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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. My mother does, really right now. She needs it more than anyone to hold on to God in a terrible trial her partner has out her through. God is all that she has and she needs to hear it. To hear She is a women if strength, character that she brings joy and to hold on for the both of them, That everything will be okay for both of them. That’s who I would tell.

  2. I have a sister-friend facing some tough things right now and I know she needs the reminders of these truths. The funny thing is, as I try and share with her, I find myself lifted up and renewed!

    • I often tell my children, it’s going to be okay, if they are having a rough time they are young, but I think those words bring comfort even in a child’s struggle. ( They are young ages 10,5,4,3 and 7 months)

  3. As a woman and a human being in general there are always times I would love to hear I`m ok. But would love to win a copy of this book for my teenage stepdaughter who is going through some really tough times right now. This book sounds as though it would give her some principles to hold and and remember God made and loves you just as you are.

  4. “You’re Going to be Okay” are encouraging words everyone longs to hear – we try to console ourselves at times, but somehow hearing these words from a friend is more convincing. I’d love to read this book, glean from it, and then pass it on to others.

  5. I have a toddler with special needs who is in therapy 5 days a week and also a newborn. Life is particularly crazy right now. I know I will be ok in the end, but some days I surely don’t feel like it. 🙂

    • Brittnie, God bless you with an abundance of patience and strength. Lean into him when you feel like things are crazy. You will be okay because God has a wonderful plan for your life and He loves you to distraction. He is ABLE!!!

    • Brittnie,

      May God bless you with peace and a ton of patience! I pray God swoops down and showers you with love & grace to endure each day!

      Blessings 🙂

  6. I do. I’ve lost a job…. and have way too much time alone now… Loved your post…. Timing is perfect.

    • Melanie,

      Prayers for a better job than you could ever imagine! May God give you patience as await His perfect timing for that right job–made just for you!

      Blessings 🙂

  7. I need to hear it. I am the sole provider for my family and am struggling with being over tired and stressed.

  8. I have depressed for along 2 months now fêeling worthless and uncared for. It would really help to hear that or read that everyday

    • I know those feelings well. Hold tight to the truth that you are a loved daughter no matter what, always.

    • Lorie,

      You ARE NOT WORTHLESS! You are loved by God and us here at In(Courage). May God bring in the light and take away the darkness. Prayers that you will soon feel peace and grace of God and all the prayers of many!

      God Bless 🙂

  9. I need to hear it. My mom is not doing well and as she is in Denver and I’m miles away here in Nashville, it’s hard to be apart from her. And the juggling of 4 kids and having my mom on my mind and heart; it’s all so mentally and emotionally exhausting.

    • Kristina.

      Prayers for peace and contentment. May God give you the assurance that all will be well. Prayers also for your mom’s health to improve!! 🙂


    • Kristina,

      I saw your comment, visited your blog, saw the smiling faces of your beautiful children, and whispered a prayer for all of you.

      By the way, we are almost neighbors. I live in Franklin. 🙂

  10. My dear friend needs to hear this…..she is grieving over the loss of her son, and trying to find a new life after caring for him for 37 years.

    • Lindsey- You will be Okay, He will make you whole again. My heart screams out prayers for you during this time. Please Lord heal this Strong Mama’s hurt and mend her heart.

  11. I so need to hear that today. I am fighting ocd and some moments I feel like I am winning (guess who ate three meals and snacks yesterday!!!!!) but other times I feel like I am drowning deeper deeper deeper the harder I fight (who was so proud of being willing to touch her lunchbox that she forgot to put food in it and almost didn’t go back for food because her hands were too dirty from touching the lunchbox)…I know God is with me because there is no way I could have gone from not eating or drinking at all 5 days ago to eating three meals and snacks yesterday, but it is hard to believe he really cares when I am fighting so hard just to make it minute to minute.

    • VA,

      You will be ok! God truly cares for you and ALL your problems! He can make you whole again. God please send some peace and contentment into VA’s life. Help her heal from OCD.

      Blessings 🙂

  12. SO MANY of my friends need those words – in their HEARTS, not only in their ears and heads!
    Nan, undergoing cancer treatment: her husband is retiring as we speak and they’re moving to another state where life will be more affordable – for a buyer for their current house.. and she is an outstanding counsellor of others, but needs support herself right now. They both are stressed off the scale, getting dangerously thin… oh my, she needs these words directly from our Father’s heart deeply into her heart. I’m praying like mad and trying to be her sounding-board and let her know that Jesus is her shock-absorber.

  13. I need to hear that I am ok. My family has recently left the church we had been attending and we live in a community that we feel that we don’t fit in.

  14. My daughter needs to hear it. She has moved far from dear friends and finds herself lonely and overwhelmed in her job.

  15. I need to hear this. I am struggling with some things from my past and I need to hear that I will be okay.

  16. I need to hear it. My friends need to hear it. Classes are speeding up, deadlines are getting closer, and performances are making us weary. But we look to the One who holds it all. The One who’s got “the whole world in His hands.”

  17. I have a friend I would like to read this with. We are both going through so much within our marriages, our work (as educators), our Mommy roles, and there has been very little time for us to nurture ourselves. We need this as a reason to meet and talk, discuss, and remember that we are important too. Thank you Holley! Can not wait to read this one, as I have loved your others.

  18. My good friend needs to hear this, she lost her mom (who was only 54) and is having a tough time coping.

  19. A new mom with almost one year old twins and another due in a few months- her husband is having seizures- please pray for wisdom in how to best help and encourage them.

  20. There are so many reasons why I need to hear it right now, but there are dear friends in my life who also need to hear that they’re going to be okay. <3

  21. Yes, yes. I so need to hear this…as we move into week 2 of my husband having no job. It’s been so extremely stressful and even aggravating and hurtful knowing that my husband lost his job due to his uncle…a family member fired him…and truly for no reason. I know, I KNOW that God is seriously doing a work here among us…and I’m praying my eyes and heart will be open wide to see it and receive it!!

    • Tara,

      Prayers for you and your husband. May God provide an even better job for your husband. Prayers for peace and contentment as you await a good job opening! Prayers for family relations to heal.

      Blessings! ::>)

  22. My sweet cousin Tabatha needs to hear this in so many ways. She is divorced, lost her job, Just got pregnant out of wedlock with her boyfriend, totaled her car, broke her ankle in the accident and now has temporarily lost custody of her kids…. She knows God, but feels she’s made a mess of everything and doesn’t have much hope.

    Holly, thanks for the encouragement. We all need to hear this, some much more than others. I pray all who commented are uplifted.

  23. My daughter is a single mom with two teenage boys, ages 13 and 14.
    My heart goes out to all single moms.
    They are expected “to do it all” and they can’t.
    They need our love and support, our encouragement, our positive reinforcement, our prayers.

  24. My husband. He struggles with a chronic illness and is having a hard time dealing with not being able to be the “provider” of his family.

  25. One of my best friends who’s Daddy just died this weekend needs to hear “You’re going to be OK”.

  26. I need to hear this. I am living with a broken heart, grieving the loss of a relationship while I still have to serve on a leadership team with this man in a group where I also have to watch his new relationship unfold. Meanwhile, I am also struggling financially – I feel like I’m drowning in debt, with no way out.

    • Katie,
      Prayers for financial blessings. God please shower Katie with your financial blessings in abundance. Help her to turn to you and trust in you for answers to her financial and emotional problems! : >)

  27. I do, each and every day…God provides this I know, but need to hear I’m going to be ok on a constant basis…getting together with a friend for coffee last minute, supporting each other, out of the blue family phone calls…each giving encouragement to each other, THAT is what drives me forward, knowing that I am attempting obedience where God is given all the glory…

  28. My friend Trish, she’s going through some rough adjustments at home, work, and life in general. This is what she needs!

  29. I hope this doesn’t sound selfish, but I need to hear that I’m going to be ok. Yesterday was just one of those “And why am I in ministry?” sort of days.

  30. I need to hear it, inside my heart and soul…to feel it and to know it so deeply. I would love a chance to win this book.

  31. My granddaughter is 16 and will be testifying in court this week against a former youth pastor who abused her and a younger girl. She trusts in the Lord but still struggles with depression, has trust issues, and is anxious about being in court.

    • Val,

      Prayers for peace for granddaughter as she testifies in court. Prayers that she will feel God surrounding her all the while and knowing that she is telling the truth and not allowing this to happen to anyone else.

      Prayers that she can trust God and learn little by little to trust people again!

      God will see her through all this and more! AMEN! 🙂

  32. My friend who is going through a tough transition in her life. And I need to hear it – as I comfort my friend, I comfort myself!

  33. My sister. She is tired of life. She is constantly searching for significance and seeks it from others. She does not see her worth in Christ. She is so broken.

  34. My daughter-in-law. She starts a one year accelerated nursing program in May, and is worried about she is going to handle that. Going back to school also means the loss (though hopefully only temporarily!) of her income from her nannying job, and that is weighing on both of them. Add in that they had to unexpectedly get a different vehicle because her ancient car just finally gave up, and there’s a bit of stress going on there! Thanks for the chance to get a copy of the book!

  35. One of those days/weeks/months where I feel like I’m doing it all wrong. Struggling from one day to the next, constantly trying to remind myself that all these little mishaps don’t matter in God’s big plan for my life.

  36. Trying to be unselfish and honest at the same time! But I think we all need to hear that! Your words are encouraging because of the truth behind them…would love to sit with your grandpa…we all need words of wisdom to chew on from someone who has ‘been there’ and knows!

  37. For my daughter who is dealing with thyroid cancer now for 8 yrs. She is also a pastor’s wife with 4 beautiful children 8,6,5,3. I know she knows this but i wold like to remind her with this book.

  38. My friend, DeDe, needs to hear this. She’s dealing with a wayward daughter and the accompanying family drama because of it.

  39. my friend whose mom died recently… and me 🙂 but then I’m reading the comments before me, and I realize that so many of us need it. And there are so many hurts. God is so good, and so big. Thank the Lord that you have been obedient, Holly, to write and use your gifts to share what God has placed on your heart and mind to minister to the hurting around us.


