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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin, for a long time I had this very same thought.

    Then I noticed I kept getting the words wrong to a certain song that I love.

    It was that moment in that moment, I understood the full glory this one life labors to reveal.

    “I was created to make HIS name glorious in all that I do & say.”

    So after, not getting the words right, again & again …

    I’m just rolling with it, in my off beat fashion, I dance!

  2. I love your emphasis that we are art and this knowledge must come first. That as His image-bearers, it is in us to create art. This is powerful truth for those shaky kind of days when I’m feeling more like refrigerator art than His masterpiece.

    • Susan,

      While I’ve understood I’m created in God’s image, I’ve never considered my masterpieceness to be “art”, ya know? It’s revolutionary thought that further expresses God’s glory to me.

      I kinda like refrigerator art, too, btw :).

    • love, love, love the “refrigerator art” thought . . .because I relate to that thought. But we are His masterpieces . . .we are so loved.

  3. this book has really opened my eyes and it has been a key piece of the puzzle for me in how i live my life and express myself through photography.

    in my photography community, there is this concept of elevating the everyday. which is great. but now it takes on a whole new meaning for me when i consider that my everyday is my art. and that by elevating my everyday, i am living my art…i am glorifying God. i love this – freedom – yes. i love the notion that i don’t have to TRY to do anything. that just BEING who i am in Christ is enough. and how i express that, that is my art.

    • “but now it takes on a whole new meaning for me when i consider that my everyday is my art”

      LOVE this! And that is what I am beginning to see as well!

    • I love this: i love the notion that i don’t have to TRY to do anything. that just BEING who i am in Christ is enough. and how i express that, that is my art.

      I am a doer. This chapter reminded me that without doing anything, I am a masterpiece! I am learning that I need to focus less on the doing and more on the being. “Being who I am in Chris is enough…that is my art.” Thanks for your words – they are encouragement to me (and a much needed reminder!)!

  4. As I read through this second chapter, the word that came to mind over and over again was WOW!
    Already we are into some amazing revelations and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next part of this book!

    (Q1) I work as a commercial artist…that is my job, but it’s so much more than that. Like the train maker, I can feel myself energized each time I sit down to create, or share my creations, or chat about my creative process. Not because I am so excited about what I’ve done, but because each time I am amazed at what He is doing through me and it pushes me on to create again. While I’m happy with the style and subjects I create in, I feel this deep desire to grow and change and it terrifies me. To me, this is an indication that this desire is of Him and not of self otherwise I would shrink away and stay in my ‘safe zone.’ As I trust in His leading to discover what this new plan for my craft will be, I know it will change the way I see myself and will change the way others will see Him through me. I will no longer be an artist, but am becoming the art.

    (Q2) Art in season can be the stages of motherhood – from first time mom to empty-nester. Job changes allow for new opportunities. As do health changes. Or location changes. Life is constantly moving, rearranging, and along with it so are we. My freedom in being who He created me to be with my specific purpose – even as it grows and changes – comes from trusting Him as my Creator and knowing that each stroke of His hand has been perfectly placed.

    SOOOOO loving this study and blessed to be a part of it!

    • Jenn, I so love your answer to Q2,
      “My life is constantly moving, rearranging and along with it so are we.” One thing I have said to my kids over the years is “life always changes, don’t expect it to stay the same!” But I realize that I’ve always seen that as a negative, when it really should be freeing! God in me, shaping and molding me, making me better than I have been before is encouraging and positive. Rather than focusing on the fear that I will be pushed out of my comfort zone, I can rest in the fact that my Heavenly Father has a plan and is guiding me to that! “Each stroke of His hand HAS been perfectly placed!”

  5. “…being an artist has something to do with being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive.”

    standing on the chair with you, Robin – Yes!

    wearing so many hats as a mom it’s so easy to lose what makes you come alive – it gets lost in all that makes you feel loved, needed…am so looking forward to learning what makes me come alive through Him – seeing all as Art through the day…awe-some!

    • Tori,

      Make no mistake, motherhood is HARD. Wonderful, rewarding…but exhausting and thankless a lot of the time (not that you do it for thanks, but you know…).

      I’m so happy to have another chair stander partner-in-crime! Where there are two gathered, we can really raise the roof 😉 :).

