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  1. My mom suffered two strokes on Monday and she is recovering well at the hospital. While I know in my heart that God will take care of her, I still feel anxious and afraid. My sisters and brothers are at each others throat. I find myself like that shy little girl too afraid to speak. Please pray for us that we might find peace.

    • Janice,
      Lord, please bring your healing touch to Janice’s mom and give Janice the reassurance she needs that you will take care of her mom. Calm her fear and anxiety and enable her to leave it all at your feet. Bring peace to her family as they decide on how best to care for their mother. Give Janice your voice to speak peace into the situation and wrap her in your strong and comforting arms. Amen.

      • Janice,

        Thank you God for blessing Janice and her entire family, in ways they can seem and unseen, as you lovingly guide, comfort, and heal them all. We know we can TRUST in you. ” Lean not on our own understanding, but Trust in the Lord, your God with all your heart”

        God promises you that He will never leave you, your mother and your siblings without comfort and direction. God is speaking to you right this very moment.

        What is He saying?

        In Deep Respect & Grace,
        Rachel Fielding http://www.HowMiraclesHappen.com

    • Lord

      Please give peace and contentment to Janice. Bring your healing to her mother.
      Give her the assistance she needs to take care of her mom. Assist the family to draw closer to each other and you and love each other.

      Please shower Janice with your loving peace that all will be ok in the end.

    • Janice,

      Oh how I know the desperation you feel when a loved one is sick and you feel so alone through it. So many times your faith is tested to the limit. It is only as we go through the trauma and look back that we see the Saviour’s hand holding us. I wish I could comfort you. Your mum will be fine, your family will pull together and you will look back on this with thanksgiving.

      My husband Tom is very ill having had a bone marrow transplant two and a half years ago. So many time I have questioned why God has taken him to the brink of death and he has then improved. I pray that God will restore him again so that we can praise his name. Bless you all

  2. My family is attending a new church thus morning. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I am nervous about us making new friends, if we will connect or not.

  3. I feel like a broken record…but please pray for my son who seems to have a will bent on self destruction. Please pray that he would hear the voice of the Lord who constantly pursues him and that he would give up his destructive behaviors and turn toward Christ. I could use prayers that, as hard as it is, that I would be able to separate myself from my son’s continuing problems and be able to live life abundantly as God would have me do. I keep getting sucked into the vortex of my son’s life and it is tearing me apart. I’m gaining strength at doing this, but could certainly use prayers.
    Thanks and blessings to all,

    • Where two or more are gathered in His name, Bev. No broken record…just a caring Mama. Keep requesting until it is done. And we will keep praying. I know it will happen one day. You are beautiful…thank you for your constant presence and support in this space.

    • Bev,
      Father I pray that you would continue to pursue Bev’s son and draw him to you. Help him to feel your love reaching out to him. I pray also for Be that you would give her strength and wisdom. Help her to reach out to him in a way that would show love yet not hinder your plan for him. You Lord are not willing that any should perish and you love her son even more than she does. Thank you for your unfailing love.

      Be, how I wish I could hug you, I also have a son who is self destructive. Neither he nor his girlfriend want to hear anything about God. Their relationship is volitle even though they say they love each other and in 7 months there will be a little one. My heart is breaking for them and the baby. Please pray for their salvation, for a healthy baby and for me to have wisdom and patience with them.


  4. I will pray for you Bev, your son and family xx can I ask that The Lord will continue to speak to my heart, guiding me that I may feel him close and understand. Also that we can pay off our bills/debt.

    • Praying for you Jas that the Lord would draw you in close beneath His wing and that you would find refuge there and that He would give you eyes and ears to see and understand His word and His will for you. Also praying that you would be able to pay off your bills and debt.

  5. Bev we must of posted at the same time!! Lord please hear your daughters prayer, please comfort her give her strength to deal with her sons choices, for her to continue to support him best as you see fit. Mend her heart, and his heart that he may turn to you and turn his life around. I pray that Bev has some time to spend with her husband and pray this relationship is a support and cushion/outlet or release for Bev. In Jesus precious name, Amen.


  6. Dear Lord, please be with Kristen today and her family, please provide connections with our Christians in the new church that they may build foundations for lasting friendships. IN Jesus Name, Amen

  7. Jas, I pray that you continue to feel The Lords presence in your life and that you continue to find comfort in his love and grace. I also pray that in this world of financial uncertainly you are able to see the choices that The Lord presents and are able to remove that burdon of debt in your life.

    I ask that I recieve prayers for my family. My father died 2 months ago and we are having to sell his house. I am very grateful we have recieved an offer but the negotiation is placing my heart in an anxious state. We have bought and sold three homes in 4 years and none bothered me. But this is my Daddy’s home and I feel more uncertain. Please pray for peace and a settlement for my family. I lost my best friend with his passing and I just want to do right in his memory.

  8. Andrea I pray in the name of our father that the house will be sold to a wholesome family deserving of a new begining. May the strength of the Lord bless them and your family as you are going through this struggle of losing someone so close to you. May the Lord bring you comfort and peace during this trying time and may everything work out in His favor in Jesus name Amen.
    I ask that we all pray for our president to make the right decisions for this country, I also ask to pray for and continue to pray for Israel.

  9. Andrea, praying for your family right now. I ask that in this season you would know the victory of Jesus over the sting of death. Praying for peace and healing and the assurance that your father’s truest treasures were laid up elsewhere. Praying the God of all comfort would be so near–He is gentle and compassionate and remembers we are dust.

    I would love prayer for growing our family. We’ve just begun to try. Please pray for me to have total trust in what God will do. Praying hard for a baby, and always wanting His will. Thank you.

  10. Katie,
    Praying that God blesses you with a beautiful family and that you would raise them up to walk with Him.

    I need prayer in my walk with Christ. I feel like a failure as a Christian, mother, wife. I give things to God and then take them back. I want to walk with Him and grow!

    • Vicki, I have walked with God for 53 years and it is something I think is part of being a woman–wanting to fix things ourselves and beating ourselves up for not getting things right. You are God’s precious child. He loves you regardless of what you see as failures. He sees your attempts–not the outcome–as victories.
      Father God, I lift up Vickie to You and ask You to give her a clear picture of who she is in You. Let her see the areas of her life where Your glory shines through. Encourage her, comfort her, give her a sense of Your presence. May she press in and press on remembering that Your yoke is easy–it is we, Your children, that make it hard by expecting too much of ourselves. Remind Vickie that try as we may we can never be like Jesus. Striving to be like Him is where our victory lies. In His name I pray, Amen.

  11. A recent widow, and a newcomer to this area, I am alone. I don’t mind being by myself, but being alone is different. Pray that I would use this ‘alone’ time to glorify God–that I would seek Him when I want to be with people–that He would send who He wants into my life when He wants and that I would not try to make that happen in my strength and time.
    Thank you.

  12. I need prayers this AM. My family got some “iffy” news last week and we won’t know the end results for a while. I need prayers for peace that no matter what happens all will be ok and that God will take care of us.

    I’m not happy with my job and would like to find something else. Prayers in both areas please!

    • Dear Beth – I pray that you will come to know the whole meaning of trust in the Lord. He knows our anxieties and fears and I’ve learned that we must acknowledge that we do, daily if not hurly. He loves you and cares for you and your precious family. I pray that the “news” will be good news, but if it is anything else, that you will still be at peace, knowing that God is in control and sees the whole picture.
      I pray too for you to have another job. I don’t know where you live or where you work but I know jobs are pretty hard to come by these days, so be thankful and sometimes in our thankfulness, our hearts are changed and we can find ways to “like” our job after all 🙂 However, I do pray that your eyes and ears will be open to new possibilities and that something will become available for you. Something just special for you.
      God bless you and we know we are most fortunate to have a God that cares and understands. Stay strong and let your light shine in whatever situation you find yourself. Love in Christ, LoRae

  13. Good Morning.
    I took the initiative to begin a new ministry within our church. One of my strengths is organization and this fit me to a “T”. The ministry is to the poor and needy in our community. I have sailed along doing what I do until: #1 I realized I was close to being over my head as far as my abilities. I reached out to 2 of my best friends for prayers that God would truly enable me as we moved forward. I would ask that you be my 3rd significant praying person and now to my #2 request. I know this and have said out loud “This ministry belongs to the Lord”. Friday I saw in myself that I felt it was all on my shoulders. I didn’t like what I saw. I have been full charge ahead but I need to take my foot off the pedal and slow down. I want to hear His voice, I want Him to change me and guide me so I will never get the credit of what is being accomplished or get ahead of what He wants to happen. I hope you are able to hear this as coming from deep within my heart. Please pray for me.

    • LoRae,
      first of all, I commend you for taking on a new ministry opportunity at your church. You sound like a real take charge person, and that is a strength! You have a passion for this, which is why you were specifically called to lead this ministry. Remember that He works all things together for good. everything will come together for you. The right assistants and volunteers will come together and you will lead them in His glorious name, to show people HIS love! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are being His hands and feet…:)
      You will see how perfectly He works when you look back upon this “starting” time. He is good all the time!!!!

  14. I pray that Candy will be surrounded by godly, encouraging friends.
    I pray that she can hear the Lord’s voice and leading. Please help
    her to feel the embrace and comfort of Your love.

    Please pray for my 17 year old daughter. Please pray that she will
    find godly, encouraging friends. She has been on such a rough stretch for the past two years. Her only girlfriend that she hangs
    out with is not a good influence. I want her on your path for her, Lord. I know that You are the only one that can help her through
    her struggles.

  15. I’m in a period of waiting for God to move in the heart of someone I love. Please pray for him and for me to hear and know God’s voice for His plans in our lives.

  16. Janice I lift up your Mom in prayer, I pray for healing and recovery from her stroke. I pray for a calmness to come over your family. May you find His Peace. I pray that you will unite together to advocate for your Mom and help her to recover. I pray for strength for you that you will speak love into your family at moments of stress and discord and I pray for strength for you to live through this season of turmoil in your life. He is your light and salvation, May peace be with you. Amen.

    Pray for my daughters fiancé who is a non believer. That his eyes be opened to Christ’s love and that my daughter stay strong in her faith. She is following her Mom’s footsteps marrying a non-believer and has seen first hand the road that is ahead. Pray for their relationship and upcoming visit to Canada. Pray that he be open to the Spirit and pray for me to have courageous conversations with them.

  17. I fear my life is fading, even though I struggle to hang on to it. Cancer battles me, though in treatment this past year, it has gained the upper hand. Spreading and bringing discomfort with it. A new option lies before us and I’m thankful for it, but fear it at the same time. How can I still fear what has been familiar for 8 years? I guess because it comes and goes…but this time it stays. And I see the pain in my husband’s eyes. So much has been sacrificed, so much has been taken. Except for HOPE. I know I win in the end. Please pray for my husband that he’ll be able to find strength, and joy, in the midst of hard. Thank you.

    • Lord Jesus, I lift Debbie and her husband up to you now. Over 2,000 years ago, You took every last burden of Debbie’s and nailed it to the cross. Your word says that by His stripes we are healed. It has been done and needs to be manifested in Debbie. I pray You would cover her and consume her. Build up her body, spirit and mind. I pray You would continue to be her husband’s portion and that he would have unending peace, strength and comfort. Continue to bless their marriage and bring fresh wind to both of them. Cause them both to rest in all of Your promises. Bring Godly people into their lives to encourage and minister to them both. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  18. Lord I lift Susan’s daughter to you in prayer. Your word says train up a child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. We stand on this Word knowing that you are able to keep Susan’s daughter and guide her closer to you. With much love and thanksgiving I ask that you draw her nigh to you, give her wise friends after your heart and that you protect her and carry her through this stage in her young life. Lord I also ask that you embrace Susan even more, comfort her and give her your peace that surpasses our understanding. In Jesus name. Amen!

    I am anxious for life. I find myself wishing for death so that I can go home to heaven for there is no thing in this life that I desire to live for. I am not suicidal but rather very homesick. I am asking for prayer that while I am here that I recognize my assignment, complete it well and find joy in this life.

  19. I pray for Beth and the news that is not yet clear. I pray for peace and the knowledge that His hand is in everything. I pray for her job situation and that she be lifted from that but also that while she is in this position that she be a light for others. In Jesus name. Amen.

  20. LoRae, I pray for strength and guidance as you continue this ministry. That God will place the people you need to continue on and meet the needs of those who have been forgotten. Remember Matthew 25:40. He will bless you and provide you with all you need. We give thanks for LoRae and her strength and compassion. Amen

  21. Praying for all of you lovely women this morning, let Him bring comfort and peace ❤️

    I have been blind all of my life, and I know Jesus can heal me…please pray for faith and healing today. Thank you!!!

  22. Please pray for my husband Bill. He is applying to nursing school and must pass an exam to get in that he has previously failed. His confidence is low and he is feeling discouraged. I know with every ounce of my being that it is God’s plan for him to become a nurse…I ask you to pray for him that God restores his confidence in himself and that he “sees” that this is all part of God’s plan. Because we all know that something worth having rarely comes easy!

