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  1. I have so many things to be thankful for. For now I will say I am thankful for my home and my family. I have been blessed with so much.
    Right now I am challenged by being a parent to two teenagers. In particular, my son who is 16 and is going through a difficult time at the moment emotionally. He is very dear to me and it is breaking my heart to see him struggling. He has a strong faith – please pray that this will contiue to grow. Thank you. x

    • I am thankful to God for loving me.
      Julie, when my husband left , my boys were 18 and 20 and were going through a very difficult time. My mother’s heart was broken to see them hurting. I prayed and I saw the love outpouring from God’s heart, and I heard the Lord say, ” I love your boys even more than you do. I have them in the palms of my hands.” Know that God loves you and imagine how much more God loves your son. Place him in the mighty hands of God and see the beauty of God’s love for your son.

  2. I am so thankful for my loving husband and beautiful four month old daughter. My husband and I have been through so much since we got married a year and a half ago, but we are walking through it together and learning how to love one another even more so. I am feeling challenged right now in the area of church. My husband and I both have been at the same church for the past few years (me for almost five years) and, while we love the sound teaching, our community has faded quite a bit and we both came to the realization that we do not want to raise our little girl there. (It is a great church- just a little heavy handed at times and the direction they are going is where we are not necessarily on the same page with them.) Please pray for community in our family’s life- that we would find a church where we can feel connected and can serve joyfully. Julie- praying for Jesus to draw even nearer to your son as He promises to comfort the brokenhearted. Praying that you can be a light to your son and life giving during a difficult season for him. Also, praying that you would feel peace in God’s comfort and care for your son. In Jesus name, amen.

    • M,

      Prayers for a wonderful church family that you will love and have the teaching you want.


      Pleased help M and her family find the right church family. One that will love them and give them sound teaching. Surround them with your love during this search.

  3. It is not thanks giving here in New Zealand but I am very thankful to HIM for standing by me for making me feel closer to HIM again. I am thankful for my 3 beautiful children and my husband. I would ask that you pray for a job I am applying for that I may be successful and for my parents who are having immense financial trouble in their older age. May God take care of them, provide continue to provide a roof over their heads, clothes and food and that He will mend their broken spirit. Their faith has not faltered, I pray that the people of their church, their friends and people surrounding them will be Jesus like support and love them and that ultimately everything will be ok for them. I will pray for the comment before mine xx

    • Jasmine,

      Prayers for your aging parents. May God bless you with the right job at the right time and place where He wants you.

      Loving God,

      Please help Jasmine with her job search. You know her best and where she will fit in. She has applied for a job and if this is your will for her, then allow her to get the job.

      Also in your loving kindness help her parents with their financial situation. Shower them with mercy and show them the love and care you have for them. Allow them to see your loving kindness in acts of love from others. Help them to keep the faith and never falter like Job!

  4. I am so thankful for my wonderful daughter who worked so hard to throw a surprise bridal shower for me (though I insisted I didn’t want one). I was so touched by my friends who attended who have held my hand when I walked a broken road and now rejoice with me in my gladness. Truly thankful for friends and family. My continuing prayer is for my son who has taken a step back from God and who does not have a relationship with his Savior. I know, Lord, that you are able to do immeasurably more than all we ever ask or imagine so I pray that my son would return to your loving arms. Praying for “M” above that you would find a church home where you feel a real sense of community and the love of God poured out upon you and your family!! God is faithful, He will bring you home.

    • Jasmine,
      Your post came in before I finished my post…praying for you and the concerns upon your heart. Our God is the God who Knows and He knows your prayers and will honor your requests before Him. I pray alongside you that His will be done in your life and in the lives of your family! God bless you,

  5. M I pray that your family will find a communit and church that you can serve Jesus joyfully. I pray God will lead you to where you need to be and for your closeness with each other and for your beautiful baby daughter. God please hear my prayer for M and her family, be with them, keep them safe. In Jesus’ name Amen.

  6. It seems we posted at the same time Bev! I pray for you too Bev that your son will find his way back to The Lord. God never leaves us Bev even we are out of step with him. God be with him, keep him safe and I pray he will walk with you Father oh beautiful holy one. Amen.

  7. I am thankful that God led me to pastor a little tiny church. They are so supportive, appreciative and accepting of me. I pray for my two grown children, that they will find their path in life and be fulfilled. Jasmine, it’s so important to find the right church family and I pray for that for you. Bev, I pray that your son will eventually follow your example and find his way back to Christ.

  8. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and two wonderful daughters, and I am so thankful. He is always graceful to me. And for this I am also thankful. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. And I want to thank Him. I am trying so hard to regain my relationship with the Lord. I am feeling closer to Him now, after suffering a spiritual drought that I acknowledge as my fault. I am praying for renewal and continued growth. I am praying for my husband and strength in our relationship. I pray for my daughters and their continued spiritual growth. Helen. I pray for you and your family. I pray for you as a mother; I pray for you as a spiritual leader.

    • Rose, I prayed for you, that you will continue to walk with God. It is so good to know that even when we are not faithful, that He is. I also prayed for your mother.

  9. I am so thankful for my husband and the the life that the Lord has helped us build together over the last 37 years. Pray for me as I continue to adjust to life as an empty-nester and for our 4 children to follow hard after God. I am working hard to replace worry with worship and fear with gratitude as we look to the future.

    • Laurie,

      Praying God shows you the way through this dark time.

      Lord Jesus,

      Guide Laurie through this dark trail. You never said we wouldn’t have trials and tribulations. Show her how to lean on you more and more and with your loving hands help her out of this darkness.

  10. Thanking (in)courage for your ministry. Thanking God for His blessings however small in my life. My mom, brother & wife, kids, granddaughter, friends… May they be blessed and hugged by Jesus in the upcoming holidays. Last year we lost my nephew, only 19 and this past February, my dad at 79. So so tough on family during holidays. Praising God with the angels though, that they are rejoicing in heaven at His feet and send hugs to us on earth to know God is with us. Those are my prayers. Do ask for personal prayer: for all that suffer from migraines and headaches.

    • Lord- I lift Michele to you and all her family. As the recent loss of loved ones is still so fresh, please surround them all with your loving embrace. Replace heaviness with gladness and mourning with rejoicing.. You are a Healer Lord. I ask that your healing hand touch Michele’s head- offering relief of migraines & headaches. Allow thoughts to be clear and moments received without pain lurking. Remove any fear or worry that stirs these symptoms to come. Bring faith, hope & love. In Jesus name… Amen.

    • Michele,

      Prayers for your whole family as they navigate the holidays without loved ones. It can be such a hard hard time. I pray that you will remember the good times you had with them. Just know that God has plans for everyone–even if they don’t make sense.


      Please help Michele and her family through the holidays. It is such a tough time for them with the loss of a niece/daughter/sister and their father shortly afterward. Help the mother, especially, cope with family and friends. Shower them with your love and tenderness. Help them to not be alone, but to rejoice in your birth and lean on you for encouragement.

      Also help Michele with her migraines and headaches. Shower her with your healing hand.

  11. Thanking God for all the glimpses of His glory this morning. From vibrant children to a warm home with plenty of food to eat. Watching the sun peek up through the golden colored tree tops and having THIS beautiful moment of quiet time.

    Feeling worn down after nights of sleeplessness. My littlest (Brooklyn) has a cold/ear infection. We’ve down antibiotics, lots of rocking and kisses and waiting… Asking God for sweet mercy. For His healing hand to touch her and all of us. Keeping us protected from the fall/winter crud of colds & illness. Health Lord- send your Healing hand!!

  12. Praying for you Tricia for healing on your sweet one’s body and a covering from colds and sickness this winter! So thankful for my family and little one this morning-for snuggles, little toes, and a peaceful sabbath morning. Asking for prayer over a baby shower today-for his hand to be on it, for our family to be a blessing and a light in service.

  13. Tricia – Praying for your sweet Brooklyn.

    Please pray for my husband and I as we struggle with infertility. Please pray that our prayers will be answered during this time of waiting. Please pray for comfort and peace for us as we come up on this holiday season which is really difficult for us. We miscarried our first baby after 4 years of trying a couple months ago so this time of the year we are coming up on is really hard for us.

    • Shawnda, I could feel the pain expressed in your request. I know that more than anything, you and your husband want to know the wonder of having a child together. I know that God is in this with you. I pray that he will bless you and your husband with hearts filled with faith that He will provide every need.
      To help you through this season, perhaps you and your husband could honor the baby you lost by helping make Christmas wondrous for a family with little ones who are in need.
      God bless you with His Joy.

  14. Praying Shawnda. I know waiting on something can be so desperately hard. Praying for myself and God direction and peace for restoration. However He sees fit to bring it.

  15. Dear Father in Heaven,
    Please be with Shawnda and her husband as they grieve the loss of this baby. Please bring the child into their lives IN YOUR TIME that will honor You in his or her life because of their parenting. Please make their Christmas about the Christ Child who came into our world to give us salvation and peace. In Jesus name, Amen.

    We pray for the waitress when we go out to eat. Pray for Jordan who served my husband, our friends and myself last night.

    Also, please pray for my journey as a caregiver for my husband who has dementia and walking difficulties. The walking is improving, but he is going into a hallucination stage now and I need wisdom for how to handle this. Will be blogging about this. Also pray for my counseling dissertation on being a caregiver–a situation I am living out. Pray that I accept the road ahead, bear the burden than He has given me with His strength.

  16. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that you will bring daily courage to Carol. Losing a loved one to dementia is a heartbreaking experience. I pray that you fill her heart with love and peace and she so unselfishly loves and provides for her husband.
    Lord, I am so thankful for my husband. During all of our struggles he has been such a gift. We have so many challenges right now but my biggest heartache is seeing my husband go everyday to a job he hates. He goes because I currently don’t have a job and we need the money, however little it is. Financial stability is our stress and struggle.

    • Leanny, I have been where you are. God did deliver us from our financial burdens eventually but not at all in the way we expected. Trust God to take this battle of yours and deal with it on his terms. Surrender every thing in your life to him; trust that if He has a plan for you, no matter how this is resolved, you and your husband will feel blessed from it knowing it is His will.
      One thing I learned to help my husband was to deliberately, every day ask God to help me honor HIm and honor my husband. Your husband will be blessed by any efforts given by you to make his life better.
      God bless you both. Thankfully, financial problems are your main concern. That in itself is a blessing.

  17. Oh, Lord, how I praise Your Name! Your grace alone saves me! I am so blessed! I always feel your presence. But, oh how I long for your arms to hold me. My marriage is so painful. You, Lord, have changed me, but I relentlessly pray for my husband, who suffers from great pride and shows so much disrespect. Although I only feel like his caregiver, I continue to stay with him for You, Lord Jesus. For I know You have great plans for me. And I humbly go to my knees and give thanks.

    Sweet Lord, I ask that you take any worries or concerns for Leanney’s and my financial status. We trust in You and surrender to Your ways. You are amazing and all-powerful! Please bless us more with trust, faith, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude and love. In Jesus’ sweet name, AMEN!

  18. Praying for provision and opportunity for Leanney and her husband. Lord, open up a door of opportunity for her husband that will provide for their needs financially and that will use his gifts and talents to glorify You. I pray that You will open up a door to something that he can be passionate about and look forward to doing every day. If not, I pray that he will be content no matter the circumstances and find peace and joy every day!

    I am so thankful for God’s presence in my life, for his Word that sustains me, and his Son that died for me!

