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  1. Loved the scripture.

    I find myself wanting to help people more and more. I have actually been to prison–through a ministry and seen prisoners hearts just melt due to the love shown them. One time a prisoner said that the birthday cake we gave him was the first one he ever received.

    I have done the “drive-through difference” from a local Christian radio station. You go to a drive-through and pay for the person behind you and give them a letter. I just took a friend from work (2x) and paid for her meals.

    I know Jesus is proud of all of you women here at (In) Courage!

  2. Hi I am an English woman living and working in Brazil my husband is a pastor here and my heart is to touch the lives if so many needy people here in a very practical hand on way to show Jesus love through my hands. I am so encouraged to read your comments and to hear how Hid us using you all too, God bless my Christian sisters around the world we are making a difference in so many lives thanks be to God xxx