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Trillia Newbell (@trillianewbell) is a wife, mom, and writer who loves Jesus. She is the author of United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity (Moody, March 2014).

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    • without Jesus dying on the cross none of this would be possible; He died so that we would see others as He sees them and without all different races mixing in our churches and loving them as Jesus did then we have no hope in salvation. The little I have read I would love to read more and therefore would like to have a copy of the book.

  1. Trillia,

    I would love to receive and read a copy of your book. Several years ago our Pastor took us on a journey of our High and Holy Calling to become a Christ-centered community for all people. We began by meeting together and praying and now several years later we have become a diverse church.

    During this time I have been blessed to come alongside Helen, a woman who is Chinese and Gloria, a woman who is black. I meet monthly with these women and we share, care and prayer for one another. We have walked together through many circumstances. Like your video says we often rejoice in our diversity and we love that the gospel unites us together in Jesus.

    For Helen, I have been praying In confidence, I will say to this mountain of cancer in Helen’s body to be taken up and cast into the sea. i will not doubt but believe that what the Lord has said, He will do. Knowing that as I have asked in prayer, believing I shall receive it (Mark 11:23). Would you join me in praying for Helen today as she will be meeting with specialists this week regarding the cancer that is throughout her body? She is physically exhausted and language is often a barrier with the doctors.
    Thank you so much! Blessings, Beth

  2. Yes, This is much needed in the church and in life. I have found that my friendships with people of different races or ethnicities have been the most live giving. They challenge me in some of the deepest parts of me and push me to grow-in love.

  3. I’d love to have a copy of Trillia’s book. I know this is an important book for Christ’s church when we read in Revelation that every tribe, tongue, and nation will be worshiping the Lamb. It seems the Lord loves diversity among His people, and I long to be part of His vision. May His blessing rest on your book.

  4. I would love to win this book, it has been on my wishlist!!

    Our country is I think the most diverse country in the world so who doesn’t need this?!

    Have a beautiful day and thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I work in an International Christian School in Vienna, Austria. Our school has over 40 different nationalities at any one time. This is the Kingdom of God and it is made up of every tribe and every nation. We are all different and His Kingdom is colourful and rich. Thank you for writing such an important book. I cannot wait to read it and will put a copy on our library book shelves.

  6. We need this message in order to be reminded that we are all alike in our need for the Gospel.

  7. This is a desire of mine for our local church…people are really not different from each other when you get down to what matters most.

  8. I would love a copy. I just read the stat that 90% of the American church is divided by race. I’m a white woman in Jackson, MS and I have felt called for years to be part of uniting the body here. My college age daughter called yesterday after attending an “all black” church with her good friend who is black. She said, “mom, I felt like I was in heaven . There was more than one color!”
    I’m so grateful that she gets it. We need eyes to see that we are one Body with One Lord and embrace every beautiful part of that glorious Body.

  9. I would love to win a copy. I wish I lived in a more diverse area. It wasn’t a conscious choice. It just happened when we moved! I love that my church is becoming more diverse and look forward to that growing more and more!

  10. We can learn how to engage our culture and communities, learning how to listen first.

  11. I think this is an important topic because while I think the message that people who are different are not lesser people tends to come through as something we *should* think, a lot of times it seems we forget that those differences can give them a unique perspective that we might otherwise miss out on if we discount them due to their differences…

  12. Mmm…I started out this year with one word…Present…but, over the past month and a half God has placed it on my heart through that in my marriage especially I need to be present and united with my husband. We have some unique differences. Present and united in my marriage. I can see how that also translates to the church. Present and united in Christ.

  13. When we open our hearts and our arms to embrace those who are different from us, we are sharing the gospel of Christ through action. The church needs this….the world needs this….WE need this! Thank you for sharing an important message!

