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    • Lord, I pray for Donna today asking you to reveal the source of her leg pain. I pray that you put your Healing Hands on her leg and make it whole again. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      Please pray that God leads me to the right job. I have been searching for some time now and am seeking God’s guidance and wisdom, asking Him to open the right doors.
      Thank you.

  1. Lord, I pray for your favor for Donna. I ask, in Jesus name, that you would heal her leg and relieve her of pain. Bless her Lord Jesus, bless her and bring her complete healing and wholeness. May the honour and glory in her life be all for you. Amen.

    I would love prayer that I would learn to speak the truth in love and not capitulate to safe compromise.
    Thank you xx

  2. Father God, it is so hard at time to be tru to ourselves as you have created us – I ask that you fill Ruth’s heart with your strength, courage and wisdom as she strives to speak truth in love and never compromise her true self. God bring her to this place of peace so that she will see the beauty and the peace that comes with speaking from her true self. Amen.

    We have met a precious woman who is due to give birth in August. She has decided that she wants us to adopt her baby. We have two children, they are both adopted. she had originally planned to abort but God placed a nurse in her life who convinced her to look Into other options – then we met! There are so many unknowns. We have been praying for baby number three – this seems to be our answer. I ask for prayers that I will stay out of God’s way in this, that I will simply turn the pages as he writes the story.

    • Father! here is your dear Anna that is apparently a bit unsure of what she and her precious husband should do in making the decision either to adopt this sweet little creature that You are about to bring into this big beautiful world. It is the one You created for all of us to love and enjoy together along with each of us trying our best to live as peaceably as we possibly can in! As we know full well this is no time for any reservations at all but judging from the fact that Anna and her husband have two adopted children already they are full well realizing what the issue will be as far as their raising this precious child the same as they are trying to raise the two children they have already. There’s no doubt Father about their raising another child but much more I believe it is whether or not at this time is it the right thing to do and feel comfortable with their decision regardless what may come in the future after they have given the proper people the iron clad decision that will in reality change their lives forever. I ask for your devine peace to flow heavily on them in the process and their confidence in You and each other be 100% for or against and whatever transpires you will give them perfect peace and your confidence in the two of them and bless this little family in ways they never thought possible could be a part of the adoption of this child or of the child and its new gotten brother and sister. May all these things be brought together and decided in your most beautiful and wonderful name I do pray amen!!

  3. Wisdom for the future: do I stay in Tanzania? Do I move somewhere else? Do I move back to the U.S.? Do I stay at a “mission” school? Do I switch to the international school circuit?

    • Abigail,

      Father, please give Abigail wisdom to know what school to attend and whether to stay in Tanzania. Shower her with peace.

    • Father,

      Give Rose peace about her doctor’s appointment. Help it to go well and for them to help her with the medical problem she has.

  4. Lifting up prayers for a good doctor appt. tomorrow for you, Rose. Rest in His peace today.

    Please pray that God would reveal what healing needs to take place in my life at this time, and that He would work to make me a whole person. Thank you.

  5. Dear Lord, I pray with all my heart for Sarah. Please fill her with your mercy. May your will show her healing, faith and peace. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Please pray that I will find the peace and mercy from God that I so desperately seek.

    • MC,

      Father God give MC peace and mercy. Shower her with your love and grace. Touch her heart to see you and know truth!

  6. Dear Lord, I pray this morning for MC. I pray she finds the peace she needs. Grant her the mercy she needs. Help guide her in the way she needs to go all the while feeling your loving arms around her. Amen

    Please pray for me as I losty daddy two
    Weeks ago. My heart aches at not having him near me every day. Please pray for my family as we are just getting settled after our second move in a year. We could use peace as well. Thank you.

    • Andrea,

      Prayers as you all grieve the loss of your beloved daddy. It is never easy to lose a parent. Prayers also as you get settled after another move.


      Give Andrea and her family peace and quiet as they grieve the loss of their dad and settle in after a move. So much anxiety–shower them with your peace and grace.


  7. Oh, Andrea, I am so sorry. My heart aches for you. I will praying for you all morning!

    I was up several hours last night asking the Lord to sift my desires. I’m so conflicted about so many areas of my life as it pertains to where to go next – my career, my family, our home, the church we pastor – to the point that I’m not even really sure what I really want, or what I should want, or what is wise. I would be okay praying for a long time, waiting faithfully on God to answer if I knew I was asking for the right thing.

    The best thing I can compare it to is when I was in college, and I knew desperately that I wanted to get married, but I wasn’t sure if it was in God’s will for me (it was, thankfully!), and most of my prayers were something like this: “I want this, God, but I want to be okay if you don’t want this for me.” I feel like I’m praying that same prayer everyday about every step I’m taking. I’m not even sure this makes any sense, but basically I just need wisdom and direction in every area of my life. Thanks in advance!

    • Lord Jesus, we are grateful that You hear our prayers and petitions, that our murmurs and groans never go unnoticed. Father, I come before You to intercede on Amy’s behalf. This Godly Woman desires Your Will above her own and I pray for clarity, guidance and direction. I pray that all distractions and noise would be silenced as she presses in to hear Your voice. I pray that You would open the doors You want open and close the doors You want closed. I pray for confirmation and peace and rest to follow. May You be glorified in each and every one of her family member’s lives and that they would be a beacon to this dark world. Fan into flames the giftings you have bestowed and allow each one to pursue those giftings. I pray for fresh wind to fill their lungs and joy to fill their home. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      Please pray for physical healing for me. Also, we are a military family and still do not know where we are moving in the fall (Hawaii, please! =D). We have so many things to arrange for this move as we are overseas. Our oldest is uncertain about what to do now that she is “grown up”. Please pray for God’s Will to be revealed to her. Thank you!!!

    • Father God, I come before your throne of grace and mercy on behalf of your daughter, my sister in Christ Becca. Oh Lord Jesus I ask that you will be her great physician. May she receive the touch of your healing hand on her body at this time of her illness. Please provide her relief from her pain. Father God please blanket Becca with your peace and love. In Jesus name, Amen.

  8. I am in need of prayer for employment decisions I must make. I pray that The Lord would open doors immediately if he desires me to leave my current position where I am extremely unhappy, stressed and away from my family. If a new door opens I pray it will be one closer to home so that I can be the mother my children deserve and not the part time mother my job dictates I be. With a new job I pray for financial guidance and security to ensure that bills can be paid.

    • Father,

      Please give Jennifer some peace about her employment. Should she stay or leave? Give her the answers she needs to make wise decisions. Shower her with some hugs and kisses from you!

  9. Lord please give Amy the wisdom and discernment she seeks in order to be confident when planning for her future…..all the while knowing that You are always there for us no matter what choices we make in life or what befalls us. Thank you Lord.

    I’m struggling with the loss of a friendship that was very important to me and would be grateful for any prayers to help me get over this. Thank you xxxxx

  10. For cleansing and forgiveness of past immoral behavior. For strength to believe all our Sins are laid on Christ and a new start is possible even at 49

    • Lord Jesus, I pray You would create the best fresh start for TW. Let her know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Your Death and Forgiveness are more than enough. Let her know that she is a new creation in You and that there is nothing that can separate us from the Father’s Love. Bring Godly friends into her life and fill her with unending joy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  11. Dear Amy, I totally understand where you are and can relate, so it is going to be easy to pray for you today. I know that when I feel like this I tend or really focus on the Holy Spirit to help me pray the best way along with asking for h
    his peace to be felt by me.

    I am waiting on The Lord to send me the job He wants me to have, and while I know that this is in Gods timing, I keep doing my part everyday in searching and sending out resumes. My husband and I are separated and I am able or pray for him each day as I continue to love him, but know it may not be Gods will for us to reconcile either. these are two very big things to pray for, and I love the verse So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God.
    There we will receive his mercy,
    and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.
    Hebrews 4:16
    Blessings to all.

  12. Prayer for Sarah B that the Holy Spirit would comfort her and keep her in the loss of a beloved friend. May she take comfort in the fact that she will see her friend again in Heaven.

  13. After two second trimester losses last year, we are 4.5 wks pregnant! We are hoping and praying that It is God’s will to allow us to keep this precious child, but it is a scary road. Please pray for this baby and pregnancy that we might finally hold our healthy, LIVING, full term baby come December! Thank you!

    • Will be praying for you for the rest of your pregnancy. I know how hard that can be with two losses before. May God bless you with a healthy child.

  14. We have had a lot of hard times lately and it began with loosing our baby on March 24. Please pray we get through everything and come out stronger.

    • Covering you Jeannette in prayer. I cannot image how you heart must feel. Trusting our Lord to bring you the peace and hope that surpasses all understanding. One thing I know for certain is every tear will be wiped away. Praying for you sweet sister.

  15. My world was easing in on me recently, the past 6 weeks nearly did me in. I developed chronic aches and pains, almost lost my job due to delays in government contract renewals, was evicted because my landlord sold the house I was in and I still cannot afford anything that is available, due to a housing shortage,
    I’m a matter of one week, my job renewed, my blood and lab work came back “normal”, and a dear friend has taken me into her home until I can find a place.
    I still have the aches and pains, my doctor is thinking fibromyalgia and is starting pain meds until we are sure. I know my “problems” are not as bad as others have, but I covet your prayers. I know God won’t give us more than we can bear, but I have no desire to know what my “limit” is.

    • I am praying for you this morning that God continues to guide you, protect you and bless you. You are on my prayer list from now on and even though we may not meet again, know that God has used you to recommit me to service in his name. Hugs and good luck!

  16. Please pray emotional and spiritual healing for my 4 kids…that they would feel God’s love and be transformed by Him. Thank you so much.

  17. Pray for my daughter that she stay close to the Lord, and feel His presence and provision for herself and family as she goes through the deepest valley in her life.

  18. Please pray that God continues to show me his life’s path for me in this new phase of my life.

  19. Please pray my husband finds a job he just lost his job last week and we got the last paycheck yesterday i have three children Iam scared for them my one son is diabetic and needs constant medication. I pray he gets something soon i just want peace. Thank you! for helping to pray for us.