  6. This book comes at the right time, never thought of things in this format. Yet reading this book and following the video’s and comments has helped me realize that although I thought I was doing nothing to show Gods love to others I now realize that it isn’t so.I realize now my art proably has been active all along, I have been a care taker all my life and bringing comfort and smiles and talking to others about Gods love is a form of art. Thank you for helping me see this.

  7. For almost 25 years I was a stay-at-home mom with all the creativity (and, sometimes, drudgery) that implies. I am now a CPA, and while creative accounting doesn’t bring the best images to mind, that is what I am doing in this season. I help people understand the finances of their businesses. I guide them through the quagmire that is the IRS. That is my art (in this season).

  8. It’s like a weight lifting off my shoulders, when I think of identity in terms of a poem revealing the full glory of God throughout the different stages of life. During the past few years my identity as the world sees it has changed from single to married, and I’ve changed jobs. Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself to figure out “who I am” now or my specific purpose. There is a HUGE freedom in remembering my unchanging identity in Christ and knowing I can live artfully as His poem in each new season.

  9. This is profound truth!

    I, too, struggle to consider myself a “masterpiece” as one glimpse inside my head would prove otherwise. And “masterpiece” sounds like a completed work. Though Christ’s work on my behalf is complete, his work in me is not.

    Heretical as it may sound, I have been underwhelmed by the fact that I am his “workmanship.” Umm, He made everything. Everything is His workmanship.

    So I appreciate your explanation of the original poiema. A poem. An indication that God has something beautiful–even poetic–to say about Himself to the world. Through me. That is overwhelming.

    Your “colander filled with glory-water” metaphor is unforgettable. “God’s glory demands display.” If He is in us, He will pour out. We cannot contain it. And we don’t have to.

    As a writer myself, I long to stir up affection for Jesus. I think you should know that God has said something profound and lovely about Himself through the poem of YOU. Your poem stirs up affection for Christ and I am compelled to worship!

    Which leads me to my last observation: an artful life, as you describe it, is inextricably linked to a life of worship. In fact, I wonder if they are one and the same.

  10. “Art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are.” This is powerful to me. There is no room for comparison or judging when I think of each person as a unique design of ART. That also applies to myself. I don’t need to continually analyzing what I “do”…but instead offer each and every movement of my “doing” and “being” as a sacrifice of praise to the Glory of God. This book is peeling back layers of pretense, and giving fresh insights that I need. Thank you Emily!…and the Bloom team!

  11. I am finding this week that I have to take a step back in life. I have always liked alone time but have been so focused on being used by God to touch the lives of others that I continually try to reach out and make meaningful connections throughout the week. I love people and their stories and I love connecting. But this week I am realizing that I need to be quiet and reflect on me at the feet of Jesus. This book is undoing me a bit. Uncovering fears and dreams. I won’t say I have the confidence to move forward but I am at least facing and acknowledging that there is something there, buried deep that the Lord is prompting to make alive. Fear of living out that art and what might happen if I do are very real. “What makes us come alive is life, and this life is Jesus.” That is where I am at, where I am beginning this process.

  12. I’ve always longed to be an “artist”, but my definition of art was so narrow that I thought I was out of luck because I wasn’t blessed with those specific talents. I began to think that maybe cooking was my art, but even that view of art was too limited because I considered art only as something that you physically produce. It’s very eye opening to think that we actually are art and we make art with our lives. Thank you for the new perspective.

  13. I love the fact that she takes the whole concept and brings it back to beginning of creation and show how God spoke everything into existence and then made us in His image to reflect His Glory. In theory, I’ve known this all along, but now i’m beginning to see my art, life’s art, and everyone’s art in a fresh, new way. This chapter reminds me to be satisfied with the way He wants to reveal His glory through me and not get stuck or caught up in comparison with the way He reveals art through others. We are all living art and now I just need to enjoy the stage of life I’m in and remember that I am His masterpiece. Can’t wait for the rest!!

