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Armura signifies change through the power and strength found in Christ. For some it may represent where they were in life; for some, where they are or where they feel called to be.

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  1. What a beautiful story behind some lovely designs! Romans and Genesis would have to be my favorites – Romans because that’s been a place that’s God’s been bringing me back to again and again of late (it seems that I need to be reminded of foundational principles I’ve forgotten) and Genesis is reminder of re-creation and beginnings, and of our directive from the Creator to create.
    What am I saying? They’re all gorgeous, and significant! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah Jo,

      Thank you so much for your sweet compliment on the line. It is close to my heart and I love sharing it and to be blessed with such open arms.


      • Hi Amy,

        I was attracted by Corinthians & Galatians. Galatians because I am still struggling with legalism and how that has warped my relationship with Jesus. I am being made more aware how much Jesus loves me unconditionally, for who I am & not what I do. This truth is still in my head but slowly it is trickling into my heart. Corinthians because offering myself to God, being willing to let Him renew my mind so He can lead me to what His will is for my life instead of trying to figure it out myself.

    • Dear Amy,
      I too was singled out in te same wa in my formative years for bullying. I too felt out of place and unwanted. But the Lord at age 22, entered my life when I accepted Him as My Personal Lord and Savior.
      My two favorite beads from your collection are the one from Psalms and the one from Jeremiah. Psalms means His Light and strength is mine and Jeremiah signififies His plans for renewal and restoration of my life and my whole being. I love my relatonship with Jesus. It is real. He is real. I love Him so.
      You are super talented and blessed Amy.
      In Christ,

  2. My first choice bead is Colossians. God has been repeatedly bringing Col 3:23 to my mind lately. I just received a promotion at work and I quickly got caught up in the ‘wanting to please others’ rut. He keeps reminding me that everything I do, I need to do it as unto Him. The second bead I like is the Isaiah one. Isaiah has always been my favorite book, particularly chapter 54. I’m not a real fearful person, but occasionly I need to be reminded to not stress about anything because He is still God. These are beautiful reminders of God’s love, protection and guidance for each one of us. Thanks so very much Amy for sharing your gift with the world. Your story is another example of how He can turn ashes into beauty.

    • Hi Sandy,

      There was a time, not too long ago that I felt embarrassed of my story. But that was when I focused on me. It has been truly incredible living my life, and loving my faith, and watching God work once I shifted the focus off of myself. I’m so happy to hear that my jewelry line resonates with you and that you felt reminded through God’s Word.


  3. What a beautiful story…I love Colossians and Hebrews…I have been soaking in Colossians for quite a while…and when I was searching for God in college…the first book I read in the Bible I read was Hebrews…that had to be God…right??? no one would tell someone to start there

    • Hi there Ro elliott,

      Isn’t it simply amazing that the Word reaches you wherever you are? And it found you in Hebrews. I’m not surprised and yet I currently sit with a genuine smile on my face, as I can resonate. I’m so glad you were open to the search and that you found your way. Many blessings to you.


  4. Two favorite beads..hard task they’re all so lovely. I’d have to say the “Matthew” bead and the “Phillipians” bead. The Sermon on the Mount from Jesus is so beautiful! But Phillipians “I can do all things through Christ who gives me stength.” is especially dear to me. I helped my mom through a cancer journey which ultimately she did not survive. I had randomly opened the bible searching for a strengthening verse and immediately was drawn to it. It bolsters me up when nothing else can. I love it so. As a matter of fact, just that one bead would mean so much..I don’t even need two;)

    • Hi Shady,

      I feel so touched that you stood by your mother while she struggled, and that you referenced Philippians. I’m so sorry that she didn’t come through it. She will have felt such incredible peace having you by her side. It’s odd to have roles reverse and to be a rock for our parents, but it is a wonderful position to be called to when the time comes. God bless you for it.


  5. What a beautiful story of redemption! I love the Colossians bead. I am getting ready to teach a study from chapter 3!

    • I apparently don’t follow directions well….. 🙂

      I also love the 2 Timothy bead as I am learning that more and more that God’s Word is my life!

      • Hi Karen,

        I actually laughed aloud as I read this. I am the Queen of reacting with emotion without following direction. I love it. And I love your reaction. I will pray for a good study of Colossians for you. You’re sure to be met there. I love the message of Colossians 3:16 “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

        Enjoy your study!


  6. This line is amazing, my favorites are Matthew because that was the first book in the bible I read as a new christian and Ephesians as God has been speaking to me about picking up my sword.

    • Thank you Angela!

      I love reading these comments and how they speak so uniquely to all of you. It is a dream come true, and I feel truly blessed to share it with you. Thank you for your comment.


  7. These are really beautiful and unique. Redeem, Restore, Renew – I love the idea behind the creation of this jewelery line, plus Amy’s dedication to fight against human trafficking (that’s a cause close to my heart). All the beads are so lovely, and the stories behind each one just draw you in. If I had to pick two to start with, it would probably be Romans – grace through the cross. That’s been so much a part of my journey and something I write about over and over. And Philippians because it’s about joy – joy in all things. That’s another thing I love to write about – finding joy in the midst of the desert (aka difficult circumstances). Hope to be able to add this to my jewelry wardrobe someday soon!

    • Hi Karen,

      I love that this verse from Jeremiah is held deep within your heart. I’ve begun to pray with my little boy. He’s still a bit young, but you’ve reminded me that these verses will speak to him as well. I will keep that in the forefront of my mind as I pray with him as he grows, and will remember your words as to how this verse reached you when you were a little one.

      Thank you!


      • Hi Rebekah,

        Let’s try this again. (I’m a little new to this…can you tell?)

        Thank you so much for highlighting this particular need for change in our world. It weighs heavily on me and I feel delighted that God has weaved the work of Armura in with this need. I know His Work in this area is yet to come.
        I feel compelled by Romans as well and captivated by the concept of Grace. We are so loved.

        Thank you for your comments, and your kind words.


        • It’s all about grace, right! In the great big things. And in the little every day things as well. I know I’m learning that I actually need more help with the little every day things. This one is easy though ((hugs)). Have a wonderful day!

          • Thank heavens for that!
            (What would life be like if we weren’t able to laugh at ourselves?)
            I entirely relate to the plight of the every day “things”. It’s amazing how many small things can become almost impossible to bear. What seems to lessen the burden of all that weight for me is to remind myself that God cares to hear about it, however “small” it may seem He actually wants to hear from us. I feel so comforted by this. Regardless of how it comes out, I always feel loved. Just as you are. Thank you for your soft words and kind comments.