    I suffer with chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease, and we just can not get it under control. I’m also having some other health issues. It seems to never end. I am called by God to minister to those with chronic pain, and I am trying to get a website up and going, and eventually write a book. It is so difficult to press through in getting my ministry up and going when I never feel good and my medicine makes me sleepy. Please pray for healing, wisdom, favor, and encouragement in the days ahead. Thank you so much!

    • Lord I lift Becky up in prayer. Surround her with your peace and mighty touch. Comfort Becky in her pain and heal her with your unfailing love. She longs to give to others who suffer with pain in the midst of her own pain. Bless her Lord with sustenance. Surround her with support. Let her walk and not grow weary, run and not grow faint.
      Praise you Lord Jesus for your strength is sufficient for Becky! Amen

  19. I am so thankful that I found the Lord and asked Him into my heart so many years ago. He has has shown His mercy and love for me over and over again.”Prayer changes things.” I learned that at an early age when I lost my Father suddenly at the age of 14 of a violent crime. He can heal.
    I have recently become a volunteer for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association answering emails from all over the world. Please keep me in your prayers as the Lord guides me as to what to say to the so many people seeking Him. Your group has been a great inspiration for me. Thank you for all you do to bring the women in Christ together and strengthen us.

    Blessings, Jan

  20. Ipray for financial peace and the perfect job.
    I am taking a brave step for me and taking part in Novel writing month. The aim is to write a 50,000 novel in November. please pray I keep going, manage to fit writing in around home schooling and everything else. And that get the novel, have been thinking of for 2 years actually written!
    Thank you.

    • Abba, daddy I pray for my sister Amy I pray that you would order her steps for the purpose and the plans you have placed before her. Lord order her steps that it may bring you glory and honor but lord give her a plan let the Holy Spirit give her creative ways to accomplish this desire that you have placed in her and then she will see your plans come to pass. Father be her provider and give her you perfect peace as only you give. I thank you that you are able to do above and beyond more than we can ask or think. Amen!

  21. Father. I come to thank you for your goodness and mercy. Please Lord touch Leanney and her husband heart and soul today, so they may know that your grace is sufficient and your plan is in place to relieve their financial struggles. I’m asking for you to continue to bless their lives. My concerns are similar, the financial strains to pay my son’s tuition for the upcoming quarter is weighing down on me. I’m putting this worry at the altar and leaving it there. Thank you Lord. Praise the Lord for working it out as I know you will.

  22. Precious Lord , creator, healer, counselor, husband,
    I pray for Suzie. Bless her Lord in the way that only you can. Show her that you fill her, you love her, you alone can satisfy the longing in her heart. Show her Jesus that you know her pain show her that you hear her prayer. Oh Jesus reveal yourself to her husband. Thank you Lord that you know and love us so well amen

  23. Precious Jesus give my daughter life, hope and a new heart.
    My daughter is being placed in a residential care facility for her struggle with self harm and suicidal thoughts. She is 13.

    • Joan, my heart aches for you as a mother. I can only imagine how very hard it has been for you to love your daughter more than life itself and watch her growing pain and distress.
      I pray that God will just envelope your daughter in his love. I pray that in therapy and in a place for healing she will receive comfort and real peace through God’s Holy Spirit. I pray that every person who touches her life will impact her in a way that leads to real healing of her inner pain and troubled mind.
      May you, too, receive all that you need as her mother to understand her process of healing. And may God bless you with a calmness and assurance that he is in control. Love and peace to you, Joan.

    • Oh Lord I lift up Joan and her precious daughter to you. God you are the healer of our body, minds and spirit. May you grant wisdom to those who will care for Joan’s daughter – that they lovingly and wisely care for her. You accomplish you work in and through believers and non-believers and Lord your plan is perfect. I pray for a supernatural healing and the strongholds to be broken. I lift up Joan whose heart as a mother is hurting and broken also – Father you know all the precious hopes in her heart. Guide Joan and her little one, strengthen them both and grant them your peace. In Jesus’ Name.

      • Father in heaven you know the pain that Joan is going through. Lord you know that I have walked in this pain also for many years. Lord bless our daughters with your cleansing blood. wash over them with your grace and mercy. Bring their thoughts and minds captive to your Lord! I pray against the enemy of lies and this broken world. May all ties be broken and your well spring of truth rein true in their lives! Help them Lord to trust you again Jesus. Heal their hearts, bless their souls. Give Joan’s daughter the care she needs as she is hospitalized. Give their family wisdom and strength to find a good mental health provider who her daughter can trust and rely on for health. Give her the desire to live a full life and to love and trust her mother. Heal their relationship and bind them together. Lord I pray a miracle for this girl. Her name is written in your book. Sustain Joan as this can be a heart wrenching battle. Give her wisdom and friends to sustain her. Give her direction in walking this fine line of parenting, guiding and loving. Let her know that she is not alone! Let Joan know that you never leave her or forsake her. Be Strong and brave. Don’t be afraid..for the lord your god is with you. He will not leave you or forget you. Deut. 31:6

  24. I am so thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me & my family this year. My husband & I are expecting our first child in December! I am 34 weeks now & ask that you pray with me for the weeks remaining in my 3rd trimester & that when the time of baby’s arrival comes I will have a positive birth experience.

  25. Pray that I will be faithful to the Lord and that my faith will be streghten more and more each day even as the trails come for growth is necessary and pray that I keep fresh manna not yesterdays word but today. Also pray I find a job been out of work for 5yrs and I need to take a step of faith. Thank you

  26. Father. I pray for your kingdom to come in our daughter & 2 grandsons lives & your will be done. And I am in agreement with Angela for her sons tuition to be paid Lord you are the supplier for All of our needs in Jesus name. Amen. Also praying for our grandson believing for transportation & living arrangements for college (been borrowing our car) God will provide. Thank you Jesus for all these Precious Women of God. Bless them Lord & keep them safe. thank you (in) courage team You are truly a Blessing in my life.

  27. I am thankful for Laura Story music on my CD player sent to me by my daughter. I am challenged by two sons going through very rocky marriages. Please pray they find their way through and that my grand children remain emotionally safe.

  28. I am thankful for a God who never deserts me.

    I would appreciate prayer for restoration of the relationship with my husband. Things have been rocky for a very long time.

  29. Please pray for my family, for healing and peace and reconciliation, for little hearts to be protected from all of this, and that God would help me to forgive even now while things are still unresolved. Pray for a mama soon to give birth and close relatives who will not be allowed to be there. For a heart of stone to be made into a heart of flesh.

  30. I am thankful for my family but pray for Peace in it also. Please pray that I can find a wonderful job to support my 5 year old granddaughter Simone that I am raising. Also please patience and guidance as I start over as a 58 year old mother. Thank you and blessings—Barb

  31. Lord, I just want to pray for all of these beautiful ladies and their loved ones. Please be healer, lover, provider, teacher, friend and companion to all experiencing loss, heartache, health issues and disappointments. I ask that you shower them all with wellness, strength, your love and hope and turn any hearts that might be lost or seeking your presence to you. I pray that they see your bright and beautiful light and that they follow in your perfect will for their lives. Thank you God for your continued love and for all your blessings. In Jesus’s loving name, Amen.

  32. Stacey I will pray for the restoration of your marriage. I am thankful for my family. I am challenged by mental health issues of my adult daughter. Please pray for her.

  33. I’m thankful for my husband and our 2 kids and the comfortable life we have. I know many people who don’t have this and struggle daily.

    I ask for prayers that we find our way back to church. We started going to a new church this summer and haven’t hit a balance yet with attendance. We need church.

    • Barb ,
      What a wonderful gramma you are,
      I’m sorry that i missed your request.

      I pray that everything will work out for you while you are raising your grand daughter and that everything falls in to place.

      blessings to you both,


  34. My prayer that Lindsey has a safe and healthy delivery and that she and her husband are able to enjoy many years of happiness together with their baby.

    I have many people in my life that I am thankful for. Each of them touch my heart in their own special way.

    My request is for my dad who is struggling to eat and maintain his strength.



  35. For Yvette – I will pray for you and your wonderful daughter. God is so faithful and good. I trust that He will bring surprising blessings into your lives, healing to your spirits. For all who commented on today’s theme, I ask God to bless you all and help with your individual circumstances. Please pray for me to gain new understanding of my family member’s struggles with past disappointments. I thank each of you.

  36. I’m grateful for the time change to get another hour rest, for the beautiful sunrise and for getting to go to Church yet again at 8 a.m. I am going thru a very nasty at times, contested divorce, it started 7/30/12 and should come to an end in two weeks, but as trails go, it might not. Please pray for me, my two young children, soon to be 6 and 8, and for their Father, that he and I can do this with the upmost spiritual integrity. I can’t change my past but I can continue to change my future, and to continue to learn that I can’t change anyone else except myself. But that I can at least educate my children in the best spiritual way possible. I pray for Barb W. that you find a wonderful job, for Kimmie that you find a church to gives you peace. Happy All Saints Day to all of us who’ve had loved ones pass on to eternal life. Happy Sunday everyone!!!

  37. My heart is grateful today for this website where women can open their hearts in need and receive blessings from one another. Sharing deepest feelings with other women of faith is such a blessing to my heart and soul.
    I miss having close women friends nearby for just such conversations as these. We live in a new area and have not found a church or made good friendships. I ask for prayers for those two things…church and friendship.
    Kimmie, it sounds like your family might have a similar need of regular church attendance. I pray that God will inspire and encourage your family to make church a higher priority in your life. I pray that there will be special blessings that come your way to encourage your family to want to go. Bless you.

  38. Kimmie I’m praying for you to find your way back home to church. My son and his wife and my 2 grandkids in Mpls have been going through the same thing. I think they are finally on their path again. They found a church they really feel at home with. I pray the same for you and your family.
    I am struggling with a “possible” diagnosis of ALS. It’s only a “possible” diagnosis and I pray that God restores my health and I can continue to teach art class to first through eighth grade. I pray that God gives me strength to get through the anxiety of the scariness. I struggling not to feel depressed as I’ve always been a happy, upbeat person. So I pray for strength for that. I’m so thankful for my loving family…my husband, 4 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws and 3 grandkids. I’m thankful for my sister and my friends and all my school faculty supporting me. God is good! Keep my faith strong as you hold your life in the palm of your hand.

  39. Please pray that my relocation to a new job hundreds of miles away from my family will go well and that one of the few apartments that I saw in person will have a vacancy soon. I have so many emotions and doubts/fears about relocating. Please pray for me during this tough time of transition and a mix of excitement. Thank you.

  40. Lord, I pray You will grant Mary a deeper understanding of her family members’ struggle with various disappointments. Give her the wisdom to pray for and minister to them. Amen.

    I am thankful for friends who love and care for me and my family. Thankful that my dad pulled through a 5-hour operation and is recovering well.

    Please pray for me to be able to make sense of my current struggles, and to know and see God’s hand at work in the midst of my confusion and darkness. Thank you.

  41. Long to serve in a full time ministry position. Anxiously awaiting answers to prayers in this area. Please pray that God would give me the desires of my heart and guide my steps and equip me for all that He has.

  42. Stacy – I’m praying that God will heal your marriage, renew your love for each other, and remove anything that Satan would try to wedge between you and your husband. I pray that He brings a godly couple who has been there and made it through into your lives as mentors. And I pray that He keeps your faith in Him strong and that He shows you how loved you are.

