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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Yes! Amen to that, Robin!

    If only we could understand who we are in Christ, and that He truly, utterly and deeply loves us beyond all measure. If only we could receive his love in the deepest part of our wounded hearts, the part that {honestly} doubts that anyone could love us that much. And if we could only embrace the amazing WONDERS we are because of Christ, and dance out into the world helping others see their potential, their actual personhood, the way that Christ sees them. That is my prayer for each woman visiting today…. that she would be able to see herself through Jesus’ eyes.

  2. Robin,
    I love seeing your name pop up as the writer of the day for “in blog”. This is a keeper. I’m so thankful the Holy Spirit whispered this truth to you. Most days I feel like I can set the world on fire, but the enemy is powerful and sneaky. He wiggles his way in and gets me caught up in the comparison game (always a losing game). He tells me lies – that I am not worthy. If I’m not very careful, I begin to listen to all his lies. That’s when I need to pull out the sword of scripture – the verses you listed are excellent weapons against the enemy. May we ALL pack them in our emergency kits to stand firm in when the lies come flying. Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. Thank you for speaking truth to me this morning!! I’m going to go now and set the world on fire! 🙂

    • Oh, Bev–

      First, thank you for your generous encouragement. Truly, it’s like I opened email to discover a paycheck :).

      But your honesty, your desire to LIVE LIKE YOU BELIEVE? YesANDAmen!

  3. This fits perfectly in all that I’ve been praying and experiencing lately. Been trying to fight the enemy off lately knowing how easy I’ve believed his lies about me all my life. I work as a secretary in a middle school surrounded by these young lives trying to figure out who they are. I am SO READY to be set free from the lies in my life so that I may share the promises and hope that I REALLY believe in. I want to be a light in this darkness, not more darkness. These kids are SO important to me.

    • Melanie,

      Oooo–get one of Jennifer’s prints to hang on your wall!! Can you do that at your school? When all those kids come into the office, they would see that message whether or not they realize it!

      But yes, to give this, you have to have it; and you DO have it, right? One thing that has helped me (though I still struggle) is to focus on Christ, not fighting the lies. I think of satan like tarbaby; if I’m fighting him, there’s somewhere else to get stuck…so I just (try to) walk away from that wrestle and engage Christ. I have to wear blinders (I wish they were a real thing we could put on). As long as I’m focusing on him, the other stuff isn’t so loud. But as soon as I look left or right? Yeah…I sink.

      Praying for you this morning. Yours is an important ministry :). I love your heart.

      • Robin, I am such a visual learner so the ‘picture’ of wrestling tar baby is perfect. THANK YOU for sharing that. His truth is bigger than the lies and is what keeps me going. I can definitely hang the sign and will work on doing that. Also, just bought Emily’s book this past weekend and can’t wait to start reading it. Giving thanks to God for how He has used you in my life today.

        • Melanie,

          Thank you for letting me know you latched on to that; it’s actually a complete blog post in my head but I’ve never taken the time to write it :). Your comment is a little love-gift.

  4. Thank you Robin! Lest we forget our “kingdom potential”! YES, YES, YES, as always, right on time! I needed to be reminded and last night I prayed for forgiveness for my doubting heart. I know my Father has plans to use me, just as I am; the enemy of my soul would love to see me stand in the way of my own kingdom potential! Let us set this world on FIRE!

    • Amber,

      Is it wrong to smile at the thought of a Holy wildfire? Women knowing who they are in Christ, behavior following belief, to blaze our days with Kingdom ways? One of my favorite scriptures is “Lord I believe; help my unbelief.” It is my honest, hope-filled plea.

  5. Really inspiring!
    I believe that we should always aspire to be the best of ourselves that we can and I feel that your writing encapsulates that perfectly!

  6. Love this Robin and your obedience to share what God wanted you to share despite already having a post created. Today my last post for my 31 Day series echoes what you are saying here through my own story (and you are in the pictures too, how about that?). Enjoyed meeting you and thanking God for revelation of truth, that we are completely, unashamedly loved by the King of KIngs for exactly who we are right here and right now. You’ve got a witness.

  7. Amen and amen and amen.
    So needed your words this morning, Robin.
    I’ve spent 31 days being really quiet and really still, wrestling with God about who I am.
    (and i think i know.)

  8. I love you. And this message. Just what I needed to read this morning, because I know it..but I sometimes struggle to KNOW it. {smooch}

  9. Amen! That was a wonderful start to my day, Robin!

    I am copying those verses and keeping them handy for when I need a reminder!

  10. YES! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!!! reminds me of the book “victory over darkness”. Yes I am chosen, not just created but CHOSEN to be a part of the family of God, Abba Father. Oh Praise God! thanks!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this message! Two friends and I have felt the Lord callin us to step up and your message puts in to words EXACTLY what we’ve been thinking and talking about! We are continuing to take steps and this is further affirmation of God’s calling!! Thank you!!

    • Janelle,

      It is always, ALWAYS so good when affirmation returns to us over and over. Take those steps, friend…as long as you’re moving toward God, how can that be wrong?

  12. I’m an expert mask-collector. I have been hiding behind them my whole life and so desperately want to break free. My heart breaks because not a single soul knows the real me. I even try to hide from God but I know he knows everything. I even wrote a poem about this very thing.

    Secrets in the Shell

    I so want to tell you all is perfect, all is well

    but at the same time I want to show you all the secrets hidden in my shell

    I know that if I open up my shell and expose the secrets inside

    That will be the beginning of freedom

    but something keeps them locked inside

    I think we all have shell secrets we’re afraid to expose

    and it makes me sad that there’s a “real me” inside everyone that nobody, on this earth, really knows

    Is this really how God meant it to be?

