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Angie is the proud wife of Todd Smith of Selah, and the blessed mommy to Abby, Ellie, Kate, Charlotte, and Audrey Caroline, who passed away the day she was born, April 7th, 2008. Angie was inspired to write Audrey's story, and began the blog in honor of her. You...

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  1. That even in his darkest moment, he brings light . . . no weeping here only hope . . . Thanks be to God!

  2. Angie,
    Sometimes I let my sadness or doubt blind me to the greater reality…the He is the embodiment of Hope. In Him, and only in Him lies my hope. Thank you for a thought provoking reflection on the day before we profess that He lives. Let nothing blind me to the reality that He truly does live!

  3. I get a little weepy every time I read that Jesus called Mary by name. He called her by name in her sorrow, and suddenly her eyes are opened to who He is. Boy, that does something to my heart.


  5. Angie,

    Thank you so much for this post. Woman, why? is a question I often ask myself: why do I get anxious or discouraged if I know my hope is in The Lord? This is a great reminder to relinquish my doubts. Happy Easter!

  6. Beautiful word pictures! I know that darkness and how consuming it becomes. I also know the light of Jesus. I’m praying for all today that the light of Jesus’ resurrection pierces through our darkest hours and surrounds us with grace to carry on. Happy Easter!

  7. This Easter, more than any other I’ve lived through, I’ve needed the cross. You see I’ve finally recognized that He really did take the punishment for my sin. For more than 40 years I have admitted my sin and then I’ve needed to be punished to restore my relationship with God. NOT ANY MORE! I need the cross. I need a Saviour who takes my punishment, my shame, my death, all that I deserve. A Saviour who loves me, who understands me, who knows why this is the first year I’ve been moved to tears by the horrific events of Good Friday.
    And so today, what of today? I wait, I wonder, I worship. In the darkness I sense hope. In the words of Tony Campollo, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!”
    Why has this woman waited so long? Why has she been content with a Christ-less cross? Why has she felt satisfied with a resurrection Lord but no suffering Savior? Why has it not mattered until now and now it matters very much?
    I have held hands for too long with self sufficiency, pride and a sense of false responsibility, ENOUGH!
    I am free, I am loved, I am pre-approved.
    (Sorry for rambling! ♡)

  8. {Melinda} You know, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Our world is only getting darker and darker. I find myself fighting to keep from despair. And I keep hearing God saying to me the equivalent of “Woman, why are you weeping?” In other words, why are you despairing, Child? You know I’m in control. You know how the story ends. Keep looking up.

    Beautiful post, today, Angie.

  9. Angie, you KNOW how much I love Mary Magdalene! Always thrilled to see her story mined for deeper truths. Thanks for asking such good questions, and inviting us to learn from Mary’s eye-opening experience.

  10. I hope this holiday Im healed. Im so broken and hopeless. Weep? I have full blown melt downs im Target. My days and nights match to the point if I was at the tomb and its empty I would crawl in. I’m hoping Easter Sunday he raises a new and better me.

    • Ty, I don’t know what is troubling you but I do know that it is worth the struggle. I, too, have been broken many times and this last time nearly did me in, but God saves me from myself and others every time. Please look up passages via Google in the Bible (Bible Gateway is a good resource) on hope, encouragement, love, inspiration, value, eternity and salvation. If you take the first letters of each of these topics and make two words out of it, you will see that HE LIVES. So, then, do you in HIM and that will bring you out of the darkness into the Light. God bless you from someone who has been there, but taking my focus off my own pain, and turning my eyes upon Jesus, I am healed.

  11. This is very thought provoking post.
    I have learned that I must not ONLY appreciate the resurrection, but EVEN MORE the suffering.
    It is His suffering that made us free. His resurrection is the promise of eternal life.
    During Good Friday service our pastor emphasized that we need to appreciate the suffering.
    Thank you for sharing & reminding us all.

  12. Angie,

    Very well said….

    Today being a new day, my despair I felt yesterday has been lifted. You have helped to remind me to see the hope of tomorrow.


  13. My heart keeps swinging back and forth this weekend from the sorrow of what Christ had to endure to pay for my sins and the joy that He did it out of His love for me and the whole world, it really is bigger than what we can grasp!

