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I’m Dee Kasberger, the artist and designer of Red Letter Words. I’m a child of God, a wife, a mom of four, a friend, a daughter, a sister, an artist, and somebody who believes in the power of the Word.

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  1. I went to a funeral on Sunday. Jen had been Team mom last year for my 10 year old son’s football team and her husband–assistant coach. Our team had new members this year but I was pleased to see that her son remained. Jen was so full of energy and knew how to make things “happen”! As the new season began I noticed I hadn’t seen her around and mentioned to another parent that I wondered where she was. About three weeks ago she showed up at the practice field. To my surprised she walked directly over to me and engaged in a hearty “hello”! This pleased me because we weren’t close friends or anything but had a good “working” team relationship. We exchanged pleasantries as we bore the uncomfortable heat and mosquitos– and for a moment we both gazed out onto the field. I noticed that she looked a little heavier ( not that I wasn’t!) but more so–she didn’t seem to be her peppy self. Maybe it was tiredness or the heat. Nevertheless I felt prompted to dig deeper into conversation but my introversion won out and I decided we would talk later. In that moment she said goodbye and I followed her down the field with my eyes. I had a nagging feeling that I should have said more. I felt selfish. The following Saturday was game day and I saw Jen again. It was another hot, muggy day and the umbrella I was holding over my head seen to seal me in a heat bubble. Jen sat near me on the bleachers as we said hello. Sixty seconds later she was gone .In those 60 seconds, I adjusted my umbrella, body and water bottle but did not open my mouth. I thought she’d be sitting by me for the duration of the game. I planned to obey the nudge to engage her in further conversation but I was to busy making myself comfortable first. Those precious seconds fleeted away as Jen decided to move down to another area of bleachers I presume and don’t know why. I never saw her alive again. The following weekend she died in a tragic freak accident leaving to young boys, a husband and many other s to mourn. I cried–hard. I was devastated. I missed Jen but even more–missed an opportunity to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit. God let me know that I could learn from this though. I will never allow a seemingly “common” situation be common anymore. I will not take my everyday interactions with others lightly. I vowed to move out of my selfish comfort zone and engage others–listening to the voice of God’s Spirit. We are His hands and feet–and voice in the world. That’s my lesson from Jen.

  2. I think the verse is Isaiah 41:9 (not sure and my Bible is at home today…) but it is “I have called you back from the ends of the Earth so you can serve me for I have chosen you and will not throw you away.”

    I think that could become an awesome design…it is also my favorite verse in the whole Bible (is it bad if I can’t even remember the numbers for sure of my favorite verse?!?!?)

