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Jessica Leigh Hoover is a wife, mama, writer and grace lover. She lives in the hills of North Carolina where she writes and serves with her husband training and sending overseas workers. She loves {hot or iced and always sweet} tea, and heaps of good conversation. She blogs about her...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Oh my goodness! Tears! Beautifully written!! Thank you for this reminder and the encouragement to keep making art.

  2. Just Wednesday after the MOPS meeting, I had a hymn sing at the top of my lungs while I was holding a kicking, screaming, hitting, head bashing 2 year old child melting before my very eyes. I’m not even certain why he was having a temper tantrum. I think it works rather well; I’m singing praises while he is melting. Just one of the ways to give thanks when you don’t feel like it. 🙂

    • Grateful to know I’m not the only one that sees this as a valid parenting strategy. Oh and the tantrums? What are they EVER about? Glad to be practicing (and it is practice isn’t it?) creative mothering alongside you!

  3. This is the first time I read your in couragement…I need to do it more often. I. Loved. It. Thanks !

  4. This is a beautiful post. I’m sending it to my daughter and daughter-in- law, to help encourage them that they are right where God wants them, and HE is making His art through their lives. BTW…I’m printing out a copy for myself as well to remind me that even though my “in-home” mothering days a over…many new and exciting adventures await as a Gramma, and and encourager to the generation behind me. Thank you for your well written words.

    • Jan, thanks for inspiring a younger artist with your love for your family. I hope they are blessed by my words. Oh and what a lucky brood of grandkids you have. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  5. Love your honesty, Jessica. Before Netflix there was PBS Kids. I had 3 boys in less than 3 years, and it was a glorious day when they learned how to turn on the TV 5:30 a.m. : )

    • Ah yes, PBS Kids. I’m a fan, but my t.v. is not a fan of picking up channels, lol. So we settle for netflix and watch PBS Kids shows on it. And all the mamas of littles said “Amen.”

  6. Yes, I am guilty of worshipping my to-do list and check-marks more than worshipping the God who made me and my children and the other things that prompt that to-do list. I get it backwards so often. Thankfully, God is patient and merciful and is reminding me a lot of late that my perspective needs to change. Thank you!

    • He is so patient and forgiving. I find that I have to cling to that in so many moments and extend it to myself and my daughter. We are together in the fight mama-sister!

  7. Absolutely beautiful post! You have captured the heart and the art of motherhood through the picture you paint with your words. You have made me proud to be a mom even in the hardest of days. I have faith that God is working all things for good even in my moments of epic failures as a mom! Blessings!

  8. Women who raise children in this time have a tough tough job. It’s easy for most people to either change or quit a job they don’t like. Not so with mothers and fathers.

    Raising a child requires sacrifice and effort. Only God knows how that masterpiece will turn out. You do the work, pray hard, and watch God multiply your efforts.

    God bless you all mothers and fathers. You are raising the next generation of scientists, poets, writers, cooks, moms, dads, preachers, etc. Keep up the good work!

  9. Oh my goodness! Accidentally came upon this blog tonight. A new mom of 4 months who was a professional musician. I’ve struggled sooo much with being in love with my precious daughter, but simultaneously resentful that my art career feels like its over. I had tears in my eyes reading this. Thank you.

    • Sister, you are not the only one who has struggled in this way. We have much art to live and create ahead of us as women and mothers. Glad that you were blessed and I can’t wait to see what you make out of your mama calling and life- or rather what you and God make together.