    • Iam also praying for you Gretchen that you have faith and trust you are on god’s path
      from shannon

  20. Please pray for my husband, Ron. He has a 2nd interview on Friday 5/2. Please pray that the interview will go really well, that the job and company will be the right fit for him, and that they will make him a generous offer. He has always taken such good care of our family — I’m praying that God will bless him “exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us…” (Eph 3:20-21) Thank you, and God bless you all!

  21. Please pray for healing of my body from my chronic illness. Pray for my son who is having ear surgery on Tuesday. Please also lift up the relationship we have with my husbands’ family it is very strained and has taken a toll on my health and my son’s well being.

  22. Dear Lord, I pray for Beth as she is healing. Please carry her through this time and give her strength and endurance. Help her to feel your love and power in her life.

    I ask for prayer for my marriage. Hard to make a long story short here. Both of us lost first spouse to cancer. We’ve now been married one and a half years and I have stepchildren. Pray for spiritual growth for all, and better communication and understanding. Thank you.

    • Praying for you today, for continued growth in love, communication, healing and that God would give you and your entire family newness of life in Him!

  23. Pray for Wendell C. who has stage four lung and bone cancer. He is at his home right now in hospice care. He has been in horrific pain. He is a Christian and is ready to be with God. Pray also for his family and friends.

    • Packing up last things today to move them to storage unit. Still have not found anywhere to go but still standing on God’s promises.

    • LORD, I lift Wendell and his family to you today. I remember walking this long difficult road of cancer and loss with my own father. LORD, I pray for relief today for Wendell from the physical pain and for his family from the exhaustion of emotional pain and loss. Help them today LORD with whatever they need. You see, you know. Remind them that the worst is almost over and the “forever best” is right in front of them. They will have forever and ever with Wendell… no more pain, forever! Only joy and the wonderful forever of Heaven!!!! As they walk through the coming days of separation, remind them that it is such a short time, for you are coming soon!

  24. Hi Beth today I pray for you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the Great Healer to heal you body and make you strong….Please pray also for me we lost a baby at 8 weeks pregnant and I dint think that it would effect me this bad emotionally its affecting everything around me my husband and children with all we have been going through I guess I just wanted something new but God knows better please pray so I can find comfort in that…amen God bless

  25. I ask specifically that Jeannette receive peace after this loss and hope for the future. It is my prayer that all of the needs and concerns here be met with healing, comfort and courage. May you each receive His blessing of joy. My request is that God use my life to bless others in service to Him.

  26. I’m standing with you, Renee, asking God to “open doors that no man can close” and provide this financial provision for your family. And, that Abba will bless and reward your husband for his faithfulness.

    Pray for God’s direction and wisdom for critical issues in my life right now. My husband has physical problems that need prompt attention, but has mental health issues that have escalated this past week. I need to hear the Father’s voice as to exactly how to proceed. And, there are financial concerns involved in all this. When I awoke this morning I felt as if I was holding a map in my hands, but it was blank, and I did not know what I need to do first. But, I know my God is faithful. He has never failed me, and He won’t fail me now. I put my trust and my future in His very capable hands.

  27. Elizabeth, I’m praying for divine wisdom, direction and most of all peace!
    For me, I just got back from a visit with my family overseas and as always my heart is torn between the two countries I call home. I need peace, rest and I really need to quickly reconnect here

  28. I prayed for wisdom for you Elizabeth and that our healing Father will take all these issues from your husband. I also prayed for a break from the bondage of financial burdens. I pray this map is so clear and a blessed word for our Lord! God bless!

    My husband is at a seminary class all week and one out of three of my kids woke up throwing up this morning. I work and will now need to stay home with her. Please pray it stops with her and that myself and my other 2 do not get this bug. Pray for health over our home. My husband also gets horrible headaches when he travels and sits in classes all day- please pray against his headaches. Thank you!

    • Father,
      Place your healing hand on this family and protect them from further illness. Give them strength and guidance in the business of life. Father thank you for Meg’s husband and his desire to learn more about you and your plan in his and his family’s lives. Protect him on his travels and classes. I pray for Meg and her family and home life that you would give joy and peace and fill that home with laughter and your Holy Spirit.

  29. Is this one way to register? I could not find another location. Please pray for a very painful bulging disk to heal! Thank you Jesus.

  30. For Bettina^ (sweet sister in Christ above me) ^I pray for you to have The Lord’s peace, comfort and wisdom to know His good and perfect will for your life. I pray that you will seek Him daily as He guides and directs you each day towards the people He’s placed in your path, that you will share the love of Christ in you with them. I pray you will know exactly where The Lord wants you to be and be filled to overflowing with HIS love, peace & joy. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

    PRAYER REQUEST: I was recently diagnosed with pre-cancer (mild to moderate grade 1-2) at grade 3 it turns to cancer. I have an appt. to see an oncologist on May 5 to see what procedure he recommends since it is a fast growing type of cancer. Pray for The Lord to fill the doctor with wisdom regarding treatment. Please pray for complete and total healing in Jesus’ Holy Name. Pray for the Lord’s peace throughout this process as it has been mentally draining. Pray that I’m able to make better food choices (more will power) that will starve the cancer cells (less sugar/soda).

    Thank you so much! I have only been able to tell a handful of people to pray for me because I’ve been trying to keep it from my mom so she won’t worry. My dad passed away 2 years ago from cancer (she’s still having a difficult time) and my younger brother passed away at the age of 22 in a car accident. So I just don’t want this to scare her and send her deeper onto depression.

  31. Father, I ask for your healing touch in Annabelle’s body. Restore what is broken to wholeness in You.

    Please pray that I will know and understand and believe God’s unfailing, immeasurable love for me.

  32. Dear Heavenly Father, I do lift up Carolyn and ask that she will know and understand and believe Your unfailing, immeasurable love for her, by the power of your Spirit and your grace in Christ Jesus. Your Word tells us to seek You first, Lord, and Carolyn is surrendered and willing to know you better. I thank you for her and ask in Jesus’ Name that you meet her right where she is this morning.

    Please pray that I will wait patiently, trusting that the Lord is good always, and that I can be thankful, accepting all as grace with open hands.

    • Jenny ,

      i’m so sorry I missed your request I was late submitting mine…

      I pray that you will be able to wait on the Lord with patience and trust that he knows best.


  33. Annabelle,
    I pray that you will be able to find relief from the pain you are enduring .

    My prayer is for a friend who after the loss of her son a number of years ago has developed a melody of health issues.Please pray for her to overcome her grief and for her health to improve…..



  34. Penny, I just prayed that your friend would find comfort and peace from our Lord and that He will sustain her and heal her.

    My prayer request is for two dear friends. One is having severe back pain and the Drs don’t seem to be able to control it…it has caused him to stop eating. The other request is for his wife and her stamina during this time. Thank you.

  35. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please give Carolyn a sign of Your Perfect Love for her. Please assure her that Your Love is Forever and is Unconditional. Each Soul is Your Favorite. She is Your Favorite. At this moment, touch her with a precious gift of Immeasurable Love for you, a Love that words can not describe and show her that you have and have always had that Love for her. Bring a Peace to her Heart that only you can give, a softness that comes when the name Jesus is said. May she always feel LOVED and LOVE.

    Please Bring my prodigal sons back to God and to me their loving momma, janet.

  36. God, I pray that you would be at work powerfully in the lives of Janet’s prodigal sons. That you would bring them to know You as their Lord and Savior, Lover and Friend, and Almighty God. I pray that they would know how much Janet loves them and that you would draw them closer together as a family.

    I could use prayer for a job interview today and also just the timing and discernment of what job I should take up and trusting that God would provide for me. I could also use prayer for waiting for my future husband. Thanks! 🙂

  37. Please pray for me I get sinus with post nasal drip keeping me awake,,chronic heartburn and sore tummies and arthritis I feel like im breaking down I am finding it hard to eat lately and have a uti infection,,please pray that I have a loving attitude and stop being irritable and grumpy with my husband and fears go thank you very much

  38. Penny,
    I am praying for your friend who has suffered what has to be the worst thing in life.
    I appreciate prayers for my children. They have both accepted the Lord as their Savior, but their spiritual life has grown cold. Thank you so much.

  39. Lord I pray Penny’s friend, may you comfort her and wipe away her tears of sadness, grant her peace and hope. May you bring complete healing both physically, emotionally and spiritually as well. Bring refreshing anointing upon her, in Jesus name Amen.
    We are a new missionary couple with a nine year old daughter committed and determined to serve God in northeastern Thailand among the Issan peoples group. We are independent missionaries living by faith.
    By faith we joined a Thai language school because we felt an urgent need to learn the heart language. The bill for one month is 29.000 thai bath. Please pray that the Lord will provide because we do not have this much amount. Our due date is May 15. We need to learn the language so that we could share the gospel in their heart language.

  40. Prayers for all…for your joys and for your sorrows. Prayers for you, Brenda, and your children, for them to know and believe the love of God in their lives!
    Please pray for my current health issues that are throwing road blocks into my life. Thanks!

  41. Jean, i have prayed for your health!
    Please pray for me as I walk through my journey of grief after losing my husband in January. Thank you!

  42. Please pray for my work situation and a Godly solution & the wisdom to recognize the answer.

    Dear Heavenly Father. Please be with Lori as she morns the loss of her beloved husband. What a huge loss to feel. Please be near her. Please surround her with loving kindness, support, & wonderful friends to help her through this tough time. I pray that her memories will bring her Joy and peace and that she will feel Your presence like never before. In Jesus name amen

  43. Lori, I am praying for you as you walk through your grief. He is there with you always! My favorite hymn is, Great is Thy Faithfulness!

    Please pray for my battle lifelong with depression.

