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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. I have recently been asking the Lord to hurry my healing. I’ve been angry that it hasn’t happened quicker. It’s ironic really because I want to hurry the healing but slow down the pace of life. But I hear you Holley. Your post is the Lord speaking to me telling me that He is refining, polishing and making new the parts which are wounded and broken and of course that’s going to take time.

    Thank you!

    • Amanda,
      Just a word of encouragement…I am 8 months out from major knee surgery and I am just now able to walk without constantly thinking about my knee. I was soooo impatient for it to heal faster and it seemed like it was taking forever. The up side, was that in my lack of mobility God helped me to realize a God-sized dream of writing again and starting a blog. Had I not had to slow down, that probably wouldn’t have happened. Maybe God has a God sized dream he is wanting to reveal to you?? I hear you sister and I will pray for you!! He is the great Healer! Bev

    • Praying for healing. As Bev put it, revel in the slowness. Enjoy this down time and see if there isn’t a God-Sized dream out there for you.


      Please heal Amanda. Help her to slow down and try her best to enjoy this time of healing. Show her that you are molding her into what You want for her. Shower her with your healing touch! AMEN

    • ME TOO! I have been praying for healing to in all areas. I see that I must be patient.
      God is not in a hurry because the process is what makes me heal. BUT boy would I like it now!

  2. Holley,
    I liked it when I moved to the south because the pace was slower than the northeast, but even still I want to hurry things. I need to learn to value the things my Lord values – like patience and waiting because it is in those times that He speaks most clearly to us. If I keep trying to hurry, I’m bound to miss what my Lord has to say. Thanks for a very timely reminder!

  3. Thank you for this! Right before this I was looking at my to do list and wondering what I could put off . And had decided that the park was out. You just put it back on and the errands are reduced. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to hurry today. And you just helped!

  4. We live in a performance oriented society. Everything is evaluated on the basis of achievements. The boundary line seems to be getting farther & farther away. How much is “Enough” is the big question. we are impatient & discontent humans.Sometimes we tend to pursue God with that same attitude. we want instant answers like instant coffee. One look at God’s creation challenges our pace !

  5. Amen amen and amen.

    Let us all enter into HIS rest and just bask in HIS arms and HIS GLORY.

    Amen amen and amen.

    Love your tweety byw.

  6. Everytime I read something you write, I am encouraged. I am wanting so badly to slow down, yet I don’t know how.

    God is showing me to just do it and stop giving him what if’s. Just breathe in and breathe out each day and take it one step at a time.

  7. Love this wonderful reminder, Holley! Love you and your pretty smile, I’ve told several people about you 🙂 ~ Keep being a blessing ~ God bless :)!x

  8. As hard as I try not to rush things. In some things I have learned to slow down and in others I still get the sense that I have to hurry. Keep me in your prayers, as I’m learning to live in the moment.
    Great Words of wisdom Holly!

  9. My precious mom went home to be with Jesus on May 5, 2013. I know that I will see her again, on day, and spend eternity with her and Jesus. She loved Jesus so much and I know that she was ready to go home to be with Him. She lived on this earth for 86 years and walked with Him for 80 of those years. She ‘taught’ me about Jesus, not only by and through His word but by the way she lived her life. Not perfect, just forgiven and loved. My heart still aches for the sound of her voice and the touch of her hand. She was a very wise woman and I miss her. I sit on my back porch many mornings, when it’s not too hot, and watch the robin and blue jay and am reminded that my mom loved the ‘out-doors’ and I weep. I can no longer share this with her. I know that in time this ache and emptiness I feel inside with become less noticeable and I thank you, Holley, for the gentle reminder, God knows how I feel and He still loves me.

    • Oh Sweet sister Leigh,

      I know that heartache! I still miss my mom and its been many years that she went to be with the Lord. More importantly the Lord knows your sorrow as well. To be separated from our loved ones is painful yes, but He is the God of all comfort, and will help you go through the pain. Shed those tears because they are natural and healthy. God made us “completely and wonderfully” so don’t neglect your need to grieve. Let me encourage you dear one, it does get easier. The Lord’s Joy is like no other and in our saddest days – he will meet us. Holly said: “all of time belongs to Him” and that is so true. So when you climb up on Abba Father’s lap and tell Him how much you miss mommy, He will gently fill your joy. It’s unexplainable (coined a new word there) really, but so beautiful.