  41. Sometimes I hear that phrase and I think, “Maybe not.” Maybe I won’t be okay, maybe the news will be bad and not good, maybe I will be eaten up with jealous feelings and exhaustion. Then I remember the God of the Bible, the Jesus who saved me, is here with me always. And I know that I will be okay.

  42. Not to sound selfish, but I desperately need to hear this. I fight with depression and the last few months I’ve not been winning. Switching meds for my depression affects my fibro so it’s frustrating for me. I have a husband that feels killing zombies on all his computers & phones is more important. I walk around this house with no one to talk to and I am so darn lonely. I talk to my Dad and he tells me to be a good wife – I am! I’m so tired of everyone telling me what to do – I cry for the want of someone saying ‘you’ll be okay’. I need something positive in my life. I do pray and talk to God all day and beg for some happiness & kindness from someone-anyone.

    • Debbie Kay,

      Prayers for peace. I pray also for God to send someone–a good friend that you can talk to about anything. May God shower you with an abundance of love and hugs to make known to you that “YOU’RE OK”! He loves you and so do I!

      Blessings 🙂

  43. I so need this book! I’ve been in a very different season of my life. It seems never ending! I am a pastor’s wife in youth ministry who is trying to see my 22 yr old son thru a drug addiction treatment therapy. I also take care of my 92 yr old father in love who has dementia. He lives with us in our home. It’s been too cold and snowy to get him out even for church! It’s been a long winter with some long days!!! I would love to read your book as a reminder that yes, everything is going to be okay!

  44. Having to live apart from my husband due to his current job situation, I needed to hear that I’ll be okay.

  45. Holding tight to the One who holds me. He is Everything and I am trying to trust in Him as circumstances and the challenges of life are currently discouraging. I need to be reminded all is going to be okay because what is going on behind the scenes is often more important than what is on the surface or how things appear to be. Thanks Holley!

  46. My dear sister in Christ Bonnie. She has undergone tremendous trials and setbacks and is struggling to make ends meet while we are trying to launch a ministry to help women in crisis. We are seeking to use our brokenness to serve others and to bring them closer to Christ, but first we need to understand that we are going to be OK.


  47. I am in need and so is my little Bible study. We are all trying to encourage each other that we will be okay. With God’s help and wisdom, things will be okay. The extra help from the outside would be something that all people could use. Even if life is going okay, they can share their hope and faith with others that are struggling. I will read this book even if I don’t win it in our little contest. It is something that sounds like a needed thing/book in our current world.

  48. My dear friend is “worn.” So tired of fighting life. This book sounds perfect. It is exactly what I told her yesterday, “You are going to be okay.”

  49. My Dad really needs to know “you’re going to be okay”. He isn’t a believer and we have a broken relationship. I’ve recently started to pray for him, (instead of resent him) for the Holy Spirit to speak into his life. I don’t think he has ever REALLY heard the gospel. I wish I could tell him but for now I will just pray for him and hope he hears “you’re going to be okay” whispered to him.

  50. Life is often rough. God is always good. If we belong to him,it is all going to be just fine.

  51. My sister battling cancer, mygranddaughter having her first baby, my daughter becoming a grandmother at age 38, my best friend facing the possibility of losing her husband to cancer and all the heartaches that entails, another friend who’s daughter is fighting for custody of her son, and the list grows. We all are fighting some battle and need to see that thumbs up and nix of the head that says it’s ok I’ve got your back. Just remember women, God is in the bleachers cheering us on and letting us know, through His word, that we will be OK!!! There really is a plan.

  52. I love your books and I will purchase it soon I hope. I just lost my job… I was devastate to loose it when God gave it to me nine months ago… He moved things, enabled me to pass all kinds do tests and gave me favor through three interviews…. I don’t understand right now so I’m strutting in his promises… I so need your book… Thanks…

  53. My boss who is battling with cancer, my mom who struggling with her marriage. Myself who needs to bevreminded that its gonna be ok. That Godvworks all things out for our good.

  54. Sounds funny to say it… but I know I really need to hear that today. After 5 years of one disappointment after another… I keep hoping there’s a new season around the corner, but it never comes. I keep hearing people say “you’re stronger than you know” – well, that’s nice to hear… but I sure don’t feel strong. I feel like giving up.

    • Michelle,

      Prayers for life to get better for you. May God cover you with His love, grace & blessings to change things for the better.


  55. My friend needs to hear it. She has been in a depressed state since Christmas, hardly leaving her house. And her sister just had a triple bypass. My friend is in Orlando and her sister is in Boston. She says she is not going to visit her.

  56. I think we ALL need to hear that we’re going to be ok…. whether in the depths of a valley fighting our guts out, or even on the mountain top celebrating, it’s ALWAYS good to hear we’ll be ok. Thank you Holley for using your life for His glory! 🙂

  57. all of us need an encouraging word most everyday. As believers we are the ones to give encouragement and a gospel witness to unbelievers and believers alike. Thank you for the reminder that I should look daily for those who need an encouraging word.

  58. My children who are facing difficulties in life and learning that they will be okay even though things may not turn our how they want, God will make a way and it will be a better way for them!

  59. I need to hear it, and judging from the comments, many of us do. I love to encourage others, but right now, I could use a massive dose myself. I am caregiver right now to my fiance of many years. I’m pretty sure that marriage will never happen, but that is okay. We are not young people with many years left to our future. But I often let fear overtake me. My theme word for this year is “trust”, and over and over the Lord brings it to mind. He keeps reminding me that I am not in charge, but my brain sometimes fails to grasp that while in my heart, I know He is right. Thank you for your post.

  60. When I read your post today, I almost felt as though you were talking directly to me in so many, many ways. I know that we all need to hear those encouraging words when life gets difficult, but during this season of my life, I truly need those words on a daily basis. “You’re going to make it through this because of who you are and who you belong to.” brought a smile to my heart…thank you!

  61. Just went through and read all the comments. So much heartache out there. I pray for each and everyone of you in your struggles. Just remember the story of Elisha and his servant and the prophet prayer the servants eyes would be opened. Although they were surrounded by the enemy, the servant saw a host of angels on chariots of fire surrounding the enemy. God has our backs even when we cannot see. Take heart sweet sisters, the Calvary is coming. And on my first post it should read nod of his head. Thank you

  62. I need to hear it. I struggle with several chronic illnesses and am a single parent. Some days I just need someone to say ” Hang in there” with a hug to go along with it. My illnesses are for the most part invisible to others, which makes their understanding of it, not so good. I would love to read your book and have it as my constant reminder, along with God’s word!!

    • Hey Kim, although I’m not going through all you are with having to parent children, and my illness isn’t invisible, I’m praying for you today as you press on. My heart goes out to you, dear sister. Feel free to email me if you need encouragement. eschmidt at gmail dot com

  63. When I hear that, “you will be okay”, sometimes it’s hard to believe but I have to focus to who I really believe in. That HE is greater. I have to be reminded what He has done that I should believe “I will be okay.”I will hold on & wait. Though it might take time, “I will have to hold on”. Your grandpa is right, he understood, we need to hold on to the Hope, our God now & always. Thanks.

  64. I just spend the weekend with a dear friend of mine who’s bordering a complete breakdown b/c of trying to balance being a full-time teacher/administrator and a full-time mother of a two-year-old. With responsibilities and desires of her heart pulling her in different directions, she’s coming undone. Like most of us, she needs these reassuring words to sing to her heart.

  65. I do. We have been trying to conceive for 5 years and last May we suffered a miscarriage after going through some fertility treatments. I just found out yesterday we are expecting again with no fertility treatments. We were actually taking some time off so this is a huge surprise and blessing. Praying that our little peanut contines to get stronger each day and that in October we will be able to hold our child that we have prayed so long and hard for.

  66. All my life I’ve heard & even said, “It’s going to be okay”. Words that seemed to just sit for a while, but when the subject changes to “YOU’RE going to be okay” they go to a deeper place and stay. Thanks, Holley, for the encouragement. I need this.

  67. My sweet husband needs to know he is loved and he is going to be okay.
    He is lost and running from the Lord’s tender pursuit….I am praying for his surrender to the one true King, the only one who can make him whole. I would love to have you join me in praying for him. Thank you.

  68. I have a friend who needs to hear it. She texted me out of the blue yesterday telling me these last few weeks have been really rough. I would gift the book to her. Thank you.

  69. I need to hear it daily! In standing for my marriage, putting my husband through school, looking for a full-time job, raising a child with Down Syndrome, and other responsibilities, i get overwhelmed sometimes.

  70. I suffer with chronic pain, and I have felt God calling me to start a website to encourage others with chronic pain. However, I have struggled so much physically this year that I am behind in my hopes and dreams in being obedient to The Lord. I so want to serve Him and encourage others, but it is difficult when you feel terrible yourself. I have a positive attitude, yet I’m still human. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my physical limitations really get on my nerves at times. Ha!

    • Hey Becky, how exciting that God would lead you to start a website. I have a chronic illness myself. Feel free to email me at eschmidt122 at gmail dot com.

  71. In all honesty, I needed to hear this today as I try to find healing from the past few years of multiple losses in my life. Most days I feel like I’m smothering and God is nowhere near and I wonder if I’ll make it through all I’ve faced and am facing.
    But I also have several friends that are in their own struggles right now and I know they need to know that they will be ok.
    Thanks Holley for the encouragement.

  72. My 85 yr. old mom who is going thru dementia with my 89 yr. old dad. Her days are long, trying, and very repetitive. She needs to hear, daily, that she’s going to be okay.

  73. Probably me! I have a chronic Illness that is continually getting worse. I KNOW I’m going to be okay, but reminders are always nice 🙂 it can be hard to press on some times.

  74. I need to hear this… recovering from an extensive surgery, have brace on leg and on crutches, totally dependent on others help now and spend too much time depressed, upset and crying. I desperately need to hear “It’s gonna be alright” these days!

  75. I need to hear it, my sister needs to hear it, my mom needs to hear it. Really we all need to hear it!!! I’ve had a life changing past year and trying to believe all that you just said, that I truly am a woman that’s going to be ok. 🙂

  76. I need to hear it. Our home is going into foreclosure and I have no idea where we will live or where the money will come from to live.