  43. My husband’s job is moving out of state, but we’d like to stay here in VA at least till our youngest child graduates from high school. Please pray that God will provide an awesome job for my husband so we can stay put for the next 4 years. Thank you, and God bless you all!

  44. Dear Lord, if it be thy will, guide Steph in the way she should go approaching ministry. I pray that her heart’s desire may line up with your will for her, that the path be clear and the work be fulfilling. Steph is ready for your guidance Lord, she has what it takes to be your servant, please use her.

    I currently have no church family, and very few Christian friends. I ask for prayers to give me Christian friends and to find the motivation to seek out a church that fills my heart with peace and gladness. I struggle in my daily walk with God and know that such support could be so helpful. In Jesus name Amen.

    • Lord I bring Kat before You and that you would lead her to a church that she can call home and make friends and they would become her family. Help her to find courage and strength. That your Holy Spirit would cause the words of Scripture to illuminate her heart and mind. Lead her Lord Jesus in your perfect way. Amen

  45. My husband left our marriage for another woman and it has devastated me. I was doing pretty good but the journey seems to be one of up and down and the bullying from him has required me to hire an attorney. Along with that, health struggles have depleted me (no doubt the divorce has added to my health issues). I live with chronic pain and back problems and lately have not been able to sleep which has really worn me down. Being in my 50’s and unable to work causes me concern. I’m learning to trust God in new ways but being alone with no family I really feel abandoned.

    • Praying for strength to get through each day. Remember you are not alone even though it may feel like it. God is with you every step of the way.

  46. Father, I pray for your precious daughter Steph. That you would be with her in the waiting and that you would calm her anxious heart. Strengthen her as she waits, not so much on a ministry position as a wait on you, draw her closer, build her stronger and bring your perfect rest.

    I am afraid to go back to work tomorrow.


    • I lift up Ruth and whatever the situation is and her concern in going to work tomorrow. Lighten her burden today. Help her to find her perfect rest in You and to trust You for what tomorrow brings. Bring resolution to whatever the issue is and that You would go before her and restore her. Give her the peace that only You can bring. In Jesus name…amen

  47. On 7/4/13 my mom had double bypass & she is in stage 4 renal failure. On the 11th they want to put in a port just in case she’d have to go on dialysis. Her meds are currently working but the dr wants to do it ‘just in case’. I understand what the dr is talking about but I feel my mom has been through so much in a short period of time that I don’t want her getting down emotionally & physically again. Praying for wisdom for the dr when we go in on the 7th & for him to see her meds are working & praying they’ll temporarily postpone the procedure until she definitely needs it done. Ty so much for all your prayers.

  48. Hi there. I am thankful for soooo much. Especially the expectation of my newest arrival so prayer please on no more nausea and fatigue etc. and a totally awesome delivery. thank you

    • Kelly,
      I have never been pregnant, but I have always imagined that it should feel wonderful and add to the excitement of having a child. I am sorry that it has been so taxing on you and your body. I am coming alongside you to pray that God will allow your body to accept the changes it is undergoing and allow you to focus on the joy and wonderment of carrying a child inside of your body. I also pray for calmness, peace, and ease when the birthing time arrives. Be well.

  49. Today, and every day, I need reassurance that God can be trusted to come through for us and provide for own needs . I need Him to be faithful. Thank you for praying with me.

  50. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I come before you this morning with a grateful heart that You have give me so many ordinary blessings, but the most important EXTRAORINARY blessing of Your sweet Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to keep me from stumbling from this world’s many temptations.
    I also would like to stand together to ask You to please give smooth sailing for our sister, Kelly Thompson’s pregnancy, that she just enjoy and marvel in the miracle you have placed in her care.
    Lastly, my own personal prayer is for another sister in Christ, Debbie, who has been in and out of the hospital these last 2 months with pain of which the doctors cannot seem to manage, and now last evening had a stroke. Please give the doctors the answer for Debbie’s healing and bring her back to her dear husband, Ed’s side complete. For it is in His sweet Name, I pray…..

  51. Kelly, I am praying for you, your little baby growing inside you, strength and a calm tummy. God has given me our first grand child. 2.5 months, pls pray for her. Isla is not feeling well today. Maybe a tummy virus, fussy, a little vomiting, low temp. I see her every couple of weeks, today was my day to visit. But I am not going cause of her condition. I am disappointed as I was so looking fwd to cuddling her, kissing her and loving her today. See I am a lone, married 33 yrs, still married, but my h left me and our family two 1/2 yrs ago. He refuses to see or speak to me. I walk in total faith God will restore my marriage and our family. I pray everyday God will keep our family together. My other two adult children live in other states, my other son, daughter in law and baby granddaughter live 1 1/2hrs away. Pray for our family, my loneliness, restoration allin the name of Jesus

  52. Struggling with feelings of discouragement over health issues that seem to get better and then come back. I have bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics. I have planned a trip to leave this coming Saturday the 9th to be with my daughter (all the way in Kenya). My daughter has left her walk with God although she has tried to reach out to Him but has felt disappointed that “He has never shown up in her life”. I do hope to be able to go and ask for prayers that my health will clear up and that we can have this special time together and that her heart will be reached. I pray for wisdom to know what to say if led but also just to love her as the Lord does. I need to make my decision tomorrow and I am believing that God will make a way.

  53. Praying that God will break the yoke of emotional eating and restore my body, mind, and spirit to their right and healthy states of grace and freedom to be al, that He has intended me to be, even now.

  54. I am thankful to God for His immeasurable love and grace and mercy, for being there with me every step of the broken way even when I didn’t sense Him or feel His presence – He was, He is and He is to come! Lord I pray for Sharon, that you would draw ever so near to her and heal her despair, her hopelessness and her broken emotions. As You walk with her through this valley, restore her to wholeness and hope and make her ever so stronger in You, because that is what walking through fire does to us. She will come forth as gold with a powerful testimony and for that we thank You Lord.
    I have a son who has walked away from the Lord. He is in a really bad and destructive relationship right now and is not heeding sound advice to walk away from it. He just seems to want the bad thing. God has ministered to him through me, but he does not heed. I would appreciate your prayer support for him. Thank you and bless you.

  55. I am blessed that I was able to have a STem Cell Transplant to heal my cancer. I need prayer to help my fears of grief as I still overcome my sadness from the loss of my husband, Father and Mother over the last four years. And then as I face my own mortality . So many deaths and so much sadness with my cancer. I have no more strength left.

  56. First of all let me say this is a huge step for me in posting something, but your site has been hugely instrumental in my life over the past 4 months and it’s given me the courage to speak out. I am so thankful for the vision God has put on each of your hearts and must say that your messages come out annointed by the Spirit, full of warmth and truly encouraging. I appreciate the candidness (not a word I know =) of your stories, and that you present life as it truly is, yet with an answer that there is hope. In a nutshell I’m going through pre-menopause right now and it has created some havoc in my life in all areas – spiritually as well as physical and emotional. The saving grace is I know others who’ve gone through this before me and have struggled spiritually as well during this time. I know it has to do with our emotions. Long posting I know, to say my prayer request is this: I’m struggling getting back in to church, even this morning I’m going to go all by myself and haven’t been in several months (husband and son out of town), and it’s a battle to go. I just want to go and be invisible, which is hard to do at a church you’ve been a part of for 21 years, but I know I have to get back in and get into fellowship with believers. The other thing is I’ve temporarily lost my job as a result of the depression I was struggling with and I need to walk in peace that God is in control and will open the doors back in His perfect timing. I know this to be true in my head, but need to be convinced in my heart that it is true. Thank you SO much, and God bless each of you!!

    • Laurie, God does love you. In the words of a beloved children’s song, “The Bible tells me so.” He shows you every day, in the way the sun continues to come up and the way you wake up every morning to a new day. Sometimes the world around us makes it hard for us to appreciate just how much He cares for us, and sometimes the way we feel about ourselves really makes it hard for us to believe an all-powerful God could ever love us. As tough as our circumstances can be, it will never change the depth of His love. I don’t know if you have children, but I believe our love for our kids is a tiny reflection of His love for us. And I personally cannot imagine loving anyone enough to let my child die for their sins, but that’s exactly what God did. (John 3:16)

      I don’t know what might be going on in your life that makes it hard for you to believe He loves you, but know that I’m praying for you to feel His love all around you today.

  57. We worship an awesome God! I’m so blessed with four boys who completely love the Lord and two older stepchildren who have been shown His mercy time and time again. The Lord has tended to all our needs for the past six years since their father went home to Him. I need nothing, I only ask that He gives me direction and any provision He sees fit to expand His kingdom!

    He has given me a ministry to operate. One that provides Christian foundations to help a widow in her walk. It has flourished in the past five years and now serves thousands through a team of dozens of contributors. Please pray that we find a way to multiply the loaves. There are 700,000 new widows each year in America. Please lift me in pray as I lead this ministry, that I place Him first and listen only to His voice as I step forward into growing this ministry.


  58. Laurie – God does love you. God loves you just for being you – trust in that, no matter what your life holds at this moment.

    My son is going through a period of sickness – he has been sick for a month, and we are dealing with asthma now. Please pray for strength for us, and healing for him.

  59. I know as anyone, one does not want a pat answer. I do walk along side you in understanding and feeling the question.
    This morn before church I read Isaiah 43 and Matthew 25:31,
    I’ll share what I wrote…
    You were created for God’s glory — oh Lord pour out your blessing.
    I love you, call you by name,
    In the fullness of His time, He came once and He will come again.
    Be strengthened, encouraged by my spirit ….Acts 9:31

    I prayed this scripture this morn then as I sat at His table, I took the bread and it’s texture and softness to my hand reminded me of His gentleness to me and that He is the Bread of life…..my life, my necessity.

    Laurie may you feel His love and closeness. I don’t always either but am thankful when I do and His gentleness to me. He’s coming again reminds me of there being more than I see here and experience here.
    Today was a drawing close for me and I pray Laurie you’ll feel Him drawing you close … let Him draw you close.

  60. I am so very thankful for Jesus…. He cares about the details of my life…not just my spiritual condition but the everyday… Knitty gritty hard knock life details….. And he is ever faithful. I ask for his movement in finding my oldest son a job that will sustain him while he finishes school and that my son will clearly recognize God’s hand in his life. I pray for my struggling job that is a new business…. For God to bless in order for me to provide for my family and get out of debt. Julie I pray for your son and that God will lift his spirits and give him joy!

  61. Please pray for my son. My precious funny compasionate young man who suffers with anger issues. He is big and burly which freightens people when he looses his temper and says things he does not mean in his heart. Please pray that he can find a way to deal with past hurt and this anger that destroys relationships and jobs. Our sons, Melanie, that we love so much, need the Father’s guidance and strong arms in their lives. I will pray for your son that he finds a job chosen by the Father for him and that he will feel and accept the hand of God in his life. I do pray that you will find a way out of debt and that your business thrives.

  62. I have so many prayer requests and God knows the actual names so I am posting their first initials.
    Salvation, and healing and other requests: C, D, J, C, D, D, D, M, M, M, L, K, C, C, EEN’S, M, N, M, B, C, A, R, J, J, M, E, R, A, M, C, P, B, C, M, V, J, C, M, M, B, J, E, M, T, K, B, K, C, D, B, M, E, M, M, S, B, D, C, M, J, J, J, L …. In His Time, thanking you Jesus in advance.

