asked for these prayers. In Jesus’ name, Amen…God Bless You

  85. Sandy – you can do this. God does answer prayers. i was struggling with my career, praying constantly and had an opportunity drop in my lap. I walked away from my 16 year employer to start something new at the age of 51. What a blessing it has been. I pray that God will give you all the tools you need to be at peace with the path He has placed you on. I pray He will put people and situations in your path that will raise you up and encourage you even further.

    My request is for Kayla. She is struggling with an issue with her vision and the doctors and specialists have been unable to diagnose the situation after months of tests. she is in her early 20s, no longer able to work or drive, no health insurance and mounting medical costs. Prayers for God to put the right doctors in her life to address whatever is happening with her vision.

    • Carisue,
      Thank you so much for the beautiful encouragement and prayer…the four women who so lovingly shared or prayed for me brought tears to my eyes. So thank you from the bottom of my heart…Thank you!
      Dear God, thank you for your loving and healing hands that you place on us. I pray that you will put those healing hands on Kayla, who needs this loving touch. Put the right doctor at the right time, Your time, in her path to help her heal from this limitation. I pray she lives the rest of her life with the perfect vision to see this beautiful world you have created and that she uses that life to serve you, Lord. And I pray for Carisue that you will give her peace as she so lovingly watches over and prays for Kayla. In Jesus’ name… Amen. God Bless You!

  86. I am bipolar and still somewhat manic even with meds. I have an eating disorder and struggle so much with binging and purging and restricting and taking laxatives and over exercising. I am in treatment, IOP now because insurance dropped me from 6 hour PHP, even though I needed 10 hour, or if I’m honest with myself residential. I am trying but failing. And the scary part is a pretty big part of me doesn’t care. I need support. Thank you everyone who prays for this I really need the extra prayers!

  87. Father, I pray for Leona, that you would touch her body and heal that rash Lord…..take away the itching Father and let her skin become clear and calm ….. thankyou Lord….in Jesus’s name….amen.

    Would you all please pray for me too? I need help with my eating so I can lose 150 pounds and get my muscles strong again and be able to get off of this walker and back out into life again. Also, ….I’m not sure why….but God just feels so far away right now, and its really bothering me.
    Thanks so much!

  88. My husband and I have been separated for 11 months. My husband of 16 years continues to reject me over and over. I am praying daily for him to open his heart to My wonderful God and for peace for our family. Please pray for my family to be reunited (we have 2 daughters ages 14 and 10) and for my marriage to be restored and rebuilt on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

    • Praying for the Grace of God to cover you and that His will be done for your marriage and your family. When you feel weak, remember He is still strong!

  89. Praying in the long term for a human companion in life. I live alone. and my knees are so painful with arthritis and in the short term pray I can clean up my house after years of illness & depression put me behind. And also my lost dog, like my child.So many unspoken needs.

  90. Lord, I pray for Doris. Lord, I pray You will bring someone to stay with her on a long term basis and help her overcome her years of illness and depression. Please send a light to her and encourage her today. And, also, I pray that you will help her find her dog.

    Will you pray for me also? I pray for the depression that is seeming to envelop me. I pray for clarity of thought and rational being. I pray that I can remain joyful even in my circumstances — marriage issues, overwhelming stress, fatigue, lack of energy, and despair. I am blessed in my life, even in my rough circumstances, and I am praying that I will see a joyful attitude even when my life feels like it is crumbling around me. Thank you. Amen.

  91. Father in Heaven, lift up Violet with your strong hands, hold her in them and give her peace and clarity about her circumstances. Help her to understand the reason that her season of brokenness is for your good and let her begin to feel the joy that is coming. Bless her marriage and give her clarity to see the lessons you may be trying to teach her to change her life for your good.
    Please pray for me and my girls today as we step forward in our new lives. We move today from the house where lived as a family of 5, without their dad into our new place for 4. Although there is sadness, please pray that we experience adventure and joy. Please pray that life begins to fall together for us and we see Gods light shining through at our new house. Thank You. Amen.

  92. I have a lot of prayer needs right now. LOTS going on that is making me feel very out of control which is probably where God needs me to be so I can let him TAKE control since he does it so much better than me. There are issues with my daughter that make me feel like a bad parent. There are financial issues that are simply just worrying me and they shouldn’t be. My ex-husband is, well, let’s just say not being helpful. And many other things that are just weighing me down right now. Prayers are appreciated.
    Thank you

  93. Violet, Thanks you for your sweet prayer. I bring your concerns to The Lord this morning, . May He calm you with a loving sense of peace in the middle of your circumstances. He knows just where you are & loves you right NOW–no matter what. I’ve been there. Draw close to him with what focus you have & trust Him to meet you there. Sending you hugs

  94. Lisa; I am praying that the God of all Peace will flood your soul with His presence, and you will know He is carrying you through this week! I pray that you will be able to parent your daughter with the love of Christ, which is so patient and merciful, but also allows us to make mistakes so we can learn/grow and become more like our beautiful Saviour.