      Blessings, Sandy

  10. Holley, This reminder today was exactly what I needed to hear today. I’ve been struggling with understanding why God is taking so long to heal my boyfriend’s health issues. 3 years now, and doctors still can’t find a cause for chronic, debilitating headaches, nor give any relief. I, like Amanda, get angry with the time and the impact it is having on him and on our lives together. I know there is a purpose, and I know His ways are higher than our ways. But still, I struggle to just wait…have patience…and let the work He is doing in us both mature and grow. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed with seeing no light ahead. Living in the present is difficult, but it’s all we really have….but remains a daily struggle. If anyone has any advice on how to wait patiently and trust God’s timing, I’m all ears! 🙂 As always, Holley, your timing is impeccable, and your message is encouraging! Thank you for loving us, and sharing your gift with us! God bless you all, my sisters!

    • Jen my husband had migraines for years and the dr could not find out what was going on. One suggested allergies . We checked for seasonal allergies nothing. I had a headache all day and could not find out why.
      Then years went by and we had our second son and after 6 months of heart ache and un answered reasons why all his heath issues a er trip for his asthma got to be so bad, the Dr informed us that my mother instinct of it may be something he is eating was right that food allergies are often missed. My son Had milk /dairy, soy, peanuts, pea, beans, tree nuts, and high fructose syrup. As a family we cut out all foods in the house he could not eat. My husbands migraines went away and we found out every time he eats soy, to many carbs, to much dairy his migraines come back. I cut my long hair in support of my friend who was diagnosed with cancer. With the new diet and short hair my headaches have gone away. It can be something simple. I also have problems with gluten. When sharing my experience with others I have herd other stories of migraines for a allergy issues. My dads friend told me that she had migraines her whole life and one day for another reason she cut out all dairy from her diet and the migraines went away never to return. It may be a simple food allergy, I do not know what test you have done but I have found more then one dr and looking outside the box helps find the reasons for the problem. Good luck and god bless!!

      • Sorry in my hurry to respond for I saw the time and knew I had 30 minutes left before summer camp is over and I am not done with what I need done before the kids get home, my response is misspelled and is poor grammar. please forgive me and look into food allergies they go undiagnosed. Their is also an allergy for high fructose syrup and that is everything you buy , you really have to look at labels to find alternatives without high fructose syrup. I could go on for our diets are making us fat and diabetes on a rise every child born after 2005 have 1 in 3 chances of getting diabetes. people start thinking about what you eat take nutrition class at your local college your family will love you for it. another topic I know. oh no got to go love you all and god bless you today!!!

  11. “Be STILL & Know that I AM GOD” is what the verse says to Help remind us:’ if the Caterpillar is opened too SOON, it will NEVER FULLY ‘Develop’ into the Beautiful Butterfly it was MENT to be’! GODS’ TIMING IS ALWAYS PERFECT! Not Yours,Mine, OR Someone elses! HE DOES KNOW what HE’s doing!!

  12. I really needed this today! I needed to be reminded that God is not in a hurry. He is not worried about how long it is taking for me to grow and He is not worried about all of the things that I think need to be “fixed” or changed in our lives. Thank you for this reminder, Holley!

  13. Dear Holley,
    I have been going through depression with anxiety. It seems like I’ve had it much longer than I have. I want God to work in my life and I trust Him so much. But I have to admit that I get impatient.
    Your message this morning was definitely speaking to me! God will heal me, all in His time! What makes me think that my time is better? How absurd I am when I don’t feel well!
    I’m already a little better! I thank you, Holley for your message. Most of all, I thank you, Lord, for shielding me, protecting me and never forgetting me!
    I trust you with every fiber of my being! I love You, from the bottom of my heart!

