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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Holley,
    Oh how I needed to read this, this morning! There are soooo many talented writers out there…so sometimes I wonder who needs another one? No one, however, will have my unique and God given vantage point through which to view the world. I also try to remember that I am writing, ultimately, to an audience of One. I am offering my gifts back to God. Thank you for cheering me on and reminding me that no one else has my unique finger print and I have a way of saying things that nobody else has. You have been such a blessing to me as I pursue my God-sized dream! Thank you!!!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Holley, your book has been such a gift to me. Every time I think I’m not good enough or able to continue the pace, God uses you to speak into my heart and life.
    I’m actually giving away your books on my blog for my one year “blogiversary.” People can comment today and the books will be awarded tomorrow.
    Thank you for being not only an encouragement, but also for weaving godly scripture and text throughout each page. You allow God to speak at every turn.
    You are a gift, friend!

    • Thanks so much for your sweet words and for sharing the book with your readers! You are amazing, girl and you are absolutely good enough. You matter and what you do is needed!

  3. Holley,
    About 6 weeks ago, I picked up your book “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream” on what felt like a whim (but let’s face it- God was definitely involved). I couldn’t put the book down because it felt like every word on that page was written specifically for me. Since I started reading that book, it sparked a hunger to continue studying deeper, listening harder, and growing closer to God like I have never done before. My entire perspective on where I am in life has flipped upside down and all the things I used to grumble about have turned into opportunities to let my light shine and use the gifts God has equipped me with. Your book lead me to this site, and I feel like it was also all the right things to give me that push to desire a deeper relationship with God and his supernatural world. I praise God that you have stepped out in faith and realized your God-Sized dream because it has truly made an impact on my life.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement and for sharing your heart with me! Jess, I am so humbled that He would use my words to encourage you in those ways, but SO thankful for how He has pursued your heart! He LOVES you! Thankful to have you as a reader and I know (in)courage is so glad to have you here as well! 🙂

  4. I honestly don’t know anyone else who lives this truth and inspires others the way you do Holley! I am truly blessed to call you my friend. You have helped me time and time again reach for the dream God has placed in my heart—and all the while cheered me on.

    I am so grateful for you!


  5. I am so grateful that I checked my email today your words truly touched me. I am a writer and my God sized dream is to share my gift with the world. You truly inspired me to dream, and to realize that I am valuable to this world even though there are times when I am not sure if I will ever publish my books. I thank you for encouraging me everything you wrote spoke to me loud and clear. I cannot give up on my dream because God needs me to touch someone elses life with my words. Thank you and God bless you and your God sized dream.

  6. I have struggled to find what my god size dream is. I read this post and I wonder if it is God’s words through you telling me to take that step. When I think about it I get the fear, the I don’t know, what about the financial security, but most of all I still don’t know whether I should do it.
    Holley, do you or any of my sisters have any suggestions. I’m sure there are many of you out there this is how so frustrated and you just want to cry because you just don’t know what to do. You know scripture that says when I am weak he is strong. Today I’m having one of those days.

    • Jackie- one of the best quotes I ever read concerning this says “Anything worthwhile to your heart will elicit fear and self doubt. This is your cue to proceed.” (Paul Jun/Motivated Mastery). The closer we get to what God is calling us to do, the more the fear comes. Don’t let that stop you – let it encourage you that you are on the right track!

      • I love what you wrote when you said, “In many ways, God-sized dreaming is more about an attitude than an action. It’s living with an ongoing “yes” to whatever God asks of you.” I had never thought of it that way, and I really like that. Thanks!

  7. Holley – thank you for writing this, and for putting forth this perspective. It is much needed today (and most days going forward). Like the other commenters said, I feel like anything I want to write has been written before – and sometimes that “before” is “just recently released”….. I need this encouragement because, as you said, my sphere of influence for God is where He has placed me. I need not worry about anyone else (aka the sin of comparison) but instead, should focus my attention on the story He’s using me to tell.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Holley, love when you said…”It doesn’t matter if someone else has said it or done it already. You haven’t. We need your version, your perspective, your voice in this world”… thank you for how inspiring and encouraging you are to all your readers 🙂 You give us that “thumbs up” “you can do this” feeling… your post today reminded me of this practical tool which others could use on their own blogs…it helps bring our memories to the surface in a creative way… you start writing responses to “I come from…” anything that comes to your mind, the memories come flooding back…It’s such a great exercise in thankfulness…why not give it a try?