  63. I am truly thankful for salvation thru Jesus and eternal life forever. I am thankful for my loving, caring and supportive family. Earlier this year I was laid off and I certainly need of a job. This year I have felt a bit like Job in the Bible. Between distant and close family issues, health and medical cost and my job loss, I have felt kind of lost and stuck in place. I know through my own strength I can do nothing. And I know that God can accomplish more in a split second that I can in a lifetime. But I certainly need some strength right now some income would be good. Thank you Lord for the job you will provide and for taking care of us.

  64. I am so thankful for my Church Family that is so loving and caring . Right now I ask for prayer for my brother who is fighting a battle with acute myeloid leukemia . And for our daughter that suffers from bipolar disorder , and is now in a dark place. Also for the safe return of our son. He has been on a Coast Guard mission to the North Pole, and should return to his family within the week. God is loving, and powerful, and I know he hears our prayers.
    Kimberly,I have prayed for you, and your family, and believe God is truly working in your life.
    May God bless us all.

  65. Prayer and healing for my 15 yr old daughter who was kicked in the head this past july and now has TBI. also prayer for Jo Ann Fore’s health issues

  66. I’ve been praying for a help mate for several years. I know that God’s timing is perfect and I know that he knows what I need and when I need it. God has been showing me what I’m worthy of and what a godly marriage is based on. I know lots of women who fill me with words of wisdom and knowledge about the ups and downs of being a wife. This has only grown my desire to be a helpmate and wife. God has had to teach me what to look for in a man of God. I know he will not be perfect and that everything must be bathed in prayer. I’m feeling the load of being 35 and not being married yet and wanting that more than anything, but not just for the sake of saying I’m married. I long for his companionship and simple things like just knowing he’s my supporter. I’ve been a single mother from an early age of 20 and my daughter is the biggest blessing in my life. I know that all the religious self help books can’t prepare me to be a wife but God has and will continue to show me growth in becoming a Woman after Gods heart. I would just like to ask for your prayers in regards to spiritual joy and peace in my present circumstance. Yes, I would love for God to send my husband now and I would be crazy not to ask for your prayers for that, but I know everything has its season. I just sometimes need encouragement while I wait.

  67. I am truly thankful for what God has done for me. I came out of a deep clinical depression a number of years ago as I asked God, “Please change me….even if it hurts.” Since then He has changed me and my life is worthwhile to me and so much fuller now.
    My prayer concern is a medication I need to take. My husband passed away this past May at the age of 62. It has been a hard time with lots of stress. The doctor put me on an added medication to help the antidepressants I have been on. This medication encourages weight gain, and I’ve already put on 10# more. I need prayer for the discipline to fight this side effect and get better with my depression also.

  68. I don’t know what TBI is but God does I lift her and you up to him that you may know him holding you in his everlasting arms.
    I want to thank you all for praying, life was tough last time you put a post like this up and today’s post has reminded me that although most if the circumstances have not changed my heart has. Thank you awesome people and thank you awesome God. Please now fill my husbands heart with peace also. You guys are amazing, thank you Lord for these women.

  69. I thank God that I am healthy and his help completing the work in my garden today. I am coming up for my 40th birthday. I pray that God will bring me a godly man for a husband to bring glory to God. Also I pray that God will help me and provide for me to mend the problems in my house and to make it more liveable, to decorate it. That I will feel more comfortable with hospitality. That it will be God’s house and opened up. In jesus name, Amen.

    I pray for Beth that you will bring into her life a godly man you have chosen to be her husband.
    For Darlene, to rid her of depression, to help her in her season, to not put the weight on.
    I pray for Anna’s circumstances and they will change and to give her husband so much peace. Thank you lord for answering our prayers. In jesus name, Amen.

  70. I am currently trying to move past an emotional affair. I am in counseling and working very hard to change my heart and my marriage, but I am struggling, big time. I am having doubts about almost every aspect of my life right now, and I have no one to talk to about all of this, except for my counselor. I would really like to ask someone to just spend some time in prayer for me over the next few weeks. I need strength to walk away, strength to know how to talk to my husband, strength to have confidence enough in my God and myself to trust that He will take care of me. Thank you so very much.

    • Praying for His healing touch in the lives of the women here! Praying especially for you, C, today & for the next few weeks. Our Father will never forsake you, lean into Him and allow Him to carry you and direct your thoughts and actions. He will show you the way.
      Please pray for His guidance for me and my sister as we start a business together.

  71. Praying for His healing touch in the lives of the women here! Please pray for His guidance for me and my sister as we start a business together.

  72. I need prayer, because sometimes I am grumpy and not grateful for what I have. I want GOD to change me!!!!

    • God, I lift up Margaret to you this afternoon and week. You have given all of us so much, by sending your Son to take the penalty of our sins. Please help her this week and heading into the holiday season to see the sparkle and blessings in everyday, even when things don’t go as planned. Help her to have a grateful and cheerful heart. Change her from the inside out, to see more of You everyday instead of the mishaps and wanting more, when all of You is more than enough. Thank you for this sister in Christ. Amen.

  73. Please pray for my son-in-law, Jeremy Warren to get a job near us in Northern CA if it is the Lord’s will. Also, financial and spiritual and emotional blessings wherever they are.

  74. Please pray for me to have a non-judgmental spirit. I have found myself judging my sisters in Christ, in my mind. And it doesn’t matter…in my mind or out-loud…it is not the behavior God has called me to. I need a renewed since of compassion and grace.

  75. I am 49 years old and never married. I wanted to be married and raise a family every since I was a little girl. But it never happened for me. And, I am jealous of my church sisters who are married. Please pray for me to accept what God has planned for me.

  76. Wrestling with serious depression. Some days I feel I am holding my own. Some days I feel drug through the mud and I can’t breath. Ive been so sick on top of the chronic illness i battle day to day. Expending energy to pursue emotional healing is exhausting.
    Today I am muddy from head to toe. Please pray for me, my husband, and my children.

    • Lord, I lift Melinda to you today. Please cover her family and give her the Spirit of Truth! I come against the enemies lies. Depression is a very difficult disease, but through you Lord we can be more than conquerers. Place yourself right next to Melinda’s side. Walk with her Lord, lay with her, cook with her….. Find your delight in her and the beautiful woman you created her to be. Give her husband patience and understanding. Give her joy for her children and the stages they are in in their lives. Give Melinda a renewing of your spirit. Provide the medication and support that she needs. You say Lord that when we are weak then you are strong for us. You hear Melinda’s thoughts and hurts. Give her strength Jesus. Great is thy faithfulness. Please cover this household with your love and a new joy!

  77. Lord I thank you for Jill and for her life and for her love of The Lord. Please, Lord, cover my sister in Christ with your continued protection and blessings.
    I am grateful today for His word, for my family, for my friends, for my health. As I sit next to my dying grandfather I am on my knees in prayer to take him, Richard Bischoff, home. He is in his final days and I know God knows when gramps will draw him last breath. It is so difficult to sit here and hear him struggle for each breath. Dear Lord give him your mercy by taking him home and ending his suffering.

    • Dear Demetria,

      I cried when I read your words. I don’t know why your grandfather has to suffer that way. But I know that HE is with you, HE is at your side, at your grandpa’s side holding your hands. I will keep your grandpa and you in my thoughts and prayers. May your grandpa not have to suffer that much and may HE give you the strength to stay at his side till HE takes him home. You must love him very much to stay there.


  78. I’m still working (or trying to work) on my diploma thesis. The deadline ist coming nearer (end of Dec.), and I panic more and more. There are the phases when I’m so sure I can’t make it by end of Dec. and then I’m so desperate that I don’t try to write a single sentence. I really need help to be able to concentrate and to stay focused and to do it babystep by babystep (or sentence by sentence). Please pray for me that I don’t get overwhelmed by despair and Panic and that I just sit down every day and *start* writing. The beginning each day seems to be the most difficult part at the moment. And thanks for your kind words the last Sundays when I already wrote about it. It’s so good to feel the connection to women so far away. I’m really thankful for this website and this idea.

    • Angelika, I’m praying for your words to flow. I’m praying that panic turns into excitement and anticipation for the sentences. I pray an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all over your thesis. I pray for focus and scheduled times/deadlines to be met. I pray one sentence turns into two, which turns into three and that the journey to your final sentence will be Holy Spirit led.


    • That’s great! Praying for you that you can continue having this wonderful perspective every day:)

  80. It seems God is trying to get my attention lately. I’ve seen, heard or read e-mails, blogs, etc. about giving Thanks in everything. I have a thankful journal that I started a few years back. I listed all the things I am thankful for–everything from big to small. Each day I will write what made me happy that day even if it is just one small item. That helps keep my focus on Him and how much He has blessed me.

    As for prayers.. mine are for find a CURE FOR CANCER. This year alone I have heard of 9 or so people that have cancer. It seems almost daily someone new gets diagnosed.

    Also pray for my aging father as he is living alone and has for 4 years now. It seems some days are harder than others, but I do my best to help him out and visit him once a week.

    Thankful for wonderful hubby who took me on a date yesterday. Also for In(Courage) and the beautiful, Christian women here.
    For my pastor and his wife and the sweet, loving church we attend.

  81. I thank God for His belief in ME. He has called me to write and He believes in me more than I do. I pray that He will download His Creativity into me so I can do this thing already! I’ve procrastinated and put this off for so long that I am currently walking in sheer disobedience to what He has told me to do. I need confidence and determination.

  82. Oh my…I am a college student…and I feel like I am drowning. This semester has really challenged me. My grades are awful, and I am having a really hard time accepting that. I have always been a “good student” and that felt like the only area in which I could measure up to other people’s expectations. Now that is being torn away as I am struggling just to pass my classes, and I am feeling pretty down on myself because I can’t seem to do anything right…

    If that weren’t enough, I have pretty significant OCD, and have had a few crises this year that made a few days at a time barely live-able.

    And My first year of college I was diagnosed with social anxiety. Last year I was diagnosed with the OCD. This year I got a new counselor who has pretty much diagnosed me with autism and thinks that most likely will completely replace the social anxiety diagnosis…When it was just anxiety disorders I was up against I felt like if I tried hard enough I would figure things out and daily life wouldn’t be such a challenge. With the autism, I feel pretty hopeless…I am sort of feeling like if I am never going to catch up to my peers anyway then maybe I should quit trying…I feel like there must be SOMETHING I am good at, but I have no idea what that something could possibly be…

    I would really appreciate prayer 1. That life would seem more hopeful and manageable, and 2. Either that my grades would improve or that I would be more ready to accept that they are not very good and that God will not put me in a place where I cannot fulfill his will even though it definitely seems that it will limit my ability to follow his calling if I can’t maintain an employable GPA.

    • Dear va,
      Our Father has a perfect plan for your life and knows the challenges you are facing. I pray tonight that your grades will improve and that the Lord will reveal to you just how much He loves you. I pray also that He will give you a sense of hope and anticipation about your future. Jeremiah 29:11 – Blessings to you~

    • Dear Sweet VA,

      If you are having difficulties in school, you can go the Student Health Center and perhaps they can write a letter to your professors explaining your circumstances. If when taking tests you need more time I’m sure they would provide a separate room and time to take those.

      Prayers for you as you navigate these difficulties away at college. Know that God is with you always and has a perfect plan for you life. He will never leave you nor forsake you!!

      God Bless! 🙂

  83. I am so thankful for my home and family. I have MS as does my daughter. Please pray for us.

    God, please..double-download Michele with the inspiration and spirit to get her writing headed in the right direction!

