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Katie encourages others to find grace in the unraveling through her writing and speaking. Her book, Made Like Martha, is good news for get-it-done gals. She and her husband broadcast a quirky live show, from their hammock. Katie delights in her five children and is a fan of cut-to-the-chase conversations.

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  1. Hey Katie,
    Oh, how I loved your piece today! I agree with you. The ordinary things are so special. And it’s only when we see that that we can really begin to embrace who we are; who God created us to be. When I stop comparing myself with Suzie or Jane or Michelle–when I stop looking at their awesomeness and their ability to dress perfectly or write perfectly or whatever–and when I look at who Jesus made me to be, that’s when I can live my life out of total acceptance. That’s when we can know without doubting that Jesus made us just like we are, and He loves us, and He has a perfect plan for us that doesn’t look like anybody else’s plan. Yes! Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing!

  2. Jamie- Thank you for your words, “He has a perfect plan for us that doesn’t look like anybody else’s plan.” I needed to hear that today. So often we can compare and feel like we don’t measure up, but as we are faithful with what He has set before us, and offer our unique hearts, we bring Him glory. Blessings today as you offer your story to those around us.:)

  3. How did I miss this yesterday…too enveloped in life to stop and remember my friend’s beautiful post would be on here. This place of such encouragement and life-giving-words. And these words were live-giving. Katie, this is a beautiful reminder to me that my story does matter. Even if it’s only in the lives of a few, my story matters. Because of Him. Amen. And this, “Could it be that we really bloom when we embrace the normalcy of our lives?” That question will keep me going today and tomorrow and the next. Thank you for sharing your extra-ordinary story with the world. You are encouraging hearts and lives with your words and your songs and I’m so glad God has brought you into my life. <3, Meredith

    • Oh Meredith, Thank you friend. It is a joy to be on this writing journey with you. I was just telling my Hubby how nice it is to have someone in a similar stage, so we can cheer each other on and learn from each other. Keep telling your story, because your voice is needed and wanted- and it’s making a difference!:)

  4. {Kathy} The whole story of humanity is made up of such ordinary sinners, doing extraordinary silent acts of holiness. Thank you for this reflection and encouragement today. I am off now to do the ordinary, with a little more grace.

    • Kathy, I love that “I am off now to do the ordinary, with a little more grace.” I am remembering that as I go do ordinary life today.:)

  5. I will be processing, and chewing on these thoughts for today, tomorrow and many days after. This is the expression of my heart too. I cant wait for your next insight and encouragement here.

    • Oh Lisa, Thank you. Your encouragement means so much. So often we can write what’s on our hearts, but then we need to really believe it ourselves.:) Thanks for helping me believe.

  6. Knowing you as I do, let me just say, Katie you are no “ordinary” woman. God has graced you with so many talents and special qualities. To me though, your greatest gift is being “real”, and telling it like it is. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to walk into, and talk about, the hard stuff! This gift of writing the Lord has given you is an offering he wants you to hold very loosely in your hands, so He can use it as He wills. And He is using it Katie! Your transparency is like an open window, allowing the fresh breezes of God’s mercy and grace to lovingly blow across our lives. You are a treasure and a gift to me, and to all who call you friend!

    • Deb, Thank you. I definitely need the reminder to have open hands- this Type A likes to clench her fist more than she cares to admit. There is beauty in the open hands, a posture of trust in the One who formed those hands- we made us. Thank you for your open heart and your loving words.

  7. I love how you describe our stories being important and intertwined to form artwork, Gods masterpiece. I needed this reminder that my simple, plain, basic daily life is worthy.

    • Kim- I needed that reminder too, “that my simple, plain, basic daily life is worthy.” It is sometimes “easy” to shine when our best foot is forward and when we are in the spotlight, but, on those ordinary days and in the ordinary ways, there lies the challenge to praise Him there and give our best- even without an audience, or a thumbs up, or a retweet.:)

  8. I love this! Thank you! I know God is wooing me to share my story. I pray He will show me the time and the place.

  9. Ahhhh. Beautiful. I’ve been trapped in the more more more our society demands…but why and to what end? My story, and what God has called me to here and now is what matters…and what should have my focus. For me it is choosing to be a Mary, not a Martha. Its a daily struggle, though!

