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Brandy Bruce is a mom to two adorable children; she's also a wife, a book editor, a writer, and someone who really loves dessert.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Yes, I can relate so well to the disturbances and the unmet plans. And like you, I know that those projects and those dinner parties aren’t truly what it’s all about. It’s about being in Him, expecting Him, working on the Jesus Project after all! Thank you dear sister in Christ for your inspirational word!

  2. I love your point about looking for joy in the simple things. It goes right along with my gratitude list. Bless you and your words today.

  3. Yes, we have to cling to the little things. Thank you for the reminder. God has shaken up my life and turned it upside down. I loved my plans, but He is the ultimate Planner.

    • EXACTLY what I needed to hear today, right in this moment. Can’t thank God enough for sharing through you. I love it when He reveals Himself in these ways.

  4. Brandy,
    Love this: “That’s why faith isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. But it’s worth it.” Yes! Thank you so much for sharing your words today!

  5. You had me from the title…my life, all of it, as been “not what I’d planned.”

    And yet…full of blessings, even in the hard times.Especially in the hard times.

    It’s so easy to TELL someone to just “have faith” that it will all work out. It’s way harder to “have faith” when you just don’t understand.

    After the birth of our first child nearly 28 years ago (he was born with Down Syndrome), I had a “Jesus, Take the Wheel” moment. Turns out, that philosophy works for every area of my life. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your heart today.

  6. Amen. I love how you said it wasn’t the season you expected. I am there too. God bless you!

  7. Yeah, so many things didnt go as planned for me. I struggled for a long time then i realized this is what ive been dealt. Better make the best of it. Nothing i can do. Life goes on.

  8. Last year my daughter got engaged and married her beloved 3 months later. My hopes and dreams of planning my daughter’s wedding were nothing like I had expected…. “And I realized something — God had known all along that it wasn’t going to be the season I was envisioning.” There was so much stress and anxiety, fueled by lack of money,my daughter did everything herself and I was left out of most of the planning. I was so hurt. But God was always there and “He was waiting for me to surrender that over to Him and roll with what had happened. It was time for me to let go of the disappointment and frustration and cling to what He was offering: an abundant life, rest for the weary, fresh mercy, hope for the brokenhearted.” AMEN! And when I did that HE FILLED me with HIS LOVE. It was incredible and out of that moment, I could just love on my daughter…it changed everything.

  9. Thanks for sharing your heart Brandy. I felt this way so much lately in the home, raising our kids. Daily, I have to draw upon His strength and surrender my agenda (which I love to hold tight to).

    I love your line about God being unpredictable. I’m reminded of the verse in Proverbs that says “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines His steps.”

    You are balancing a lot and doing an amazing job at it! xoxo

  10. Love this….it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the big picture and the stress of all we have weighing on us. But it’s amazing how, when I spend time recognizing the ‘small’ gifts and things I often overlook, I’m reminded of how faithful God is, even if I may not be able to understand why He’s orchestrating things as he is. Thanks for the reminder, Brandy!

  11. What a beautiful post. I am in such a season; one that began with my mom in and out of the hospital starting in September and ending the year with me and my boys being sick–everything from pneumonia, to strep, to bronchitis, infections, and all the lovely symptoms that go with it. I’m down an employee at my non-profit job; there’s just too much to do and feelings of being overwhelmed can drown me. How good to reminded of the faithfulness of our loving God!

  12. What a beautifully transparent and redeeming post. A friend forwarded it to me. I can relate to so many of the comments and trials you have ALL shared.

    But this comment, Brandy, that you shared is something I have to RE-learn over and over and over again…through every season of my life. (though once I was young and now I am old)Through all the seasons of my “kids'” lives. (They are grown with their own families now.)

    This is what you shared that resonates with my soul: And that is what He wants. For us to be STILL before Him. He is there waiting. Always waiting for His Beloved!

  13. I certaintanly empathize with so Many of your words. we seem to go through different seasons, and as soon as we pass through one affliction; it seems as if we are faced with yet another trial .
    I have been a Christian a long time, and really do try to stand firm on the word of God. but, it does really bring comfort knowing that we are not alone , of course we have Jesus, but, our sisters, such as all of you: are such a blessing and encouragement to me , particularly when you are alone or isolated . thank you

  14. Life has so many twists and turns, none of which is a surprise to God, yet so quickly can upset my “plans.” My prayer, as a result, is to be always in step with the Spirit, in hopes of being less entrenched in my own agenda and more able to embrace what He has in store. Whether or not I find it convenient, God has ordained (or permitted) that it will be good for me. Thanks for your words — I needed to remember this today!

  15. You’re right, Brandy. Stillness, prayer, and a cup of coffee do make a difference! I’m also helped by turning my mind to praise when I catch myself focusing on the negative. Keeping a blessings journal has also been a positive influence in my life.

    As for God’s surprises, I think he likes to keep us on our toes and keep our faith fresh! Becoming too comfortable might lead to laziness. And as uncomfortable as his unpredictability can be, I don’t want to become apathathetic.

  16. Brandy,

    Yes yes yes. Life can take many twists and turns. I have had a few of my own.

    My job of 6 years suddenly changed and not in the direction I thought it should. I was mad at first, very frustrated. Over time I prayed about it asking God to show me the good in my position. I also have a thankful journal, rather large main list, and add to it daily. This helps me keep perspective on what is truly important!

    Sometimes I feel that God sometimes intentionally slows us down or allows interruptions to our plans to get out attention and make us bring our focus back to Him!

    God Bless 🙂