  8. What a powerful God-story. Love it. The jewlery is beautiful. Beads are all lovely but my favorits are Jeremiah and Matthew. The vers jer 29,11 has been given to me by my grandma who introduced me to Jesus while i was a small child, it has stayed with me ever since. And Matthew sermon on the mount is very dear to me as well. Thanks Amy!

    • Hi Karen,

      This message was for you. I will never claim to be technologically savvy. And this is why!

      I love that this verse from Jeremiah is held deep within your heart. I’ve begun to pray with my little boy. He’s still a bit young, but you’ve reminded me that these verses will speak to him as well. I will keep that in the forefront of my mind as I pray with him as he grows, and will remember your words as to how this verse reached you when you were a little one.

      Thank you!

  9. I love Psalms…I love music…God speaks to me through the worship music at church. So many favorite verses from Psalms….Psalms 139:14 paraphrased “God doesn’t make junk”, therefore I am worth loving and don’t deserve abuse!
    I have been reading thru Proverbs, so much to learn about how I can be a better person. And Phillipians, chapter 4, wow, packed full of the message of rejoicing, praying, where my mind should be and being content. Growing up with moderate-severe depression, I have read these over and over and over! You do beautiful work, may God bless you <3

    • Donna, it feels so great to hear you talk about music like this. Even as recent as this past Sunday, when the kind folks at our church begin to sing, I found it difficult to contain the joy that turns to tears. God’s messaging is alive and present in those moments. I am grateful that you experience this too.
      Depression is no easy feat. In those moments where words are jumbled and emotions have overtaken you, just say God’s name and remember what it means. He is present. He will never leave, nor forsake you.
      Thank you so much for your comment. And may God bless you as well.

  10. This is just so beautiful. The story. The artist. The art. I am not surprised that I love the Acts bead and the Romans bead most since those happen to be my favorite book of the Bible as well.

    • Thank you Colleen! I feel grateful to have come through the challenges of the story, to be the artist to produce the art. All three areas are miracles. I have loved watching God work in my life, work on me, and I have cherished drawing nearer to Him as I worked on this project. Thank you for your support!

  11. My favorite passage is Jeremiah 29:11 – so many times it’s applied to my life. I also find the book of Romans inspiring!

    • Hi Carmen,

      Isn’t it incredible that no matter where you are in your life, that one passage can continue to bring truth to you! I am grateful that you have found continued support through Jeremiah, and the book of Romans. I too cherish both.

  12. Amy,
    Armura is beautiful and I am thrilled that you have found such a wonderful way to express your heart. At this moment in time, your Joshua bead and corresponding verse resonates the most with me. So much that I can’t even choose a second one! Though if pressed, I would choose Peter of course. 😉
    All the best, elisa

    • Hi Elisa!

      I am thrilled to hear that Joshua is resonating. It’s so powerful isn’t it? I love it. Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me.

  13. What beautiful work! I love the bead for Jeremiah, because Jeremiah 29:11 is near and dear to my heart. I also love the one for Romans, because Romans 8:28 is the verse I held on to during a very dark time in my life.

    • Thank you Kim!
      I love hearing that God’s Word has touched you so deeply and that you’ve welcomed it into your journey. God doesn’t promise an easy life, but He has given us such wonderful words to live by, and with.
      I’m grateful you found His support during this period of your life and that you remained in His Word.
      Many blessings to you Kim.

  14. Philippians because it reminds me if Phil. 4:13. And micha. It looks like a star which reminds me if Christ’s birth.

    • Hi Emily,

      Very astute of you! These are the inspirations behind the designs. I’m thrilled to hear that they visually reminded you of these. Thank you!

  15. Just inspiring (:
    I love The Jeremiah bead and the 29:11 verse is one I particularly like because it makes me trust that He holds my future in his Hands and it’s one full of hope. I often turn to this verse as an encouragement when I’m feeling low or going through the downs of life and it sets me on track as I learn to place my trust in Him. I also like the Matthew bead as it’s one of the Four Gospels and one among the first books I started reading when I first turned to Christ. Keep up the Work and may He keep inspiring you to deliver art.

    • Hi Irma,

      I’m so glad to hear that you actively pursue God’s Word during the course of your life, and that Jeremiah 29:11 has lifted you as well. It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for your note.

  16. Lovely story of God’s redemption and lovely jewelry! Psalms is so relateable and uplifting. And the Gospel of John is another favorite, powerful in the Words of Jesus.

    • Thank you Julie!
      The bible truly is the Living Word, isn’t it? It is such a unique relationship we have with God. I love it!

  17. Oh my word this is a beautiful story! I am so thankful for that boy who reached out. May we all be more like him. I love the 1 Peter Lotus bead because of the connection she drew between the flower and the book. I love the Jeremiah bead as well. It is such a comfort to know God knows and has a plan!

    • Hi Emily,

      It’s a miracle, and it is so wonderful to be living in my faith now and under such love and guidance. John continues to be the most incredible friend I’ve ever had in my life. He is such a blessing. I will always be grateful for what he represents in my life, and now he and I share in our faith together. It’s really so beautiful.
      And God’s plan takes into account our decisions. I find it truly amazing that He uses all we have for the good of those who love Him. Thank you for your comment. Have a great day!

  18. Ephesians and Corinthians have always been two of my favorite books of the Bible, and I love the beads that represent those books.
    In Ephesians, I like the “fruits of the spirit” passages and have done several Bible studies on those verses. The “love is faithful” passage in Corinthians is so beautiful and I have a lovely plaque of it in my bedroom.
    I would love to be chosen for the bracelet and beads!! :)j

    • Hi Joyce,

      I’m delighted that these two books mean so much to you. And thank you for sharing your love of the design that represents them in this line. Good luck!

  19. What a powerful story…our God is above ALL..hallelujah!! I really love the Isaiah and Galatians beads…Isaiah 58 holds a very close place to my heart as we memorized it as a family and church last year and strive to live it!! Thanks and God bless!

    • Hi Becky,

      What a beautiful visual…a family working to memorize a portion of the bible together. That sounds amazing. I trust that since working toward this memorization that you’ve deepened your relationship with Him. That’s incredible. I’m happy to hear it.
      God bless you as well Becky!

  20. These beads are all so lovely… it is very hard to choose two favorites. Galations and Jeremiah are my choice, although I love them all. I love the meaning behind this jewelry. Thank you for sharing this today. 🙂

    • Hi Georgia,

      I’m thrilled to hear that you love all of them. Thank you for your sweet comment. I hope you have a great day!

  21. Beautiful story and beautiful jewelry!
    My favorites would have to be
    1)Psalms, because no matter what I’m feeling, I can find comfort and solace there
    2)John, because the basis for Christianity is in John 3:16
    3)James, because it is so practical to my day to day living.