  84. Loving Father,
    Thank you for hearing me as I call to you. Thank you for your healing, love, forgiveness, compassion and favor in the lives of my family and in the lives of those I know, love, and serve. Thank you for sending your angels and servants to help us along the way that You have made for us. Thank you for blessing and protecting our children and grandchildren as they live and grow in your love.

    We call to You and cling to You as our Father, knowing we are received into Your loving arms. Keep us close and never let us walk a day without holding Your hand. I call to You, Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the name of Jesus I pray. AMEN

  85. Blessings to your family, Kay.

    I know this might seem a small request, but it’s the first that came to mind for myself. I really want to get back into exercising; will you ask God to help me be disciplined? Thanks.

  86. Sarah, may God bless you with a renewed spirit of discipline as you enter into this adventure with exercising. Bless you.

    I’m so very thankful for this blog and this chance to ask for prayer today when I so need it.

    I tearfully ask that you help me overcome my battle with PTSD from when my brother sexually abused me at age 10. On Saturday I found out that he’d been arrested and found guilty of conversing online with underage girls. Today I was hit with the PTSD. The article said he admitted to it and explained it was his way of filling his desire for underage girls. I just can’t explain how awful that makes me feel.

    I’ve tried to overcome this battle of feeling stupid and victimized and yet it keeps coming back. I just want to be free of this torment which affects me to this day…whenever someone is rude to me, whenever I feel stupid…whenever I hear of a young girl abused…and now to hear that he still wants to continue.

    Help me please…pray for me.

    • Sweet friend,
      Know that you are a child of God and He loves you more than you can imagine. His heart breaks at the pain you have had to go through. I will pray that in him you will find peace and comfort.

      A verse that I pray which helps me when I have thoughts that aren’t from God: We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.—2. Cor. 10:5


      • Thank you Ashley,

        I’m feeling better. I’ve decided that I will be reporting the sexual abuse by my brother, in the hopes of him having a longer jail sentence. The sentence he received from this latest was only 90 days. He needs to be stopped and if there’s a chance I can stop him, so be it. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he continued and hurt any other young girls.

        I would appreciate your continued prayers for strength. I will need it.


  87. God will exercise right there besides you Sarah. He impatiently waits to be your servant.

    Please pray for my finances to improve . Ask God to give me a way to earn some money to keep me caught up on my monthly bills. Also pray for my son James to be enlightened to go outdoors and begin life anew in the world and not behind closed doors. Thank you God for your wonderful blessings and your constant presence in my life and for solving my problems with transportation. I know that you constantly hold me up and ease my pains. Thank you.

  88. My husband are taking a big step looking to buy a house. I am so uneasy and worrisome about this because it is a HUGE decision for so many reasons. Please pray that God gives me the peace I need and shows us the house where ultimately He will be served through raising our family and being in fellowship with our friends.


  89. For our family. My husband has been waiting for 11months for approval of SSD we have become homeless and had to turn to family for shelter after living in a pop-up trailer for a time. Please pray that we get accepted for SSD and that we have continued shelter until the SSD get started

  90. Please pray for me. I have some physical and mental illnesses and I am not functioning well. I am taking online classes, but falling behind in them as I am always exhausted. I have no energy to think or read. I cannot focus. Also, please pray for my family, my children, my grandchildren to be safe, to be filled with the love of God and that we all have the things we need and some of the things we want. Pray particularly for my 2 “favorite” grandchildren (yes, I know, I am not supposed to have favorites) to have a strong loving close relationship with Jesus and to live their lives for Him and by Him. Thank you.

    • Our God is your strong shield. Ask Him to stand guard over your mind and to help you focus. He has said to ask, believing, and we will receive. I join you in your prayers for your family and ask you do the same for mine. God is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or think. I pray you will trust Him and be at peace.

  91. I am so thankful for my family and the many blessings the Father has given me. I also am thankful that the Lord has drawn me back to Him after a season of feeling far away.
    I am asking for prayer for my daughter, whose four-year relationship appears to be crumbling. She and her boyfriend are in school, and now are attending schools that are about 10 hours apart. She remains committed to the relationship, but her boyfriend seems to be trying to distance himself from her and this is crushing her. I pray that regardless of what happens, that this time of trial would draw her closer to the Father and strengthen her faith.
    Thanks so much~

  92. I am thankful for being alive. I was in a car wreck on sept.10 that I should not have survived. To God’s glory, nothing was broken, but I do have soft tissue injuries in my back & legs making it difficult to walk without a walker. I am a full time nurse so I am not able to work for awhile. I need prayer for finances as I have no income & the bills are adding up. I know God has a plan in all this & I praise him for the healing that is taking place every day. Thank you.

  93. Crystal, I am thankful God watched over you and kept you from death. I pray you will heal quickly. I pray the Good Shepherd will be near you as you walk through this dark valley and am grateful you can give thanks in the midst of the storm. I praise God for this site and for the opportunity to pray for you.
    I am grateful for my home, my dear husband and his family, for my daughter who just got a much needed job, for my grandchildren, for our Creator God who has allowed me to live another day and enjoy it.
    I would pray for my sister and her family. She is very ill and the prognosis is not good. I believe her days on this earth are short and I pray she will be at peace with that and her family as well. She is a Christian and has accepted Christ as her Savior. I also pray for my almost 14 yr old grandson who is struggling with faith and religion and being torn by his divorced parents, so that he is not sure about God or religion. I know God is able to work this and all the other issues out.
    I know God is a great provider and I pray your needs will be met in a miraculous way. He is ever faithful!

  94. I am very thankful for my family, my fiance, and his children that I have raised as my own. I pray that our relationship becomes stronger. He has been extremely stressed over an issue with work and it has taken it’s toll on our relationship. I also pray that I can become closer to God.
    I have read trials of many others on this page and I realize that mine are very trivial. I know I am very blessed. I have a good job, a nice home and a wonderful family. Sometimes I think it’s just easy to take those things for granted. Thank you

  95. My first prayer continues to be for the salvation of my husband and two grown sons. But I’d also like a prayer for my healing of my voice, the healing of obesity of my son and for a friend to come into his life. Thanks so much for your prayers!

  96. My prayer is that I will learn to have no fears except the fear of God. He is so gracious and giving and I am so very grateful for all His many gift to us and our families. Thank you and may God richly bless you.

  97. I am thankful for my husband, who I’m sure goes through plenty by being married to me. Also for our two children who have been a blessing in our lives. I’m thankful to God for his gift of Jesus who died for my many sins.

    I’m feeling challenged by the pain that I have. It had been gone for about two months after lasting over a year and now it has come back.

    I would like prayer for chronic pain that flares up in my shoulder and neck. I’ve had many tests including CT scans, MRIs, and even a PET scan with no conclusive results. They usually tell me there’s so much inflammation that they cannot see what is causing it. It really gets to me. I need God’s healing.

    • If you have not seen a neurologist do so, If you have get a second opinion.I am a nurse and question” SEEING” inflammation on theses tests.God Bless You.

  98. Am asking for strength to not give up on my job search and control with stress and bipolar. My family needs a roof and a strong Mom. I know God is guiding my path though it may not be the one I have in mind, trying to be patient.

  99. Jeanine,
    I pray for healing for your pain and inflammation, and for your spirit to remain positive and hopeful despite the physical discomfort.
    I’m so thankful for my 2 beautiful elementary school-aged children, who are in a wonderful stage right now. I enjoy every day with them because I know the “terrible teens” are coming!
    I’m so grateful my father is healing very well from aneurysm surgery last week! He is a testament to positive thinking, staying active and a strong faith in God.
    I’m grateful for, yet challenged by my husband. He is dealing with depression and refuses to seek treatment…as to not “appear weak”. I have no idea how to help him, and feel guilty for resenting his neediness at times. Makes me wonder if I’m worthy of God’s grace sometimes.

  100. Paula, God bless you for reaching out to others in the midst of your own need. You are so worthy of God’s love and grace. I’m praying for your husband, that he will see his need and seek help quickly, and know that he is accepted and cherished by Christ Jesus. With your father’s illness, caring for young children, and your husband struggling, I’m sure you are worn out. I’m praying for God’s supernatural stamina and stability.
    Please pray for our son and his wife who are saved but not putting Christ as their first priority in their lives right now. They are greatly struggling financially, and need to seek God and His guidance and direction, and turn the control of their lives completely over to the Lord. They are not in church right now, and are disillusioned with it. Pray that God would send laborers across their path to show God’s love to them.

  101. Please pray for me as I walk in obedience to The Lord and give thanks for the trials I’m under right now. A couple of family members are turning their backs on me for reasons that are not understandable. We have always been a close family so it’s a place and experience I’ve never been. I’m certain that this is an attack of the enemy since I’ve been serving and being obedient. I’m loving people and the enemy doesn’t like it. I need to keep my eyes on Jesus and not on my rejection! Thanks for the prayers.

  102. Im thankful for this season in my life it has thought me how to rely on God to fill my emptyness, just praying for real friendships. My husband & I & our 2 little ones have recently moved to a new city. It has been very difficult to build relationships. I crave friendshipss, girlfriends someone I can do life together. It gets really lonely sometimes, I attended mommy groups but its not very personal… Please pray for us to find the right couples we can hang out with. Thank you:)))

  103. I am thankful, first off, for a God who loves me and is with me to strengthen me no matter what.
    I am also thankful that I saw this email in my inbox tonight.
    My prayer request is tied into both thanksgivings. I had just finished writing a reply to a heart-wrenching email that I had received from a friend. She is going through some things that I went through a few years ago, but hadn’t felt ready to talk about. But I guess God thought it was time. I feel so raw inside. I dredged up some painful memories. So, I guess my request is two-fold. My friend and me.
    I am feeling challenged in that I don’t feel qualified to help my friend. I don’t feel like I know enough. For one, I’m only 16. And two, I don’t know anything about helping people deal with emotional issues. Thank you for the prayers.

  104. Paula I pray for your husband that he will see it as “being strong” to seek help for his depression. I know about depression. I have been through it and am going through it again. I am seeking help again and starting medication again. I know it is hard to face the fact that you need help, but I am so thankful to God for good doctors and medication to get me back on track. Paula, you are worthy of God’s grace, He loves you so much! I would like prayer for my daughter as she is getting ready to have her first baby any time now. I am going to be able to be in the room with her which I am so thankful for. Please pray that I will be a good help and support for her and her husband. Thank you for this opportunity to ask for pray and to pray for others!

  105. Was laid off from work recently. I have seen God’s hand and providence already. I know He will take care of me. Just pray that I may clearly see the path and direction in which He is leading me, as I wait and trust in Him.

  106. Paula,
    I am sorry that you are going through this. My daughter has depression and I have had problems with anxiety. It is a difficult road. I have been a believer since childhood. And as a 50 year old, this is one of the hardest things I have ever walked through!

    I think that it is very easy for people, especially Christians, to feel a stigma about receiving care for depression. Each case is unique, but we as a family have benefitted from professional care. We have received care from Meier Clinic (Christian based and nation wide) Certainly, seek the Lord’s guidance in whatever you do. It is good to know that there are trained professionals that are Christian based who can provide care in these situations,

    Paula, I prayed for you while reading Psalm 46. Verses 5 and 10 & 11 jumped out to me:
    “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.”
    “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”
    The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.

    May these verses comfort your heart. Only the Lord knows what you are going through right now. He is with you and will help you when morning dawns! And He is your fortress! I pray that He comforts you with these truths and Himself. Also, I pray that He will provide guidance and wisdom in supporting your husband through these difficult days. And that your husband would be open to receiving treatment.