    Please pray for me, as I feel such discontentment (very selfish I know) towards the church from previews scars that need to heal. I know the Lord allows things to happen for His greater good, but I feel so tired of the church being a place of hurt and my guard going up instead of the beauty God intended it to be. I know trials come through the church, as it’s a gathering of messed up, grace poured out on people, but my heart is so scared of being hurt again.
    Thank you sisters!!

    • God, please bless Rebecca as she comes into your house and into your family. Please protect her from fresh wounds and bring healing to her old ones. Thank you for her perseverance, that she continues to come before you even when it is hard. Lord, you know exactly what she needs and I pray that you will meet her in that spot and heal it with all of your loving compassion.

      In Jesus’ Name!

  95. I am praying for you, Rebecca. May you experience God’s peace and faithfulness in a bold new way!

    Please pray that God will completely deliver me from panic attacks. Thank you, and God bless you all!

  96. I pray for friends with cancer and ask for your prayers too. I pray for little Ollie who is almost 7 and in hospice and for my friend Matt, who has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I pray for their families . . . Matt has a newborn, Ollie’s mother is a single mom. I pray for my friend Annie who has a new book out that exposes her vulnerability. I pray for my job . . . that I would have the courage to release it to God and be about his calling. I covet your prayers for these things too.

  97. I started praying for each of you and am now encouraged in my own faith. He is so good. I have an out of control bi-polar daughter that challenges me every day. We are ready to evict her from our home for drugs, stealing and so much more. I am trusting Him to be the change agent in her life. I cannot save her from herself, but I know Who can. Until then I will relinquish all rights and let Him take care of it. Please pray for me that I will keep my eyes on Him. I am memorizing again: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:6). I am determined to let God be God of His Word. Amen

    • Chris,

      I am in prayer today and will continue to be in daily prayer for you and your daughter.

  98. Please pray that if it is His will, that my husband and I conceive, however, if that is not His plan for our lives, please take that desire from me and let me always know that His way for us is the best and perfect way. Please pray that I have patience and no anxiety in the waiting. Thank you for your prayers.

  99. Please pray for a job interview I have tomorrow, It is a very much needed pay raise and will benefit our family greatly, but it also comes with added responsibilities and challenges and is a little daunting to me since I haven’t had a job with any pressure or stress since I quit my great job of 10 years to stay home with my first child. Another reason for worry is that I really love the ladies I work with and although I will be in the same building I won’t be in the same department.

    Please pray that His perfect will, will prevail through all of this.

    Thank you!

  100. Heidi, I’m praying that God will make his will clear and will give you strength in all situations.

    Please pray for my cousin who is all over Facebook this morning about the “physic reading” she had over the weekend. I’m so sad that she did this and am ever more sad and quite frankly angry that she is letting the devil use her to lead others down a wrong path.

  101. Virginia,

    I pray that your cousin is compelled to seek the Lord’s path for her and to rely on the Lord to light the way; that she sees His way is the only true way. Keeping believing for God’s best for her and plant the seed. It’s great that you care so much for her.

    Please pray that God leads me to the right job where I will be able to use the talents and capabilities He created me with. I have been job seeking for a year and a half now and while I’ve had many interviews, no job offer. Please pray that I will clearly see His will for my life and that He will open the right door. Thank you.

  102. Hi Ladies, hope it’s not too late for a little ‘prayer support’ from my Sista’s! So, I saddled up my courage just about a year ago, and left my abusive, angry, husband of 17 years. I had fasted and prayed for so long for him to come back to God but as his alcohol consumption increased, so did the rage. The final straw was when he un-leashed it upon my daughter. Packed, walked, and filed! Now, a year later, he continues to bully only now he has the support of his ‘girlfriend attorney’, whom he was cheating with in our marriage. My finances are dwindling as they hurl empty threats and lies against me, just to exhaust my finances. We are battling pure evil. I need a miracle that first, his heart would be changed to get right with God and then do the right thing in the state of CA, and be willing to divide things equally (2 homes and business). Secondly, I have health issues and 2 years ago, had to walk away from my career of 17 years. I’m without employment, my future looks bleak and I’m scared. I love Jesus with all my heart but I need a miracle. I need a job that I physically can do and I want closure on this divorce. Please pray with me and also ask Jesus to keep me under His wing for protection from doubt, discouragement, depression! Thank you all and love to you great ladies!