    • Thank you Kathy!

      I love your response and that you feel you can apply scripture to each part of your life, through peaks and valleys, and that my jewelry line helps represent this significance.

  22. I like the Ephesians and 2 Timothy beads. 2 Timothy has a verse that I have buried deep in my heart (Study to shew thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed . . . .).

    • This is beautiful Shawn. I’ll bet you recite this verse to yourself during times of stress and in times of joy. It’s incredible how it perfectly applies to both. Thank you for your comment!

  23. Beautiful!
    I love James although it looks painful. But yes, that’s the point. My daughter and I studied and memorized James in her sixth grade through her curriculum, My Father’s World and the Beth Moore study newly released that year.
    For the same reason I would pick John, our current book of study!
    Thank you, artist of the love of God!

    • Hi Beth!

      I laughed at this one. You are right, it is intended to look rougher than it actually is. The only time I am ever aware of it on my wrist is when I am carrying my little boy with his weight on the bracelet.
      I love the imagery of a mother studying with a child. Your daughter will always remember this commitment. There have been a few comments here where these beautiful women have been deeply touched by this time in study. I’m thrilled for both of you and I pray your studies, and your relationship continues to thrive in God’s light.

  24. I am completely blown away by this beautiful line of jewelry because I immediately saw two of my life verses. Seven years ago my grandson, Joshua, was born with Down Syndrome and while we didn’t know this during my daughter’s pregnancy, he was named from the verse Joshua1:9. How fitting for God to command us to be brave and courageous and to know He was going to be with us through this adventure. The other verse is from Ephesians- My son is a pilot for the US Marine Corps. He’s had several combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, but whenever he goes into battle, we are reminded to put on the full armor of Christ. It gives me peace and comfort knowing he’s clothed in Christ’s armor. Thank you for your beautiful art!

    • This has touched me deeply Laurie, for a few reasons. Long before your precious Joshua was born, God had a plan for him as sure as he knew the number of hairs on his head. I love how God loves so deeply, and so purposefully ahead of us. He will show a strength to the world that will inspire and will emanate a love that is true and alive in us.
      And your boy, flying for the freedom of others. Bless him for his great work, and you for your support. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself here.

  25. What a beautiful line of jewelry!!!!! My favorite beads would be Joushua,verse 1:9 is a special to me and 2Timothy verse 1:7 is also special.These help me get through the day when so much bad stuff is going on in the world!!!!
    God Bless Your Day!!!!!!

    • Thank you Anita! We sure live in a crazy place at this point, don’t we? It wasn’t until I found my Christian family that I began to feel a sense of hope for us. May God bless your day as well!

    • Amen to that Christina! And you know what? It really really IS full of hope. It isn’t a wishful state we live in but rather is filled with opportunity and with hope, and with the trust in knowing our God is with us every step of the way.

  26. I love jewelry but this is even greater because it has a meaning also. My first pick would be Isiah as I have so much fear in my life that this verse helps me to have courage and strength. Philippians is my second as it is a reminder to give thanks for everything.

    • Hi Kathy,

      My pastor just the other day was speaking about fear. He illustrated us as a “dot”, and a large circle around us representing God’s protective barrier. He explained that fear is Satan’s only entry point through this barrier. He then suggested we pray to close this opportunity. Your comment reminded me of this visual, and because I am such a visual person I find it comforting to picture it when I feel fearful. I hope this visual will bring you comfort as well. I will pray for help for you in this area Kathy. Thank you so much for your honesty and humility.

  27. Beautiful jewelry and great reminders of our Lord and Savior!

    Your story is amazing and redeeming that God brought you through and you can share your story through the beads that you make.

    The Isaiah bead is one I would choose – Is. 40:31 is my life verse and I would choose Acts for the Holy Spirit coming and dwelling in each of use.

    • Hi Terri,

      I love looking back on my life and finding the various areas that God was obviously present, but I was oblivious to it. He really is always present. I’m so grateful to be sharing all that I am with all of you.

  28. I love the Jeremiah one because Jeremiah 29:11-13 are some of my favorite verses. I am so encouraged when I read all that God told His people while they were captives here — that He did have a plan and that the outcome would one day be good. That has helped me many times with trials in my own life — yes, we are dealing with difficulties for a season, but God has a plan, and the outcome will eventually be good.

    And then Galatians — I just love the look of that bead with the fruit encircling it. I recently finished a study of the fruit of the Spirit with my women’s Sunday School class, and I’m reminded every day of how I need to let the Spirit work through me so I will exhibit that fruit to the glory of God.

    • Hi Mrs. T,

      You’re absolutely right. Difficulties come in seasons. And through it God develops our character. It’s so important to draw near during those struggles. So much can be learned and gained in that time. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Not only do I LOVE these beads (they are beautiful) but I love the significance they would hold in my life, and could be a constant reminder
    of God’s faithfulness, grace and mercy to me.
    I particularly love Isaiah, for whom my first grandson was named, and I also love Luke, as it’s where we find Simon, the namesake of my
    second grandson. Each of these men are significant in scripture, and my prayer is that my grandsons, too, will walk in their footsteps, being courageous and obedient to and loving deeply our Lord and Savior!

    • Hi Cathy,

      You touched on a very important point. This line has ultimately been designed to BE a constant reminder. In my own life, even the walk I’ve come through, that I still slip into patterns of turning elsewhere instead of God. I found such significant change in my life when I began working every day to keep these words close to me. I’m so glad that you felt this significance through the jewelry line.

  30. Amazing story and jewelry! My two favorite books are Psalms and 1st Corinthians. The Psalms speak to me with so much peace and comfort when I need it most. 1st Corinthians 13 is my reminder of how to live my life each day!

    • Hi Linda,

      There is something so soothing about Psalms. I am an emotional person and I often find respite here too.
      Thank you!

  31. I don’t generally like Charm bracelets, but I love the symbology that these beads can give as a reflection of a spiritual faith journey than can be so personal.

    I live by the two verses on “Matthew” and “Romans” beads. Remembering how far we have personally come and glorifying God because he has continued to move in our lives is extremely important. An everyday thing: remember and be grateful with thanks with a confidence hope for the future!

    I will be asking for this for Christmas, or maybe I’ll just have to treat myself to it 😉

    Great Job Amy!

    • Hi Traci,

      I love hearing that the symbolism behind the jewelry has caught your attention, as far as design goes. I hope that it becomes a collection that you truly cherish.
      Thank you for your honesty, and your words of wisdom.