    I am thankful for the Lord giving me strength with a chronic illness based in adrenal fatigue and/or malfunction. My prayer request is for my 2 children. My 21 year old son is away from the Lord and is making a series of destructive choices that are impacting him as well as many others. Please pray that he turns to the Lord in his pain and will turn from his rebellion. Also pray for my 18 year old daughter. She needs wisdom and strength to stand firm while loving her brother. Please pray that the Lord will show her His truth in this setting. She is following the Lord and wants to be God honoring. Also, please pray that my husband and I will remain strong and at peace in the Lord while our hearts are breaking for our children. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    • I’m so sorry for your families heartache. May God’s hand be ever present on you, your husband, & your daughter & even your son. Seek to find God’s fingerprints on every day. Encourage your daughter, to remain in the fight for God’s saving Grace on her brother’s life. I will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers!

  107. Dear God, I pray for Joyann. Please show her what you want her to do. Lead her and guide her through her trials. Show her Your faithfulness and shower her with love, joy and peace. Be with her God. Amen

  108. I am thankfull for my family, my very patient, loving, caring and supportive husband. For my beautiful sweet children and their big Micky mouse smiles. For Gods love for me I can see and feel it in everything I do. I am not perfect and I really do need someone to pray for me. I am battling for joy…there I said it. When I am tired and exhausted from a very hard week of very sick children. All I want to do is just catch up on my lost sleep. Just so so tired today that its hard to be joy full.

    • Oh hunny, I know life is exhausting and often overwhelming, I know. I’m a single momma of 3. And joy? Well there are days when I can’t even spell that word. Stay grounded in the WORD. Just open your bible to anywhere & see what verse HE throws out at you, read it aloud, over all the noise in the house. Speak power to HIS word! Breathe in deep & simply say ‘thank you’. I will be praying. Keep me informed, valhodges72@yahoo.com.

  109. I am thankful for so many blessings of God. Life, health, strength, my Mother still with me and she’s 81 years old Thankful I can still do for myself, and not in a nursing home. My Mother is still able to move around and do things for herself. Please pray that God will heal her of post-herpetic neuralgia and arthritis. She had shingles in 2002 after retirement and it went into the next stage. I have been praying to God for a stairlift for her. It’s hard for her to get up/down the steps. Please pray for a financial blessing for us. Mother’s medications are so expensive, and it’s posing a hardship for us. I am thankful for InCourage. The stories are so uplifting. The page is so colorful. If I’m having a bad day, the colors will make me smile. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Praying that God would make a way where you believe there is no way to be made! HE is the God of miracles and miracles are unexpected & unplanned. Believe! I do!

  110. Hi Alina I pray that you may find God’s leading hand in your struggle. I send you a prayer that I found on a christian website and I try to read this prayer everyday cause I often find myself in your situation.

    Dear Lord,
    Forgive me for allowing circumstances to gauge and affect my joy. Help me not to surrender my joy, but to maintain a godly perspective that allows me to persistently look for joy in the middle of life’s messy moments.
    Enable me to remember, Jesus, that you said I could have life and life more abundant. I don’t want to waste all that You accomplished for me, so help me to choose joy in unlikely places. Give me contagious joy that splashes onto those around me. And even when circumstances get ugly, help me to choose joy.
    Give me Your fresh perspective so that I’m able to see joy in unlikely places. Please enable me grace to walk in the fruit of the Spirit, which includes joy. As I spend time with You through prayer, worship, and reading Your word, continually fill me with Your joy.
    In the wonderful name of Jesus, Amen.

    Lord I am thankful for my little darling daughter and my husband, for the weight loss programme which I started since three weeks and for all the weight that I am losing. Thank you Lord for your unconditional support and love.

    Please pray for my family that we may be reunited definitely cause my husband is working abroad, that my husband who does not attend church anymore and also for my daughter’s health, she has allergic problems. Thank you for your prayers

    • Oh Gem what a beautiful prayer. Thank you so much. Tears are falling. Just thank you for your prayer. I am praying for you-with you.

  111. Please pray for my family. My husband has announced he no longer believes in the Word of God , nor that Jesus is God. He has basically denounced his faith. I am now in an unequally yolked marriage. We have 7 precious children and I am believing that God will draw his heart back to HIm.

  112. I am thankful for all my blessings. I am needing prayer for my daughter and son in law. He has just been diagnosed Bi Polar. We are struggling to know what to do. I know that God is the Healer. I pray for his healing and peace in their home.
    Also, I am going for a mamogram tomorrow. Please pray for good results and calmness for me.

    Thank you.

    • Sharon,
      I understand what you are going through. I wrote a college paper on bipolar and I have a nephew who is bipolar. It is a very difficult disease to have.

      Abba Father, I lift up Sharon’s daughter and son-in-law to you, asking that You touch this man and heal him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Your Word says that you heal all diseases and I ask that You heal Sharon’s SIL completly, in Jesus name. Amen

  113. God is so good – I am thankful for His love for me and for all His blessings.

    My husband has many medical problems. One problem is with the sciatic nerve and a muscle problem. He has had pain in his right leg for many years, and recently, his left leg began to bother him. Please pray that God would heal Dave and that if He chooses to do so through medical treatment, that He would lead us to a doctor who knows how to treat Dave. Also, Dave was told a few months ago, that he has MS. We are going to see a MS specialist today (Monday). Please pray that this is not MS, but the doctor will be able to tell us what it is and what treatment can be given.

    Edwina Cowgill

    • Praying for your dr apt today & that answers would be given & direction sought. Please keep me posted. God bless!

  114. I am thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the every day blessing of His boundless love.

    Sharon, lifting up your son-in-law, daughter, and your family in prayer for the touch of God’s healing hands.

    Please pray for my son….he is struggling with life right now and it is very difficult to be so far away from him during this time.

    Thank you.

  115. Annette, my prayer is that your son knows the love, and protection of our Heavenly Father. That OUR GOD can lead him and hold his hand an protect his heart as he travels down his path. I pray that the physical distance would be quenched by God and you would feel right beside him through your prayers.

    I will continue to pray.

    Please pray for a couple of friends of mine. They are in terrible situations and hurt physically, we all know when the times are the darkest God shines the brightest. We just have to be expectant.


  116. Prayers needed for Mendy Brockman…a young mom of 4 small children. She was in a horrific car accident about 4 months ago that broke her neck and left her paralyzed. She would love for people everywhere to pray for her each Monday. A website called Mondays for Mendy has been set up where people can check it for updates and specific prayer requests. Right now, they’re praying that God will “wake up” her hands and fingers so she can be more independent.

  117. I pray, Lord, for Annette’s son. Please pull him to your heart and allow him to feel your strength and assurance. Let him know that where he struggles, you have already prevailed. May hope and peace flow through this young man and his family.

    My gratitude this morning is for the simple things that I so often take for granted: a home with working heat (at least in most rooms), a van that has issues but still runs, a job with benefits. I know that none of these come from my hand or anything that I have done in this world. Thank you, God.

    My struggle and my prayer request are still one and the same: my daughter. Please pray that she will renew her fight against the eating disorder that has stolen so much from her. Pray that she will again feel Jesus pulling her into his embrace and shielding her mind from the deadly call of this condition. And pray that I and my son will find reserves of patience and endurance to fight this fight with her.

    Thank you.

  118. Thank you for your prayers. Val and Edwina. I pray for both of you too. I was thinking about how God said he wouldn’t give us more than we could carry. Then the thought came to me, it’s because He expects us to give our burdens to Him, so we really don’t have to carry anything! Praise God!!

  119. Please pray for my girlfriend’s family. Her husband is a Pastor, and they have four young children. Yesterday, their oldest, who is 10 years old, had an extreme headache, and was feeling nauseaus. She had been achy all day. En route to the hospital, she went into cardiac arrest and went home to be with Jesus. This was totally unexpected, and the family is devastated. They have a large support system, with tons of Christian family and friends, but nonetheless, the angels are happier for little Ellie. Thanks.

    • Dear God,
      Thank you for Shari and her love for her friend and her family. Lord be with the family of little Ellie, help them – they need you, grant them support and make this valley a place of springs, that lasts until they see her again; somehow by your power, by your Son. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

  120. Through 34 years of a horrible marriage, 5 kids, extreme financial battles, fire, and many heartaches, I am standing broken and feeling pretty beaten. Prayers appreciated for healing of our family’s hearts, a broken marriage, and financial freedom. I’ve been expecting God’s miracle year after year, and things only got worse. Thank you for the last hope I have.

    • Robin-
      I pray for your broken heart and for renewed HOPE. Our God is an amazing God. May he show you his glory in the small things so the big things do not seem so heavy. He is an AMAZING God.


      • Dear Lord ~ Thank you for Kimberly and her faithfulness. I pray that you bless her day and give her “suddenlies” that only you can provide. Touch her heart and show her your great love and anointing today. Bless her family and friends, and lift her up out of the snares that were intended to hinder her tasks…as only you can. We bless you Lord, and give you this day. Thank you for the pieces you knit together, and thank you for bringing us together.


  121. Dear God,
    Thank you for Shari and her love for her friend and her family. Lord be with the family of little Ellie, help them – they need you, grant them support and make this valley a place of springs, that lasts until they see her again; somehow by your power, by your Son. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
    Hi Ladies,
    I am in this wierd season where I feel low and i need a refill of God’s love and purpose, With and without people; connected and in community and the times when I am just being me – alone with Him or rather apart from what i do Iwhether for others or at all) – i think Ive been struggling with a depression and I don’t want to any more 🙂 Its been hard. I have lots of gifts, but sometimes i find myself not caring about life and doing little things like getting dressed is just not something i look forward to. It takes effort. Also the last two days I’ve had a few bad dreams. I have a counselor and am seeking medical assistance. Please pray for the right support system and balance and perspective and that the words that come to my mind, heart and out of my mouth are pleasing in God’s sight and joy to my heart. Also i’ll feel His pleasure. I want to be the me he’s created and enjoy the pace He has. Thanks Ladies

  122. Today I am grateful for the sunrise that a new day has begun and the sadness of the past can be left behind. I am prayful for good choices in my words that they may lift others up especially my wonderful husband. Lord I pray for strength to let go and let you lead me. I pray for my husband to be our spiritual leader and for me to embrace this.


  123. My mom has cancer and after a 2 year battle, on Friday were told that she has between 3 and 6 months left to live. I am thanking God for the privilege of walking her home to Him and asking for the strength and guidance to do it.

  124. Dear Lori, I am praying right now for your daughter. Praying your exact words: to renew her fight and allow our Lord to carry this burden. I pray for your son’s patience and endurance as he enters this battle with her.
    So thankful that we don’t battle any war alone. We are all the body of Christ.

    Please pray for my daughter, Magalie(age 10.) Magalie is in Haiti and we have been waiting 3 months for her visa. Pray the visa is issued soon. We skyped with her yesterday and she seemed so sad.

  125. I am thankful for God’s love for me, all the blessings He has shared with me, and to know that He will never leave me.

    I am asking for prayer for a dear friend. He is struggling with addiction issues and mental health issues. He is fully aware of both issues but is afraid to give up the addiction because in his words “the monster may take over”. He is employed but does not have insurance. Please pray for protections and healing. Thank you….

    • Lynn, praying for your friend, for God to fill him with His strength to overcome. Praying also for people to come into his life to help him.

