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  1. When I used to be a “control freak”, I was constantly fearful because I placed my confidence in me. When it really became “heart knowledge” that the LORD is my stronghold, my salvation, my shepherd, then fear dissipated. Thank you for a wonderful reminder!!

  2. There is a great song by Jamie Owen-Collins that always helps me remember the truth of this verse. It is called ‘Strong Arm’. How wonderful we can rely on Him rather than ourselves. 🙂

    • Tammy, I am so sorry to read about your son being killed in a car accident. I have a measure of understanding, my sister and her husband were killed in a car crash in June, but I know to lose a son would be so much harder. We hurt because we love them, we were blessed to have them in our lives – but we miss them. We do have a God who walks us through it all, I have felt His presence, love, comfort, and strength in the middle of the hardest moments. I would not want to go through this without the Lord, I am so glad I don’t! I pray you will daily trust Him moment to moment and know He is with you.

    • Tammy,
      Prayers for a healing heart for you and your family. May God swoop down & hug you with His loving arms.

      Precious Lord,

      Please be with Tammy and her family. Help them during this time of grief & pain. Shower them with your loving arms & let them know their son is with you.


      • Thank you all. God’s name is being praised. It is so hard and agonizing. Yet there is revival in this small rural town in Vermont. Our community, church community and others have reached out in ways that are mind boggling. More than 750 people came through our home. . .we had the wake at the house. . .And our small rural church that holds 250. . .overflowed with 700. . .Continue to pray for us and that the gospel will be shared in Vermont. . .

  3. For almost a year now I dreaded going to work. It was/is a job that I don’t like anymore. Fear used to paralyze me such that I wouldn’t rush to get to work on time. Had a bad attitude there and at home.

    I have been praying about my job and my co-workers. Due to that God has done a heart change in me and the fear has dissipated. Praise to God for being our light and salvation. Our ever present help in trouble. Our rock and our refuge!


  4. Tammy, rest in God’s promises: He won’t forsake nor forget you. I pray for peace over you and your family. I had a terrible 2012 and difficult 2013 after the pass away of my husband in February 2012. Slowly, God is bringing me up. Love

  5. Fear gripped me as I drempt tonight, I awoke repeating In the name of Jesus Christ.. Over & over in my dream I was
    trying to get away from harms way; a nightmare! I opened my eyes reached for the light. Awake now, reached for my phone. in that dream I kept dialing for 911
    I couldnt get through. Then I pulled up any
    email? There was your post: in whom shall I fear when I know God is my strength & comfort. What a blessing to read and I knew instantly it was God who
    calmed my fear. It was so clear a message straight from the Lord!
    I have been in the decision making about a job. Where to move. and fearful I am depending more on my thoughts rather than His. I’m sticking to His agenda:
    Wait upon the Lord, be anxious for nothing.. In all my ways acknowledge Him.
    It’s a love letter tonight to me. isn’t that beautiful!!

  6. O I love this worship song as well two. We sang this this Sunday service and it was awesome. I love to dance to this song. 🙂 happy!