  32. Thank you for inspiring me with your touching story, Amy. I love how God is using you to share your God-given gift to His glory. 🙂

    I love the designs and deep meanings behind each bead, but Isaiah has given me so much strength and encouragement. Several verses have impacted my life, but one that came to me on an especially dark night in my soul is: “See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; your walls are ever before Me.” (Isaiah 49:16)

    Corinthians would be my second choice. I was raised in a church system where I heard more about hell and damnation than about Jesus and His love, so I love this verse – “For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

    • Hi Trudy,

      Shifting the emphasis of even the slightest human characteristics (sinful nature), or the focus of a service can have such a significant impact on how we view our relationship with God, and how we actually come to receive Grace. I’m so grateful that you have come through it to find God, without our systemic approach to faith.
      I feel grateful to be sharing with all of you, and to be receiving of you as well.

  33. Beautiful story and charms. This is one I would love to get my daughter and myself 🙂 Though I like all the charms I think I would choose Ephesians, armor of God, and Colossians, the verse says it all!!!

    Thank you again for sharing.

    • Hi Kelli,

      I love reading stories of a family member sharing their faith with a child. It’s so inspiring a concept for me, and will be most certainly something I strive to bring my relationships with my own child(ren). Thank you for the motivation!

  34. This is truly beautiful and what a way to honor your spiritual gift! My favorite are Matthew, I have always loved this book of the Bible but it has become more precious to me when I lost my brother Matthew on September 7th, 2012. The day he died, the verse of Matthew 9:7 is “He rose and went home”. How fitting and comforting to know that my brother was rejoicing in Heaven with God our Father. My other favorite is Philippians because I am constantly reminded that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Like you mentioned in your story, as long as I remember it is not about me, it’s about HIM, I can accomplish ANYTHING! That verse is so powerful to me in so many different ways.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and the beautiful jewelry! Amy, what a beautiful story, thank you for sharing and may God’s blessing be upon you as you continue to enrich and reach others with your story and your beautiful jewelry.


    Mellissa Meadows

    • What a beautiful glimpse into your heart Mellissa.
      I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. I can’t imagine. It is truly comforting to know that He is with God.

  35. These are just lovely and so meaningful. I have been turning to Psalms over and over again for comfort and reassurance during the hard times. I love Romans 8:28 especially because it was one of the verses read at our wedding. Keep up the great work Amy, so inspiring!

    • Thank you Kelly! A wedding is the perfect place to speak biblical verses. They are so rich in meaning, and so present where we are and will be.
      Thank you so much for your support Kelly!

  36. Love this jewelry line! So hard to choose 2 since they all remind me of my favorite passages! Love the Peter bead with the lotus flower! Also love the Phillipians bead with the arms lifted in praise! Finally found a charm bracelet that speaks to me!

    • I am finding it so truly amazing to hear so many stories, and so many different reason to relate to these designs. Thank you so much for sharing in this with me. I feel such incredible joy.

    • Thank you Michelle!
      I’m happy to hear it was a challenge to narrow it down to two!
      I wish you well in the contest!

  37. What beautiful jewelry and an even more beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.
    The beads that stood out to me the most (they are each exquisite ) were the Proverbs bead and Ephesians bead. Proverbs 3:5-6 are my “go to” verses almost daily. It reminds me to trust in Him for He has a direction for my life. Ephesians is a constant reminder of God’s gift. I cannot work for my salvation, I only need to accept it.
    Many blessings as you continue to share your gift.

    • Thank you Nancy!
      Don’t you just find that each day is more complete when it begins with a prayer, and the reminder of God’s Word? It’s amazing.

  38. This is a beautiful line of jewelry. I appreciate jewelry and I like the stories of the anointed men the Lord commanded to oversee the building of the beautiful things of the temple. The Lord appreciates beauty too.

    Five, going on six years ago, my life was falling apart, my daughter started to become involved in things that were so destructive, and I was fearful of the things she was saying, and the things she was doing. I did not know where she was living and had not seen her for over two years. As I was praying for her and for me the Lord gave Jeremiah 29:11 for her and for me for two very different reasons. When I am discouraged by what I see, I am reminded that the Lord holds her and my future in His hands. In the Amplified Version, the phrase “in the final outcome” is also part of the message. Based on the world’s way of looking at life, she should have no future, but the Lord knows differently, and so do I.

    When I was being bombarded by things going on in my life at about the same time and I was afraid, and so overwhelmed and so distraught I could not swallow to eat, the Lord also gave me the verse from Isaiah 41:10, and it filled me with peace because I needed to know He would help me and continue to help me. The Amplified Version also adds the phrase “and I will strengthen and harden you to your difficulties.” Because I have experienced the difficulties with my daughter and my marriage too numerous to mention here, I know I have every reason to trust the Lord and what He says He will do because I have seen first hand He is faithful and He will help me and I have no reason to fear because the Lord keeps His word. My daughter will one day come back to the Lord, and one day our relationship will be healed.

    These two scriptures from Jeremiah and Isaiah are promises the Lord has given to me and I know He will keep them.



    • The heart of a mother is such a beautiful thing
      Joanne, your daughter is on God’s radar every moment of every day. In the times where I believed I was too far gone for anything in this world to bring me back, I was right. Nothing in “this” world could. God met me as he will meet your daughter.
      You are both in my prayers.

  39. I don’t always wear jewelry, sometimes just my wedding band. I was raised by my father, so I think I must have missed the accessorizing gene 🙂 However, I am drawn to your line because of the rich symbolism and how each bead is tied to a verse which would be lovely to be reminded of during those moments of the day when you could glance down at your wrist and ponder the significance. The Colossians bead, striking because of its simplicity with only one element, the crown of thorns; speaks to the sufficiency of Christ. A reminder to work with all my heart as if for the Lord, and not performance and productivity for man. I love the dove on the Proverbs bead which reminds me of the Holy Spirit and listening for His voice which guides us as we listen to those precious friends speaking to us, not leaning on our own understanding.

    • Hi Susan,

      I’m so grateful that the significance of these designs appealed to you. Your assessment of each is absolutely accurate to describe the overall feel I was hoping to achieve. Thank you for your comment!

  40. What an inspirational story and the bracelet as a way of expressing ones faith! My favorite books are Proverbs and Philippians. Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite verse and has been a real solace to me. A number of years ago Philippians helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life and has remind close to my heart. Thank you.

    • My hope for this bracelet line is that it helps us keep God’s Word close to heart, however it speaks to us. Thank you for your note Barby!