    Thank you and my God bless you all with His peace.

  23. Lord I pray for Paula, that you would give her opportunities to speak into her daughter’s life, and her finances. That a boldness would be in her to speak words of truth and life, so powerfully, that the fiance would be won over. I pray her daughter’s faith would remain strong and that her convictions would be a factor in her fiance seeing YOU, and desiring YOU for himself. Give Paula peace and wisdom in YOU. AMEN.

  24. Debbie, may God give your husband strength through this difficult time in your life. Remember, it’s the valleys that make us stronger, not on our mountaintops. I pray that the Lord will watch over you and that you can find refuge in the comfort in His presence with you at all times. He is always with you, even through these past eight years, even when you don’t understand why the cancer hasn’t gone away. I pray for your body, that God will take the cancer away, that he will heal you. I pray that through all of this, your husband and you walk together even closer than before. You are so amazing to go through this for so long. Please, hang in there and think of the Lord who hung in their for us up on that cross. That is how much he loves us.

  25. I received a letter from the State saying I owe a large amount of taxes. I believe the tax has already been paid and the letter is in error. Please pray for the truth to be revealed.

  26. For the strength and courage to do what I already know I need to do to live a happy life, even if it means being alone for a bit.

  27. Please pray for my family that we would follow hard after Jesus. Please pray especially for my son Samuel who is not walking with The Lord. Pray for his girlfriends salvation and her walk too. Her name is Dixie. Thank you and God bless you.

  28. Vivian, I am praying that your family feel the draw of our loving Father. I pray you feel Him close & are drawn to His still quiet voice. I pray especially for Samuel & Dixie that God would put people in their path that cause them to turn to Jesus. I pray that God continually place your family & Dixie on my heart to remind me to prayer for you.
    I ask for prayer for health. There is sickness all around and I just ask for God’s divine healing touch on my family and those in my life. Thank you.

  29. My husband and I are on our first real summer vacation in 31 years of marriage. We are driving across the country and so far enjoying every minute. This morning I woke with lower back pain and I fear it may get worse…it has all the makings of sciatica. I am a believer in the healing power of prayer but rarely request it for myself. Please pray that my back improves so we can continue this journey together. Thank you, sisters.

    • Pray for favor I am stepping out in an area in which I do not have the experience or the education back here in February I wrote a book and submitted it to a publishing company they approved my book and want to sub,it it.I do not have the necessary monies to move forward but I am trusting God I was offered a dollar for dollar amount that they will match me.God is so faithful and I know I am near my break through. Thank you for your prayers and support.

    • My dear Sister I am praying that God will touch your back and bring total and complete healing. By His stripes you are healed. And I know this vacation is going to be a great one. God bless you and your husband .

    • Heavenly Father I pray for Brenda. 31 years of marriage is an such an inspiration and testimony! Please bless this season in her and her husbands life. Please make this a pain free, memory filled trip of a life time. Please suuround her with your peace. Please touch her lower back. With all You healing power, please make all the pain go away! I understand it much harder to ask for prayer and comfort than it is to give. So brave of you Brenda to do so. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful summer vacation!

      I ask for prayer for discernment and direction. Im having a difficult time knowing where the line is in letting go of my 20 year old daughter. She is a lovely Christian girl inside and out. This year, life has been hard on her. ( broken heart, friends, work, school) I want to fix things behind the scene that could make her life better, but I dont know if I should or not. I hide how bad my overwhelming anxiety is from my loved ones and I wait until I am alone to cry. I pray but I cannot hear God. I want to trust and lean in to Him.

  30. Please pray for my husband James and I, and 3 children. My husband came to faith about 2 years ago (was Confirmed/we had a church service to Renew our Wedding Vows). Just after this he had a significant call to Ministry, has been taking this forward and will hopefully start training/theology degree in September. From the day of his Confirmation and publicly speaking of his faith and love of his close family – we have both been under considerable attack in terms of our health (multiple problems, multiple operations). There have been family jealousies from very close family members – even as far as physical threats (3 close members). Apart from my own mother/step dad – we do not have the family support that we should have. We do however have considerable support from our church. Despite the problems our marriage is strong and the problems have deepened our faith in God.

  31. Please pray for our 8 week old daughter Chloe. We’ve been in the nicu for 58 days, where she was born. Chloe had multiple issues, but current prayer request is that the Lord would bring healing to her airway, to her heart, and that He would heal the tracheal ring and tissue, that she can come off the vent and grow. Our hearts are weary.

  32. Pray that I quit banging on a door that He has shut and not feel guilty about why the door was closed in the first place. Thank you so much for your prayer.

  33. Precious Lord, I raise Sharon up to you with her family, that they may continue to serve you and glorify you. I pray that you will soften the hearts of their opposing family members, and establish a healthy and peaceful countenance throughout their linked lives. I pray that health and strength be manifest in Sharon and her husband, that they may be a witness to your grace, mercy and love. Guide them in their journey to be right with God, and share the living word of God. I ask this in Jesus’s name, Amen.

  34. My family and I are struggling to make a couple of deadlines that would mean the difference between getting approved for monetary means to make repairs to our home and potentially losing the only home we have called ours. I am trying to be the rock in the family and pull together every piece of information and piece of support I can so that we can hopefully pull it together. The truth is my body is breaking down because of the stress and worry and I am asking for prayers to give me strength and determination to move forward and for reminders that God is in all things no matter how negative the outlook seems. My heart and body are being tested I feel. I know God is here for me and my family. I am praying He sends angels that can lend a helping hand. We always try to pay anything forward that we receive. It may not be monetarily. The gift of time and skills is what we can offer and of course prayer.

  35. Please pray for my family and me. I stay home with our 3 kids (8, 3 & 11wks). My husband is gone at work a LOT and I’m dealing with my 8yr old who is being very deceitful, testy, and disobedient. My 3 yr old who is trying to emulate him and a VERY fussy infant. It is wearing me down and putting undue stress on our marriage because every time my husband is home-I’m disciplining the kids, asking for his parenting advice or trying to get the baby quieted down. I feel very defeated and lonely-who knew staying home with your babies could make you feel so isolated. Please pray my husband would come to know The Lord and seek his will for him as a father, and that I would find renewed strength and wisdom on how to be a better wife and mother. Thank you!

  36. Please help me. My Dad passed away 6 weeks ago and I am feeling worse as t time goes on. He was my rock. I miss him so much it’s nearly unbearable.

    • I pray that Jehovah Shammah, our Ever Present One, will surround Joni with the peace of His comforting arms. Dear Lord, give rest to her soul at this desperate hour in her life. Help her endure and look first to You, and then to others in her life that may need her right now and that can help her by coming and lifting her up to survive the pain of this moment. I ask these things in Jesus Name! Amen.

  37. I really need to open up my heart and let a certain someone know how I feel about him but I am absolutely afraid. But it’s even worse keeping it all inside and I am hurting more and more as each day goes by. I really need to have a heart-to-heart talk with this person.

  38. I have been struggling with my finances. I need financial breakthrough. , I have been back from being overseas in India. It’s been a healing process for me. Please pray for complete healing and also God will hear the desires of my heart ( there is a desire of my heart I have been praying for) and for my dreams to come out and talents to be used that God will ignite my heart for him more and that I can go back to India. Also best friend in India is overwhelmed and struggling she is a missionary there please can you pray breakthrough and refreshment for her.

  39. I lift up Joni to you Father. That you would wrap your loving arms around her in her pain of loss. You’re the God of all Comfort. Please reveal that to her today. Give her a glimpse of joy in the midst of grief.

  40. Today is my 18th wedding anniversary but I leaving town for a vacation alone. Please pray for healing for my marriage and a revelation of Gods great grace and faithfulness to my husband.

    • Lord, I ask that you would wrap your arms around Alison even now, and that you would take from her the sting of disappointment and loneliness, and kindle within her the flame of hope of Your presence and plans. Even in the space between her and her husband during this vacation, reveal your great love and mercy to her husband, and bring down the barriers that have arisen between them. We trust in your unfailing grace.

  41. I have had to ask my assistant in a Christian ministry I lead to step down recently – for lots of reasons including her losing her faith – but it has been horrible – and so stressful for her and me! Pray that God brings beauty out of ashes – and for a decrease in the stress in my body which is overwhelming.

  42. Kat,

    Father God, I lift Kat and her family up to you, Lord. I pray that your peace that passes all understanding would be on her heart and mind today, Lord. Heavenly Father, I ask that you would open doors for her and that everything works out according to your purpose for her life. Father I ask that you would raise her up on wings like eagles, and that she would run and NOT grow weary. Father, we thank you for your promises we find in your word and that you are our ever present help in times of trouble. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  43. We are wanting another child but don’t think we will get pregnant. We aren’t in a financial position to pursue fertility treatment or to pursue adoption. Please pray God will show us what do with this desire that’s on our hearts, that He will reveal His plan for us soon. It’s hard to wait on His will and have peace in the waiting.

  44. Infidelity has disintegrated my marriage and I feel so betrayed; we are living separately and I don’t know what to do or how to proceed. I know this is in God’s hands and I only want to do what He wants me to do.

  45. We are on our way to a
    College Freshman orientation for our son, last one to leave the nest. Please pray for His will for all of us. A blessed Lord’s day to all.

  46. Lord, I pray for Alison & her marriage…asking that you bring healing. And until that healing begins, give her rest and a sense of peace that You will carry her.

    I know you hear all our prayers, but add my voice to all those who’ve posted above me; that you provide some immediate sense of comfort in their situations…and, of course, guide them along to long-term solutions for all those things that weigh heavy on their hearts at this time.

    I am bored w/my job, anxious for the next chapter…and slip into to moments of utter panick about my future. You know the good dreams I have, have always had; steady my heart & soul until they come to pass. Thank you, Lord, for hearing us blessing us as you do.

    • I pray for this dear, sweet, hurting mama’s heart. This is a pain like no other. Please touch and breakdown down walls, pride and hurt. May all the glory go to You in the process Lord!

  47. Heavenly Father I pray for Brenda. 31 years of marriage is an such an inspiration and testimony! Please bless this season in her and her husbands life. Please make this a pain free, memory filled trip of a life time. Please suuround her with your peace. Please touch her lower back. With all You healing power, please make all the pain go away! I understand it much harder to ask for prayer and comfort than it is to give. So brave of you Brenda to do so. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful summer vacation!

    I ask for prayer for discernment and direction. Im having a difficult time knowing where the line is in letting go of my 20 year old daughter. She is a lovely Christian girl inside and out. This year, life has been hard on her. ( broken heart, friends, work, school) I want to fix things behind the scene that could make her life better, but I dont know if I should or not. I hide how bad my overwhelming anxiety is from my loved ones and I wait until I am alone to cry. I pray but I cannot hear God. I want to trust and lean in to Him.

  48. Lord, I pray for Amy and her family. You have placed within them the desire to open the borders of their family. We ask now that you bring these changes to fruition and provide for them the necessary resources to make this a reality. We know your resources are endless and we thank you that you withhold no good thing from us. Thank you for granting them the patience and grace while you work your work for them. In Jesus’s name I pray.

  49. Father God I pray for your tangible presence in Kathy’s life. Love her Lord lavish her with your Truth and speak healing to her soul. I pray that you clearly show her the path you desire for her to take. I pray for Godly wise council in her life. In the amazing grace filled name of Jesus.

  50. My step children’s mother continually harasses me, threatens me, shares lies about me to the children, disrespects their father, tells the kids not to get into any if that Jesus crap. Its gotten so bad and has been relentless for so long that we r seeing a lawyer tomorrow. Please pray her anger and mental issues will get under control and the kids won’t have lifelong issues due to witnessing and hearing all this. I love these kids so much and it hurts me to see them hurting.

  51. My adult children do not have their children in church. One of my children does not seem to be a believer and has one child who is not taken to church. he’s 9 and has been only one time. My other child believes but has some who have significant life challenges, and the spouse won’t or can’t go to church. The grandchildren love going to church but it’s hard to know where to step in and offer to take them – we do not want to alienate our children yet desperately want these children to be taught the word of God and to be saved.

  52. Please pray for me as fear tries to deep through the cracks in my soul.. Tomorrow I start a new job as a secretary to our ambassador … Up until Friday I had been working as the cleaner in the same mission and my promotion is nothing but a huge testimony to the awesome faithfulness of God … My story is a lengthy one and I couldn’t do it without the strength and love and courage our Heavenly Father provided me with throughout our four years stay in a foreign country with a language I could not speak …. But God…. Please pray that I’d be strong and courageous and undaunted fully relying on Gods favour to carry me through
    In Jesus mighty name

  53. My family and I are involved in a legal case that may involve us losing our house. We were swindled by some less-than-honest people and have filed charges against them. Praying that God will provide financial support, pray for our lawyer and pray for the quick, smooth and complete resolution of our case. Amen and thanks to all of you!

