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An encourager, contemplator and deeply soulful spirit, Tammy writes candidly on her blog about the common struggles that bond us together as women, and how we can boldly design unhindered lives.

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  1. Tammy,
    I love where you say that we cannot fully rest in Him unless we follow Him into the deep water. It has been the times in my life, when I got to the end of myself, that I was able to fully rely on God to make a way for me. I believe that God allows us to get to the point of nearly drowning so that we can experience His arms of love underneath us, lifting us up, and carrying us along. Yet He is so faithful to not let the waters wash over us and consume us. What a beautiful analogy your race was of truly “going deep” with out Heavenly Father. When I fearfully wander back to shore, He beckons me to dive in yet again.

  2. Your testimony to Gods unfailing love is perfect. Not only does The Lord meet us in our brokenness , but he makes it beautiful ! When we no longer lead an let go of our will he carries us. God does the unthinkable if we believe.

    • He makes the impossible possible. and He uses the platform of our weaknesses, not our strengths, to show His power and perfection and glory. what an awesome God!

  3. Thank you for the reminder. Oh so long ago I was moved “Out of the boat” by John Ortberg’s words in his book. This theme has evolved. And you are its next messenger to my soul. Thank you for sharing what I needed to hear. I trust in Him – even with fear. He’s quelling that fear. In a way I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you. And bless your soul.

    • thank you pamela! i am overwhelmingly humbled and honored that it would carry that message to your soul. i am excited for you and the story of how He will meet you in the depth of your fear and be the comfort you need to get out of the boat and into the deep water. many blessings to you!

  4. Tammy,

    Come this Fall we will be back to homeschooling, again. This I know I am truly called to do… God always provides abundance in this area of our lives. I will, also , be co-leading Girl Scouts, joining a homeschool co-op and my daughters are in dance, regularly. Most recently, I’ve been asked to lead the K-1 Grade Level of the Children’s Ministries at our church. I feel honored to be asked to do this… Plus, we are moving on from two miscarriages and are trying to have another baby. God has used EVERY heartache of mine for HIS Glory. I am not going into any of these thing’s blindly… I have crashed and burned in the past and had wised up to resolve past exhaustion by simplifying my life. I know what can happen, when you have too much on your own plate and try living on your own strength. I’ve learned to live By Grace Alone and God has cultivated my insecurity into a much more confident women for His God…someone living each day using the gifts that he’s placed in my heart. Here’s where I am… Ready to take the plunge in so many areas of my life.


    • i’m praying for you as you journey through each of these situations, that you find His peace, His comfort and His faithfulness. we cannot live by our strength alone and He uses our weaknesses, not our strengths, to show His power and perfection. let Him use you. let Him mold and form and break you to bring Him glory. dive in Jen! He’s there. blessings!

  5. Tammy, this is a beautiful, powerful post. Thanks for helping us be brave with you! And you doing an IronMan? Whoot! That is awesome. 🙂 Strong woman inside and out. Love. Go get ’em, girl!

    • thank you so much Holley! thank you for being such a voice of encouragement and inspiration to my own journey. blessings!!

      • Love this 3 way connection! Holley… do you know Tammy and I do daily life together? 😉 As God would have it, he moved her into my neighborhood and we quickly became soul sisters. She is a great gift to me! Just loved the small world…. HUGS to you both!

  6. I meant to say…cultivated my insecurities into a much more confident women for His Glory.

    Reading back what I wrote… It’s sounds so overwhelming! Thank you, Tammy for this post. It’s helping me work and pray through some big decisions.

  7. Thank you, Tammy. I am praying through this. I have felt ready to dive in for awhile…standing at the shore, ready to push off, and waiting for the whistle to blow. And waiting. And waiting….I sense there are big changes ahead for our family, but I also sense that my husband is not quite ready to dive in yet. Sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to jump ahead of God…does that make sense? Not trying to negate what you’re saying AT. ALL. It is a powerful message. But what about the preparation before diving in? I’m just struggling with that part, I guess. I want to jump in NOW! Just not sure what that looks like at the moment…. So thankful for you and the message you bring. So many blessings to you. <3

    • mmm, yes. i do believe there is a necessary preparation on our part. you know how and where He is working in your heart and you know the work you need to do. be faithful in the small things, in the work He is giving you, and He will make a way. praying for you sarah, and the changes you are waiting for. He will meet you.

  8. I’ve, too, been standing on the shore – knowing I belong in the deep waters, but fearing them so profoundly that I’ve continued to wait and wait. All this DESPITE knowing God’s bigger and stronger than any current or fear of drowning. I have been praying for the courage to dive in headfirst. So far, I’ve been wading in slowly. I know God wants me to completely release EVERYTHING and go with Him. Each and every day I pray for the strength to yield my will to His.

    Thanks for this today. It’s well-written and timely for many, I know.

    • i’m praying with you ellie, to find your strong. find your courage. find and lean on your faith in His promises. they’re true!