    • Shalom, My name is Faye mattox. I cannot refrain from a reply as I had an encounter with the LIVING GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob , whose Hebrew name IS YAHWEH and Eloheim. We among the Gentile nations have not understood very much about our Hebraic roots of where Jesus Christ the ANOINTED ONE who Came to redeem HIS people Israel , but in that they did not acknowledge and WELCOME HIM . THE GOOD NEWS has been carried to the nations of the world. But it has lost it Hebraic roots in Where it all began, GOD”S JOURNEY with calling Abraham as A partiach of the faith and GOD went so far to call Abraham a Friend and TOLD him he would be the Father of many nations. God called Israel and the Jews to be HIS chosen vessels and follow HIM as HE commanded, but they have not understood HE had told thru prophets of OLD that HE would send them a Messiah an ANOINTED ONE who would save HIS people. SO, now, thousands of years later we Gentile nations have the privledge and honor to diaglogue with the Jewish people thru their culture and customs they have CELEBRATED for thousands of years. And GOD is very desirous to teach and instruct us in how to LOVE and pray for their RESTORATION of their homeland and their illumination of their hearts and eyes to recognize HIM as the ANOINTED MESSIAH GOD promised them thru OLD Covenant history. But when Yeshua their Messiah was born they Rejected HIM . THe Jews have been in Diaspora for millions of years. And GOD promised them there would be a day HE would visit them and return them to HIS favor and forgiveness and THEY WOULD RETURN TO THEIR promised HOMELAND , ISrael that GOD gave them thru Covenant with Abraham. THE patriach of the Christian faith . as we are called Christians. The Jews do not understand our way of worship or how we view GOD and THE MESSIAH as we the nations call HIM Savior and LORD of our souls. But, HE is now raising up christians to embrace and take HOLD of the promises GOD has in STORE FOR ISRAEL and the RESTORATION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE . We the nations (the body of believers in Jesus Christ’s coming kINGDOM can b co laborers with GOD in this great GATHERING OF THE JEWS from across the nations of the world for them to make Aliyah and return to their homeland of PROMISES From Yahweh. WHO we call GOD ! GOd still loves them and has not abandoned them forever but promises a DAY OF HEALING AND RESTORATION to them spiritually and the land to bloom again and prepare the WAY FOR THEIR COMING KING , who they originally rejected . But , God in HIS great mercy for all people wanted the Gentiles to be redeemed too, SO HE sent the GOOD NEWS that GOD had come to man thru the Gates of Jer USA LEM and that is when the church was birthed. When the HOLYSPIRIT fell on the people in Jer USA lem 50 days after passover being observed.
      You may decide to check out what GOD IS doing among THE PEOPLE HE Loved and chose to obey and keep HIS commandments but we know they didnot as they worshipped other false gods among the surrounding nations. a great work in progress to teach the body of believers in JESUS CHRIST ‘s kingdom to PRAY FOR ISRAEL AND THE RESTORATION of the JEwish people and the restoration of Israel to be lead by the true Israelite people . WHOM GOD has a covenant with to be ruled and reigned by A JEWISH KING from the Lineage of King David forever. I hope this is insightful and meaning ful that you can share with your body of worshippers of WHO JESUS CHRIST was in HIS appointed TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY. GOd has given all HIS HOLY SPIRIT to discern and know the times on human time line. Get your church involved in how we can PRAY AND SUPPORT ISRAEL in HER fight for her promised HOMELAND. GOD gives us sometimes sometimes we have to fight for it. AND TO KNOW HIS SPIRIT AND POWER IS WITH US as we discern our role as the body of Jesus among the nations of the world TO PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JER USA LEM and THOSE WHO LOVE HER will be Blessed by HER GOD , Yahweh, Eloheim, Adonai . ALL these beautiful names referencing HIM that we the nations have not learned according to the translations of the Scriptures in the Greek text. May we all come back to the roots of where SALVATION WAS PROMISED AND IT WAS delivered thu the nations from Israel , THE ROOT and GOD Chose Israel to bring light and redemption thru the gateway of that nations. And it will all culminate back to the nation where GOD called HIS orginial worshippers to follow HIM and instructed them how HE desired HIS worship to be offered up. Psalm 122 :6 ask your pastor to teach more on the Hebrew scriptures as we all learn about Israel ‘s as a nation of promise and HOPE . And all believers IN yeshua’s kingdom will ascend from the nations up to Israel to worship HIM and celebrate HIS kingship . Shalom, hugs and prayers as we embrace our Jewish roots of who JESUS CHRIST was as a observant Jew of HIS time line.

  3. My then thirteen year old boy had a “throwing up” flu, and I as in the garden picking beans when suddenly I just had to go into the house and check on him. On my walk from the house to the garden, God reminded me of the tests for appendicitis a doctor had put an older son through over the phone (probably ten years ago or more — jump up and down and if it hurts it’s probably appendicitis). I scurried up to his room. It hurt for him even to walk. Jump to the end of the day, and his was in surgery for a gangrenous appendix. Very thankful for the whisper in my ear that summer day.

  4. Yes, making our home an available place for other broken souls to come and be ministered to in body {comfort, food, crafting} and soul {by the Holy Spirit}…one of our last get-togethers was a real sacrifice as I was simply worn-out..but God used it to deeply minister to my precious sis-in-law as she bared her heart and these beautiful women surrounded her in prayer and counsel…yes, listening to the Holy Spirit’s unctioning produces much!! She came burdened down and left restored! God is so good! Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!!

  5. Either:

    “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side…” Ps. 124:1


    “I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the landing of the living.” Ps. 27:13

    Or both! “If it had not been the Lord…I would have lost heart…” 😀

    Two of the most encouraging verses I know. “If it had not been for the Lord…” is a consistent prayer of praise and victory for me.