  54. Diane N – I am praying for all of you – you’re in a difficult situation and the children’s situation is even worse.

    Lord Our God, You see and know all. Your heart is for the young, the helpless and those who are being attacked. I ask that You move supernaturally in this situation – nothing is too difficult for You! Protect and keep in perfect peace Diane, the children and their father. Provide for the protection of these young minds and spirits. Keep Your good hand upon them and give the family favor as they must seek justice. Please, out of Your great mercy, also draw this mother to Yourself. We give You thanks and all glory – for Christ’s sake. Amen.

  55. Dear ones in The Lord,
    Your ministry has been a blessing to me.
    Today’s verse, though read it so many times,
    But, today it has boosted my confidence and faith in the loving and faithful God.
    Whom shall we fear !! When we have our almighty God on our side?
    I have been going through severe problems
    In my life and family.. But God through HIS word has enabled me and my family to overcome all satanic tricks. I am thankful and grateful God.
    My God is living and HE is always with HIS children all the time. WHOM SHALL WE FEAR ???
    Kindly remember me and my family in all your prayers. Thank you.
    God bless you and your ministry

  56. Healing for my niece, deliverance for my son & daughter and restoration of my husband with his family. Also that I may HEAR & OBEY the VOICE/WORD of God.

    • Tracy,

      You were the last post but a few others posted before I finished writing mine! 🙂 I scrolled back up to find yours…I understand the concern for restoration in families…I’m in the same boat…I wouldn’t doubt we all struggle in relationships…as far as your request to hear and obey God, if you’re not already doing so, I want to encourage you to be faithful to read God’s Word every day…I neglected doing this for over 45 years…I’m thankful that almost five years ago God used a blood clot in my lung after surgery to help me realize that I needed to have a right relationship with him. We can’t have a right relationship with God or others if we don’t spend time getting to know them…it takes lots of hard work along with a desire and willingness to change, but the results are amazing…I’m speaking for myself and my relationship with God! 🙂 As far as having better relationships with others, we can only reach out and hope they’ll reciprocate…if they don’t, we’ve done what we can and need to pray for them and trust God to do the work…He’s the only Person who can change hearts! 🙂 God is good and I’m so grateful!

  57. Please pray for my health, I’ve been struggling with an autoimmune disease for 15yrs. Energy & strength are very low. I feel alone many times. I’m also dealing with marriage & financial difficulties. Please pray for forgiveness, trust, & oneness in The Lord. I pray that I can have total freedom in The Lord. And that The Lord will “restore all the years the locusts ate up” I want to walk in all the Lords ways & give Him all the praise & glory! Amen

    • Father,
      I pray for Dawn! Please give her strength, energy and love. Help her marriage and financial troubles. Help her follow you, in all your ways, and to have total freedom in you!
      In Jesus Name,

  58. I am struggling as a single mom of a adopted son. I thought the man I started dated 4 years ago, and I would get married. He recently told me he could not get married, but wanted to stay in mine and my son’s lives. I have tried, but it is hard to see him. Plus, I went out with another man, whom I met on ChristianMingle.com, and am figuring out that I am still so much in love with my ex, I don’t want to date anyone. My son needs a 24/7 dad and I need a partner!!! Please pray!

  59. Prayers for Timothy and for Tracy for her niece, son and daughter and restoration with husbands family.

    I ask for prayers for our family and grandson who is ODD and very angry and threatens harm to us and his brother and his animals. Very scary and stressful. Prayers that God will find him help since all we try seems to not be working.

  60. I’m so thankful for the many blessings and gifts God has given to me as well as the many challenges He’s bringing into my life to grow me in His grace and knowledge…I desire to be more like my Savior and to grow in wisdom and discernment, particularly in my relationships with others, especially the body of Christ…I believe He’s teaching me what it means to love and forgive unconditionally.

  61. I pray for our yet unknown child in China as we wait forGod to bring her to us. It has been a long process andthw waiting is growing weary on our hearts.

  62. ~ Please pray for me, and my life. Please pray that the Lord will send the perfect person to share my life. I love a person that has a personality disorder. He needs healing, and so does our relationship.

    • Prayers, Teresa, for the enlightenment of discerning prayer. How often I have prayed for discernment only to be shown that which I had no idea I needed…a different path than that which I hoped for. EVERY TIME it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I pray that your heart will be revealed your true path. Until then, I’ll also pray for a peaceful heart, free from anxiety and chaos. (Which is never Him!) Best to you on this beautiful Sunday!

  63. I pray for Kelley this morning as she faces the many challenges of her day. Her post is an example of beautiful faith during adverse situations and I love her attitude that looks her life as an opportunity to grow closer to the living God.

  64. Teresa
    I pray for healing both for you and this unknow person. It is so hard to break away from people we love and care for when God is nudging you away. I had several not so healthy relationships before God brought me the Godly man of my dreams. You need to step out in faith and trust your broken heart to God. Stay safe and surround yourself with healthy friends and family. Prepare your heart for the one God will send in his time.

  65. I’m happy to report that my two “worries” this morning are actually opportunities. First, thank you all for praying for my daughter as she embarks on her life’s journey after graduating high school. I know she will be amazing but, of course, am having a bit of difficulty (understatement!) adjusting to the thought of life without her in our home. Secondly, my new app “Branching Out in Faith,” a project that is my God-sized dream 3 years in the making, is launching this month at the iTunes store. Thank you for praying with me that my focus is ever on Him and all things that will bring praise and honor to His name. (Trying not to be a nervous wreck!!) Love and prayers for all of you and your beautiful hearts!

  66. Lord I lift up Amy and her family as they pray for the gift of the child they are to receive from China. You have all the details and know all the timing. Help bring them peace and joy in the knowledge that your timing is perfect for their child and their family. Never let them doubt your eternal love and desire for them to be joyful.

    I am asking for prays in several areas. My life is in upheaval. About 10 days ago, my boss told be the business I am working for was going to be sold and I won”t have a job anymore. I am a single mom, and am now scrambling trying to find work (I was actually out of town on vacation when he told me).
    When I got back from vacation, my boyfriend of 5months (the first relationship in 7 years since my divorce) broke up with me.. we were best friends, very involved and compatible.
    The double loss is hitting me very hard. I need prayers for peace, hope, healing, work..

  67. Please pray for the Lord to heal my body. I am in constant pain and my muscles are very weak as a result. I soooo need your prayers to help me get through the pain, weakness, and massive discouragement. Thank you sooo much for praying for me. I’m going to pray for the person right before my post (Is that right?) And I’m grateful and excited that you are doing this…:) I luv (In)courage…:) You guys totally rock.

    • Lord please help Katie thru this physical pain she is in. her message brought tears to my eyes because i too suffer from severe chronic pain & have no strength. Lord i ask that you heal her body that she may be able to enjoy her days with others without being in pain. Katie i am unable tosocialize with others anymore because of the pain. i pray that this isn’t the case for you. i pray that the Lord heal & guide us thru this. in Jesus Name AMEn

  68. Please pray for my sister Stacy. She had a seizure last night and stopped breathing. I had to perform CPR and The Lord saved her! I’m so tankful. Pray the Dr’s find out what’s wrong and she is able to overcome alcoholism. I’m praying for Teresa, that The Lord will meet her right where she is and guide her in her relationship, with love and healing.

  69. Please pray for my family. I have just graduated with my Masters degree in Education and haven’t found a job for the fall yet. I’m anxious and worried constantly. I pray for peace during the wait for my husband and I. I know The Lord has prepared the right place for me, but it will arrive on his schedule, not mine!

  70. Please pray for my brother. He lost his job and feels really depressed. I very worried about him and continuously anxious about his future. Pray for his family and specially for his wife and son to bear with him through this difficult time.

  71. Dear Sisters in Christ, Please pray for my husband, Thomas, my son Matthew and my son Michael that all three will come to salvation in Christ. I will be praying for you, Sue, that your education pays off in a job that will be life sustaining, as well as honoring to God.
    Love and Peace to all.

  72. Teresa – I pray that The Lord will send you the perfect person into your life and they will be your perfect companion. Lord, I pray that the person you love, who my not be the one for you, gets the healing he needs for his mental illness, and if it’s God’s will, heal your relationship. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    My prayer request is that I will find someone to share my life with. I have never had children, am divorced for 12 years and am feeling so alone. It is a hard way to live after awhile. All my friends are married and have children and grandchildren. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Laurie~ Thank you for praying for me. It is so appreciated.
      I will pray that you my dear will find the love of your life, and it will be a Godly love. I know the loneliness you feel, its not an easy life. Rest in Gods Love.

  73. Praying for all of your requests. Please pray for me as I have fibromyalgia. It is very severe and my doctor has referred me to specialists. I am trying to keep up with things as best I can, but it’s hard. It is a real.strain on my.husband. I was just diagnosed in November and it has been very hard. Pray also that I can glorify God even in this circumstance. I don’t know why He has chosen this for me but I want to do His will.

  74. Liz – I was just diagnosed with Fibro too and trying to wrap my head around it. I pray that you can get through each day with little pain and sleep well.

    • I’ll be praying for you, Laurie. Find a good doctor and the right meds. A real key is pacing yourself. Lean into God and trust Him to see you through. Some days all you can do is read the Word and pray. Hang in there and the Lord will see you through.

  75. My husbands health has been going down hill and the only hope they can give us now is to go to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It has been a long journey for us and I have peace about this. Our issue has been in raising money for the July 22 trip. Please join us in praying we see a miracle for this and that the comprehensive tests they will be doing will help us deal with the complex issues.

  76. Dear Daisy,
    Thank you for praying for me…just your name…”Daisy” …confirms God’s faithfulness to me…He never ceases to amaze me in the smallest of details. I will pray for your daughter and encourage you to keep believing in God’s wonderful plan for her life. No matter how it looks He is still the Blessed Controller of all things. Even if you cannot hear Him, remember that the teacher is always silent during a test..
    Blessings, Brenda

  77. Dear Lord, we ask that Liz will find help for her fibromyalgia. I know from a dear friend just how hard it is to deal with this and I ask that that you help her cope and be able to give you the glory. You made her Lord and you know just what she needs. We thank you God for all you will do in the life of our sister Liz.

  78. My daughter is in a mental facility. She is on
    24 hr watch for suicide and self harm. Please
    Pray for healing. She is a middle schooler.

    • Joan,
      Praying so hard for your beautiful daughter. Mine just finished middle school and it wasn’t easy.
      Lord please keep Joans daughter in your living hands. Protect her and show her that you are there and how very much she is LOVED and CHERISHED!
      Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you”, says the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.
      God bless you sister. Try not be fearful! Sometimes trusting God is harder than the faithfulness component…He will never leave you or your daughter or forsake you.

  79. My prayer requests are for two women, Jan and Kristin, both in end stages of cancer. Jan has been dealing with this challenge for years and has reached the point where there are NO more treatments. I have been wearing the Pink Positive bracelet she gave a group of friends 8 years ago. I pinch it, or touch it daily as I pray for her. Prayers of Jan in this decline that she continue to feel God’s presence and comfort, when it is hard for her to get comfortable.

    Kristin is living in England and was diagnosed with Pancreatitis 2 months ago.She is now in hospice care. Prayers for Kristin that she have a pain free, peaceful end to her young life.

    And that the families know God’s strength and love.

  80. Oh Joan! Praying for you right now. That is so hard!! Praying for God’s nearness, peace, power, and help!!
    I’d love prayer for my health (I’m chronically ill and still undiagnosed. I have an appt on 30th with another specialist. Pray for answers, His Gospel to be proclaimed, and for healing) and also for God’s will on my life (I feel called to mission work but get scared when it comes to my health).
    Thank you so much!

  81. Dearest Lord Jesus,
    I/we lift up our sister Donna Godfrey with the petitions she requests regarding her husband his health and the means they will need to finance this adventure to You. In Your perfect healing Love Lord let them fill Your Presence and allow them to understand Your Holy Spirit will guide them with clarity. Amen.

    Dearest Sisters in Christ,
    I am requesting prayers for myself and the lives of family and friends who are intertwined with mine. It is still difficult for me to learn to lean on and ask others to help. I am asking for clarity discerning the difficulty in keeping work since the market crashed when I was working in finances. I am sure You Lord are bringing me to serve You in a new way allow my sisters prayers to bring me clarity, discernment and to relax in the knowledge You are always working for my/our best interest for you knew us when we were being formed in our mother’s womb.
    Also I am requesting prayers for my parents who have difficulty with health and finances as they age, and my nieces and their families. Thank You for this safe and Beautiful place to ask for Prayers Dear Lord for in Your word You tell wherever two or more are in agreement You are in our mist! Amen.

  82. I have screws in my right ankle that have been infected for several months. I am having surgery on July 10 to have them removed. Due to the damaged caused by the original injury, i may end up losing my foot completely. Please pray for strength, healing and peace.

    • Dear Lord, I lift up Betsy to you and pray for a complete healing of her ankle! I pray for her surgery to be successful and when the surgeon removes the screws, there will be no signs of infection. Amen! Bless you!

