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  1. The “Believe”: Christmas ornament is my favorite item, as I feel it captures the essence of the holiday season. All the items are lovely, but believing is what the Christmas story is all about.

  2. I do not think my comment went through the first time, so I will try again!!

    The “Believe”: Christmas ornament is my favorite item, as I feel it captures the essence of the holiday season. All the items are lovely, but believing is what the Christmas story is all about.

  3. I absolutely love the Christmas Countdown Calendar! They have a lot of really nice things!

  4. I love the Nativity set… It makes me want to start Celebrating Christmas all year instead of a few days… Jesus’s birth should be a constant reminder of how loving and giving he was and is today… and should not be put away and pulled out only for a set season… His birth should affect our lives daily with love, forgiveness and thankfulness…

  5. I love the nativity pieces – so unique. And I think the advent calendar is really different, my favorite!

  6. In my youthful zeal….I paired down Christmas until it was almost non-exsistant….now that I have grandloves…I want to celebrate the wonder of the true meaning of Christmas with them…so I would love the wooden nativity scene…thanks for the opportunity.

  7. I love the Nativity set because it is so simple and unique, and because it would be a fun way to share the Christmas story with my niece and nephews in a hands on way.

  8. THE ABC’s are what I like. It’s a perfect reminder of what God has for us not only in the holiday season, but all year round.

  9. I adore the believe christmas garland 🙂 what a wonderful giveaway. I love everything.

  10. The Peace on Earth Christmas Wooden Sculpture is my favorite, after the O Holy Night wooden nativity, because peace on earth is what Christ came to bring and definitely what the world needs, especially at Christmas!

  11. i LOVE the nativity set because of the paired down to what the story is REALLY about…THE piece of art i like the best is the family rules plague…or framed art if you will that just says everything I want it to say

  12. The nativity is my favorite, it is the reminder what the season is really about. Jesus Birthday.

  13. I LOVE the Christmas Countdown!! It is exciting with little ones to stretch the anticipation of Christmas and be able to talk about it everyday.

  14. The nativity set. What a beautiful way to put the season in perspective It was an ordinary night long ago amongst simple nature. But a miraculous birth was about to happen. Love it. Want it!!!

  15. When I see the Xmas stars everywhere, I am reminded of Jesus’s birth and how He is the light of the world.

  16. How can I pick? “Oh Holy Night” is my absolute favorite Christmas song so I love the cards. But the Nativity is the most adorable set I have seen. Such a beautiful celebration of the important elements of the season! THANKS!

  17. I love the nativity set. We read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and the grandkids each put a piece of the nativity in place. This would work perfectly! And thanks for the reminder of simplifying Christmas. I was just thinking of this before I read your article.

  18. All the pieces are so beautiful!! I love the nativity and the Christmas Countdown Calendar, as well as the Believe Garland. So many cute pieces that would add that extra something special. I would love love love to win the nativity!!

  19. I was looking in the shop the other day and I kept coming back to the “Welcome to our Home wall art” piece. I love the colors and the message “enter with a happy heart”. It sets the stage for how we want to be in our home.

    Thanks for the chance to win the nativity!

  20. I LOVE every item in the collection!! But I especially love the nativity because I collect nativities and this one is so adorable.

  21. I love the new nativity! I have a small nativity collection & love the simplicity of this one. We have been working at the pared-down Christmas for several years now. Encouraging giving “experiences” instead of stuff. These don’t have to be elaborate, just time. Our children really enjoy it.

  22. I think the believe cross is amazing. I love to have items around my home that, daily, remind me of the ultimate gift, Jesus.

  23. i like it all! Been trying to do the pared down Christmas for a couple years, tough to convince my kids!

  24. I love the “Give Thanks No Matter What” picture. Not all of us is going to have a postcard perfect Christmas, and I love the idea of giving thanks for the good AND the bad that happens to us as we continue our journey here on earth.

  25. I so agree about paring down Christmas. What I have learned is that I’ve passed on my obsession with finding that “perfect” Christmas gift to my now adult children. Hoping to eliminate this Christmas tradition at our house and SIMPLIFY!

  26. I love the simplicity of this Nativity! I’ve always left a Nativity up all year round. This could be the one this year. Perfect for little hands and I like that baby Jesus is a separate piece.

  27. The nativity scene is beautiful, simplistic and symbolic of Christ’s birth…the most important part of what Christmas should be about!

  28. I love the Nativity set, it’s so simple and that makes it so beautiful. I also really love the Count Your Blessings wall art. We need to be reminding everyday not to focus on what we don’t have but to praise God for the things we do have!

  29. I love the JOY Christmas Sculpture. Just one look and it reminds us what the season is all about.

  30. I have to admit that I am one of those that loves to prolong the season with so many events leading up to the day of Christ’s birth. I do it with Joy and Thanksgiving. Usually the one time of year that I am over extended but I love it and I love making Christmas Day all about Him.
    There are so many beautiful pieces it is hard to choose just one but my favorite word is BELIEVE so I would choose the ornament.
    God bless!

  31. My favorite is the nativity because of its simplicity. I have been collecting them for over 20 years and this one would look lovely with the others.

  32. You do beautiful work! I absolutely love the nativity set. I set various styles of nativities throughout my home for the holiday season. I just love collecting nativity sets. Blessings to you and thank you for this giveaway!

  33. Simple yet elegant! These pieces are awesome. I love how they appear to be flat so they won’t take up as much storage space, allows for paired down storage too! My favorite is the Believe garland.

  34. I love the entire article; thank you for taking away any guilt from not “doing it all!” My favorite item is the Christmas Countdown Calendar; this has been a tradition in our family since my children were toddlers, and they are now 41 & 39!!! We have kept the tradition going with our grandchildren, and this would be a great permanent keepsake.

  35. I love the Count Your Blessings wall art – what a beautiful reminder. All of the pieces are a simple and beautiful collection!

  36. Love the Merry Christmas – Christmas Countdown Calendar! It’s always been a tradition in our family to countdown until Christmas—it makes it more exciting! 🙂

  37. I loved the Nativity scene the first time I saw it! It would be perfect for my family room! I would really like to “pare-down” Christmas this year and have felt that way for quite a few years now…

  38. Love the nativity. So unique, simple, compact, complete and beautiful. A set that could be passed down to, and valued by future generations.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  39. As a grandmother trying to encourage the next generation to keep Jesus at the heart of the holidays I love the child friendly nativity set that my 6 granddaughters ages 6 and under could so easily interact with in their natural curiosity and creative play.

  40. I am drawn to the simplicity of the Nativity set. The pieces are adorable and would look great in my home year round!

  41. I love the new Christmas nativity set. Non-breakable nativities are the best because the kids can actually touch them when we talk through the Christmas story.

  42. I love the Welcome to Our Home Wall Art. It is so welcoming in spirit; a wonderful blessing for all who enter and a visual reminder of God’s love at Christmas and in all seasons of the year.

  43. Firstly, the “pared-down Christmas” is such an amazing concept, and one the my husband and I are planning to implement this year with a reverse Advent calendar: each day leading up to Christmas, find a toy or a book or an item of clothing that we no longer need and can give to someone who does. After all, it’s better to give than to receive!
    We want to model that to our daughter (she’s almost 5 months old) — which is why I love the hands-on-ness of the nativity scene! (Plus, it’s really cute – the art style is adorable!)

  44. I love the Choose Joy accent pillow. I have a chair that is in the center of the house and this pillow be a very visible reminder for us all to choose joy instead of stress. I love it!

  45. I like the joy ornament ….it is so cute…but also love the faith makes things possible…as I so believe that.

  46. Wow, you really expect someone to pick a favorite? There are so many to choose from! But I must say that the Nativity ranks very high on my list!

  47. What beautiful pieces!! I love the Wooden Christmas Nativity. I typically only decorate with nativity sets and really love unique and interesting sets. I also love Let Heaven and Nature Sing – Christmas Wooden Sculpture.

  48. I love the Advent Calendar…that is a tradition that I want to continue with my kids, as we did it growing up. It was hard to pick one thing, as everything would be a great witness to anyone coming through my doors! Thank-you! 🙂

  49. My favorite is the Christmas Countdown Calendar, too cute! & this nativity set … so beautiful! What a lovely tradition it would be, to set it up with my two littles each year 🙂

  50. I love This Thing Called Family art! My favorite is the “God Has A Plan” wooden sculpture; it’s a beautiful reminder that no matter what I go through, God has a reason for it all.

  51. My favorite is the Believe Christmas Garland. It’s simple design and muted colors speak to a simpler Christmas, it almost has a “Little House on the Prairie field.” and the message is exactly what Christmas is about. Belief. Belief that the Son of God became man so that we could become sons and daughters of God.

  52. I love (adore) the Nativity Set! My most favorite thing about having a Nativity, is the sharing, the conversation that takes place when my daughter has her friends over. She is nine and they are curious, ohhh I do love to listen to my daughter share her love of Christmas! But more so, my heart bursts with joy when she shares her love of Jesus when sharing the story of His birth.

  53. My favorite: Inspirational ABC’s are everyday reminders on a artsy colorful board. The shape is great too because I’m running out of wall space for art.