  41. What a wonderful line of jewelry and I love that it is a “walk of faith” story.
    My favorite beads is Joshua – twofold because the x’s on it remind me of my recently departed Dad who always signed cards in x’s and o’s. Also because the story of Joshua is a walk of faith through fear and about overcoming obstacles through God’s grace and provision. My other favorite is Timothy because it looks like a Bible and because Timothy is another story of a “soldier of God in the making” and that is such an encouragement of where you start is far from where you end when God gets involved. I would really like to see a bead from the book of Ruth – my favorite story of all.

    • What a sweet memory of your father Lina. I’m so sorry that he has just recently passed away. I will pray for your enduring strength during this time.
      Ruth is among the next bunch in development. Stay tuned!

  42. First of all the beads are beautiful. Jeremiah 29:11 has been my verse since I first became a believer in Christ. This verse speaks volumes to me when things are going well and even through trials. Galatians reminds me daily of how I should live my life daily. Sweet blessings.

  43. All of the books represented by your work have special meaning for me. Philippians 4:13 was one of the first verses I memorized, and the verse you use for Proverbs is another that I frequently rely on for comfort. I’m thinking I may have to make a special savings plan for all the ones I want! (I play the piano and love playing old hymns, so the Psalms bead is another favorite!)

    • Isn’t music such a wonderful way to connect and to celebrate our faith? I love it. I used to play piano and it is on my “to do” list to start it up again. Thank you so much Shauna. I’m so glad to hear this line speaks to you so personally.

  44. When I saw the Joshua bead, I knew this would be the first of many. I have to remind myself daily to have faith and be faithful. My trials are minute in comparison to so many yet there are times when my faithfulness is so small. Time and again I go back to Joshua, my faith renewal. Also, my nephew Joshua, named so appropriately, the glass is always half full for him. We lost my brother, his father recently and the grief has been so great yet over time I have been taught so much and my faith renewed. My brother’s 1st grandson, born just a week ago allows me to conceive a freshness and newness of life as in Genesis, my 2nd bead. God breathed life in every shape and form into this world, just as he did in this new baby.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your brother Christie. Sweet little Joshua will always know the depth of the love of his father through his wonderful family and their continued support. It’s not ideal, but in his heart he will know. Thank you for sharing here.

  45. I love Genesis and 11 Timothy.Your work is beautiful. What a lovely way to display your faith. Blessings!
    monk5 at charter dot net

    • Hi Paula,

      I find that in art, there is so much of the story contained and expressed through the details. It has been challenging to retain the level of detail at such a small size, and they really do tell the story. Thank you for your comment!

  46. As a symphonic musician, the Messiah was one of the first grand pieces I loved, and all the promises lifted from the book of Isaiah make it my favorite. I am torn between Micah and Colossians for the second… on the one hand the star of his birth; on the other the crown of thorns. You have captured and distilled the essence of truth! We need reminders of both.

    • What beautiful words Cathy. Thank you so much for sharing them here. I need these reminders daily, and feel grateful that you feel it has been achieved through this work.

  47. I’m in the process of being renewed and restored….. and Romans and Galations speaks to me with great reminders of where I am and where I am headed. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your story and talent!

    • This is so honest and beautiful Stacey. I’m so happy to hear that you’re faith is being driven deeper and I love knowing that you will been seen through it in the same light of love as I have. Thank you!

  48. My world was turned upside down since my husband had a massive stroke. We moved from place to place to seek help for his recovery. I am thankful I came across your site this morning. I love your line of jewelry for it is so inspiring and helps me remember Christ understand what we go through because He has suffered for us…

    • Hi Nora,

      I have seen the effects of strokes in my family enough to know a bit of the challenges you face, and the upset that lives deep within. You are doing all you can to help your husband and he knows how much you love him, which will only help him thrive under the love of such a strong woman. I will be praying for both of you. And I feel so touched to hear that you feel inspired by this work.

  49. What an inspiration, Amy! All of the beads are lovely and the detail is extraordinary. My favorite verse that has seen me through troubled times is Philippians 4:13, so the Philippians bead would have special meaning to me. And isn’t the John 3:16-17 verse what it is all about? God loves us so much He gave His Son, can you imagine giving such a sacrifice? God’s love is AMAZING!

    • Thank you Martha! I feel so grateful to have had this work assigned to me, and am filled with joy to hear such wonderful reception of it. God’s love is truly unending, and amazing!

  50. I like the Joshua bead because it makes me realize the delivering power of God. My second bead would be Psalm. You can get answers and strength from Psalm as well as praising God through any and everything. Love the testimony.

  51. So glad Dayspring sent me this today!
    Your story is uplifting, and your creations are an inspiration to me.
    I’ve been wanting to create paintings/photos with scripture that, too, is dear to my heart and finding this is a great boost for me!

    Although the two beads that I’d choose first would be based on the scriptures that are dear to me (and not the ones referenced – sorry). they would be Proverbs “Be still and know that I AM Lord” 46:10. This has been dear to my heart for years as I tend to worry and need to remind myself Who is in charge! And your artwork on the bead – a bird – also represents so much to me…freedom in the Lord, renewal to fly again….

    The next would be Romans, as when I first came to know the Lord, my verse was 5:17…a new creation in Christ! Plus, again the art is a cross!

    I could go on and on! So glad you are fulfilling your talents and ministering through it!
    Gods Blessings

    • Hi Janice,

      It will be the desire that is placed in your heart that will guide you through your artwork to reflect the scripture that moves you. It will be wonderful!

      At some point in the not too distant future I will be inviting people to suggest verses that specifically move them (on Facebook), and plan to develop the ones in high demand.

      Thank you for your comment!

  52. I love the meaning behind the jewelry! My 2 favorite beads are Romans and Ephesians. This has been my toughest year of life. My mom died and my dad is clinically depressed, and my husband lost his job over a year ago. These 2 beads have verses of God’s strength and power to keep us in the tough times. I do know that all things work together for good but with this jewelry, I would be beautifully reminded of God’s promises and love! Thanks for designing it!

    • Isn’t the timing of these life circumstances terrible. I’m so sorry about your mom, your dad and the pressures that have been caused by your husband’s loss of a job. Any one of those things would be enough to struggle through.
      Continue to draw strength from God through prayer and by surrounding yourself with good friends. God will use all of this to get everyone back to a place of health, and will stabilize your life through many blessings to come. Keep persevering through it. I will pray for you and your family.

  53. How to choose two favorite beads–they are all so beautiful and their representation of their book of the bible so unique! Really inspired! Joshua has always been a book of hope and inspiration to me–a nation moving forward completely by faith under leaders with unwavering faith in God! And Hebrews–another book that inspires me to faith by recounting the completely fallible people who God used in mighty ways through their faith.

    • Hi Julie,

      Thank you! I love how all of this has come together, and that God has given me the strength to complete it. I love hearing that you enjoy all of them!