  44. Dear God I thank you for the opportunity to pray for Judy may your healing hand touch her and heal her completely. May you grant her patience that she may continue to worship you by having a loving and understanding relationship with her love ones, may you allow her to see more of you and your unconditional love. Amen

  45. Dear Lord, please lift Lisa up to you and let her find Peace and Comfort knowing that you can Heal her from her life-long struggle with depression. Your word, The Bible tells her this is the Truth and she can rest in your assurance that she will be ok. In your Holy name, Amen.
    Lisa, I understand what you are going through since I have struggled with mental illness for the majority of my life. When I turned it over to God…He began to heal me completely. This does not mean that you do not take your medication or go to a therapist, however God can set you free from any debilitating symptoms.

    Please pray that God will reveal to me the career position He would see fit for me and others…where I would be the most service to others. Thank you!

    • Dear Lord, I lift up Jodi to you. I pray that you would guide her and help to know your will as she seeks direction for her career and she desires to use her gifts to honor You and serve others. In Jesus Name, Amen

  46. I fell on a slick floor on Palm Sunday. I sprained my knee badly and hurt my ankle. I broke this same leg many years ago. I still have a lot of swelling and can’t wear shoes. I long to be worshipping with my family today but hard to walk and go to church. Please pray for healing and guidance if I need to seek a doctor. Also, my husband interviewed for a job on Wednesday. We pray God will guide us where we can all flourish and if this isn’t the job, that He will guide my husband to where we need to be. He took a cut in pay last year with his current job so hard to make it as I homeschool our special needs son. Thank you!

  47. Monica, I have prayed that our Lord will send you healing and wisdom, and that your husband will find favor during his interview, and wisdom as he considers his career. God’s peace be with you both, as His spirit already is!

    Pray that Christ’s resurrection power would fill me during this Easter season, enabling me to grow more whole, to love others and trust their love for me, and to pour creativity into the film script I am working on. Thank you.

  48. Please pray for me,I’m a Christian, but I have stopped going to church and having a lot of problems, and my thoughts are being clouded,still reading GODS word every morning! But having a lot of trouble 🙁

    • Dear Joanne,
      My earnest prayer for you is full of joy that you have asked for prayer for this. I have been where you are and the Lord never forsook me or left me alone! Stay in His Word as this is your armor against the wiles of the enemy of your soul.
      Heavenly Father, please honor Joanne’s cry to You. Protect her and keep her from all harm mentally, physically and emotionally. Lead her to an online church or reach out through another who will help her to attend a local church. Thank You Father that she has connected with Your people through this website. Please answer her heart cry in a tangible way today!

  49. I have two daughters graduating next month (one from college, one from high school) and it is taking an emotional toll on me and my husband even though we still have an 11 year old left at home. I need to trust God with their futures and place them in His hands!

    • Dear Lord,
      I lift up Eubie and her husband. Bless and encourage them as they face a new chapter in their lives. Help them to trust You Lord for their daughters future. Protect each girl from the ways of the world that can draw them in. May each posses a close relationship with You. Lead them to godly friends and protect them from the world ways. You love them even more that Eubie and her husband do. Amen

      Pray for my healing from multiple tumors and possible lymphoma.

  50. Heavenly Father,
    What a pleasure to lift my sister Jodi to you in prayer! Though we have never met, out hearts are knit together in YOU. We praise You for Your healing touch upon her mind and for the love she has poured out upon Lisa through prayer and encouragement. May you lead Jodi to exactly the career position that best suits her personality and financial needs and where she will be used most effectively for You. Her servants heart and desire to bless others is beautiful. We look forward the marvelous things You have in store for her! in Jesus’ name~Amen

    Please pray for me to know exactly what part of my story the Lord wishes me to share this Tuesday in a 3-5 minute amount of time as I tell and how a Philippians bible study blessed and encouraged me this year. Thank you!

  51. Dear Father, please keep your hands upon Monica and her husband & guide them, Please grant Monica complete healing and Your holy wisdom in her life. Please watch over her husband and family and their needs and guide them to where you want them to be, in your loving kindness. Amen!

    Can I please ask your prayers for me for a really mundane issue that has been causingme a lot of anxiety and which I think the enemy may be using to try and get at my faith to weaken it. Please can I also ask your prayers for my husband’s health, that the Lord might grant him healing of his lung issues and guide him towards Himself and grant that he might find faith in the Lord. Thank you all so much.

    • Dear LORD,I lift up MrsC problem with her Anxiety, I know how it can take you away from Faith and forgive me! Please help her! Give her peace of mind and I also Pray for her Husband for healing and Faith in you,Thank you Father, In JESUS name AMEN

  52. Risen Lord, be w MrsC and help her be touched by you in whatever way she needs to know and experience your real presence in her life and in the lives of all she lives, ESP her husband, giving them both new and deeper breath from you.

    I ask prayers for contentment in the life God has willed for me at this time, that I might truly find delight in His will where I feel nothing but need–relationships, job, finances, health issues.

    Thank you and God’s blessings sent forward.

  53. Dear Father in Heaven, I lift up JoAnn and ask that you would bless her today. You know her needs, and I ask that they be met in Jesus name. Amen.

    Please pray that my husband will find a true relationship with Jesus, and that my marriage will be restored. Thank you so much.

  54. Dear Lord,
    This morning I ask for special blessings for Karla. Let her hear your voice as she shares her story. Only you know what she needs and what others need to hear through her. Let your grace and mercy flow through her words. Thank you for blessing her with her bible study!

    I ask for your prayers for me and my family. I have been struggling with the challenges that come when children grow up and begin to find their way in this world. I knew this time in my life would present many challenges and recently a certain situation has caused me great distress. I need to trust and let God work in their lives.

  55. Dear Lord, I pray for all those above, and specifically for Pamela. I pray that you will lift her up and fill her with such Delight that can only come from you in each and every part of her life. You know what her deepest desires are and I pray that you will place Yours in her heart and fill every nook of her life with them. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

    I ask for prayer for myself – feeling so alone, worthless, healing from abuse and physical illness….paralyzed and hiding in a hole. Thank you.

  56. Father God, I also lift up Pamela and ask that you would lead her to contentment. I ask that she would find delight and rest in You, Lord, and that all of her needs would be met. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

  57. Praying for this list of requests and thank you for doing this ..
    Asking for prayers for my husband in the recovery stage of stage 4 cancer. Still in a lot of pain.
    We are also trying to get pregnant if this is god’s plan…
    Thank you so much..

  58. Lord, I thank You that You are drawing all of us to You…You are the answer to all of our problems and concerns…You hear our every request and need…I thank You to be with Pamela right now…show her Your great love for her…Wrap her up in Your arms of love….You are the gentle healer…I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen…

    I too have a friend Pam that needs prayer for her family….

  59. Prayers for my sister who had cancer removed from her kidney. They left half the kidney and she had an allergic reaction to pain meds then got pneumonia. Prayers for healing and pain free times.
    Also for grandson Chris who has ODD and gets angry alot and is abusive to others when angry. Prayers that we can try to help and provide for him without the stress driving us crazy.

    I pray for Linda’s friend Pam that needs prayers. And for all those needing prayers today.

  60. Dear Cathy, I am praying for your family today. God can heal!

    I may have an umbilical hernia. 🙁 The pain is more bearable than the financial stress of surgery.

    • Marie

      Prayers for healing from pain. Father please take away the pain from hernia. Allow Marie to be healed without surgery.

  61. Where to begin? First off my sisters’ traveling. Bring one safely here and another one safely home.

    My dad’s dementia and anxiety is getting worse. We had to hospitalize him Holy week. He got well enough to go to rehab. Now I pray he can go back to his Assisted Living and live out his remaining days comfortably. I pray we get meds straightened out and my family can go back to normal.

    A good friend of mine has her father and step-father in hospital now. Step father is going home today. He had diverticulitis. He needs to see urologist soon. Her father is dehydrated and won’t eat. Pray she can get him on Medicaid and put him in a nursing home. She needs strength to deal with all this.

    My next door neighbor came home from grocery shopping to find her son (47ish) not breathing well. He has sleep apnea. She did CPR and called 911 when they took him to ER he died on the way last Thursday. She is distraught and her other son is coping as well as can be expected.

    Thanks everyone!

  62. Lord I pray for healing for Cathy’s sister and that you may sustain and encourage her as she goes through so much. That she will know your tender loving care in the times of pain. For Chris, that you would give his family understanding, strength and insight into caring for him, and for helpers to come alongside them when the stress gets too much. In Jesus’ name Amen.

    For myself – super stressful times – have to move house in next 6 months but in a low paid job and everything is so expensive, have to be near to good transport networks for work so location is limited. There isn’t an obvious friend I could move in with. Have had several interviews for new jobs but seem to blow the interview or it doesn’t quite work out each time. What is going on? I really want to teach, but am not sure how to get that place work-wise (have applied for a teaching course which is very exciting). Feel like I’m stagnating in my current job and it can be quite political and wonder why I’m there sometimes, apart from to provide people with someone to shout at! Try to do my best to help the students and staff at my workplace and the rare occasions when it does go wrong seem to be my focus and leave me feeling unvalued, not all the times things go right and I get thanked. Hard to know where God is in all the stress and things going on and I feel so unsettled. Find it really hard to go to church in these times of restless, it makes me want to run the other way as I feel so vulnerable. Would so like to get back to church regularly. I’m also trying to learn to drive and would love to be more confident in my lessons.

  63. Need urgent prayer for serious mental, physical health problems. Also for dire financial problems. Thanks

  64. Father/Daddy, thank you for this priviledge to come boldly to you. You already know Jo’s request and you already know the answer. Give Jo your peace as she waits for you. Thanks for hearing this request, Amen

    Both my parents are suffering from age related illness, please pray for God’s mercy.

  65. Sandy, I’m praying for your parents and your family. My grandfather almost died from a massive stroke in January, and my dad(a minister) is very overwhelmed. My grandfather can hardly talk and move. Just prayers for peace, please.