  14. I am in my mid-fifties, was abused physically and emotionally for most of my life. In the past few years, that has stopped but I have been frozen … l feel like I live in an archaelogical dig in process and I sit in a pile of rubble daily trying to sort through the pieces of my life to make some sense of it. Your book, more than any other book (save the Bible and Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts) …well the three of those together I guess and God’s healing hand… are helping me to begin to want to live again. It makes me feel like there is still something in there worth saving… worth sharing… something that will enable be to live art in Christ and share His glory… share His art. I can see as I have read moments… “pieces in the rubble” … where I did that and did not know it until now… years ago… where I helped another battered woman get free… once where I got a letter from someone who told me that my “thank you” note was the best he had ever read and that I should consider writing… (that was about 20 years ago and he was a top executive at what was then RCA)… an award I won in school for a drawing of a dove… cards I made for someone who then asked me to make 200 for a wedding anniversary for her parents. I never thought I could do anything. But in those moments that are years old now… I felt alive. You are helping me see that there might just be hope…

    • Bonnie Jean.

      This is really beautiful and I do believe there is hope. When you say this – “the three of these together are helping me to begin to want to live again.”

      I don’t even know what to say except – yes – … and YES.

  15. I love pins. Pictures. They talk lots. They tell it all. The LORD is doing a good work in all of us and I pray HE grows us more and more and more into my intimacy with HIM and HIM alone. Amen.

  16. There were so many things that jumped off the page and slapped me in the face!
    The very title of the chapter for one…the beautiful sound of the word “poiema,” (I wonder if I’m even pronouncing it correctly), and finally the last few words of the chapter:

    You are art and you make art. And the only place to begin uncovering what your art looks like is to start right where you are.

  17. Great video today:) It really resonated with me when you spoke about art being what you do but that can change with the season. I guess I was looking for one thing to dominate…I will have to look at that more.
    Also, rang with me that Christ is in me – yes, that is awesome….but I’ve been keeping Him inside and He wants to come out all to His Glory – wow! that is Art!

  18. I have been working with and living out this question: “How is this changing your perspective or understanding of your identity?” for about 5 years now. I keep getting glimmers of understanding but sometimes I think I am asking the wrong questions! Today, in watching the Ch 2 video Angie said something that really hit me: “What is a desire I am chasing and What is it that God has put in me?” These two questions really resonate with me. Thank you for putting the discussions together and for providing this venue to process and post!

  19. So, so much in this chapter! I have been in the process over the last several years since escaping a bad marriage of discovering who God has made me to be. The word that keeps coming to mind for me is “freedom.” God not only gives us freedom from sin, but freedom to live fully and freedom to be who He created us to be!! I love how the book brings out that we can explore our desires and run them through the filter of God’s plan and just go for it. Whatever that looks like for our season of life. And it’s okay if it changes.

  20. yes, those universal fears of is this MY gift from God or my arrogance that I can actually provide something considered Art that would make someone happy? It’s even harder for me to charge money for it. That’s the fear… that I am giving a gift a price. It’s an inner struggle daily. However, as I struggle to learn and Listen to Him it is revealed that I am on His path and it feels shaky but amazing at the same time. Love the reference to Poem… I’ll hold that in my heart forever!

  21. I’ve been having a hard time responding to what I’ve read and pondered, and read the posts and replies and pondered. I think I have put so much on hold for many reasons and yet not on hold. I am still discovering who I am through all of the many changes and through the “part two” of the second round of raising a family in the second half of my life. I have cried through many of the things I have read and pondered, I know there is a longing somewhat for something more. I am partially thinking to be content with the daily drudgery of motherhood and even the daily drudgery is still important and is shaping me and my family……because this is where Jesus has me right now.

    I also love music and often find it can tell me something in a very distinct way and in a fresh way in addition to the written word/Word. I immediately thought of the album by Micheal Card called Poeima. The first song is called “The Poem of Your Life” I went to youtube and listened to a few versions with lyrics, and the last version was from a live event with Michael Card and Phil Keaggy.

    Micheal Card added a preface to his singing the song with these words (paraphrased) “When I am with Phil Keaggy, I really feel like I can create and am creative.”

    The lyrics (I am horrible at cutting and pasting and don’t know how to do it other than by e-mail)
    of the song and the chapters are making me realize I also want to make a difference by the way I live my life and how I live my story will make a difference in the legacy I leave with my children and other people who have been placed in my life. And am I living in such a way that people are feeling empowered and encouraged to live creatively as I live creatively, to be living in the image of God?

    I need to delve more fully into realizing who I am in Christ from my head and into my heart, and living my life IN Christ more versus knowing Christ on the peripheral.

