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  1. While I continue my J-O-B search I am feeling better in knowing that God is working on my behalf and that all MY efforts are in vain as God is in charge of the future and the plans HE has for me.

    I am more confident and hopeful that the right place (open door) will be provided when its Gods timing and not mine. I need to rest in the hope I have, always have had, in His provision. Thank you Lord that you never, ever let go of my hand.

    • Aimee,

      Prayers for the right job to open up quickly! May God provide all your needs. I pray for peace and contentment while in the waiting and searching.

      Father God,

      Please provide Aimee with a good job that she can enjoy and do well at. One that will provide for all her needs.


  2. Praise God HE is in control of the universe and not us puny humans!
    We are all weak, but thankfully He is strong and makes us perfect in our weakness.

    Love the picture and thoughts of spring time and renewal of life!

    Blessings 🙂

  3. While I am doing research for work from home jobs I can do at home and get paid for it. I know God has it under control and that he will bring me the right work from home jobs to be in his timing.

  4. This is my favourite chapter and verse.
    The one that restores me and gives me strength to go on. Because in my weakness God will show his awesome grace.

  5. I am so weak Lord. There are days I can barely get out of bed, afraid to face the day. I know that during these times, I must lean on God and Him alone to carry me. Let us encourage one another as women of faith and shine Your light in us so that others may see it:)