  66. I am Praying for KATIE !!! MAY KATIE have discernment in her job interview today. May the Lord grant her all the wisdom and knowledge necessary. May He guide her in His Ways. Dear Lord, Please Place Katie in The Position that you deem perfect for her and provide her with the means to support herself. Please have the Godly man you wish to have in her life cross her path soon so that together they will praise your Name.

    EVERYONE..please pray for the person before you then put your petition

  67. J, our 35 year old son, has a mental illness that is going untreated because he refuses treatment. He is currently in a crisis situation because of this. Please pray that God will use this crisis for His good and the professional help J needs will be brought into his life, and J’s mind and heart will be opened to receiving the help he desperately needs. Also, that J would know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Thank you for your prayers for our son.

  68. Widowed 16 months ago, I’m having problems with relationships old and new. I’m feeling betrayed by family and unwanted by new acquaintances. I need wisdom from God about who should be in my life and how to build new friendships.

  69. God I pray for Janet,my prayer is that may U meet her at every point of need and may she encounter U on a daily basis. May her strength be of U oh Lord and may U grant her ur joy.
    Please pray for me asking that God’s healing and love will be my portion.and that in all circumstances no matter how difficult may His will be done.

  70. Bev, I have a 35 year old son also. Father in heaven, Your word says that You give us a spirit of love and power and a sound mind. I pray that J would know that sound mind. Give him wisdom about how to care for himself properly. May his body function as you created it to. Speak to him of his need for You. Give his parents strength and wisdom to help him. In Jesus name. Amen

  71. Lord when we are surrounded by all kinds of problems I believe at Your feet we can find the answer we need.Lord I pray that Jo may see herself being held by my Master’s hand and she may focus on You rather than on the storms surrounding her life.
    Prayer request for God’s favor , mercy and providence on both my husband and my jobs.For a drop of heavenly wisdom on my upcoming exams. For the health of my in laws and my grandparents, husband and daughter

  72. Lisa, I pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ, that you will both find the mercy and providence you seek in your jobs. I also ask, Dear Lord, that Lisa’s exams are touched by your wisdom, and that her family’s health is blessed and healed by your amazing grace. Amen.

    I ask for prayers for my Dad who is in a nursing facility with an aortic aneurysm and other health issues; for my children and grandchildren that Jesus will lead them and protect them always; for my brother who has not yet come to know Jesus personally; and for myself, that I overcome debilitating depression and become the mother and woman that God intended me to be.

  73. Lord I pray that you will be with Kay’s dad. That you would give him strength and healing. Be with those who are taking care of him; that they are kind, gentle and knowledgable. Please be with Kay’s family; watch over them and protect them in the ways only You can. Open her brother’s heart to You. Use Kay as Christian example that her brother can follow. Also, be with Kay; fill her with joy and happiness. Lift her burdens and heal her heart. Give her courage as she struggles with her depression. Help her to embrace all of your blessings and know she is Your child and you want a joyous life for her.

    Lord, please be with me and my husband with our miscarriage. Please help us to lean on you during this difficult time and have faith that our infertility journey will end; that I will get pregnant again and give birth to a healthy baby. Please heal our hearts; even though we never saw or held our baby, we miss him/her and mourn for him/her. In Jesus name, amen.

  74. Heavenly Father Hear the prayers of Alyssia and her husband. May their faith guide them during this difficult time . Strenghthen their faith and encourage them that everything is in Divine Order and that everything is working together for their highest good. I pray that good news will soon fill their hearts and that the gift of a child will soon be theirs. May they be blessed in their journey.

    Father, I pray that Michael have the courage to follow through with his promises. Bless our relationship and I pray for harmony and open communication . I pray that we will soon be able to be together and that the geographical distance not be an issue. I pray that he will soon introdce me to his family so we can begin our lives together and that I am welcomed and loved by them.

  75. Lord, I pray for Alysia and the heart break she is going through. Bring healing and comfort her in her pain and loss. I pray that whatever is preventing them from having children will be removed in your name and there will be good news for them soon!
    Prayer request: my three month old baby boy has been suffering with diarrhea and fever for the past week. Pray that there will be healing and we will be able to rest at night.

  76. I am struggling with depression that is steadily worsening. This is affecting all areas of my life, but especially my job. I have no motivation and fear that these issues will result in me losing my job.

  77. Father God, we lift up Oana’s son to you. Please heal him, give him comfort and peace. Please be with the family and give them rest and peace as well.

  78. Lord, I pray for Oana and her son, please bring quick healing to him.

    My own prayer request:

    -Knowing what to do in the near future,I have options but everything is long and complicated, I need clarity.Thank you!

  79. Dear Lord thank you for the precious gift of Liliana and Oana. I lay at your throne the relationship between Michael & Liliana and the health of Oana’s litlle baby. May your love and light shine as the couple look toward a future together. May it be blessed with joy, love and a heart for You. I ask for healing for Oana’s child who is suffering and ill and for rest for the family. May they both feel your peace and presence as you meet their needs.

    I recently lost my beautiful sister after a 13-year brave & brutal battle with cancer. I ask for your prayers for my family as we grieve and for all those who are affected by cancer or grieving a loss. Thank you.

  80. Father I pray for Tedi and his depression, I pray that he will be divinely guided and that hope and faith are soon restored.

  81. please pray for restoration in the family, I restored marriage, some financial needs to be met, a car, and many in our family to draw near to the Lord. The word forgiveness and healing to hit our family line. For me 2 draw near to the Lord, to be able to hear his ways, for the Lord love to abound in our family, there are a few in our family that need jobs and also player in schooling and to be able to further education. Thank you

  82. Maria, May the strength of Christ’s Ressurected love be close to you and your family. May the wonderful memories that you and your sister shared be your strength and comfort. Amen

  83. Gracious Father I come boldly before your throne on behalf of Alysia, to receive your mercy and to find grace to help Alysia at this time of her need. Lord your word in Joel 2: 25-27 says, I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten- the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm- my great army that I sent among you.
    You will have plenty to eat, until you are full, and you will praise the name of the Lord your God, who has worked wonders for you; never again will my people be shamed.
    Then you will know that I am in Israel, that I am the Lord your God, and that there is no other; never again will my people be ashamed.
    Lord I thank you that your word does not go out void, it always accomplish the thing it is sent out to do. Thank you Father, that you watch over your word to perform it in Alyssa ‘ s life today. Lord I stand in agreement with Alysia for you said that we’re two or three are gathered in your name there Your person will be. Father you said that the Spirit that raise Jesus from the dead is living in us so I pray that the Spirit will grant healing and restoration to Alysia and her husband. Father bring comfort and peace to them. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Please pray for my friend Mark. He needs healing from the things that frustrates him mentally and emotionally and he withdraws to himself and becomes distant. I haven’t heard from him I’m over a month. This is the longest it has been. Pray for me. I like Mark he has a good heart and without this thing he is a wonderful person. Pray for our friendship. Thank you

  84. Praying for Mark and you Joanne!! Hoping communication and deeper friendship flows between you.

    Pray that I continue to point people to God’s restoration and authentic fellowship with Him and their communities.

    • Alysa,

      I am praying for you that God continues to use you to point them to His restoration and healing power and that all we have comes from Him. You mention community and authentic fellowship and we were just talking about these things at church this morning and the importance of connecting and being real. I don’t think I am fake, but I want to be a real and transparent person instead of possible looking the same as the world. I want to be authentic in my prayer requests and open and what struck me about your prayer request was that your heart if to be used by God and you are not asking for something just for you. Thank you for being an encouragement to me and I will be praying for you. Erin

  85. Please pray that my husband gets a job immediately. He has suffered a second job loss this year and is having surgery this week. More than both of those things, I need faith, in the midst of trials and a stronger walk with the Lord, despite circumstances. Please pray for our marriage and family. thank you.

  86. Lord, I humbly come to You in prayer that Alysa shall continue to point people toward God’s restoration and fellowship.
    Please pray for healing in our family’s relationships. My husband and our adult daughter have been saying hurtful things to one another. Now our daughter is trying to turn our other children away from us. I pray for a miracle, that their hearts may forgive each other and the family is restored to love. I’ve been crying for days as my heart aches.

    • Lisa E. I was also commenting on Alysa’s post above mine and then saw your request, so I am breaking mold and replying to another request. I will be praying for you and your family and I want you to know I am going through the same thing. I feel like we have been imploding in a way for quite some time and the tension between my oldest and my husband is getting better, but is heartbreaking. I pray to be the peacemaker but it is up to them and only God can perform the miracle needed. He has also tried to turn my other children into rebellion against us and it leaves me feeling helpless and hurt. I am holding onto hope for both of us and our families. “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, think on these things.” Erin

  87. Please pray for me in several areas, I am under siege. I’ve got several trials related to health (injured my neck and knee, ruptured an eardrum and lots of pain), but difficulty getting treatment.

    I also had something happen late Friday at work that I will get blamed for, but was not my fault. I need to have peace and courage to approach my boss and bring it to his attention before it gets to him some other way. There is more, but that is where I am dealing with the anxiety today. Please pray that I can find peace, bravery and strength as I approach my boss early tomorrow and relief from my pain.

    I am a Christian and love the Lord with all my heart, but I’m weak today and struggling with my faith this afternoon. I know He is there and in control, but I am afraid. God has been working with my heart, I feel some changes in my calling coming soon and I need to have the wisdom to know I am hearing Him and the courage to step out when He calls…

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad I found you all recently. It helps to have a team to pray with. I will be praying for those of you who posted on here too. God bless you all!

    • Trish,
      I am praying for you and thinking of you during what must feel like an overwhelming time. I am praying with all my heart that you will experience healing in your pain, direction and peace in the issue at work, and confidence in the Lord’s incredible, all-encompassing love for you.

      A verse that has continuously uplifted me during similar moments, when our hearts are in need of comfort and direction, is Isaiah 43:18 – “Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to things of old. Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

      May you be comforted in knowing that you serve a God who is working it all together for your good. And not only that, but He loves you, sings over you, and pours peace into your very soul. I am praying you will feel His peace and direction for your life and in the everyday mountains you are climbing. All my love!