  14. I have been unemployed since February 2010, I had four foot surgeries and because I could not return to work full time when the company wanted me to I lost my position as an Assistant Manager, a job I really loved doing. So I went to school and graduated in 2012 with an Associates Degree in Medical Technology and a National Certified Medical Office Assistant. When I signed up for this degree these positions were in demand; well guess what here it is a year later and I have been on a few interviews and still on the unemployment line. However, I believe that the Lord has not placed that perfect job in my path yet because he is using my other skills to help with the care of my grandfather and my mother, not all medically but personal issues as well. My mom had a scar of breast cancer and the doctor didn’t like the way the cancer cells (everyone has them) looked and after an MRI and Breast scans he decided to do a double mastectomy as a precautionary procedure. My mother is everything to me, and I am very very over protective of her and didn’t want her to go through this battle alone and my grandfather is 89 years YOUNG and needs reminders and I sort out his medications for him and let him do what he wants he has earned that. My mom own her own upholstery shop and she isn’t a young chicken anymore so to help her out I cook dinners for the family and I clean the house. I still keep applying for employment and sometimes I even get very discouraged because it has been a year with no job, have school loans to pay for, and would really like to get my own place again and live a life of my own instead of everyone else’s. I truly believe that God is teaching me a valuable lesson and showing me how to seek ye first…..but I can’t help but to feel a bit overwhelmed at times, alone and all these other emotions that I feel. Reading these posts have helped me remember these things and gives me hope.

    • Kathleen,

      God will honor you for your patience with your family. It can’t be easy living with older people and not having your own place. This is right where God needs you now.

      Prayers for a good job to open up soon! Keep on trying and God will open up doors for you eventually!

      God Bless@!!

  15. What a sweet reminder. My husband and I are getting away for a long weekend. It begins this evening at 5 o’clock. Last night and this morning I have been rushing around trying to remember every little thing … whatever I forget, will be there to remember when I return.

  16. My girls are 15 and 13, and I was just telling them that summer is so short … we have to find a way to savor this time together. Make it last; make it count. And make it memorable.

  17. Thank you for this today!! Just what I needed. 🙂 Gods blessings on you Holley. I just love your writings. God has richly blessed you with amazing talent!!

  18. Oh Holley, PERFECT words for my day (week, month, year?) where the hurry has consumed me! How can I let go of so much “responsibility” and still be so busy? I see a silent retreat on my horizon, unplugged, just Bible, journal, camera and maybe a girlfriend (safety in numbers).
    Thanks for writing (and sharing at (in)courage!!). Love your heart!

  19. Sigh. Every so often He sits me on the sidelines of my Plan A. His Plan B has always been Plan A and it is not me being sat down to watch my plan go by. It is His gracious hand telling me to breathe, see Me in this moment, love others in the right now, stop thinking of what others are thinking about what you are or are not doing and why. His plan is always best and always good. My back has been an issue for many summers – I grew up on a farm and don’t know my limits – God has to remind me of them often and He always seems to pick when I had a plan to get some things done or help a friend or whatever. I grumble and complain until I am reminded, today by Holley, that He is in charge of my time on earth because He is in charge of all time – it is HIS universe. Jesus understood this when He said His food was to do His Father’s will. Let my heart remember that and let the process of waiting be one where I soak up all He has in this moment so I can love others with the time I have breahed Him in. I am blessed to have such wise fellow-sisters in the Lord and a Savior who guides us all.

  20. Holley, I always love to read your words. I love looking out the window and enjoy watching the pace outside. You are so right…inside the windows life is too fast paced. We miss so much.
    It strikes me that outside, the beautiful birds and chubby squirrels aren’t hurried…and they don’t know God. Yet, we are hurried and frantic, and we do know God.


  21. Dear Holley,
    Each time I check my inbox and see that I have received a message from you, it just sparkles up my day.
    The lovely photos set the stage for words that immediately cause me to relax, allowing God’s message to reach me. I cherish the words of encouragement spoken from God through you. Thank you for bringing His message to me. I feel blessed.

  22. Holley, I needed to read this RIGHT now! Because of a distressing family situation, I am feeling stressed and hurried, anxious and upset.
    Even though I know that for me multi-tasking is not a good approach, I was juggling a phone conversation & an e-mail response from someone. Meanwhile, I was shoveling down some lukewarm oatmeal I’d abandoned earlier when the phone rang. So there I am, inhaling this leftover-ish breakfast, reading your words, and realizing that they were meant for me.
    Surely on days when you might feel discouraged, you can take heart knowing that even for other believers you serve up a reminder of things that perhaps we already know. Thank you, Holley. I’ve set the oatmeal down to write this. I’m going to take some slow, deep breaths, and I’m going to recalibrate my pace and response.