  54. My favorite is your Christmas Nativity. In our home 3 of our 7 kids have birthday’s in December…in fact we say we “bookend Jesus”, as 2 of our kids we born on the 24th and the 26th of December! Life for our family started to become so crazy that we all felt exhausted and weary during this month. So over the past few years we have been cutting away all the “extras” that pulled us away from Christ and one another. Our nativity set is really one of the only decorations we now use! I love the simplicity and peace of this set.

  55. I have to pick just one??? I love the nativity but the joy sculpture speaks to me too! Love, love, love your work, original and otherwise!!!

  56. Oh my goodness I had no idea about all of this INCREDIBLE stuff! I just signed up to start receiving the incourage devos and I am so glad that I have because they are just what I need EVERYDAY, but also because I’ve been introduced to this unique line of gifts/home decor! How in the world could I choose? lol I am supposed to be working and all I can do is scan back and forth through the beautiful selection with “kid in a candy store” awe! 🙂 It’s as if you’ve taken some of my kiddos art work (that is priceless to me in any form or fashion) and turned it into amazing wall decor/home decor! Every single piece is unique and makes you want to SMILE from ear to ear 🙂 It’s ALL my favorite…I would purchase every piece if I could, (especially the nativity) but if I must choose, I would choose the lazy susan! Wow! Sitting around our dinner table is so special to my family especially in this day and age with life being so crazy busy and the home becoming more of a “drive-thru”…It’s just an amazing piece..but then I could go on and on about the Christmas countdown, the wall art, the give thanks NO MATTER WHAT blocks, the cards and the Nativity for sure! Thank you so much for these products and for this awesome opportunity! Be BLESSED!

  57. I like all of your decorative pieces I believe that it is important to display God’s truths and treasures in our homes. But if I had to choose just one item I would choose the nativity set.
    In todays blog it was described as “simple”, and I agree it is simple. However, when I slow down and really look closely at this scene I realize the artist portrayed each character differently. Mary and Joseph look humble and reverent. Just imagine giving birth to the King of Kings! However, I wonder if they were just grateful Jesus was healthy?
    And then the Wise men with wide eyes looking on with expectancy. I wonder if they saw what they expected to see?
    It reminds me to simply slow down and admire all the little ways God blesses me and not forget that I can expect even greater things to come.

  58. It’s a tough choice, each item connects to my heart in a different way. Since I love the word “Happy” and strive towards daily happiness, I am choosing the Welcome to Our Home – Wall Art : Welcome to Our Home, Enter with a Happy Heart!

  59. I love the Family Rules Wall Art. Right in the center of it all is Trust God. Great reminders on there for children and adults alike.

  60. I love so many of the items that express real Christmas sentiments, I think my favorite is the wall art “Thank you for a house full of people I love” because I can keep it up all year, plus it says more than the typical sayings I see everywhere. I am so blessed to have a large and wonderful family who loves each other, even when we don’t always agree, and sometimes need the reminder to be thankful. This picture also includes our precious friends as well in the simple sentence.

  61. I haven’t had a chance to look at all the items, but right off the bat I LOVE this nativity! I have struggled finding a nativity that is family friendly and not so “formal” but also is not too “babyish”. I LOVE this one. Am going to look through the rest of the collection now! 🙂

  62. We do pared down Christmas pretty well with a family of 4 in less than 900 square feet of living space 😉 But in our simplicity there is no nativity to set up. I have never found just the right one for all of our tastes. So, this would be a great addition to our Christmas things that do grace our home each year.
    Thanks for the give-away!
    ~heidi b

  63. it’s all SO cute! but i think that may favorites are the advent and the nativity.

    thanks for the awesome giveaway and the reminder that now is the time to prepare to pare down … not after it’s all done and over with and we’re broke and the house is a giant wreck of toys and wrapping paper. thanks!

  64. HARD choices to pick just one! What a great collection! O Holy Night – Wooden Christmas Nativity would be one pick if someone said go to this site and pick any one item 🙂 Love your post — we started ‘paring’ down last year and hope to continue even more this year.

  65. I love the Countdown to christmas set. It is a wonderful reminder to spend time each day, preparing our hearts for the Lords birth.

  66. I like the nativity best! My mom has always collected nativities, and this year, she gets to be in heaven for her first Christmas there–should be AMAZING for her to experience!

  67. I love the Believe – Christmas Garland. Such a simple way to say so much, and it would look beautiful in our home.

  68. I have greatly pared down Christmas. Each year I give my children, their mates, and my grandchildren calendars. I make sure each one gets one that matches their interest. I have to laugh as every year I buy a tombstone calendar! It is for my son-in-love… his dad sells them and he goes out with a crew to set them up. He is honored to do so. My daughter gets the busy mom calendar for the fridge to try to keep track of her family 🙂 It grew in Aug by 2! Twin girls!
    My favorite Things With Wings is the Live Today with Gratitude – Wall Art. Awesome reminder! Lots of beautiful talent in those special products!
    Love to all of you,

  69. I love the O Holy Night-Wooden Christmas Nativity set because they are wooden and will not break in the little hands of my children who want to hold baby Jesus and act out the scene of the manger. My ceramic set were broken due to lil’ ones moving the 3 wise men, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. I would love this set to go along with my family’s Jesse Tree Adventure. Thank you!

  70. My favorite would be the nativity set. Simple enough that my 3 yr old granddaughter could easily understand the story of Jesus’ birth, absolutley beautiful and tells the story without all the frills that society wants to add. Although broken in many places, I still have the one my mother put out every Christmas when I was growing up.
    Hard to pick just one, they’re all so awesome with great reminders! Thanks for sharing!

  71. I love the Joy wooden house because it’s a great reminder to focus on the joy in our lives and especially the joy that Christ’s birth brings.

  72. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite “things” is the “Believe” Christmas Ornament – because that’s MY ‘word’! I have many items in my house, wall decorations,, jewelry, stationery cards, paper pads, etc all with the word “Believe” on them. That is the word I have chosen as my ‘life’ word. 🙂

  73. Rejoice – Christmas Wooden Sculpture
    is my all time favorite! We should celebrate Christmas everyday not just one day a year. Not the gifts—being kind and doing for others in need.

  74. Love the nativity, the kid friendly design & simplicity makes it a fantastic, safe way to not only enhance a home but teach little ones. Diffucult to pick a favorite but the “ABC’S of Life” are just so wonderful! Simple. Basic. Foundational. Y and Z!! Not sure it is a “Christmas” item though. If not, “Let Heaven & Nature Sing” is a certain smile & song maker all year through. Collection is so happy! Love them all!

  75. I love the nativity scene. It’s so unique & simple. It seems like it could be left up year round or at least set up earlier (like before Thanksgiving!) love all their stuff:)

  76. So hard to decide…LOVE the Give Thanks (no matter what) wall art…for Christmas I would have to pick the simple cross (Believe)…LOVE LOVE LOVE! I BELIVE we need to have a simpler CHRISTmas this year…THANKS!

  77. I love that Mary, Joseph and Jesus all have their eyes closed in the nativity scene, they look like they are completely at peace and praying and thanking God for His provision in sending Jesus. So lovely.

  78. Christmas is my second favorite holiday, Easter is my first. :).
    The item I like most is the nativity set. I have a felt nativity ornament set that I hang on the tree along with plastic canvas that spell out JESUS.

  79. I love the Christmas Countdown art because it’s so simple and yet embraces what Christmas is really all about.

  80. The nativity would look so awesome with my Things With Wings original wall art You Gotta Have Faith…just sayin’. 😉

  81. Several years ago I decided to collect a few special nativity sets. They weren’t necessarily expensive, but they were meaningful to me. Then a few years ago we lost all when our house burned to the ground. Nothing survived but us, a powerful gift of life.

    I’d like most to have the Nativity set. It’s simple, yet speaks colorfully of love. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  82. The “believe” garland is my fav bc Christmas and the Gospel go hand in hand and if this garland was displayed in our home that is what it would represent. Also (tied for a close second) the “do all things with love” pillow and the “thankful” peacock made me smile. What a great line of products!

  83. They are all amazing but I love the O Holy Night – Wooden Christmas Nativity. I love having a nativity in every room so it reminds us all what Christmas is really about!

  84. There are so many wonderful items that remind us what Christmas is really all about. I really like the Believe items and wooden Nativity, but I think my favorite is the Countdown! My girls love the countdown to Christmas and we have done it in many different ways over the years, but this one is so beautiful and would help keep us on track with the meaning of Christmas!

  85. I love the Christmas Countdown. I love the every-day reminders, and it goes so easily with the decor of our busy – crafty – November to New Years holiday season! 😀

  86. I’m loving the “Let Heaven and Nature Sing – Christmas Wooden Sculpture.” A favorite line from a favorite carol, and they’ve done what I love to do these days: put a bird on it 😉 What a lovely collection – beautiful in its simplicity.

  87. How I am trying to embrace the holy simplicity of Christmas…it is tricky for me as I love to entertain and plan…but I don’t want to miss the heart of this sweet and most precious time!! I love the nativity and the Christmas countdown and the family rules…I can’t pick just one 🙂 !!!! Blessings!

  88. My favorite is the Peace Christmas ornament. I like that it’s not elegant, yet it has charm, makes you smile, and holds all the Christmas joys under one simple roof.

