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(in)courage is a virtual living room where we build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage.

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  1. I tried to get in, but I can’t remember my password and the connection with (in)courage to make a new password doesn’t work.

  2. I don’t know if I’m registered. I missed last night because if work but would like to catch up on everything. Have I registered and how does it work so I can view tonight’s session?

  3. I have also tried unsuccessfully to log in and have not received the password email. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  4. I registered this morning and got a confirmation email. Can’t figure out how to watch today’s conference or yesterday. Am I suppose to get another email with a password and link? Thanks!

  5. I participated yesterday. Today I can’t figure out how to watch. I don’t see a link to click on.

  6. I have tried to register several times, but haven’t been able to complete the process because there have been no characters to enter in the RECAPTCHA field. I did let them know in their feedback form, but I’m not sure I’ll get a reply. Thanks for any assistance you can offer!

  7. Still not sure what I click on to enter username and password. And keep having something g pop up..recommended for you which is frustrating cause it blocks my screen even as I try to enter this message.