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Julie Chen is the creative director of Life Verse Design. She desires to bring Scripture art into your home in a beautiful and unique way.

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  1. A few years ago, all my years of holding everything together came crashing down. The rejection of both my father and mother was too much. I hadn’t even seen my mother in fourteen years, and though I’d seemed to make it through my 20’s reasonably well, the dam burst and I couldn’t contain the pain and grief. In the midst of it – struggling to function and care for my family – I begged God for something, ANYTHING, to help heal this hurt, and He gave me the most beautiful reassurance. I saw a picture in my mind of the delivery room as I was being born. My father’s presence was vague, while my mother, the nurses, and the doctor were going about the business of delivering me. As I emerged, God stepped forward and caught me. He immediately starting walking around the room, gently crooning to me, “You are mine. You are mine. You are mine.” God caught me, held me, and claimed me. I belong, I have a Shepherd caring for me, and I am safe!

  2. Knowing the Lord as my Good Shepherd is probably my most preferred way of thinking about Him.
    I have heard His voice, felt His rod of correction, and His staff of rescue so many times over the 50+ years I’ve been His child. It is to the Good Shepherd I run to when I am fearful, weary and discouraged.

  3. This verse in Isaiah flooded my soul one day while praying and reading my Bible. I was wrestling with God about having another baby. My first child is nearing 4, but I suffered postpartum shortly after he was born. I have not looked back on that time very fondly and it’s made me afraid to have another baby. This verse in Isaiah absolutely answered me and reassured me- God is so amazing how He shares with us through His word.

    God is my shepherd for leading me in His ways through His word. His promises are enduring.


  4. We just returned from time in Africa where we were able to meet 2 of the children we sponsor through Compassion. Over and over on that trip we saw God as not only our shepherd, but the shepherd of HIS people all over the world!

  5. God is my shepherd, I have all I need! We sometimes get caught up in our wants, but what we really need….. God provides!

  6. As a widown of four months I need to hear the Shepherd’s voice to take me through this time. I’m not sure where I’m going or how I will get there, I only know my Sherpherd’s voice and I trust Him.

  7. My four kids are all “adults” now-27, 25, 23 & 23. How I would love to go back to those days when they were small and the worst problem of the week was sibling rivalry or not doing well on a test at school. As they get bigger, their problems get bigger too, and they suddenly don’t necessarily think I have anything applicable to say to them. But Jesus is still my good shepherd, and he is still their good shepherd too, leading them back to his home….

  8. Reminds me of a song I wrote – the verses based on Psalm 23:
    I know I find a welcome in Your Presence;
    You open up a pleasant land for me:
    You lead me quietly beside the water;
    Help me not to strive, and just be free – just be free.

    You’re the only One who satisfies completely;
    You’re the only One who never lets me down:
    You’re the only One to take away my sorrow;
    In You I find my joy, in You I find the strength to carry on.

    And when I see Your face in times of trouble,
    Your loving-kindness covers me with peace,
    And even then my cup is full of blessing;
    Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me – comfort me.

  9. I spent a long time making poor choices and not following God. Once I finally turned back to Him and looked back on my life over that period of time I can see how He never left me, how He was constantly protecting me and holding me up.

    He is so faithful!

  10. I just got laid off at the end of January… I had just got the job nine months before. It was a great job and I was so grateful God had provided… But as he gave he took and like a lamb that lost her way I find myself in his arms… Leading me to the unknown but He knows…. I say I’m in his arms because I’m also battling health issues and find myself without insurance and with long delays in obtaining healthcare…. So I said Lord I’m in yours hands… You are carrying me as I go though this….

  11. God has shown me His goodness through the loving arms of those He has placed in my life. I remember a few times when I was crying like my heart would break. I felt His arms at that time in the arms of my dear friend who held me while I cried.

  12. When my children were young God called me back to our home where we all needed to be, instead of being busy doing other things like visiting with friends too often and participating in weekday ministries at church. Those are not bad things, our family just needed more time at home to develop loving and nurturing relationships within our family. I am so grateful for His shepherding.