  89. I love the Christmas countdown calendar. It will help the kids keep track of when Christmas is coming plus give them some simple activites that they can do. =)

  90. Choose just one? I’m not sure I can! I’ve always loved the Count your Blessings wall hanging. But seeing the whole collection, I see something that reminds me of things I’ve learned from Ann Voskamp: Give Thanks wall art. I think the Our Family Rules lazy Susan is unique as well as the ABC wooden wall arts! 🙂 Thanks for the Give-away!

  91. I love everything. . . but my favorite is the “Rejoice and Be Glad” church house. It’s exciting to start to think about Christmas!

  92. I love the line: “Simple is beautiful and so much better.” I try to remember that when things get complicated (read: busy) and I start getting stressed out. 🙂

    My favorite item is the Christmas Countdown Calendar. I have two young daughters (3.5 and 1.5) and counting is a big deal in our house. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your heart and your lovely items with us.

  93. I like the Count Your Blessings wall art because it is a good reminder, that in all things to give thanks.

  94. I would have to say that the Oh Holy Night Wooden set would be my favorite. When we got married I got a nativity scene from my mom that was gifted to her, but wasn’t her style. Its definitely not my style either, but I don’t have a nativity scene period & wanted one in my home. This fits everything about our home. I love this set for our home.

  95. My favorite is the Nativity. I collect nativity sets and it represents the true meaning and heart of Christmas.

  96. Love these. We don’t have a nativity set and there aren’t too many kid friendly ones. This would be great to have for Christmas this year!

  97. Such gorgeous Family items! I really do love them all but especially the Have Faith wooden cross.

  98. I love the “Believe” garland — believe that Christ was born just as the Bible says, and believe that Christ is the only Savior you will ever need.

  99. I love the nativity and Believe ornament, but the Christmas item that really stood out to me was the Peace ornament. It has been a year of turmoil in our home, and if I could wish for one thing it would be peace. The ornament reminded me of God’s peace and understanding. I also loved the ABC’s of Life wall art. There are so many beautiful pieces in this collection.

  100. Yes! Let’s get back to the basics of the Real CHRISTmas! I like this a lot!
    I collect nativity sets in all different shapes and sizes and your new simple block one would be a great addition to my collection. I plan to put into practice a few of your other pared down ideas as well. Thanks!

  101. I have tried refocusing my family on Christmas and doing a “pared-down” Christmas. My family however are not Christians, and their real focus IS on the gifts, etc.
    I truly wish we could all just get together, share a meal and spend time together as family. No one needs anything… They have all that they need. But they still insist on exchanging gifts.
    At first it was some people giving gifts and some not, then everyone eventually got into gift giving again.
    My family for many reason has made me just DREAD any holiday. I would love beyond words to celebrate simply, but there is so much pomp & circumstance.
    I wish we could just disappear on holidays and enjoy them, instead of share them with family. Terrible, isn’t it?! :0(

  102. What a beautiful collection. We try to make our Christmas more simple each year. That nativity is lovely – I love the muted colors and clean shapes.

  103. I love the advent calendar! I love all of the sayings and the thought that went into it, plus it is candy free : )

  104. My faVORITE IS “LET HEAVEN AND NATURE SING”. A beautiful hymn and a reminder of where and WHO everything comes from 🙂

  105. I LOVE the Nativity Set!! So simple, yet very meaningful! There really is no other reason for the season, may God bless us everyone…

  106. I like the believe christmas ornament. If only the world would believe that Jesus loves them and accept Him into their lives.

  107. I love the Count Your Blessings wall art. I am always reminded to be thankful, but what better time than Christmas to be especially thankful for what we have been given.

    I also agree with what was said about a smaller Christmas abd money used to take a trip. Now that our kids are older we have done that the last two years and it has been wonderful!!!!

  108. I love the nativity set. I collect them and this one is so sweet. I would love to add it to my collection.

  109. My favorite is the ABC’s of Life wall art – although All of them are great and meaningful. I could use the ABC’s all year ’round.

  110. As a reading teacher, let me just say that ANY of those alphabet decor items would fill my heart with joy (and truly, the ABC wall hanging may have to be the catalyst for a baby nursery in the long-distant future! Seriously – could it BE any more AWESOME!?) But, since Christmas was the focus, I choose the Countdown to Christmas, and I hope I win one, because I have decided I need to purchase this as a gift, which is more expensive than I would normally spend, and I would need about 5 of them. Given the gist of this post, I might be in trouble in my attempt to “Pare it down”. 🙂

  111. It’s amazing to read the topic today about “pare-downing” Christmas. We had the exact discussion with our family this year and it has been decided we really want just to be together and enjoy the “real reason for the season”, the Birth of our Savior. I think the Wooden Nativity is wonderful and I also love the “In Our Home”-Wall Art.

  112. I ADORE the O Holy Night nativity…my little will be 18mos around Christmas and I am so delighted to share with her the Holy Life we celebrate, in sweet tangible ways for her little hands and heart!

  113. The nativity…because I have collected nativity sets from around the world during my mission travels…each one stirs a million memories and prayers for the people I met during those trips.

  114. I have to agree with everything said in this post! I’ve started not liking the holidays approaching. It’s not the holidays themselves, but all the “commercial junk” that comes with it! Also the fact that Halloween & Thanksgiving can’t happen quick enough for retailers. They start putting stuff right after labor day.

    I will always say “Merry Christmas” & if people don’t like it then tough! I believe in sending/giving cards with Christian writings on them. The world needs to know just why we celebrate Christmas & It isn’t all about gifts!!

    I love the Fruit of the Spirit hanging, Faith wall hanging or the Count your blessings. These items speak to my heart and remind me daily what life is all about–God & what He has done for me!

  115. Definitely the nativity set! That’s the root of everything we call Christmas! Without that baby in the manger, we’d have nothing to celebrate!

  116. Beautiful collection! I love the whimsy feel to the entire collection. My favorite is of course the nativity, it is after all the reason for Christmas! ;0) I love too that it’s made of wood so little fingers can touch it while reading the Christmas story.

  117. the Fruits of the Spirit Wall Art would be awesome for any home! It is good for young and old alike, and family and anyone that visits! Would be a great blessing and great gift to give to someone you love for Christmas!
    Cathy B*****y palmbreezelife at yahoodotcom

  118. Love the nativity….so fun and whimsical. Beautiful. Would be a wonderful addition to our Christmas decorating.

  119. I love the nativity set! It’s beautiful and unique, and my kids could help set it up without me worrying about them breaking it!

  120. I love them all but I really love the nativity…I would love to put it on my piano where the kids play each day so they are reminded it is never about all the stuff but just the simple things and the simplest…its all about Jesus

  121. I love the nativity set. I was just admiring it the other day and thinking how great it would be to not only have a nativity set that represents the beautiful simplicity of the true meaning of Christmas but to also have a set that is okay for the little hands in my family to handle as well.

  122. I love the nativity. So beautiful and simple. Would love to set this one up with my kiddos.

  123. I love the “ABC’s of Life” wall art. I keep thinking of our 3 month old granddaughter, and how I would love to place this is her room and read it to her often, explaining each letter to her using the Word of God. It is beautiful. I also love the wooden nativity and know that it too would be a great tool to use when teaching our granddaughter about Christ. Thanks for this blog. Busyness can be a huge part of our lives and we not even see how it may be taking away our joy.

  124. I absolutely adore the wooden nativity set because my little grandchildren would never, ever hear, “don’t touch!” Christmas should be centered around the birth of Jesus and His story and what a wonderful way to share this story with our little loved ones! This nativity set just melts my heart!

  125. Gosh, I’m torn between the Nativity Set and the Countdown Calendar. Both are really unique and adorable. Such a hard choice!

  126. So glad I looked at the site today! I love the nativity set! It looks like just the thing all 5 kids will want to get their hands on!

  127. I think the nativity set is so sweet and lovely! It’s just the right amount of artsy for me – not too over-the-top. 🙂

  128. I love the God has a plan wooden sculpture and do you know what? They have so many nice things that I love the nativity set too. I’ve always wanted one.

  129. This post perfectly describes what I’ve been thinking about and planning for this upcoming Christmas. LOVE the nativity set. It’s on my list of *wants*!

  130. I love the Believe Christmas Garland. I don’t have anything like that in my decorations and I think it would really make us stop and think. I would find a different place to hang it each year to make it more meaningful. The cards are adorable too!

  131. I really like the idea of paring down the holidays. In fact, I’m starting to implement some of my own paring down this year.

    Love the new nativity, it would be wonderful for sharing the story of Jesus with my nieces.

  132. I love the Nativity set! The simplicity of it is just perfect. I also love this blog post! We are in the mode of simplifying our Christmas so that we can focus on the reason for all the celebration – our Lord’s nativity! Thanks for the great suggestions and for offering the giveaway!!

  133. A Nativity Set that can be left out all year long. That’s how we celebrate at our house. Thank you for your consideration.

  134. I love the family rules! We have a large family and character and attitude are so important in having a healthy and happy family.

  135. I love the “give thanks no matter what” wall art because it’s become my motto over the last few years.

  136. Count Your Blessings! There are oh so many to count; I like the wall art because it is a sweet reminder to count even when life is challenging. Thanks for sharing your fun art!

  137. Our family has just welcomed our first grandchild – he is four days old. I love the O Holy Night Nativity set. It would be great to include that as part of our family decorations on his first Christmas and throughout his life!