  77. I need to hear it! Thank you for saying it to me. I almost felt Grandpa’s hug as I read it. That’s all I need a few hugs and someone to listen and tell me that it’s all going to be “okay”.

  78. My mother. She is the primary care giver to my grandmother who is battling the later stages of dementia. She is worn and tired and empty- she needs encouragement and to know that she is going to be okay.

  79. My dear friend. She knows she’s loved, but needs to openly accept the support she’s receiving from God and from others rather than trying to do it on her own.

  80. I would love to win these books. I just started a small women’s Bible Study at my house and love to help encourage others…and I also need encouraging from time to time myself!

  81. Just from your excerpt, thank you I need to hear those words everyday! Many days I feel like I am not good enough, or loved, and not sure if I can hold on, because the enemy is trying to destroy my marriage. We I have been through some difficult trials before but the Lord was victorious! The title of this book is such an encouragement in itself-thank you for listening to His leading and writing this book!

  82. A dear friend caught up in the memories of July 2012 when their family home burnt down and their sweet twins were diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.

  83. My daughter does! She just has a lot going on and she doesn’t live around any family! She has some friends, but sometimes you need family! She needs to know, “you’re going to be okay“!

  84. My friend Holly. She has 3 small children, a deployed husband, no family close by, and a dear high school friend in her 30s looking at a possible cancer diagnosis. Life is so hard right now!
    Can’t wait to read your book!!!

  85. I would love to read this and hear that it will be ok! I have just come through a very dark situation and would love some encouragement as I continue the long road to restoration.

  86. I have the privledge of being a part of a group of praying women who have seen God’s faithfulness alive and working. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to encourage one another and what a wonderful gift this book would be!

  87. I so need to read this as I have been struggling as a caregiver and stay at home mom. I dont have family nearby or very many friends who can help me or who understand all that I’m going through.

  88. It’s hard to name just one person who needs to hear this….EVERYONE needs to hear this…often! Thanks!

  89. We all could use it depending on what season we are in. But a friend from my small group comes mainly in mind right now. She needs to be lifted high and be reminded that she will get through things and God has it all planned out. Thanks.

  90. We all need to hear we are going to be ok!! Especially us women, we worry about everything, and we love to do it all ourselves!!! ☺️

  91. Hard choice for you to pick 5. I’m pretty sure we all need it. We all have trials we are going through and sometimes giving up is easier to do. I lean on the only One who understands. Can’t wait to buy the book.

  92. I need to hear it, my lovely daughters, and a few best friends need to hear it! We are all in a season of preparation for what God has next, and the closer we get to our promised land, the harder the enemy is fighting against us!

  93. Again, today I wake up with a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach, trying to figure out how to get through another day. I pray, read devotions cry out to God!! This has been going on for 5 years. My husband has been unemployed and underemployed all this time, I work part time and there is never enough, I used to be happy. My biggest fear is that I will never be happy again. So tired, so worn out, lonely, ashamed, humiliated. I am sad!!!!

  94. I never think I am good enough, and I think this book would give me some insight as to how to be a Godly woman and feeling better about my life.

  95. My mom is my answer. Last year, on February 5th my brother died unexpectedly at 36. Less than six months later, my step father was diagnosed with stage four renal cell carcinoma. She has been through the death of her parents, her first husband, her son and now she is the primary caregiver as my stepfather struggles to live. I don’t know how she puts one foot in front of the other. I often wonder that she is squishing down all her emotion and one day, she’ll explode. I don’t know anyone who needs encouragement more.

  96. I need to hear it. Such a heavy heart for so many today. Seeking clear direction on where to go from here in ministry and life. So many beautiful women come to mind in my life that need to hear it. One particular life long friend recently lost her only sister very suddenly at age 46 due to complications of the flu. She is left with so many questions.

  97. There is a group of women that meet weekly at our church called “His Alone”. They come to church without a spouse…because of divorce, death or really just because their spouse does not attend with them for any reason. These are some of the bravest women I know! But I used to be that woman who came faithfully to church, with my kids, by myself. That was many years ago and God has shown me so much love and grace…I no longer attend alone! I would love for these women to hear just how valuable and precious they are to God…8)

  98. I need it right now more than anyone could ever know. My husband and I moved our family to Ohio from Charleston, SC less then a year ago to be around family. We left jobs we loved. Things haven’t been what we thought they would be. I’ve done hair for the last 8 years and am now a receptionist at a doctor’s office. I’m thankful for the job but want so much more for my family. I’m going back to school in the fall and scared how I will manage working, school, my 2 kids, family life… I know God has a bigger plan for me but I just don’t see it right now. I believe God is at work in my life but am discouraged. I could use something to uplift me. Thanks

  99. I need to hear this. It has been a season of trials for my family and I. My son recently had brain surgery to remove a tumor. As a mom we just want to protect our babies, but with this I had to give it to God. For now we are being followed by an oncologist. As if all of this wasn’t enough my husband had an affair on me. I need to know it will all be okay. I need to find myself once again.

  100. I have an online friend that has reached out to me a couple of weeks ago saying she has suicidal thoughts. She reached out again today asking to talk, sharing she is still having thoughts of killing herself. I’m praying feverishly for her. Praying she finds hope and truth in Jesus. Nothing in this world is worth her life! No situation is so dire that she should end her life. I’m so nervous that I’m not going to say enough, or the right things. I’m praying for God to use me in this situation. I’ve never been here and trusting HE has aligned this.

  101. My teens…there is so much darkness in our world – but God has their backs-they are going to be ok!! 🙂

  102. I can think of at least 10 ladies who could use some encouragement right now. I am one of those. Life just gets in the way sometimes and there is no other place to look than to heaven. My heart is in being able to encourage other women no matter what life circumstance I may be in. While finances keep us from being able to give as much as we would like or be active in a short mission project we hold on to faith and hope in Christ. I could just use a little more of His encouraging words from others! Thanks

  103. I needed to hear this exact thing today. I was just at my desk at work praying to God for a fresh Word and a fresh hope.

  104. My sister. is struggling through a divorce with her 3 children 2,500 miles away from her. I tell her to hold on. Hold on to the truths and promises of our Lord. She is struggle with her faith. Being a pastors wife and big sister does not give me all the answers. She keeps looking to me and I try to reposition her to look to christ. At times this is really hard for her. I will continue to be her prayer warrrior.

  105. I and every other woman in my support group working to heal through our husband’s infidelity and trying to save our marriages need to hear this.

  106. My water broke at 32 weeks. I’m now on bed rest at the hospital. It’s been over a week and I’m sick of getting iv changes, blood work and not being able to take care of my family. I just want to go home. But I know I need to stay strong for this baby.

  107. I really needed to hear this truth today. My husband and I are going through the hardest season of our lives because of a great injustice he has suffered. We are trusting God to use it for good and to make everything right according to His plan, but there are hard days. Thank you for this post!

  108. My daughter and I both need to hear it. Since my husband passed away we have struggled to keep it all together.

  109. I think every woman needs to hear “you’re going to be ok” but today in particular, my friend Kristen needs to hear these words, after losing her father unexpectedly. He was 63 and died from complications with pneumonia. Although she is seeing a grief counselor, I know that she needs help in the healing and recovery.

  110. I think at times as women we all need to hear it. We go through different seasons and struggles and need that encouragement.

  111. I struggle daily trying to feel love and that I am really going to be ok. I lived with abuse for most of my life and have so many things to erase in my mind. Not going to go into detail here but I did write about it on my own blog (Beloved) if any one would care to read about it. I study daily with the groups and blog posts here and it is helping me move on.

    Love, Patty

  112. A young mom I know is overwhelmed with some therapy needs for her little ones. She needs to know that God IS going to give her wisdom and strength to get things figured out. I try to love on her via Facebook as she lives far away!

  113. I need to hear it on days when life seems so busy that we get pushy and forget to offer grace in daily life because we are trying to catch ourselves! I need to hear it when milk is split for the 900th time in a day, when harsh words are said from one sibling to another, when tears fall because of a scraped knees and it seems like I can’t keep up!

    Most of all, my children need to hear it when the world seems to pressure them beyond what a child should face and when perfection and glory seem to be what is expected and they don’t seem to have found their spot.

  114. My aunt, who lost her husband of 20+ years suddenly over Thanksgiving and is raising their teenage son alone. Her faith is beautiful, but she could use the encouragement.

  115. I do.
    I’m battleling with Fibromialgya, a chronic disease, for many years.
    I’m also sometimes hopeless with our immigration situation in this country, because my son and I cannot work because of the type of visa we have. Just my husband can work and my son cannot go to culinary school because we don’t have the money but cannot acces to loans or grants. He already lost almost two years because of this. He’s very talented and hard worker.
    Sometimes I feel that God doesn’t care and don’t hear our prayers.
    By the way, my husband is a pastor.

  116. My whole family does! We lost my Daddy after a very short illness last year — only 9 days from the date he entered the ER, to diagnosis, to Heaven. He was the rock of our family. I miss his kindness and compassion more than I ever dreamed I would.

    God is faithful and all, but I really need to know that we’re all going to be okay!


  117. Selfishly, I do. My husband hkicked me out in November and already has someone else living with him. I’m struggling to keep eyes and feet pointed towards God.

  118. I need to hear this today.

    I have a precious baby boy who is 2 1/2 months old and I have to go back to work in a week. 🙁 It’s tough, I feel like you miss so much of their childhood when you work a full time job. Trying to find a job not-so-demanding in order to be able to spend more quality time with him.

    This week is going to be tough for me – so I definitely needed to hear this today.

  119. I have a friend who struggles with depression and I would love to gift this book to her! Thank you for writing such a needed book!

  120. I do, going through a rough season right now. While it’s easy for me to pray for others or ask what they need, I can’t always do the same for myself. Also, once I’m done reading a book I usually pass it along to someone else in need!

  121. I have a friend battling chronic fatigue syndrome who feels that she can’t even physically move today. I would love to encourage her with your book.

