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I'm the mother of two little girls, the wife of an amazing husband who'd rather play the guitar than anything else and I love to write. I spend my weekends watching my daughters ride horses and play soccer. I blog daily and my greatest wish is to see women healed...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Sarah,
    I really needed to read your post this morning. Sometimes, at critical times, I feel unseen by family members and it hurts. Your reminder that God is always there seeing me, watching me, cheering me on and helping me up when I fall, is what I truly needed to hear this morning. Thank you so much…

  2. thank you, thank you for this! my mom died a year ago, and as i approach the anniversary, the empty place that she filled–friend, cheerleader, exhorter, encourager, mom, grandma–ache and sometimes hurt more sharply, acutely. anyway, i have always had a pic in my head of me twirling around in front of our Father, and He clapping for me, like a little girl showing off her new tutu. so, this fits with it, and points me in the direction of going straight to Him for my “Good Job!” and “Oh, almost!” and “Then what did you say to her?” and “Your children are the most amazing children in the world!”
    thanks! (but i should have brought the tissue box over here before i read this!)

  3. Hi Sarah, it’s the 22nd pm here in NZ and although we are countries and time zones apart I really needed to hear what you wrote tonight. It’s like God talking straight to my heart and hearing me, cause for me This is all we really want of a God for him to SEE us. That is me and what I want to know, does God see me? Am I enough my meager attempts at life and my everyday steeped in sin? I love you Father, I need you,

  4. Amen! How He loves us so!! The good, the bad and the ugly!! I am so very grateful.

  5. My oldest son is a senior in high school. He’s also a baseball player. He’s preparing to go to college this next fall, and had dreams of playing baseball there too. Last night he had an accident during the game, and while he’s okay ultimately, he will probably not ever play again. He’s broken, grieving the dreams lost, wondering about the future, waiting to find out when surgery will be. I’m right there with him, ready to cry at any moment. Thank you for this reminder that God sees us now in this pain. It feels lonely but I know he’s here. He has seen the successes, and has felt the failures, and is right beside my son. Amen.

  6. We all have a need to be seen. To know we are matter, that we are valued, that we are loved. I love this picture from Luke 19 of Zacchaeuss’ encounter with Jesus. Jesus looked up, saw him and called him by name. And praise God he does the same for us!

  7. We can’t ever be loved or cared for enough to be ready to be alone without our Moms and loved ones due to death, but as you did today with your post we need to look up and deep into our hearts for our true comforter, Jesus!!!! Who will never leave us or forsake us! Thank you so much!

  8. I praise God for ALWAYS being here with me. God has NEVER walk away from me. He doesn’t always deliver me from the fire but He has ALWAYS walked me through it.
    God is GRACIOUS. He knows every foolish every sinful thing I have done (or will ever do) and yet He loves me anyways!
    He is a Great and Awesome God!

  9. I needed this today,I’ve gone thru some major life changes,my teens are not in need of Mom anymore.time to reinvent myself. I needed to hear ‘baby girl,you can do this’ my cousin Kenny called me baby girl,and to know Lord God also thinks of me tenderly gives me hope

  10. Thank you for this reminder. How often I forget how much God deights in me. Yet, the more I am aware of my belovedeness, the more at peace I am with myself and the less I find myself needing so much from those around me.

  11. Sarah –
    What a sweet picture of His love for us!
    Just reading the title of this post (in)couraged me. Several years ago my third brief pregnancy ended in early miscarriage while on a family beach vacation. I remember the morning after it began I read a devotional titled “El Roi – the God who Sees.” He really revealed that particular name of His to me that day (and several since). While that was certainly a sad moment, the fact the Lord wanted me to know HIS EYES NEVER LEFT ME OR MY CHILD was huge. I love this little moment of scooter skills as a reminder of the watchfulness of He who does not slumber or sleep!
    Oh – and we were blessed with our third child this side of heaven a little over a year later. And today I’ve been STRUGGLING with feelings of failure as a mom and needed to read some more truth. So thanks for sharing your heart today!

  12. What a beautiful picture of God’s love, grace, tenderness, and peace. Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful way to end the day…or begin the day for that matter 🙂

  13. What a timely reminder! All 3 of my children are grown and out on their own and sometimes this phase of life can be so lonely and empty. My only daughter has followed God’s call on her life to England. When she was little I dreamed of the time we would spend together as friends when she got older, but God had such bigger plans for her life and it is such a pleasure to see your children follow after God with love and passion. Still, I’m here and she’s there and I have to fully lean on Jesus to fill that empty place and know that He is all I need!

  14. Sarah,

    Great post! There are many many times in my life when I just want to be noticed. Times when I feel “not good enough, stupid”. That’s when I want someone, anyone to say “good job”. “Keep up the good work”. “Wow, way to go”. Thank you for the reminder that while I may not hear that on Earth, God is saying that to me each and every day!

  15. I love this so much. God sees me every day and he sees me every where I go. He is always with be for the good times and not so good times.