  138. We have made the decision to pare down Christmas this year, in irder to focus more on Jesus. We’re not sure what it will look like, but I know it will be a blessed time of intentionally experiencing the season, in all it’s wonder and glory. Love that “believe” Christmas garland–beautiful! 😉

  139. I collect nativity sets so of course, the nativity set is my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity!

  140. I love the nativity best of all! I have collected different nativities over the years, and find it’s a perfect way to share the true meaning of CHRISTmas with my children. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  141. We love the new nativity sets! I like to integrate the nightly story with the introduction of another piece. So we end up telling the Christmas story 25 times, helps my littles learn the story, now our 7 and 8 year old are able to help share the experience with our 4 and 2 year old.

  142. I have been collecting activities for years. I would love to add this one to my collection. I leave a few out all year. When my church needs Christmas decorations for special events, they call on me.

  143. I LOVE receiving Christmas greetings from friends and faraway family. I am intrigued with your nativity design as it is very unique, yet captures the reason we gather to celebrate each year…..JESUS’ BIRTH!!!

  144. I absolutly love the nativity set. I collect nativity sets. Love the natural wood carving. My children would enjoy it as well.

  145. I like the nativity set best. A nativity scene has always been my favorite Christmas decoration. I love the pared down simplicity. It reminds me of what the first nativity was.

  146. I love the kneeling Santa. Where Santa is kneeling in front of the baby Jesus. We leave this up all year as a reminder of the true meaning of not only Christmas but as a reminder how to live our lives.

  147. Due to my husband & my proclivity (?) for taking in stray animals, we have not had a tree in over 20 years. Then I started collecting nativity scenes. It made the difference at Christmas time to get out of the commercialization & into the real meaning – the birth of our Lord & Saviour.

  148. I love the nativity set because it is simple and can be held by little hands who you are teaching to love Jesus (our granddaughter). I would love to win this set so I can share it with her. God bless you in your ministry!

  149. My favorite is the – Christmas Wooden Sculpture
    Although any of your items that proclaim the truth and Jesus is wonderful.

  150. I love the nativity! I love eyerything about Christmas and sharing it with my family and friends. When I saw your nativity, my first thought was, I’d love to give this to my daughter as her own nativity for her bedroom. She loves to decorate her room and I’d love for her to have this sweet nativity to remind her the best reason we both love Christmas!

  151. I love the navitity set! Everything is beautiful! I also like the countdown to Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  152. I love the nativity! My grandchildren would love it and could touch the pieces and move them around.

  153. My mom and I were just talking on the phone this morning about simplifying Christmas this year… then I checked my email and saw this message in my inbox! I forwarded it on to her as well. The Christmas Countdown Calendar is timeless and I love the messages for each day! It could easily become part of a simple, family tradition to anticipate the coming of Christmas. 🙂

  154. This Nativity is so meaningful and simple, beautiful, fun for all ages and built to last. It is easily my favourite and the cards that depict it are a close second place!

  155. Love the simplicity of the nativity. It works great for those of us that have downsized and space is limited but still sends a glowing message of the true meaning of Christmas!

  156. My favorite is the Believe garland – just because I have a thing for old-fashioned garland and I love the homemade look.

  157. My favorite item from the collection is the Hope Wall Art. For the last few years, God has been giving me a word for my year. Last year I was diagnosed with Leukemia…my word was JOY (weird, I know, but it was so appropriate…lots of confirmation). At the beginning of this year my word was HOPE. I went into remission in February. What a difference a year makes! I experienced JOY in spite of my circumstances and HOPE because, regardless of what’s going on around me, Jesus never changes…He is my rock!

  158. I LOVE the Nativity Set. My husband & I haven’t decorated for Christmas since I became ill and had to quit my job several years ago. It has given me the awareness of how little “things” mean, and what is really important in our lives. That nativity exemplifies beautifully that Christmas is all about our Savior’s birth, not buying the most gifts or winning a decorating contest. . .

  159. I really like the Christmas Countdown Calendar. Very fun and easy to use for kids. A wonderful daily reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. <3

  160. My favorite thing is the Merry Christmas Christmas Countdown Calendar. My kids just love flipping the tiles open for the day!

  161. Oh wow they are all wonderfull. But my favorite one is the one about family. I love what it is say and with me n four children would be a great remind of love faith and family- Be bless

  162. I definitely like the nativity set. This year it is going to be a Christmas “All About Jesus” so everything I use to decorate has to have something about our Lord in it.

  163. I choose the nativity set for representing my favorite Christmas hymn ” O Holy Night.” More importantly though I can share it with not only my personal family but also my church family. Each Christmas season our church library displays different nativity scenes from all over the world. What a wonderful, unique, and impressionable inspiration this nativity set would be!

  164. I really like the “Count Your Blessings – Wall Art”. A Very pretty reminder of how much we have to be thankful for!

  165. I just love and adore your new Nativity. Keep it “Simple” is my motto for celebrating the”Reason for the Season.” Thank you for offering such a meaningful gift. Having 10 Grand children this simple nativity is exactly what I need to share with them.

  166. I especially like the Fruit of the Spirit wall hanging you did. Our Bible Study group is studying Beth Moore’s study based on the fruit of the spirit, and what better time to be reminded of that fruit than at Christmas when we long to have our days filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control….every one of these can have even more meaning during Christmas. You three are blessed with your creativity…thank you for such meaningful and beautiful creations. Merry Christmas!! And visit our facebook page….fruitofthespiritstudy. Blessings, Mary

  167. Our family rules wall art ..though the nativity is beautiful too! The family rules is such a great reminder of what’s important!

  168. I love the childlike simplicity of the artwork in these pieces! I have a hard time narrowing down to my favorite piece, but I especially like the nativity set, since I collect them. After all, they remind us of the true meaning of Christmas! I also like the Count Your Blessings plaque!

    • Oh! I meant to add that the Nativity set reminds me of the folk art that we have at our Kentucky Folk Art Center, here in Morehead!

  169. My favorite is the nativity set. When I was a little girl my mom would decorate for Christmas, and the first thing she always did was put the nativity set on the mantle above the fireplace. I would spend literally hours just staring at it and wondering why Jesus would want to come to earth and be born in a barn!

  170. My favorite is the Countdown to Christmas….all the pieces are really neat! Love the simplicity of design. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 God Bless!

  171. The nativity set is my favorite. It is the perfect reminder of the humble birth place of a baby who became ruler of the world and today is my wonderful Savior.

  172. I love all the variety of the Christmas items– nativity sets, advent calendars and card! Lovely and upbeat…

  173. Oh, it’s hard to choose a favorite – I really like the ABCs of Life and The Family Rules. Great reminders all around! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  174. My favorite is the wooden nativity. With 8 young grandchildren, I want to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas in a way that is fun for them. The nativity is simple and sturdy, one the grandchildren can play with and use to tell the story of the birth of our Savior.

  175. I love the new nativity. I don’t have one yet- have been holding out for just the right one. Found it!!

  176. Your works are so heartfelt! The Welcome to Our Home piece is one of my favorites! It automatically gives your guests a warm & cozy introduction to get to know you! Very nice work!

  177. I love the nativity set! I don’t have a lot of room to decorate and this would be perfect for a small table in my living room and is what Christmas is all about!

  178. I love the nativity set! I collect nativities and this one is so very unique! So different from any that I have and I have a lot of them!

  179. Such an encouragement. My 95 yr. old mother and I were just talking this eve. re. how hard Christmas demands can be. The most precious quiet Christmas I had was a week after a miscarriage and no one expected anything of me. How sweet just to sit and look at the Christmas tree, etc. I love the joy-full wooden “JOY’ – It’s lopsidedness makes me smile.

  180. Before we had grandchildren, we purchased a large, heavy plastic Nativity set consisting of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. When grandchildren arruved, they loved to hold Bably Jesus, carry him all over the house and tell us the story of His birth. Due to health issues, we recently moved and downsized so our Nativity had to be given away. This beautiful, simple Nativity is perfect for a small home as a daily, constant reminder that not just our Christmas celebration should be downsized, but our daily “duties” too and put into perspective as He would have us do. It’s also a wonderful gift to present to non-believers as we witness our faith to them. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for making it….

  181. Our family tradition is to place the nativity under the Christmas tree to remind us all what is truly important when preparing for this magical holiday. My grandchildren enjoy arranging and rearranging the guests at the stable as they retell the story of Baby Jesus’ birthday. What a beautiful addition this childlike nativity would be for the kids to find nestled under Nana’s tree! Thank you for sharing the true meaning of Christmas!

  182. I must admit I love nativity sets and this one would be a great small friendly one I could put up in the kitchen.

  183. I immediately focused on the Nativity because it is exactly what I have been teaching my children and 11 grandchildren ( plus a new great grandson) about. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords came as a simple child through very simple means. Yet, god sent a sky full of angels as His announcement to the world that His Son had come down to us! Each of my children and grandchildren have gone through very rough times and live by simple means but their lives are full because God fills their heart with His love for each of them. No lights, trees, boxes, ribbons, wreaths, etc. can depict this. BUT His birth says it all. All who mattered were their…His Family.