  6. yes, God has spoken to me quite clearly a few times in my life and when I have obeyed his nudge, He has blessed me beyond what I could imagine. First was 7 1/2 years ago, He nudged me to go on a mission trip to Ukraine and then to sponsor a child from Ukraine to come to America on a 2 week Christmas vacation. Little did I know what he had planned. Vera (10) came to my home and stayed with my son and I for 2 weeks. While here He prompted me to show her the pictures of my mission trip in Ukraine. I did and she started jumping up and down and babbling ( in Ukrainian- which I don’t speak) and I found out I had taken pictures of her sisters in one of the orphanages we worked in that she hadn’t seen in over a year! Then he prompted me to adopt not only Vera but her two sisters as well. Of course I argued with him- couldn’t I just send money, I was too old (52), my boys were grown, I was single, I didn’t have the money, etc. I listened to him, gave up the approval of my mother and brother, borrowed money from my son who was had been overseas in Iraq and went to Ukraine to adopt. I lost not only my job 6 weeks prior to going, but my company car as well. A wonderful church family gave me an old car, God provided a new job working from home 2 weeks after I returned from Ukraine with my three daughters 8, 10, 12.

    In the past year, I have been praying for a new job, applied to over 82 positions with no reply, dealt with money issues, a diagnosis of bi-polar disease with my daughter and the attempted suicide of my youngest daughter. In my anquish I cried out to Him and He responded with let it all go. What, let go of my dream home, my friends and family and church??? He gave me a sense of intense peace as soon as I released my life to Him. I write this sitting in my new home in FL, sold my home in VA, sold and gave away most of my possessions and moved 1000 miles in less than 2 months. I have just found a new church, and I don’t know exactly why He moved me to FL at this time in my life, but I trust his promptings and His plan. It is a wonderful honor to obey and be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I know that he will use me and my ministry (faithart) in His time and place.

  7. Dee, what a beautiful cushion this is and with the touching and inspiring ‘story’ even more so…. I live nr Paris and can tell what you missed – but I also know this feeling – had it many times.

    One event marked us really – We once returned about 30′ earlier from church because we had a strong feeling that something was ‘wrong’ – when we entered our house and opened up the the wardrobe-room where also shoes and the electricity counter are housed, I smelled burnt rubber…. A very quick control revealed that three of the main cables were smoldering and the house would/could have been on fire within literally seconds or max minutes to spare. We shut down all electricity and phoned an emergency electrician to come – he confirmed the near disaster and we told him that we came from church (a VERY touching subject in France… people don’t like to hear about eclesiastic things) and that normally we would return much later. He WAS impressed by both the size of ‘just’ averted catastrophy AND our faith – he couldn’t believe that we put this ‘discovery’ at God’s feet as a reason for thankfulness.

    Earlier this year we missed our flight to England to an event we planned for months due to an accident on our train line – apart from having lost a ton of money and a beautiful feast with members of our church where we spent over 8 yrs of our life we realised that this flight might well have been a trigger of a heart failure in my Hero Husband who was at that time massively overworked, on the brink of a burn-out and felt ‘he could just about do this over the weekend’… Well he didn’t have to and the visit to a brain specialist the week after confirmed his precarious health-state. To us no less than a Divine providence.

    Thank you for this great post – and if you come again to Paris (and we haven’t moved on….), let me know!

  8. I was going thru a divorce and I was with my best friend at Target when we ran into my not yet ex husband. We stopped and spoke to him, he was acting slightly squirrely so I wasn’t sure what was up with him, I then happen to turn my head to the left and across the store I saw the person he was having an affair with (they were still dening this affair). I said “oh I see what is going on”. We, my friend and I, walked away from him and went across the store as we rounded a corner we came right across her path. She made some snide remark to me that I can’t quite remember…what I do remember is that I turned towards her, reached out to her and was going to grab her hair and smash her face into the ground when my friend said “she’s not worth it”. At this moment everything was happening very slow motion, I felt like we were in a matrix type moment, there were no people around us, you could not hear the instore music just a moment in time that would change the course of what God was doing in me thru this divorce. I stopped from grabbing her and when I did everything went back to regular time, if we had been in a movie it would have been that scence where the music starts up and all the background events come back into focus. I know that the Holy Spirit spoke through my friend at that moment. There were so many others moments like this through out that year and I know with out a shadow of a doubt I did what God wanted me to do. My thoughts were always it is all about the audience of One.