    • Besty, I pray to Jesus the Great Physician that He will carry you thorough this time. I hope that she knows Your peace and life that You came to give to the full, lifting thanks and praise to you. Thank you for hearing our prayers to you, Jesus, and may your name be praised always.

      I ask for prayers as Jesus takes me through a lifetime’s worth of wounds. I have fibro too and am struggling to make a life for myself after divorce and letting almost everyone in my life go. I pray for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me discern, listen, and be forgiving and loving with myself everyday as I journey with Christ. Thank you Jesus for this lovely opportunity to share and pray with everyone here 🙂

  83. Lord help Betsy prepare for her surgery. May her body start to heal even now. Give her medical team the wisdom to give her the best care possible and no other complications. Thank you that you as the Great Physician can heal. Flood her life with peace and trust, taking away any fear.

    My request is that the Haitian adoption authorities will start giving referrals for children again after only a handful in the last 6 months. Many places now need to turn away children because they have no more room. Christian families continue to wait to learn who their children will be, including us. I’d love to have names and faces to pray specifically for as well as get our 2 week bonding trip on the calendar. Need patience as we wait on His timing but don’t want any of the devil’s delays.

  84. Father. Thank you that you are with us , bringing comfort and peace. I pray for my sister Betsy, who faces this operation in a few weeks. Father, replace her fears with your Perfect Love and give her total confidence in your power,and your compassion for her as she faces this ordeal. Give her joy in your presence, unspeakable joy!! And thank you that you are the God who heals hearts, minds and bodies. May she be so aware of your strong Presence with her over this time. Thank you Abba!!
    Please pray for reconciliation between my eldest son and his brother’s wife. They belong to the Lord, but the estrangement goes on. It is a heartbreak for me. Thanks!!

  85. My husband had a great job interview with a follow up email requesting background check forms to be filled out and returned. That was a week ago and we have not heard anything! He has been unemployed for almost three months! Please pray for a job offer to come soon!

  86. I am praying for you, Betsy. That The Lord give you strength, healing and peace. Please take away any pain she might be experiencing.
    Please pray for me. I have fibromyalgia that is severe. I am in pain every day, and also have migraines on a daily basis. The doctors have tried different medications for the migraines but so far nothing has worked. I have three grandkids and just want to have the energy to be the best gramma I can be. I’m so worn out from being in pain 24-7

  87. Dear Heavenly Father, please heal the divide between Anne’s son and his brother’s wife. Satan seeks to use wedges to destroy family peace and harmony. He uses these rifts to not only put distance between us and our loved ones but also between us and, You, dear lord. Help them to restore the relationship so that the whole family may have peace. Also, please intervene on Dawn’s husband’s behalf that he secure a job that will not only provide financially but also be a place for him to use his skills and talents to glorify You.

    My request is for me to help break the strongholds of fear and anxiety. I feel that I have grown spiritually in the past few years but recently I asked God to help mature me that I know worry and take offense. I am being sent test after test and recognize them for what they are. Some days are good, others are bad and I am trusting God. But there are days that fear and anxiety get the best of me. Please pray that I can continue to break the strongholds of fear and anxiety.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Lori to know your peace that passes all understanding. For you, Dear Lord, have not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and sound mind. Bless Lori with Peace, Love, Power, and Sound Mind. Thank you Lord for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen!!

      Please Pray for me that God will continue to bless me with wisdom, good health, and strength.

  88. So many different needs but I lay my hand on each asking God’s Mercy in each need. My need is the financial fears that at 80 +years we have been hit with living only on social security, huge medical expenses for cancer treatments, + heart issues mine no cure and neither of our children can take us in when we become completely unable to fully take care of each other. I am so worried about the poverty option type of assisted care. Please pray God will take us home before we must live alone or together in a terrible place of neglect or mistreatment. We have no other family alive to turn to .

  89. Father,

    I lift Betsy up to Your loving care. Lord take away all fear and guide the hands of her doctor. Lord I pray for complete healing and grace so amazing all will know it was You. Father, thank you for Betsy.

    Lord I pray for Lisa as she struggles with ongoing pain that is taking away her ability to have joy and peace with her family, may it be restored, Father, in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Father for Lisa and your healing touch on her today.

    Dear Kris,

    I am the adopted Mom of a now, 27 year old baby girl from Korea, She came when she was four months old , so that was a long time ago! When she came the government of Korea put a ban on foreign adoption for a year, the longest wait of my life. Dear friend, your baby is coming, place your hope in the Lord, He is mighty. He knows your aching heart, and will provide you with the comfort to get through this and come out on the other side. May the Lord bless you and your family as you wait for your miracle baby. Thank you Father for Kris.

    Dear Dawn,

    I am praying for your husband and for a quick result to his background check and for a new work environment that will provide you and your family with blessing and hope for a bright future. Thank you Lord for Dawn.

    My prayer request is for my daughter and brother to know the Lord. To have someone come into their life that might be a friend and show them Jesus, for ready hearts, soft hearts ready to receive.
    Thank you,

  90. Dear Marie,

    Dear Heavenly Father, how Marie touches our hears Lord. I pray for blessings on her and husband and family. Lord, please be with Marie and her husband every step of the way. Father let your presence be known to them in a way that is just for them, that they will know it was you Lord. I pray for a living situation for them that would be right for their needs at this time of their lives. Nothing is too hard for you oh God. Father thank you for Marie and her husband.

  91. Dear Father Lord, You who know your children’s needs before we ask You, please hear Karen’s prayers for her daughter and brother. Please send them a good & true companion on the way that leads to You and soften their hearts that Your good news might take root and flourish. In Your Holy Name, Amen.

    Please may Iask prayers for three things:
    -my workload at the moment is very overwhelming.Please pray that the Lord give me the strength to manage and deal with it allin a timey way and for understanding from my colleagues.

    -for my husband, who suffers from COPD and is in a lot of discomfort & also for my mother who has severe arthritis, that the Lord in His kindness might be pleased to heal them and let them know and understand how much they are beloved by Him. Thanks!

    • Please dear Lord comfort Mrs. C and her husband and mother from the stressors and illness they are experiencing. Give them the strength and knowledge and help them to know you are there with them each day, and to help them to remember how blessed they are to have each other in this world. Amen

  92. I am trying to help my mentally impaired daughter build a new life in a new state closer to her brothers. I am anxious because it has taken so long to find a place and now we are waiting again for approval for her. There is no low income housing available for over a year!

    Please pray for her to have this chance to begin her life in the state of her birth near her brothers and their families.

    I will miss her terribly but she deserves the chance at a life on her own again! She is 36.

    Thank you, god bless..

  93. We are moving across the country tomorrow and we have a car that we’ve been trying to sell that now we absolutely have to sell today. Please pray God would send us a buyer!

  94. Please pray for my friend Trebor. He was recently diagnosed with cancer in his pancreas and liver and his prognosis is not good. He is still young with a young wife and two year old son. They are both devout Christians but still this is so hard. Please pray for their awareness of God presence and love and for peace wherever this path leads. God bless.

  95. Lord I pray for Laura and their need to sell their car today. I ask you to undertake for them in this difficult situation. I pray for their upcoming move- for safe travel and patience at a stressful time. I pray they know your presence with them every step of the way. Amen

  96. Please pray for my family, we have been struggling financially since the recession started. My husband works in a commission only job, and what was very stable income has become extremely erratic. I work part time and have been looking for full time employment for years. Not sure how we are going to make it. I am very fearful and anxiety ridden.
    Thank you

    • Lord Jesus, I lift up Lindy and her family to you. Give them a peace beyond all circumstances, beyond all they can see or feel, beyond all understanding. We know that You are at work even in our sufferings and Lord we ask that you help us to cling to You, seek You, rely fully upon You week by week, day by day, moment by moment. Give Lindy’s family wisdom in how You would have them navigate the decisions they need to make, that in ALL they may glorify You. Amen.

    • Lord I pray for Lindy to experience your peace that doesn’t come from what we see, the one that the world can’t offer us. Open the doors for their family so they may lack for nothing. May you Amaze her with a fulltime job. I believe you will do it because you are the God who can do extremely above what we can ask, think or wish. Thank you for your peace and the financial stability of Lindy’s family.
      Lindy I’m so sorry for my english, it isn’t my maternal language but I wanted to pray for you. God bless you

  97. I an so touched by all of our requests and prayers plus the tenderness that is spoken to all of the heavy needs, Thank you sweet prayer warriors. I request prayer for a daughter who has a heavy load to bear right now. I know we serve a healer and one who hears our hearts when our words fail. Thanks

  98. I need a breakthrough. God knows what I’m talking about, thanks for your prayers! 🙂

  99. Lord, I lift up Kris and her friend Trebor and his family! Dear Jesus, comfort them all and extend your might hand to heal the cancer form Trebor’s body. I ask for peace that passes understanding over this situation.

    Please pray for my husband Tim’s business and our financial needs. Every time a potential business deal is presented, at the last minute it is blocked. We are running out quickly of financial resources and we need a breakthrough miracle in this area. Thank you!

  100. Please help me to pray for my family. I dream to see my parents saved. To see them serve the Lord. They need Him in their lives and in the decisions they make. Be blessed

  101. Please pray for me to be able to write 3 papers before I leave Tuesday morning. Pray that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and have His wisdom while on vacation for 10 days with my 2 adult children and others.

  102. I could use prayer about dating. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I lost a breast (no breast reconstruction). I have been single for 14 years and want to date again and find a partner. This is very difficult…believing that someone will accept me the way I am. I have recently been rejected…had a wonderful conversation …then nothing when I revealed this. Thank you for your prayers.

  103. Jesus I lift up our sister JC, please let her know how beautiful and complete she is. That she is your delight. And we do pray that you would bring a Godly man into her life to share with. Thank- you for best and perfect gifts to us.

    I would ask for prayer for my son to return to the lord with a surrendered life, Thank-you

  104. Dear JC,

    Heavenly Father I pray for JC, for a partner to come into her life that knows you Lord. A man that will look at her and see her precious heart.
    Sweet sister, you are so loved. I am praying for the Lord to fill your life with joy and that you will feel Jesus right beside you to wipe away every tear.

  105. SABRINA,
    Thank you for your kind, encouraging words about my daughter.

    I hope you are still reading. I pray that you find joy and fulfillment in
    your life. I pray that you hear God’s voice and guidance in this time. I
    Know he has something special planned for you. God bless you and
    Keep you! Much love to my sister in Christ,

  106. Since suddenly losing my husband ten years ago , I’ve focused on raising my children completely alone and only recently begun to date again. I’ve fallen in love with a Godly man who lives 800 miles away, but the logistics of long-distance relationships are so difficult. Please pray for opportunities for us to be together and for our love to grow despite the gap. Thank you!

  107. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that I am pregnant (9.5 years after our last child). Last Sunday, at 14.5 weeks, my water burst. The doctors expect me to miscarry, but so far the baby’s heartbeat is steady. We also found out my uterus is badly damaged, and I am at risk of uterine rupture and hemorrhage. We are praying for a miracle – healing, a healthy baby, and a healthy me. 8 ) Thank you.

    • Amy, I knit baby blankets sometimes and as I do I pray God’s words in Psalm 139:13, I knit you together in your mother’s womb. I pray this for you tonight, that God will knit this baby together in good health. We are in a similar situation with a grandbaby, so when I pray for our grandchild I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. God bless.

  108. Please pray for marriage. After 30 years of marriage my husband was unfaithful with a old girl friend he had at the age of 15. I am trusting God to restore my husband and my marriage.

  109. Karen, I am so sorry for your heartbreak. I pray that Jesus will heal whay has been broken and to restore your marriage. Lean into Him and He will show you the way. I pray your husband comes to repentance if he hasn’t already and for God to use this as an opportunity to draw you both closer to Him and to strengthen you relationship with him

  110. Please pray for my marriage. It is so hard sometimes and I feel at a loss for what to so and who to be for this man I married. He does so much for our family and yet is so unhappy with our life together. I feel so helpless sometimes because I don’t know how to help him. I feel so lonely sometimes. I don’t know how to be a good wife. And I am so worried because I am pregnant and I feel so overwhelmed that Im not going to be a good mother. Please pray for direction and wisdome for my husband and please pray for strength and wisdom for me. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

    • Erin, marriage is difficult for most people at one point or another but we can feel like we are the only ones who ever struggled. I pray God will give you peace and lead you in the best of His will. I also pray for your husband. Take care and God bless you both.

  111. Samantha,

    Your steps have been ordered by The Lord and your journey as well. I pray the Father continues to cover you as he continues to elevate you to serve His people. I pray he meets your needs. I pray He pours blessings upon you that you will not have room enough to receive. Be blessed my sister.