  13. Psalm 23 carried me through the valley as I watched my Daddy fight leukemia for five years. The LORD is my Shepherd. Such a strong & gentle arm He still carries me with. I love your picture. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. In a painful season of life my son, my mother and my spouse died, leaving me a grieving daughter, mother and wife all by the age of 30. The grief was suffocating and there were no words to minimize my physical and emotional pain. I had no earthly arms to run to but God was always there. Reminding me minute by minute that I wasn’t alone and that WITH HIS HELP I could indeed made it another day. Slowly the healing began and over the years I’ve learned to take the pain I suffered during this dark time and use it to give others hope. I am proof that when there is truly no one else, God is there!

  15. I agree, the art work is fantastic.
    Just this week, God miraculously carried my 15 yr. old granddaughter through a very serious situation. Her dad’s home was so punitive and (emotionally) abusive that she started running away last year and eventually simply refused to live there! Last October, she went to live with her mother who is an addict. It was a very bad situation. Both parents have been staunchly opposed to letting her live with us. God intervened!! miracle happened!! Dad asked us to take her in, finally realizing that she was not coming back to his house and that living with her mom was detrimental to her health ad welfare.
    Thank you, God, for carrying her through this tumultuous year and please keep holding on to all of us as we travel this new road.

  16. I’ve been searching for a job for 7 months. God humbled me and closed doors to several jobs. I am now teaching again after 13 years. I start Monday teaching high school students. I’d appreciate prayers for transitions since I have been a stay at home mom for so long.

  17. Several years ago I lost my father to a brain tumor. It filled me with awe how much the Good Shepherd gave me such peace.

  18. Lately, I have experienced His consistent and gentle reassurance of the fact that He is here near me and that I will be okay no matter what circumstances I find myself in.

  19. God is amazing and awesome! When I turn my cares and worry over to Him, He is always able to provide for me, in ways I can’t even imagine! His ways are best. He truly is my Good Shepherd, and I am still learning to listen to Him and let Him lead!

  20. Our family has moved every few years due to my husband’s job. We have seen the Lord’s hand in every one of our moves as He has guided us to the right place and to the right house. It is so reassuring to know that God is our good shepherd, and we can go to Him with all our concerns.

  21. Glory Be to God in the highest!! I am ALIVE and within me He dwells!! I clicked over to post for a chance to win one of your beautiful pictures however, I am the one blessed by reading the comments above by others. I pray for comfort for those in need and may we all see with His eyes and love with His heart! For He is our Shepherd, and He is all we need.


  23. I have seen God guide me into the job I have teaching at a small Christian School and having my 4 girls go here. I have seen the blessing it was for me and them as we followed into something that was a bit scary at first. To go from a stay at home mom to a full time teacher with a 2yr old was difficult. I am now in my 4th year and I love it. My girls are doing so much better here and I enjoy doing what I always wanted….being a mother and a teacher!

  24. The image of the Shepherd is one that we are studying in a group study of John, the disciple. I was recently carried when my husband died…the image of being held was so reassuring.

  25. Letting God handle our lives can be difficult. I have found that if we trust in His ways things may not be perfect but they are better. i am going through a crisis now that I have to trust will turn out the way it is meant to be. Patience is hard to achieve day after day. For now, knowing that God has it all planned for me helps me get through it.

  26. Thank you, Julie, for this heartwarming story and pic. It stirred up nostalgia for the time when we raised sheep. We can learn so many spiritual lessons from them. I am reminded of a time when our sheep stayed too long in the pasture. Darkness crept up on them, and they couldn’t find their way home. I saw them huddled together and heard their fearful baas. I called to them, “Here, sheep.” At first they were too noisy to hear me. But once they did, they quieted. They moved forward to the sound of my voice. When I stopped calling, they stopped. So I kept calling until they got safely home in the light of the yard. It inspired me to learn to listen to the Shepherd’s voice, to be still so I can hear Him leading me. Thank you, Julie, for bringing this to my remembrance.

  27. I have so loved this Is. Verse. I raised 4 children holding onto that verse. I knew there were so many deficits in me as a parent that The Lord would have to gently cover. And in his faithfulness he did. I am currently doing a study on the 23rd Psalm and raising sheep…. The analogies are beautiful. god Bless.

  28. After retiring from my job of thirty-five years, I found myself looking forward to travel with lots of leisure time. There were roadblocks to these desires and plans though. I sought the Lord to seek the best use of my time. As a good Shepherd, He has led me to pursue my love of writing and to give me the words and people I needed. I may never publish a book, but I press on, knowing my Shepherd will led me into His green pastures where I am satisfied with His peace and joy.