  9. What wonderful words of encouragement, thank you! I have the whole “someone else is already doing this and better” talk with myself sooo often. As I read your words, I am thankful for your perspective and heart. I press on, running the race as best I can, with the talents God has given, for His glory and purpose! 🙂

  10. Way back in 2000 I had a dream of running a blog with affiliate sales in it. Life happened and 13 years later I decided to Just Do It. I almost talked my self out of it as so very many mom’s are doing it and doing it well.
    I went for it anyway. I am not the biggest. I am not the best but I am doing my dream and enjoying it everyday.
    And they cannot do it like me. They are not 57, they don’t use my graphics and they don’t have my LOL! 🙂
    This really hit the spot. Thank you very much. I will think about this post every time I consider giving up.
    Love, Patty

  11. Happy Wednesday dear Holley! Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet girl!! I have had every one of those thoughts..along with the number on the calendar of my life. I’ll be 71 in November and ignored God’s tugging for so many years to write (whatever writing that meant.) In the meantime He gave me a genuine God given love for women of all ages and stages with a special affection and burden for women 60 and over. Now that I’m in this age category I have been dancing all around what I should be blogging about and to whom. This morning your post has (once more) encouraged my heart and given me a push, I believe, closer to the answer. As so many of your sisters here…since the very first time I read one of your devotions….and now your books….so often it feels like you have heard my thoughts and that day’s post is just for me!
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with your sisters dear friend…looking forward to a day when we can share together face to face.
    Blessings on your day! Love you.

  12. I love this. So often lately, I’ll get these ideas for novels and run them by my fiance and he’ll say, “Hmm, I think that was a movie.” And it’s like, “Aww, really? Darn it!”

    But you’re right, and Solomon’s right, it’s all been done before. But it hasn’t been done by us. So thanks for this boost. I will work on my ideas that have already been done in some other fashion and make them my own. 🙂


  13. Thanks for your encouragement Holley! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and it has helped me so much. I wouldn’t necessarily call what I’m doing a God sized dream…it’s more of a God sized ask. I started a blog about two weeks ago…and I’m not a writer. As a matter of fact, it is a pretty daunting task for me. I can’t tell you how many revisions I do :-). But I felt like God told me I needed to do this…to share my story. The really hard part is the fact that the subject matter is so taboo in the Christian community. My son is gay. We found out six years ago and God has had us on an amazing journey, often painful, but totally worth it. It’s messy and really hard to put into words, but I’m trying my best to be obedient. Thanks for the challenges that you put before us so often to believe in ourselves.

  14. I am so glad I read this this morning. I have been feeling like “Lord, there are already so many talented Christian female authors and speakers…with much more experience, elegance, poise than I. What could I possibly add to what they have already done and are currently doing?” And I’ve occasionally thought, “They have it all together, but I know me. I know my faults. I’m not as far along on this journey as they are. I’ll just learn from them.” But sometimes, maybe I just use that as an excuse. The disciples certainly could have said, “We can’t do it as good as Jesus can. Why would they listen to us, when He has already spoken, lived it, breathed it, and was perfect in doing it.” But Jesus told them He was leaving and that they were going to do great things.

    But your words today were a challenge from the Lord straight to my heart. My story is different and perhaps, just perhaps, someone needs to hear it. Maybe it’s time to go do my own version of “great things.”
    Thank you,

  15. Deeply encouraging on many levels, Holley. I do find myself falling into that “someone else is going to do this better or before i do,” thought… but the image of God placing me here in this moment of time for such a time as this is so powerful. That phrase always echoes in my heart…for such a time as this… Thank you for this one!

  16. Yay Holley! Thank you for your words. It has been exactly what I have repeated in my mind almost continually. God has place a desire in all our hearts and someone is waiting to hear our unique story and God is waiting to use our unique story for such a time as this.

    If you are reading these words ladies, please be encouraged. God DOES want to use you and He has a plan for your life. Be faithful, even in the small things. You will be blessed for it. Thanks again for posting Holley.