  88. Oh Erin, thank you so much! I’m so sorry you are going through the same thing. You are in my prayers as well. We have grandchildren involved and it breaks my heart for them to witness this. As long as we hold on to what is true and right I believe there is always hope. Blessings to you and your family.

  89. I am in need of prayer regarding the time I am currently spending abroad in South Africa. I have never been this far away from my home before for this amount of time and find I am dealing with a large amount of anxiety and homesickness.

    I am confident this is the place where God wants me and is building me up in Him but need encouragement that I will make it safely and joyfully through the last seven weeks of my program.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    • Johanna,

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement this afternoon. I am no longer afraid. God sent you just at the right time and I appreciate it so much. The verse you sent was exactly what my heart needed to hear so much. There isn’t much grace at work and I am always living on the edge as the past is a major focus with my boss… Anyway, what a relief and blessing of sudden freedom came when I read that verse. I am praying now for wisdom and God’s guidance and protection when I approach this problem tomorrow.

      I am praying for you while you are in South Africa. I am praying for God’s love to overflow your heart and surround you. I have asked for His hand of protection to be with you and He will keep you safe. I thought of Ephesians 3:14-21. Particularly verses 16-19 “that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”

      I will be praying for you constantly for encouragement and peace and knowledge that You are loved, supported, and bathed in prayer. Love Always! Your Sister in Christ. Trish

      • Thank you so much, Trish! Your words of encouragement and your prayer has brought a great deal of peace to my heart. Such a blessing! I am thinking of and praying for you today as you go into work!

  90. Last week I took my recertification test for Family Practice boards in the USA-having worked for 15 years in Haiti where medicine is very limited this test was very difficult for me. Also I’m dyslexic so medication names can be very confusing. The Lord granted miracles to get me through medical school and residency. Even docs in the USA express frustration in the test as many items do not reflect real life practice. An expensive test to take and lots of time away from my family to study, many folks prayed that I would pass. Continuing to pray for His will to be done as I know He could grant a miracle and let me know in June that I passed. But if not I’ll still praise Him.

    Second big one is that we are waiting [3 months now] to hear from the Haitian social services their recommendation of siblings for us to adopt. Our son will leave home in 2015 for college and we’d like as much time as a whole family as possible. Adoption procedures are changing in Haiti and delays are expected. Praying for our children. That we get to know who they are soon so we can pray by name. Again may the Lord’s timing and will be done. [Also our son will take his SAT’s this Sat]

  91. Lord, I pray that Johanna would feel your peace settle over her like a blanket, and that her heart would be soothed by memories of home and loved ones rather than stirred up. Thank you for her heart to serve. Make her strong in your love.

    I pray that Kris would feel confident in your will, and that she will persevere in the face of difficulties as a result of her love for You. May the adoption process run smoothly, and their family time be warm with the blessings of love, enjoyment of one another, and togetherness. In the name of Jesus I lay these requests before you.

    I am seeking prayer for my recovery from cancer. I have just finished 6 months of chemotherapy every 4 weeks and am moving to every 8 weeks for the next two years . The mass has decreased significantly in size, but has not disappeared. We are also in the process of moving continents, and I am feeling anxiety about how well I will handle everything. Please pray that I will honor our Father in the midst of all of the turmoil, and that his mercy for physical healing might be granted me. Thanks!

    • Toni,
      Your prayer means the world to me, thank you so much! I am praying for your healing, that you will experience God’s healing power to the full. I am also praying that you will feel His peace and love during this time of transition and turmoil. May you know that He has, and always will have, a beautiful plan for your life. I pray that you will feel comfort in knowing He is with you wherever you go and in any circumstance.

      Hoping you will find encouragement in this verse as well –
      Zephaniah 3:17
      Yahweh your God is among you,
      a warrior who saves.
      He will rejoice over you with gladness.
      He will bring you quietness with His love.
      He will delight in you with shouts of joy.

      Sending you all of my love!

  92. My son Samuel was injured at birth due to the negligence of the midwife that delivered him. He will be 5 on May 31. We recently learned that there is an association that, if his injuries are extensive enough, will provide injury compensation . We have until his 5th birthday to file a claim and just found out about it two months ago. By Gods grace, we have moved through the process quickly and on June 18, he will have his final evaluation and then we wait for an answer. Please pray that we will be awarded 100% compensation as this will provide all that we are unable to provide. He is wheel chair bound, unable to sit up, walk, talk or care for himself in any way. He suffers seizures daily. He is a beautiful, affectionate young man who has a glorious smile and contagious laugh! If awarded compensation we would be able to purchase special equipment to help train and “rewire” his brain and hopefully help him learn to walk. We would also be able to modify our home for his chair as well as help me lift and care for him as he is growing into a tall handsome young man. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us. May God return to you His mercy, grace and love!

  93. Father, please grant Toni complete healing, so that the mass disappears completely. As she is afraid right now, may she cast all her cares upon You and always keep in mind that whatever situation You put her in, she will always find strength and comfort in You.

    I would like to pray for my husband who is having his final year exam today, thank you Lord for all the blessings You have already showered on him during these last four years. I pray that everything should be fine this evening, that he should not be stressed, that all the guys accompanying him may be well prepared, that he may be able to deal with all the printouts for his portfolio this morning. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless you all

  94. Precious God our Father, in Jesus’s Name I lift up Samuel and his mama’s request for compensation for his injuries. You know so much about Samuel’s afflictions and needs so we ask you to provide all he and his family needs while at the same time bring others to your saving knowledge. You are good and Your affections for us show Your healing power and mercy. Thank You. Amen.

    I recently had to quit a job and am healing from the unexpectedness of it all. God is at work in and around me as I have arrived at this place of desiring and needing His guidance and assurance in what to do next or to just BE the wife and homemaker I know I can be. I am trying to attend church more regularly but am finding little to no available fellowship. I had been too involved in prior work and find myself friendless but closer to my husband than ever before. I am so thankful for his support and understanding. Thank you for your prayers.

  95. We are waiting in the hospital for my son to go in for surgery. He broke his collarbone in a motorbike accident. Please pray that the surgery goes well and that he heals up quickly and properly. Thank you.

    • I pray in the name of Jesus for total healing and comfort for Anna’s son. Give Anna a peace of mind knowing that You are there with them and all will be well. Guide the surgeon hands with Your healing hands. Amen.

  96. Father God, I pray for Ann’s son, that you will guide the surgeon and nurses in the operation , that it will be a successful and for speedy recovery. I also pray that the family will especially be assured of your presence and peace.

    I seek prayers for my mum who is suffering from constant pain on her back and arm due to a fall in January. Though the fracture has healed, every night she can’t sleep well . I also seek prayers for a change of work from full time to part time as I find myself overwhelmed with work and care for my mum. God so hear my prayers

  97. Anna, I am praying for your son’s safety in surgery and that he would have a remarkable recovery. I am praying that those of you in the waiting room will experience the peace that passes understanding.

    My prayer request: Life is overwhelming right now, and I ask for prayer for healing for my father who has multiple myeloma. He fell at home on Easter Sunday and hit his head, causing a stroke. He is still in the hospital receiving therapy. I am asking for complete healing for him. Also, I have a considerable amount of job stress and would ask that you would pray for a resolution to this situation this week. Thank you!

  98. I am asking for encouragement knowing that God is still with me. And for the promises and plans He have for my life. And for all my Sisters and Brothers who can not say the name Jesus that the Father have not forgotten them.

  99. That is so right Sandra. Our almighty God has an amazing plan for all of our lives. Stand firm on those promises.

    Prayers for your job stress and for the healing of your Father Diana.

  100. I was diagnosed at 52 with recurrent breast cancer in my liver which is inoperable. My first breast cancer was 5 years ago so I thought I was doing good. I am starting my 4th week of chemo tomorrow to shrink the tumor. I will have a scan after 8 weeks of chemo to see if it has shrunk. Then another 8 Weeks of chemo. Please pray that this treatment is working to shrink the tumor and that everything will be ok. Please pray also for my family: my husband and 2 daughters and grandson who are very worried about me. I have already lost my mom, my brother and a sister to ugly cancer. Please also pray for my 2 remaining sisters, one of them is a 2 and 1/2 year survivor of a rare ovarian cancer.. Always remember to tell your loved ones that you love them because you never know what will happen tomorrow… Thank you and God Bless!

  101. My husband and I re-located to a very rural state in New England for a job opportunity for my husband as he was laid off from his previous position as a corporate trainer. When we finally nestled in and started checking out churches, we were startled to learn that the state we are living in boasts that it is the least interested in church and anything related to Christianity in all the 50 states! In fact, it again just recently received this rating. We never knew this before we moved here. We have been here for 10 years trying to make this work, saying ‘Yes’ to God. We have served the Lord in many capacities, privately. It is a very lonesome journey. We are gifted with having both of our personalities to be very gregarious. I even run a small guest suite on our property. We have not been able to make friends, just work acquaintances, because this is the way the folks here like it. Last week we were approached by an out of state owner of an inn to ask us if we wanted to consider running it. We were ecstatic of course. We want this to be what the Lord wants for us. Where we would be running this inn is in a very heavily populated part of New England that loves the Lord and has many opportunities for us to be involved. The catch…..trying to sell our home. We need so much prayer for this to happen. We are empty nesters and this move would put us closer to our family who we miss terribly. I wanted so very much to join in this weekend with a group of women. I found a house that was hosting a group an hour away from me. When I went to sign up, the leader said she has cancelled. I was so hurt because I could have possibly met new Christian women. It is a barren land . We are starving for fellowship. My husband and I know what being involved is all about. We both graduated from The Kings College and were part of many music ministries and small groups for over 25 years before we had to re-locate. We are dying up here……….please pray for us to be able to move. We are in our late 50’s and need to be in community. Thank you all for how much you ladies minister to me in your stories. I don’t know where I would be without you. Keep up the great work!