  9. no, i don’t believe i have ever felt that “nudge”…a little envious but no, or maybe God is talking and i am not listening…

  10. I most recently felt that heavy insistent feeling just a week ago. I felt this overwhelming “spirit” moving feeling to promptly get up and make a dinner for a friend. I saw on FB a note about her mother passing away and I new immediately I had to make a meal for them. I have been suffering from a herniated disc in my back but I somehow moved quickly with the help of my daughter and we managed to get that meal over to the house and left it in their front door. It was the quickest and best sloppy joes and mac & cheese I have ever made. They were so grateful and surprised when they came home late that night and they told me it was just what they needed!

  11. There are so many favorite verses, but here are a couple of my favorites.
    Isaiah 43:19 and Psalm 37:4
    I found your work originally on Etsy, and was ecstatic to find it on Dayspring!
    ~Blessings Always

  12. I would love to see Ecc. 4:12. It was the verse we have engraved on our wedding bands: a cord of three strands is not easily broken. It’s our reminder to keep God in the center of our marriage.

    A few years ago, DH was applying to PhD programs and nothing was going right. Finally, we felt that he should apply for a masters instead and in Texas, where DH is from and where we had never wanted to live. He sent in his application and we were filled with the peace that comes when you’ve done what God wanted. We weren’t surprised when he got in and now we live in Texas. DH left his program for a dream job in Houston and we both know this is where we are supposed to be.

  13. I’ve had strong Spirit nudges to end two different relationships — and I’m glad I listened, because I’m now happily married!

  14. I have had so many times in my life that I regretted not listening to the promptings of the Spirit…now I always examine those feelings – and pray immediately for guidance and confirmation. The more I listen and keep my eyes open, the more I realize how PRESENT The Spirit is in my life!

  15. My husband gifted me with a day to myself, away from chores and our five children. I was happily shopping when that nudge to “go home now” came. I argued with the Spirit all the way home! Couldn’t even just call, for I’d left my phone at home. Pulled into my drive to see my husband being loaded into an ambulance and a police officer watching my kids. He had a nosebleed that couldn’t be stopped; they were taking him in for a cauterization.

  16. My friend was in Rehab in a Nursing Home.

    I knew I was to go clean her home. We’re talking 150 bags of devastation kind of cleaning……and my heart broke as I realized the conditions my friend had been living under for the last 3 years. Mini-stroke after mini stroke, the death of her Mom (and stuff put into my friend’s apartment). Then her sister went to a nursing home (and you guessed it: HER stuff was put into my friend’s apartment). So she was surrounded by loss and too sick to organize/clean and to full of pride and despair to ask for help.

    I’m MAJORLY allergic to EVERYTHING….so “Obeying Him” could have been risky business. But I just figured: He called and He knew MY need. And only as He can do, over the weeks of 7-12 hour days, He made it possible to do what wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

    But, it’s wayyyy bigger than that. A community of people came to help. Management became willing to paint/recarpet……her home was totally re-done….and we took pictures. She cried tears of joy and sadness and gullywashers of soul-cleansing tears when she saw those pictures. You see, she could no longer talk…..

    And while I THOUGHT He’d called me to bring her home well loved, He actually called me to be with her as she began the process of leaving this world……experiencing a depth of love she’d been lacking for 3 years……
    What an honor and a priveldege it was to journey with her over those 4 months…..and to be with her when she left.

    I’ve been radically and forever changed by the experience. I learned that washing another’s feet changes the washer as well as the washee.
    My allergies are as bad as ever…………but I LIVED a different reality for those 4 months.
    Had I not listened, had I not said “Yes”…………I’d have missed it all.

    • Bless you for listening to the Lord. I looked after my estranged husband through his passing and was extremely blessed, even through a similar clean up.

  17. One of my favorite verses is: Proverbs 16:18
    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    It reminds me to be watchful of my attitude. I am not sure that verse would work on a pillow but it would be a good wall hanging.