  122. Who needs to hear it’s going to be ok today? Well some days I feel like who doesn’t need to hear it?! But today one of my dearest friends needs it. This girl seamlessly balanced collegiate athletics, a full clas schedule as a nursing major and also runs our campus athletes ministry not to mention the time she pours into friends and young girls she mentored as a camp counselor this summer. She’s got it all together on the outside but In the deepest place her heart yearns for rest! I think this book would be a great comfort for her today!

  123. I need to hear it, and as a matter of fact, I need to hear it daily. Life is not easy, and even though I know God is in control, I still need reminding.

  124. My mom and I both need to hear this. We are struggling with that awkward, tense mother-daughter relationship. We both need to be reminded that we will be ok.

  125. I need to hear this everyday. I know God is with me everyday. He has provided this month to keep my family and I from being evicted. I have a hard time believing I’m worth God and His love for me. I have been through anorexia, bulimia, abuse, multiple financial problems.

  126. I’m in my room crying as my son and I have been arguing all morning….I’m devastated…I need a good book!! In lieu of that…I know His mercies are new every morning.

  127. Holley, So many need your book. I do as well but I have had my illness for a few years. Lupus is not fun but I could wait and someone more in need get a copy. I love your posts and they have helped m

  128. My Mother and I could share it. Grief reminds us of not what we need but WHO we need and only God can be a comfort… but it is the getting there and the really hard days along the way.

  129. Lots of people in my community are struggling with a new or old cancer diagnosis. So tough to watch the ones you love go thru this. My mother in law, my sister law, a friend, a cousin’s new wife…too darn many! I would love to give one and then buy the rest a copy!!! Love what I have read so far.

  130. Is it okay to nominate myself? My husband is having angioplasty Thursday. I found out last week that my 12 year old kitty is dying of renal failure (may just have a day or two with him now).

  131. My friends, coworkers, family, myself. We all need to hear that we are going to be ok.
    Can’t wait to read this book!

  132. It has been a hard year. Loosing my second child in early pregnancy. Now pregnant with my third. And sometimes worrying about everything in this pregnancy about any body twitches. Not knowing if I will keep my job is stressful. I know I will be ok, but it would be nice to read more encouraging words and be able to pass it along to all the wonderful sisters in my life.

  133. We hear it and say it all the time, “hang in there”. Sometimes you just want to read it, over and over, till you realize that it means, YOU. Love!

  134. This is exactly what I needed to hear today after driving into work to find out they are letting me go!

  135. I could use to hear it right now, but I need to hear that my son will be OK — he has a sensory disorder, severe anxiety and OCD. He is 10 and coming to that stage when I worry about him more. I worry about how he socially interacts with others and what he may do in trying to make friends. He is a smart, fun kid and I just want what every mother wants – I want the best for him.

    • I have OCD and probably social anxiety and autism. I am a college student, and while some days/weeks are rough, overall I’ve learned to make the most of what I’ve got. I may never be able to hear about someone sick without spending an hour washing my hands and avoiding my best (almost only) friend for a week, and I may never be able to handle going to parties or big events, but I have found a few people who are happy to support me wherever I am at. Just wanted to give you some hope that while it can be hard to have these challenges, it doesn’t have to define a life…and really everyone has challenged of some sort–it’s just that some people’s challenges are a little more obvious than others. It helps to look on the bright side for things that are positive–like my autism makes me very motivated to do well in school b/c I have always done well and when I get a bad grade the “change in routine” really rocks my world. Because of the OCD when everyone else has deleted an email that didn’t seem important I still have it to forward to everyone, and my favorite, because of the OCD I have gotten to really marvel over God’s workmanship of the human body because as I do things that aren’t that nice to my body (over-washing, dehydration, starvation) I get to watch how resilient God has made my body and see how my body protects itself and how it heals itself. Not going to say it is fun on the days my hands barely are covered in skin, but it is pretty neat to watch how it heals.

  136. I woul d love this book as have been I’ll with gynea problems which also cause depression and have struggled. Your words however are so encouraging as I am encouraged I can encourage others through my work as a nurse/social worker and as an enabler of Christian friends. Jan x

  137. I had a rotator cuff surgery in December. I am currently rehabbing, and have some dark days. I would love to read this book.

  138. My daughter-in-law needs to know this. She is a wonderful mommy to her 4 girls and she loves my son with all her heart. My prayer for her is to realize that in spite of all the hard thing going on in their lives, she well be ok

  139. I do as I struggle to obey God on an issue that is close to heart for me and as my family comes to grips with a health diagnosis for my son. God has been so loving but I hate to lay down something close to heart in obedience. but I know it is what I need to do.

  140. I need to hear it and I do believe but it just seems that life has a way of stealing your peace and extinguishing your joy. There is a greater purpose to the struggle and He always gives beauty for ashes. Help my heart to remember, Lord!

  141. I was just scrolling through FB not looking for anything specific when I read this. I’m going through the hardest time of my life right now and trying to make a decision where my head and my heart are saying two completely different things. And of course hope wants to put its two cents in as well. I’m torn and broken. I never saw myself in this situation and it definitely doesn’t bode well with my “plan” I thought I had set in place for this journey called life. I’m so thankful for the strength I’ve found in God and all the “little” things, just like this he’s placed along the way to remind me- “I’ll be okay.” I have NO clue what okay is right now but I’m finding comfort knowing whatever it is- I’m going to get there- because of him. He promised.

  142. My mother needs to hear she is going to be ok! She will be 77 in March and about 3 years ago my father had a stroke. She has and still is taking care of him day and night. Just recently my father was diagnosed with parkinson’s disease on top of everything else and there are more bad days then good days now. She never ever complains but I know she is struggling inside. She is the bravest, strongest, unselfish and loving person I know. I truly do not know how she does it “ALL!”

  143. I am a Momma with my oldest coming up on graduation, an almost 16 year old and for some reason, the loss of our 3rd son back in August 2008 is becoming fresh again in my hurting heart as we hit milestones. I know it will okay, but trying to repeat that to myself these days. These days are full of joy, but always a shadow of what could have been too.

  144. My friend Erika needs this reminder. She is very hard on herself and strives for a perfection that none of us can achieve.

  145. Holley
    I believe there is no one who is exempt from hearing this message at some point in their lives. I have the opportunity to share your book in a small group setting and know it will give a fresh breath of hope to the women who are graced by reading it and applying its truth to their lives. Every time I have seen the title many faces including my own have flashed before my mind… Friends going through traumatic things and I have wanted to buy it and read it.
    Thanks for writing it

  146. My second marriage was to be my last, I was supposed to grow old and die with him at my side….Never in a million years did I think it would all crash to the ground not even 2 months after we were married, if I had known he really didn’t love me, I would of stopped the wedding in a heart beat. The betrayal and cheating knocked me for a loop. My whole world changed, the back lash left me sinking in despair and confusion. I had to move back to my home state, leaving his family of people who loved me and held me up when I couldn’t do it myself. I came home with nothing, by Gods mercy and grace I have a place to stay rent free. I feel days of being in a whirlwind I can not stop, but desire to move forward. You spend days telling yourself your going to be okay, yet the panic in your heart can take over and leave you wanting to hide in a corner. I’ll be 50 in 2 months, I haven’t had a job in 5 years, not by choice, isolation was one of his control issues so he wouldn’t be caught. I have forgiven them and try my best to pray for them both, I have moved on and not looked back. I don’t want to be alone the rest of my life, and I have come to realize I need this alone time for myself to heal and become me again. If God sends a God fearing Christian Man into my life that would be wonderful, but I have come to the decision that God is who I need first and foremost, and everything else will fall into place. The scariest thing is trying to find a job. Could you please say a small prayer for me that the job will come soon….It’s nice to know that I don’t have to be okay all the time. Also it’s nice to know that there are other women who are going through trials who know exactly where I am and I send out prayers of blessings to them and that you just keep trying. I know one day I’m going to be okay. Would love to have your book, I would love to read it and pass it on to some younger women in my life who have faced tragedy more than I have, and maybe they will pass it on to one of their friends who are going through trials.

  147. I needed to hear this. .. But my heart is also heavy for a cousin whose husband just left her after he birth of their 6th child. I pray for them daily.

  148. Me! Closing the doors of my small business at end of month. I don’t know what’s ahead…there is no plan!

  149. I would say the first one to come to mind is me–but that is a little selfish. Though I do need it as I struggle with a husband who does not do anything around the house or with or for our kids (in his eyes–working is about all that is needed!) BUT heck–I work too–full time–out of the house–and am involved in my kids lives at school and sports, etc.

    BUT if I think outside of myself–I have a friend who is a single mom of twins–she needs to hear she will be okay as well! 🙂

  150. The mother in me definitely needs the ‘hold on’ – it never hurst for a woman to be reminded she is a daughter of the king 🙂

  151. I for sure need to hear it. I am struggling with physical and emotional health problems brought on by chronic stress. I’m going to Celebrate Recovery to try and develop an abiding trust in God but my days are hard as I try to change my thought patterns and relate in healthy ways to myself, God, and others. Parenting is hard enough on it’s own without throwing in family of origin dysfunction, marital strife, and codependency and fear. I am trying to remember that it will all be okay and that God has a plan and a purpose for me.

  152. My sister…she is pregnant with her first child and we lost our mom a year ago. It’s not quite the same without the help a mother gives to you.

  153. I think that we all need to hear this on a regular basis – especially when the voices of doubt feel overwhelming… but in my world, besides myself, there’s a beautiful 19-year-old girl who I mentor. She’s more like a little sister to me and I love her dearly. She is constantly fighting the voices and the lies that tell her she’s not ok and the pressures that overwhelm her… so I would tell her that she’s going to be ok. 🙂 In fact, this book is next on our list to read together – she picked it out.

  154. Everyone Of Us Needs To Hear This From Time To Time ..Mothers, Daughters,Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Enemies!

  155. I think most people need to hear “it’s going to be okay”. I do for sure. Learning to be more sensitive to others when they need a word of encouragment.

  156. I really need this encouragement today. I just had a lumpectomy and as I am recovering from that, I had an episode that indicates I might need another surgery. I just don’t want to go through that so soon after the lumpectomy.

