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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Going thru quite a difficult season trying to be strong and not angry. U hear so much teaching telling u not to quit, throw in the towel, etc. it is hard sometimes to be honest with God about the very real struggle going on inside. Real breakthrough cannot happen though until we can get real with God and tell Him how much we are struggling, hurting, angry, fainting in our faith or even losing faith though we don’t want to. Thank u for this article. It is a definite confirmation that not only CAN God handle our honest feelings, He actually WANTS to.

    • Meg,

      Prayers and a huge (((((((hug))))))) from me!! May God bless you and see you through this trial! I pray for peace and contentment soon!

  2. Dearest meg,
    I do not know what exactly is going on in your life but I do Know how it feels to want to throw in the towel, I’m actually right there with ya right now…. Sometimes it’s hard to find and accept the blessings with our brokenness. Thank you for reminding me that “real breakthrough cannot happen until we get real with God”… It’s so true.. And exactly what I needed to hear today. Let us strive for peace amidst these struggles and count them all joy today!

  3. Holley,
    We are all cracked pots…broken vessels through which God’s light can shine if we let it. We want to caulk up the cracks in our own power, but I believe that God wants us to let Him shine through our weak places. When we are weak and He is strong then He is glorified…not us.

    Sometimes we don’t even know what’s eating at us. I woke up from a dream this morning in which I was angry and I was throwing things and smashing and breaking them?? Some unresolved anger perhaps?? Whatever the case, we usually are NOT fine, but we can be FREE. Free to get real with God. He is the wonderful God who truly sees us and knows where we need Him. Thank you for a wonderful reminder this morning!

  4. I love the words you shared “embrace the paradox.” Awesome words! Thanks Holley.

  5. Almost everyone I have let in on my life has hurt me and lately it has been a huge rollercoaster between praising God for how he will never hurt me and will love me through whatever I am dealing with, and feeling like God is maybe not so in control if he is letting all this hurt come.

    • well God is always in control but like you people have hurt me a lot too and all I know is that in our hurt and trials we learn..learn about ourselves and become strengthened to serve our God..so we will never shrink back from him. I have gone thru a lot of that hurt from people but in it have learned sooo much and yep God was always there.God wants us to forgive but not keep being hurt so be careful whom you let in your life..bless you

      • just remember God gave each person free will so they can speak what they chose even if it cuts down another..sadly..but many don’t think of their words before they say them. Im praying we each find Christian friends who care about others and are the real deal in Christ ..remember hurt people..hurt people.healed and loved people love others and serve God.Be a light for the Lord even in the darkness of hurt and he will be blessed by that

    • VA, thank you for your honest sharing about the battle between leaning on God’s loving arms and feeling fear sometimes that we may still fall. I think we all experience that this side of heaven–it’s part of faith–and I’m cheering you on for being brave enough to say it out loud, friend. Asking God to give you a deep sense of security, safety, peace and protection. And asking Him to bring new folks into your life who will love you in the ways you’re longing for right now.

  6. Holley, WOW! I love the wonderful way you express God’s love for us in the practical, everyday struggles we all face. Your words reminded me of my Christian counselor who helped me see that, “all feelings are neutral.” She would have me draw a pie chart in my journal, writing a different feeling in each slice of pie, and then journaling about the circumstances surrounding the feeling listed in each pie piece that day. This helped me to visualize all my feelings on level ground, enabling them to come to the surface for healing from my Heavenly Father. I wrote a little more about it here… http://bethwillismiller.blogspot.com/2014/03/all-feelings-are-neutral.html

  7. How perfect this is for me right now in my life. I am raising a 10 year old ADHD grandson and dealing with his mother and her issues. i raised my kids in a God-loving home and am watching both of them walk a life without Him. Each day is a challenge and I needed to hear what you had to say today. I do talk to God about my feelings but this put it into a different perspective. I am so grateful for you, Holly, and how God is using you in my life and many others. I share your words with my friends and help them too in their difficult seasons. it helps me feel not so alone.

    • Cathy,

      As a social worker, I hear stories like this on a daily basis. I know it is exhausting. I know that some days it is so much more than you think you can handle. I know that the plans you had for your life and for your daughter’s life were so vastly different from what you’re up against now. Know that I am grieving with you today, and praying that you sense the comforting, strengthening presence of the Lord even now.