  184. These would be an easy teaching tool to help my grandson learn about the birth of Jesus.

  185. I really like the Count Your Blessings wall art. So much to be thankful for…who needs to go Christmas shopping?!

  186. I love the Christmas Countdown Calendar! The fact that it has things that the family can ‘do’ together is great. I would love to have this in my house during the Christmas Season! 🙂

  187. I just love all the stuff you have. My favourite this season would be ‘OUR FAMILY RULES’ wall art. Being in India a wall art like that will give us an launch to tell people about why we Trust God and eventually about Jesus. I am a school administrator and always have christian principles on my bulletin board – so that people ask me why I am being so positive or appreciate the positive thoughts and that leads me to tell them about Jesus.
    Wish we had a dayspring outlet in India!

  188. I love the Light of the World Decorative Lantern…for we are to shine for Jesus and to reflect His light to others.
    If we can just be a spark in someone’s dark world then we can let His light be a fire in their heart.
    May all be blessed by His great love for all of us!

  189. That is a great concept to promote. It is so hard for families now because everyone promotes going big. People can not afford to spend like they used to. I hope we can all begin to pare down. I know it is not always easy. Blessings on the promotion. I like the new nativity. Peace.

  190. I like any of the wall art, In our home, probably the most. I do not consider this a “pared-down” message. This collection screams the truth, the message about “God’s greatest Gift” Jesus! Great focus points.

  191. The Christmas Calendar Countdown to help remind me what is really important to focus on especially during this season. The Pared-Down Christmas message needs to shared!

  192. O Holy Night Personalized Christmas cards are so beautiful. We would so love to send these out this year. We like so many people have had to face trying times this year when prayers and blessings of love have carried us through.
    My husbands two heart attacks and my MS have left us with a serious financial challenge. The most precious gift we wish to share with our friends and family this year is that of love. God’s never failing love and that of family, friends and total strangers is what has helped us to realize that is all that matters. We pray that God smiles down upon the people here hoping to win and fill their hearts with love. There is no greater gift to share than the love of God. May God bless all who read this as he has blessed us.

  193. I love the “JOY” sculpture. Even the word “joy” is joyful, and to have this reminder that God brought His son to earth to spread joy…is the true meaning of Christmas.

  194. Thank you for this encouraging message. I am one of those Moms who wants to do everything for my family and friends. I like to decorate, bake, wrap gifts, have the perfect tree, make sure the house is spotless, have everyone here for dinner and spend too much money buying special gifts for everyone. But I also love the idea of simply focusing on the birth of my Saviour, remember that His birth was just the beginning, a journey to the cross and the ultimate gift of salvation for us. Maybe this year I will take your advice and achieve the goal of having a simple Christ focused Christmas.

  195. I love the simplicity of the nativity with excellent detail of each person’s expression. It had all the main characters and the brightly painted costume. I like the background with the angel on top of the stable blowing trumpet. It reminds people the important message of the birth of our King Jesus. I can bring them out every year and put them on top of my piano while playing the carols and how fitting it will be.

  196. I really like the “Our Family Rules” sign. A great reminder that’s not stuffy looking, just warm and lovely.

  197. I love the Nativity set but the teapot is what caught my eye. In my family we always congregate in the kitchen and of course a cup of tea is always offered. The teapot is really nice and has such a great message.

  198. I love the I Choose Joy sculpture first of all because the wonderful bird on the top. There is the old spiritual “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, and that is instantly what I thought of when I saw this the first time. Secondly it reminds us that Joy is a choice that I make daily. The sculpture is a wonderful reminder!

  199. We have always kept Jesus as the center of our Christmas celebration and have not gone overboard with tons of gifts. We keep Him as a daily compass in our home. One of our traditions is to have a birthday cake for Jesus as dessert for our small family dinner. All of the Pared-Down Christmas items are beautiful, but I think the Holy Family Nativity is something that can be kept out all year long to show your family and visitors where your focus is.

  200. I have just started drinking tea. I love the tea pot and cups. It would
    be nice to brew some tea in the pot to steep while spending time with
    the Lord while reading my daily devotional.

  201. Christmas is more than a day…it’s a way of life that get celebrated on that day after a heighten build-up. I keep it simple by keeping focused on Jesus everyday. Inviting Him to sit next to me on the car ride or standing with me as I speak with a friend. My awesome companion. I don’t try to do everything at Christmas time but I try to do it all with Him. The nativity is a huge visual help. I have one outside my house, and a traditional one in my dining room. My kids don’t put Jesus in the manger until Christmas morning and it’s the first thing we do, along with singing Happy Birthday, before we open presents. I do send cards and love receiving them. My kids help with the writing. It becomes part of the celebration before His birthday. During those years when it was too much to fit in…we did an email card or an email slide show greeting to music. All beautiful ways to communicate. It’s important to keep the no stress, no guilt feeling…or else you lose the jouful message of Christmas. Peace and Love to all!

  202. I love the whole collection. The JOY house especially caught my eye; would be great to leave out all year long.

  203. I love the nativity set because of its humble simplicity and the adorable wooden figurines makes it easy to remember telling my 3 and 1 year old about the greatest love story. This set should should be kept out all year!

  204. Definately the O Holy Night Christmas cards are my favorite as they ate simple stated and show the real meaning of our Christmas celebration.

  205. For the holiday season – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nativity set!
    For year round – I love all the great items you have on JOY and Blessings!
    Your products are simplistically beautiful and meaningful.
    Love your article too … simplifying is so important .. it helps us focus on what is truly important in life.

  206. I love the ABC’s of Life wall art. It gives such simple reminders of how the Christian life should be lived out well. Thanks for the reminder that it’s ok to be different and create a more simplified season of celebrating Christmas.

  207. I like the simplistic nativity. I like the I choose joy flower sculpture. We try to keep Christmas realistic around here. I love this season.

  208. I really like the nativity set because it is “hands on” for toddlers. I teach a preschool Sunday School class and have a toddler grandchild. I also like the “Believe” Christmas ornament because it is simple and yet states The Message. Thank you.

  209. I love that my grandchildren would be able to be “hands on” with the nativity
    pieces. They could play with it and tell the story over and over to each other and us. What a wonderful nativity set.

  210. I love the Christmas nativity set and I know my grandchildren will like it better than the traditional looking ones. I also love the HOPE cross very much. This line of items are very nice!!

  211. Amen girls! I wish my sister were here with me so much to share life with – lost to a drunk driver 1 month after she was my maid of honor . . . lots of life in a short time span. HOWEVER, all things are used to His glory and He can redeem anything – Praise Him. I am not who I was and I am so thankful for that in spite of tragedy!
    You are right – my family will live even if the house is dirty, the tree crooked and plain and the decor not perfect. Christmas is about LOVE humbly coming to SERVE . . . if we (I) would serve HIm humbly . . . my goal, my gift.

  212. I would love the nativity set, especially this year as my second grandson will be born on or close to Dec. 23rd. Mattie is 2 and I would love to be able to teach him the story of Jesus using this set. Thanks for the giveaway!

  213. I would love this nativity scene! Especially because of the meaning behind it. We are a family who desires to live simple & meaningful lives.

  214. The nativity is my favorite, Setting out the nativity w/my children was very important every year. Then the same has been done for our grandchildren. This year we have lived far away from our grandchildren which breaks my heart every day as I miss them SO much. For Xmas this year we are meeting in a middle location which of course creates “pared down” gift giving to support the costs of travel and renting a place for all of to stay. Being together is what is most important for the family. Thank you for the wonderful words to spell it out.

  215. My favorite item is the “Our Family Rules-Wall Art.” The beautiful design would make a nice display in any home, year-round. The simply stated rules are easy to remember, important to live by, and remind everyone the best ways to have a happy and harmonious home. Thank you for the opportunity to win items from this awesome collection!

  216. What a hard choice! We’re trying to help our young daughter learn the fruit of the Spirit, so that wall hanging is particularly appealing. However, I love the small house with “Today I will choose Joy” on the door–what a sweet reminder! Something like that would be set right by the front door or over the kitchen sink, to be seen every single day…as early in the day as possible! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  217. I like everything in this collection, but the Countdown Calendar is a nice way to anticipate the Big Day without the usual Advent calendar tradition of having to “get” something behind the door….rather you are “giving” and thinking of others instead 🙂

  218. Great post! I LOVE the Christmas Countdown Calendar…I LOVE it because it will help to keep the “Merry” in Merry Christmas and enjoying each other this busy time of year!

  219. I love the Christmas countdown calendar. It’s something that will be used daily in December and year after year.

  220. A – attractively
    B – beautifully
    C – communicates
    ( I really like the Inspirational ABCs)

  221. We are having a Christmas Tree Festival along with a display of various Nativity Scenes at our Church here in Darlington UK and this would make a different addition to the Nativities we already have. I guess that because I live in the uk I won’t be eligible to enter but thought I would tell you about our Christmas displays anyway. May I wish anybody who reads this a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and every Blessing in the New Year.

  222. I am just loving the nativity scene. It’s simplicity is a good reminder of keeping it real this Christmas season and its colorfulness is inspiring and creative. Love!

  223. I think the Nativity is just beautiful and I love the door sign, to enter with a joyful heart. That is such a beautiful passage.

  224. I love all of these beautiful items, the nativity set is just so sweet! I would have to say that the ABC’s of Life wall art is my favorite, as I would keep it up all year. It is a great conversation starter and has such a positive message.
    I’m one of those that adores everything about Christmas and wants to do it all. Thanks for the reminder keep it simple!
    Lisa E

  225. I love this line – because I love home decor and gifts with THE message on them and I love simplicity. My favorite item is the believe ornament for a couple of reasons – it will make an amazing gift to friends and family with the simple reminder of what Christmas and faith is all about – believing in the ONE that saves us.