  23. I havw been unemployed since Oct & over much of the time since then I had continual stomach trouble which turned out to be gallstones. I had surgery in May 6 to remove my gallbladder & had a very difficult recovery during the first 3wks. Because of all this I was forced to go @ a much slower pace & not be aggressively looking for wrk. I often spend a good bit of time in the mornings (after checking email & FB msgs) in devotional reading & Bible study & prayer. Sometimes I feel guilty abt spending all that time when I should be looking for a job but then I am reminded of Mary & Martha & how Mary sat @ Jesus feet, just listening, & how Jesus said she had chosen the better thing. When I take that time to listen to him I hear him saying “I’ve got this…” about whatever it is I’m facing, including finding a job. I am discovering that as I take the time to listen, he gives me ideas & practical solutions that save time & energy by pointing me in more effective directions. W/Jesus…one day @ a time & slow & steady & easy does it get u there. God bless all u wonderful girls!

  24. I have been out of work 5 weeks tomorrow. I was fired from a job I had for 24 1/2 years because of someone else’s mistake. I can’t find another job because I am not qualified in my field anymore. I am 60 years old & have never been fired. I have always been a great employee. I keep begging God to hurry up and give me another job. I keep begging Him to hurry up and help me. I am crying now, thankful for this post today. Please pray I can keep this in my mind and heart. God is in charge and I need to enjoy the time I have. God bless.

  25. Yesterday I finally realized I need to do whatever it takes to stop rushing everywhere and everyone. Bad things happen when I rush. I tell at the kids, I get upset, I am tempted to speed. I have now backed into something three times. It has damaged our car which makes my marriage tense and my wallet thinner. I am not a good witness for Christ when I get all crazy.It’s not worth it. This could not have been better timing. Thank you for the post.

  26. Thank you so much for the inspiration on today. It brings to mind when I rush, I usually forget something. There always seem to be something that I forget. I am so glad God never rushes, for He is always complete. Our blessings from Him are always complete with no-thing left out! Blessings to Holley.

  27. Thanks for this post….feels like a reminder that I really do have the time to breathe. God’s not impatient with me; I’m impatient with the both of us. Thanks for this breath of fresh air….. 🙂

  28. Thank you Holley…I needed this today. I’ve been struggling with stomach issues for 5 years now and just went to the doctor yesterday. Basically he told me that I’d just have to live with it. I guess he doesn’t know the same Great Physician that I know. That’s where I’ll put my trust. I just have to stop asking God to heal me right now. I know he is teaching me patience as I deal with IBS. God Bless You Holley.

  29. Beautiful encouragement for one who struggles to. slow. down. I’m so thankful HE’s not in a hurry and is willing to teach me how not to be : )

  30. It’s like a glass of cold water in the wilderness. Please pray it always seems to me I am too late.

  31. I wish I had read this earlier today! Nearly ten weeks ago, I fell and suffered a trimalleolar fracture to my ankle. Surgery and subsequent healing brought my life to a screeching halt, and I’m just now beginning to walk safely enough to resume some normal activity. This morning I jumped in my van to run some errands by myself for the first time since the accident. I was scared and in pain, and began to fret about how I could “hurry up” the healing process. Your words are exactly what I needed to freshen my perspective.
    Thank you!

  32. Holley,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog today. I sometimes thought that I run a marathon Facebook and Twitter and I got other things to do God wants me to spend time with and that is to write more. I like the cover photo of the blog, that of robin taking its time, your beautiful summer, the trees reaching up the sky, all having a different pace, giving me a reminder to take time to meditate on the Word of God, study God’s Word more and allow God to form the Word until it becomes a message God wants me to bring. I know God has been working on my growth in Him. To slow down is really a good thing as it makes me more creative on the inside and to plan ahead without hurrying things. Thank you Holley, I pray you have a wonderful and blessed day!