  17. Oh goodness, I SO needed to read this today. Something I have struggled with for a very long time is feeling like there is always someone better than me so why bother trying? Isn’t supporting someone else’s dream enough? Isn’t that an important role too? Of course it’s important but I was using it as an excuse to not do anything myself. I had to face all of that recently when I started my own Mary Kay business (yes, I became one of those crazy pink loving ladies! LOL). I clearly heard God telling me I needed to do it, and while I didn’t understand why at the time, I went ahead and took the step. And I think I’m starting to understand why God is taking me that direction. With the help of the women God has brought into my life through Mary Kay I’m facing those issues instead of giving in to them. The message I’m getting from God is that it’s time to start thinking about MY dreams, the ones He placed in my heart, instead of only thinking about others so I can hide. And who knew this would come about through skincare and makeup. I guess God can use whatever he wants. 🙂

  18. Holley, I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to speak right to my heart just about every day. Okay, maybe I do know how you do it – the Holy Spirit. I am constantly amazed at how close God is to you and how powerfully He works through you on a daily basis. I am truly in awe of that every single day. Keep on keepin’ on, lady. You’re not just transforming lives, you’re transforming hearts and souls. Mine included. =)

  19. It is definitely the case that writers say something that has already been said, and yet part of the mystery is in how God uses each and every message in His perfect timing and who reads it is part of His perfect timing.

    How many times do comments say, “THIS is what I needed today!”

    If once was enough, there wouldn’t be many books in the bookstores!

    Thank you Holley for keeping us on track with our dreams!

  20. Thank you for posting this, Holley! God has laid it on my heart to write, and I must admit that I have not seen another writing style like what I am being led to do but that doesn’t mean it’s not been done. My passion is educating others about nature, wildlife, ecosystems…I’m in my element when fielding questions in that arena. God has laid it on my heart to write a book about hope using that passion for nature. I have no idea how to begin, and it’s especially tough at the moment because I am earning my second bachelor’s degree, this one in Natural Resources Management, and I am working, but there is no doubt that this is what He’s called me to do. I just have to figure out where to start!

  21. Push, Press, Stretch, I have been pushed in life. And not always in the rite direction. That is how you learn to listen carefully to the Holy spirit. I have had to press through situations. That were out of control. And I have been stretched beyond my own limitations, being stretched is not easy. It often requires a change of thinking change of direction. For over 35 years my dream has been on hold. I know in my bones my gift and calling but I listened to those voices we so often entertain. Who me ! I can’t I’m not smart enough. I’m raising my children. You know the words that the enemy uses against us to stop us dead in our tracks. The condescending tones from those who know just how to push our buttons. I have always believed nothing shall be impossible to them that believe. I have read that verse throughout my life, I just did not know how to get from point A to point B I felt unworthy after all so much time was wasted or was it ? I was hanging out on hold. You said a phrase that struck something in me For such a time as this I know I am rite where God wants me doing just what he has called me to do. When your waiting you learn. I have learned that the voice I have been given needs to be heard so I carry my candle and run into the darkness….. I will shout out your name from the rooftops I’ll proclaim I am yours. I’m singing here !!! Jesus use me however you see fit.

  22. Gal,
    Loved what you wrote today. I, like many others, feel like you are in our brains and answering that next doubt or question with, “You go, girl!” I have been a fan of yours for awhile and you keep amazing me. DId your You’re Already Amazing book with my Mom Heart group, and you still keep amazing me. Thank you for keeping on with us and giving us courage to pursue these passions we have. Why do we all look around and think that someone else has already said it or said it better. I love the way you give life to us and help us look to Him for courage to dream and do what He has called us to do.
    Wish I could meet you sometime; I know we are kindred spirits and would have such fun!

  23. Yes, I’ve totally had these thoughts and struggled with these same things! Why do we do this? Thanks for putting it into perspective, and I love the Scripture laced through this post to show us God does see us where we are, love us for who we are, and desire to help us become the women He made us to be.

  24. Love this. I recently attended a She Speaks conference. And rather than being discouraged that there were so many similar stories, so many women with similar calls to tell their similar stories, I was amazed at what God is doing. How he is using just regular people like me. There is a thread running through our stories…and when we tell them, we are pointing people to God.