  29. In my teen years, I slowly stepped away from from the God I knew as a child. I spent many years going my own way and depending on myself, that is until God took away my health to make me totally dependent on him and like a good Shepard, he drew me back into his fold, he offered the same love and forgiveness, that was there all along! Looking back I can see how faithful he was and how he never gave up on me, his sheep!

  30. Lovely artwork, Julie.
    Many years ago, I lost my first baby to miscarriage, then my fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth. Along the way, I gave birth to a precious little girl who we later found out has significant lifelong global delays. At first, in my anger and pain, I wanted nothing to do with the “good Shepherd.” However, as He continued to gently call me, I eventually turned to Him for comfort. He has never left my side.

  31. I am getting to know Jesus as my Shepherd in the “ordinary” activities of each day. He orchestrates my life by revealing the abundant life through opportunities that supplies my needs. In times of correction, His gentle ways leads me on the path of righteousness ( His way of doing things and being right) because He loves me and knows what is best for me.

  32. I am currently walking through some very difficult circumstances and my Good Shepherd is so faithful to seek me out when I am lost in confusion, fear and loneliness. He gently speaks my name, calls me to Him and provides all that I need. We can never stray so far from Him that we cannot hear His voice. For that I am so thankful.

  33. Ever since my kids were little and I decorated the nursery with little lambs, I have been meditating on God as my shepherd. Sometimes I’m not very good at listening to His leading, but He is a faithful Shepherd and doesn’t give up on me.

  34. I have felt God loving me and being close to me since my dad past away December 2012. Though I do not know what the future holds, I know He does. I thank Him so much for being there with me and guiding me on the path I need to go.

  35. I love the way sheep know their shepherd and know his voice and I love knowing that Jesus is my Shepherd and He sees me and knows me and He seeks me when I get confused and lose my way.

  36. i was just thinking this morning, on my way to work, before even reading this blog, that my walk with Christ, so reflects the behavior of sheep. they are head strong, always going their own way, looking for greener pasture. Wanting to be “fed” constantly, then going on their way without even a thank you!ha. thank you so much for your devotions,. the artwork is amazing!

  37. God has just continually met our financial needs every.single.time. We have just trusted and prayed and bathed verses and held on, and He has never failed us. It has been unfathomably difficult sometimes, but God has always answered gently and clearly. On days when I thought the only option we had was for my husband to leave the ministry and get a “real job,” God met our need.

  38. The idea of God as shepherd to my lamb has been on my mind quite a lot lately. At my discharge from the hospital recently from an unrelated illness, the doctor casually mentioned that another issue had been discovered and she thought that I had LAMs and that I would need to follow up with a pulmonologist. She was not familiar with the disease, even having difficulty pronouncing it, which was completely understandable considering it has 26 letters and is categorized as a rare disease. While doing research the image of a lamb keeps playing in my mind, as well as on various websites about the disease. Some of the information is disheartening but I have been clinging to the conviction that all of this is in God’s hands and that nothing has come before or will come after that He has not ordained. That He is indeed the Good Shepherd to my lamb.

  39. When I have no idea what to do in life or what step to take next, it is encouraging to know that God is my shepherd who carries me. When I feel alone, it is good to know that His arms are around me and that is enough. One time when I was sad/discouraged, He sent three people to me – one with a gift, one with a meal, and one with a hug – and He spoke His encouragement and His Word. Indeed, He is my shepherd.

  40. No matter how far I stray… and at times it’s been FAR, He’s always there guiding me back to Him. For that I am SO grateful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us.

  41. I would not be here to write these words if His hand’s had not carried me, when I was not aware I even needed to be carried, His faithfulness overwhelms me, as I ponder on the past and see myself as the lamb that struggled to live.

  42. In good times and hard times, God is always there giving me peace even if the storm is raging around me. That is one of the many ways He has been a shepherd to me. Andrea

  43. The image of God as a shepherd points to his continual direction, guidance and care for his people.
    Leading, providing, protecting, judging and saving those who are lost are among a shepherd’s roles.
    Many times it is freeing to submit to God’s ultimate role as my shepherd.

  44. Thanks you for this lovely post. I enjoyed it for several reasons. Your photos are always beautiful. Dying to ourselves so that we can live for others is always life giving. I just wrote a post on spiritual gifts and you must surely have the gift of encouragement. May God continue to bless your ministry. God as my Shepard was most realized in my life, as I lost my dad 1 year ago today.

