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Amy is a Midwest wife, mother, and women’s ministry leader. She loves searching for grace in the middle of the everyday mess of life.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. You are SO right! God has impressed upon me over the past 5+ years, the value of sending hand written notes. I try to do that often! For lent, rather than giving up something, I commit to one card a day for 40 days. It is amazing the people HE brings to mind who need a word of encouragement!

      • Hello Karen I saw your post and wondered if you can help our youth group. We are doing a project for a special young lady. Kacie is 15 and has been going through a aggressive cancer. She is undergoing chemo, radiation, experimental treatment, has had a complete hysterectomy and has had her appendix removed. She loves the Lord and has a strong faith. Her body is tired and we are trying to get others to send her a card of encouragement. We want to give them to her for Easter. We are trying to include a card from each state. If you can help with this project, please send the card to Kacie: c/o Major Norma Patrick P O Box 489 Bellaire, Ohio 43906 Thank You

        • Major Norma,

          I discovered a few years back that my gift from God was encouragement. I don’t call it “fluffy”, just a necessary & much needed gift.

          I will definitely be sending a card to little Kacie. My pastor’s wife and others here in Upper E. TN work with Relay for Life to help fund a cure for cancer. I have joined in that fight and want ALL CANCERS GONE! God can heal her!

          Blessings 🙂

  2. I agree, the written word is so powerful. I recently got a letter in the mail from a friend, a letter! It was so speical to me.

  3. So, so true. My kids LOVE to send notes to us and others that they love. The pure joy and excitement that is on their faces is heavenly. I think that they truly love to send them more than even receiving them. Thanks for the encouragement Amy, both on your blog and in person. You are a true gift.

  4. Love this story. And the reminder that our words truly are important. I feel a little fluffy sometimes too :). But I agree with you, encouraging words mean more than fluff, especially today.

  5. This is a great post. Often we feel like we need lots of words or fancy ones, but sometimes what’s needed are just plain and honest words. Recently a family member who had been sober several years began drinking again. I wanted the perfect words to give her but in the end decided on “we love you.”

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for reconfirming my spiritual gift. I sent out several cards this week to some people who have been on my heart and mind. I sometimes wish that I had a different gift, like being able to do more service work in my church, but with chronic illness, it is not possible. I am so thankful for this post as I know that God is speaking through you to me today!!

    • I love that you are allowing God to use you in the midst of your own difficulties. What a precious gift! A great reminder to me that even the small things we can do can matter so much. You are a gift to the people you encourage. Such a tremendous form of service. Don’t discount it in the least.

  7. I am pleased to say, “I am a fluffer!” I love my gift of encouragement because when I encourage others I end up encouraging myself! Encouragement motivates and invigorates both the recipient and the giver. WORDS – they build or tear down……let’s build with them today!

  8. This is a great angle upon a great photo, with a spelling error. It really makes me think about people who do not like to speak up, they fear saying something wrong. Even if it doesn’t come out just right… it will still be a blessing. I love the purity in these children. And I’d agree, without encouragement we would not get very far in life, we wouldn’t move forward. We need encouragers!

  9. I’m a hand written note “Fluffer” I do it several times a month for my friends. It brings me joy, but the joy most get from them makes me continue to do it❤️ And I’m blessed with an amazing encouraging friendship of 25+ years. Lift up, the world does enough tearing down!

  10. I’ve always been an encourager but get konked in the head cos people just do not appreciate this loving gift I have. So, I get hurt. And I withdraw. I played on my own for the first seven to eight years of my life so it’s easy for me to go through days playing with JESUS by myself. I have my husband who keeps me company all the time. He is such a blessing and when I tell him how much I love him daily …… a million times a day ……. he smiles and looks so happy.
    I’ve met so may discouragers. What an ordeal for me. Do they not know they are not liked at all. Yet, they make out like us encouragers are not liked like we are doing something wrong.
    Get a life. Is my answer to them.
    Sorry but I’ve met up with so many discouragers.
    I love encouragers. They can bring out the best in the worst situation.
    The thing is how do you think JESUS felt hanging on the cross. In pain and betrayed and left alone. Yet, HE encouraged those who stayed ………
    Now JESUS is an encourager.
    Give up.
    Never give up.

    • Yes, Jesus was encouraging others even at the end of his life while in pain. I hadn’t even thought of that. Your words matter more than you realize. Keep it up! I love the quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Remember that!

  11. You are so, so right! Children encourage naturally. When did I decide I was too mature for that? When did I start to think saying generous words, no matter how lacking in eloquence, would make me look weak and needy? Why did I start to feel embarrassed to voice the positive, life giving thoughts I had towards others?
    When did the view of the world become more important than the view of God, who reminds me to repent and become like a child again.

    • Yes, when does this happen? We were talking in our women’s group the other day about something similar. When do we become so self-conscious? Let’s do our best to overcome those feelings. Blessings to you today!

  12. Love that those kids have already figured out how powerful and meaningful that their words can be! I pray we all follow their example and encourage someone today!

    • Thanks for reading, Holly! I feel like you pop up all over the place. Don’t ever doubt the impact of your gift. You encourage others all of the time with your beautiful words.

  13. What a great post, Amy! I was just thinking of the gift of encouragement. As a mom and a writer, I think more and more about what a beautiful gift that is. We ALL need encouragement every day. It’s a gift that fuels us and pushes us on in this life. I came across Romans 12:8 on our different gifts – “if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.”

    Thanks for faithfully using your gift and encouraging us here, Amy!

  14. “The appropriately timed phone call, the sweet card in the mail, or the motivational Facebook message may be just the thing you need to keep you from giving up on a project or dream.”

    This is so true! We have no idea the value that our little words have both today and for eternity…all we can do is use them to glorify Jesus and spread his story.

    So fun to see you here!

  15. Amy,

    I’ve known for years that my God-given gift is encouragement. I don’t fret it, but embrace it. When I encourage someone else I usually get a blessing in return.

    God has shown me several people in the past who I knew in passing or just as co-workers. He asked me to send them cards & once I did–it blessed my socks off. As my pastor’s wife says “Don’t steal my joy”. If I want to encourage you or do something nice for you–then let me. I know my bucket will get filled and stay filled!

    Blessings 🙂

  16. Amen! I often find we are living in a “give me” society. Thank you for sharing your encouragement with others & encouraging all of us to give more gratitude to others. ~Kim Kintner

  17. Amen! I often find we are living in a “give me” society. Thank you for sharing your encouragement with others & encouraging all of us to give more gratitude to others. ~Kim Kintner

  18. I often find myself needing strength to encourage and be encouraged…There are friends who see me struggling as the primary caregiver for my ailing 89+ Mom, working full-time, attending grad school and being an active member in my church but feeling overwhelmed!!!! A call to check on us; give me a chance to laugh; encourage…gives me the strength to continue and I return the encouragement for them!! Finding your blog this AM was a Godsend to encourage us to continue to reach out to each other AND include many others…Be Blessed in your ministry; and the others who shared!