  112. I am a single mother of four. And my last two children are 19 months old twins. I have let go of their dad. It was a hard decision. Part of me still wished, he would finally step up and try to reach out for us… But as he says, he won’t change, neither am I willing to bring my standards that low for the rest of my life just to accommodate his comfort. I am relocating, to help coping and to force myself to turn the page. Raising four children alone is not going to be easy, but I really do not want the father to be a fifth child. Much of a battle in my mind. Pray that the Holy Spirit might bring to a state of discernment and complete forgiveness. May his Spirit, bring me much peace and comfort, completely heal my brokenness, but most import to accept and embrace his will for our future. Amen

    • Prayers said for you and your children as well as their father. God give you strength and wisdom.

  113. Dear Erin, I have experienced what you are going through. This fear of being alone, as in single and lonely. And I also know what it is to be missing the moment, because we still feel lonely and distant from our spouse/companion even in his presence. that is how I became a solo-mom. The father was there, but it was, as if he was not, and often, I felt it would make more sense and be less humiliating if he was gone indeed.
    Dear Lord, I present my sister Erin, before, you know her fears and her brokenness. I ask oh Lord, in the name of Jesus, that you may bring her comfort, but most important restoration. Show how much you care, and how much she is worth, in your sight. I pray O Heavenly Father, that my sister may embrace internal peace and that she learns once more to love and value herself, in order to reconnect with her husband. May he see her shine through your touch and restoration. May you bring back husband and wife together before the birth of their baby. Strenghten them oh Lord, bring them peace and restoration, to accept your will in their lives. Amen

  114. Prayers for my best friend of more than 20 years, Margie, who is battling breast cancer. She has been so strong as she is alone in this fight, no husband and her children and siblings are far away. She has been down and depressed of late. I am sure the medication is costly and the side effects are many. Pray that she wants to return to going to church and that she will let her friends in to help her. Lord, please touch her heart and give her strength to move forward, also peace in her heart and mind.

    Praying for you Nhyria, that you rest in the knowledge that God is always with you, He will never ever leave you. Knowing that the Holy Spirit will bring you peace and comfort in this difficult time. Thanking you Father that you will bring Nhyria and her children through all of this. We praise you Father that YOU know her future and will walk through it with her. YOU lord you are all knowing and can see the beginning from the end. You uphold all things by your power. Make us all instruments through which your will is accomplished. Will continue to pray for you my dear.

  115. Aimee, Just prayed for your friend Margie and you her faithful dear friend. May God lead Aimee backmto church and to people who can support and walk with her. May she know the love of God through His people too. may the peace of God which passes all understanding flood her heart and may she know it is from Him. I pray also that yu, Aimee would be strong and blessed as you guide and fill her days with the light and beauty of your friendship.
    Please pray for wisdom in family relationships, strength to look up to God instead of in to self when hurt. Pray for eyes to see blessings and lips that praise insted of grumble or indulge in self pity.

    Thank you.

  116. Praying for Margie, that she feels God’s strength, wisdom and peace. May she be comforted in knowing God has her situation completely under control and is working in her life. She is not alone and I pray she feels God’s presence during this time.

    Please pray that God guides me to the right opportunity – one in which I’ll be able to use the talent and capabilities He created ne with. I have been job searching for 18 months and have been very frustrated and discouraged and fearful.

  117. I am feeling so overwhelmed right now. My husband is constantly complaining about something about me. The hospital I work for is putting in a new computer program and we are all having to learn it, which is hard at 57 years of age. We are having to work overtime and long hours to keep up with our regular work and getting ready for the new program. My youngest sister died in April at the age of 50, my other sister was diagnosed with Guillam Barre Syndrome, my 77 year old Mom has Dementia that is getting worse rapidly, and my 83 year old Dad had open heart surgery 6 months ago. I know GOD is in control and “all things work together for good to those who love the LORD and are called according to HIS purpose.” I guess I’m just at the point where I don’t know if GOD is listening or if I’m not hearing.

    • Hi Barbara – I am praying for you, your job especially. I was laid off TWICE in six months and then found a job at the University where I live. Be careful what you ask for. I AM grateful for my employment, HOWEVER, the job is really tough, stressful and more work than one person can handle. I will be 56 in October and have back issues. Walking about 2+ miles a day at this job is really taking a toll. I start EVERY day by praying for the Lord to take away my anxiety about my job situation.

      I pray Barbara, that you hear Gods still small voice & experience his unfailing LOVE thru all the doubts and fears. I am confident that the Holy Spirit is working and that you will stand on HIS promises to make it thru this difficult time. Know that I will continue to pray for you. take care.

  118. Praise God!! Please pray for my step daughter for her salvation . It has been difficult between us and I couldn’t continue to take care of her at age 17 . She was going to be taken to a foster home but by the Grace of God her boyfriend’s mother at the time fought for her to live with their family and she became the foster mom to my step daughter. I know I have hurt my step daughter by letting her go in the way I did. My heart aches. When I was able I called asking for her to come back home since I was also returning home because I had left the home too but she didn’t want to. I certainly understand why she refused she lost trust in me. I asked my step daughter for forgiveness. I apologize too but nothing can change the fact that I had turned my back on her. There is rarely any communication with her. i reach out to her but have been ignored for the most part.We have never been able to talk for any healing to take place. I was a strick step mon to her I was over protective and my daughter was more free spirited and outgoing but my rules held her back in my instances. I long for a civil relationship with her now she is 22 . and I pray she can truly forgive me for hurting her. I do love her.

  119. Praise God!! Please pray for my step daughter for her salvation . It has been difficult between us and I couldn’t continue to take care of her at age 17 . She was going to be taken to a foster home but by the Grace of God her boyfriend’s mother at the time fought for her to live with their family and she became the foster mom to my step daughter. I know I have hurt my step daughter by letting her go in the way I did. My heart aches. When I was able I called asking for her to come back home since I was also returning home because I had left the home too but she didn’t want to. I certainly understand why she refused she lost trust in me. I asked my step daughter for forgiveness. I apologize too but nothing can change the fact that I had turned my back on her. There is rarely any communication with her. i reach out to her but have been ignored for the most part.We have never been able to talk for any healing to take place. I was a strick step mon to her I was over protective and my daughter was more free spirited and outgoing but my rules held her back in my instances. I long for a civil relationship with her now she is 22 . and I pray she can truly forgive me for hurting her. I do love her. Barbara I m so sorry I just want to lift you And your husband. Mom dad and sister God will give YOU the strength you need to endure and He will provide loved ones to help you. I know it is overwhelming . I pray for your job and for your husband to get involved and help you with understanding and patience love and support.
    God bless you mightily.

    • Lord, I ask that you restore this mother and daughter relationship. Heal both their hearts and help them to begin anew.

  120. I ask for prayer for my sister and myself. Her 26 year old car died six months ago, and she doesn’t have the finances replace it. She is also going on furlough at her job with no end date. I live on disability and live on a tight budget. By mid month, I have next to no funds. Both of us have health issues.

    • Wow, Dara, my heart hurts for you and your sister. Money may be a bothersome thing but it truly is essential and I pray the Lord provides enough funds for you two survive and even flourish. I pray for a better job for your sister, for better help for you both, for more support from the church and friends. I pray for God to provide in unbelievable ways — food, transportation, work, health. I pray your faith grows as you see him come to your aid.

      I also pray for your sweet heart….as you struggle, you are kind enough to worry about your sister. I pray that God continues to bless you with this care for others and that he places others in your life to help care for you also. I pray he provides you with contentment comfort and HOPE during this difficult time.

      May God Bless you sweet girl. You will be in my prayers!

  121. I love these prayer posts. I always find comfort in knowing someone I don’t even know wants to pray for me and I feel blessed to have the chance to pray for someone else.

    I moved almost a year ago, right after I got married, for my husband’s job. I feel I was obeying God to follow him but I have been job searching ever since and have had all these “ALMOST” moments where it was narrowed down to me and one other person and I didn’t get it or when the company had financial cuts and couldn’t hire, etc. I am trying to trust God, to remember His past faithfulness, but it has been hard. I have an internship, but I would like to return to a real job and a real salary. Additionally, my husband and I would like to move into a bigger house (small one bedroom) and start a family but we can’t do that until I find a job. I feel like a failure…all that training (JD) and no job. I am stressed and I feel his stress. However, I have recently had 2 interviews with a firm and they called and asked for references etc. I am hoping this leads to a job. Its the area I want to work in and its a great firm. My interviews went well and it seems to be a place I could slowly move up.

    Please pray for my job search! Please pray that the Lord opens doors and reveals the way I should go. Pray for my husband as he encourages me and pray I fight the temptation to resent him for moving me away from my home and job. Pray we use this time to strengthen our marriage and trust in God, not hurt it. Join me in thanking God for providing for us even in these tight 1.5 income months (a bonus from my old law firm that I never received arrived at a difficult time and our tax return arrived a different time)AND PLEASE PRAY SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS JOB TO WORK OUT. I have recently read that I should pray BOLDLY and SPECIFICALLY. Our anniversary is one week away and we have dinner reservations and if I am honest, I am very boldly praying that Saturday’s dinner will be a celebration of our first year of marriage AND my new job. Please join me in praying for this too. But, also pray I find contentment no matter the circumstances — This year has taught me that God will provide for and sustain me through good and bad.

    Thank you for your prayers! It means the world to me!!

  122. Father, please lift up Dara and her sister who are facing financial as well as health issues. Give them all the strength and courage they need through these difficult times. Help them to remember that You are in control Lord and that in due time, things will work out right, for their own good.

    Please pray for my family, for my hubby who is abroad, may God help him with decisions he has to make concerning his career. For me, I will be buying my first vehicle today itself , may I choose the right one. for my family, may we be reunited as soon as possible.thank you for your prayers. May you be blessed. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

  123. Lord God please be with my sister struggling as she searches for a job. Open and close doors according to your perfect will for her. Help her to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in control. Help her to find peace during this time and to remember that her worth is in you not in her job. We know that you have provided for her education and training and that all her hard work is not in vain. You have gifted her for a purpose!

  124. Please pray for my marriage to grow and be blessed. I feel distant from my husband. I worry about him- he is struggling with his faith and his health is not good. Sometimes I think he may be depressed. I want to help him but I don’t know how. I am lonely in our marriage and want to pour more of myself into prayer for my man.

  125. Dear Lord, Grant wisdom to Cellina’s family and your peace, love and joy in their present circumstances. Give them all strength. Help them see and rejoice in your many blessings and replace grumbling and self-pity with praise.. Cellina, you obviously love your family and are humbly bent toward God. As He watches over you may you be filled with abundant joy many blessings.

    On the heels of liosing my sister, my father’s health is deteriorating quickly bringing more losses to my parents. Will you pray that they stay strong and loving as they face this challenging time? Thank you with all my heart!

  126. Heavenly Father, I pray for Dara and her sister. Let your spirit release all anxiety & worry from them. I pray for their health, Lord. I pray that they lean into you and feel the shelter that only you can provide. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful opportunity to pray for them.
    I’ve had life changes recently. Some of my decisions have shown a lack of spiritual wisdom. I have repented and am back on a good path. I have a tremendous opportunity to grow my wisdom and intentionally pursue the life He has planned for me. I appreciate prayers for diligence, attentiveness and humility. Thank you, sisters!

  127. I have missed a lot of work lately due to my depression. The primary reason: I’m a nurse and I don’t want to be around people. I have ‘holed’ myself up in my bedroom and rarely come out. I know this isn’t good for me, but when the alarm clock goes off in the morning it starts all over again. My psychiatrist left her practice abruptly, a doctor I had been seeing for 13 years. Choosing and starting over with a new one is always horrible because he doesn’t know any of my history so I have to tell a lot of the bad stories over. The mental, emotional, physical abuse relived over again. I am sure I will be called into the office at work regarding absenteeism and possibly lose my job. This has been a recurring problem in the past. I understand the employer’s point of view, they need someone dependable for the job, but it doesn’t make it easier for me. I’m falling apart again and need lots of prayers please! Thank you!

  128. Our daughter who is one. We were at a wedding reception and fireworks went bad and game shooting at guests instead if sky.
    She has two really bad burns on her and they are healing. Praying for her continued healing and God to just heal her and protect her from infection .

  129. Father, I know you hear our prayers. I believe there is power when we pray. I lift up Gem to you as she seeks to buy a car. Give her wisdom, clear direction, and peace. Guide her husband in his career decisions and reunite their family soon…In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

    I love the Lord, but my faith is really shaken. Something devastating happened to me and I don’t know how to rebuild my world in the aftermath. Every day I feel more scared and alone. I fear the future even though I know we aren’t supposed to be afraid…and I feel like a bad Christian because I’m worried and anxious. The turmoil inside me makes me hurt those I love and i hate that. Please pray that my heart can find healing and be at peace.