    A world full of people living in shells, afraid to be free

    I wonder, just wonder, what it would be like, if just for one day we could come out of hiding and set the shells aside

    Reveal the “real me(s)” we thought nobody could love

    Free from judgment, or hatred, or shame, filled with the kindness, grace, and love of our creator above.

    Would the world break from the weight of those shells? Or would it heal?

    Christina Hernandez, Sep. 2013

    • Oh, Christina,

      So much weight to your poem; I hear what you’re saying….and what’s hidden between the lines.

      This I believe, though; it’s only a matter of time before you share yourself wholly with another; this seems to be a strong step in that direction.

  13. I love these thoughts, Robin. No, not just thoughts, but TRUTHS that you shared as God led you. Thank you so much for following your heart and reminding me today. What a wonder that we are wonders to God! I wish I could cling to this truth every day, every hour, every moment…

  14. Meeting you at Allume was a joy…even if I couldn’t manage to make it to the Friday morning meet up. And you just don’t know how I needed these words…it’s been a rough couple of days. Thank you. From my heart.

    • Christine,

      Honey, I could barely make it Friday morning! The weekend was so PACKED, when else could we meet though?? It’s no surprise to me that this has been a rough week; if you heard from the Lord at all over the weekend, if you struggled with whether or not you’re known or seen or ???…the enemy will use everything against you. I’m praying for you now that you sense God’s spirit calming yours, giving you his peace, love, satisfaction. xo

  15. Hi Robin,

    This is so right on. I/we all fear rejection, that is why we don’t show our real selves, it might be enough, or it might be something you might not approve of, or a secret sin that I have been engaging it and you would think I’m not worth anything based on my behavior.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think where I get so mixed up is believing who I am, based on my behavior instead of what God sees me as already based in Christ in love and justice. The blood filtered lens.

    I am realizing also that I totally forget about Grace, daily Grace. The Grace Who is Love who says I will pick you back up after you have fallen and still love you anyway because You Are Mine. Sometimes My Dear Daughter, I didn’t ask you to do what you are doing, you felt compelled to do this and it is too much, or the wrong direction for you, or the wrong time for you. My expectations are not always His expectations. I’ve been pondering Eric Liddell’s comment “When I run, I can feel His pleasure” Just to be IN him.

    Some how the message got through that if I mess up again, I will lose His love and be punished and be rejected. When I used to read the Old Testament, I kept seeing myself waiting for the other shoe to drop because I messed up so much. Or, I could lose His love because of the circumstances in my life and based on my pain filled, sin filtered glasses could not see His love. I’m sure if I am feeling these things, other people/women are too.

    But, this post is a reminder me I have a choice, to believe His promises, and say them out loud until my brain and heart concede. OR I can think any thought and not take it captive, under control and be defeated, compared, a failure.

    Thank you for this timely reminder. God see me as a work in progress that is already done because He can see the end.



  16. Robin, this is so wonderfully powerful. Thank you. I needed this reminder for me and for my girl. Just bought the print and will give it to her for Christmas. Lovely. I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet you in person at Allume this year. Maybe next year. Love and hugs!

  17. Robin,

    I just love this post! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit!

    I’ve had the blahs the last couple of days–tired, etc. I think it is just getting tired of the superficial worldly crap and wanting more of Christ and His love.

    Praying with everyone to go set the world on fire! Hey–if you can’t set the world, just do it in your little corner of the world. I try to brighten the days of people with a smile, hello or whatever ! 🙂

  18. Thank you, dear Robin, for pointing us back to where we need to park our minds: on the truth of scripture. It reminds me of how very BLESSED I am to know Jesus. So glad you listened to the Spirit’s prompting this month! 🙂

  19. Robin–
    I tell ya, I’m in a hole here— what’s this Bloom book club? I don’t read all my emails, and I bet there has been one about that. Is it too late to join?

    • Alyce!! Look at the top of the incourage page; click the Book Club page. I promise–everything you’d want to know and more can be found under that tab. It’s never too late to join; videos/posts are there at your convenience. The only thing that is current is the comment thread :).

      Giddy up, sistah!

  20. Great article as always! As believers Satan can’t have our soul so he will keep us from fulfilling the purpose God has for each one of us by feeding us lies! These truths are foundational for children of the King of Kings! They should be taught to our children and grandchildren (yes I’m there and loving it!) intermingled with their colors, ABCs and all things pre school. But, before we can do that we must feast on these truths, meditate on and embrace them. Then begin to live like we REALLY believe them even if we don’t “feel” like it. Eventually your emotions will catch up with what your head knows. Only then can you lay firm foundations in little lives., foundations that are strong and able to withstand what Satan throws at them. You can’t take them somewhere you haven’t been!
    What a gift to give ourselves and all who come behind! When we live like who we really are the world will WONDER and want to know more!

  21. Did you read my journal entry this morning? As I poured out my confessions of how much I fall short in every way to so many of my friends? And then confessed I had my eyes on the WRONG role model? All my friends are godly women with great gifts and talents, but they were given by the same GOD that gave me mine….to be used for the same purpose! Thank you for the beautiful reinforcement of God’s teachings to me this morning about who I am IN HIM and to appreciate the gifts and talents of other in freedom from envy!! To ask forgiveness for exalting anything over Him in my life! <3