  102. I am asking for prayer for my family, I am a single mother of 3. My children need salvation, and to hunger for and follow Him. My grandfather needs healing, as he is 90 and has been in the hospital.

    I need HELP raising my children and doing all that I’m supposed to as steward over many things (as everyone is of course). I need to see Him working, and coming alive in my life, and not to feel overwhelmed, or inadequate anymore. I need godly friends and a companion. And, for God to speak to me like never before about His plans for me/us, and to manifest His plan for the calling He has placed in my heart~ to breathe His life upon it. I want people to encounter Him, through me, as I grow and encounter Him more, and deeper everyday.

    We need a major, miraculous financial breakthrough, and whatever is holding it back halted/changed! My kids need clothes, we need a dependable car, and just to keep our heads above water. I know God’s will is for us to be blessed and prosperous. I need favor and promotion.

    I graduate college (I’m 45) next year, my 17 yr old will graduate high school and my 14 yr old, graduates jr high. We need doors to open, and direction.

    Thank you for praying and agreeing with me.

    • I pray for you and your family. I pray for God to use you for his good in bringing others to him. I pray for answers to your prayers. God is so good. Blessings, Cathy

  103. Please pray for my health. I’ve lost my voice and have trouble swallowing. I was a teacher and had to quit teaching art. I know he has another plan for me. I don’t have a positive diagnosis. Possibly ALS.
    I have 4 grown children. My youngest has one more semester of college. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren and twins expected in September on my birthday. I pray for God to heal me. Thanks for all your prayers.

    • Heavenly Father, I ask healing for Cathy here on this earth. Allow her precious grandchildren, the 3 here on earth and the twins coming and those who may yet come, to hear her voice. Allow them the memories of stories told by her, songs sung or hummed and prayers whispered in their ears as she snuggles them to sleep. Times spent with her grown children and all of the family, may the sound of her voice be heard.

    • Hi Cathy,

      I am praying for your health – for healing of your symptoms and for clarity about diagnosis so you may understand your symptoms and the best healing path. I am praying for peace and refreshment for you. And for direction as to what steps to take and where you might be led, through this experience. I am praying for grace and trust as you continue to open to receive. I am praying for your family and for all that is on your heart about your family at this time. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you Father for Cathy and for your plans for her, plans to keep her in health and to prosper her. Thank you for her life that she lives for you. Father, thank you that on the cross, Jesus was beaten for us, and he became sin, sickness, and poverty so that we dont have to. I ask that you open every door for her to receive the healing power of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Thank you, for healing Cathy.

      (2 cor 8:9; Is 53:5; 3 Jn 1:2)

  104. Please pray for my children and I – I am a single mom of two children and in Fall we hosted a person as a couchsurfer who turned out to be someone who has a legal history of targeting single moms who have faith and infiltrating their businesses and lives to borrow money and the feel of family. I didn’t allow him to touch my business but I did allow him to borrow personal money because I believed his story. And, of course, he didn’t return the money and that put my children and I in a perilous situation *now* because I have major bills due and I don’t have a reserve to pay them from. I set up a GoFundMe campaign for us and I pray that we meet our goal. It took far more courage and faith than I had to ask – and then to receive (which is big for me, I am a giver and hadn’t been a receiver in life) but it’s a way to keep my family together, so I did it.

    More than losing money, though, I became disheartened and discouraged and for a bit had a disconnect from my faith. I felt ashamed for believing and sharing and putting myself and my children so close to losing our living space. Only in this past month have I been restoring my faith (God didn’t take anything away, including love, but my mind couldn’t see that in the moments of pain). May you please pray for peace, renewed trust, grace and that we meet our campaign goal so we may stay together. Thank you!

  105. Heavenly Father, please ease Joy’s heart and mind in this situation. She trusted, she was hurt, and only You can heal her hurt. Thank you.

  106. I would appreciate prayer for earning an income from home, specifically in graphic design. I really want to be able to be home with my children, I am a single mom and we homeschool. I have been trying to start a business, but I’m not really business minded. I need to either have a job, or allow my brain to understand the business side of things.

    • April I am also believing Father for a home-business. I love the business aspect more than any thing else! I am going to business school now. I would like to pray for you.

      Father God I lift April to you. I believe that Your hand isnt too short to reach her, and pour financial blessings out to her and her family. I ask for You to open miraculous doors of provision for her. Fill her mind with wisdom, knowledge and skill, place the right people in her path that can help. Thank you, that you have a plan and a purpose for every aspect of her life, including business. Thank you, that you remove obstruction that keeps her from every source of provision for her. Amen! Amen!

  107. Heavenly Father…I ask for healing for Cathy & Joy. Their situations different, but each needs healing in ways only you can provide, and since Your work is often done through human hands, I ask you bring the right people in their lives to help as well.

    And I ask for prayers for the anxiousness I feel over my life in general…but most especially my job right now. Suffice it to say, I had a bad day at work, and I am anxious over the repercussions.

  108. I also lift up April’s name, Father, that you would connect her with the people who would help her feather graphic design business going…she’s the head of her family, and has a great idea, and I ask your blessing on it and her as she moves forward.

  109. *not ‘feather’ graphic design…darn auto-correct! Lol Sorry April….thankfully, God knows what auto-correct doesn’t!

    • Lord Jesus, I ask you to help Wendy with her situation at work, and the worry and fear she has right now. I pray that you provide clear direction in her life with this situation, and that she seek your answers first, and listen for your voice to guide her. Please provide her with wisdom and clear thinking and reassurance, through your word, and through prayers, and those that are around her that love God and can help. We thank you for your loving presence that makes all things possible for those who seek Him.
      I am asking for prayers for my daughter, that she seek God’s will as she makes major decisions about her future spouse, and having a family. She has made poor decisions and is needing to re-structure her life. I know that God can and will help her, but I ask that her heart be softened towards Him, and that she rely on Him totally. Thank you!

  110. I feel so broken as I continue to work in counseling on trauma work. It overwhelms me. Prayers that I am obedient to God’s will and follow His lead. Although I’m tired, I lean on Him for strength. That I use healthy coping skills when the emotions threaten to overtake me.

  111. I pray for you Ginger that you follow God’s leading. I pray that you lean on Him for strength.

    A close family member in our family committed suicide. I feel guilty like I should’ve known something was wrong and should’ve been a better person to this family member. I don’t know. Maybe I’m the stupid blind bitch that brings trouble and death to all those around me. Sure seems like it.

  112. Abba Father, let Angela feel your comforting arms around her, as you calm her mind and soul. Reassure her that her guilt is needless. Let her know you are with her, with her family as they grieve the loss of their loved one. Grant her peace, and help her rid her mind of the negative thoughts and feelings she is experiencing. Ames

    I humbly ask for prayers as I face severe financial and health issues. I am the widowed mother of a 14 yr old son, and sometimes my struggles seem more than I can bear. Thank you.

  113. Jesus please let Judi feel your love and care. Your word says that you are a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless. Please show Judi you are there and that you are caring for their needs.. Thank-you Jesus.
    I would ask for prayer for my son to return to the Lord with all his heart and for his emotional and spiritual healing…

    • Dearest Jesus,
      I pray that Debbie’s son will “come to his senses” and return to the Lord. I ask you will heal these issues of emotional and spiritual nature and redeem him to his full stature of who he is in You. I pray for all our prodigals who are floundering and trying to let the world fix them and not yielding to You and Your perfect will and peace.

      I ask for prayer for my best friend’s 27 week pregnant daughter. She has gone into premature labor with twin boys and is on complete bed rest. One of the babies has no amniotic fluid and is breech. The doctor’s goal is to get the mom to at least 34 weeks…my hope is to see God glorified and His perfect will for this family to be accomplished!!

  114. Heavenly Father I bring Debbie and her son to the foot of the cross and I ask in Jesus name to send healing to their relationship. I ask you Lord Jesus to place your hand upon their hearts and heal the emotional wounds that are binding them. For the love that is needed to fill the empty void the son may feel I thank you Lord Jesus, fill him with the knowledge he is beloved. Bring strong Christian men to walk with him and manifest your presence in his life. Place a hedge surrounding him from anything that is not of You Lord Jesus. Let your dove of peace enter his heart and may he recognize this grace comes from you Father God. May the Holy Spirit breathe new life upon his desires and may those desires be directed to his salvation. We stand on your promises, so take LOrdship over this young man’s life for the Glory of your kingdom. Amen

  115. Please pray for healing and reconciliation for my daughter and I. Please pray for our hearts to change and that the Lord will heal us both. Please pray for my son to have a full time job.

  116. Lord, I lift up Leora and her daughter. Bring them back together and restore their relationship, one of the most important you created. Help them to forgive and heal. I lift up her son and pray You help him to find the plan You have made for him and a job in which he can support himself.

    Today, I ask for help learning to slow down and let go. Help me to be still and listen to You, so that I might be more patient and peaceful.

  117. I’m having surgery tomorrow. Please pray for a smooth surgery with no complications.

  118. My job is too much. For almost two years now I have been being our management for additional resources to no avail. On average I work 20 to 40 hours of O.T. per week. I have a husband and Son who are lacking attention and love while I try desperately to hang on. I don’t have the luxury of not working. This morning, the alarm went off at 4 a.m. and I got myself out of bed, turned on my computer to be met by angry emails from customers…And rightly so!! There’s no one to assist them! I got in the shower and wept to the point of throwing up. I decided on the floor of the shower I was gonna run away…I would just leave. I packed a week’s worth of clothes and told myself I was going to the beach…Im in my car in front of my job with my stuffed backpack next to me. I know I have to go inside. I know I can’t run away…but im broken and run down and I need wisdom and strength if I’m gonna make it one more minute.