  54. Amy thank for sharing your story. Your story was uplifting and a blessing to me. As stated in your article ” Armura signifies change through the power and strength found in Christ. For some of you, it may represent where you were in life; for some, where you are or where you feel called to be.” I totally agree with your statement, and that is exactly where I am. When I was reading your story when I scrolled to the first picture what I saw was 29:11. I remembered the dream I had a couple of months ago. That was the exact scripture Jer. 29: 11. I just put my head down and cried. That meant something to me. It is only through God’s mercy and grace, and at His right timing that we will respond to that which He has destined for us. No matter where we run to, resist, and abuse His love, He will continue to pursue us. What an amazing love. I know you will not only succeed in this business that He has given you; lives will be transformed souls will be birth into His kingdom. His name will be glorified through the hands of your work. Your children and children’s children will carry on the legacy that you have left. May God continue to bless your friend John where he may be.

    • Thank you Dr. Nkadi. God’s Word has reached me so incredibly at the times when I needed them most. He just “knows”. He knows where we’ll be and He’s already got the words for us when we get there. It’s such an incredible love that we have. I love hearing how Jeremiah 29:11 reached you. I just love it.
      And thank you for acknowledging my dear friend John. He is a blessing in my life. I’m so grateful for his friendship and commitment to me. At any point he could have given up on me and he didn’t. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him at times. God’s Strength really does supersede our own when we ask.
      Thank you so much for your comment.

  55. For me, it is Jeremiah and Phillippians. I have a sheet in my Bible with 3 scriptures that I say every day: Jeremiah 29:11, Phillippians 4:13 and 2 Timothy 1:7… and they are helping me to be strong and confident as I go about my life.

    Your story inspired me, dear Amy, and I am so glad that you opened your heart to the Lord!


    • I’m so happy to know that these verses support you each and every day. It’s so important to place emphasis on God’s Word, and to allow Him to speak through in those moments.
      Thank you so much Ann.

  56. Amy,God has blessed you so much with this talent. You have shared your heart and in return someone can use your talent to share their faith. To pick two beads was hard but I chose Micah, because that is a verse that we have on our table and my grandchildren have learned it. I also chose James such a hard book for us material loving people to comprehend. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for your kindness Susan. I feel blessed each day to have been given the gifts needed for this project to be born.

  57. I choose Colossians, because it describes Jesus and who he is and Hebrews, because it has the Hall of Fame of the Faithful.

  58. How amazing is God’s love toward us. The gospel of John tells us this so clearly and then Phillippians tells us how we can have the power to demonstrate that love to others. God bless you and keep you.

    • Isn’t it amazing that the context of each book perfectly support one another? I love it. And may God bless you as well Pat.

  59. These beads are all very meaningful to me, but my two favorite beads are Proverbs 3:5-6….not only does that scripture define how I pray that I am living my life before others as a living example, but a group of ladies from my church gave me a plaque with that scripture on it as a gift…I host a ladies weekend retreat every year for our church. The second scripture is Psalm 37:4 has very profound meaning to myself & my husband. We had prayed about what we were impressed by God to do that is a huge change in our lives for the sake of an elderly relative. He gave us very clear answers to this and this was our hearts desire to do. I pray that all of your scripture beads bless many as they are purchased & worn….I also pray that whomever wins, that it has been deemed by God for His purpose in them.
    Be blessed beyond measure !

    • Thank you Debora. Isn’t it amazing that when our will aligns with God’s, that the work involved in major life decisions feels guided and protected. I pray for God’s continued protection over you and your husband as you do this important work.
      Thank you for your comment.

  60. Hello Amy, I’m a guy obviously and I don’t wear Jewerly but my wife was just talking about a bracelets that she purchased. I told her that in all of the years that we have been married she has rarely worn a bracelet and just when I thought I knew her, she changed yet again. Lol. Then I came across your line of products which I will now share with her. If I had to pick two beads they would be Revelations (which you don’t have yet) and Genesis because I need to continually remind myself of how I got here and where I am going. Our Nation could use that lesson as well. Please pray for this great land that we live in and Blessings on your Entrepreneurial endeavor. I will post your website on my Facebook page as soon as I figure out how to do that. May GOD Bless and continue to keep you strong in the faith. Love your story.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      It’s our job to throw you guys a curve ball every now and again. Keeps you healthy! Thank you so much for your kindness and your support.
      I am only now learning how to use Facebook…so you’re not alone!

  61. What a touching story and a fantastic way to refocus women on God’s word throughout the day. I have screensavers on my phone and computer with some of these verses, but to wear it around my wrist would be a constant reminder of God’s faithful promises. There are soooo many great verses that Amy has chosen for this line, so I found it hard to pick just 2! But I guess I would say I love both the Romans and Philippians verses. They give such hope and refocusing with my mom having been sick with cancer and my husband in and out of jobs for the last 5 years and my children making some questionable choices. What good reminders that God is truly Sovereign.

    • Thank you Cindy.
      You have a lot going on in your life. All of the major stresses surround you. I am so glad to hear that your faith is strong and that you KNOW you’re in good hands.

  62. God is faithful and He is involved in every detail of our lives if we let Him. I say this because I woke up this morning convinced I needed a charm bracelet and I was going to try one of the popular stores- then I checked my emails and found yours, courtesy Daysprings.
    Colossians is a favorite because it talks about the authority and power of The One Who saved us. Romans is an all time favorite because it tells me who I really am and Whose I am.
    Your testimony is inspiring- thanks for sharing it.

  63. Hello Amy! Love your story of hope in Christ and how a friend was used powerfully to lead you to Him! Thanks for sharing and for putting your faith into action by creating this wonderful jewelry line! I love the name and idea…definitely inspired from above 🙂 I like the Genesis bead, a great reminder of our extremely creative Father who has also shared His creativity with His children, like you and I. The Jeremiah bead is also one of my favorites. I love Jeremiah 29:11. God has a plan to prosper each of us and not to harm us to give us a future and a hope!! And He watches over His Word to fulfill it in the lives of those who place their trust in Him 🙂 God bless you and your amazing Idea from heaven. May you increase in every way!!

    • Thank you so much Kimberly. I’ve loved every minute of it..and feel so blessed to be able to share it with you.

  64. What an inspiring story. It brought me to tears. I can definitely relate.

    My favorite bible verses come from the books of Isaiah30:15-18 and 2Timothy 1:7-9.
    I realize now that God’s presence is with me at All times.

    • Thank you Crizelle,

      It’s amazing how God brings hope into a hopeless situation, and that He is using us in the very moment we’re in, regardless of where we are. And you’re wise to KNOW that God is with you. He most certainly is.