  14. I’ve never thought of diversity as something controversial in the church until I noticed there were hardly anyone but rich, white university students, and rich, white, empty-nesters in our previous church with a very small group of racial difference scattered in. I was really taken aback by the fact that most of the children who were African-American were adopted or being fostered when I noticed it. I think adoption and foster care are *wonderful* things, but I’d like to see more diversity as well.

  15. I love hearing about faith filled sisters who have found each other and stayed close in spite of many differences. The book sounds like it would be a great blessing for our new Women’s Ministry at my church. Look forward to reading it.

  16. I suppose simply put, we are each unique by God’s design. God showed us through Jesus’ walk on earth how to embrace diversity and love each person the same. I believe we are called to embrace the diversity that God created, to rejoice in it & to love each person in their uniqueness.

  17. I cried when I read your post this morning. My heart has been torn for transparency this year, and it seems the Lord is saying, “it’s time to get real with your sisters.” Feels like a springboard has been placed beneath my feet, and the Lord is saying, JUMP! Let’s go somewhere great!

    Hosting an (in)RL meetup this year, and I’m already nervous that I won’t measure up, but I am excited for the opportunity to be hospitable to those who attend. New places!!

  18. I am about to speak at a Community Lenten Brunch on the beauty of women of faith coming together, over coming barriers and developing real relationships… To enjoy and embrace our differences, not over-look them, in order to become transformed into the image of Christ. This book puts into words what is so hard for most people to express. Thank you!

  19. I believe this topic is SO important in the church and in our society as a whole today. I’d love to receive a copy!

  20. We are one in Christ. The world says differently. You are giving God’s heart a voice so the world can hear His heart!

  21. Diversity is seen all around us. We were missionaries for 18 years in Chile and upon returning to the states moved into a neighborhood that is diversified with Indian and Chinese neighbors mixed together with the Caucasian. Our church has also seen this happening where there is much more diversity. Certainly there is room for even more. It really came home to us when our daughters began to adopt children. We now have 14 grandchildren. Those children come from Taiwan, Sudan, Haiti, Puerto Rican roots, and Caucasian. What a delight to get a taste of what Heaven is going to be like!

  22. Trillia: Thank you for writing this important book. Diversity has been misunderstood and misused by many for political reasons, not following Jesus’ guidance to unify around our common values and work for the good of the Kingdom. May your efforts be truly blessed and be a blessing to others.


  23. Heaven is not going to be just one race or one nationality so why would we want to limit our friendships to only people “just like me”. We grow so much by learning from others!

  24. In a world where society is accepting of all things that go against Gods word…abortion and same sex marriage to name a is extremely important for todays Brothers and Sisters in Christ to create on unified body in Christ. Romans 12:5 So we, being mang, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

  25. As the family of God that we are we are all different. We are called to love one another and to build each other up. I love diversity… Because we need the strengths of each other to survive…. If we are all the same chances are we are missing some qualities and strengths… Not me. I want everyone….. Also if Jesus is our father the. We are sisters……

  26. Every nation tribe and tongue will be worshipping around the throne in Heaven. How much more important that we do it here on earth!

  27. I can’t wait to read this book! I was at a 5K event this weekend at a church that is extremely diverse culturally and I longed to have my church home be as diverse as theirs. There is so much to be learned and gained in widening the span of who we invite into our circles to do life with.

  28. Let us see through the eyes of God. Thank you for bringing your joy of connection to all. All blessings!

  29. There seems to be so much talk in evangelical circles right now about what separates us, what lines we need to draw, how we need to stand. What seems to be missing in these conversations is what unites us. What makes the body of Christ beautiful in her diversity. So excited to see a book that is encouraging unity in diversity.

  30. I’m thinking of the children’s song “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”
    “Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

  31. If we can see through the eyes of Jesus, outward appearances won’t matter, whether it’s a diversity of race, abilities, etc.

    It sounds like you have an awesome group of friends, Trillia. What a blessing that you can share with each other what is troubling you, what you need to work on, etc. Thanks for sharing this.