  126. I am praying constantly for my husband, Steve, who is undergoing chemo for a cancer recurrence. Please pray for his strength and healing.
    This recurrence has shaken his confidence and I am so worried. I am trying hard to give it all to God, as I know He is in control, and His will is being done in our lives – even now when it is so hard. Please keep us in your prayers. I am praying for a miracle. I sometimes think I can’t ask God for anymore, as He has blessed us with family, friends, and lots of other blessings. But I can’t stop asking God for Steve’s continued healing and strength, either, I just can’t stop. Thank you so much.

    • Heidi, I’m praying that our Lord lay his healing hands upon your husband and rid him of this terrible disease. I pray that God grant your husband peace and trust in Him, who is all healing and powerful. I pray that our Lord also be with you, Heidi, and grant you the strength and courage to be the caregiver and partner through this that our Lord asks you to be. I pray that God grant you both trust and peace in His Will, knowing that He has plans for your life together that will prosper you, not harm you. In Christ’s name, Amen.

  127. Dear Lord, please be with Lynn’s friend and lay your healing hands upon him. You know the demons that he struggles with and we pray that you help him turn to you when he’s feeling the pull of these influences. Lord, we know that all things are possible through you, so we pray for Lynn’s friend to find trust in you, who will give him strength. Amen.

    I am asking for prayer for my husband and I and our marriage. We’ve struggled with an affair for the past few years and my husband is still struggling with forgiving me and letting go of the anger and pain that it’s caused him. I ask that our Lord relieve him of these demons and trust in our Lord to heal our marriage and my husband’s heart. And I ask that our Lord help me forgive myself for my mistake and the pain I’ve caused my husband. I pray that God provide a healing miracle in our marriage, that we may live in our marriage the way Christ designed for marriage to be. Not giving in to temptations, but trusting in His Amazing Grace. Thank you.

  128. Dear Heidi — with God all things are possible — loving prayers for you and Steve. May you have that peace that only the Lord can give. He will see you through.

    I am so thankful to God for eyes that can see the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. Please pray for a young woman named E. God knows.

  129. I need prayer for strength in doing God’s work instead of doing what is easiest. Being a servant of God takes focus and work, but it is so rewarding and fulfilling. Thank you all for the prayers. I know he has already heard and it will be done.

  130. Lynn, I pray that your friend will find peace. I personally know about that ” monster” he is describing and have battled it myself.

    I am asking for prayer for my son. He is 11 and just started middle school. He is OCD and has general anxiety. Right now he is in a behavior crisis. He has had a sinus infection and was on an antibiotic. After starting the antibiotic he became agitated, hyper, and aggressive OR he is sleeping. He earned detention for sleeping in class and the very next day earned in school suspension for kicking someone and leaving class without permission. This is not my son. Yes, he is always a challenge but not like this. I feel like we are constantly fighting. He is so lost. One minute he is mature, the next he is 2 and throwing fits and making really poor decisions.

  131. I’m praying for you and your son, Bonnie. I can very much empathize.

    We’ve been going through difficult times on so many fronts for years now, both financial and with my oldest daughter. I praise God for the multitude of ways he has provided for us along the way, for his using this to bring us so much deeper into dependance upon him. But we are still very much in need. My daughter is a senior in HS now, and a serious prodigal. Pray that God would reveal the core of her fears and hurts which so perpetually come out in harmful ways, and that if possible, she would have a genuine turning point before she moves out.

    We need a financial miracle as well as a heart miracle for my daughter.

    We have not had a positive bank balance in over a month… even with the income we do have, we will be severely lacking this month as well. I feel like we are drowning.

    My husband has been out of regular work for years. He has applied to a position that seemed quite hopeful after the phone interview. That was 2+ months ago and he has heard nothing since. Not a yes, not a no. We are still praying that God would open this door, or another, soon.
    Thank you.

    • Valerie,
      I’m praying for your financial situation! My husband and I have lived something very similar a few years back. Just today, we are facing entering back into that type of situation (my full time job is likely disappearing).

      Lord, I lift up Valerie and her family to you! I pray for a miracle in their lives TODAY!
      In Jesus might name!

  132. Lord, I pray for Bonnie’s son. He’s going through a tough time right now physically, emotionally, and mentally. I pray for peace. I pray for peace over this son, over Bonnie, over their family. We know that all things work out for the good of those who love YOU! I pray you will comfort them and guide them through this time.

    My prayer request is two fold. Over the weekend, my uncle went into the hospital and they discovered he has a LARGE brain tumor in the back part of his brain. They are checking today to find out if it is cancerous or not. They do know that it is large enough that it will take several surgeries to remove. His name is Ron. I’m asking for prayer for him and his immediate family.
    Also, I just found out this morning that my full time job is most likely getting cut. I’m just asking for God to be in control over this new financial situation. I know that if this door is closing, something better must be brewing but it is still a little scary to be stepping out in faith.


  133. Lord, please pray for Crystal…for her beloved uncle and for her families financial future.
    Please also pray for my daughter(s)
    my oldest is under such stress for school and her boyfriend…I hate to see her in pain
    My middle daughter goes from one extreme to the other with emotions…our relationship is so drama filled it exhausts me and my youngest is just growing up sooooo fast and i just hate it

    • Blessings over Kelley and her daughters, may you interceed on her behalf and offer her opportunity for time with her daughters one on one to simply love on them, and let them receive her love, support and encouragement Lord. May you provide her the energy to keep up and the understanding, this drama filled season shall pass. Bless her in her relationship with her beautiful daughters and remind her Lord that you are there to lead her along the way. Give her the understanding and patience needed because we mommas, we’ need it!

  134. Blessings over Kelley and her daughters, may you interceed on her behalf and offer her opportunity for time with her daughters one on one to simply love on them, and let them receive her love, support and encouragement Lord. May you provide her the energy to keep up and the understanding, this drama filled season shall pass. Bless her in her relationship with her beautiful daughters and remind her Lord that you are there to lead her along the way. Give her the understanding and patience needed because we mommas, we’ need it!
    I ask for prayers for my ex-husband who is going through a season of his own, which is causing pain and worry upon my own children. Their hearts are heavy as they worry about their father and his situation. I ask Lord that you move him from his pain & self seeking motivation to you and I ask that he feel the love of his family. His children who love him and pray over him and his ex-wife, who appreciates the friendship we’ve come share. Bless him and bless his children – We ask all blessings in Jesus name.

  135. I lift up Donna as she helps her children navigate through this painful time. Lord, will you meet her ex husband where he is, and overwhelm him with Your love for him? Let him know Your love and the love of his family as he goes through this difficult time.

    I ask prayer for my health. I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and my nausea has not yet relented. The doctors say I “should” be feeling better soon, but even with eating small meals throughout the day, I am still vomiting. I work full-time and am currently the only income in our home, so I do not have the luxury of resting at home through this time. Thank you for lifting me up!

  136. Oh Lord, I lift up Katie S to you and thank you for the miracle of a new life you are knitting together in her womb. I pray that you would relieve her of the nausea and replace it with extra energy and joy! Bless the work of her hands as she provides for her family and bless her family too! Bring her into times of rest and refreshment in spite of her busy schedule. Thank you for this new life and family!
    I am very thankful that The Lord has brought my family out of a long period of financial distress and uncertainty. Just earlier this year we finally got health insurance( through my new job) after almost two years without and I am so grateful for this now as I am facing a recent cancer diagnosis. My sisters in The Lord please pray for peace and for healing and most of all that The Lord would be glorified through whatever comes to pass. thank you 🙂

  137. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband that God provided for me. Today is our 13th anniversary and what a blessing my husband has been. When we met I was a divorced mother of 4, struggling to make ends meet and scared to death to start dating again. Praise God! He sent me the right one!!!

    Katie S, I pray for you and your “sickness” I know how that was for me 31 years ago when I was pregnant with my twins. I was sick the first 6 months and they were born at 7 months. I pray you feel better soon, that God fills you with peace and know that He is God over all things and He cares for you and your growing family. I pray that your husband finds a job and resources come flooding in like you never expected.

    Please pray for my small business to succeed. I am having a hard time meeting obligations right now.


  138. Please pray for me as I am a 52 year old woman, nearly divorced just beginning recovery from alcoholism. Finding getting sober and living sober very different and difficult. So much wreckage, so much anxiety and, while I have a job, seem to be having difficulty focusing on being productive. I am very lost right now, trying to reconnect with God, who frightens me. I know HE wants only good for me, but I know that the journey can be so difficult and I am afraid I am not up to it. I am in such a mess and finding it difficult to surrender my mess to HIM. I AM SO SCARED…of being alone, facing my carnage, moving forward…I cannot seem to find my way. I covet any prayers. Thank you!

    • Father, thank You for Shannon … for her eyes that see change is needed and that she sees You are the solution. Thank You that You do not hate us, but love us so much that You desire a close relationship with us, and proved it by the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to be with us always, for wooing us, for shaping us, for cleaning us up from our dirty messes. Be that light that Shannon needs, Father, breathe and speak into her life as she learns to stand and walk in Your ways, take her hands when the path is hard to see and draw her close to You. Only You can satisfy every longing of her heart, the empty places in her spirit that she’s tried to fill with alcohol and other addictions. She feels weak right now, so Father I ask you to strongly and yet gently bring her ever closer to You. Thank you, Father, that Your arm is not too short to save, no matter how far away we’ve strayed from you. I praise You, Lord, that You are faithful and good, and thank You for what You are doing in Shannon’s life!

  139. Freedom from financial bondage … I was laid off 8 months ago and things are getting pretty scary financially. I have a lot of debt from a divorce last year, and I’m so tired of not being able to bless other people in their time of need because everything I have goes to bills. My son goes off to college next year. Now that my emergency fund has been depleted (praise the Lord I followed the advice of Mary Hunt and Dave Ramsey!), I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. God has been and is faithful, He’s been doing so much more in my heart and spirit than I knew I needed these last months. But I need a breakthrough!

    • Father, I thank you so much for Lynn, and ask that you would strengthen her knowledge of You. Lord, you walk on gold…it’s nothing to you, but you know that we need it as a medium of exchange. Would you pour YOUR emergency fund (which is unending!) into Lynn’s lap, and let her know by sanctified experience that You are doing “exceedingly, abundantly, above ALL that we could ever ask or think” to Your glory, Lord, and for Lynn and her family’s benefit!! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  140. I have always been a people pleaser. Struggling with and wanting the acceptance and approval from others. Always wanting to do the ‘right thing’. That’s how I was raised. To do the ‘right thing.’ Mostly my moms way. Sometimes, out of fear, my dads way. In my time with the Lord, I sensed that He longed for me to be free from this burden, and so, I care-fronted my mother. In a letter. Graciously. Truthfully spoke from my heart, the depths of my struggle and years of pain. It has been a year and a half and our third child born. She has not taken any responsibility for her part in the hurt. I deal with guilt. Please, please pray. I am so weary. I don’t know what else to do.

    • Dear Father God, I lift my sister Jennifer to you, knowing from experience that You rejected Your one and only Son while He was on the cross, turning Your face away from Him as He was dying SO THAT we who receive Him would know that You will NEVER, NOT EVER, NO, NEVER reject us; in fact, you have accepted us in Your Beloved Son, and You see us as perfect, without flaw. In the all-mighty and most powerful Name of Jesus, I speak to this lack of acceptance and approval in Jennifer’s life, and I command that it depart from her. Now Lord, would you fill Jennifer to overflowing with the knowledge of just how much you have already accepted her, and help her to receive Your truth and Your unending love for her, and I give You huge thanks and praise and glory for what You have already done, and are doing, and will continue to do in Jennifer’s life! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  141. I know I am where I am supposed to be in the Lord’s plan with my job. Would you please pray for my physical health as I am on the front line of battle in my church as we are transitioning from a long-time wonderful pastor, now through a God’s gift interim pastor, to determine just what our church is here for. Pray for a long time stronghold of gossip to be eradicated from our midst, and for the power of the Holy Spirit to revitalize these precious old wineskins. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share and to pray for others as well! Blessings to you!