  65. Hi Amy,
    my 2 favourite beads are Proverbs and Micah. Proverbs 3v5-6 was the scripture the vicar wrote in a small Bible he gave me on my wedding day. Then, I had no real idea of who God was and barely noticed it. Years later, when my marriage was a shambles and my husband had become (unknown to me then) involved with paedophilia, I found that little Bible and those words… I am divorced now, having had to bring up two boys on my own… God has been my constant friend, my guide and my wonderful Father. My eyes well with tears as I think on His faithfulness. He has kept my children safe, He has rescued us from the pit. We don’t know why things happen as they do, but to know that God has been there all the time, watching over you, is extraordinarily comforting. Micah is beautiful. The star of Bethlehem… Jesus, the Star of the morning. The diamond reflecting light all around. A few weeks back, God gave me a picture for the worship band. They had been despondent and God knew they needed encouragement. I shared with them what God had showed me. On stage was a huge diamond. From above came a beam of light that touched every facet and shone a myriad of colour on to each member of the congregation. God blessed the worship band and the church that day. He is so beautiful, shining so bright so everyone can see Him. May the Light of the Lord Jesus shine on you Amy, bringing blessing to all you do. with love xxx

    • Gail, for whatever the reasons people fall so far away from God, they need to remain in our prayers. I’m sorry to hear that this has been a reality you’ve faced. Raising children is difficult enough. Your faith is strong and your love for God is evident. It sounds like you’ve got the support of a wonderful church too. I’m grateful for that.

  66. As I read your amazing story, it reminded me of the medical difficulties I faced from age 6 months to an adult. I accepted Christ at age 9 years old, but when I really knew Him in my heart my life was turned around. I recognized it was only His Grace and Mercy that has brought me through. Since that time God gave me a dream to share the joy I have with people who are addictive to behaviors that are unpleasant in His sight. I went back to school and received my degree and license as a therapist, and I am happily work with ex-offenders who commit drug and sex crimes. Your story has encouraged me more and allowing me to share my life with others so they will know that if they trust in God, He will give them a new life. Thank you and continue to encourage others.

    • This is an incredible story Earlena. I’m so grateful to hear that your work is paying off in the lives of people you work for. This is such incredible commitment to a change the world so desperately needs to see. God will bless you as you work and the changes will be significant. Thank you for this important work!

  67. Good morning! Bless your sweet heart. I have spent the better part of this morning being ministered to by you…I am both thankful and grateful. Your testimony is powerful, the Lord is using you in an important way. Please never forget that. (You shine!) Your jewelry is beautiful art and is ministry & testimony and is so lovely and also powerful…my personal feeling is that each piece ought to be considered a favorite. Your FB page led me to two new orgs fighting against human trafficking (I thank you for that). Your care to the cause against human trafficking is deeply important. It troubles me so, how many people are unaware or apathetic to such unspeakable things. I could write on but will leave you to your day, but not before I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you. May God bless you today and in all your days.
    Warmest regards & big hugs from a friend and sister

    • Elyse, I felt filled with joy to read that this work has reached you deeply. And I love hearing that you’ve been connected to the organizations that work in this important field. They are both wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing such kindness with me and for letting me know how deeply this work has reached you. Thank you!

      • You are most welcome, dear Amy. This world needs more inspiring encouragers like you. I wish you all the best in all your days, and you will remain in my prayers…that is a promise and I am a promise keeper. Thank you for helping this stranger (me!) get through a difficult weekend. And thank you for your care for the victims of human trafficking…I am going to go pray for them right now, for them all but especially for victims in the Phillippines who are now also victims to the typhoon. How my heart breaks for them all. Thank you, again.

  68. Amy , what an inspiring testimony . May god continue to restore you to his beautiful daughter. It’s hard to chose but I like psalms and Philippians . May God bless you beyond all you ask or imagine ! Annette

    • Hi Annette,

      I feel so truly blessed, and have enjoyed feeling and seeing God actively working in my life and for the completion of this jewellery line. May God bless you as well!

  69. Hi Amy, I was very eager to read the story about you and how God brought you through such a difficult trial and led you to create something so beautiful!! I enjoyed reading about each and every bead and my favorite ones were Joshua and Philippians. God has been working in my life to free me of fears so I chose Joshua’s verse and also I am an intercessor and I love the verse you have for Philippians–to not be anxious about anything and turn to prayer and petition about those things. May God bless this ministry and enlarge your influence to the Body of Christ! Thanks so much!

    • Thank you Maria. I’m so glad you felt the excitement to become familiar with each. I really do love each and every one of them. My friend John’s sweet mother has this little “thing” that she does during the day if she feels challenged, and I’ve only begun doing it but I love it. When I feel afraid, I say aloud the things that I am grateful for in that moment. It’s amazing how quickly it can turn around. I don’t know if this will help you at all but I felt compelled to share it with you. Many blessings to you Maria!

  70. Matthew 22:37 Love The Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your heart.
    As a child I was taught to love The Lord, by the example of a wonderful mother,…the faith of a mother teaches us how to exemplify our love for God.
    Children live what they learn,…if we want our children to love The Lord, we must teach them by example.

    Romans 8:28 God works for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose.
    Through a heart of love, we truly are followers of Christ. If we know Him, we will know peace.
    Love is only a word, unless we live through the example of love: we must demonstrate love, practice love, and speak with love.

    • You’re absolutely right Dana. God loves so deeply. If we are to exemplify Christ in our life, it is a commitment through love in every capacity.

  71. What a beautiful story, and a sincere and genuine heart. My favorite verse is in found in Romans 8:28, and we know that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. Loving the Lord is the key, because He first loved us, while we were sinners. Another one of my favorites is John 3:30, He must become greater, and I must become less. It is only through His power & strength that we can be redeemed, restored, and renewed.

  72. Amy, thank you for your story about how God has led you to do this wonderful jewellery. I am a grandmother & I pray for my grandchildren everyday that they will come to follow Jesus. I am still learning about what he wants me to do also as I’m retired.
    My favorite books are Psalms and John, just to name two.
    thanks again for sharing your story.
    God Bless you as you continue following Him.

    • I love sharing my story Marilyn because God’s strength, love and guidance shows through. It is a pleasure and I feel grateful to have your support.

  73. love every bit of this. God is so faithful and good! <3
    my favorite beads are the psalms, jeremiah, and james ones. those three books have all meant so much to me (particularly certain psalms as i read through them, and jeremiah 29:11, and james 1:2-3) these last two years as i've been going through a very drawn-out, emotionally-draining trial. God has been so so faithful to show Himself through it all, and to draw me nearer and nearer as i cling to Him through it. <3

    • He will see you through it Traci. Hang in there, and continue to find support through God’s Love. It is unending. He is so faithful, and so good. As you said.