  157. I am humbled by reading the other responses to this post. Life can be such a struggle. Thank God we have a God who loves us enough that He sent His Son to die for us. Through Him we have strength! I wish I could say I deserve this book as much as the others because I am in a graduate program and working my tail off daily to do well, but then again- I am in a Masters program. I feel blessed and honored to have the chance I have had to further my career in nursing. I have been blessed. I know this book will bless others, no matter who receives it!

  158. I’ve been encouraged just reading the excerpt of the book, that I’m going to be ok. After I read it, though, I want to give it to a friend in church, she’s been through 3 losses in a month. Our whole church, actually, has been through a lot the last few years, so if you could keep us in your prayers.

  159. I know I do! As a the wife of a newly appointed pastor and Women’s Ministry Leader, God is in control! Just arriving at this season has been a challenge, but it’s going to be okay. I believe we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!

  160. I need to every day but also have a family of 7 at my church who are about to head to Nashville from SD for him to have a stem ce transplant after over a year of treatments for cancer that aren’t work. They are told they will be gone at least two months.

  161. Embarrassingly enough, I need to hear it. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not enough. I’m tired of feeling like such a failure…I need to know that I”m going to be OK.

  162. My daughter-in-law. She was in a horrifying accident 2 years ago and came away with slight brain damage but it has changed her – not in bad ways – she’s just different and is having trouble at times not being who she used to be. She is a delight to my soul and when I saw this book I thought of her.

  163. My sister-in-law. She is only 24 but cannot do as much as others her age because of a heart condition she was born with. It didn’t start hitting her until recently when her breathing was being compromised, she didn’t have the stamina to do the things she was doing, and now she has to learn how to cut back even though she doesn’t want to. She struggles with not being married, with the reality that her heart is likely not strong enough to get through a pregnancy and birth, and seems to always be struggling with her health. She needs this encouragement…to know that through all of that, the one thing that she can hold on to is the truth that she is the daughter of the one and only King who is tenderly caring for her 24/7.

  164. Thank you for this writing today, I really really needed it. It’s been a rough two days, and this helped me so much. blessings to you.

  165. My sister…shes widowed and medically challenged..she needs “incouragement” daily…even on her worst days she’ll still smile ….she needs to be ok.

  166. I have a friend whose elderly father just had a major stroke. Her mother is frail and her daughter was in a bad accident last year and is not fully recovered. My friend is having to deal with all of this pretty much on her own.

  167. I need to hear it as a a wife and a mom to multiple children, and then I need to share it with the ladies in my Bible study. Some days I think I’ve got this thing called life down and others could take notes from me, and then the next one I feel like everything is crashing down and I’m drowning in all the busyness and details.

  168. We all need to hear “it is going to be okay” at some point. So, it is important that we not only realize that is it going to be okay and God has our situation we are going through, but we also need to share with others that “hey, it is truly going to be okay!”

  169. Hi, I believe my aunt needs to hear “it is going to be okay” as she tries to reconcile with her husband and salvage a marriage that he has truly tarnished. I’d love to pass this book on to her (after I take a quick read of it first!) 🙂

  170. I’ve been walking through a season of doubt and darkness. I need to hear that’s it’s going to be okay because there have been days where I didn’t know if that was true.

  171. Sounds like words everyone needs from time to time. Some more often than others. Thank you for the exhortation. We need more of that in this world!

  172. I actually know several. I live in a small military town and many women/young moms have husbands who are deployed and there are always challenges that go with that . . . they need the encouragement that goes a long with, It’s going to be OK!! 🙂

  173. I do! We just found out we’re expecting our first little one — exciting but completely surprising….and I am SO sick ALL day! (Whoever named it “morning sickness” lied!) My husband keeps telling me, “I don’t know how to help except tell you that you’re going to be okay…this won’t last forever.” Good man.

  174. I and a good friend need it. We both have led parallel lives in many ways… met when my sons played football and became friends. Both victims of domestic violence… and emotional and physical issues and problems to deal with… a lot of fear… we have Big Dreams but we do not seem able to move ahead. We feel frozen in our tracks… afraid to move on… wanting to trust God more… feeling alone. I would share my copy with her as we both need to know that some day it will be okay.

  175. I need to hear it, everyday.

    Seeing “You will be okay” in print would be fabulous.

    I heard it in the emergency room and it was just what I needed for what was ahead!
    A song was playing, “Everything will be alright.”

  176. This is going to sound selfish, but I need to hear this. Every. Day. I’m a homeschooling mom of 5, with 2 late-learners, an almost 3 yo, & a tween boy who’s constantly testing his boundaries (& mine). I’m sure I’d pass the book along to others, when I was through–I usually do! 🙂

  177. Wow, who doesn’t need this book? I can think of so many people I would like to give this too, but I would definitely want a copy for me as well! This sounds like so many words I would love to hear on a regular basis. Thank you for writing it.

  178. My friend Jen needs this today. Her father passed recently and she’s still in a fog, forgetful and trying to help her Mother sort paperwork.

  179. I need to hear this, and remind myself everyday!!!!!! I am a child of GOD, and its gonna be ok!!!!! 🙂

  180. I have no idea about my future life. After 24 years of marriage and finally believing I had a “forever family” I find myself negotiating a dissolution document, living in an apartment after living in a home for nearly 30 years, attending a Divorce Care group, dealing with becoming guardian of my dad who has Alzheimer’s and my only child leaves goes away to college in August. Do I know I’ll be okay? Yes, but only because of Jesus. Do I know how, the day-to-day walk? Not a clue.

  181. I need to hear this so badly. I have been struggling for the last two years. I lost my mother, father and my husband, who is struggling with pain and depression, moved out last spring. He is the only man I have ever loved and I don’t know how to move on without him. Thank you for the chance. Would love to win this book.

  182. We all need to hear it in this too busy world. I think especially of two of my friends who have new borns and are trying to take care of their families on almost no sleep.

  183. As I awoke this morning , Reaching for my messages today in emails, I heard the words: “You are a princess, a daughter of the most high King, let not anyone, anything tell me differently. There is verse after verse, chapter after chapter to identify the struggles we as Women of Christ go through!! A couple years ago I
    read Holly’s book: “You’re Already Amazing.” purchased a few for the gals I wanted to encourage, (because I was encouraged) – I reached out as we are all doing in this post: “Lord, I’m hear! “Do you hear me now?” it’s been one step forward, a few back. As I journey, and reading over 200 responses to Holly’s
    You’re Going to be Ok”, we judge ourselves, and other’s, when we never know the heart-felt trials everyone experiences… I’m encouraged to say
    I now know so many women in this post who are struggling, who we can bond with,
    who even though are hurting or giving up prayer to the most High for each other: We are!!! We’re on a Team, and we’re not
    giving up! Strength, I claim. Love, I claim,
    Newness, in 2014, I claim. The posts we write are a book in the making! We belong to a league of successful women,
    We are!

  184. There are so many reasons why I need to hear it right now, but there are also many dear friends in my life who need to hear that they’re going to be okay. Thank you for this post and the opportunity to win your book!

  185. My mom and sister have been through a lot the last few years. Both of them need to hear these words of encouragement!

  186. Good afternoon Holley, I would love to be to win a copy of this book for my friend Nita, she had been very tired and so she went to the doctor and asked for blood work, A Thursday about 3 weeks ago, she had to report the very next day to John Hopkins Hospital, in Baltimore,Md……she has stage 4 Leukemia, she has been on chemo for two weeks now they thought maybe it would go into remission, however it has not….she has a husband who travels and a 13 year old, her other son was killed in car accident two years ago, and an older son who just got out of jail…… She goes to our church, and she is a Christian, I think she would like reading the book…..I send prayers and notes all the time now to her facebook page. I have another friend Teresa, who has cancer she is not saved, I think she needs to see your book.She has been battling cancer for 6 years, and is hard to reach spiritually. Thanks for giving me the time to share this and prayerfully hoping I can win a book.

  187. I need to know that Iam ok. Most days Im not sure. Not doing anything for God and wandering in my own wilderness.

  188. I’m the one who needs to hear this right now. I know in my head that everything will be okay, but it’s hard to believe it sometimes. Holding out with hope!

  189. The moment I saw this book I know I had to read it. I love your writing Holly. I have been going through a lot of emotions latley with health, work, church and friendship. I flipped through the book at my bookstore and could not believe how much the book was speaking to me right now in my life. When I saw the study in the back I thought maybe this is a study I should do with four other girls I know. We all have been struggling and been sometimes hanging on to our faith with a thread. I really look forward to reading this and hearing God speak to me.

  190. I don’t mean to be selfish, but I need to hear it. I know God is with me but I feel alone. My marriage is a mess, my job is a sinking ship and my sisters who were my only friends… Aren’t. I just want to lie down and roll up in my covers but the only light of my world, my son needs me to be ok. I need to be ok for him.

  191. A young mother who has encountered a lot of spiritual attacks and setbacks in her traumatic life. The day i met this friend we discovered that both of our mothers had committed suicide and that we understood a lot of each others struggles & pains. I began praying for her and two years ago on Feb. 14th (of all days 🙂 I had the privilege of praying with her to accept Jesus into her heart and home. (I found out later that day that my father in law had fallen & broke his neck 😛 Thank God he is o.k. now, but all these traumatic things keep happening to her and her family & I continue to pray for her and her husband that he will come to know Jesus as he is a Muslim. She is very isolated and alone, and just moved far away so it is hard for me to encourage her. I know she loves God and she struggles so much on the inside, but won’t show it on the outside, I think a book like this would speak volumes to her that God sees her, knows her struggles and want to encourage her that everything is going to be alright!

  192. I have a friend with a 3 year old whose husband just left her. I know she’s going to be ok, but she needs to hear it right now.

  193. I need to hear this, and my friend needs to hear this. She is in the process of gaining custody of her grandchildren because her daughter has an untreated mental illness which has caused her to become a victim of a very controlling man and she has walked away from what she knows to be true about God and her faith. It is causing much pain and heartache for the family – but she is holding tightly to Jesus to see her through. Prayers for all are appreciated.

  194. You know, I really needed to hear that today. Thank you!

    And I will definitely be checking out your book.

  195. I have two friends who are strong Christians and both are going through difficult marriage and divorce issues. They both know it will be o.k. in the end, but they could use the extra encouragement for today.

