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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. Thanks Jessica,
    I’m a paramedic. 🙂 On work, while we’re driving out to help a sick person that called us, I’m so very cool, so unbelievable chilled down. Nothing’s getting better when I hurry and make my partner nervous. And I am able to think of what to do.
    What I am able to do on work seems often unable to do in my freetime. Why?
    You inspirated me to think a bit about this controverse thing.
    Thank you!
    Be blessed with patient,

  2. Jessica,
    I think we all can relate to your experience. I’ve found that my lack of patience is rooted in a little thing called “pride”. Pride that says my time is more important than your time. I try to remind myself that everything happens, ultimately, in God’s time. When I self talk to remind myself that He is truly in control it helps me to be more patient and present in the moment. Loved this post!

    • Thank you Bev for letting us know that the lack of patience had to do with our PRIDE. you hit that nicely, it made me think & reflect.
      Thank you Jessica for this wonderful & reflective post.

      • Pride impacts a lot of things, doesn’t it? I don’t know that I have ever think about pride and time in the way you described. Something to ponder. Appreciate your words here.

  3. Impatient…? Me…? Sadly, all.the.time…..
    Multi-tasking doesn’ help the situation either I’ve found…! Case in point, I burnt my egg this a.m. because I was trying to text my husband our change of plan for the events of the day and fixing my sons breakfast….
    I needed the slow down message this morning- if nothing more than just to slow down my reactions and my emotions espically. Grace is definitely the word of the day.
    Thanks for this : )

    • I have been there – burned egg and all. I have found that getting up a bit earlier so that I have quiet time for myself before my family is awake helps me to prioritize and be in a good spot for the morning hustle. 🙂

  4. Oh Jessica, I needed this today! I became impatient and rushed my 7-year old, who was in tears, out the door to school. Her room was a mess, I couldn’t find any clean leggings, and she was crying because she had to wear jeans. I was really aggravated with myself, for not getting all of the laundry done yesterday, for not making sure her room was picked up and clothes put away before bedtime, for taking my frustrations out on my sweet girl when it was really my fault. She felt awful. I felt really awful. I found myself wishing I had a reset button. I know I should have just taken a breath, counted to 10, and reminded myself that nothing that happened this morning was really that “big” and that we were all going to be okay, but instead, I got caught up in the hurry of getting out the door and missed an opportunity to show her patience, grace, and love. Feeling really grateful for God’s patience with me this morning… and this post, which I am sure I didn’t stumble upon by coincidence!

    • I know you post convicts me of how insensitive i can be. Gosh, my mom was complaining about me taking out the trash, bc “she has a certain way” and ‘she wants to do it’ well i just couldnt understand why someone would turn down free help. I did it anyway..only to b followed by a really stupid arguement. Even know im thinking why would your daughter cry about wearing jeans, and thats bc im not God and everyones concerns are important to Him, even if its not important to us. Im learning how i relate to God is how i relate to others. I need to not stress little things and remember whats minor to me may be major to another

      • And now I’m feeling convicted because sometimes I am the mom that gets aggravated because I want things done a certain way… LOL (Especially how the dishwasher is loaded…. when I really should be thankful that someone else is helping out!!! Haha!) I think we can all be a little insensitive sometimes… like with this morning, I can’t understand my daughter doesn’t like to wear jeans, because I love them, but like you said, we are all different and thankfully God understands and loves us all despite our differences. I love what you said about what is minor to you might be major to others. I think we all need that reminder sometimes! 🙂

        • So many good things in this thread. Grace, grace, grace. Deep breaths. Remembering how blessed we are. There is freedom found in letting go. That is the lesson I am learning again and again. The house doesn’t have to be perfect. The clothes don’t have to be perfect. Let’s just love one another well and be thankful, yes? A reminder I need today and every day. We are all in this together.

  5. My new book…’internal conversations in the check-out lane/line” oh the dialogue. I didnt expect how this turned out..i thought you were going say something about the cashier. But i deal with this issue on the regular esp with my mom who i halfway look after..its frustating and then God deals with me later about my actions or anger at her behavior. Not saying you should get a different lane next time but sometimes He’s dealing with me more than ‘slowness’ of the other person

  6. oh, my; this sounds so real and so like me. I guess I needed to be reminded that the important time is God’s time, and to look to Him at all times.

  7. Yes, all the time! I tried to close my eyes (if I can) and focus on the moment. What really matters? Is it a moral issue? Is it a Jesus issue? Usually its not… and to pray without stopping all the time.

  8. I had an extremely similar grocery store lesson in patience only last week! It involved a busted jar of spaghetti sauce 😉 God is so good to show us grace when we feel like expressing it least. I am so thankful for the daily reminders of His love.

  9. Oh my yes do I find myself inpatient. In similar ways.
    And it’s not pretty. That is always how I come out of it, feeling just gross and knowing I fell short. I should know better, I could be a lot better. But it’s okay, I am learning and try to love instead of being inpatient.