  32. I can’t wait to read your book, Trullia (whether or not I receive a free one)! I still remember the first time I worshiped with Chinese brothers and sisters, I singing in English & they in Mandarin – wow! I always think of God’s words in Isaiah,”I am the GOD of all flesh…” We are One in Christ. I too am blessed to have regular fellowship with sisters of diverse cultures, ages, marital status. I learn so much from all of them. Again I say, I can’t wait to read this book 🙂

  33. We are ALL God’s children! Diversity is a pertinent topic in our church’s endeavors this year. Am sure this book has a lot to offer that we need to hear. Would love to have a copyt o share inour studies- thank you for writing it.

  34. Wow! These comments are really incredible. I’m reading them all and truly thankful for the thoughtful responses as we think through the beauty of diversity in the church and in our relationships. Thanks for commenting!

  35. Being a missionary I have learned the importance of this topic over and over again. I would love a copy of this book so that I can share its message as I travel to people in other countries, as well as the ministry I do right at home. My father, a pastor for 50 years, taught us at a young age that in God’s kingdom we are all loved equally! Thank you for this book!

  36. God is so creative. He made each of us unique. But, I believe He wants to to understand one another and unite … especially since as His bride we are one in Christ. This sounds like a great book to help understand diversity through friendships. What a great concept.

  37. Cross cultural relationships are stretching, challenging, and take perseverance. Culture is deep in each of us, and filters the Word. I have learned more studying the bible with those of different cultures and races because it challenges me to take seriously the parts of God’s Word that I have scarcely noticed before. God has given us riches of cultures, made up of individuals, made in His image, yet fallen. We come to know Him in His beauty as we get to know those who are different.

  38. I would love to win a copy of this book! I long for the day when my Protestant church will more closely reflect the reality of “many tribes” in Heaven, especially since my daughter (adopted as an infant) is Hispanic. I’m excited to see a book like this that gives practical advice for cultivating a more ethnically welcoming congregation!

  39. We are all created by one God. We may all look different but we worship Jesus Christ. I would love to read the book.

  40. This is a much needed read… I am Hispanic … Was married to a white man… ( SMH..) so sad that we need to categorize ourselves that way. I have 4 grown and married children. They are also interracialy married and very happy I might say. I think when we meet Jesus He won’t see our color but our hearts will shine if we love one another. Much success in your writing . Be blessed today.

  41. God made us all different for His purpose. Everyone brings something different to the table and everyone is an individual, but together our differences work as one and we complement each other creating one body of Christ. I think it’s very important for churches to embrace this in order to do His works.

  42. God gave me a vision on April 2nd for a group (“Circle”)
    of women. I’ve been writing my thoughts down every time I hear them and see them. This is just confirmation. For the first time in my life I’ve been writing the vision making it plain.

  43. Starting a new (first time ever!) book/bible study in my home May 4th and I would love to have this book as a giveaway prize! Aren
    t we all uniquely different but one in Christ! Praise!

  44. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!
    I think today this ‘diversity’ word really needs to be challenged to see it, just as you write about, as God’s vision of the word. We as Christians need to realize we ARE all one in Him, regardless of race, nationality, and gender. But the world wants to use the ‘diverse’ word as to mean ‘all inclusive’ of what you think, who you are, what you want to be (transgender, homosexual)…not using it as God’s vision together with His Truth. Not to say we aren’t to love the people that do not know God’s Truth yet, but to be salt and light for them all in this world.
    Bless you!