  33. Thanks so much for all you shared here, friends. You slowed down in your day to be generous with your words and time in this space and you blessed me. XOXO

  34. I so needed this today! I blog often about sabbath and rest, most recently here: http://bit.ly/1dmsEz2. But I so struggle with hurrying, and the stress that creates for me and my family. This week, my daughter is at Zoo Camp, and we were pushing it to get out the door, again. i then ave 3 hours at the zoo with my 3-year-old till pickup. When I read this, my son had found a quiet corner in a busy playscape, and was entertaining himself. I stole a few moments on my phone, and am so glad I did. Thanks for this! I needed to be reminded on time from my Father’s perspective.

  35. Thank you for this sweet reminder:) I am rushing and running to keep up with these crazy summer days, and I’m desperate for a moment to breathe deeply and be still.

  36. Holley,

    such timely words from God. It seems now that everyone is in a constant hurry, including me.Why do we all rush around sooo much?

    I would love to just shuck this rush rush rush for a nice cabin in the woods. It would be me, hubby, Bible & God plus the natural beauty He created.

    Prayers for everyone here!

  37. Holley,
    I so needed this today. . .tonight. As I sit here working ruthlessly through the evening when all I want to do is relax. My tendency is to rush all.the.time. Even when I don’t have to. It’s a horrible habit and deep within the Spirit is pressing me to learn to slow down.

    Thank you for this timely confirmation. Blessings to you!

  38. What a great way to start back to work this a.m. from a week off.
    I was in the “hurry” mood, but am not now, thank you, and Thank the Lord, too. KL

  39. Thank you again Holly for your blessed reminders. In our retirement the Lord led us to Brookings, Oregon..and a home on just under two acres. Loved the picture of the Robin..and the description of your surroundings. Just watching hummingbirds out the window here by our computer…often deer, maybe later. A Robin may hop by or perch on a tree I am viewing just now. Praise God…there is one now! God is good..and He knows how to slow us down…and enjoy His creation…even from a chair in a dining nook…or…at the computer, looking out the window.

    Jane in Brookings (busy but not in a hurry.smile) .. GOD BLESS

  40. Thanks for pointing out that we are sometimes waiting so that our healing may be complete. I needed that! I keep rushing Him to move me on the next phase, and as always, He has a reason for where I am right now.


  41. Thanks for this short but powerful post, Holley! I read your post just today. Then, I realized that God wanted me to read it TODAY… when I needed these words so much because my husband is still in the hospital and I could not work in the past days because taking care of him and the kids are mostly what I could think of.

    I was comforted my your words and the message God entrusted to you. God bless!

  42. I am a true believer of slowing my life down.. so many ppl don’t these days… it’s just sad.. always so connected, always so busy. I say it’s time to slow our lives down. Pause to just live and just be. Pause and not stay so connected to everything and everyone out there. So you’ll miss a few things? Big deal. Slow down your life. Pause and notice all that God gives you, every day. Notice it. Really notice it. There are blessings all around you. ♥ That’s how I feel. One reason why hubby and I moved to the beach last October.. to simplify our lives, to not live in the rat race with everyone else. We are so glad we leaped and did it. xo

  43. O thank you thank you thank you Holley. I needed this today. <3 your robin btw.
    🙂 I have all the time I need. Thank you thank you thank you.

  44. Holly and all the bloggers
    Thank you for your encouraging words of wisdom. I am at a place in my life where things are too slow. I am waiting and praying for God’s direction. I t is very hard to relax and feel like time is passing by and you need to acomplish something. So Iam going yo treasure this moment in my life and continue to wait on The Lord and see where He is leading me. God brought a scripture to my mind Phip. 4:11 For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstance.

  45. Dear Friends, I am 50 and struggling under the crushing weight of severe depression, which I have battled most of my life. Lonely and overwhelmed, I went to bed a month ago and have only been able to rise up for pressing duties. I seem to have lost patience with God and His timing. I am especially tired of thinking I am well and then being back in the same, horrible place. Please pray that I will trust Him and that he will deliver me, soon!.

  46. Holley, I need so much your robin message. I read it before several times and now again. The pace of my life with so much losses and stresses is almost unbearable. I feel stuck and powerless. I’m printing it and splashing it on the wall by my bed to pray with it and read it.