      Also, I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart for giving your grandson a home. You are doing holy, kingdom building work.


    • Cathy, I agree with what Erin said…you are doing holy, kingdom building work. And even on the days when it seems small and like no one sees, God sees and it’s BIG to Him. Cheering you on in this hard and worthwhile work, friend.

  8. Holley,

    Thank you for expressing my thoughts. There are days when I go about with a smile on my face but I am so broken and frail inside, with all the impossibilities of my circumstances staring at me. It is really a paradox. It helps me to know that I am not the only one.

    Love to you

    • Helen, you are far from the only one…I think we can all relate because we’re fallen, broken beings in a fallen broken world. That’s why need each other. Thanks for sharing honestly here!

  9. Thank you so much for your words. I struggle with allowing myself to accept my brokenness for fear of feeling like I’m just stuck in my own “pity party”. I’ve struggled – sometimes more than others- over the last 11 years with the same issues and fears. I think at times I’m doing well then something brings all the emotions forward again. I’m tired of feeling like this! I know I can give it all to God but thank you for the reminder that he does really care!

    • Juli…my brave and strong sister. Someone once told me that when we make progress and then the old emotions come back it can feel like we’re starting all over again. But we’re really just coming to a valley higher up the mountain. The progress you’ve made is real, the work God has done is doing in your life is real, and you have come farther along than you can even see. Praying your heart can rest in that today…XO

      • What a great way to put it! We may be just coming to a valley higher up the mountain. I’m going to remember that perspective. I often feel like I’m starting over. Maybe I’ve just been looking at things the wrong way. The work I’ve done is real and God’s work in me is real. I just need to keep working. Love your words. Thanking God for your encouragement every day.
        Blessings and encouragement to you!! 🙂

  10. Oh, Holley. Bringing me to tears at my desk today, because I’m right there. I’m wondering if the work I’m doing now is truly worth the sacrifices I’m making, and will continue to make as I continue in the job. But I’ve been here less than a year, and to leave now feels like a weak cop out.

    Praying for His strengthening, enabling, life giving touch, and seeking the wisdom it takes to live this one crazy life well.

    • Erin, I read above in your other comment that you are a social worker. And with tears in my eyes as I type this I want to place my hands on your shoulders and look right into your face and say, “Yes, yes, yes…what you do matters more than you can know or see.” I volunteer at a transitional home for foster girls who age out of the system and so many of them can name ONE person {often a social worker} who changed their world. And often that person has no idea of the impact they’ve made. I’m praying for you as you do this hard and holy work. It truly is a work of faith…believing even when you often don’t see. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do.

  11. I thought it was just me going through this. I fell like letting it all go somtimes but I do have trust and faith in my God. I really needed to hear your words of wisdom this morning. My morning started out awful with arguments and anger. Thank you so much for sharing this post and reminding me I don’t know but your always right on time. I think GOD for you. Bless you.

    • San, you are far from the only one. We all struggle together. That’s why we need Jesus…and each other. Praying the rest of your day is more peaceful than the beginning.

  12. Hey there! In a recent class I taught we were talking about this very topic. When do comments such as “I am blessed” stop being optimistic, faith based thinking and start becoming…a lie. Something we say when we really don’t feel that way. I try to strike a balance, in an honest way. And I also recognize that while not everyone wants to know (or needs to know) how we’re REALLY doing, God already knows and HE can handle it. Thanks, Holley!

    • You are so wise, friend. I wish I could have been in your class! It sounds amazing. Maybe that’s one you could do in a video and share online? 🙂

  13. Holley,
    God bless you.Thanks you for such a beautiful post. I read the illustration and I thought to myself she is talking about me.It has been been challenging for my sons and I for over two years now with several losses in our lives,eg, Mamma’s passing, hubby leaving home,loss of employment and vehicle.It is challenging but God has provided a roof over our heads in an apartment. My desire is to write,get published, and encourage others never to give up,and tell them about the love of God.