  226. I LOVE the holidays and I think the Christmas calendar is a sweet idea to countdown the days till Christmas :-))

  227. Just reading this message made me go, “Ahhh!” and relax a bit. I start stressing just seeing the “Holiday” commercials before Halloween! I like my holidays one at a time so I can celebrate and appreciate the true meaning behind each one. This is a wonderful message! I loved the tea set! Thanks!

  228. I’ve been looking for a nativity scene to share with my toddler grandangel. This would be perfect!

  229. I love the nativity set…it is beautiful and
    yet simple….I hope it will be my
    first addition to a “pared down Christmas”

  230. The Wooden Nativity set is my favorite. I love the simplicity it portrays. It’s simply beautiful.

  231. The “Count Your Blessings” art. We can never be reminded enough just how many blessings we have each and everyday and the duty we have to pass those blessings on each and everyday.

  232. I love the Believe Christmas Ornament because that is what it is all about!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  233. I love the Merry Christmas Calendar. It will remind me and my family each day to do certain things for Christmas and enjoy the countdown to the most blessed day.

  234. The wooden nativity is my favorite. I have had a nativity set most of my adult life and it was the center of our family celebrations. What I like about this one is that I can allow my grandson to touch it and not worry about him breaking it. Sharing the Christmas story with him is the best tradition we can continue!

  235. I love the Count Your Blessings wall art. It would be a constant reminder of all the good things God gives us in our lives. Simple message and great reminder to be grateful alway, for everything.

  236. The Pared Down Christmas reminds me of a tradition that began when my grandchildren were little. We had what we called “The Cousin’s Christmas.” Names were drawn and a special but very inexpensive gift was bought for that cousin. On Christmas Eve Day we had the cousin’s celebration and always included a birthday cake for Jesus. It’s one of our family’s precious memories. Now that the “kids” are in their 20s we don’t have “The Cousin’s Christmas” but we always have a birthday cake for Jesus and sing “Happy Birthday” to him. It’s such a blessing!

  237. I love the Nativity, so basic yet perfect to help explain Christmas to our 4 year old granddaughter. Also appreciate, Give Thanks, No Matter What as it so exemplifies our family situation at present.

  238. I love the Wooden Nativity set, its simple but right on the true focus of Christmas! What a goodlooking reminder’.

  239. I like the O Holy Night nativity set best because of its simplicity. My mom collects nativities and this is unlike any she has.
    It’s hard to choose – the Believe ornament is wonderful, too!

  240. I love nativity sets and am always on the lookout for unique ones like the Holy Family wooden set. I can see that up on my mantel!

  241. The Season of Christmas has gotten so stressful for so many people in our family that the prospect of a Pared Down Christmas is just what my sister and I have talked about. I would rather give to others than have gifts given to me. I remember growing up we made a lot of our gifts for family.. and those gifts meant more to us because we had to think about the gifts, make them and then see the fun giving them. Money doesn’t make the season. . mom always said it is the idea of being remembered. Jesus gave us all we need.. so why don’t we just concentrate on that and pass His love on. We have taken to adopting secretly those who need help but would never ask.. the only one that has to know who is the giver is God.. what a joy this practice had given us for many years.

    • got so involved, I forgot to include my favorite item..it is the Count Your Blessings wall art.. I think it says it all!

  242. The nativity set is my most favorite! I love it. But I also like the believe ornament and the pillows…and…

  243. I love the Nativity set. So simple, so sweet. I would love to give this to our first grandchild.

  244. Definitely the Fruit of the Spirit wall plaque — so needed in our Christian walk, and only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit within us!

  245. I love the Nativity set. I am a preschool teacher and would love to display it my classroom as it seems very child-friendly but beautiful at the same time. I want to give my kids hands-on ways to experience the Christmas story.

  246. I would chose The Wooden Nativity Scene. It would promp lots of conversation and the opportunity to share the gospel. My Grandchildrn would love it and try could tell about the Birth of the Christ Child themselves.

  247. I try to keep the manger in my heart all year long. Keeping focus on Him makes my heart happy. HE blesses me everyday with His riches and grace.

  248. My most favorite is the super cute nativity! I chose that one because of it’s unique and simple style. It adds a whimsical touch to the Loving story of the birth of our Christ Jesus 🙂

  249. I love Our Family Rules because it is usable day after day, year round. I need to remember to TRUST GOD in what is going on in my life now, we all need that reminder 365 days a year. So it is my favorite! It was good even today, to be reminded: TRUST GOD from reading it as shown in Our Family Rules on your site.

  250. I would love to win this. Christmas has become so commercialized that sometimes it just makes me sad. This would be a beautiful, simple and inspirational addition to my home, especially during a time in my life that I really need hope and prayer. Thank you.

  251. I, too, would appreciate your new nativity block set, along with the Rejoice wooden sculpture. The fact that you thoughtfully designed companion pieces, all with a common, whimsically vintage style, is also appreciated. I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way, nor the only one facing medical hardship and in need of comfort. Look at all of your responses here! My heart is joyed in knowing I’m not alone in our family’s desire for Christ centered awareness. Hallelujah!

  252. I love the Christmas count down. So fun to look forward to Christmas and think on its meaning all month.

  253. My husband and I have bought ornaments for each other and now continue with our sons. Very simple way to share a gift without a lot of money but special. We date them for each year. My parents did this so when we moved out we would have some ornaments to decorate our own tree.

  254. Foster Closet helps Northeast FL Foster Children with the items they need all for free, all done in His Gentle Spirit… while showing them Christ love and giving a Bible with a smile and a hug. This Nativity would be a wonderful addition to the gifts given this Christmas.

  255. The ABC’s family wall art is a great witness as a visual for my 4 grandaughters to see and read over and over and put in their hearts. Enjoyed viewing all the Christmas items. Thanks for sharing.

  256. I love the nativity set! I had been collecting simple nativity sets for years. I love the beauty and purity of this one.

  257. I love how beautiful, artsy, and practical the ABC Family wall Art is,, drawing the attention of anyone who sees it displayed. Reading through each letter gives great satisfaction and acts as a reminder of family values, to encourage one another and to speak well of each other. What a wonderful way to have family share time, thinking of words to describe the family in a positive and loving way. And best of all to use the letter like M ( Mom rocks) along with a Bible verse or story (Mary and Elizabeth) to make it more meaningful. This truly is a blessing! Thank you for the creativity and blessing!

  258. I love the simplicity of all the pieces, especially the “believe” garland, Welcome to our Home and most especially, the nativity. It is my favorite because it shows WHO the season is all about!

  259. I pray for the Nativity set or the Believe Garland. I am a teacher and they will speak to my students when placed in my classroom .

  260. I love the solitary shepherd which to me symbolizes that Jesus is my solitary shepherd who bought me and placed me into his fold.

  261. Reading your words this morning before I get ready for church was just what I needed. Lately I’ve been struggling with “paring down” Christmas and you’ve given me joy at the prospect of doing just that. I’ve always done Advent gifts for my three sons and their families. I want it to be with great joy, but with the costs, making and shopping, deadlines to get them in the mail, etc., there is joy, but with stress. Time to change that, and because of you, I feel I can do this this year —- and it already feels better. Thank you! I guess I love all the gifts, but the nativity and the calendar are my favorite. Blessings!

  262. Love your concept and your nativity scene. I love the way your cards convey what is in my heart. Definitely inspired by Holy Spirit. Have a blest Christmas Season!

  263. Oh so hard to pick… but if I had to, it would be the Family Rules wall art because it would be a constant reminder to us all in our home to turn our eyes to the Lord! Not only that but it would look so cool on our wall at the same time! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  264. Simplicity is the hallmark of our lives as much as your cards breathe simply living into our hearts and minds of our loved ones and friends,

  265. I love the nativity scene and the Christmas cards. The O Holy Night cards are actually my favorite!

  266. The wooden nativity scene delights me as I have a 4 year old Grandson who would be intrigued with this. I am all for simplifying Christmas as it has become too commercial. I can see it on the dining room table or under a Christmas Tree and the focal point of a Christmas. Thanks for having this available.

  267. The Nativity. The words “O Holy Night” mean more to me than just His wonderful birth. It brings back a memory of 2 of my sisters singing that in my shower (the acoustics you know, without water of course) one Christmas Eve. It was Patti’s favorite. I can close my eyes and hear her voice. Patti went home to the Lord after a long fight with cancer, but it was her belief and the strength she had from God that got all of us thru that time. I would be honored to display this in our home so that anyone who entered would know and share His awesome Love.

  268. I love the Count Your Blessings wall art what a simple, powerful, great reminder got us everyday!!! I try to instill this in both my little girls everyday!! Life is such a gift!!!

  269. It seems very contradictive to me that an article about the pared down Christmas and how to focus on the true meaning is riddled with links to buy more overpriced, needless stuff…..I think you missed your mark……

  270. I love the Let Heaven & Nature Sing sculpture! I love the line from Joy to the World because on Christmas morn it does seem that all heaven & nature sings of His wonderful birth.

  271. Thank you so much for your ideas for a Real, True Christmas Season which also bring me back to the reality of how humble the begining of God’s valuable gift of the birth of His only Son to live with & as one of us. Christ’s life among us culminated with His humble death on a cross: the greatest gift of all, redemption of our sins that we all might share & abide forever in God’s glorious kingdom forever & ever. We are but practicing for that Life.