  18. “The LORD will perfect that which concerns me” ~ Psalm 138:8a NKJV
    This is my life verse, it always brings me encouragement
    I love your story

  19. It was a night I will never forget! On amazing beautiful night I was at a Catch The Fire Church conference. There was this moment when I stood looking over the sanctuary and saw people of all ages dancing, laughing, worshiping and celebrating all that the Lord had done during the few days we were together. Some got healed, some set free, some found their identity and each of us fell deeper in love with Jesus! At that moment when I thought this must be what heaven will be like. No one was concerned about anything other then celebrating Jesus and what He had done. All of the sudden the Lord spoke to my heart and told me to go home that this is my son Andrew’s night. Immediately I got in my car and drove home. I went into my teenage sons room. We started taking. We cried we talked, we laughed and repented and then my son accepted Jesus (He had accepted Jesus as a little guy but this is when you realize you need a savior and you invite Him to be Lord of your life. ) Since that day God has done such amazing things in and through my son! Today at age 24 he is happily married and a father of twins Hope & Samuel. He still loves Jesus and serves in our prayer room at Convergence House Of Prayer. I am so so thankful that I listened and went home in the midst of that beautiful heavenly celebration! To God be the Glory!!

  20. My husband used to be in the insurance business. He had to travel frequently to meet with potential clients. One day, not long after he left, the Lord spoke very directly and said “David is in danger – get on your knees”. I immediately went to the den where I often prayed and got on my knees, crying out for God’s protection and mercy. I asked Him to speak to my husband and let him know he was in danger and to turn the car around and come home. After a while, the burden and extremely uneasy feeling lifted. I got up and went about my business but continued to pray. My husband came home and seemed troubled. I asked him how the meeting went. He said “I never met with the people. I just got the strongest feeling that something wasn’t right. Three times, the Lord told me to turn around and come home. After the third time, I did”. We may never know the peril that awaited my husband. But I praise my Maker over and over for speaking to us, hearing our prayers, and protecting my precious husband. 🙂

  21. Another story came to mind, when our four year old son told me three mornings in a row that he had a dream the night before that our house was on fire. We paid attention, thank God. We came together as a family and prayed God’s protection over our family and over our home. The following night, we were awakened all at the same time to a house full of choking, thick smoke. I jumped up and ran to our boy’s room, where our four year old and one year old slept. It was in the middle of winter, so I grabbed their little coats and bundled the boys while my husband called the fire department. We went out to the car and started the heater to stay warm. Thankfully, we had no pets at the time. The fire department came and told us “It is the strangest thing – your heater system is old and worn out. It’s the kind of situation that causes simultaneous combustion, where the house just basically ignites with fire up through the heater vents. But it’s as though right before combustion, it just went out. We don’t understand. The house that was gutted down the block earlier this winter had the same thing go wrong with their old heating system. We don’t understand why yours didn’t burn”. That right there my friends, is the goodness of God. Through the mouths of babes. Praise be to God!

  22. Two years ago, after about 4+ years of infertility, God called us to adopt from Ethiopia!! It was totally out of our comfort zones financially, emotionally, and everything else. But, we listened, and we have been on the waitlist for almost 1 year!

    God blessed us with a pregnancy this year!! We are due ON Christmas!!

    ‘Two are better than one’ completely sums up our journey to become parents. 🙂

  23. A better verse for being creative than the one I left earlier.

    John 16:33b “But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

    God Luck!

  24. As a teacher for 23 years, I see as my calling to love “my kids” and teach them about life and God (yes in a public school). Along the way, I am to wedge in my subject matter. Generally, high school students have a tendency to be sleepy at all times of the day. Part of my caring about them is to help them stay awake and stay focused. However, one of “my boys” seemed to be having trouble staying awake each day. One day, I felt this urge to just let him sleep. As I shared materials and/or assignments with the class, I placed his on his desk and kept on teaching without waking him. Some of my students commented about my not waking him; they knew that I had always awakened them. I made some comment to pacify them and just kept teaching. At the end of class when he awoke, I went to him and told him that I knew that he was capable of doing the work that I had placed on his desk and that he had permission to do the work at home. He thanked me and went on to his next class. After school, I went to the counselor’s office to inquire about this student. I learned that his grandmother who lived with his family had recently been diagnosed with cancer and that the family was having difficulty adjusting to this diagnosis and the 24/7 care for the grandmother. For this student, everything about his home life had turned upside down, and there were some nights when his sleep was interrupted numerous times. I was so grateful for that “whispering in my ear” that told me just to let him sleep, that he truly needed that rest. Until things were more settled at his home a few months later, I continued to allow him to rest during class as he needed. I have always felt that God blessed me with that “nudging” to care in a particular way for this student. And . . . the student ALWAYS finished his work at home and brought it back to me! 🙂