    • Claire, I’m so sorry you’ve been through such a difficult season. I think it’s beautiful that even in this hard time your desire is to encourage others. Wow. Praying for you and cheering you on…

  14. I needed to hear this today. Trying to trust in His unfailing love in the midst of feeling sick and so very tired and achy, another flareup of a chronic illness. I so often say I’m ok, because I feel like I might be complaining or being ungrateful for what I do have. I love how you see through the “forced smile” of your friend, Holley. You have such a sensitive, loving, caring spirit that feels deeply into the needs of hurting souls. Thank you for all the hope gifts you give me.

    • Trudy, praying that even if your body feels weak today that the love you feel from Jesus is so very strong. You are valuable to Him in every single moment of your life.

  15. awesome ..thankyou. some days im ok and others aren’t great but in the midst of it all I know God is there and there is always another day following this one if today isn’t great. have been thru many trials too but in all the pain and sadness held onto hope of another new day filled with better things. Gods always there..i read what the apostles had to go thru to bring this faith around the world and oh my goodness im so sure they didn’t think God was with them either..many many trials and worse but they kept the faith and kept going..thats my motivator to not giveup on God in my trials..be inspired today..theres always another day

    • Polly, you are a woman of faith. Thank you for reminding us that we have very good company, even the Apostles, when we face difficulties. I was just reading in Acts this morning about Paul being shipwrecked and even in that God worked. Whew. I’m glad He understands that we do get tired along that way sometimes. Praying He strengthens and encourages you today, friend.

  16. Thank you for your words today and for seeing into your friends heart. I live with chronic illness and am exhausted on a daily basis. I wish others could sometimes see the pain, behind the words ” I am fine” , sometimes I think if I say them enough, maybe I will be one day. So thankful that God sees the pain that I face daily and I do not have to hide my feelings with him. What a blessing your writing was today!!

    • Kim J, some of my family struggles with chronic illness and I know how hard “I’m fine” can be to say…and how much unspoken strength there is behind it. Those who persevere with chronic illness inspire me. You are seen, you are known, you are loved. And you’re making a difference even more than you know.

  17. Yup. He cares so much more about us than about our ability to put on a mask and claim everything is fine. And only when we take that mask off can we really receive His comfort and encouragement. I’m so glad that He loves and listens, no matter what.

  18. Learning the art of careful listening is huge and practicing it is even harder. Setting aside ourselves for Him so we can “see” others is what HE did all the time. I have been blessed to be on both sides of the table so to speak. Thank you for the sharing and encouragement to keep on with Him and to keep looking for ways to bless and encourage others.

    • Yes, listening is one of the most loving gifts we can offer to each other. I can tell by your comment that you are a wonderful listener Linda. I imagine the folks in your life are so blessed by your ears…and heart.

  19. Just beautiful! How wonderful to know that our Father truly cares about us and is always by our side. He is there in the blessings and in the hardships. How grateful I am for that.

  20. Hey Holley! Girl, you “hit the nail right square on the head”, as we say down here!
    I’m so amazed and thankful that I “heard from Heaven” today in your words! Just in case your Mom is not still around to tell you, I’ll say it, “I’m proud of you, girl! You’re doing a great job! Keep up the good work! I’m praying for you! God knows the way through this wilderness and He’s going to lead us through it! Love from Louisiana!

  21. Thank you Holley! This is so true! But don’t we all need a reminder! You have such a gift for encouragement thru your loving heart that comes thru all your caring words! You are a light in the darkness!

  22. Needed to read that today. I spent all day yesterday in my pj’s watching mindless TV so I didn’t have to feel or think. I didn’t even talk. I am blessed beyond measure but struggle with this brokenness.

    • Connie, it sure sounds like you may be struggling with some depression. I’ve walked that journey and know how hard it can be. While we all need a good PJ day now and then, if you keep feeling that way please talk to a trusted friend, counselor or your doctor. Or better yet, all three! Some of the most godly people in Scripture struggled with depression and it’s always okay to reach out and say, “I’m not fine right now.” You are valuable and loved.

  23. Holley,
    Thank you for the image of you reaching your hand across the table…in a season where friends live physically far away and just imagining sitting across the table and having someone ask me that brought tears to my eyes. And even better you’ve reminded me that Jesus wants to hear how hard this move has been; how lonely I feel every day. I forget sometimes… thanks for the reminder. I love your heartfelt encouraging posts by the way. You are blessing this woman with each one.