  14. Dear (in) Courage community,
    I have the unique privilege of being able to take a couple of my friends to the movie “Heaven is for Real” TONIGHT!!! a movie about a little boy who has a near death experience, based on a true story!! These friends; like myself; are struggling with addiction! I can’t believe that God is so good! That even in my state he would use me to love broken ones whom he is drawing to himself!! Tears stream off my cheeks at the thought!! Ironically my passion is to share the Truth that Sets us Free; while at the same time I run from the pain in my own heart and the God I know can set me free! Like the Cross it seems an oxymoron that what appears to be a cruel joke can indeed be a redemption and a Resurrection!!! Thanks to God! He is Risen!!! Please pray for my friends & myself tonight that we may all receive the Heart Knowledge that sets the captives FREE!!! <3

  15. You cannot begin to know the depth to which this post touched me…right in the middle of my storm. But The Lord knows. He knew the exact words I needed to hear. The reminder of not only My Savior’s sacrifice but of His Promises. His fulfillment of the prophecies of old. He is Risen! “…Christ in you the hope of glory.”

    I await a possible cancer diagnosis on Monday. My Dr. calling me in to discuss a questionable biopsy for colon cancer. The waiting, worry, doubting, fear…it can be all consuming. But when I look to My Jesus…I can begin to see More of Him and less of my circumstance. I begin to say, “Your will be done in and through all things. If this is Your will for me Lord, let it be used to save unbelieving family and friends.” I can only say that when I look to HIM. In my own ability…I huddle, crumble and tremble in fear.

    He is risen! He is risen! He is risen! My Lord. My Savior. My Hope. My glory. It is all found in and through Him!

    Thank you again for this incredibly timely post. The Lord is using you to lift up, encourage and bring hope to the hopeless. Happy Resurrection Day!

  16. Such simple words that carry such a deep message. Thank you for being so transparent. My heart needed this.

  17. I weep because even with his resurrection and the hope that comes with the comfort of His empty tomb; I don’t know if I can successfully survive my transformation. If any man be in Christ he is a new creature … So I have scars and emotional pain that seems bottomless but God. So I have tears of joy over the resurrected savior but I still have tears.

  18. Thank you, Angie, for those awesome words. God surely spoke to you and thru you. As I was sitting here, tears dripping from my face in grief for my husband who died 16 months ago, I read your words of hope. “HOPE” is resounding in my mind and my heart lately. “My flesh will rest in hope.” (Psalm 16:9)

  19. I’m a Mary Maddalene. JESUS is a PERSON to me. A real PERSON. Just like me. We are real together. I, like Mary Magdalene though I’ve lived a good life and not one like she lived, am like her in every single way. I want to touch JESUS and hold HIM and kiss HIM and …………. better not say ………. intimacy with Christ JESUS. Since I was seven. It’s like ……. I’m not happy unless ….. I don’t want to miss a moment without JESUS. I won’t go into details. JESUS is my FRIEND. HE is the closed PERSON to me ever. Like forever. No one in this world compares. No one would understand either. It’s like this life long passion and commitment and devotion and longing and ………. for JESUS ………. O such is life for this saint …… this HIS very own precious little saint ………. 🙂

  20. Wow & Wow, God’s blessings to you on such a powerful post. Easter morning is looking good the anticipation of new life. (outlook) I am preapproved, I claim it in HIS name. Jesus, amen

  21. Thank you for this post. I can not thank Jesus enough for what HE did for me on the Cross. I longed for someone to understand me my entire life for tremendous pain and suffering I endured. Now I realized that Jesus always was with me and knew exactly how I felt. This was God’s exact plan for my life. He planned to have me be completely restored in the sense that I have a new found hope and faith that God has my entire life under HIS control. I no longer am the driver. I submit to HIS will completely. I want to be HIS servant and be an imitator of HIM. I want my ‘daily work’ to reflect my love for HIM and to be an inspiration to any lost sheep.

  22. Great post, Angie! Thanks for taking us there. Along with Mary, we’re forgiven much and love much. May Jesus show Himself to each of us today!

  23. As a woman I know Jesus took all my sins away when I was saved. He cares about me when people still brings up my pass when they should not because I am a new person in Christ. He shows me the way when others would laughter at me and he really does understand me.

  24. Angie,

    Thank you for a thought provoking post! This past weekend my mind was not on Easter, Good Friday and all that Holy week is as it should be. Did I pray a lot or even much–sadly no. I was mired with my dad in the hospital going to rehab and trying to rest from a busy work week.

    Tonight I prayed–long and hard for friends and neighbors. Praise God he was willing to go to the cross for me–little old me! I am forever thankful that He forgives and forgets!@