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Married to an amazingly faithful and forgiving man who is God's gift to me. Homeschooling Momma to three crazy kiddos who keep me on my toes and on my knees. Daily learning to lean on Jesus, live in light of the Gospel, and love the story God has written for...

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  1. Thank you, Kara!
    Your words are really encouraging. And you’re right…
    How often do I only watch at myself, only thinking about my problems…?!
    Many times I forget to be a net for my family, sometimes really a net to rescue a family member.
    Thank you for remembering me of what my family wishs that I should be to them.
    Be blessed,

  2. Kara,
    For all of us dreamers, Nik’s performance was an inspiration and as you said, he knew that each step he took was a gift from God. After extensive knee surgery and not being able to even put weight on my foot for 6 weeks, I know what a blessing a step can be. Lord, help me never to take each step for granted and to have a heart that says, Thank you Jesus!” with each step. Thanks Kara for a wonderful post!

  3. Thank you SO much for this encouraging word. I am going on a mission trip to Greece and the Ukraine in a few weeks and I could so relate to the fear of falling, of disappointing the team, of not being enough. The line that really caught my eye was “unleash the artist in me.” I am 60 years young and have recently started taking art classes – painting classes. I was scared then, too. Scared of making a mess instead of a painting, scared of failing. The Lord is amazing to meet me when I said “Yes” to the dream of being an artist. And I CAN paint! If He met me there He will meet me on the mission field. I am daring myself to grow in courage IN HIM! Thank you for the reminder that Ann Voskamp has taught me to Thank Him every step of the way, every day. Thank you for your timely words of encouragement. I needed them today!

    • Grammarox,

      Congratulations on stepping out and taking art classes. Doing what you like at any age is what God truly wants for His children. To unleash some of the hidden talents He gave us.

      Prayers for your mission trip. May it go well and everyone on the team be blessed by it. You will have memories to treasure for a lifetime!

      Father God,
      Bless the mission trip and workers going with Grammarox to Greece and Ukraine. Help them to be your hands and feet and show the world your love. Make this trip successful in every way.

  4. Oh Kara, my soul-friend. I am so encouraged by these words. I’m asking myself some of these same questions. I’m also asking myself if I can let go of all that seriousness that being a responsible adult brings? How can I be playful? How can I insert a little whimsy into my day and just let the simplicity of life be ok with me?

    Thanks for your encouragement today my sweet friend!

  5. I’ve been in a lot of tight squeezes in my life and have found I’ve come shining through them. Life is tough but when you think of all the not – knowing experiences that I never experienced, I would be less of who I have come to become today than all my yesterdays if I never stepped out and walked the thin line.
    Good post btw.

  6. Hi Kara,

    Thank you for your encouraging post. I have recently began to dream big again, after discovering I had unintentionally stopped doing this for years. I love how God’s plan for our lives, is so much bigger than we can fully grasp.


  7. Thank you for this post. It is definitely encouraging for me at the season of life I am in. I’ve become scared to dream and hope due to alot of shattered hopes and dreams. I’ve been so overwhelmed and beat down that I’m not even sure what talents, and abilities I possess anymore. But I’m beginning to rediscover and to dream again. Thanks for such a timely post.

  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully timed topic. It is hard as an adult to dare to dream God-sized dream-with bills to pay, aging parents to worry over, jobs ,

    Thanks for the reminder that it is never to late to dream big dreams for yourself or your family. Some of my crazy dreams of late have been to become a cook/chef. Maybe run a small company out of my house and do some cooking for people. I just love that. Have to wait and see what God puts on my plate!

  9. “Most of my dreams, quite honestly, seem scary simply because I’m afraid of failing.”

    So true for all of us. May we hold each other tightly and forever whisper the dare to dream big in each others’ ears. And if we fall, and if we fail, may we forever hold each other tightly just because. Grace to you, Kara.

  10. Dearest Daughter, how have you grown so wise? I’ve always known how smart you were, and I have always known how your heart has longed to become more like Jesus. I have learned much from you as an adult and it is obvious how you are still growing as a disciple in Christ. I feel encouraged today through your writing which is a blessing at this new stage inmy life. Thank you! Love always, Mom