    When I look at the simplicity of your nativity scene, I almost feel like I can just sit back & bask in the glory of this ultimate showeer of God’s love with peace & contented joy.

    Humbly, I hope, I wish all the Peace, Joy & Love that can accompany this blessed season & all i means for us.

    Polly Swain

  272. This will definitely be a Pared-down Christmas, as there is no money! But God is faithful and has not left me needing anything. It is such an opportunity to strengthen my faith and God has been so merciful. I know He will provide enough! And it will be good for my grown children and my grandchildren to see how we can do without all the “extras.”
    Thank you for your opportunity to receive something new!

  273. I am in LOVE with your Christmas line and hope to win the Wooden Nativity set! It is so simple, yet so beautiful and I know my children would love to learn all about it.

  274. The predictable stress that can come with the Christmas holiday can be avoided by careful organizing and planning. Unlike other stresses in life we know when it will start and when it will finish. Age has caused me to “Pare-Down.” I changed my expectations from family and friends and have learned when to say NO. This has been a great help in avoiding the excessive “overload” and it has helped me to enjoy the holiday so much more. My favorite from the “This Thing Called Family” collection is the “Faith Makes Things Possible” wall art.

  275. I love the nativity. I love the idea of a pared down Christmas that focuses on the gift of Christ from our Father to us.

  276. All of your products exude the “gift of life”; they are so beautiful. God’s gift of life is irreplaceable with giving His Son to us! Years ago when my brother needed a kidney I donated mine to him and it has given him 15 years of life; so I appreciate your products as they are so encouraging ((in) couraging. It’s almost impossible to choose amongst them but I think my favorite is the lazy susan! Thank you for your (in) couraging ministry; God bless you richly! Judy Z.

  277. The pared down Christmas manger figures and the stable are just what my six Grandchildren would love to tell and act out the true story of Christmas. So often, nativity scenes are fancy, breakable items that don’t allow small fingers to explore and experience up close the real meaning of Christ’s coming to planet earth in a lowly stable.

  278. I have for years tried to give those on my list a gift with meaning customized so that each recipient knows that I did not just grab some cheap junk to get it done. I enjoy giving homemade items that truly shows I care. With today’s pressures to have the latest and greatest in demand item, recipients of homemade items do not appreciate these items. However, I firmly believe that by doing these things I am also teaching my children the value of creating a gift that comes from the heart and that these types of gifts are more enduring in value that some cheap junk just to get names crossed off the list.

  279. I would love to have the Wooden Nativity. I ‘m a grandmother, and I often babysit in my home for my toddler grandchildren, so I’m not able to put out many of my Christmas things without having to say “no” when they naturally want to touch them. The Wooden Nativity would be a blessing for all of us! After all, who wouldn’t want to hold Baby Jesus?

    Thank you so much for the opportunity for a chance to win this precious creation! I love it!

  280. This is going to be the year of making the holidays simple. We started last year but we will pare back even more this year. We have never been party people and like the simplicity of just family. We are ones who help family in need all year and don’t wait to wonder what to buy at Christmas. This is the year when we won’t be buying gifts as we have given all year long when our children and grandchildren needed “gifts” the most. We all need to think more on the real meaning of Christmas. The Count your Blessings wall hanging is my favorite. My husband is facing major surgery within a week and I definitely will be counting my blessings when we can be at home together again.

  281. I am in such agreement with the pared-down Christmas idea. My husband and I have changed our gift giving to birthday celebrations for each grandchild-their special day-but on Christmas we celebrate Jesus birth, so we focus on what’s the best gift we can give Him and that looks different every year.

    The nativity set and cards are beautiful reminders that the day is not about flashy or over-the-top, but about a simple truth. Luke 2:10-11.

    Thank you.

    • PS: I didn’t post this for the give-away. I just like to share :0) But it is a nice line of products.

  282. There are lots of cool items in this collection. The nativity is done in a style that seems approachable and inviting for small children to handle, and is very much in my own personal taste. The nativity, along with the wooden blocks that stack and spell out ” Give Thanks, No matter what” were two of my favorites.

  283. There are many wonderful comments. We can only afford to give our grandson and great-grandchildren gifts. We would love to give the nativity sets if they are not too expensive. May we all celebrate our Savior this Christmas.

  284. I love the Christmas Countdown Calendar. My daughter will turn one right before Christmas, so I am excited to start new Christmas traditions with her. This piece would add to the fun.

  285. I like the “Believe” hanging decor. I have always like the theme “Believe” from the Polar Express cartoon, but I want to share that Christmas is about believing in the birth of the Christ child, not believing in Santa. Its nice to redeem the theme….

  286. I LOVE the nativity set. The shape of the characters and the vibrant colors make it simply adorable!

  287. I like The O Holy Night wooden Nativity Set the best. You see I collect nativity sets and this is one that even my very young grandchildren can touch as I relate the wonder of our savior’s birth to them. What could be more simple than wooden blocks that tell about how God’s love came down to man to save us and give us the gift of everlasting life?

  288. I love, love the O Holy Night wooden Nativity. I love having nativities all around the house with my traditional decor to remind us all of why we are celebrating this special season.

  289. The holidays can so easily become so full of “the busyness” that we sometimes forget to take the time we need with our God. Your awesome works will help to remind me to keep things simple, to remember what this time is really all about. To praise my God for the precious gift He gave to each and every one of us. Thank you so much!

  290. For the past several years, my life has literally fallen apart: death, divorce, depression, and more. This are still tumultuous; however, I don’t think I would have the relationship with Jesus Christ I do now had I not had to endure so much. I’m learning {albeit slowly} to put my Faith and Trust in Him! I’ve also arrived at a sort of crossroads and need to know which direction to take. I pray, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that God will reveal His plan for me. I actually worry that maybe I’ve ruined His plans although I know that is not possible. This is why your “God has a plan” wooden sculpture immediately spoke to my Heart. This simple, pure and true message is like balm to my tormented soul. I just love the Pared Down Christmas designs and the idea of making Christmas all about HIM!

  291. The whole collection is so family friendly. The items are geared for children and grown ups. Fun things to have to start conversation with each other, family and friends about Believing and Faith. We where blessed with our first Great Grand Daughter in July of this year and would love for her to have this nativity set as her forever first one, she could always set it up herself and tell us the story while she did it, and when they are small they will reset a lot during the season, learning the reason for the season. A beautiful and fun teaching tool.

  292. Love the wooden Nativity set! It’s a lovely site with so many lovely items — and this post is even more lovely in its message. 🙂

  293. I have always loved nativity sets, and would love to have the ‘O Holy Night’ nativity set in my home. 🙂 The nativity focuses our attention on what Christmas is really all about!

  294. The Nativity is, by far, my favorite piece. I do also like the the Count Your Blessings wall art.

  295. I love the Nativity set. I put my nativity sets up before Christmas and leave them up until Easter when Christ has Risen. My two favorite seasons of the year.

  296. Fruit of the Spirit – Wall Art is my favourite because it’s what we al need 24/7 as a reminder.

  297. The beauty of this nativity set is it’s simplicity. With such economic chaos across our nation (and within my own extended family, this Christmas we need to simply worship the Christ Child with our children and Praise our Lord Jesus, making this the priority of the Season, foregoing as much as possible the prior stressful activities. We need to “live” the simple faith of the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, sharing this Hope with our loved ones and neighbors. That’s the true and simple joy of Christmas!

  298. My favorite is the wooden nativity scene. It would be good for anyone to display and would be OK with kids or pets.

  299. The simple style of the nativity pares down the CHRISTmas story to its essence and beautifully illustrates Jill’s thoughts. The style of all the items is lovely, but since I collect nativities, that is my favorite. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  300. I would enjoy sharing this simple but lovely Nativity set with my own grandchildren and the little ones I teach in Sunday School. Thanks for the chance to own and share the true, living story of God’s loving gift to humanity in sending Jesus to be our Savior. Our family is giving money to Heifer International to buy a cow for a needy family in a 3rd world struggling country instead of giving gifts to each other. Other years we have pared down by giving to Mennonite Central Committee’s water project so needy folks in 3rd world countries can dig a well for accessing clean water.

  301. So Much to be Thankful For – Wooden Sculpture.
    Being free from cancer, and thankful to God for his goodness to us this past year as my husband was treated for cancer. Thanks for the great designs.

  302. The nativity scene is beautiful. I also like the ABC’s of Life – Wall Art, because all of the sayings speak to me. A good reminder to have in sight to reflect upon everyday, i.e. pick one every day. God bless you and your ministry!

  303. What I really love is the writing on Paring Down Christmas. We have made Christmas so commercial we no longer dwell on the days before of the miracle that has occurred. We need to get back to the basics. Not to reject
    the gift giving but to make it an exchange so everyone gets to make or buy a gift and everyone gets to receive one. The focus of Christmas should be revealed to even the smallest of our children, to remind the elementary age children and to reinforce in the teenagers and the adults the real Gift of Christmas. How grateful we are for such a divine gift and how awesome our God really is.