  10. This so hit home for me because something similar happened to me and my son was with me. That did not make it any better when he explained to me that I needed to be nicer as we never know what is going on in other peoples lives. As we hit the road and I was impatient again as we were running late and again he reminded me that God must have a reason why there was a delay on the road. Sure enough we would have been caught in a deadly accident had we been on the road just 5 minutes earlier. So… my son is my gentle reminder as God uses him daily to keep me in line..Thanks for posting this though to remind us that God has patience with us and gives us grace daily so if we want to be like Christ we need to also do the same 🙂

  11. I like to take my time. I like to think things out and through and through. I do not like to rush through things or else I will make mistakes. If I manage to slow down and think things through the next time I do it, it will be better and I will not make as many mistakes.

    Life is about just slowing down and doing nothing much but enjoy life in itself. We are to enjoy the moments the LORD gives us to see the beauty of HIS creation and enjoy HIS saints or not. There is so little time in a day to enjoy yourself. I do not like to hurry. I love to enjoy life.

    Patience. I have lots of it. I can wait. Waiting and slowing down is good so that less mistakes are made.

    That’s a lot of milk.

    Slowing down also helps us keep healthy. We are healthier if we slow down.

  12. Last month, a beautiful sunrise was breaking over the river while my husband and I drove to work. He wanted to enjoy it with me, so he took the river road to work, slowly manuevering for the best views. And I, instead of enjoying the time with him, grew more and more irritable because all I could think of was the work I had to do, deadlines I had to meet, how we were going to be “late” (if only by a couple of minutes). I snipped at him, and immediately regretted it. My impatience cost me what could have been a special moment in a busy day.

    This week, another beautiful sunrise broke over the river on our way to work. This time, I asked him to stop by a nearby park that is on the river so we could look and I could take a couple of pictures. He did, happily. And when we got to work, he pulled around so I could take another picture, as the sunrise had only gotten brighter and more beautiful. The day wasn’t less busy, the deadlines weren’t less looming, but my attitude was better. And so was the moment.

  13. I’ve been moved this week reading John 1 and the way that Jesus noticed Nathanael before he called him to be a disciple. We walk past so many people every day and don’t take the time to really look at them or talk to them. It seems to always be the people with “the little jobs” that we ignore. Love this reminder to give grace to your cashier. How different would the world be if we started talking to the cashiers, the valets, and the bellhops in the world?

  14. A thousand times yes! Every time I try to hurry my kids I need to think about this. I’ve tried to be better about rushing them and taking our time…

    Thanks for this reminder.

  15. Your question at the end about slowing down and living in the moment got me thinking. When confronted with situations that test my patience, I want to “stop, look, and listen.” ( I thought this might be easy to apply, since it’s a mantra we all know from school safety lessons!) I want to STOP and check in with the God. “What would you have me do, Lord?” Next, I’ll LOOK for someone who might need a smile or kind word, i.e. “What a pretty sweater you’re wearing!” And I’ll LISTEN to the comments of others–try to be empathetic and encouraging. If I’m focused on being a blessing, I won’t be drawn into stress and frustration. Easier said than done, I know. God, help me!

  16. What a nice story. I have to remind myself to slow down all of the time. If I rush I end up doing something incorrectly and have to double back and do it again defeating the purpose of rushing. As for the grocery store line I tend to rush since I don’t want to be “that person” holding up the line. However I waited just as long as the people behind me and I have waited for “that person” at some point in my life so it is only fair that I remember all of my items and coupons, and if I have an issue to speak up! The others need to SLOW DOWN too! 🙂

  17. Something similar happened to me once! That evening, it seemed like no one in the store knew where my needed item was. Grrrrr! I asked employee after employee, and I felt myself getting worked up. When I finally found what I needed, the cashier was so pokey! That’s when I decided to s-l-o-w down, deciding that my mood wasn’t helping anyone. I picked up a magazine and looked through it. The next thing I heard was a beautiful, soooothing male voice. The cashier’s. “Ma’am? We’re just waitin’ on you.” I still want to laugh when I think about it!

  18. This is soo me. I have little patience. It can be tough when you want things done a certain way, feel rushed, tired or dealing with aging parents.

    My biggest problem is wanting groceries bagged MY WAY & the dishwasher loaded MY WAY! 🙂 Also if I must rush to work, or doing errands I can get testy. I must learn to extend grace, grace, grace to others and realize that they may be going through some rough, tough problems.

    Thanks for a great reminder to slow down and extend grace, peace! 🙂

  19. Oh heck yes!! Whenever I’m in a rush no one else is, and I hit every red light. I also normally forget something important if I’m in a rush leaving the house. I try to go through a mental check list and remind myself being on time isn’t always worth it if I might forget something vital or drive like a mad women getting there. Ideally I try to leave margin in my day-to-day to avoid rushing but the ideal isn’t always possible with two kids, a dog and husband :). I love how your drive home was awesome despite arriving late :). Great post!

  20. Ah the joys of having milk and cheese with no problems!! Enjoy that my friend.

    But I loved the lesson here. My target has a guy that has down syndrome, which makes things go twice as long but I don’t mind because I am thankful he can work. My brother is special needs but he will never be able to get a job on his own. And your right. Life isn’t going to fall apart because your 10, 20 or even 30 mins late. It happens, enjoy what happens.