  25. My husband and I were traveling to NM to visit with our son, his wife and their beautiful children. We were enjoying our time traveling from WA state to their home in Alamagordo. We had had a great time going back roads and seeing our beautiful country. Our devotions each morning seemed to be drawing us closer together and closer to the Lord. We decided to stop at the town where the “OK Corral” gun fight took place. We were planning on having dinner at one of the local restaurants. The more we walked around the more uneasy I got. Larry looked at me and said,”I’m really feeling uneasy–I don’t think we should eat here.” I said that it was odd he should tell me that, because the longer we were there, the more uneasy I was getting. We decided to leave and get back on the road as quickly as possible. We felt God didn’t want us to stay any longer in that area and the further away we went down the road toward our son’s home, the better we felt. To this day we don’t know why we felt the way we did. But over the years in ministry we’ve learned that when God “speaks” we better listen. The uneasiness we felt, we’ve felt at other times when He’s let us know why we weren’t to do what we were planning. Your story brought back the memory of that beautiful vacation day.

  26. Loved and cared by Him. I had a similar situation during a trip to Canada. God had a different plan for me and I came home earlier. Great that He is in the throne for us.

  27. One of my favorite verses is actually Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” I love how it represents God and nature. I’d love to see more art made based around it!

  28. Praise the Lord for giving me time to read your story as well all the comments it really inspires me, my prayer is that I might have the courage to listen to God’s voice every time I’m hearing it. Especially at this time I do really believed that this is God’s way for me to have the strength to talk to my children. All glory to our Living God.

  29. Psalm 139:5 NLT

    “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.”

    I love this scripture. It tells me that God leads me, He has got my back and all the while, whatever I am walking through, He has His hand upon my head.

  30. A friend of many years informed me a few months back that her father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was not planning on seeking any treatment for it. On Monday, August 12, 2013, as I was preparing for work, I thought of her Dad and said a brief prayer of healing for him. On Wednesday, August 15, I sent her an email that I was thinking of her parents on Monday and meant to ask her how they were doing. I did not get a response until August 19th and she advised that she was elated to say that on Monday, August 12, 2013, her dad had visited the doctor and that there was no sign of any cancer in his prostate or otherwise. I truly believe that the LORD is still in the healing business and in the mighty power of prayer!

  31. So many times have I listened to the Spirit whispering a change in my plans to fit His. Too many times I have ignored the whisper letting my agenda scream in my ear. Learning to Trust & Obey His Whisper. Yes, Two are Better than One.

  32. God has spoken to me so many times throughout my life…..sometimes I listened and obeyed and was blessed, sometimes not and lived to regret it! But the best nudge of all came 3 1/2 years ago while I was shopping online! I had the tv on just for background noise and I kept hearing these commercials for Finally I had enough of that and turned the channel! I had been alone for 5 years since my husband passed away from cancer and that was the last thing I wanted to listen to! I continued browsing online and the next thing I know, what comes on the tv……that’s right! Another Eharmony commercial!! I couldn’t believe it! So I looked up and said out loud “Lord, are you trying to tell me something?” And I instantly felt a resounding “YES”!!! So I immediately stopped the shopping and went to the Eharmony website and started filling out their million page questionnaire! Within 2 months I met the most amazing and wonderful Christian man in the whole wide world who is perfect for me in every way imaginable and in ways that I could have never imagined! I have never been happier in my life and we are now engaged and getting married next year! I thank God for him every day and I am SO very thankful that I listened to Him guiding my way!!! For years I had written a quote in my daily planner that says “God gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him”, and now I’m living that quote every day of my life! And it sure beats that one more pair of shoes that I was shopping for online that day!!!

    • God does work in mysterious ways. I believe LaTone LaFrance is someone who was my next door neighbor as a child in El Paso. We lost touch with each other many years ago and I’m hoping to reconnect. Toni was my best friend through the 3rd grade before I moved to Arizona. If anyone knows how to reach her, would you please have her reach out to me- Margaret. I can be contacted at onuskaatQdotcom.