  45. Some believe all is well in regard to racial and ethnic equality. They couldn’t be more wrong. With all the strides made in the last 40-50 years, there remains much to do on this front.
    Intolerance is often a direct result of a fear and uncertainty. One may not know much about the wonderful diversity another offers, which can deeply enrich one’s life. Worse, one may base his or her thinking solely on stereotypes or another’s, perhaps, bad experience with a specific group of people. Thus, such limited thinking perpetuates the negative effects of racism. So, It continues to be necessary for the dialogue to continue. Rather than the stale debates that sometimes merely serve to cause deep seeded ideals become stronger, we need a fresh dialogue. A dialogue which causes people to say “Hmmmm, I’d never realized that,” or, “Interesting. I think I’d like to check that out a little more.” Focusing on the positive qualities of diversity (instead of “equality”) is a great way to start such dialogue. Showing others diversity actually enriches their lives offers a new perspective. In doing so, perhaps otherwise closed minded folks will set aside their fears and allow themselves to experience the joys diversity brings.
    This book seems to give exactly that. A fresh and positive voice, giving way to further the cause of people coming together, celebrating individual uniqueness-while sewing such diversity into magnificent patchwork (quilt). A patchwork unique in itself, (as no two are exactly alike), which is both welcoming and comforting; And, inspires one to snuggle up and get closer to someone whom one might otherwise not.

  46. I would love to read this book. I was raised by an American mother and Middle Eastern father. Growing up in my family was interesting to say the least. I feel blessed that this is the life God gave me. It has made me so interested in other cultures and also tolerant of others.

  47. I would love to win this book! I work at a racially and socio-economically diverse school. I believe diversity is an important topic for today because 1) God Himself loves diversity as evidenced in creation 2) Because we’re all made in God’s image, we get to know facets of God’s character better when we interact with those who are different from us, and 3) Pursuing diversity helps us redeem broken aspects of our history and culture.

  48. Your book sounds intriguing, and I think is a hot topic for Christians. How can we all be united? I would love to win your book and read/study it. Thank you for this opportunity, and good luck with the book launch! ~Colleen

  49. I have a wide diverse spectrum of friends and would love to read this book would be beneficial

  50. I’d love to read this book. I think it’s really important to recognize that just because someone is different, doesn’t mean they are any less. I think it’s an important lesson for all of us because it affects how we show love to others. We musn’t look down on others because they are of a different ethnicity.

  51. Building relationships is something I am passionate about and would love to read more about this aspect of it!

  52. I enjoy having friends from different cultures and backgrounds; I believe it enriches all our lives to get to know people from different areas of the world. It is especially heartwarming when they are believers.

  53. Your friendship with Amy and Lillian just makes my heart smile. Oh, that we could all be like the three of you and I know that one day we will. My church is working hard to be a multi-cultural church. We have a lot of hispanic people around us and we are trying to reach all races to welcome them into the church and hear the word preached and grow together. I love how you said one day we will all be united and what a glorious day that will be. Thank you so much for your insightful article and I would love to have a copy of your book.

  54. Sounds wonderful! And applicable internationally as well. I hope to read it sometime–thanks for sharing your heart and His.

  55. I would love to have the experience of reading this book. I lead a youth group in an all-white, rural church in an area I moved to with my husband several years ago, that has started mission projects for the larger community, and we are beginning to encounter ethnic and and social diversity that is new not only for my youth but for many of the older church members and I am looking for every resource I can find to make sure that our work brings people together under Christ and does not divide them.

  56. People need to see that differences shouldn’t make them draw back from others. We are one body in Christ. I would love to read the book. I truly have never understood racism and it should certainly never occur in a church. I would be interested in seeing if I might be acting in a way that might be perceived as racist out of ignorance. The does concern me. At times.

  57. What a great resource this is and could be for everyone. I would love to read this and pass it on to staff members of my church. My church is in such need of a resource such as your wonderful book. They have acknowledged there is a need for a diversified staff. They have acknowledged that our congregation is lacking in diversity. So what are we the children of God called to do about it? We need to take action and be a United front reaching out to all those in our community.

  58. I have heard people talk about never experiencing racism and segregation but raising a family here and dealing with different people it is BIG and sadly even BIG among people of faith. We can dare to be different, to love ourselves as family from the same father – embrace our similarities, celebrate our differences and grow in the unity of our faith. Thank you for sharing your heart . I will definitely be reading this.