    Yours along the Way,

    • Oh, Lisa, sometimes I wish my computer came with a “Beam me up, Scotty” feature. Don’t you? If so, I would be sitting at your kitchen table right now. 🙂 Praying Jesus surrounds you with love and provides the community your heart longs for in this season of transition. XO

  24. I love the way you expressed the light of God coming through the cracks of our lives. I too am one of the ones who when asked how I am, what comes out is I’m fine! Right now I am going through the passing of my aunt, just 5 days ago, who I love very much and I spent so much time with the last four years gaining a very close, loving relationship. The last 6 months as her health declined more and more (she was 90 on May 18) I was with her everyday. In and out of hospitals, rehab nursing homes and finally her own apartment in assisted living. Helping her furnish it and trying to make it more of a home for her. Also I am having a back surgery, a fusion involving 4 vertebrae with bone grafts. Now my siblings are attacking me over every thing Dot owned, which isn’t much. She told me 3 years ago she was giving me her car and now I am the bad guy because of that. She signed it over quite awhile ago but that isn’t important. I am just worn out from not taking care of myself which happens to a lot of caregivers, so I packed up everything she had given me and took it to her house. All I want are the memories she I made together. So to share it with God and by showing them how I feel about the material things I’m hoping I can be at peace which is all I want. God is the most important thing to me and by my actions of staying out the family feuding I hope God will shine from me and what matters in my heart. You have truly shown me it’s OK to say no I’m not OK, I’m falling apart. God bless Holly.

    • Linda, I’m so sorry for the loss of your Aunt. I lost my Grandpa earlier this summer and I can certainly relate to the ache of grief you’re experiencing. I’m praying for comfort for you and for your surgery too. Griefshare.org is a wonderful site with really helpful resources when you lose someone you love. You may know about them already but just in case I wanted to make sure you did. XO

  25. holy tears, running down my face. needed this word so much, friend! THANK YOU for pouring out God’s truth, love & encouragement! LOVE YOU ♥

  26. Wow this is awesome. Just yesterday i used this freebee to send to my friends as i have experienced some personal issues lately. And now i get this back in the mail. Gods speaks in mysterious ways and i love Him for that. Thank you Holley your post helps me to stay real. Bless you

  27. A word of comfort in due season! Thank you Holley 🙂
    Going through a season of tough parenting. I tell people I’m great because I know other friends and family are going through greater struggles with their children and was told I should be thankful now because “it only gets harder as they get older”. (goodness!)
    I love the image of the Father leaning in and asking “How are you, really?” such a comforter.
    Be blessed! 🙂

  28. Hi Holly: Thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement today. I live with chronic pain daily and each day I feel guilty if I give in to complaining about the pain I am really feeling, especially when a friend asks me how I am feeling. You have helped me to put a whole new perspective on this. I know that God knows how I am “really” feeling, but your words for today have helped me understand that it is okay for me to not only talk to God about the Blessings He has placed in my life each day, but I can also talk to Him about how tired I am of dealing with the pain as well. I always ask Him each day for Grace and Strength to get through it, but I often feel like a failure when I give in to the pain and allow it to bring me down with impatience and frustration and complaints. Whenever I read one of your encouraging stories, I thank God for Blessing you with such a wonderful way with Words and for helping you express His message to so many people. May you continue to be Blessed. Amen.

    • Stella, you are fighting a brave battle, my friend. It’s not easy and even in the moments when it feels like your body is losing, your heart and faith are winning. I can see that even through the words you wrote above. The enemy my try to lie to you…but you have not been defeated and you never will be. And no matter how you may feel sometimes, you are a mighty warrior in the Kingdom.

  29. I feel so lost and scared, I feel like my world is going to come crashing down, I feel helpless and adrift. Please pray for me and my family x

  30. i love this. it rings true to me. i am going to keep this as a reminder. thank you

  31. Awesome post! I’ve done this more than a few times in my life: tried to be a witness and not complain and be strong and all of that…in the middle of very trying circumstances.. It didn’t take me very long to realize that, like you said, God knows it all and wants to hear it ALL…and that keeping things inside keeps others out. Because when others think we have it all under control, there is no room for them to minister. And, plus, it’s exhausting to try and keep that up. “Sometimes it’s through the cracks in our hearts that God’s love shines through the brightest…” Thank you for sharing!