  130. Donna
    The Lord your God is with Donna, He is mighty to save Donna. He will take great delight in Donna, He will quite Donna with His love, He will rejoice over Donna with singing. Zephaniah 3 : 17
    Donna the Lord is thy light and thy Salvation do not be afraid
    I will lift my eyes unto the mountains; where does my help cometh from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2
    God is our refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1
    Because you are my help, I will sing in the shadow of you wings. My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63: 7-8
    Abba Father I praise you the Most High God and give thanks to you for your faithful love endures forever. Thank you for your promise to never leave us nor forsake us. Lord in Jesus’s name I ask you to lift Donna out of the slimy pit out of the mud and mire and set her feet on a rock. Lord give her a firm place to stand, put a new song in mouth A hymn of praise unto You our God. Lord deliver Donna from all evil for thine is Your Kingdom the power and the glory belongs only to You forever in Jesus name Amen.

    Please pray for marriage between Mark and I. Thank you
    May God bless each of you His precious daughters and grant answered prayers in Jesus Name Amen.

  131. feeling alone, prayers that God is with you and surrounds you in his calm and peace. I also get worried and anxious over things and its hard at times to remember that He is there for us and is in control. I have to have my annual medical tests and I always get anxious about the results and my mind brings up the “what ifs”…..help us all to remember that He asks us to leave our anxieties to HIm.

  132. Gracious God, please be with Joanne and her husband Mark. Bless their relationship. Guide them through their ups and downs. Strengthen their relationship so that it is always grounded in your love for them!

    Please pray that I have safe travels to and from my continuing education event. I also am trying to be patient. I yearn so deeply to be a mom and to have a family! So if you would pray for that as well I would greatly appreciate it! Thank You!!

  133. My fiance of 7 years left me two weeks ago. Thankfully my parents took me in but i have some bills that have to be paid at the beginning of next month so im truly praying that God will continue to provide for me just as He always has and ill be able to get everything paid. And that He will give me the Peace i need to move on. I trust Him i know He will. Thank You and God Bless.

    • Mya,
      trust in God and know that He WILL provide for you. I know what youre going through is difficult. Just know that God has better days ahead planned for you! He loves you and will give you that peace that you are praying for. Know that being still can be so difficult, but its in those quiet times spent with God that sometimes we hear him the most clearly! I know this is sometimes hard to do…but start your day in gratitude. This helps me when I am going through hard times and it really does change your perspective!
      Hang in there sister. You will persevere!

  134. Please pray for healing in my family.. All of us have been sick for a while .. Especially my daughter who is having Antibiotics to prevent pneumonia and myself from a very bad case of sinus and post nasal discharge..

    Tara, I pray for your safe travels.. I am also trying to be more patient.. I will pray for patience for you.. I have a friend who was so worried about settling down and wanted the right person to be revealed to her and she one day during prayer.. Wrote down on a piece of paper all the things she wanted in her husband… Including his name!! 🙂 ( it was the same name of her brother who had passed away)… She prayed with this paper everyday.. And in a couple of months she met him… And checked off everything on her list… Even the name! She was so sure God would grant her desire… All glory to God!

  135. Hi sisters in Christ, I would like to ask for prayers for a few different things.
    One, for a miracle regarding finances. My husbands company has taken a huge hit and he isn’t making the money he used to. We live paycheck to paycheck and Im looking for a better job myself. I am grateful we are both working but am hoping that God will point me in the right direction for something different in this crazy economy! (and that my husband company recovers and doesnt have to lay off any more employees)The other component is that we have an 18 year old high functioning autistic son, Xander, who has been accepted into 2 different Christian colleges…but we just don’t have the money to send him. We feel so strongly that he needs to be at a Christian school. Hes a great kid and deserves this opportunity. Praying that someone will hear his miraculous story and help us find a (miracle)way. He is majoring in music and we don’t want him to graduate with any debt. We also have a beautiful 14 year old daughter, Hannah, who has ADD. great kid, but trouble with focus at school and very verbally impulsive(ok, she can be really sassy)..:( It causes a lot of mother/daughter issues. We are in therapy and Im praying I wont make the same parenting mistakes that all of the women in my family seem to make. 4 generations of dysfunction, but no one ever really had the faith component. Also for my inlaws and my own parents, all in various states of different illnesses. Thank you my sisters. I lift every prayer request on this site up to our mighty Lord.

  136. My darling girl is a miracle. My never supposed to walk/talk girl is a bubbling 5 year old singing “Let it gooooooo…” all day long. God has spoken LIFE by his gracious hand into places of her brain that she was not born with. Its been unreal to SEE so much glory this side of Heaven. But in all the goodness, it is still so hard. Many obstacles that threaten to choke the life out of my heart. We’ve been potty training for about a year and a half. Lots of specialists, suggestions and still not finding certainty if there are the proper connections for my sweet one to successfully learn this gift of life. Oddly enough, Im not so much weary of the constant accident cleaning (often 15-20 a day) so much as my heart can barely take it some days. I long so much for God to pour out this gift for her…and give her the gift of being able to use the bathroom.

  137. Please pray that my daughter join the faith, she is good and kind and honest yet it seems she sees no reason to be part of the Catholic faith and take part the the gifts of the sacraments. I am partly to blame since I became very distant from the faith while she was growing up, she will be 22 in a month. I have asked God to forgive me. Will you help me pray for a call to her and a recognition on her part of the glory of God though the practice of our faith? Thank you. I will now pray for the intention in the comment before mine.

  138. I had a miscarriage today. I’ve been excessively bleeding and in a lot of pain. Please pray that the bleeding will slow down and the pain will cease. Ty

  139. Dear Lord, I pray for Treva whose miscarriage just happened. Please heal her pain in her body but also her heart sorrow. Grant her certain conviction her baby is safe in heaven, precious lamb, and that she will one day hold her child with joy. Pour out Your love into her spirit right now where she is and use this hard thing for good somehow, as only You can. I need prayer for the called Godly man God chooses to come into the missionary field with me, married in our team of two, after losing my husband of 30 years 14 years ago. Am older, full of zeal for God,s kingdom but not good at this part! Miracle please, Lord. The world needs us out there. Thank you!

  140. Please can you pray for my husband Fanie as he is such a broken man and is in such bondage with alcohol and depression but will not acknowledge this, we have been married for 17 years and have 3 beautiful children 2 boys and a daughter. He has pulled away from everything good in his life. I have been praying for him for so long now, he has lost so much weight and all he does is sleep, (thankfully he does have a job) he has pulled away from the Lord completely and God has given me word that He will bring restoration to our family so if you could please pray for our family. It really gets tough somedays and my children are still young and they miss their dad as he is there but he is absent and our marriage is just 2 people in the same house. Thank you Anthia

  141. I have a chronic illness that makes it hard for me to do a lot of things. I’m worried about my future, and how I will get a job and work etc. Also please pray that God will keep my faith firm through everything.

  142. Please pray that I keep my eyes on Christ and not my problems or circumstances. Also, my brother is turning 17 years old, and I am not sure what he would like to do as far as going to college; pray that the Lord will guide him in the right direction. Thank you so much !!

  143. Dear GG, My heart feels for you GG. Praying that God will be your light. I am so encouraged at your desire to keep your faith strong! I am sure God is pleased. May you know God as your Provider. he has your future in His hands. I pray that He will continue to reassure you and to provide for your physical and spiritual needs. may your faith grow from strength to strength as you step out in faith.
    Matthew 11:28-30
    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

  144. Prayer for healing our home is plagued is sickness. Please pray for healing in my husband, my daughter and myself.

  145. maya, Praying that God will grab your attention and help you to keep looking at Him, not at your situation. I pray that each time the pressure and stress builds up, you will find it easier and easier to look up to your heavenly Father.Psalms 121:1-3
    Psalm 121
    I lift up my eyes to the hills–
    where does my help come from?
    My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
    He will not let your foot slip–
    he who watches over you will not slumber;

  146. Dear Sita, Praying for you to know God as Jehovah Jireh, God who provides all your needs. praying for peace to flood your heart to overflowing.
    Matthew 10:29-31
    Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

  147. Dear Robin, May God grant healing to your family and patience and strengthen your faith as you wait. may God sustain you through it all

  148. Dear Paula,
    may God grant you wisdom to know His will in all areas of your life. May joy, deep and independent of circumstances be yours on this new path in your journey. may you walk with God as He walks with you. Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.
    Numbers 6:24-26
    “ ‘ “The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
    the Lord make his face shine upon you
    and be gracious to you;
    the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.” ’

  149. Dear Anthia, I feel your pain in your words. I am sure God sees where you are and desires for your husband ro be restored to a good relationship with Him and the family. I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict, lead and guide Fanie back to God. May God heal your pain and hold you close. Keep praying. Nothing can separate anyone from the love of God. Believe it dear sister. take care of yourself too.
    Romans 8:35
    Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

    Isaiah 43:2-3
    When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
    and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
    When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.
    For I am the Lord, your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

  150. I am a single mom of three and have been unemployed for a year. I am requesting prayer for a steady income that will allow me to become financially stable and free of debt.

  151. Good morning! Please pray for my marriage to be protected from the enemy and the world. That it be restored and refreshed by God’s love, mercy and grace!!!! Thank you!

  152. Please pray for My husband and his family….that they may one day believe in God and not be afraid to follow him. Help the holy spirit to open their eyes and hearts to His power and love.
    Pray for my two children and that I can raise them up teaching them about the Lord. Give me the strength even when I feel like I’m the only “salt” / light in their lives.

  153. I’ve been out of work for almost 2 months & my money runs out this wk. I don’t qualify or receive any financial assistance from anyone, so I’ve lived off what I had saved. I’ve been looking & interviewing for jobs, but nothing has come thru yet. I needed to start working last wk. in order to pay my rent/bills due the beg. of month. This is the 2nd time in a yr. I got laid off from a job.

    I pray that our Heavenly Father will provide a miracle & open up an opportunity for a full time, perm. job. Or, if that’s not His will right now, that I’d at least have a temp., contract one to pay my bills. I have health issues that require daily medication & I don’t have the money to fill my prescription since I don’t have insurance. I don’t have family that I can turn to for help.

    Please pray that I have the strength to keep going & to have the wisdom as to what to do. I’m so thankful & blessed to have believers pray for me! God bless all of you & keep you in His care!

  154. Praying for your family, Elizabeth. . .may God help you to share his love with them and move in ways that only He can to reach them.

    Please pray for healing in my left knee and ankle from a bad fall at the end of April. I feel sidelined from so many activities that i love, especially walking and hiking in the summer. . .which helps reduce stress. I homeschool our special needs son. Between the injury and a move last year, I feel isolated from making local friends. My husband is looking for a job back where we came from so we can be back with our friend and family. Our finances have taken a real hit with this job change so he wants to improve that too. I am trying not to worry, to have faith and leave it with God, but it has been a very difficult year so far. We both turn 50 this year and I feel like a failure in many ways.

  155. I have a friend and thought he was my future husband. Feelings not reciprocated. Tough. I don’t know why God has brought this friendship into my life.

    • Louise, I wish I could say that I didn’t know what you were going through. If it is any consolation, one thing that helped me was to remind myself that my life benefited by having this person in it for a season (even if we cared about each other in different ways), and it pressed me to get closer to the Lord. I will pray for peace & comfort for you.

  156. My tween is having a difficult time managing his temper, and everything is *my* fault. It’s hard to remember that he lacks the maturity to think rationally sometimes, when he is acting so ugly to me.

    • Dear Lord,

      I lift up Ang and her tween, asking for your divine intervention. Lord, I pray her son will grow closer to You, focus on You, and learn self-control. Send the Holy Spirit to minister to and work on him. I pray for Ang to experience Your presence and peace. Help her to see her son through Your eyes. Send the Holy Spirit to minister to her and guide her to respond according to Your will. Help her to look to You and focus on You only during those turbulent times. Lord, I ask that You bring an all consuming peace in that home. Above all, Your perfect will be done. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  157. Please pray for my 1month old grandson who is in children’s hospital with RSV. It’s frightening to see him with tubes and IV’s and ventilator. I know he is in good hands but please pray for this precious little one to get over this and able to go back home with his family. Mommy and daddy need prayers too.

    • Father,
      We are so thankful that you love all of your little children. Right now, I pray specifically for this little boy. Fill him with strength and health from you. Fill his mommy and daddy and grandmother with peace and hold them securely in your love. Bind fear and doubt and despair from their lives, and fill them with trust and peace and love.

  158. Please pray for a dear friend of mine who is going through her husband’s second round of lung cancer. It is really taking a toll on her, as well as her husband. Pray for him to surrender 100% to Jesus.

    Also, please pray for open doors for me in ministry and work and for the dire straits of my finances.

    Thank you so much! God bless you all!

    • Dear Father God, I ask for you to hold Cindy’s friend as her husband endures a second bout with cancer. Oh Lord, I know that you use all things for good. Please use this cancer to bless them in ways beyond understanding. I pray that the glory of Jesus will shine brightly in the midst of their storm – that He will calm the seas and His love will overwhelm the darkness.

      Dear Father, I also ask that you hold Cindy in her financial struggles. Please help her to be patient, and you open just the right door in your perfect timing. That you would help her to see your perfect plan in your time.

