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Despite all odds, Lynne has been married forever to a man who doesn’t like coffee or Reese’s Cups (true love). They have 2 grown kids and a grandson.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Beautiful! Finding words of thanks and praise are important to the health of every day regardless of how it might be going. A thankful heart and mercy-filled attitude nurtures the soul. I’m blessed by your post. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Dear Lynne,

    Saturday night I felt really ill and my head started to felt like it would explode in the next second. I woke up in the early morning with tears in my eyes because I felt so strange. The next day I realized that I got high fever and it raised with every hour. I really felt miserable but the hardest and most painfully hours started yesterday in the evening hours. My mom did all what she knew about nursing me but nothing changed. The fever raised almost constantly and I hoped to fall asleep and wake up when I felt better.
    For the whole time I felt so miserable I never stopped praying. Sure, it might be normal and everyone would do this like me. But at this time I realized how near God’s loving hand was. It all had come almost harder. And of course it was hard but I learned to be thankful for God’s help.
    Please pray for me! Tomorrow is my birthday and I am almost feeling not really good again.

    Be blessed all of you!

    • Rosie,

      Prayers for healing and a wonderful birthday!


      Please heal Rosie. Give her your healing touch and shower her with your loving kindness. Help her to feel good again and to enjoy her birthday!


  3. Lynne,

    For a few years I have done a “thankful” journal. I write down everything from the big stuff–God, Jesus, etc. to the mundane like electricity, indoor plumbing, beds, etc. then each day I write out what I’m thankful for that day. Some day I come up with 260 items (that includes the main list plus daily list). I’m making myself focus more on what I have and to be thankful for it.

    Lately I’ve realized a big thankfulness and that is health. Hubby and I and our older parents are all relatively healthy. That means a lot to us. I know so many people who have health issues.

    Thanks for writing so eloquently. You have a good way with words. God Bless

  4. Lynne, Thankful and grateful for so many blessings daily, large and small. It really does make a difference when focusing on how blessed we are. Tonight, after reading your blog, so blessed am I to have met you and yours so many years ago. I am grateful for this reminder and hope to see more of your blog. Love you

  5. I can hear you speaking this to me, hear the way you speak your words, lovely when a person can express themselves this way, thank you for sharing

  6. What a blessing you are! I am so grateful Lynn, to know you and am so happy you are sharing your words, your gifts.. I hold you all in my heart and smile!

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  8. “…wandering around in the canvas of an impressionist’s landscape, Monet’s soft palette, edges rounded and forgiving.” A marvelous image that sparkles like those sparkly glasses (and I’m sure your face did look pretty behind those sparkly frames). Thank G0d for glasses! Wonderfully written. Love the sentiments and the way they are expressed.
    By the way, took note of the name of the website–(in)courage. Here’s something I wrote a few years ago about encouragement.