  59. Because it matters to God, and we live in such a multicultural community, is just one of the reason’s I would love to read the book

  60. If we are to reach the world for Christ, we must love our neighbor… To love them we need to understand their perspective, and hence their world view. This book sounds like a relevant tool in this pursuit of love.

  61. I am a firm believer that as women, we need to focus on our similarities and what makes us a unique sisterhood, rather than focusing on what makes us different. Perhaps then, we can see that we have sisters in other places of the world who live filled with terror or in slavery.

  62. I love that you describe yourselves as “three people so very different yet so much the same because of the cross of Christ.” Isn’t that the root of it all? We are one because of our need for Christ, and yet we come to Him from many divergent paths. I love God’s creativity in making us all so different, then instilling in us an overwhelming need for one thing – Him.

  63. This conversation is so important, especially in the South where I live. Our city is made up of mostly “non-mixed” congregations, I go to one of the only “mixed” churches in town, such a sad state of things for the family of Jesus. We need this to happen in our city!

  64. Yes,I too have always loved “different” people. I have been fascinated and wanted to know all about them. Young, old, different nationality,etc.I love it! One of the neatest preschool I ever worked for looked like Jesus loves the little children of the world. I learned so much. I treasure it! I have been honored to have friends that were different form me as well. But, as the story said,we are all one(I feel now) and will surely be one day! Can’t wait…………..let us continue!

  65. I’ve been one of the ‘different people’ and I seek to make sure all of us are welcome in the global church of Christ!

  66. would love to win a copy of this! what an awesome tool for helping the local church resemble what Heaven will be.

  67. This is an important topic of today because our countries, cities and towns are becoming so culturally diverse! I have many friends from all over the world, and my husband came from Brazil – I am Australian!
    I see this as a huge part of God’s plan: to bring all of humankind together in His name.

  68. Hi Trillia! This is exactly the kind of conversation I’m interested in…even more so the intentional effort put into increasing diversity in the body of Christ. We can and have to do better. Loved every word and so happy to read this post! Will support your work with a purchase – so into my Amazon cart ya go! God is on the move! Yay!

  69. As a teacher in a very diverse high school, I can attest to the importance of cross-cultural friendships and understanding. We are continuously talking to students about the importance of their own culture and other cultures and the importance of attempting to understand cultures that are not like their own. I try to show them that it is OK for our cultures and ideas to be different, that no one culture is “right,” and even point out to them how boring the world would be if God had made us all alike! (Yes, I say that in a public school!) We attempt to prepare our students for the diverse cultures that they will encounter in college and the workplace. Our statement is: “We are a RAINBOW, the REAL world.” (Yes, I would love to have a copy of your book!)

  70. I believe this is an important topic for today, because it is an important topic for any day. It is important because God made all of us in his image and likeness.

  71. I am definitely adding your book to my to read list. This is such an important topic and interesting to look at the make up of our churches.

  72. Sounds like a fantastic book! and much needed in so many churches… My church is made up of people who are too much like me–very little diversity, yet our community is very diverse. Why are we so afraid to “mix”??? to really and truly understand and appreciate that we are different and that is to be celebrated and enjoyed. I’m thankful to count several non-white ladies as friends. In fact, 3 of us that get together often are Asian, Mexican and white (that would be me). Praying that many will read and understand your message and your heart.

  73. those of us who are privileged to have a culturally diverse circle of friends and family know that our differences enrich each other. in more homogeneous communities, or in communities where segregation prevails, the pain of separation can be a barrier to experiencing the truth that we are meant to love one another. God could have made us all look alike, but did not. shouldn’t we embrace this wisdom, and share sincere love with all?

    I am excited about this book, and hope I will have a chance to read it.

  74. I believe this topic is essential to help all understand that each one of us is necessary in our own way. Racism and hate still abound in this world and books like yours help to explain the importance of diversity. We need each other not because of our race, creed or color but because our journey requires a joint effort of understanding and knowledge. This is our road to balance and joy.