  196. Honestly I need to hear it! I lost my husband a year and a half ago, we were separated when he passed but it still is a huge loss in my life. I started working last summer part time and am really struggling to get by. I am also looking for a new church because I felt completely alone and abandoned in my old church. I have two teenage daughters and am trying my best to be a good example and provide for them but feel so overwhelmed at times! I know God is beside me but sometimes we still need to hear that we are going to be okay 🙂

  197. I shared the “You’re Going to Be Okay” post with a dear friend last week. She’s in the midst of a painful divorce and is grieving the loss of the life she thought she would have. Would love to win this book to share with her.

  198. Last year was a very tough year for us but through books and prayers and our almighty God nothing is too big or too wide or too big for him!! So my book comes this week and I am so thankfully for the tools that are out there to help shape me and grow me into being more and more like Jesus everyday!! What an amazing God we have!!

  199. For the last 4.5 years my husband and I have cared for our son, who has a rare disease. Two weeks ago testing was done, where both the doctor and I had hoped it would come back stating our son was healed. I just got off the phone, and the results are worse than his previous diagnosis…

  200. So many friends and myself as well need to be lifted up and reassured from time to time that things will be ok – even when you can’t see it.

  201. I do! I have been married for 28 years and life with my husband has been nothing more then difficult. I’m tired and I have often felt alone and lonely. He is quite ill now and there are times I feel resentment towards him because he was never there for me and now he is so needy. I pray. I ask for strength and grace daily. I certainly do need to read this book.

  202. One of my best friends is going through a really rough time right now and would definitely benefit from hearing this message. She is a believer but her husband is not. I pray everyday that she will wake up reminded of who she is and who is for her and walk in that confidence. This book would be such a blessing for her. Thank you for writing it!

  203. My sister Sarah. She lost her job, is a full time nursing student, full time (awesome) single mom, and having to live with our parents till schools out. She rocks it all but I think she forgets that she doesn’t have to carry it all.

  204. I really need myself to hear it right now. I am really struggling with panic attacks and it is scaring me. I struggled with this as a teenager but they seemed to disappear. Now I am a mom of two young boys and they have come flooding back. I know God is with me and is in control but right now I am struggling with this anxiety. Thank you for your book 🙂

  205. Such an important thing to remember daily, things will be ok! I tend to worry – a trait I am working to decrease in my daily life. Remembering that things will be ok has been essential.

  206. Myself – i have severe depression and anxiety. Im in need of some lifting and to remind myself i will be ok thanks to jesus… once i have read it it will be passed onto others in need

  207. I need to hear this today because I have several health challenges that are colliding at the same time! I have a strong faith but needed to read this right at this very moment. As I prepare for a weekly ladies Bible study that meets in my home, I am aware that I am a woman of influence and desire to set a good example of total trust in my Lord.

  208. My friend. She is unsure of her place in a blended marriage. She feels alone and I am not able to be as much of a support as I would like to be (I am recovering from a stem cell transplant, have a husband recovering from surgery at home and 3 specially differently abled kids)

    God is awesome, He is there with us in and through all things!!!

  209. I do!! “single” mommy to two little ones with husband gone for over a year in the military and trying to sell our house to move overseas when we finally get to be a family again! Only with God can I make it through this!!

  210. My dear pal Holly and I share a birthday, its today! Her prince of over 35 yrs has stage 4 cancer. He is failing too fast. They have 6 children, she is much younger and never anticipated being a young widow. I think she needs to hear “HOLD ON” you are going to make it in the worst way. Thank you

  211. I am probably too late for the giveaway but would love to share a copy with my sister who has been through more these past two years than a fictional character in a Lifetime movie. Holding fast to Hope for her and with her.

  212. Oh my, I was going to write I need it, but reading through those before us I know we have health, warmth, food on the table and a roof over our heads for at least two more weeks. God will take care of our tomorrow’s. I pray that all those who need to know it will be okay will know Gods peace in thier hearts and know His everlasting arms to catch them when the can no longer stand. It will be ok God has promised.

  213. EVERY woman needs to hear this phrase and read this book, no matter what situation they are. It’s a book that can prepare for life’s hard situations or encourage when you are in the midst of them and can’t see past them. I’m excited to get my hands on a copy of it even I don’t win. Thank you Holley Gerth for walking in obedience and writing this book.

  214. My beautiful, talented 16 year old could definitely use the encouragement as as he has her big uncharted life before her! (And her mom could use it as well to move forward into the uncertain future after very trying times lately!)

  215. I do, as I have spent the better part of the past month in tears. My husband has major depressive disorder caused by brain damage from a metabolic disorder (PKU) and its wrecking havoc. I have Ehlers-Danlos Type III and am prepping for yet another surgery to stabilize my shoulder. That was stalled due to the discovery of a potential heart condition related to the disorder (can we say genetic jackpot?). My family is going through struggles on all sides from my brothers fight for what is best for the foster kids he is hoping/praying to adopt to financial issues and so on. A situation at my work…one of my few refuges, has me dreading the hours there. I also have an editor tapping her foot impatiently because my hands had been in splints for the past 6 months and my second novel (my other refuge) was delayed in heading to her. I am just now able to sit and work on it without too much pain (Dragon is more trouble than its worth). Sorry this was so long, there is just so much going on! However, I am praying for all those above me!

  216. My Mum.
    My Dad left us nearly a year ago, and although she is coping better every single day, she lost every ounce of faith she had.
    I keep telling her she is going to be OK, but I think she needs to hear it from someone else.

  217. Me. I am going through the most challenging time of my life and I desperately need to hear that I am going to be ok.

  218. I do. Medical bills keep coming in, prices of everything keeps going up, 2 growing boys, and me trying to stretch everything.

  219. I could so use this I struggle with depression myself and am going through a terrible time right now

  220. Quite honestly, I do. Sixty hour work weeks, committments at church, preparing for a mission trip, bone tired, and missing my late sister so much I cried all the way to work this morning.

  221. We all do! We all get hit with hard things. I have one friend who is going through divorce, and another whose marriage is in much pain. I am in grad school to help hurting hearts because I’ve known my own share of pain, healing, and recovery. I know that we are not meant to walk alone. And that’s why I’m so excited about Holley’s book. I wish I had people who were sticking closer to me through my hard times. I want to help others walk through hard times and know they aren’t alone.

  222. Hi Holley,

    I thank God for you and your talent for creating such amazing books. Books that I needed to read. I want to be okay, oh everybody wants to be. In such a wired world we get easily agitated by a lot of things. Inspite and despite of these things, our core just wants and needs to be okay. And eventually happy and at peace.

    I am your friend from Subic, Philippines. Mire power to you!

  223. My friend Grace could really use a copy of this book, her husband is in his last stages/hospice care for Pancreatic cancer. I see her faith tested…but she is still counting her blessings and trusting the Lord through it all…praise God!!!

  224. Honestly? My Mum.
    Its coming up to Valentine’s Day and her Wedding Anniversary on March1st – and as those dates loom closer, so does the realization that yet again, she will have to spend them alone. My Dad is incarcerated in prison in England and we live in Scotland. He was arrested this same time last year, one day before their anniversary, in connection to an old business venture from before he and my mum became ordained preachers. My Mum has had to single-handedly hold together the family, the family ministry and church, our small family business and she really, really needs to know that after all is said and done, no matter the whispers of the enemy, no matter the pain of the gossip. No shadow of darkness and no shame! – Everything really is going to be okay!

  225. I think we could all use the message from day to day to hold on to the things of God. We are being pulled in this direction and that, and if we do get a moment to “be still,” the distractions of this world do not anchor us in any enduring message. Thank you for the reminder. I hope to read your book some day.

  226. Oh how badly do I need to hear those words ‘hold on’, I have been waiting seven years to see the promises of God appear into my life, I am so weary of holding on, oh so weary!

  227. As I read an excerpt, while waiting on hold with a doctor for the umpteenth time since last week, I was anxious and irritated then I looked and saw those words…You are going to be okay. I know I am not in the worst spot I’ve ever been in but there is always a time to be thankful for those words…and I immediately thought of my sister-friend, Jeanette. She needs to hear and read and keep believing these words for herself. Bless all of you warriors out there…you are strong and will carry through.

  228. These words are music to my ears as I continue in this season of transition and waiting on God for the next step. He knows the desires of my heart and I’m trusting Him. I have many friends who need this message too, especially those in new seasons of marriage, motherhood, etc. 🙂 We are all going to make it, in Jesus’ Name 🙂 Amen.

  229. OK even if I don’t win a book I call this a “God wink”. My mom died in December, 4 weeks later my dad was admitted to the ICU and has spent most of the last 3 weeks on a vent. Originally had a massive infection that caused congestive heart failure and a heart attack. 2 surgeries and blood clots in his lungs. Throw in a sibling 20 years younger who is scared, angry, bitter, and not a believer who consistently attacks not only my character but my faith. Did I mention that I suffer from chronic pain, was scheduled for a procedure that was cancelled due to a nation shortage of the medication they use. God has faithfully provided throughout but yeah the human side of me needs to hear it’s going to be OK.

  230. I have a friend, whose son have been battling cancerous tumors since he was 4 months old. They have been told repeatedly that he has “weeks or days” to live. This precious little boy with the contagious laughter turned 5 just a few weeks ago. He still battles with cancer. There are signs everyday that he is losing this battle. Yet we pray and believe and trust God that His Will will be done. Thank you for reminding me to support her and lift her up during this difficult time.

  231. I really need to hear that I’m going to be okay today. Struggling with depression right now. It has been a hard winter for me this year. Many ups, but WAY too many downs.

  232. I have a friend facing a new medical issue in her life that is very scary. She needs to hear it as she often feels hopeless. Having just lost my Mother in January and facing some personal issues that often feel too much to bear, I also need to hear it. Thank you Holley for your encouraging words of love, encouragement and hope to women!

  233. Amazing…as I pondered the question I was amazed at the number of women I know (including me!) who need to hear that they will be okay. This one will be shared.

  234. I would send it to my Goddaughter who is in boarding care. I think it would be really good for her AND she loves to read. Thanks Holley!!