    • I believe God made both Marys and Marthas. He loves them both just as they are. It’s one thing to choose what is most important in life…but it’s another to try to force yourself to be someone you’re not. Make sure you are choosing the important things…and being who God made you to be… Anna. Blessings.

  10. This is so encouraging on a very normal, but somewhat dreary Thursday. I love your comparisons of everyday duty to what God is cultivating within us. Beautiful!

    • Oh Liz- Thank you for encouraging me with your comment. Your welcoming, transparent heart puts others at ease. Your honesty is freeing and gives others courage; thank you!

  11. Thank you for sharing your hearts ladies. I set out to encourage you and you are the ones encouraging me. Your stories, your words, your life matters and we need your voice. We learn and grow as we see Jesus in each story.

  12. You hit the nail on the head- life is about the everyday stories- building up one on the other that create an extraordinary life lived out for The One. Our stories are extraordinary too because we are the only one (emphasis on ONLY) who can live out that story…. the only one God wrote that particular story for…. I love knowing that He has written this story just for me.
    Thank you for taking the time to remind us all that our life stories matter, Katie.

  13. Katie …..

    I loved reading your story today!! I found it so encouraging and I am going to use it as an encouragement for our youngest son! We have three amazing boys and two of them, because of their age and giftings, “shine” brightly everyday! Receiving lots of attention from many people in their lives. Then our little Cade, who is so precious, hasn’t quite found his niche yet and often feels left out! I am going to share this story with him and remind him again why he is so “extra” ordinary!! Thanks again for sharing!

    • Janet- Thank you for sharing this story about Cade. Hoping he is encouraged. Thinking about those ordinary guys that Jesus called to be His disciples. They followed Him, and were never the same.:)

  14. Not so ordinary…extraordinary and inspiring. I just copied two of your paragraphs to print for inspiration to do as the LORD has been saying…Write, Lauri. Together, which is what Body is all about, we can tell the GLORIOUS story of our GOD ALMIGHTY, our Savior, our Helper and invite others into that Body. I hear you, LORD! Thank you for using Katie Reid in my life today! Thank you for MIRACLES! Love, Lauri

    • I don’t know about you Brittany, but sometimes I am tempted to flee my ordinary, because it is there that the hard growth takes place. How often do we avoid our ordinary instead of embracing it as a gift?

  15. It’s good to be retold over and over that our story matters, that we matter. In the ebb and flows of life, I often feel unimportant, what I do seems unimportant. But I am important and my story matters. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. The truth shall set you free! Now the hard part is really believing it! Thanks for a beautiful piece!

    • Oh Kristin- I am right there with you- I need to believe these words too. The journey from head to heart, or typing fingers to heart can be a long one.

  17. Katie, how encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I often feel as well if what I am writing is worth writing at all. What a great reminder that we all play a beautiful part, big or small it is that we a part of it, not how big of a part we play. You spoke to my heart. Danielle

  18. Ahhhh I just love this. I love how God is revealing to me the importance of my story, like never before. Everywhere I turn women are writing about the importance of this. So from someone in Australia, thank you Katie 🙂

  19. Ok you got me. Ive been stressing a situation bc this person is pretty extraordinary and im feeling like a failure.. i know this isnt tru, but im like is GOD telling me to be average??? Come on, i JUST said does God think im dumb is that why He wants me to be content with my average life, when i could go for broke? Really? Does God me to shoot for LESS. But then im left thinking okay theres got to be a reason. Not sure but i know maybe Hes setting stuff up for my benefit or not i dont know.

    • Alli- Praying for peace and clarity as you go to God with your questions. Praying He will show you some specific scriptures to stand on- to give you hope. These lyrics come to mind, “All of You is more than enough for all of me…you satisfy me with Your love, and all I have in You is more than enough.”

  20. This was great! I often contemplate giving up public writing because there are so many who are better than me and who have a greater reach than me. Things like this encourage me to keep offering my meager words to my small audience. Thank you!