  32. Thank you for this post. It truly blessed my heart. I felt like it spoke to me, as I walked around the house doing all I can not to just grind my teeth at my 6 year old. Those days come and I am grateful that God’s arms is open to us when the going gets tough.


  33. We as human womenbeings find it difficult to walk into church unmasked, never mind walking into the throne of grace with nothing to hide behind! However, it is the one place, He is the one place we can bare it all so He can bear it for us. O what a God we serve. Great post.

  34. Thanks Holley!

    This really hit home for me today as I have been ruminating & praying about several questions I have been asked of late regarding my feelings vs my faith. As though somehow having faith is supposed to make me a super human. This is such a great opening to having that conversation with my best but unsaved friend. I am looking forward to it now, whereas I was dreading it a little before. Your post gave me a bit more clarity of thought on the whole concept. THANKS!

    Be Well,

  35. Thanks for this, Holley. My husband has cruised through his life with his black & white thinking, but I have a tendency to sit in the grey areas- wrestling with the questions and the difficulty and the promises of God in the midst of a hard season. I think that we, as women, don’t want to sound like complainers and want to have our life (at least appear to be) put together. Trying to sit in the tension of being authentic yet hopeful. Love that you said “God understands both,” I think it is both, too.

    • Oh, that space between authentic and hopeful…yes. I’ve spent some time sitting there too. Glad we can be in that pace of grace together.

  36. I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this today. My mom passed away at the end of May and just a couple of weeks ago we found out we have to move because our landlord is selling the house. I struggle with the guilt of being honest when people ask me how my summer has been. I want to say that is has been horrible, but I feel like that dismisses all the blessings I have. I just needed the reminder that its ok to be honest. Hey, HE already knows my heart anyway.

    • Amy, so sorry you have had such a difficult summer. I wish I could give you a hug right now! Praying your heart is protected from guilt and God surrounds you with safe people who will love you well no matter how you feel. XO

  37. Holley,

    I just loved Bev’s comment about being Cracked pots. That is so true! Everyone is going through something at one point or another. God allows us to go through trials to strengthen us and make us more dependent on Him!

    Even though this has been a rough year for me and my family–we have come through it all and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! God is good ALL THE TIME! Here’s my song for Sunday Special Music “It is well with my soul” by Chris Rice. I chose that song because when I first heard it my hubby was having a tough time with work issues and it was just what he needed to hear!

    Blessings Holley!

  38. Holly,
    I was at the Winsome retreat and you were too sick to speak. Your quote reminds me of that weekend because they had flowerpots with cracks in them illuminated by candles inside. I loved your book, “You’re Going To Be OK” and highly recommend it to others who need some encouraging truth. keep up the good work!

    • Oh, Tracey, thank you so much for your grace and sharing my book. Not being able to be at Winsome because I was sick was a breaking point for me. I’ve always been able to “push through” and I just couldn’t that time. I was so afraid I would be unloved because of it {crazy, right?}. But of course Kim and her team we incredibly kind and God totally used that experience to heal me in more ways than I even knew I needed. Whew. I’m planning on coming next year…I hope I get to see you!

  39. Thank you Holley for this perfect post. I spent two and a half hours in pain waiting for a steroid shot that may or may not work. My doctor was apologetic as the day had been over booked. After reading the post I felt free to talk to God about my pent up fears and frustrations AND my blessings for the day. What a wonderful perspective to dump and unload, as I call it, and in the same breath to be so thankful. I was smiling and crying at the same time. Now I’m smiling and feeling more at peace. Thanks and joy going forward.

      • Hi Susan!
        Surely I don’t know in which country you live, but if you are in the US, you could have so many possibilities in regards to the reason why you need this steroid shot. I am not here to tell you whats right, but I was very sick and allowed to be healed after prayer.
        If you’d like to know more here are 2 websites: bethelchurch/redding california
        the 2. is: beinhealth.com – it is connected to the Pleasant Valley church in Thomaston , Georgia
        Please forgive me if this is not private enough, but it might help others as well.
        We have a wonderful LORD who wants our healing!