  235. My husband has bi-polar disorder. So I constantly have to tell him everything everything will be ok during another anxiety attack. (The quietly whisper to myself that too! Even when my heart and head have a hard time beleiving it.)

  236. My daughter could use the encouragement that she is going to be okay. She’s 23, almost to the end of the custody agreement period and next will be divorced. She would be blessed hearing your message!

  237. I could use the encouragement but my sister is who I would share it with. It’s been a rough year

  238. I have a coworker who needs to be encouraged to know that they will be ok. If I win the book, after I read it of course, I will share it with her. Or perhaps we can find it out our local library soon!

  239. It’s always nice to hear if said in a genuine way!

    I can think of a few ladies from my church that really need to hear it.

  240. I need to hear this. My mother died Christmas Eve after a short, but cruel illness. 2 weeks later my husband of 35 years tells me he no longer loves me and there is no hope for us. I need to hear that I can survive this. God is my strength. My only strength.

  241. “Thanks” doesn’t really express my gratitude for your post which my best friend forwarded to me; now that’s love. It seems to me that, right now, every woman I know has been beguiled by the tricks of the enemy. It’s really so sad. There’s really nothing you can do, but listen, and be there. I know when we are there, in that pit, no amount of words is going to satiate that need inside except, “I love you.”

  242. I need to hear and remember that I am the daughter of the King…that my importance doesn’t come from anyone here, but from Him. I need to remember how much He loves me and values me. My sister needs to hear and take to heart that He is working even if she doesn’t see it.

  243. My bestfriend needs this now. Her husband is going through his midlife crisis and her world is falling apart. I try to encourage her and tell her how much she is loved but she just get’s so down and out. I told her she needs to listen to encouraging music instead of the heartbreaking songs and to read encouraging self help books but haven’t found any yet. I would love to be able to give her this and also have it for myself.

  244. Thank you so much! My mom forwarded to me as she knows where I am at right now and needing to hear this.

  245. I really needed to hear this today, not only for myself but for my daughter too. She is in her first year of college and is having roommate trouble. All she wanted was to have the “roommate experience” and she has an uncommunicative experience. Now it’s time to put in for rooms and roommates for next year, and most of the people she knows already have someone picked out. I don’t know what to tell her, except to say she will be OK and things will work out. Would appreciate your keeping her in your prayers.
    Me too. Just had a performance review and seeing myself falling into negative patterns (some from being worried and lonely, but nevertheless need to change).
    I very much needed to hear that we will be OK.

  246. I need to hear it, struggling with a vastly underpaying job and not knowing what it is that I am meant to do, and struggling with where I fit in this world, as I have no family.

  247. Yes God promises to never leave me and that He is all I need. My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches. So by me feeling lonely that is saying i don’t believe Gods promises. Daily i need to say. I believe You. I trusbelieved cling to you. I really struggle with living alone and yet i know God wants to used this in my life to draw me to him. Thank you!

  248. I know I am going to be okay. I have a wonderful husband that tells me this alot. He encourages me. I need to pray for him more and tell him he is going to be okay. He has been struggling with a new job.

  249. A dear friend and co-worker (and my accountability partner in Made to Crave) just found out her son is facing 1 to 3 years in prison for DUI. She just wants him to know the Lord. He is in his 30s, and it is heartbreaking. I would love to win this for her. It broke my heart to see the tears in her eyes over this. I know that God works all things for good, but her mama’s heart is just broken.

  250. I love you, Holley! I forward your encouraging words to various women in my life nearly every week.
    Thank you!! <3

  251. I really needed this today. I need to know that everything is going to be okay because apart from God nothing really is. If anything can go wrong it does and there are days when I wonder why. If God loves me so much, why is everything a struggle, health, finances, a home. But I am holding on because God promised me that he has a good plan for my life and I’m holding Him to that promise. Finally there are tears.. thank you. Tears are the soul cleansing itself.

  252. My mama ( and myself) need to hear this today. She is in month eight of battling terminal cancer. it is not going well. She is weary.

  253. Me – starting over due to a divorce and it’s been a full year but I sometimes wonder if I will ever have to not worry about the future. Good reminder – I will be okay – stay on track.

  254. Since Nov., I have had major ankle reconstruction surgery (for which I have at least another month of rehab ), my dad died 2 days after Christmas, I had a nervous breakdown, my 11 year old son was in the hospital for 3 days for seizures, unknown origin, never had before , and we have to move by the end of March. I NEED to know it is going to be ok.

  255. My friends do. They have had a foster baby for over a yr…they got her when she was a few days old. They were supposed to be able to adopt her really soon. Now this family member pops up out of nowhere and says she wants her, even though she has had nothing to do with her for the last yr. They are heartbroken and are going to fight to try to keep her. They need to know it’s going to be ok.

  256. My sister. She’s 19 and a freshman in college. She is experiencing a renewed trust in The Lord after walking away for many years. Today we found out her very best friend since elementary school has relapsed, and they have called Hospice. Gods peace is greater than it all, but more than anything, my sister needs to hear that she WIll be ok, and if this is time for her friend to be with Jesus, she will be resting peacefully and free of sickness.

  257. My mother-in-love! Her husband is recovering from a stroke, and her dad (who lives with them) is in the last stages of congestive heart failure (and she has added family drama to deal with, as well). The task of telling everyone else that *they’re* going to be OK always falls on her, but no one seems to remember that she needs to be reminded, too. <3

  258. I really needed to hear that (read that) today. My Monday has been nothing but overwhelming. Glad to know I am not alone and that I will be OK. Thanks!!

  259. I’ve been needing to hear that I’ll be OK for a while now. There were days that were hard and I still have so many issues to work through , and God sent an encouragement in the form of my mom and sisters-,I was asked how I was doing-really doing and then they each told me they were praying and that meant (still means) the world to me. Also, it taught me that first God knows our needs and HE sends an OK our way at just the time it’s needed and secondly, I need to encourage and let others know God’s here in the hard, the easy, the downright ugly and we are going to be OK-not necessarily will God make the hard leave but rather b/c God’s in charge and loves us as daughters we will be OK no matter what happens and no matter the situation-there may be sadness and hurt but with Jesus it will be OK b/c HE is there! As women of faith lets get out there and encourage each other b/c I know from experience that when others remind you that God’s there and you are ok it truly helps even if it’s only for that moment and you need to hear it again the next moment or day. If there isn’t a person around to encourage you go to God-HE’s ready to say I’m here and you are gonna get through and be OK. I thank God for this post today!!!

  260. My aunt needs to hear “you are going to be okay” right now. She recently lost her husband of 50 years, after a battle with Alzheimer’s. She remained a devoted wife, through the loss of his memory, and eventually his ability to care for himself completely. He was bedridden for a year and a half before passing away last week. I cannot imagine the roller coaster has been on, and will be now that he has passed.

  261. Just had to add I read through many of the comments and see a lot of worry, hurt and sadness…I prayed for all who commented that God will encourage all of you and you will feel His arms holding you and I asked God to send someone to give you encouragement whatever form that may take-verse,prayer, or a tangible act of love. Keep on running, Jesus will one day receive you to heaven with arms open wide and all of our hurt will be erased and our hearts healed and tears dried so take courage women of God-WE ARE AND WILL BE OK.

  262. I think we all need to hear the words “you’re going to be okay”. But the first person who came to mind is a dear friend who is going through a really rough patch right now and needs encouragement. She was there for me during my surgery for cancer and has been one of my biggest supporters during my recovery and fight for life.

  263. Who needs to hear that? My friend whose husband died very suddenly before his time and just after she retired for them to travel. My friend whose 40-year-old pastor husband who committed suicide, leaving her and their two children with many questions. My friend whose 25-year-old son (and my son’s best friend whom my son had rescued several times ) died of an overdose after two tries at rehab.

  264. A mom who attends our church needs to hear you’re going to be ok. She has left an abusive relationship and she is trying to make wise decisions regarding her life and future.

  265. My lovely daughter. Age 46. Struggling to live with most of her intestines removed due to Crohns, 2 ostomy bags, drains, liquid nutrition only, wanting to be able to raise her two children and recover at least a shadow of a life that has some semblance of normalcy.

  266. I needed to hear this. So badly.

    Thank you for writing this and sharing it with the rest of us! God bless you.

  267. I love the way God uses Holley to speak straight to my heart to the place I need to hear clearly what God is saying. Thank you for birthing those words Holley

  268. Holley, there are so many responses – look at how many people your words have touched?! God speaking to us your words resonated with all of us and the people we know and love. I’m grateful for you and this website and all it provides x

  269. My mom who is in the final days with her mother. She holds so much guilt over not “doing” it the way her mom would want. She wants to please her mom, give her excellent care, and live the rest if her life knowing she made the right choice.

  270. Me. I need a copy of your book. Cancer. Death. Surgeries. Closing of a business. Bankruptcy. Loss of home, friends , family, confidence, self esteem, the love of my life, trust, dignity, pride and grace. But I must say, I have survived. Scarred? Beaten? Bruised? Tattered and torn? Yep, all of them. Stronger? More graceful? More greatful? Deeper in my faith? Yep, all of them. I know more than every “Who I am”. I am His. God is good, His love last forever.

  271. I know it…but I need to hear it anyway! Our landlord has decided to sell the house we’ve rented for the past three years. We want to rent again, as my husband’s job is likely going to change (he’s in the middle of an airline merger), so we may have to move to a different area of the country. We don’t want to buy a house again until we know where we’re going to end up. So…need to find a house to rent…which we can afford…which will welcome our two basset hounds and one cat. That’s a tall order in our area.

  272. The day I saw the heading I about fell over. I needed to read and hear those words. The day before I was told by the company I work for that I would need to take a $13,000 pay cut or find a new job. I’m a single mom of a 10 year old boy and 13k is the difference between being able to pay all the bills i have. It also is a complete change in lifestyle for us. I don’t know what’s going to happen yet but I do know that every day I read hope and care in Jesus’ words. I’ve been clinging to Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    God is in control and I know everything will be okay!

  273. Thanks Holley….My daughter and I need a reminder today!
    Life is tough….but God”s love is tougher, and bigger and covers all…
    and best of all redeems and exchanges all!