  33. I am moving into another apartment after separating from my husband. We’ve both had trust issues with the opposite sex. I asked my husband to make friends with men and women and that I would do that also. I always felt that men and women couldn’t be strictly friends but that shut out a large group of people in my life that I could learn from. I had this friend John who I spoke to randomly whenever he’d come by my office to chat. We never grew close but when I told him I was moving he offered to help me move. He is in between jobs and was doing handyman work on the side. I told him I couldn’t afford to pay him. He had a truck, dolly and tools. He showed me how to do things like a father would and treated me like a daughter. I would have never had that friendship if I hadn’t trusted God to let me have a relationship with men as just friends.

  34. Psalm 23 is my favorite go to verse aka my life verse. It would be so wildly ecstatic to see any one of the six verses of Psalm 23 be on an art design especially on a pillow.
    In my personal life, there were so many spirit-led change-of-plan moments but I’ll share one that is very dear and close to my heart. At the age of 22, a fresh college graduate, I was one of the first batch of immigrants to the USA on a professional visa from my birth country. My parents and seven other siblings were extremely opposed and discouraging to this never-heard-of move that I am planning to embark on. But thanks to a dear aunt and brother in law who helped me meet the financial and legal requirements. You see the Holy Spirit had shown me in one of my dreams that I was flying on a jet plane across the ocean and while still up there in the sky, also showed me the city at the foot of the mountain with tall lighted buildings that was supposedly my destination. With the dream, a luggage and one phone number of a close relative, and $500 pocket monry, I am alone in my Abrahamic journey to the USA that eventually led my whole family’s exodus to the USA and a sister to Germany first then to the USA. To this day I tell my two children and their spouses plus my six grandchildren that this was my divine calling.

  35. Yes,early in our Christian walk, my husband &I had an overwhelming feeling that we were going to move out of our present rental apartment; but we didnot know when or why. Shortly there after my husband was on his military training weekend and had got hit by a car; breaking his leg and put out of commission for over 1 yr. we had to move in with my mom because I was not working since we had a toddler and one on the way! God’s grace were true each morning we never suffered for any natural needs, He met them all and so much more! While my husband was at the local hospital waiting to get transported to the Veterans Hospital he was in such pain, we started praying. At that time an elderly doctor came over and started comforting Harry and stated he was going to move his broken leg to get a comfortable position, Harry had to just take a deep breath; the relief was instant on his face! We wanted to thank the doctor but as quickly as he came he was gone. He was eventually moved to the Veterans Hospital and the orthopedic surgeon describe the procedure he would have to do to correct Harry’s broken tibia and fibia bones. We looked at each other and stated to the doctor that that was what an elderly doctor did while we were in the emergency room! it stated that was impossible it has to be done under anesthesia. Our God continue to show himself to us and granted peace,love & grace thru that trial….

  36. I am so inspired and encouraged by your blog post and the many replies. God is so faithful!

  37. As her story goes so does mind…. I’d gone to the store a few blocks from where I live… having decided to look at some boots… and then go to Sears to see if I saw any better styles…
    I saw a pair on the street I first arrived at and purchased them… after leaving the store I thought now I’ll get on the bus and head to Sears… but, as I stood
    in from of the store I’d just came out of I heard as clear as a bell ringing
    ” GO HOME ” I stood there for a minute and said to myself I’d better listen
    and as I proceeded further up the block going back towards my home…
    I heard it again…. ” GO HOME ” and I said… OKAY I heard you…. I’m going..
    I’m going….
    I will never know why… also the Holy Spirit commanded it seemed for me to
    return home…
    I often think about 911 and how many who were suppose to be in the World Trade Centers… had a reason why they were either late coming or
    just over slept… their lives being saved….a blessing beyond measure…
    I no long question things like : Oh I’m running late… Oh I missed that
    bus….. etc… things do annoy us but I say don’t question…. just say Yes Lord…. and Thank You….!!!


    of a dove……

  39. THANK YOU for having ‘chosen me randomly’….. I can well live with this! Am SO pleased as I rarely ever participate in contests and then don’t usually wait to see if I was chosen… 🙂 Merci beaucoup, again – I will take great care AND great joy of my gift.
    Kiki xoxoxoxox