  9. Beautifully written, Tammy. Love to hear your heart like that. Thank you for sharing. I was swept out to the point of drowning but of course He rescued me, and that time in my life is what has affected others the most. Xoxo

    • mmmm, mindy. i’m so glad you allowed Him to rescue you and carry you back to the shore. never the same. His power made perfect. His strength in our weakness. His unending, unconditional love and grace. xoxo

  10. You are a beautiful writer. I loved the imagery you used.

    I don’t have an answer to your question, but God keeps bringing this topic up in my life.

  11. Tammy, thank you for this!

    Such beautiful and powerful testimony to HIS “pull” for us and how we are truly wired in HIM.

    I do believe that as HIS children, we are never meant for shallow living but rather for an “abundant life” in HIM (John 10:10).

    As being in a transition in life and career, it’s been my struggle to either pursue a stable job or just go for something that has been tugging at my heart since then. I chose to do the latter. Recently I’ve been doing simple trainings and “up-dates” related to that, and GOD provided for me to be qualified for the last two steps before actually starting in this new career.

    Honestly, I failed the latest step but was graciously given a chance to re-take it just today and was also given a near-hire training by the same company. I have prayed in my heart days before and especially today that HE will just please hold my being in HIM since I don’t know much.

    And I am glad that HE abundantly showered me with strength and resolution to just go for it.

    I may not clearly know what lies ahead since this thing I am doing seems like a big shift from what are expected of me, but yet, I do firmly beleive that HE knows what HE is doing and HE is with me always.

    Thank you for these words…

    “we are companions of fear, each of us afraid to unclench our fist and surrender to the One who knows the depth of our soul. Who hears the desperate cries of our heart. We know this and yet we struggle to believe it is true.

    And we’re faced with the paradox that we cannot fully rest in Him if we don’t follow Him into deep water.

    I’ve always been afraid of a shallow life. Yet too often fear of depths still scares me enough to stay on the shore.

    But I’m tired of shallow living. Finished with the safety on the shoreline. If you’re ready I’ll swim with you in open water, past the boundary into the depths of our fear. Because I believe He will meet us there.

    Meet us where we can no longer rely on our own understanding or strength. Where we must believe in something bigger and greater than ourselves. When we realize He is all we need. He is all we’ve ever needed.

    Dive. HE’s waiting.”

    Thank you, sister.


    • thank you for sharing your heart ron! we never know what lies before us, all we have is our faith in Him, knowing He is all we need. i’m excited for you and the changes that lie ahead for you! He’s waiting. blessings!

  12. Oh Tam…chills…just incredible! Thank you for sharing this amazing post!~ Yes, the journey to “dive in” to what GOD has called on our lives and not what this culture is calling! I truly want to KNOW His hand, allowing Him to “go before me” and make His way in my life. My desire to to “stare fixedly” to our Father, so He is able to reveal His safety, His direction, His comfort, His love and His PEACE. Thank you for this encouragement!! I LOVE you girl and am extremely proud of YOU!!! xoxo

  13. This past 6 months, the choices and actions of someone I love very much have drawn me into the deep water where I thought I might not survive. God is always willing to lift us up out of the depths with His Everlasting Arms. Thanks for sharing your experience. It reminds us that we can survive with God’s help in our lives.

    • yes we can, carolyn. thank you for sharing and i’m praying that you not only survive but grow in ways otherwise impossible. blessings.

  14. Tammy,

    Congratulations on doing an Iron-man triathalon. You are a brave, strong woman.

    As a Christian I know I’m called to go deep with whatever calling God has for me. I know I must pray and rely on His timing for the plans He’s prepared for me. (Jeremiah 29:11).

    I’m in a work-related quandary. While I have a “decent”, good paying job with the state–I’m not satisfied with the job or the new boss, who dislikes me, anymore. The economy is such right now that quitting would be crazy. There aren’t many more jobs out there–especially with the state or federal government.

    Praying that God will make a way for me and show me where He wants me. Either way I know He will supply the strength and encouragement needed to follow Him.

  15. mmmmm, Beth. praying for His leading in your life. for Him to open and close doors, for Him to make a way. stay the course. He is faithful. blessings!

  16. So beautifully written and filled with truth! Thank you! Struck with chronic illness that led to disability, it felt a lot like being thrown into the deep water. But I am truly coming to know God on a whole new level, and I think a big part of that comes with the trust we must give over in those moments.
    1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” And I reply, “Amen, Lord, please continue to work your perfect work in me.”
    Love the reminder from you that HE is the one who makes our way! God Bless!

    • thank you shelly for gifting me with your words today! i pray He continues to do His work in me as well. blessings to you!

  17. “When we realize He is all we need. He is all we’ve ever needed.” Such a simple concept, yet, so often forgotten! Thank-you for your beautiful words. Thank-you for sharing your gift of writing with all of us. Blessings to you!!! xoxo