      Cindy, as a cancer patient I understand your friend’s struggle. It does take such a toll on spouses! I will continue to pray for your friend, and that her husband will embrace Jesus in the struggle. don’t underestimate how God uses you in this storm!

      With love in Christ.

  159. Julie, thank you for your sweet and tender prayer for our little one. This opportunity to pray for one another….strangers……yet bound in Jesus Christ, overwhelms me. Thank you in(courage) for creating this platform. May we all strive to be “JESUS FOCUSED, GRACE ORIENTED AND LOVE MOTIVATED”.

  160. I have a good job that makes good money. In this day and age, that is a huge blessing! But after 2 years of cancer treatment, I am exhausted and want to make a career change. I want to work in the medical field, and have been offered a job closer to home in a healing office. A huge cut in pay will place a burden on our finances. but the reduced hours will give me time. Pray for a wise decision for me, and that my husband will support me.

  161. Ang, my heart goes out to you and I lift you and your son to the father in prayer. Father please surround Ang with your love and mercy and provide her with what is needful to weather the storm she is in right now. Place people in her life and in her son’s life who can help them. Lord surround her with your love, peace and the assurance that you know and care for her.

  162. I would ask you to pray for my sons and I.. My husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack on March 29. Since then it has been a difficult ride! He was a pastor so we live in a parsonage. We can stay for awhile but we need to find housing. We own a home in Oregon which I will need to sell in order to pay for another house here in the Midwest ….. Plus I need a job. It’s frustrating to know what to do next!!

    I will pray for Bev too. Bev, please know that your prayers are not in vain!! God is still at work. God is GOOD . . . ALL the time!

    • You all seem to have such a loving community.It’s wonderful how you lift each other up in prayer. I fear I have intruded…my apologies.

  163. I pray & lift up Lorilee & her family, their needs financially, housing needs and for their house to be sold. God we know you’re interested in every details of our lives, please give us strength & hope to live each day. Thank you for your grace & mercy you give us everyday. We’re dependent on you, Lord.
    I also lift up my mom, Elizabeth D, people call her Mama Beth, she’s in so much pain for her back, can’t move around so much. She can hardly walk to & from the bathroom. Dr is suggesting another surg on her back but she’s 77 years old now. She was given a steroid shot in her back 2 wks ago but pain is still there. My dad helps her to move around through her walker, cane & wheelchair, drives her to the hospital. I pray for strength for my dad as well. God had delivered her on lymphoma cancer in 2012 so we trust God that He will deliver her on her back as well but ” Prayers of the Righteous availeth much.” We asked for complete healing. Thank you for your prayers. God bless.

  164. Please pray for my marriage. My husband of nearly 12 years has struggled with sexual addiction and now recently two years ago had an affair. I’m still hurt and angry. Now he is all of a sudden saying he is fed up with our communication and relationship problems and has debates leaving, because he thinks I’ll never heal. Now instead of him pursuing me, I’m once again chasing him praying he won’t leave. We also have severe financial problems, three kids (one being a baby and one a combative severely autistic boy). We can’t find a helper to watch him at church, so our marriage has taken its toll.

    • Sarah – Oh Sarah! I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. God has a plan for you and will take care of you, and your children. Know that you are loved! Joanne

  165. My husb & I have adopted his grandson (2 1/2) last year. We are age 44 & 51, too old to be starting all over; married nearly 3 yrs. I have adult children & grandchildren of my own. I just keep wondering why God brought us into this situation, I don’t feel like I can be the mom he needs, not the mom I was to my own kids. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, I know, but I battle these doubts everyday.

  166. I would humbly ask that there be a resolution to my husband’s application for Social Security Disability. Since 2012, when he survived (by the grace of God) a brain aneurysm, we have struggled with keeping our home, our finances and struggles with health issues in our aging. Sometimes things seem so difficult, we wonder if God is listening to our prayers, and we both know better. We believe in God, we are grateful for our lives and for the gift of faith we’ve been given.

    • Lord I lift up this sister and her husband. Your word promises us that you will never leave us hungry or forsaken but sometimes it’s just so hard to believe. I pray that you will strengthen them through this time, that you will give them peace that you are in control. I praise you for your miracle in her husband’s life. I praise you that they are seeking your face and believing in you. Thank you for the blessings that you have for them.

      In Jesus name,

  167. I thank you for your prayers ‘FEELING ALONE’ and im praying for you too. I know how you feel because ive been through that stage too, I woke up every morning and was scared. Until the day when I found these words from the bible’ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ its in Phillipians 4:13. JI kept on repeating them and gradually all my fear was replaced by inner peace. I pray that you too may find that peace which comes from God alone.

  168. We just purchased a home contract for deed. Money is tight and we have yet to receive our deposit back from our previous landlord. The obvious request would be to pray for money. But instead would you pray with me that I would trust the Lord and His provision? I find myself so anxious over financial worries when I know He can provide.

  169. As I strolled through I prayed for each of u and I am also encouraged to see that I am not alone on this journey.

    I ask prayer for three things: the health and strength of my parents. They are getting older and I worry about them.
    The support of a program I work in and our students. I pray that we are able to help our program and personal goals
    My romantic relationship. We had a big argument and things have not been the same. I pray our communication becomes more effective and that we love more openly. In Jesus name amen

  170. @Alexandria
    I wrote the prayer i prayed for you but my phone went back to google page in accident andi couldnt rettype all i wrote the first time but just know i prayed for you! God bless you.

    My request is that iam pregnant with my fifth child and i havent told no one except my hubbie and God and that it am very young and im just really afraidvof what my live one may say so pray for the right timing and God touch their hearts and that i have the strengh and courage to face this pregnancy because it my fifth child i did not expect to be pregnant this fast. :/

    • Hi Veronica,

      I’m pregnant with my first and though it sounds that we’re nervous for different reasons, I understand your anxiety.

      You are in my prayers!

  171. I am pregnant with our first child and our 28 week appointment is tomorrow. My sister’s is on Thursday, we are two weeks apart.

    Please pray for 100% health for our babies 🙂

    These appointments always make me nervous.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    • Lindsey, I’m praying for you right now, that God will bless the children you and your sister carry with health and strength, and that He will glorify Himself through your pregnancies and births, and through the lives of these children. I pray that these children will have a close friendship with each other as they grow and that they will love Jesus. May he bless you with wise doctors and nurses, and take away all fear, In Jesus’ name. Enjoy every step of this journey, it’s life-changing!

  172. I have an audition to sing with my church’s music ministry tomorrow. I want to glorify God with my life, and with my voice and I’m excited but nervous, too. Please pray that I will do this to His glory and by His spirit and that I will feel confident. Thank you!

    • Dear Heavenly Father,

      Please embrace Liz with your love and calm her nerves. Please remind her that you gave her gifts to be given and that she is honoring you with her gifts just by sharing them with others. Remind her how much you love her faithful spirit and heart, and that she is making a beautiful song to you with her actions and her lips.

      In Jesus’ Holy Name.

  173. Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Lindsey and her sister and their precious babies. Please bless those babies to grow healthy and strong and to know and love you, even in the womb. Please bless Lindsey with health and her sister with health, both during and after their babies are born. Please bless their doctors with wisdom and their husbands with patience and understanding. Please bless not only these precious children, but their future friends and spouses too — both born and unborn. Please bless all young mothers bearing the future generation . . . may it be a generation that glorifies you in ways unimagined today. God, please grant Lindsey with peace that passes all understanding — being a mother is scary, especially when there is so little we can ultimately control. Teach her to rely on you a little more with each passing day.

    In Jesus’ holy name.

    The thing that I am scared of is the next step. I see so many things in front of me that God is calling me to do, and I am terrified that I won’t be good enough, that I won’t be able to make it financially, that I am somehow being selfish in my choices, that I am not hearing God but instead am hearing my own cluttered mind. I am struggling to figure out my finances (or even think about my finances) but I’m floundering in my current situation. All signs point to go but something is keeping me from going . . . I need clarity, peace, wisdom, joy . . . thank you future blogger for your prayers. 🙂 And Lindsey, I will keep on praying for you!

    • Melissa…

      I am praying for you! Specifically I am praying Ephesians 3:20 where God promises to do more than all we could ever ask or imagine. I am also praying Proverbs 3:5-6…

      New International Version (NIV)

      5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
      and lean not on your own understanding;
      6 in all your ways submit to him,
      and he will make your paths straight.

      He will make your paths straight! Praying that you will be able to trust Him and submit to Him and He will guide you and direct you! Blessings to you!

  174. Please pray for my family. My husband and I were both widowed before we married just two years ago. He filed for divorce and I am moving out next week. Our children are all devastated as am I as well. Because each of our children has already lost their original immediate family due to the death of a parent, losing their new immediate family is very traumatic. I am still praying boldly for a miracle and restoration of our marriage and family.

    • Monica, Thank you so much for your encouraging words and your prayer. They are certainly a gift to me and gave me chill bumps as I read them. My turn!

      Dear Heavenly Father,

      Thank you so much for Monica and the truth and encouragement she spoke through her prayer. Thank you so much for her wonderful children that she clearly loves so much, and thank you for her mother’s heart. Lord, Monica is going through a tough time. Can I just boldly say that it isn’t supposed to be this way? That a wife’s heart isn’t supposed to be broken? That children aren’t supposed to have their lives ruptured through a broken family? Can I just say that? I know I can, because I know you know it too. And I know it breaks your heart. And just as surely as I know these things, I know that you are there with Monica, and with Monica’s children, and with Monica’s husband. You are big. So big. Big enough to handle this hurt. Big enough for them to come to you honestly and pour their hearts out. Big enough. And God, even though this world seems bent on making all things bad, we know that you are bigger than that — and that you make all things work together for good for them that love you. All things. Lord, I pray wiht all my heart and soul and strength that you would restore this family and that you would render a miracle. I pray that you would claim for yours what the Enemy tries to steal. I pray that you would work a miracle in Monica’s husband’s heart. And God, no matter what may come, I pray that you would wrap the members of this family in your God sized arms in a way that makes them 100% sure of your presence . . . not that they think they hear you or feel you – but so that they know that it is you and that you are enough and that you are good. So very, very good. Father God, I pray that this family would know joy and peace. I pray that you would bless Monica with sleep. That you would bless her with relaxation. That you would bless her with a clear mind. That you would bless her children with these things as well. That you would bless her husband with a renewing of mind and spirit and a new sense of who you are. Father God, I pray above all that this family not lose sight of you in this storm. And I pray that they would know their infinite value, no matter what the world might throw their way. Protect their hearts and their souls. In Jesus’ Name.

  175. I didn’t get the job after the 2nd interview, I am working on call & part time.
    I am single and have been alone for 9 years, I would really love to meet the right man.
    My youngest daughter is bitter, remains unmarried with her 15 month old son.

  176. Monica, I am praying today for you and your family. I pray that your husband’s heart will be changed by our Lord and that your relationship will be restored. I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around all of your hearts. I am specifically praying Isaiah 43:19 – “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” I pray God will breathe new life into your marriage! My husband and I have been separated for 15 months, and for the first time after so many months of praying, I am beginning to see signs that his heart is changing. All things are possible with God – it’s never too late!

  177. Please pray that God will finish the good work he is doing in my husband, Jonathan’s, heart and that our marriage and family will be restored.
    Thank you!

    • Oh Father, see all the prayers for marriage? Lord God teach us, Monica, Ann Marie & me, to understand spiritual warfare. I know the enemy wants to destroy us. Hear your daughters prayers Father! Lord God we love you! You are our hearts desire! We come together here on the Christian community web site out of desperation to beg You for help. We agree with one another that all things are possible as Your scripture teaches us. Lord God Your Word says when two gather together in My Name I Am there! You are here with your daughters! We are begging for Your Favor, for Your healing, for Your reconciliation Father. Today we ask for help, now in our homes & in our hearts. Your Word says a cord of three strands is not easily broken. We are that cord Father. Help us now we ask & come into agreement! In Jesus Name. Amen.