  274. I try hard to keep a strong faith, but sometimes I just get weary and feel like nothing is ever going to get better. I pray for strength, courage, and peace. I still feel fear, anxiety, and weak. Alone and looking for a job at an advanced age after many years out of the workplace. The world has shifted under my feet, and I can’t find my ground anymore. This is not how I expected life to be at this stage in my life.

  275. I could really use this book right now. I’m a breast cancer survivor of 5 years…going through testing now due to tumor found on my liver…I have lost my mom, brother, and sister to cancer and another sister is an ovarian cancer survivor…difficult times right now…

  276. Had dinner with a friend last night who recently separated from her husband. Several of us said, “You really are going to be okay.” She looked at us and said, “Do you really think so?” So clear that a little light shone into her heart at that moment. Would love to give her a book full of truth that supports that reality so her hope would continue to grow. What courage women have in light of difficult circumstances and they don’t even know it!

  277. i tell my daughter, “you”ll be o.k.” all the time. she’s 19 and has a challenging life. she has hydrocephalus, water on the brain. she’s had over 25 brain surgeries and she lives with a headache that never goes away. on days when she is overwhelmed with the frustration of having to live with pain all the time i tell her, “you’ll be o.k., remember who’s got you” and she says, “yes, I know.”

  278. My friend who lost her husband suddenly this past summer and another friend who is going through a divorce right now. I could really stand to hear this daily. So much going on at work and home that I just need to hear it often. Thanks for the opportunity!

  279. I need this. I need to hear that I am going to be ok. I am a mom of 4 with a husband who is out of town a lot. I have been battling depression and anxiety a lot in the last few months and I need to be reminded that i am going to be ok.

  280. Hollie, my friend Julie needs to hear your message. She called me last night, out of the clear blue, and shared her broken heart with me. We’ve been ‘friends’ for nearly 18 years… but only on the surface. I painted murals in her childrens’ rooms in two of her homes, and we talk about decorating. I comment on her fb posts and she on mine. But never before have we connected on a soul level – until last night. Until she had no one else to call to hang onto.

    She chose me because she saw and read, in my fb and blog posts, that I have survived something very similar to what she is just now realizing. Her pain was palpable in her cracking words, her hopelessness heavy in her sobs. She bared her soul to me, and I cried with her, and prayed for her…. and I don’t honestly even know if she knows Jesus. I just know she NEEDS Jesus right now, and I know that your voice, your words, your heart, can reach her. I would love to send a copy of your book to her (she’s two states away now…) and pray that God will hold her close, minister to her heart, and show her that He will be beside her as she takes this journey. She WILL be okay, with Him. (Her name is Julie, if anyone out there would like to pray for her <3 ) Thank you, Hollie….

  281. My daughters and I needed this. One a sr and having friend issues. Because she doesn’t want to do things they are doing, they think she is judging them. She’s not. She’s just a strong Christian girl..and I think sometimes has more faith than I do. But teen years can be so hard. The other daughter battles anxiety, ADHD, and apparently has seasonal disorder. School is a challenge. I think she also is affected by the fact this is her sister’s senior year and she won’t be here for her the next school year. And me, the single mom struggles financially and has to spend so much time planning for the new grade I’m teaching this year. 2nd…and the weak group. Because they are weak there are behavior problems. It’s hard to manage group time and individual time. I feel unequipped in every area of my life right now. I want to be able to spend more quality time just being a mother to my girls.

  282. My best friend is going through depression right now and so desperately needs to hear “hang in there” from someone other than me. I’m so thankful that Jesus is with us where we are all the time; and it’s not about how far we are from God, but how close God is to us, and how ever-constantly omnipotent and omnipresent HE is.

  283. This is not an entry to win the book. I just wanted to share that my 8 year old is struggling with friendships at school “girls eh”. She had not been ale to get to sleep tonight, so I read her the book excerpt on this post and it calmed her, helped her and made her smile. Thank you so much for sharing and may all you guys going through so much that you have shared in the posts above me know in many ways today Gods voice telling you. You are going to be ok and know the peace which goes along with that. Many Blessings.

  284. We all need an encouraging word to help us through the trials of life. Right now I needed to hear this word of hope. My husband is facing cancer surgery this week. Of all days, it will be Valentine’s Day and it symbolizes that any test will make our love stronger. Thank you for the affirmation that “You’re going to be OK.” Despite the outcome, God will strengthen my spirit and make all things work together for good, to those who love God and are called by Him. (Romans 8:28)

  285. I learned last Friday of the sudden death of a beautiful forty-five year old wife and mother one month ago. Married twenty-three years. Foster and adoptive mother of four lovely children. The adoption of the youngest two finalized less than one month before her death. We met two years ago at an annual foster state-wide conference. Common interests and Christian bonds. Our personalities similar– passionate about the child and unafraid to advocate for their right and in their best interest. While our husbands are both quieter gentle, protecting teddy bears. We made an annual, “see you next year” friendship.
    Only we won’t see her this fall.
    I feel selfish to mourn her passing from my own casual perspective. And yet compelled by ripe anger at the injustice of her family’s loss.
    I am praying for spiritual wisdom to minister in Jesus’ name to her family’s needs.

  286. I just shared this with several friends on FB, all of whom really needed to hear this today ~ divorce, family crisis, and faith walks, this spoke to each dear friend in exactly the way they needed today <3

  287. Some of my friends. One of them had a baby a year ago born with a cleft palate & lip and she would love some encouragement from this book, I’m sure.

  288. Holley – you were definitely made for this – you know, writing! But even more specifically, encouraging in the most wonderful way!! Thanks for the chance to win some of that!!

  289. My sister. She is having a difficult time with her job and not doing what she feels is called or trained to do due to politics. She has been really down because of it and has a hard time seeing past the current circumstances to know that she will be ok.

  290. I most definitely need to hear this. I actually have been trying to tell myself this day in and day out lately, as I am in one of those “when it rains, it pours” weeks/months/seasons. I know God will provide all my needs but worry is so consuming… I know this book would speak to me.

  291. I’ve reread both of your posts Holley in the last 24 hours when our baby was sick and we had a severe plumbing issue that will result in our family moving out for a couple weeks all in the same night…. there are moments and seasons of life that we need to be reminded that we’re going to be ok! Thank you for encouraging so many women with the gift God has given you!

  292. I needed to hear this. And once I am done with the book hopefully I will find some sweet friends who need to hear it as well. Thank you for your encouragement, Holley.

  293. Just yesterday I sat, here, at the kitchen table with a friend of mine who really needs to hear this. (Thank-you for this ministry, Holley.)

  294. Two days ago I couldn’t stop crying. Overwhelmed with the overwhelming task of parenting, being a wife and life in general. Others always appear perfect on the outside, but we see all our personal struggles. We all need to encourage each other, that it will be okay! and we won’t be perfect until Heaven

  295. I needed to read this too. I suffer from an incurable, rare digestive illness. Some days are harder than others but I fight on for my kids.

  296. Really good to get encouraging words in this no so praising society. Thank you for always being so upbeat. I need to know I am going to be okay no matter what the situation.

  297. What a wonderful idea for a book! My friend could use this book. She has a disease, that it seems, no doctor has an answer or can even name. Like the woman with the issue of blood, she has spent all she has to no avail. She is homebound now and her faith is in need of bolstering. This would be perfect to let her know she will be okay. Thank you, Holly!

  298. I need to hear it! Have been dealing with a broken heart and broken relationship that I just can’t seem to process. Not sure what God’s will is or what I’m supposed to do. I would LOVE to read this book – probably several times over! Thank you for your encouragement!

  299. I really need to hear it. There’s so much going on in my life right now with me and my son physically and it’s been rough.

  300. In all honesty I need to hear that I’m going to be okay, and it will all be okay. I know it will be but to hear it makes a difference, x

  301. I need to hear “I Will Be OK” Right now I am trying to have hope and to be brave. I am working through tough marital issues, but am the only partner wanting to do so. My husband wants me to go, but I pray for hope his heart will change. My teenage daughters are experiencing pain from this, I pray to be brave for them. I need to hear and know “I Will Be OK” None of this feels OK right now. God Bless.

  302. Just got some upsetting news. It really helps to know (and I often need to be reminded) that with God on my side everything will be okay.

  303. I have two dear friends who need to hear this message. Both shed a deep 20+ year secret with me recently. Not sure why God close to use me in their healing process but I feel very blessed that He did. Scars from bad decisions can ruin a life.. thankfully their shame has been exposed to the light and they are open to heal. I think this book would be an awesome gift to share with my friends.

  304. I think we are all in good company! At one time or another the encouragement
    from another touches the heart of the recipient with much needed assurance. So, to everyone, “You will be O.K.”

  305. Holley,

    Thank you for using your God given talents to encourage women everywhere. You are a blessing to us here at In (Courage).

    Prayer for everyone above me. I will be asking God to bless you all mightily and shower you with His love and tell you “You’re Gonna BE OK!”

    Some friends need to hear it. One friend’s husband is in recovery, of sorts, from a heart attack/coma-like incident in 2012. It happened Thanksgiving weekend. He has had hospitalizations, & rehab. Then had a setback with kidney stones and an infection on finger. Now is back in rehab and beginning to walk some and do a thumbs up.

    Blessings everyone! 🙂

  306. A friend who I’ve never met. I’ve come to know her through a basset hound forum. She rescues older dogs and gives them a loving home where they can live out their last years. She has been battling cancer in the past several months and it’s been a long, tough road. She is discouraged and tired and has recently opted for hospice care. Whatever the outcome, I want her to know, without a doubt, that she will be okay. Either she’ll gain regain strength in the loving care of hospice and will opt to fight some more or she’ll pass away in the loving care of hospice into the loving arms of God.

  307. My friend Julia, who is undergoing treatment for cancer. She needs to know that she is going to be okay no matter what, because she is a daughter of the King.

  308. I do.

    I’ve had more trials in the last 10 years than I had my whole life. It all started with the death of my husband at 54 years old. When will it end? There are many times I feel hopeless and I want to isolate & feel sorry for myself, but I know enough not to and talk to someone and of course the trial passes & I wonder why I made too much of it.

    I would love to get off this roller coaster!