  45. God is my Shepherd because of He truly leads my life. Even when I am surrounded in the confusion of other sheep, He is there, guiding and protecting. When I seek to follow right behind Him, it is amazing to feel His guidance. When I fail to recognize His leadership, He still is there.

  46. “Surrender your heart to God, turn to Him in prayer.”
    There is freedom in Christ if you will allow Him to shepherd you.

  47. This Easter will make 5 years since my Shepherd guided my family through a very difficult time. Our only child – 26 years old – was seriously injured in an accident. The medical facility was 2 hours away in another state. I rode in the ambulance with him and didn’t return home for two months. During that time we often felt like lost sheep, but God guided us, herded us, protected us, strengthened us and gave us a miraculous recovery. We are so grateful and would not be a family today without His presence.

  48. Thanks for the fun giveaway! Our God always gives us what we need, and we trust that if we don’t have it, we don’t need it! He is faithful.

  49. The image of God as my Shepherd is one of my favorites, and I try to remember Psalm 23 in all circumstances.

  50. God has been carrying me as I walk through the deep valley of miscarriage. And not just me, but all three of my sisters-in-law, and my aunt. It hurts so much to know that I will never hold the precious child that I carried, but peace settles over me when I choose to trust that the same Mighty Arms that hold me hold that little one, too.

  51. This past year or maybe it’s been two a friend of mine shared this precious verse with me! It was and continues to be such a sweet encouragement to my soul. The Lord Jesus Christ has been a tender sheperd throughout so much of my life. There have been times when I thought the storms of life might swallow me whole, but the combination of His strong power and tender compassion has sustained my soul. He has been faithful to this wandering sheep, steadily guiding, quietly comforting and always loving. I give thanks to Him for you and this beautiful reminder of who He is and what He has done over the many years of my life.

  52. I really love this scripture! I like the part about gently leading those who have young–I have 2 young ones and am only a few years into my walk and I feel like the Lord is guiding me more and more toward Him, yet gently because my focus is on my children so much of the time.

  53. I have seen the Lord being a good shepherd by always providing for our needs in a very visible way which left no doubt that it was His hand! He even provided a car for free when we needed one!!

  54. He’s. Been there all along…through finding two loving parents to adopt me at age 4, through my infertility days, through IVF, through the birth of my son, through the gift of my daughter…..he’s given me so much.

  55. God has been a faithful Shepherd in my life, through years of abuse as a child into my teen years. He was always a faithful, comforting presence in my life and is bringing beauty from the ashes of pain and heartache. He has used my painful past to minister hope & comfort to others in amazing ways. In circumstances that could have destroyed me, He carried my heart and has guided me each step of the way!

  56. I have seen Him as my shepherd leading me & directing me to those places I need to go for nourishment & spiritual growth. What beautiful pieces of art! Thank you for the chance! Blessings!

  57. Over the past several years, I feel I am the shepherd of so many animals I care for at the animal clinic. They come in so scared and fearful until they meet me. Then a sense of calmness comes over them and they feel safe. That is how God is to me, He has that calming effect on me when I am scared or unsure of things. I’m so glad He is there to protect me.

  58. I am at the end of my first pregnancy and God has been a good shepherd guiding me through this new, eventful and exciting time of life. It has had it’s ups and downs and the downs were 10 times more bearable with him and the ups were 10 times more joyful because of Him!

  59. Jesus has always been my good shepherd. My mother had dementia and went into the hospital with abdominal pain–she was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Fast forward 1.5 months and we finally got her back home after rehab, another hospital stay, etc. During that time she developed sundowners. For the next two years my father took care of her 24/7. God was there the whole time to allow me to help them and get them through this trial. Amazingly during that time my father got rebaptised.

    Fast fast forward 5 years and my dad decides he wants to move into assisted living. A room became available this January. This has been a very snowy January for us in E. TN. Thankfully and priase God no snow on the day of his move. Even better I was able to sell his car within a few days to a co-worker of mine.

    I have seen God shepherding my family through all these trials! I am blessed!!!

    Praise God for His love & kindness to us!!

    Blessings 🙂

  60. Julie, I loved reading your story of Ruth and her baby. I have this picture on display in my home and God has used it as a way for me to be able to share the love of “The Good Shepherd” with others. I would highly recommend Julie’s Art…It will truly be a blessing to your home.