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Claire is mama to a joyful son and wife to her college sweetheart. An Arkansas native living in Atlanta, she is passionate about being a mama, encouragement, community, and Jesus.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. AMEN! Lately, it’s been the new people that God has brought into my circle that have taught me the most about myself and about others. I am thankful for the diverse community of sisters that God has given to me. Blessings!

    • Yes! Thanks, Barbie. It’s always crazy how much you see about yourself when you let yourself come out around people that are different than you.

  2. Claire,
    Love the “y’all” in there southern sister…and yes, God does stretch us and grow us through relationships with others who don’t just naturally get us. God makes believers (and non-believers) in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. How can we be salt and light in our world if we only hang with those just like us? When God stretches me, my faith in Him grows. Thank you for a wonderful and thought provoking post!

    • So true, Bev. Thanks for your words. I have learned quite a bit about myself in this season. I see things that I never would have seen in less diverse group of women.

  3. Really inspiring article. I totally agree that new people, that feel, think and believe differently than we do can help a lot in making us grow and become fuller people.

  4. Great article Claire! So cool to see someone I know writing such truth! Can’t wait to see y’all next month!

  5. Wow! I was reminded again that everything in this life is not all about me! I recently joined a ladies “Life Group” and was disappointed when I walked in and there was “no one just like me.” I thought I would be polite and bow out of the group gracefully, never to return. While driving home from the group, I felt the Lord gently whisper to me… “get over yourself, you wanted community and fellowship and this is where I have placed you.” I get it!

  6. Isn’t it better to allow ourselves to be stretched and to allow God to show us things through others who have seen life through a totally different lens? This one….I am well into my 50s … And I find myself at this very place…with out all the details…I am coming out of a very narrow….closed group…where thinking…believing…acting alike was paramount and we we derived our security. But now God is surrounding me people of such variety…and I know I am going to learn more about Christ…myself than I have in the past 20 yrs. this does undo me at times…but I am excited too…because God is the great redeemer and He is redeeming all thing…beauty for ashes….thanks for this…this encourages me right where I am….blessings and grace to you~

    • Thanks so much for your words. I am so glad it was an encouragement to you. I think so many of us find ourselves in that place at times.

  7. Claire,
    I love this! It’s hard to step outside my comfort zone and make the effort to get to know people different from me but it’s always worth it. Your words that we grow and are stretched by those who cross our paths is so true. Thanks for sharing your well-thought and very articulate post!

  8. Beautifully written and received. Thanks for sharing your heart to mine. God bless this day to His full utmost glory in all our lives. Shalom.

  9. Tough call. I’ve done it but it was hard to get along with people who are not like me at all. When asked just yesterday about this with non – Christians, I told the lady when they don’t get me, I turn off by putting on my headphones and let them squabble about it all among themselves.

    With believers it’s tough as you can’t really turn off. Though it’s the better option I favour.

    How do we all get along. I have no idea. I only know the early church had problems as well. I’ve got to the point of someone does not get me, I can turn and the LORD gets me. O I’m so selfish.


  10. As humans, I think we all feel or have felt this way. It is comfortable that we seek. Most of think of ourselves as adventurers yet we crave comfort. But ironic how we find the most joy when we give control over to the Lord and allow Him to lead and guide. I must admit that after 68 years on this Earth, I still struggle with this but can tell you that when I “let go and let God”, I have grown the most and experienced joy unspeakable and full of glory. Stay strong in the faith my sisters and one day we will reap together forever

  11. Wondering if we like the groups ‘Just like me’ so when we forget and compare ourselves with them we don’t fall short.

    I joined an (in) courage group this Fall and was scared as I am the one that is always different. The first couple of weeks were tough as we introduced ourselves and got to know each other. Everyday I felt that I fell short.

    Then I started getting to know them better and found that this one shared my feelings on one subject. And this one had the very same experience as I did. And another one had the very same fears.

    The group that I KNEW was so different than me… really wasn’t different than me at all! and I think we will stay together as friends when the group ends. 🙂 Awesome!!

  12. People from different circumstances are so refreshing. They make you examine life and spirituality from a different perspective which stretches you and makes you grow. Paul said he had become “all things to all people”. How can we do that when we stick with people who are just like us. I have a new employee who didn’t grow up in a Christian family and has come to know the Lord in the last few years. I love her fresh approach and enthusiasm!

  13. A very important message for all women! We grow outside the lines of our common lives. Sharing this (posted by (in)courage) on FB at Joyfullee Written.

  14. Claire,

    I love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I find I learn a lot about them, myself and life. God made us for community to love one another no matter what.

    I work at a university health clinic and we see all cultures and types of people–professional, students, black, white, Muslim, Chinese, etc. We also deal with diverse backgrounds–Christian, non-Christian, LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual & Transgender). We just treat each person with the same respect that we would want to be treated with.

    It can be hard to go outside the norm/comfort zone. But when done it stretches you and so much more is gained and learned.