  103. Cynthia,
    Praying for you and your family as you try to support them. That the state will divide everything equally, that the Lord will move and drastically change your ex-husband and his mistress’s lives. That He will provide for you while you are unemployed. That He provides a job in the future, heal you, and that He will draw you near to Himself in times of trouble.

    Please pray for me as I embark on a journey of introspection though a women’s bible study that is long overdue. I have been a christian for 7 years, and am realizing that I am not the person I thought I was before and up until I believed. I am a truly NEW creation, and it’s taken a long time (and becoming a mother) to really see that. I pray that the Lord would open my eyes, and dismantle the stereotypes and ideals that society put in my head, so that I can freely be the woman he created me to be.

  104. Sister Laura
    I pray that as you move forward into this season of study, that our Heavenly Father will reveal the areas In your life that need attention. And that His will for your life will shine through. That through Christ you would feel a new freedom, and purpose. and that relationships that support your desire to worship in spirit and truth, would come along side and you would see growth in fellowship and community in your walk with The Lord. In His name,amen.

  105. I would like you to pray for me because I’ve been in the hospital 2 weeks from this Wednesday. I had a bad surgery 12 1/2 years ago that has caused so many complications. I’ve had about 25 surgeries on my insides. I had a surgery in May and June of this year. The surgery in June developed a fistula in my intestines. They have been feeding me by TPN through the veins to try and close it off. Last night I was allowed tea, broth, and jello. I also have the MRSA virus. Their giving me IV antibiotics. I’ve had this virus for a long time and I can’t get rid of it. I may have to go home with the antibiotics and have a home nurse come out. I am so hungry. I had a picc line in for the IV’s and blood draws but it developed a blood clot and they had to take it out. Now I have to have my blood drawn with a reg. stick and they can’t find my veins. Also, I developed a UTI. Because of the virus I’m quarantined on the 6th floor of the hospital. I’m not allowed to go out of this room and everyone that comes in the room has t wear a gown and gloves. This virus is getting resistant to antibiotic so they have to be careful what they give me. Thanks so much for your prayers.

    • Dear Sharon,

      I am so sorry for this overwhelming ordeal you are going through. I feel like I have zero problems after reading your post. =( I am praying for you that God will strengthen you and continue to carry you through this very long (and I am sure) frustrating process to healing. It reminds me of the poor woman with the 12 year blood issue who reaches out and touches Jesus to be healed. I pray this type of healing for you too. I also commend you on your continued strength and faith through it all.


  106. My prayer request is for my cousin who is a single Mom and just had all her rent money + her purse and phone stolen over the weekend. The worst part is that it happened after she prayed for God to help her…. she feels this is her reply and now she is done with God…. that just breaks my heart. Please pray for her.

    Thanks, Lina

  107. Father God,

    So many women here need prayers for healing, financial help, wisdom. Your word says that if two or more pray in agreement then you will hear our prayers and answer. Please bless each one here with your loving grace, mercy and peace. Give contentment and calm. Bring healing to each one of us.

    Thank you God for being there and hearing us. Comfort all ladies here with words of wisdom and give us all the knowledge to do the right thing.


  108. I return to the foot surgeon on Friday of this week for a new x-ray, six weeks post surgery. Please pray with me that the bone which was broken surgically and the torn tendon which started this whole difficult adventure will be sufficiently healed to keep me on the originally predicted 8 weeks of NO weight-bearing. We found out at the two week mark (to get the initial cast off, remove stitches and switch into a bandage and a boot) that this could take as long as TWELVE weeks. That was not good news to us. At all. So I’d appreciate prayers for good, timely healing and then for increasing strength and endurance once I’m able to use both feet again. Thank you.

  109. I ask for prayer for a health condition that has bothered me for a short while, but IS getting better. I need the patience to see it through to my complete healing. I thank you, Jesus, for your healing touch, and thank you for the friends at InCourage who will be praying for me also.

    I pray for Diana, for a good report from the doctor’s visit this Friday. I pray that through the healing touch of our Heavenly Father the bone has healed and mended and strengthened as it should have, and there will be no extended time of healing needed. I pray that the dr. visit and the healing process will be such an indication of the presence and work of our Lord that Diana will be dancing in praise & worship even sooner than expected!! Thank you, Father, in Jesus’ name, amen.

    • Melissa,
      I am lifting you up to the Throne of God for healing in your body. I am reminded of the woman, bent with infirmity for 18 years, who sought out Jesus. HE saw her in the crowd, and called her to Him, pronounced her healed of her infirmities, then laid His hands upon her. (Luke 13)
      So as the hands of Christ extended, I proclaim Melissa, you are now loosed from this infirmity, in the mighty name of Jesus! Go and walk in your healing, giving praise unto the Lord That Heals You! Amen!