    • Praying for you Stephanie, Sometimes we get so busy with what we think should be done, we become a Martha instead of a Mary and just sit at the feet of Jesus. Trust the Lord, maybe He’s telling you to slow down or change courses and He will provide. I will be praying for you!

      Please pray for me. I’m really stressed at work right now. I think it’s because God has spoke to my heart to start a”widows ministry” at our church and I’m moving forward with it and the devil is just trying to find a way to discourage me by making me feel I can’t do anything right or good.

  119. Oh Heavenly Father… I lift Stephanie up into Your warm and comforting arms. I pray that You will hold on to her as Youve held on to me; when you feel like you are at the absolute end of your rope. Remind her that You will NEVER leave nor forsake her, and I pray You would give her peace, the kind that only comes from You. Please Father give her wisdom and strength to follow it. Encourage her to put one foot in front of the other and do what you have placed before her each day. I pray that Your will be done in her life, and that You will make it crystal clear what it is You would have her to do concerning her job. I pray she would be encouraged to be in Your Word, and I pray that You would give her an increasing desire to read Your love letter to us, and that Your Spirit would make all things clear to her as she reads the Bible, as to what direction she should persue with her currant job..
    I pray for peace and love overflowing, to fill her heart, from You. I pray all of these things, and give thanks to You God, in the strong and powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

  120. My prayer request is that all of my lost family members would be brought to a saving faith relationship with God, in Jesus. I pray for continued protection for my sons, who are in the world and living like it. My heart breaks over them.
    I also lift Tammy to You, for strength to resist the distraction and attack of satan, as she obediently moves forward in establishing a widows ministry through her church. If it is Your will Father, that she be doing this now, I pray You will give her all the strength and wisdom she needs to grow and serve and be fruitful, in this ministry. In Jesus Holy name I pray, amen.

  121. On May 9th I will come face to face with my 2 sisters who disowned me 7 years ago. My elderly father was in the care of my oldest sister. When he passed away, I was not informed until a week later when they sent me a registered letter telling me he had “expired”, they had him cremated, and had his service. They said the letter was the last act as sisters. They told family and friends that I had issues with my dad. My dad and I had a special bond because of our faith in Jesus and they didn’t understand that and were jealous. My prayer is that my claim of forgiveness is genuine, but since I haven’t had to exercise it I am not sure that when I see them that all the anger and hurt won’t come rushing to the surface. I want God to get the glory, and show them the love of Christ. Please help me pray about this. Just knowing I will be seeing them has brought back all the pain .

  122. Lord, I lift all of these beautiful ladies in prayer today. Father I ask that you help heal them, help find those out work the right job, please open our eyes to see you clearly and our ears so that we can hear your calling for us.
    Today, I found out that a dear friend took a bad fall last month and has experienced headaches ever since. Tests discovered a hematoma on the left side of his brain. He was admitted for brain surgery last week and is still in ICU in critical condition. His name is rob, his wife is Claudia. Please lift them in your prayers and ask god to heal him and get him out of ICU.
    Sending love to all of you and I thank you in advance for your prayers xo

  123. Precious Jesus, I lift up my sister Jessica to you and ask that You would shower down blessings on her today!! For her friend, Rob and his family, I pray for your healing and comfort today. Jesus, be right by their side orchestrating your great love and power and healing in whatever way would bring you glory!! We ask comfort and peace for him and his family. In your great name Jesus, Amen

    I am leaving my job of 25 years on Wednesday, April 30th. and moving to Kentucky to be near my son. I have no place to live and no job to walk into. I thought this was what God wanted me to do and now doubts and fear are setting heavy on my mind. I need to see Jesus, my provider, and I want this all to bring glory to Him. My daughter and I need a place to live among other things but I know God has a plan!! Help my unbelief!!!

  124. New in town! I am in need of a job. Pray that the Father provides me with a job to be able to bless others with the skills, gifts He has blessed me with. And to also meet the needs that I have. I have walked on His promises and know that All will be provided by Him and He will never leave me. Thank you and bless you all for all the beautiful encouraging words. Be blessed!

  125. There is an individual in our community who works with young adults. Today, the local media wrote a very favorable article about his business platform. Sadly this man has a history of serious sanctions by his professional athletic organization that include verbal, sexual, and physical abuse. He has also faced allegations of financial fraud (one count bcz of financial manipulation of a post-brain cancer patient) and theft of equipment. The public documents of the abuse are heart rending. We cannot understand why the governing body did not file police reports after reading them. AS mandated reporters, they should have given the extensive nature of the testimonies.

    He mis-represents himself as former Army Ranger. An FOI response to the Dept of the Army indicated he served 4 yrs in the reserves only and never saw combat. There is suspicion that he was dishonorably discharged as well, but that FOI is pending. He has a history of defaulting on leases and being thrown out of leased business locations and personal housing.

    Many police reports have been filed about him, including one that could have resulted in federal jail time. He has managed to evade significant charges and to have information that should be made public quashed.

    Our family has filed a criminal complaint for assault and battery owing to an incident with our son (who has Aperger’s) the day after his 15th birthday. We have also lodged a complaint, along w/ at least 3 others, to the same athletic body that sanctioned him before. This weekend, uniformed/on duty police were required to be onsite at an event he attended because of this latest round of complaints.

    Please, please pray for this man to fall into his own traps per so many verses in Proverbs and for the Lord to publicly reveal him as the menace he is in such a way that he cannot escape the scrutiny. Pray for the safety of our family and our son as the man has threatened great bodily harm to many who have faced him down. Pray that other families will be able to see thru him, confront him, and be as decisive as we have been to confront him. Pray for the protection of all the children and teens who enter into his business establishment like lambs led to the slaughter.

    The only thing that will stop him is public scrutiny via the media. Please pray for the media to take an interest in his past and to stop at nothing to unveil him?

    We have prayed for his salvation, we have prayed for his public ‘outing’, we have prayed for criminal prosecution, we have prayed for the overseeing athletic organization to shut him down. We simply do not have the financial resources to do what needs to be done to go up against him. Many children are at risk as are the parents who are new to the sport and have no way of vetting him. It took us a full year to be able to vet him the way we needed to bcz we were so new to the sport and didn’t know how/where to go for answers.

    I covet every prayer. This situation is frightening and has nearly crippled me w/ anxiety at times. Our son still participates in the sport thru another business model and has just qualified to compete at a national event. He loves this sport, but we always have to cope w/ the potential of running into this man at any event. He has a history of telling his athletes to injure former athletes of his, so we don’t take our eyes our son or this man if he is at an event w/ our son.

    If anyone in this thread has any idea of a way to help us combat this menace, please email me thru my blog site?

    Heavenly Father,
    I pray for Susan. I understand the pain of family isolation and separation. You see the tangled knots of this situation. I pray that you would comfort her heart and give her a sense of peace and release. Ease her grief of what could have been and what will never be. I pray for a miracle in the lives of her sisters and that you would make all things new including their relationships. Old histories are hard to overcome, but I pray the Holy Spirit would confront and confound her sisters and that healing would begin. I pray for their salvations. I pray hearts of stone would be melted and replaced with hearts of flesh. I pray that restitution and forgiveness would be sought and granted on by all parties. If you are not our help in this time of need, no one is. Help us we pray – not because of who we are or what we deserve but because when you look at us, you see your son.

    • I am praying for his salvation, outing and justice with you. I pray for your anxiety and strength as you take care of your family, particularly your son. I pray the Lord provides justice and healing for all involved. The Lord brings beauty from Ashes and I pray He does in this situation.

      I pray for the safety and security of your family during this trial. I pray for the safety and security of his other victims. I pray the Lord gives you or another family the resources to take this matter to the courts. I pray that others see through him through wisdom and discernment that only the Lord can grant. I pray that no more damage is done.

      I am thankful that you are aware and that you have a heart for this situation and a desire to see it end. I also thank the Lord that you care for the man who victimized your child and family and pray for His salvation. I know some probably think you foolish for that, but we are supposed to pray for our enemies and I greatly admire that. I pray God changes all involved– the victims, the one who hurts, the families. God can heal everyone involved.

  126. I am struggling to find a fulltime job in the DC area. I quit my job and moved up here where my husband got a job offer in DC last summer and now, 9 months later, I am still struggling to find something permanent.

    I am trying not to lose hope, but I feel I trusted the Lord and submitted to my husband and now I am stuck. Things like buying a house and having a baby depend on me finding fulltime work so I am feeling quite discourage.

    Please pray I find a job soon, that doors would open. Also please pray for patience and the ability to hold on to hope. I could use some encouragement this week (an interview I had was cancelled) and am praying the Lord shows up in a big way.

    Thanks for your prayers,

    • Lord God, Our Father –

      I lift up my sister Katy, Lord I pray for Your favor in Katy & her husband’s life, I pray that You would open the doors You want them to go through.
      Lord, You see the whole picture from beginning to end, and we praise You for Your great plans for us, plans made long ago! Please help Katy hold on to her hope, because You who have promised are faithful. Lord help her to surrender to Your perfect timing in all things.
      I come against Satan and I bind his operation in their lives, Satan your assignment against this family is cancelled by the precious Blood of Jesus.
      Katy may you find peace and contentment in your new surroundings and comfort in our Father ~


  127. I have let my hope fail … I keep looking at our circumstances, instead of Jesus’ saving power.
    The same power that raised Him from the dead, can save my marriage.
    Dear Lord, Forgive me and dear sisters please pray for me and my husband to learn to love each other sacrificially as Jesus called us to do.
    Thank you

  128. Please pray for my husband and I as we make decisions about our son’s schooling. He has special needs; we have found the perfect school but attending it would come at GREAT sacrifice for our family. What do we do?

  129. Our dearest Heavenly Father,

    I hold Jessica and her family up to you. Give them your wisdom and insight as they deal with sending their son to a special school
    and the sacrifice involved. May they look at this issue through the eyes of Jesus- our perfect sacrifice. Strengthen their faith and bless their family abundantly.

