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Jennie is a Bible teacher, author, and the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. She loves God and believes in this generation of women. She wakes up every day on a mission: disciple a generation.

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  1. Jennie,
    I believe wholeheartedly in immersing ourselves in relationships vs. piddling. When I have dared to be vulnerable, I have gotten burned a few times, but in most instances I find that others are dealing with many of the same issues and struggles in life. I’d rather be remembered when I am gone as one who gave too much than as one who gave too little. Having said that, I could really use some prayers today as I have to tell my 21 year old son, for many reasons, that he has to move out. I did this once before and I let him come back home. This time I need to do it with no going back. I know I risk possibly losing the relationship, but I have prayed about it and I believe that sometimes tough love is what is needed. Thanks for your post this morning!

    • Bev,

      Prayers for you today. Sometimes, a lot of times, tough love is what’s needed for children today. I know it won’t be easy and he may resent you for a time, but
      eventually I believe he will come to understand and love you.

      Father God,

      Give Bev the words she needs to tell her son today. Shower her with courage and tenacity to say what you’d have her say and stick with it, Help her to know that this is the right thing to do & shower her with your love.


  2. I think something to keep in mind with this post is personality as well. I have a friend who this comes very naturally to…. She is so wonderful at pursuing and thinking of ways to pursue. She is constantly inviting people in her home and making them feel welcome. She is also very extroverted. I, on the other hand, am quite introverted and this does not come naturally whatsoever. I have to work at it daily and if I try to pursue too many people at once, I get extremely overwhelmed. But because of my introverted personality, I can really focus on the ones that I do pursue very intentionally. Different personalities are capable of different things.

    • I love the post and this comment about personalities too. I am several months new to the Dallas area and struggling to make friends here. Opportunities to pursue seem challenging with 3 kids and a husband who travels a lot.
      I want to, I think about inviting people to lunch all the time and I chicken out, telling myself “everyone’s too busy,” or “they have their own life already “.
      If I’m being honest, I resent sometimes having to “fight” to have a relationship with someone. Seems it should be much easier than that even in this broken world. Or, I even immaturely wonder why I just can’t be pursued for a change. Juvenille but true.
      I too, can be introverted and it does make it harder. But, your right, it just means we have to work harder at it and be more prayerful about it than some others do to whom it comes more natural.
      I don’t want to keep hiding behind these silly excuses, so today will be a prayer for courage, as I’ve been encouraged by this post.

      • I can relate to what you said, as we are relatively new to the Orlando area, and I’m an introvert too. I also get tired of always having to initiate. It’s hard when you’re already dealing with the business of transitioning! But the thing I keep reminding myself is that what I see isn’t the whole picture – it may look like others are too busy, or have other friends already, but in my experience, most women are much more lonely than we know. Often people deal with the loneliness by being busier, and they just need someone to shake them out of that pattern by asking. Keep trying!

  3. Unfortunately we are traveling and I can’t join in. But this post is really encouraging. I would have liked to jump in, take a risk and pursue and host.

    My husband and I are thinking to move and to me that is the scariest thing. We want to live closer to our community, to our church but I have never really had community. Even though it scares me I know it is the right thing to do, it is healthy. And after my big move across the ocean I have to start a new. Making new friends when you are not in college is just not the same. It is harder and takes intention. My biggest ‘thing’ is that I want to be pursued. I always pursue everything in life that for once I want to be pursued. But after reading this I realize I do need to pursue. And I have with some great results here and there.

  4. I’m really looking forward to #inRL this year. It is so inspiring to see other women reach out. Too many stay silent because they feel their story isn’t big enough or worth enough to share. I think this is a great way to welcome those who feel small. I LOVE it!

  5. Love this, Jennie! Relationships can be hard and scary, but we miss too much by holding back–piddling around and waiting for things to come our way. Excited to participate in inRL this year!!

  6. The challenge not to “piddle” our lives away? I could NOT love this more. For reals. Thank you for modeling generous community to so many of us. What a gift you are!

  7. YES…a hundred times YES! And to quote my grandmother… “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!”

  8. Yes, Jennie, yes!!! You’re making me cry. Awesome! People are lonely and desperate for friendship and WE can be the one friend that will change their life if only we will pursue them!

  9. Love this post, Jennie! And it’s so timely for me. I’m in a new place for the last five months and finding a new community is hard. But you are so right about my own responsibility to actively pursue and to risk being open and vulnerable. Relationships haven’t just happened in the past, so I don’t know why I should expect them to now! Thanks so much.

  10. This is wonderful! I have the same thoughts for myself when I feel lonely thinking everyone is too busy for me. The fact is, I need to pursue people in my own life instead of waiting on them. After all, isn’t that what Christ did/does for us?

    I often hear the bemoaning from many others as well, and the same thoughts rise up as I question, “what are you willing to do about it?” Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Your advice to pursue people is gold.
    LIke my mother said, “If you want a friend, it’s always your turn.”
    Your turn to pick up the phone.
    Your turn to listen.
    Your turn to extend the invitation.

    Thanks for lovely advice,
    My most recent blog post:
    One thing you need to do today

  12. Oh, wow, yes, to all of this. No excuses, right? Stepping out bravely is the only way to step. I just have to remind myself I am not alone in my pursuing these friendships. Jesus is guiding me. He knows what/who I need and I need to trust Him. Piddling is not what He wants me to do! Thank you, Jennie.

  13. I love to just do nothing. Nothing at all. All my life I’ve been like this. Just talk to the LORD.

  14. Sometimes finding the right people takes discipline and effort. And then when we find them, we have to fight for them.” This screams, “yes” for me. When I moved to Oregon, I experienced extreme loneliness. I longed for friends. It was a deep longing because friendship inspires me to reach even higher and to be courageous. I prayed this prayer, “God, you care much about the little things and maybe me having a friend or two is a little thing but for me, it’s huge!!!” While having our very first livingroom group in our home, a friend of my heart walked in. From the moment I met her, I knew we’d be friends for a long, long time. Our conversations were littered with, “me too!” We also teared up at the same time, laughed and found an instant bond. But, soon after, other women found out just how wonderful my friend is (and she really is) and before long, I was the one being left out. I have become reticent in my friendship with her now, not knowing whether to fight for the friendship or let go.I realize that friendship is a gift and God knows our deepest desires to be a part of friendships/community. Would you pray with me to seek God in the people that he brings into my life as friends? Thank you for sharing, Jennie!!

  15. Jennie,

    I love this post! Making friends is hard work–very intentional. That is what God designed for us-community. He wants us to live full lives investing in other people.

    One way to make friends is to do things for others. For instance if someone new moves into your community then make a batch of cookies or brownies & take them over. Offer to help them move in or do small things for them.. If someone I know is in the hospital then I pray for them and the family. I also make a meal for the family and call to check on them. That is my way not “Piddling” and investing in people.

    Blessings 🙂

  16. Jennie, your words—”and then when we find them, we have to fight for them”—ring so true for me right now. I’m in an awkward place with some close friendships right now and this is what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  17. I understand completely. I do need to put more effort in pursuing others. Sometimes we do get busy in our lives that we as women forget that we need other women to lift us up and to give us encouragement. I continue to pray that I will become a woman who will find the time for others and to get out of my comfort zone and open my life, ready to serve our awesome God.