    But, I am feeling torn. This is tough for me when much is picking up toys, laundry, and cleaning, all things I have never enjoyed doing and have not been very good at mastering these tasks.

    I guess I am also grieving because although I know we were to adopt these two boys, my sons; this still was not what I envisioned for my life in my 50’s. I thought I had heard otherwise, and it was confirmed several times. So, I need to let go, and ask Jesus to help me embrace His plan for my life, and accept that I heard correctly, but this life will look very different and play out differently from what I had initially understood.

  22. “We are colanders filled with glory-water. Our best efforts are spent trying to cover the seeping holes with not enough fingers.”
    That’s me. That’s me right there. I am the colanders and no amount of other people’s hands have made me whole again, but i am God’s masterpiece and through Him there is hope that things can regain some balance. That some of those holes may be plugged. ‘For we are his workmanship…which God hath before ordained…’ God foreordained me to be the art of his hand but i have to choose to be that artwork, that masterpiece that workmanship.
    Anyone can be God’s art it matters not who they are or what they do day by day, they only have to accept Jesus Christ has their Saviour and Redeemer and King.

  23. I used to worry and fret that I would somehow miss God’s will for my life. The older I got the more I felt I had somehow missed it and wasted years and years. I find such comfort in the thought that there are “a million little ways” I walk in God’s will for me. Somehow I did just what you talked about Emily – I made God’s will more important than God. These are such profound things for this try hard girl. What a relief to turn my focus from what I’m supposed to do to Him.
    Yes – I love this book!

    • I am with you, Linda! That is my realization too — that I have made God’s will, or doing/producing for God, more important than God. Shannan Martin, who blogs at Flower Patch Farmgirl, captures me with the art of her words. They are constantly pointing me back to God and His heart! She said this recently: “So while we stew around, clutching the costume jewelry of ‘our’ life, we do so at the expense of the riches of more of Him.” I too often settle for costume jewelry… I am praying for all try hard girls like us, that we’ll thirst and hunger for His riches alone!

  24. I loved that little word study of the Greek word poiema. I’m a poetry reader and creator, so I felt that little bit of history was just for me to indulge in. When I think of what the words ‘poetry’ or ‘poem’ mean, simple words like “nostalgia”, “senses”, “proof”, “memory” and “description” come to mind. The idea that we are God’s poem is, to me, using a very tangible senses-driven memory of what God says about Himself, and what He says about me. We can find this all over Scripture, but we always need reminding; daily.

    I got chills with that one when I was reading!

    To answer the second question, I think that I have a fear of “myself and my art” versus “everyone else” (including those whom are dear to me–my children and my family). Like, if I can’t have it all, ALL, is it worth doing or fighting for the time, even the scraps of time? I can just see the perfectionism trying to eek it’s way in. Blerg!

    When I can think of real life examples of the train-maker or someone who I know who lives their life, lives their art, I think fondly of the ladies in my bible study group. A lot of them are retired folks, or ladies working part time and they and their husbands are empty-nesters. There are only a few of us with small children yet. One lady loves to create candy, and has a candy & chocolatier shop in town. *Everyone* knows who she is, because that chocolate is darn good! She and her family are always creating new candy concoctions. Another learned to water color later in life and has recently sold a painting at a local gallery, and she was very proud of that (we all were!). Another is a deep thinker, leads the bible study, and is a counselor at a college. She is a mentor type who is always seeking what God would have her say, do, and act on. She is my definition of Intentional. So many of these women are living their life as art, without even knowing it. They listen to God through his Word, and they live their life based on what they enjoy creating, and God is reflected back in them. Just typing that out about has helped me realize I am probably already living life as art, I’ve just never noticed it or named it in myself.

    OOOOhhhh, this book is darn good.

    Sarah M

  25. The phrase here that resonates deeply with me is “being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive.” That makes my heart sing. After 33 years in the same career, I am starving for a change, but change is hard and requires courage. I am so ready to step out and move toward that which makes me feel alive. Perhaps this book will firm up my resolve.