  130. Lord, I pray for Laura, whatever her needs are. You know her more than I do. I lift up everything about her, spiritual, emotional, financial needs. Reveal yourself to her more everyday. Guide her & protect her whereever she goes & whatever she do. May she find life worth living with You alone. In Jesus Name we ask. Amen.

    Please pray for me as well, I had an abnormal papsmear last March 31, more test will be made and hopefully it will all be negative. I don’t want to worry, am almost sole provider in the family of 5 right now. Please pray also my husband’s business will pick up so that we can help each other financially. Thank you & God bless.

  131. My 2.5 year old has Leukemia. He is in remission but still has to go monthly for spinal taps and IV chemo. They also started last month giving him IVIG to boost his immunoglobulins. He has his appointment on Wed and even though this is the 20+ time he’s had it done, I’m still super anxious and worried something will go wrong or they will find the cancer is back. Plus I’m worried he will have a reaction to the IVIG. Please pray for his recovery and my and my family’s anxiety and fears throughout this whole process.

  132. Hello please pray for me the doctor thinks there is something wrong with my liver and he sent be to the hospital for testing and they took 47 pictures and he took blood test and it came back adnormal blood work. I am also a survivor of cancer. I had the top part of my left lung removed in September 23, 2014 because I had three different kind of cancer in my left lung. The good news is that they got it all. Please pray that it doesn’t come back. I am still home recovering. Please pray that I find a job working from home on my computer and get paid for it. Pray that I come up with a Christian name for my blog I want to start. I am open for ideals if anyone have any. Please pray for Gods guides in my writing. Please pray for Are finalis sense my husband only work four hours a day five days a week
    Also please pray that God direct me in what all He has for me to do. What all. HE Has chosen me to do. Please pray for my Betty for her health problems. She is my adopted mother. I adopted her.

  133. Dearest Lord, I place Tara in Your Hands. Please hold Her close to You. Please help her with all her needs and please all who are near and dear to her. Grant her health and give her a perfect job so that she can follow Your Will in all that she does daily.Guide her in Your ways.

    Please pray that my sons come back to God and to me their mom. My heart is so broken. Janet

  134. Dear Lord, Please come close to Janet and her sons. Help her sons recognize their need for you and come to depend on you for their daily bread. Father, you have no grandchildren, each of us are your child and you want us to be near. Lord help Janet with her broken heart and help her wait on you. She is your special daughter.

    Please pray for me and my marriage during these dark days. May I see God’s plans for me in this pain.

    • Oh dearest sister in Christ, my heart aches for you! Even so, I also know that God takes that which seems to be only for evil and He brings a depth and a beauty from it that we could never imagine beforehand!! I will be keeping you in my prayers. For now I simply ask, Lord Jesus, please help Cat in this very painful, dark season! Help her, strengthen her with Your truth, one of which is Your promise that there is nothing too great for us to bear in Christ Jesus. Yet, You also know how very much it can feel like it is too much! Please fill Cat with Your peace that passes all understanding, and help her to take refuge in You. Give her wisdom and discernment in this time especially, and help her to know when to speak and when to be silent (which can be so difficult when we’re hurting!) Father God, I ask that You would soften hearts, one to another…and that should her husband not know You as of yet, I pray that You will bring him to the realization of his need for Jesus Christ as his Lord & Saviour! If he already knows You, Lord, bring conviction, renewal, and a return to his first Love. In Christ’s precious Name I pray!

  135. First i wan’t to say that the in RL conference was beautiful. I enjoyed every webcast and i know through the story’s that i’am not the only one struggeling with life as it is. Though i’am doing much better now thanks to our God. Amazing the things He has done in my life. As i was eager to organise a Dutch in RL conference and made a atemp to set up a meeting group in my hometown, no one responded. That was due to a national celebrationday called Kingsday. That is when The Netherlands celebrate the birthday of our king Alexander. So i watched the conference my self in my own home. But i do hope there are other women who want to participate in a meetinggroup of in RL Will you pray for me that there will be coming on my way that will do this with me? I will keep inviting people to join me, but is hard.


  136. Hello Lord’s people, please pray for my mom’s complete healing, she was involved in a hit and run accident and underwent surgery yesterday to repair a fractured bone around the hip area. please pray for Lord’s touch. Also pray for my work, I head a social project in Kenya, we do HIV/Aids awareness, support &care, provide audio Bibles to the elderly, blind etc and we provide sanitary towels & under panties yo poor young women, we plan to start making reusable sanitary napkins for disadvantaged girls but we are greatly financially challenged, please make a mention of this need to our Dad in Heaven.

  137. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for Kimberly Thomson, I pray that you give her a new job, a job that she will enjoy, benefit financially and touch people’s lives in some way. Magnify yourself in her and through her dear God for I pray believing and trusting in Jesus Christ’s name…Amen.

  138. I’ve been struggling spiritually for over a year now…probably longer, but it seems like forever whatever the length is. The thing is, it’s my own fault and I realize this. I just can’t seem to get unstuck and it’s making me crazy! I know God is here for me & that He loves me, so I don’t understand why I just can’t seem to fully surrender to Him. I’ve been saved for 20 yrs.–this month, actually…interesting. Yet, I’ve wasted my time trying to escape from my emotions through innocent means–I’m letting them take God’s place in my time…and that’s never good. Please pray for me!

  139. Father, thank-you for James’ mother, that although she was involved in this terrible accident, Your hand was upon her. Thank-You for the surgery that was available for her, and I pray that You would bring full healing and restoration to her hip area. Help her to mend quickly, Lord, but more importantly, as she heals, may she sense Your presence and comfort in such a special way! Thank-You for the son You have given her, that he knows You and knows Your deep interest in all of Your children’s lives–for a Christian parent, that is such a joyful blessing! I pray also for James, Father God. Thank-You for the work You have given his hands to do, for the serving in Your stead that You have blessed him with. Bless his work, and the specific needs of this social project in Kenya. Thank-You for the simple dignity of having basic needs met! Lord Jesus, You know what their needs are, please speak to hearts today and daily as to what You would have them give. I thank-You that You are our Healer, Comforter, Vindication, and Jehovah Jireh, our Provider!

  140. We praise you sweet Jesus and thank you for this ministry and the opportunity to pray for your children. We thank you Lord that you are our rock – our salvation – our healer. I ask you Lord that you use me as a your vessel – you promised Lord that I would lend and not borrow, that I would have all that I need – Lord I am asking you to lead me, guide me and show me, using the gifts you have given me that I will flourish abundantly, filling me with joy, helping and blessing others. We thank you for the increasing business at the store and praise you for filling the store will customers, which will provide the money to pay our employees and pay back the money we are behind. Thank you for an amazing abundance!! I thank you for my perfectly healthy body Lord and all the blessings I see around me, from you. I ask that you lay your healing hands on Jack and lead us to proper diagnosis and treatment. We ask this in you Holy Name. Amen.

  141. Praying for all the women above me!

    Please pray for me, my husband and our unborn child. We had a lot of trouble trying to conceive for over 5 years and lost our first child last May after doing a round of IVF. We found out we were pregnant this past January, a miracle gift from God. We are currently in our 15th week and we just ask for prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy and baby. We have our 16 week appt next Wednesday and we pray that everything goes smoothly and our little bean is getting stronger and bigger each day.

    Also, I ask for prayers for my mom who has been diagnosed with cancer. She has been on a couple treatments that haven’t done much. She is about to start a new drug and we just pray that she will be healed from this horrible disease. I know this is selfish but I want her to be here for her grand baby.
    Thank you all for the prayers.

  142. My 31 year-old daughter filed for divorce last Monday, her two-year anniversary. Please pray for her and her 1 year-old son and me that I can support and help and speak God’s wisdom!

  143. DearSweet Jesus
    As I read each prayer my heart is overwhelmed there is so much need and so much faith. I lift up in prayer each one of these beautiful ladies -Father whatever her need is may it be given to her in full

    I am victim of child abuse but my parents always made out that they were the victims. So I was never contacted when either parent was I’ll. My Dad started reading the Bible and when he was close to his passing I was called. What a difference in him. Well my mother did not want to see me/her grandchildren and she disowned me on her will. What I need prayer for is healing frommy past and also healing with my brother/sister and daughter who are not saved and who absorbed my mother’s viciousness. They are always in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

  144. My home suffered a direct hit from a tornado this weekend. My husband was home alone, and we are so thankful that he is ok but our lives have been turned upside down. Please pray for the Lord’s strength to take over as we are tired and overwhelmed. Also, pray for all the others who have lost homes or have major damage in North Carolina. THANK YOU!!

  145. For Beth, Dear Father, I thank you for hearing our prayer.Pour out your mercy and strength on all who are suffering through these storms. We know suffering is never wasted but used for your saving purposes. Help us to see what your holy will is and give us the strength to do it. We ask this in the resurrection power of Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Please pray for my wounded heart betrayed by my spouse of 33 yrs. Trying to find joy again…

  146. Please pray for my 53 year old cousin, Jo Ann, who needs heart surgery and for my husband, Thomas, who also has heart disease. Pray also for Thomas’ conversion of heart. He needs not only a physical healing but also a spiritual healing. Thank you for your prayers. I too will pray for those on this list. Peace and Love.

  147. Please keep me in your prayers regarding my continued battle with chronic myeloid leukemia. The daily oral chemo is doing it’s job at keeping the leukemia at bay, but the side effects are causing a great distress. This is my 10th year dealing with the leukemia. God has been faithful with providing me His consistant strength. Please pray God gives me wisdom as I communicate with the doctors about future decisions regarding my future health care.

  148. Father God,

    There are so many hurting, needy people here today@ I pray you would shower them with your love, grace and mercy@! Give each person a huge hug and kiss. Let them know they are loved not just by you, but by all of us here@!
    I pray for peace and contentment for each person.

    For the sick/ill I pray for healing and restoration of their health. For those in financial crisis I pray for rich blessings. Bring the wayward family members back to you and restore their faith!

    I ask all this in Jesus name!