    • Father, I just lift up Peggy and this church family to you. Father I pray for this congregation to welcome this interim pastor with open minds and open hearts. Father, I pray that gossip will be broken and words are chosen before they are spoken Father. Father, I pray that this church sees this opportunity to reunite and revive this church and draw nearer to you, All Sovereign God. I pray that in the midst, you will keep Peggy focused and driven to the task at hand. Father, I pray that she not view this as a battle but an opportunity to shine her light for your glory. To God be the Glory! In the Precious name of Jesus I ask, Amen!

  142. I had an ECHO on my heart on Friday and have had some unsettling news come back on this. I am only 43 years old and was not feeling like there would be any issue with this test. Now I am a little stunned and perplexed. I know that God is a God of mercy and healing and He is the Great Physician. I am turning this over to the Lord and know that he will make me whole. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for lifting me up!

    • Mellisssa, I pray for God’s healing touch for you, and also his grace and strength as he takes you down this path in life. I pray he would guide you to the right decisions about treatments, doctors and all aspects of this issue. Amen.

  143. I never thought I would be saying this, but I need prayer for my marriage and my husband. We have encountered some new (good and bad) stresses and neither one of us are adapting well. As a result we are taking the stress out on each other and holding resentments. We’ve been married almost 25 years, and have faced many hardships, who knew a period of good would cause the most trouble.

    • Oh Angela! I cried when I read your request… I am the perfect person to pray for you, your husband, and your marraige. I am experiencing the same struggles. Crazy? not. God works that way, doesn’t He? Each day, as I deal with the struggles in my relationship, I WILL pray for you at the same time! Count on many many prayers from me. God bless you, and hold you both! With Love in Christ.

  144. My son was the reason we began going to church – he was so close to Christ. He is now 23, and I call him my prodigal son. He has such a loving heart, and he is such a wonderful man – I am so proud of him. But he is so lost without Jesus. He is in such pain. I pray that he will find his way home again, to Christ. He left to go to graduate school this fall, in NC, across the country from our home. Please pray for Ryan.

  145. Jen,
    I pray not only for Ryan but for you too. God, please protect Ryan as he finds his way. I pray that your light and love will again fill his heart. I pray for Jen as she worries about her baby so far away. Help her to feel your presence in Ryan’s life. Please put angels in both their paths during this difficult time. Amen

  146. Today I interviewed for a job. Please pray that God leads me to the right job that blessed our family. I’m so thankful for a loving and supportive husband who is an incredible father to our boys. I’m worried that if I take a different job that we are on opposite schedules will harm our family. Please pray for clear direction. Thanks

    • Stacey, I am praying about your job situation – that the Lord will provide you with wisdom, discernment and peace. Praying blessings over your family.

  147. I am struggling with a codependent relationship. I know things need to change and I need to establish boundaries but I am fearful of rejection and anger. Also, I ask that I can break free of the self-destructive financial habits that I have been caught up in for years. I am desperate for Jesus and desperate to live my life fully for him. I also request prayers for my daughter, Briana, that she may come to know Jesus intimately and realize his great love for her. One last request – that we will be fully prepared for the trip we will be taking this week. Praying for peace, provision and traveling mercies. Thank you!

    Stacey, praying about your job situation. May the Lord provide you with wisdom and discernment.

  148. I am thankful that God never gives up on me, though I fail again and again. I am grateful that his power is made perfect in my weakness. I am thankful for the gift of tears that he collects in his bottle.

  149. I am overwhelmed by the goodness of the (in) courage community as I read through these posts. I’m grateful for the responses to my earlier post, and pray for all of the challenges and situations which have been put before us. We all have burdens that we carry, and having a community such as this to help is such a blessing! God bless you!!!

  150. Fir the past 12 years I have suffered from peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain plus numerous other symptoms and immune issues that have baffled doctors. I have lost the ability to do any Art projects, sewing and even socializing. Strange symptoms come and go. I know the words I want to say but they don’t come out of my mouth the same way,etc. I am seeing a new Neurologist next week and I ask prayers that just maybe God will guide this man to find a diagnosis. I am blessed with a beautiful family and grand children. My husband has been an amazing caretaker. I used to have many friends through Church and otherwise and they are slowly going away. They don’t understand why I can’t show up for events planned or call as often. I do not blame them. I’m just as confused as they are but I desperately need girlfriends. PLEASE PRAY THAT SOMEONE IN THE MEDICAL FIELD CAN HELP ME. I ACCEPT GOD’S PLAN FOR ME BUT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE A NAME FOR THIS DISORDER. Thank you so very very much dear friends. I’m a true believer that women need other women. Love to your group and a big HUG and KISS to ALL!

  151. Lord I lift Mary Ann before you. I pray clarity and direction over the neurologist selected to see her. I pray fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. I pray for insight and fresh thinking. I pray you begin to prepare the team who will assess Mary Ann as well as Mary Ann. May she rest firmly in your peace and presence as she continues to wait. I pray that as answers come that she will take it as news and not truth about who she is, but that she will know and continue to know in a deep rooted way who she is in you. In your name, amen.

    I am thankful for a growing sense of community in my life as well as for my little girl and baby on the way. I would value prayers for my marriage. My heart is heavy and I often feel hopeless that the things we struggle with will change. My husband and I are so different, we argue lots and needs have gone unmet for a long time. I’m running on extremely low reserves and the rest of my family gets the brunt end of that. I am desperate to feel love for him and attracted to him again. I believe God can and will change us but it often feels so overwhelming and hopeless. I am worried about bringing another child into this marriage (I’m 33 weeks pregnant) when I have so little to give and feel so alone and drained. Thank you for your prayers, they are so appreciated

    • Father I lift up H to you. . .please help her to feel your presence in a new and special way right now. I pray that you would breather fresh air and life into their marriage. You are the turnaround God and we know that you are able to bring healing into their lives and fresh strength and energy to H. Please help her to have encouragement from friends and family around her. . .if need be to bring new friends into her life that can uplift her and remind her that she is not alone. In jesus Name, Amen.

  152. Please pray for my husband and I after moving to a new town. Things aren’t working out so far with my husband’s job so we need prayer for guidance and wisdom on what to do. . .and wisdom to care for our son who has special needs that I homeschool. I would also appreciate prayer for friends to encourage us since we have been here about 7 months now and it takes time to make friends and find a church. We need guidance on which church is best for us too. TAnd lastly, our finances have taken a real hit in this move. Thank you so much for praying, prayer warriors!

  153. Monica I will keep you in my prayers. I myself have been through changes like that and know all to well what you are going through.

    Father I ask that you be with Monica and her family. Guide them to make the decisions that are best for them. Help her to feel your presence and to know that she is not alone. Help her to find friends that lift her up to you. Help them to find a church where they can fellowship and be fed Your word. Lord give her comfort in this season of her life. Heavenly Father wrap your arms around her and let her feel your love. In Jesus name, Amen

  154. I ask for prayers for guidance in my relationship. I have been dating a man for the last year and we get along great, and have a fun time together. We are both divorced with young children from our previous marriages. He has met my children but we don’t do things together and I’ve never met his son. He has been divorced almost 7 years and has never introduced anybody he’s dated to him. I am at a crossroads because I am in love with him but find it difficult to live two separate lives. He has a hard time with his past and although he wants a future is stuck in the past with some decisions he has made. He is a wonderful man who needs the chains of his past broken loose. Not for me and for our relationship but for himself so that he can heal and move forward. It breaks my heart to watch him suffer like he does. My request is more for his healing, and if I’m supposed to help with that process to find the words or the way to do so.

  155. I’m in the middle of my grade 11 exams and it’s the scariest thing ever! I feel as if I’m at the bottom of a huge mountain that I need to climb, but I know I don’t have the strength on my own!! I need God’s strength to get me through this- I know He will, cause He always does. 🙂 Praying for you Michelle. God is The Healer and He is able.

  156. Sarah I will pray for you getting through your grade 11 exams. Think positive and be determined to do your best and GOD will do the rest for you.

    I ask everyone to pray for our wonderful country: The United States of America. We are still going through our unnecessary struggles and I hope that our President can seek good counsel for future positive changes. I pray that he will go to church and pray AND have an epiphany to do the right thing. Let life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness live forever and help us Lord to protect these precious God given rights of ours.

    Humbly Yours,
    Amy from Western PA

  157. Will you please pray for to overcome alchohol addiction and smoking and some other behaviors.im desperately trying to stop And its so hard.I feel incredibly alone.I feel god is giving me alot of peace but I just keep thinking im going to fail and go back to my old ways which is terrifying.I could see myself helping others one day if I could only conquer the demons in my life.thanks!

  158. M.C. – I pray that God will make Himself more known to you. No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.
    (1 Corinthians 10:13, NIV) When you feel pulled back by your addictions, pray this verse over you. 🙂

    I’m thankful for a God who knows all of my wants and needs, and knows exactly where I find joy.

    I need prayer that God will help me to get out of my own way, and be who He has made me to be. Thank you. 🙂

  159. Please pray for my son. He is in a relationship that looks detrimental to his life. This relationship has caused a devastating divide in our family. He has turned his back on his Lord and believes satans lies. Pray his eyes will be opened and sees the face of God and restores all these relationships.

  160. Dear Lord I pray for Ann’s son right now. You formed him uniquely and love him so dearly. I agree with Ann for her son’s eyes to be opened to the Truth, the Truth that will set him free. I declare that truth from the word of God over this son, and declare that the word of God never returns void, but sets about to accomplish that for which it was sent. As the word tells me I can, I send forth ministering angels – to Ann to encourage her – to Ann’s son to heal and restore with gentle whispers of the love of God. For him to have turned his back on you, Lord, he had to know you and be trained up in your ways, so I declare that he cannot permanently depart from the ways of serving you, Lord, but will return to you with a whole-heart. In Jesus name I call forth Christian friends and laborers to come along side this son, with the words that You know will speak to his heart and that will be recognized by his soul. I declare that satan’s lies no longer have power to deceive Ann’s son, but fall powerless to be left behind as he makes his way quickly back to you Lord, ready to participate in the healing and restoration of this family…to Your Glory, Lord. Amen!

    Please pray for me to discern the provision of the Lord in the area of releasing me from an abusive relationship from which I have separated this summer – whether I am released to move on alone, or if God’s best requires that I continue to be married though separated due to behavior of my estranged husband. Also, for me to clearly know what I am to do in the area of career options that are before me. Thank you!

  161. My husband Scott has locally advanced pancreatic cancer and has spent the last 6 months dealing with treatments that have put him on disability and also in the hospital 3 times (about a month total). We celebrated his 47th birthday in October and we look forward to celebrating our 24th anniversary in June (which will also coincide with the end of his chemo and radiation treatments). We hope to also take his dream trip to visit his birthplace in Wales. Since the surgeon was not able to remove all the tumor due to its location, Scott’s long-term survival depends on a miracle from God. Please join us and our four kids as we pray for his healing. Thank you!