  110. Prayer that I would walk in complete surrender to the Spirit, to yield all of my heart and my will to His purpose and plan for me. And that I would breath in His grace. Grace for each moment.

  111. Please pray that I have the wisdom and courage to talk to my husband about his pornography addiction, and that he will listen with understanding and not anger. Please pray that his eyes will be open to the truth that it is a sin against God, and that he will be moved to face the problem, repent, and be healed.

  112. Please pray with me as my partner continues to look for a job near where I live. Also, that he would make that full commitment to Christ knowing that is essential to building our relationship. That he must learn to trust God for all his needs including the ailments in his body. I have prayed for you Marsha. God bless us all…

  113. Please pray for my grown children. They continue to make choices that are dissapointing. Drug use, lying and stealing. I pray that they turn their lives toward God.

  114. Many problems. Financial. Husband chronic illness children running from God. My daughter just found out she is pregnant (18 unmarried). All of that circumstantial. Please pray that God changes my heart and gives me a repentant spirit and to just let go of trying to control everything. I pray that God changes me so drastically that it will be visibly evident to everyone around me. I feel like such a failure as mom, Christian, etc.

    • I’m praying for you! I completely understand and have prodigal children, serious ongoing financial troubles… My heart feels for you!

      Your heart cry for change was so much my own and I am confident that God WILL not only lift you, but give you peace, joy and freedom through this in ways you cannot imagine. He LOVES you and is the one who will do this, your part is simply to LET. Let his love in. Let his words hold you. Let yourself trust his unconditional love for you means even when we are convinced we are failures as mom’s, that He really means it when he says ALL things work together for good. Even our ugly stuff. Just because the enemy condemns us with such convincing things does not mean it’s true. I’m praying that as you let God hold you with his Truths – letting your emotions be messy and letting HIM be the one who changes them as you surrender yourself to being loved AS YOU ARE, that you will indeed discover that God has done exactly what your heart is crying out for – change. Peace that’s not dependant on circumstances. Confidence that is from who God says you are, not what your feelings or children’s behavior or life circumstances tell you. And in this you will shine HOPE from within the very dark place that God has placed you to be HIS light to others in the dark; a rescued rescuer.
      Love and prayers for you, dear Sister.

      May I recommend a website and a book? They both have been so transformative for me.
      The Rest of the Gospel: When the Partial Gospel Has Worn You Out
      by Dan Stone et al.
      Link: http://amzn.com/0736956387

      • Valerie, I’m going to claim your prayer for myself and my son. Nobody replied to my request on July 20, but when I saw your prayer for this other person, it felt like you were praying for me, since my biggest heartbreak in life is that my son is an addict. There is so much worry and resentment that goes with it, I can’t even explain and I feel like such a failure as a mother. My son is 51. That’s a lot of years to go through all that’s involved. I wish I could just wash my hands of him, but I just can’t. He’s disabled from a car crash and has mental & emotional problems which got him addicted in the first place. My fault because I didn’t stop his abusive father or divorce him soon enough. Well, if you read this, please add a little prayer for us. Thanks!

  115. Prayers appreciated for very critical financial needs; my son to have emotional, psychological and relational healing – specifically to learn to trust, overcome debilitating anxiety and paranoia, and to be able to hear accurately instead of through his twisted filters; my daughter to walk with God and for protection. For genuine love in my marriage.

  116. I would ask for strength and a willingness to surrender as I battle anorexia and seem to honor God with ALL of me.

  117. Hannah, please know that I am praying for you and your condition. You are special to God and to all those who love you and NEED you in their lives. Be strong.
    I ask for prayer for a suitable place to live, as my boyfriend is moving out of state without me. This has blown my world apart, as I believed that we would grow old together. Now I’m faced with starting over, on my own, with God, I pray.
    Thank you.

  118. Elaine, I pray that God would surround you with his love and you would feel his mighty arms wrapped around you protecting you. I pray that you would just think aobut each day, how God has good plans for you and to be able to open our hands to receive those good things. I would ask for prayer for myself that I would be able to release my son to the Lord, and to trust God will do mighty things in his life and bring him back to himself

  119. I also need prayer for anorexia/bulimia. Please! I feel so hopeless.
    Praying for all of you!

  120. I sit here at my desk and see and hear the other Real Estate Agents making deals on top of deals. Nothing is happening for me. I don’t know if this is what I should be doing, but it give me a reason to get going in the mornings. As I am on disability, I can only make so much money, but I’m not making anything–and my bank account is headed for overdrawn. Please pray for all aspects of my life–that the Lord will hear and answer me with HIS WILL, and that I may know what that is.
    Jess, please know that I am praying that the Lord will send you hope and answers, just as I am seeking those same things. We have to hold on, and believe that HE IS IN CONTROL, no matter how hopeless our lives seem right now. Take care, Jess.