  21. Oh Katie! How I needed to read your words today! I’ve been juggling the idea of sharing my story, but continue to dismiss the idea because, “Who am I? What do I have to offer anyone? I’m just an ordinary woman with nothing of significance to share. There’s already plenty of people making their voice heard through blogs… why would anyone need to hear what I have to say?”
    Thank you for sharing and reminding me that, “If we don’t have both your story and my story, then we don’t have the whole picture, the picture of lives made significant through the brush strokes of His grace. Your story matters. You matter. Your life is an extraordinary masterpiece that God uses to point others to Himself. He connects us in order to fashion a greater story.”

    THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

    • Angie- Thank you for revealing your struggle with sharing your story. We do need your voice, because it is the only one that you have; there is no other you. “Offer your best and let Him meet you there.”

  22. Everyone has an important story and every story matters.

    Mine? I was nobody.

    I never felt important.

    At least not since my confidence was stolen when I was 9 years old. That’s when the sexual molestation started. Then the enemy worked for many, many years until I believed fully 100% that I was absolutely nothing. It must have been important to trick me like that because I was supposed to do great things and that makes satan mad.

    God’s REgiven me the gift of confidence now at age 44 because He has a job for me and my family to do and it requires me having confidence. I could not be writing to you now if He hadn’t given me back this most important gift.

    God’s moving our family to Alaska to open and care for a homeless teen place. We don’t know how to do this yet but He does. We will keep following and listening as He leads. Prayers welcome. This is WAY bigger than just our family. Please share if you feel led to? God bless and thank you!


  23. So Beautiful! I love this truth that it takes both our stories. In the end we are all ordinary. What comes with great ease to you is most likely a struggle for you. We need and depend on one another. And in that giving and sharing we write our story together. Thank you.

  24. Loved this. I have no idea who reads my story but I know it’s not many (says Google Analytics). Thanks for the reminder to keep telling it especially if that’s what we feel God wants us to do.

  25. Katie,

    But my story feels ordinary in contrast to those who impact the masses. I have not traveled the world. I have not been a keynote speaker. I am not a best-selling author, I don’t twitter or tweet. This is exactly how I feel. My story doesn’t matter much. I guess to one–just one hurting person maybe it could be a balm to their soul. Maybe they’ve been through or are going through something similar to you.

    Community is all about sharing your heart, life and soul with others. Getting hugs or warm embraces, cheering for others or being there for them when life is down. You never know when sharing your life through talk or actions will bring another to Christ!

    Blessings 🙂

  26. Love this, Katie. There’s nothing ordinary about obedience and faithfulness and a story shared. Those are the ways God works in our lives and binds us together.

  27. Rachel- I can relate to the discouragement that can come from the “stats”. Let’s remember that our Savior approves of us and He is always reading our hearts. Every. Time.:).

    Beth- I love this, “I guess to one–just one hurting person maybe it could be a balm to their soul.” Yes! Great reminder. Like Lucy from Narnia we have been entrusted with Aslan’s healing balm- let’s keep offering it and spreading His care and love.:)

    Alia- Thank you. “There’s nothing ordinary about obedience and faithfulness and a story shared.” Great reminder.:)

  28. Thank you! I too struggle with the ordinary-ness of my life. And yes, others need to hear it. I am always amazed at the reactions and comments when I am brave enough to speak out a word of encouragement, give a smile or hug, basically go out of my way to be fully there for another. You have blessed me today, sweet sister!

    • Betty- I love that, “going out of my way to be fully there for another.” What a great challenge and opportunity.:) Blessings to you!

  29. Beautiful, Katie, thank you. I hope you keep writing, I needed tp

    Katie, thank you, beautiful. I needed to hear that years ago but just wasn’t open hearted enough or ready. Blessings to you and yours. Keep sharing, I’m looking forward to it.

  30. Picking up builds portageerseverance and decreases selfishness…I have a new way to think about my ordinary housework. Thank you, Katie. Keep on!

  31. Angela- Ha! I need to remind myself of that too. We should have great character from picking up after those toddlers of ours, huh?!