  74. My verse on YouVersion today was Romans 12:12, and my life verse in Jeremiah29:11. The verses connect in the both talk about hope. My life has depended on the hope that Jesus gives me daily. Those are two beads I’d purchase.
    May god bless your ministry and your business

  75. I can’t wait to see a bead for Luke! It’s so hard to choose just two, but here goes: I Peter (2:9), because He HAS brought me out of darkness into His MARVELOUS LIGHT … and … Micah (6:8), because I was raised on the words of that verse, by my mom and her mom!

    • I love hearing that your mom and grandmother had supported you through scripture. Thank you for your comment June! And the bead for Luke is in the works!

  76. Each bead is uniquely beautiful… Add to that the scriptural basis for the designs, and it becomes exponentially harder to select a favorite or two! But if I’m pressed to make a decision I pick the Jeremiah and Matthew beads. Jeremiah because I continually come back to God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11 when life throws our family a curve-ball, and Matthew because I like the symbolism in the 8 sides/Beatitudes/reminders to be more like Christ, as well as the sparkly stones! 🙂

    • Thank you Andrea. I love each one of these beads and it brings me such joy to share them with you. I hope they act a a constant reminder to all of us.

  77. Dear Amy,
    It is such a blessing to read your testimony…. many of us never know where we are going and you were blessed to be given insight… as God lead you…
    In Jeremiah 29 HE talks about HIS plans for us… and they are great plans…if we just obey…. and be as HE wants us to be towards one another….He will see you through with HIS blessings….
    In Corinthians We need to remember HIS grace…and yes HE will renew our minds… we sometimes will fall short… after all no one is perfect…. otherwise we wouldn’t need HIM… isn’t it great that we can call on HIM any time of day or night… and HE will be there….?
    We must Praise HIM, Thank HIM., LOVE HIM, Bless HIM… always…. for HE gave HIS only begotten son for our sins…
    Bless you my dear and continue with the gift HE has given you….
    Edith Thomas

    • Hi Edith,

      It was very difficult to listen to the command “wait” when I felt I was ready to get going. It was almost 3 years before God had provided this clear direction. He was working on my character through that waiting period and his timing was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing these beautiful and wise words. May God bless you as well Edith.

  78. Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my two life verses and is one of the thngs that God has used to get me through some very hard times. I also love all of Isaiah and the story that it tells of Christs coming.

    Thank you for the gift you’ve given everyone iwth this line of jewelry. May God bless you.

  79. Giving God all the glory, I love your obedience to use your talents for Jesus, while sharing the Word.

    • Thank you Sylvia. God’s incredible Love is such a wonderful thing to celebrate and to be mindful of. I’m so grateful for your support!

  80. Amy, What a beautiful concept flowing from God’s Throne of Grace, no doubt!! I am 68 years old and have had a personal relationship with the
    Lord since 10 years old. I was taught in a very narrow biblical perspective
    that religious symbols were not to be seen as jewelry; however, I have come to enjoy adornment as a visual of Faith and an opportunity to witness
    about God’s Love. What a blessing that you have come to this revelation early in your life.

    Over the years, God’s grace has always been sufficient no matter what the
    circumstances occurring in my life. The Word speaks to me according to
    my needs. Jeremiah 29:11 has been “my verse” since 2004 and my cancer
    diagnosis. It was very reassuring during treatment and has helped me to
    move on from survival to be a grateful witness of His care and guidance.

    Romans contains so much but chapter 8, particularly verses 31 – 39 tells
    me how secure one is within the God’s hands. Who can be against us when
    God is for us – nothing can separate us from His Love. Incredible assurance for believers!

    “Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.” Sharon Merriman

    • Thank you Sharon. I am so grateful to hear that you’ve won the battle against cancer, and that you found great solace in God’s Word during that time. And thank you for these wonderful reminders. It’s so comforting to know that we thrive under His Love and Protection.

  81. I love the the Proverbs bead. There have been many times in my life that I have had to trust in the Lord with ALL MY heart because I did not understand what was happening. God always knows exactly what is going on in our life and knows where it will all lead.

    Galatians is another favorite. (It is so hard to choose!) The fruit of the Spirit of Christ in our lives is so special, as it can lead others to know Him as their Friend and Savior. God bless you in your fruits as you continue to share the gift that God so graciously bestode upon you.

    • Thank you Pam. I consider it such an incredible privilege to be providing this work to act in support of our lives, wherever we may find ourselves.

  82. Amy, what beautiful jewelry because of the story the who like tells!!! I especially love Proverbs because it never fails to speak to my heart when I am going through a dark time in my life!! It challenges me to put ALL of my trust in Him who loves me unconditionally.

    Romans is another favorite of mine especially because I lost my dad when I was 16 and this was his favorite book. It seems to draw me nearer to God when I really need it most.

    Thank you for sharing a small piece of yourself and of reminders of our precious Lord

  83. My two favorite would be James and Ephesians. I just finished teaching a Bible study on Ephesians – The Armor of God and James, is my favorite book, because God works on me through it especially with the tongue!

  84. Hi Amy,

    Your story is simply amazing–and your jewelry breathtaking! I’ve never seen anything like it. I understand about being embarrassed to share your story. I am a writer and still haven’t fully shared mine yet. God is still writing it. 😉

    I love every single piece you’ve created, but the first one which stood out was Genesis. I remember after fully accepting God’s love, how the words, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” just leaped off the page at me. I couldn’t believe I never noticed them before! And the other was Philippians. I consult the verses Phil. 4:6-7 over and over again. “Do not be anxious about ANYTHING…” The pages are worn out where those verses reside!

    So happy how God is working through you to create such beautiful pieces!

    • Thank you Penelope!
      I love how God works all things together. The good, the bad and the wonderful. Even if it takes a while to see it, I take great comfort in knowing that during times of stress and upset that He’s already got a plan for it.

      Thank you for your comments and your genuine support.

  85. The Galatians is one I cling to to keep my heart straight and my mind renewing to grow in faith and witness. Your Jeremiah is a scripture I have displayed in our home, reminding me that the Lord knows much more than I about the circumstances in my life. Raised as a child of faith, our daughter was bullied in school for her kindness, her hope and her stand. She was finally worn down in college and has been estranged from us for several years. We have no contact with her, but we continue to love her, pray for her, and hold on to the belief that the Lord is working things out through her present circumstances and protect her as she grows in His grace and wisdom. Our Lord holds the future, and we trust in Him.