  26. I absolutely love the definition Emily provides that “being an artist has something to do with being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive.” Such a brilliant statement! I really resonated with the discussion in the video about dealing with fear – and more often than not- the fear of success. I think I have struggled with that aspect of fear most of my life. After taking a BIG leap of faith and making a transition in my job, the Lord is setting me free from this. It’s a process, but the journey is beautiful with Him. This book is a treasure! I’m thankful to have this conversation during this season of my life 🙂

  27. This book started at a prefect time for me. I recently was asked to give a training that has led me to “dig deep” to see what talents I have to share with others. I am a humble person, although I am confident and live a joyous and peaceful life with God as my guide, I struggle with what is one area I do well that I could help others with doing. I never thought of it as art, but am loving everything I am reading! This is gonna be good! 🙂

  28. When I was just out of high school, I wrote a poem called “The Tapestry of Life.” I have always imagined people’s lives to be like a cross-stitch tapestry, a quilt, or a mosaic, but the funny thing is that I never really embraced that idea for my own life. I look at other people and see how the picture is coming together in their lives, but I struggle to see how the picture is coming together in my own life. The idea that my life is a poem that God is writing daily, just the same as everyone else, is awe-inspiring. I am His masterpiece, His poem, and I can cling to that because that is who I am and nobody can take that identity away from me.

  29. I am with you here, Lou…18 years in the same profession, I have been praying for direction, so hoping God will bring clarity and vision through this study! Pray the same for you:)

  30. I love this most from the chapter: “When we live free, we are able to give freedom. When we live loved, we are able to give love. When we are secure, we are able to offer security.” This is a beautiful image of art to me! Whatever God is teaching me each season produces a change in me, and as that change becomes a new truth I live into (I love these words from Emily!), that unlocks art that I can share with others.

    This truth is echoed here for me too: “And so the meaning of our lives is not dependent upon what we make of it but of what he is making of us. As we begin to grasp what that means, the words of God and the truth of Christ become less like words to live by and more like truth to live into.” Whatever God is making of me right now, whatever work he is doing in me, whether it is about freedom, security, love, forgiveness, trust, hope, etc., when that work becomes a truth I live into, I am free to share that with others. Powerful! Thank you, Emily, for this revelation that God’s unique work in me, in the season I’m in in life, is the best source of my art.

  31. I am finding so much freedom in reading through this chapter!

    Q1:: I think sometime over the last handful of years I have grown more and more comfortable with being considered His workmanship – in that He made this way on purpose. There wasn’t an accident that made me have sticky-out ears or head of thick “curvy” hair. It wasn’t a mistake that makes me think, think, think over things. I liked reading it in the perspective of the word’s meaning and being reminded again of His intentionality in making me – me!

    Q2:: That quote above gives me such a sense of freedom. I think in the same handful of years as Q1, as I became more comfortable with being me, I felt more pressure to discover “my thing.” Call it a dream, a passion, I don’t know. I kept thinking I had to narrow it down to ONE THING for always. There is so much freedom in acknowledging that God is ALWAYS able to do His thing through me no matter what I am doing. It might look differently in the way it manifests, but the outcome is the same – His glory through me. Hallelujah!

    Also? I loved the bit about not redefining art, but going back to the very beginning. Sometimes we forget that it really can be as simple as looking back to the beginning.

  32. As I just finished watching the Ch. 2 discussion video, I looked over and saw ONE little book out, sitting next to the book basket. Its title? “De Chatarra a Arte” = “From Junk to Art”. (It’s a minibook about a lady and her neighbor boy who recycle car random stuff and make art of it.) But really? THAT is the book that’s out? I think God’s trying to show me something. : ) When I think about living AS A PIECE OF ART it feel so different… but seems so right. Feels like GRACE. 🙂

  33. Q. As Emily explained, the word “masterpiece” or “workmanship” in Ephesians 2:10 is a translation of the Greek word poiema, where we get the English word poem. How is this changing your perspective or understanding of your identity?

    A couple of paragraph breaks down that same page she mentions that “We are walking poetry.” and I thought that totally gave new meaning, to me, to the phrase “Poetry in motion.” Sometimes I feel more like a haiku because things in life are shorter and more punctuated but even then, there can still be beauty (and God’s glory can shine) in those times.

    I’ve always known in my head that I was “God’s workmanship” but as someone who is more poetic, the idea that I’m a living poem makes a lot more sense. Some people will only ever see the “words” and not the meaning behind them. But those aren’t the people I was meant to impact for God. If that makes sense.