  25. Yes and amen, brilliant friend.

    Just love you and the way you love others so well. If I can’t be your next door neighbor here on earth, I hope I can in heaven. xoxo

  26. Wonderful Holley –

    Loved reading this. Thank you!

    I so identify with your friend who said “Even when I make progress there’s still someone doing it better than I am. Shouldn’t I just cheer them on?” This is the hard stuff of calling and purpose and identity and being who we were created to be.

    It’s so weird, the timing of this post – I’m doing a series on my blog right now – What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of {serious} Blogging – and this post was on my blog schedule (the one I sadly only have in my head) for today. Crazy how it’s the same topic with a slightly different twist. On taking ourselves/our dreams seriously {but not too seriously}. It’s here if anyone’s interested:


    Thank you again Holley for your encouragement!! SO needed!

  27. Today I posted a status on Facebook asking for some computer related help. In a related private message an old friend wrote, “I am so proud of you. Keep going after that dream.” I cried tears of thanks that not only was my dream apparent to others, but that I have people in my life who encourage me. So appreciating every post you write. We need to hear, “You can do it” repeatedly.

  28. Holly, thankyou for those words. They really helped and as usual had your special touch.
    I have just started reading your ministry posts. God bless.

  29. My favorite quote here: “no such thing as better in the Kingdom, only different.” Love it! Applies to all aspects of the kingdom – not just writing ( thinking: praying, teaching, preaching, encouraging). See Romans 12:6-8.

  30. “You are the DNA of the dream.” That clever phrase of Lisa-Jo Baker’s sums up your message perfectly, Holley, and caught my attention. I do want to believe God will use the interests, abilities, and traits he’s given me to fulfill his dream-plan for me. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines, assuming I have nothing to offer. That one sentence gives me hope!

  31. This was exactly the words I needed to hear tonight. I just wrote about struggling with this very thing. The timing of a dream, the seasons, the feeling like things were passing me by. So thankful to be reminded again that God is in control of it all and that any calling He has on my life, is in His hands. So very thankful for you, Holley.

  32. Holley,

    Your words always inspire me. Thank you for the encouragement today that no matter where I am I can have some influence on the people around me. God has placed me where He knows my talents and gifts will be used to Glorify Him.

    Thank you for the encouragement that I am enough and have all I need to do what job God has created for me. Love reading your writing! You are an inspiration to everyone!

    God Bless!

  33. Thank you for this! God has certianly given me a God sized dream and it’s scary sometimes to see the size of it! But it’s true, we are given it for a reason and he will accomplish it through us if we let him!

  34. It’s like you looked into my soul this morning, saw the cracking places, and covered them with gold. Thank you for this timely word to sooth my fears and my sense of unworthiness! God Bless You!

  35. Thanks so much for this inspiring article. What a great encouragement to press on with my God-sized dream of helping desititute children. I have often been tempted to give up on it saying that mlaybe there are others out there doing it better than I am doing. But this article urges me to keep on because this is a dream I received in my childhood and I just love and enjoy it. It is what I have always wanted to do in my life. Thanks very much and keep inspiring us

  36. This. I needed to hear this today. My first thought? How could I have missed this post? Surely, it must have popped up that day, September 18, 2013, in that special section on my blog entitled “blogs I follow”. Oh, now I know why I missed it then; because this, I needed this today. Thank you Jesus.

    Thank you Holley 🙂

  37. It’s amazing that we’re all different and that we each can make a difference. I guess I better move on the dream God gave me. It’e been a year or so since I did anything substantial on it.

  38. Thank you for this. For a time, I have forgotten about dreams and have focused on the ‘material things’ especially because my family is in need of provision. My husband left the country to work for our needs and when he left, there was a total turn around of running after our dreams to finally letting go. It hurts so much. As if breathing under water. I struggled to find what will make me whole or how will I go on doing what we have dreamed of. I have forgotten about these things. Dreams, purpose, spiritual relationship, everything. And thank you so much for this because I know I am being called once more to do what I can for His Kingdom. I want to be able to rebuild my relationship with the Lord and be able to share his love through my blog. I want to move forward from being stagnant to being offensive for His Kingdom. May the Lord bless you even more for articles and wake up calls and words of encouragement such as this.
    I declare favor and abundance and an increase in territory.