  40. This is SO good Holley! I always need this reminder! I remind others of this but somehow when it comes to me, I easily forget this truth. Thank you for speaking this into my heart today!

    I love you friend!!!

  41. I’ve been in many frustrating situations. The hardest thing to overcome is the primal fear of not getting things right or feeling blessed. Once again another Casting Crowns song comes to mind “I Will Praise You In This Storm”. I’ve been thru many types of storms. The best part is when you make it thru it and know that you’ve survived. Each one makes you stronger and it’s perfectly fine to tell God and others that all is not rosy. God knows what we are going thru already. We don’t fool him or make him angry by admitting our weakness. We simply pray for his strength. Thank you Holley!

    • Praise You in this Storm is one of my favorite songs. I listened to it over and over during a difficult time in my life. And God also showed me we can always run under His umbrella of love! It doesn’t make the storm go away but it sure does help our hearts get through it!

  42. OH MY GOSH, i feel this way daily. Thank you for putting my feelings into words. I love my kids but yes we have our moments. I love my stay at home mom job as well as a full time nanny so i can stay home but yes i have moments with the littlest. I also work for the church i attend and i love that too but rest is few and far between. Finances are tight for us and we don’t have our own house either, we live with my parents and i love love my parents but a space of our own would be amazing. Like you said i am blessed with for the most part well behaved kids who never get sick and a hard working loving husband who loves me with all my quirks and our kids too.

    • Whew, Megan, you have a full life! Praying you find places of rest…both in the middle of the busyness and also in quiet moments just for you.

  43. Just want to add my voice to the nearly 100 (!) who’ve already commented. This spot-on post about acknowledging the hard AND happy places of our lives makes so much sense, Holley. A loving earthly father would surely appreciate such honesty–gratitude for all that is well, requests for help for all that is not well. How much more can we trust our Heavenly Father to handle the same honesty? And as his sons and daughters, we can do the same for each other. Thank you, Holley!

  44. I’m ashamed of myself. I pray nobody finds out. I survived a traumatic event sexual abuse. Seeing as I’m a Christian why can’t I feel joy? I should be over this. Not still suffering the effects of my past. I feel guilty all the time, disconnected from everyone around me, no feelings of love. Have flashbacks. Nightmares. Sigh. Took an online assessment for PTSD. Got 70% score which means severe PTSD. SIGH. no. I won’t talk. I’m keeping my pain a secret. I should be happy and I’m not. By feeling like this I’m disobeying God, which brings more
    guilt and shame.

    • Angela, I’m so sorry you’ve been through this devastating abuse. You are not alone. I would encourage you to share with a counselor who is safe and has training with helping women heal from sexual abuse. You are loved and you have so much life ahead of you. Praying for you this evening…

  45. The Lord has heard His share of complaining from me lately. And even some downright sobbing from my heart. And yes, how grateful I am to know that He hears it all, and wants to listen. My Best Friend He will always be.

    May I take His lovingkindness and listening ear and pass this gift on to others.


  46. It’s another one of your good posts. And God takes care of me by having me read this today. To get personal: today we learned we are infertile… I go through a mixture of “Oh God, I am so glad for the husband you gave me, I am glad to go through this with him. What we have is so very good. It’s beyond sad to stay childless but at least I stay childless with a GOOD, fun, loving man” and on the other hand intens sadness, mourning and loss. And you are right, it can both exist at the same time, in the same place. That is God’s grace I think. At times one takes over the other, until they meet again.

    • Hope, oh, how I can relate to that ache since I’ve walked the journey of infertility too. And I’ve also seen how God can redeem and bring life and fill the holes in our hearts in ways beyond what we can even imagine. I wore a ring with the word HOPE on it for years during that season. Every time I looked at it it helped me press on and remember God loved me even in the midst of the hurt. I pray every time you hear your name that you will be encouraged and know the same. Putting an arm gently around your shoulders, sister, and just sitting in this space with you…

      • Holley, I have a million questions to ask you 😉
        I am always thinking about my name. Did you know how I got it?: http://maddychristinehope.com/2014/04/30/how-i-got-my-name/
        And at times like this God always reminds me the hope He gave me when He changed my name wasn’t just for that time, it’s for my life time. I am asked to hang on to that Hope in all circumstances. I may be tired but He never runs out of Hope. Thank you for the reminder. I love the idea of the ring.