  304. I love the wooden “FAITH”cross. I collect Faith plaques, I try to strategically place them throughout my home so that any time I walk into a room there is always a gentle reminder to have FAITH~

  305. I love the collection…our family rules lazy susan is cute followed by the nativity countdown…how wonderful it would be for the kids which could be passed on

  306. I love the wooden nativity, so simple but puts it all into perspective. It isn’t about all the glam at Christmas, it is Christ being born to save us. We only have to believe and the nativity stands for that day. I wonderful keepsake.

  307. My kids and I just love nativities. Yours is perfect! Beautiful, easy to indentifty, solid wood so kids won’t break it. I feel like manipulating the characters is what makes The Christmas story make sense for them. We have a “little people” set, but I’m ready to move on to something more attractive.;)

  308. Thank you for sharing the message of trying to find balance within the holiday season and making thoughtful suggestions of how to keep the meaning of Christmas in our hearts. What I appreciated from your message was the nonjudgmental tone of your article and rather encouraging people to act with compassion and goodwill toward others.

    I would love to win the nativity for my mother. Over the years, she has collected unique nativity scenes that are meaningful to her. She has always found that unique balance between the birth of our Savior and the magic of Santa Claus. Making Christmas a blend of family times, giving to those less fortunate and Christmas morning magic. She has taught us the importance that it is more important and meaningful to give to others rather than receive.

    For close to 43 years, she has made sure our Christmas is centered around family. In fact, my siblings and their families (and pets) all come home for Christmas every year to celebrate together. I have the blessing to live with my parents and have learned to appreciate them not only as parents, but as individuals and friends. We were discussing our sewing projects yesterday and some designs and she said: “Anne, that design is so funky, primitive and just you and I love it. We better be careful, we are starting to morph in to each other.” Therefore, while I did fall in love with all your artwork, especially the nativity, the advent calendar, the owl, the great blessing signs and houses (who am I kidding, I think all of it is so wonderfully funky and unique)… I would like to add the nativity to my Mom’s collection.

    Thank you for the article and I will definitely be following your art and design work.

  309. I love the “Family Rules” Wall Art. I also love the “Joy” Christmas Ornament, as my daughter’s name is Joy. I love the collection, as I am always striving to have a pared down Christmas. We usually succeed. Much love,

  310. So hard to choose just one! But with Christmas approaching I think I would say the wooden nativity set!

  311. Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to win one of these lovely card sets and anything else you would love to send. It is all lovely and what a good idea. I have been trying for years and making a bit of headway each year to scale back and just enjoy Jesus – the true Reason for the Season.
    Thank you for providng these items and the opportunity to possibly win.

  312. My favorite item is the Merry Christmas – Christmas Countdown Calendar, what a neat way to countdown and show the kids the great messages.

  313. I would like to win or buy 5 sets of the Pared-Down Christmas as I am the prayer intercessor and encourager for 5 members of our church serving in the military. Others and myself are getting together care packages to send them for the holidays and the Pared-Down Christmas would not take up much room whether in their tents or bunks.

  314. My husband’s family always gathers for Thanksgiving rather than Christmas. For them, it’s all about giving thanks, not presents. His mother just passed on October 17th and the Give Thanks no matter what wall art is a beautiful reminder of the Lord’s will for us and what his mother would want, too.

  315. I love the Nativity Set. I have a 3 year old granddaughter. I can set see teaching her the story of Jesus birth with a set she can hold without worrying about it getting broke.

  316. I love the nativity. We have lived overseas many years and every Christmas time our local friends love to come and look at the different nativity scenes we have collected. The owl JOY ornament is great too! So cute and such fun colors.

  317. Just thought I’d include why I love the Nativity Set because it reminds me of the school kids which it would be kind-a neat to give as a gift to my one deserving student I teach at school. Thanks for letting me put in a few words. God bless you.

  318. I like the “Believe” that is in the cross. So often, “believe” at Christmastime is referring to Santa, and this is clearly an encouragement to believe in the reason for Christmas…Christ Himself, and all He is and came to accomplish in this world that is so needy of Him. Thanks for creating this!

  319. I like the Count Your Blessings wall art. I like it because everything we have is a blessing from God, not only at Christmas but all year through. It is a beautiful reminder of God’s goodness to us.

  320. The O Holy Night Nativity is simply gorgeous. It has been on my heart for a while now to simplify the Christmas season, not only for myself and my sanity, but because I have two small children who I want to understand the real reason for the season. The simplicity and beauty of this set would be the perfect reminder for all of us. As a fairly new “real” believer, I do not own a nativity set yet. I have been searching and searching for “the one” and I think this is it!

  321. All your items are precious, but I love the ABC’s of Life wall art!! Paring down Christmas is a wonderful theme, and I hope to accomplish it this year. Starting early, and keeping Christ the focus, and not stressing if it doesn’t happen the way I’d like it to will be big for me. I love your idea of keeping it Simple…….the pajama ride to look at Christmas lights is a great idea!! Taking some hot cocoa will make it fun!!

  322. I would love to own the O Holy Night Wooden Christmas Nativity. It is darling and my children would have so much fun re-arranging the characters.

  323. I love the nativity set and the Christmas countdown calendar. (My kids LOVE the countdown!!)

  324. I love the Love came Down Teapots and cups. I enjoy one night turn all my Christmas lights on playing some soft Cristmas music, makinga pot of tea and sitting quietly drinkin my tea remembering all my family and friends who have passed that enjoyed a good cup of tea and fellowship.

  325. I love the colors and drawings. It reminds or the drawings my child does and the true meaning of Christmas. The true simple things regarding Christmas.

  326. My favorite piece of artwork would have to be the wall art: Count Your Blessings! This beautiful item reminds us to be thankful for everything. Also reflects upon all the many blessings we receive daily from Him. Every blessing is a Gift from God! Oh, what a blessing this giveaway will be!

  327. I really love the ‘Have Faith-wooden cross’
    i really like it for my kids room or even nextt o the entryway, I have so many ideas of where this could go!!!! I love the easy colors

  328. I LOVE paring down Christmas! It is all about CHRIST and it’s so easy for us to get lost in all of the goings-on, and creating “perfect Christmas memories” that we miss out on an intimacy with Jesus that is so special, to remember that God became flesh and was born.

    I love that little house that says “Live today with gratitude”. Amen!

  329. This article has brought peace to my heart. Simply has always been what I want my life to be. The Nativity set is beautiful is such a simply way – the way we should look at Christmas! It is like looking at life through a child’s eyes – so big yet so simply. God bless – and thank you for sharing this article.

  330. I love love love the nativity scene. What a beautiful thing for the children to see and recreate the memories of the birth of our saviour.

  331. I love this new nativity set and the message behind it. I feel there is so much hustle and bustle that for most of us the true meaning gets pushed to the side. What a beautiful message to send to our children – that more is not better and to share when we have so much.

  332. I like several items you have created like the believe cross, the believe garland and the count your blessings wall art. I think making things simple means so much because it’s the family getting together that is important not all the fuss we make about making things perfect. The older I get the more I want to simplify my like. Thank you for a neat Christmas collection.

  333. Oh…it’s all so simply BEAUTIFUL! But the simple wooden Nativity is a favorite. I know I’d find it hard to choose a best thing from all these lovlies!

  334. The Advent Calendar is my favorite because it encourages doing for others daily. I also love the Fruit of the Spirit – Wall Art as it those remind me of what to daily strive to be like.

  335. The O Holy Night – Wooden Christmas Nativity item is my favorite. It is about the only display that I can think of that everyone knows what it stands for without any words or description attached. My wife loves nativity scenes and has been collecting different versions for some time. This is unlike any other that she has! Simple really is better!

  336. I just love your Pared-Down Christmas and would really like to have one at home. Thanks for the opportunity.

  337. Would love to give any of these items to my big sister who even with serious health issues she is experiencing, reminds everyone the purpose of the true Christmas season and shows the love of Christ daily.

  338. I love the pared down Christmas idea and the nativity set. The nativity is simple so you can concentrate on the meaning of Christmas. Also since small could put in different places

  339. I think they’re all very beautiful and meaningful, but the one I liked best was the Count Your Blessings wall art. I am making a conscious decision to live with an attitude of gratitude, in not seeking for more than I already have, which is everything a woman count want and more. Thank you for this writing. It always speaks to me and seems to be uncannily timely when I need to stop and rethink my life.

  340. WOW, hard to choose. I really like the Nativity set, mostly because I just love Nativity sets. However, I really like the countdown calendar, too.
    If I had to really choose just one, I would pick the calendar, though.
    I think. 😀

  341. I keep Christmas very simple no gift buying for us, just enjoy the season.
    would love to win this lovely Christmas set. thanks

  342. My favorite is the Live Today With Gratitude wall art. It is a good reminder to be thankful in the day to day details- whether good or bad.

  343. I love the whole collection, especially the Christmas countdown. With three small children, I love to see the magic of the season through their eyes and enjoy all of those small moments that lead up to Christmas day. It is such a special and magical time of the year!

  344. It’s so hard to pick a favourite, they are all so lovely!! 🙂 I really like the ‘Fruit of the Spirit – Wall art’!

  345. This is a no brainer, Jesus’s birth is why we have Christmas in the first place, translated if you break the word up into 2 parts, in Spanish: Christ(his Name, one of the many) & mas which means more. we should learn from this, there must be more of Him celebrated on that day, and every other day, PERIOD. Wish all of my family felt this way, can only pray, & try to influence them.

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