  178. I’m a 55 y/o woman. I’m remarried for 5 1/2 yrs. This is my 3rd marriage & my husbands 1st. He led a very sheltered life. I grew up completely opposite! (Gangs, drugs, raped by my brother at only 15, etc.!) We’re trying to share our life together. We both love the Lord & attend church regularly. I just can’t get over my hatred for him every time I get angry. He never had a girlfriend or friends. He lived with his parents until they passed. He was in his 50’s. We met 2 yrs later. I don’t understand his lack of effort in our marriage & in our Christian life. All he wants to do is watch TV or some other mind numbing isolating entertainment like computer games. I want to gently guide him. However after 1/2 a decade…. I still seem to be married to a 7 year old! My 30 yr old son says that my husband has a pure heart I’m being mean because anytime I ask him something he replies, “sure”. Yesterday I came home from visiting a very sick childhood friend in the hospital. I told my husband I’d meet him at church. But when I saw the seriousness of my friend I stayed to keep his gf & brother company. When I left I had to go to the beach to process this all alone. I don’t like being all alone. My husband totally ignores me. He’s always leaning back in a chair with his eyes closed. He always wants to “wait until tomorrow”… I asked him last night if he realized that being with him and so lonely was worse than actually being alone. He agrees with EVERYTHING & anything. My son that lives home is 26. Hasn’t keep a job. At times is delusional & recalls things from childhood that haven’t happened, ie, telling my friend at a men’s group that I tied him to chair with duct tape for peeing his pants when he was small! My friend told him that wasn’t the place to discuss these things. My husband stayed silent. My son could wake up my husband for a favor or ride & my husband wouldn’t say no or even say let me ask your mom. I didn’t know he was like this. Maybe he wasn’t?! I want him to observe life events, conversations or anything not immediately connected to himself. But he has his head in the sand. During my son’s deployments I asked my husband for compassion. He replied, “he’s a tourist!” My son is a forward observer!! He goes out behind enemy lines in 3 man teams & spots the enemy & calls up the location & they get bombed! How does he manage to not feel anything? Ever! I’m confused/lonely/unhappy/angry/lost/misplaced/embarrassed/ashamed & tired of myself. I just can’t seem to heal! I’m in therapy, taking an antidepressant. I’m seeing a homeopathic dr every 6 wks. & on supplements. The best part is that this Wed we’re attending an orientation for foster care. If we/I did get accepted, it wouldn’t be for another year. You have to pass a few home inspections by the state alone with a lot of other stuff. My husband bought me a 5 bd rm house 3 yrs. ago without a mortgage. We have a lovely yard & in ground pool that he does maintain. This is what I always wanted. Being a foster parent for sick children is my calling. I’ve been a pediatric nurse & he agrees, of course…. OK, That’s more, much more, than enough. Thanks for letting me vent. I’m grateful! Kim

  179. Kim and Anne Marie, I have prayed that the Lord will be you both and poor out his blessings on you. He is the great comforter and savior. He has “got it”. Keep your thoughts and eyes on him.
    Blessings to you both.

  180. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you that you are always there for us and we can bring all our burdens to you. Lord, I pray for Kim I she would feel your presence and care for her. I pray that you would renew the love that her and her husband had for each other. Give her strength. Amen

  181. Please pray for my mothernlaw Karen who has been in and out of the hospital this month, please pray the doctors can figure out what is going on, also for my husband to find a job. Blessings!

  182. Lisa, Lifting up your mother-in-law and husband in prayers. May The Lord bring healing to her and wisdom to her caregivers and the ‘just right’ job for your husband. May He cover you all in peace and joy as you await a break-through. God bless there’ll family!

  183. Lord I come to today asking for blessing. Father we pray for Lisa’s mother in law. We pray that she may be healed in Jesus name. Lord we pray that You woul bless Lisa’s husband witha job Lord. You are our provider and we thank You. Lord we pray you would bless their marriage Lord. We ask these and many other blessings in thy son Jesus name. Amen

  184. Please pray for me. I am wanting so much to get closer to God so He can heal me of my “orphan spirit”. I am being obedient & I know these things take time, I love God & I want to be close with Him. Also for my living situation & need a car of my own to get back & forth to work.

  185. Lord, I hold Debbie in my prayers today. I pray that you help her to feel your presence today. Let her know you are there and breathe some peace into her life. I pray for her steadfast faith and knowing she is not alone in her day to day struggles. Help her find little ways to spend time and reflect on your grace. I pray that you guide her and help ease her living situation and help her find a solution for traveling safely to and from work. Amen.

    I ask for prayers for the Lord’s guidance in my husband’s career. He has dreams of continuing his career as a football coach and P.E. teacher and it is unsatisfied at his current post. Please ask for guidance and opportunities to arise if this is what he should continue doing. It may seem trivial, but it has been a huge deal and cause of stress at our house lately. Thank you very much and God bless you!

    • Thank you, Father, for Brittany’s husband’s desire and passion to pour into young people’s lives through football and gym. Give him visions and dreams of how he can prosper in this current post until You open the doors for the next assignment. Your Peace reigns in their home because they seek to serve You in all they do. You know the best path for them and I pray Lord that You will open their eyes, ears, and hearts to act on what You would have them do in this season. You are Faithful, You are Mighty, and I bless You, Lord, for how You’re going to show Yourself to them! Amen!

  186. The Lord has called me to move to the Twin Cities area, leaving a job I’ve only had for 3 months after being laid-off from another job for exactly one year. At this time I’ve had two interviews that went well, but no firm offers. Without a job, I cannot get an apartment. My lease is up at my current apartment on June 30th. The Lord has made it clear that I am to go, rather similar to Moses. I have no job and no apartment, but I am coming to Twin Cities regardless. Please pray for the job/finances/apartment doors to be open quickly! All for His glory – I saw how He provided for me and my son during the year of being unemployed and through a divorce, I know He won’t leave me.

  187. Lynn I will pray for you and your situation The Lord will bless you for listening to him and following him you are right keep having faith he will never forsake us. Someone pray for my sister in-law she’s struggleing with addiction and pray for her husband to have strength to help them through. Also pray for my mother in-law and father in-law as they struggle with past problems in their relationship. God bless.

  188. Tara
    Thank you for praying for Mark and I.
    I have prayed asking God to cover you with His traveling mercies of safety and protection and to watch over your going out and your coming in. I asked Him in Jesus’s name to please bring the man into your life who will be your husband and bless you with marriage and a family.
    It is well Tara! God is for you and He loves you with an everlasting love.

  189. God, you know of the spirit of division expertly pulling Caitlin’s family away from each other … away from your love.They cannot pull themselves out of addiction, out of heartbreak, out of distrust and misunderstanding by themselves. Only you can do that. Only you can take a muddled mess and create something beautiful. Whatever the true source of addiction, please work on that. Whatever the true source of a relationship in deep trouble, please show light and bring love to that. Deepen strength and patience in the men and faith and healing to the women. But even more, quiet peace and assurance that you have things well in hand for Caitlin. Show her where she needs to be in you. Thank you, in Jesus name.

  190. As for me, I need quiet and specific direction today. Writing on the wall because my head is so noisy …

  191. Lord, I lift to you Lola, sweep over her Holy Spirit. Give her your perfect peace that surpasses all understanding and in the midst of you that peace give her direction heavenly Father. As she seeks your direction may You be a lamp onto her feet and a light onto her path. In Jesus Name! AMEN.

  192. Please pray for my mom, brother (and his family), sister (and her family). There are multiple issues, all quite serious. Pray for me and my stress level because it is causing me physical issues as well.

    • Liz, I am lifting up your Mom, brother and sister and their families. I pray that God will be in the
      mist of their problems and that the solutions would come from Him and that they will listen. I pray and I also understand how being stressed over someone else’s issues can make you physically ill, because I have the same problem.

  193. I am grateful for your prayers…. My family is in a season of transition. Change is on the horizon, my son is a senior in high school in September, we will be empty nesters soon. We need prayer for direction for our family. That we would trust the Lord with everything.

  194. My daughter is in real trouble and needs a miraculous touch from God. She is struggling with weight and self image issues….she is only 10 old and says God doesn’t help when she prays. She needs His touch desperately. Her father and I r divorced and we just moved to a new state to be closer to him and my son, her brother. She is in such pain….pPlease pray for her.

  195. I am feeling very anxious and stressed with issues about physical intimacy with my husband and about feeling very taken for granted and unappreciated by the people in my life. I also have issues
    from my past that I have never revealed to anyone that bother me. I made an appt. to see a counselor for tomorrow. Please pray that God would send me the right person to talk to.

  196. My husband lost his job please pray that God gives him a good paying job with day hours mon-fri. Also for my husbands salvation. Also keep me in prayer been struggling with fear and worry. I don’t want to live in fear and don’t want to worry bout stuff just wanna let it go and let God be in control.

    And Lord pray for kathie and her marriage pray that you bring healing and unite them closer. Pray you give her peace bring healing to her as well help her to leave it all in your hands. To know that you love her and care for her that your plans are to prosper and not harm her. Lift her up to you and her marriage as well. Thank you Jesus.

    • Pamela,
      Be encouraged…He is faithful and He sees your struggle! I pray that you will have the courage and the wisdom to seek His hand in your situation…He knows what you need and the perfect time to reveal Himself. Be patient…PRAY then pray some more 🙂 It will strengthen you and encourage you to be encouraging to your family members and soften hearts. Lord, God, I believe you are indeed willing and able to turn all situations around when we call upon You. I ask you to fill Pamela with the conviction that surrendering to You will give her the courage and wisdom and unity she is seeking. In Jesus name, Amen

  197. I’m a few days late with this, but I am currently in the process of fundraising for an 11-month long mission trip called The World Race that I’ll be leaving for in September. Fundraising is HARD – much harder than I expected it to be – and can be extremely discouraging at times. I would be so grateful for prayer as I continue to rely on the Lord and the generosity and obedience of His children to provide the funds I need to meet my first fundraising deadline – which is next week! Thank you in advance!!

    Also, I’m praying for your family Pamela! I am all too familiar with the pain of disunity in the family, and I ask that the Lord would fill you and your family with peace and intentional efforts at building unity in the home.

  198. This is a few days late (in my eyes) … My 18 year old son left Tuesday for Basic Training for the Army National Guard. Please pray for his strength, peace & endurance. And the same for me, he is my one and only child.

    Praying for your support for your mission trip, Cassady. God will bless you in so many ways for what you are setting out to do for Him & His kingdom!

  199. Venus, as a mom with an only son, I get it. God, keep mom’s worries and anxious thoughts close to you and sing over her fears. Make her son strong in body, soul and spirit as he takes on the path of the warrior. Be his strong leader in the face of what he is required to do and the grace to keep you close. As he serves, serve him. As Venus trusts you with the life and heart of her son, please let the love she has for him be in honor of all you are. You are the strength and the shield. Thnank you in Jesus’ name.

  200. God, you are the one person who can raise money like no other. You are also the God of abundance and surprises. I also know you don’t mind waiting until the last minute to come through in a big way. If this trip is your will at this time for Cassady, please show her how you work, show up for her in a big way. Let her know you have things handled and quiet any fears … you are abundance! Thank you!!

    • Dear God I pray that you grant Lola the desires of her heart, even the secret prayers that only you and her know about. Give her strength in her body and peace in her mind.

  201. I am standing in need of prayer for complete healing in my body. I need a breakthrough in my finances, a house so that I can have all my kids under the same roof again (i lost my job and got denied unemployment so I had to send the kids to their father, my ex husband until I can get back on my feet.) Also for reconciliation of a very important relationship between myself the wonderful man of God that God has blessed my children and I with. When the enemy came through last year he tried to destroy everything in my world. Please also pray for my faith to not waver. Thank you! God bless.

    • Dear Jesus,
      I ask that you give Keyana your oeace and consolation now that you have heard her prayers. I ask that you give her little signs that you are taking care of her and her children and her important relationship. I especially ask that she be led to her new home soon so that she will be with her children always. I know that you have a special love for Keyana and I ask that you let her know this in the way that she needs to know it now. Thank you for her sign of humility and trust as it has encouraged me. Amen.

  202. I ask for prayer support as I am searching for a little place to live. I am seeking a safe and clean place to call home. I also ask blessings on all those who have helped me to this place in my life. I thank you for the opportunity to ask you to pray for me.

    • Jeannine, I pray the Lord will provide His perfect, special place for you; that He will open doors and lead and guide you and give you assurance of His placement and Hand on your life. Keep trusting Him; He cares for you, and He doeth all things well.

  203. Please pray for my daughter and young grandson. The situation is too sadly complicated to explain, and seems hopeless. But I and my husband are clinging to the God of Hope. Our family deperately needs prayer. Thank you and God bless you.

  204. Jesus, you take care of the least and greatest. You have a special place in your heart for children. Please protect, care for and provide what is needed for Kelley’s daughter and grandson. Right where they are. You are bigger than any problem. Be their strength and source of peace no matter what and let them know without a doubt that you are there, holding them. Thank you!

  205. My house is packed up, I am ready to move tomorrow, but do not have my new home yet. After a month of relying on God to provide me with my new rental as I searched and persevered, I am down to 24 hours. What can God do? I trust. I am scared. I trust. The clutch on my car is now dying to the tune of $1,800. Really?! Right now? When I don’t even know where I will live tomorrow? I trust, but I’m a noisy truster … no quiet glow here. I need a miracle … two … lots…

  206. I need to feel the healing of our Lord in my life over friendships that are no longer. It hurts to loose the people you considered family – but it also makes it hard to want to trust and love again the way Jesus loves us, knowing there’s a chance you could loose new friends all over again.
    Lola, I know this is late – and I’m sure God has done exactly what He had planned for you from the start! You are trusting in the ONLY God there is, and in the One in the business of making miracles happen! I pray that He has shown himself to you in ways you never could have imagined!

  207. Please, pray for Ukraine. And for me to find better job if God`s will is for that. Thank you very much.