    Q. Jessica and Angie spoke to the universal fears we have regarding our desires; the fears about what comes from us versus God, or perhaps that we’ll mess things up…or maybe that we won’t find our art at all! Can you think of examples (like a football player or groundskeeper from the video, or Emily’s example from the book of a train maker) that express art in season? How does the quote above extend freedom to you?

    I love baseball so this time of the year is pretty exciting for me (World Series). “My” team is in this year, go Cards! But there was a play in Game 1 that was pretty amazing and I think it expresses art in season. Big Papi from the Red Sox hit what should have been a grand slam, which is art in and of itself, I mean wow! But one of the Cardinals made a great catch and “stole” the grand slam. One, it was a great play (sorry Sox fans!). Two, it just seemed so fluid and effortless. Don’t get me wrong, he had to run hard to make it there in time, but the whole thing just played out so smoothly. I’ve played baseball, I looked nothing like that when I played, LOL!

    The quote you pulled out is a great reminder that God made us who we are for a reason. For me anyway. I am a unique creation and without me, the “big picture” just wouldn’t be the same. God has plans for my little quirks that I can’t see or understand right now.

  34. So much to ponder on and reread in this chapter. The concept of being the poem/expression of God is so redefining to how I think of myself! I loved the picture of the tree, sending roots deeper into the ground, sending branches higher into the sky.. that we don’t have to launch a search party to discover who we are, but to stay here and dig down deep.

    “Christ still moves around in the world through the filter of your you-ness…
    Painting, cooking, parenting, calculating, and conversation all have the potential to hold within them a mystery and an expression of our life in Christ.” (p.30)

    God is too expansive, too creative, too multi-dimensional, too wonderful to be contained in only a a handful of skills, talents, and personalities. Like the many facets on the face of a diamond, He expresses something of His glory uniquely through the individual mix of personality, life experience, wounds, talents, and passions of each individual. Profound! It reminds me of CSLewis in the “Four Loves” talking about his two friends and how when one died, something was permanently altered in his relationship with the one friend left. That something of that friend who had died brought out unique responses and joys in the other friend that ceased with his passing. His point being, we cannot know all of God on our own. We only are given our particular perspective and experience of God. In the community of believers though, we see a fuller picture of God, when we bring together each of our particular and individual experiences and understandings. Lewis said it better. 🙂 But I hope you get the point. Anyway.. this chapter, this book, so very rich and freeing and leaves me with lots to ponder. And with great joy to just be ME to His great glory!

  35. On a long drive to my husband’s parents house for Christmas, I asked him if he could do anything else for a career what would he be? He is a math and numbers person and loves sports, so he replied that he would combine that to be a sports statistician. He asked me in return and I said I would be an artist. Unfortunate that I cannot draw, paint, sculpt or create anything to make a career out of. But, through this book I now know that I AM an artist!

  36. I have now redefined my art. I do believe I am a piece of art to God {His Poem}, but I kept hush, hush, about what I thought He wanted to bring out in me because my art… my life . . . my way didn’t look like “everyone else.” At 47 I have just come into my “own” to be comfortable enough to be me. I’d taken some steps within to “come out” of the “closet” if you will with who I really am, and what I wanted to be.

    I wasn’t sure of who I wanted to be because I didn’t know if it was just me wanting to be…, or if God was calling me to be … . It is refreshing to know that I have not been alone in my wonder and thoughts.

    I’ve concluded that I am an artist! I’m embracing it and I’m gonna “Let my little light shine!”

  37. As a college student, I am very familiar with the confusion and doubt that my dreams and desires may be from God or may be from me. I definitely wrestle with trying to know the difference between my desires and the Lord’s guiding. That quote specifically is profound for me in this season of life as I wrestle with big decisions coming up and wondering if I am “doing the right thing”.

  38. It’s absolutely freeing to think that God designed me with my quirks and all. I’m looking forward to learning more about desires in the next chapter. The part about fear on page 27 really hit home. Xoxo

  39. I really liked the line “But I hope to prove myself a worthy companion…”. This resonated with me for personal reasons but I wondered what Emily meant by it.

  40. I am loving this book! This chapter really hit something inside me. I’ve never been an artist (meaning, no painting, drawing, singing, etc.). However, after reading this chapter, I realized my “art” is glorifying God as a mom, wife, teacher, sister, etc. What a cool way to look at life and servant-hood. So excited for the next chapter (I’m a bit behind). 🙂