  47. Oh so glad to read this post. You spoke some truth into my heart Holley! I am currently reading your book…”You’re made for a God sized dream.” Thanks for the encouragement!

  48. Thank you so much for this post, Holley. It speaks exactly to where I am today, overawed by the blessings and gifts of grace the Lord has given me, but crying inside every day over the broken dreams in the midst of the blessings. Thank you. for “permission” to tell Him about the pain as well as the blessings.

  49. I woke at 3:37 am this morning. I could not sleep because of the many “things” that are presently pressing upon my heart. So, I decided to talk to the Lord. During my talk with HIm, I told him that I was grateful for Him being in my life and how I could sense His presence and active involvement despite my circumstances. I shared with him that I felt mistreated and abused by my employer for not getting the Directorship position. I told Him how I felt like a pauper. I can’t seem to ever get control of my debt and how I am using cooking oil to moisturize my body. I also told Him that I remember past days of struggles and how He brought me through and I gave Him thanks. But I felt during my prayer that I was letting Him down by crying and giving praise to Him at the same time. I felt like a hypocrite; a failing Christian. And, I ended my prayer without saying Amen or good bye. At that, He guided me to goggle Holly Gerth. There He provided comfort for the very thing I was experiencing. So now, I’m crying for both joy and sorrow. And, it’s okay. The Lord knows where I really am. And, He can now continue to cover me with no shame on my part.

    • Wow, that is such an amazing story Donna…I’m so glad that God led you here and that you took time to share this with us. I love how he’s in all the details of our lives! Praying for and with you this evening!

  50. Hi Holley!
    It is so refreshing to get encouraged! Thank you dearly!
    While preparing some kind of centre for christians and surely welcoming everyone, I feel often very lonely and it shouldn’t be this way.
    If the LORD wouldn’t be so close, I would have sometimes thrown the towel.
    It is sad to see so many churches in one area, but they are not working together and that’s what it is all about, to create a place for the people – free of religion but full of faith to learn what our LORD wanted for us – unity in HIM.
    It is so good that we don’t have to be perfect and that we can praise HIM that HE is in control!
    Sometimes I do feel like the person you met! Thank you!

      • You lovely sister! 🙂
        you always have nice words for us and I do pray for your great ministry as well, your strength and your joyful heart not to be attacked but to be nourished and filled by the Holy spirit daily!!!
        Love ! Ursula xx

  51. Thank you, Holley, for allowing me to feel okay about the conflicting emotions of life’s struggles and what He’s teaching me, and on the other hand, trying to focus on His blessings and never failing love for me!
    I often feel guilt for caving in to being overwhelmed and helpless, while knowing I should be feeling grateful for what I have and being joyful because I’m His.
    We are close to retirement age and hubby is in a long term faith based addiction program (Adult & Teen Challenge-PTL!) after nearly dying a few months ago, we’re losing our home and everything we’ve worked so hard for and then I’m moving to my daughter’s home in another city for the time being. Not knowing exactly what the future holds is scary, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to see where He will take us on our new journey together and use what we’re going through for His glory! My prayer is that others will see how only Jesus can restore real hope to lives no matter the circumstances and truly want Him in their lives.
    Thank you for your sweet way of opening up and communicating your journey in Him! I appreciate you and thank Him for using you to inspire us in a way we can relate to!!

    • Cindy, you are a strong, brave woman and I’m praying for you in this difficult season. May God give you hope and as you said, use you to share with others in even more ways than ever before too!

  52. Such sweetness. Such truth.

    And you put it so beautifully. So glad I stopped here for a pause.

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

  53. Thank you so much Holly for posting this I needed to read that! I struggle with a form of OCD so please if you could keep me in your prayers. I praise The Lord for allowing me to have the gift of sign language. I want to prepare for fall 2015 to start school again for ASL interpreting!

  54. Great encouragement!
    Holley thank you for showing me that I can be honest with God. That amidst all His blessing me which I’m grateful for that I can still ask Him to grant me the desire of heart that feels like a hole in the middle of all this wonderfulness.
    Thank you for making me aware that God wants to know how I’m really doing!