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  1. What a wonderful encouragement. I was discouraged this morning having to get ready to go to work instead of church, but I will give thanks to the Lord and proclaim HIS greatness no matter where I worship this morning!

  2. Indeed encouraging. Thank you for sharing this simple but courageous act of praise and worship. Have a blessed day in God’s glory. Amen.

  3. The multitude of ways He Blesses my Life, Heart and Soul are magnificent beyond measure.

    Some ways are quiet & steady, like every breath I take, every beat of my heart…….some are bigger like the view from my wall length windows……that take even overcast days “out of the norm” and moves them into the “wondrous” realm. Every place my eyes fall, in my tiny lil apartment, bespeaks friendship or blessings or a hard won journey that He traveled with me thru. My flourishing plants, the life they are and give, my 2 parakeets, my Service Dog….the gifts of humor, perspective, a song in my heart……and these are just the beginning.

    Praising Him together with all of you, for the wonders of life….

  4. Today I had special music, sign language to music. The song I did, it was requested, was “I can Only Imagine” by Mercy me. It is a very worshipful song.

    I felt as though I were singing praises to God while doing that. I love to sing in my car and let others know of His greatness!!