  75. As an adoptive mama I am especially interested in this topic. I long for our church to draw a more diverse crowd and would love to be a part of seeing it become more of a reality.:)

  76. I would love to have a copy of your book. I believe that this topic is of the utmost importance, especially now at this time in history. I believe strongly in diversity and acceptance of all people, and would love to read this book. I believe it would be an inspiration and helpful to me personally in reaching out to others in my own community and church. I would love to see a world where my children never know the awkwardness or rejection that comes with division. I would love to see a healing of the past, and a true forgiveness and acceptance of all. I am white, but many times in trying to reach out and befriend someone of another race, I have myself felt rejected or judged by others past mistakes. I hope that your book will touch many hearts and make a difference. God is love, and we are all His children.

  77. God created us all equal… it doesn’t matter our color, our gender, our likes or dislikes, our desires, hopes or dreams… we were all created in HIS IMAGE! We may look different on the outside, or sound different, or be motivated by something altogether different… but we have this in common. We are, and always will be, created in His image. If our commonality is that large, then of course we can be united!

  78. The world is getting so, so small these days. Six degrees of separation cannot possibly be accurate anymore, and so it is becoming increasingly important for everyone to realize that we must be united or we don’t stand a chance at making it in this world.

  79. We live in a world where we forget that it is ok to be different. It’s a good reminder when we pause and think about the fact that we are all God’s children. Wow! How amazing!!

  80. This topic is important to me because at the crux of it is the demonstration of respect towards one another because they were made in God’s image. I like to think that everyone I meet was a twinkle in God’e eye before they were born. 🙂

  81. I am African and grew up in the West, but I now live in the Middle East, so I have a lot of friends friends from all over the globe.

    Christ died for us despite our race or color; His blood makes us one. Just as there is unity in The Trinity, so God expects us to have unity in the church. The Bible encourages us to love everyone without pretence. We ought to love deeply and genuinely; then we will not even consider what race that person is, but just love them for who they are in Christ.

  82. I always realized diversity is important. I grew up a black female in a white world. Never bothered me. I grew up Baptist with a Methodist mom, a Holiness grandmother and an atheist father and a Jehovah witness paternal grandmother. When I went to college, I got to experience a Chinese and Russian church service. I loved all of it cause it taught me lots about God and loving His people and how we can get lost and think small if we think He only cares about us or my people, denomination, culture…. God cares period. Finally I learned the most about diversity when God gave this little black girl a spititual mom who was white and catholic. She taught me so much but that love and friendship has no color or denomination. When she passed away I promised God that I would be what she was to me to every child and young lady I met, not knowing that God would call me to serve one day in an all white community and not see color but love and friendship and Him. This is why diversity and unity is valuable. This is the church Jesus is coming back for, a church united in His love.

  83. I’d love this book to read and share with my community group. Too often I’m the only brown person in the room. I had the wonderful experience of a small women’s group that was diverse and it was a tremendous blessing.

  84. Hi, I live in Mauritius and in itself it is a diverse country. The church I attend is a firm believer of diversity and we rub shoulders with people from all over the world. I love that people from different cultures, different upbringings, can sit down together and bond as sisters in Christ no matter the language differences or anything else for that matter. Just to be united in a common birth adoption through Jesus Christ. Sisters and brothers with one Father, how blessed are we.

  85. I deal with diversity at work. We have students from various nations–even Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Africa, etc. I treat them just like I would like to be treated–with respect and care.

    God made all of us unique and wants us to live in community with one another–especially those of diverse populations.


  86. I love this topic! I worked for Dr. Roosevelt Thomas, foremost authority on diversity, for a number of years. He was such an inspiration and a man admired by many.

    I would love to read your book!~

  87. Its so important im triracial white blk and asian tho seen as primarly aa( african am) and my whole life up til recently has been defined by color. My whole life should be defined by Christ. Unfortunately this is not the reality many times in the church.