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  1. We are grateful for the hardships because its when our endurance is tested. We are 8 months pregnant trying to buy a house. We are asking for prayer that the loan goes through. Praise The Lord

    • I pray that God decides the house should be your next step in life, and allows what is necessary for that to happen.
      Please pray for me that I can feel good enough about myself to let the next best thing happen. I am feeling so insecure that I am having destructive thoughts in my head, rather than believing enough in God, that I am on the right path.

      • Shelly,

        Praying God will show you how “Beautiful” you are. That there could never be a More Beautiful you! He made you & formed you & loves you!


        Please help Shelly feel good about herself. Shower her with your love and take the evil thoughts away from her. Tell her that she is on the right path!


        • Dear Beth,
          Your prayer made me cry. Thank you for such beautiful thoughts and words. I took a really big step today and told someone about the situation that is causing me shame. That person heard me and showered me with love that could only have come from God. Thank you for your prayer. You made a difference in my life today. Shelly

      • Shelly,

        Praying you know your are beautiful. That there could never be a More Beautiful You!!


        Help Shelly see that she is a beautiful creature. Help her feel good about herself and the life she is living. Shower her with your love and banish the evil and destructive thoughts!


      • To SHELLY! YOU ARE IN CHRIST AND SEATED IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES WITH HIM! This is HIS WORD to you! Do not believe all the LIES that climb into your BRAIN! You ARE a NEW CREATION WHETHER YOU FEEL IT OR NOT! SO NOW I Pray that a BAPTISM of JESUS LOVE surrounds you and DRAWS you to HOLY DADDY’S Lap to soothe your weary soul! The BATTLE is THE LORD’s !!Give HIM all you are INCLUDING YOUR POOR IMAGE & SAD FEELINGS!! LOVE, Judith Anne

        • Dear Judith Anne,
          Thank you for your prayer. I truly believe God showed me a clear and obvious path today. I told someone of an old old hurt, and the love that person showered on me upon hearing it lifted the pain and the shame from me. I need the shame to leave in order to move forward. I believe your prayers for me today helped. Thank you again. Shelly

    • Lord,

      Please allow Tiffani and her hubby to get the house that you want. Help them make wise decisions based on your will!


      • Dearest Shelly, Put your trust in the Lord for spiritual renewal and strength. GOD created you in His likeness and you are His child …… May I refer you to Philippians 4:6,7 – “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”
        I will pray for your peace of heart and that GOD will caresss you in His loving arms ….. His loves heals broken hearts, minds & souls. Trust in Him dear Shelly.

    • Dear God, I pray for Tiffany and her family that you will bless the loan to come through for them to buy their house. Thank you for the love and favor you have placed on their lives. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen
      I ask that you pray for me that I forgive people who have hurt me. My wounds are very deep and I really don’t know how to forgive. I fear the people that have hurt me because I think they will hurt me again. When I am around them they talk down to me and basically treat me as if I don’t matter. In fact someone told me that to my face. I have been living in this bondage for years and I really want to forgive and move forward. There are some people who have hurt me who keep trying to get back into my life to keep me from moving forward. I really need God to help me. My daughter Erika also needs prayer. She was hurt emotionally by some people who she trusted. When she prays she asks God to get them for what they have done to her. Please pray that she also lets go of unforgiveness so she can move on. She is in the military and they did treat her horribly, she helped someone get a job at the same place she was to go. The person left before she did and when my daughter got there, the person she helped had betrayed her by saying negative things about her to others which changed her employers perception of my daughter. The young lady is still working and my daughter was sent home when her time was up. She is also struggling with some things that did not happen for her when she was growing up and she has not been speaking to anyone lately. She is depressed about her life.

    • This is truly a blessing to pray for the needs of others if only there were more people in the world willing to pray for one another this world may be a more peaceful place. God bless you and my pray is that we continue to pray for each other on our jobs, in our homes and wherever we have the opportunity to reach out to someone else with God’s love through our prayers.

  2. I have been estranged from my father for several months. I would really appreciate prayers for reconciliation and healing in my family.

    • Praying that God would heal the relationship between you and your father and for reconciliation and healing in your family. May God lead you with wisdom to the best way to handle the situation and grant you strength to be a peacemaker. Blessings, Bev

    • Father,

      Please help EH and her father reconcile. Show them how to get reconnected and love each other as parent and child. Heal any hurts and bad words spoken in anger.


    • Bev,

      Praying for your son. May God bring him back and open his eyes to the walk he is taking. I pray he will one day run home to you!

      • Lord, please draw your son back to you and keep this family united in your love.

    • As the mom of a prodigal I, too, share in this prayer with you. As much as my heart grieves, how much more does the heart of One who created them.

      Not only for eyes to be open, but for ears to hear and a repentant heart to receive the Grace and Mercy of our Father.

    • Trust in the Lord to answer your prayers for your prodigal son. His timing most likely will be different from ours but He will answer and give you the desires of your heart. When are prayers are within His will, He has promised to give us the desires of our heart. I have two prodigal sons, who took their eyes off Jesus and focused on Christians and the Church who had failed us. The Lord is sovereign and faithful and so we continue to hope in faith and pray because He cannot break His promises. For me, even though the years go by, I continue to pray confidently for them and love them unconditionally. I also ask for prayer for myself as I have some serious health concerns, no health insurance and no job. This is the second time around for this scenario (never fully recovered from the first health wise or financially) and again I seem unable to find any programs that will help me. I need several miracles from Jesus. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. My prayers are needed for safe travels for myself and my family for a trip next week. And if I could bother for one more. I start taking some medicine that normally makes me very sick and irritated. I know this is for a short time and I could use some prayers that he gives me the strength to get thru the next 15 days like my normal self! Thanks so much!

    Bev, I am praying that your son finds his way back to The Lord and that The Lord continues to send him gentle reminders she is there for him that he can see. I also pray for you and your continued strength during his walk.

    • Andrea, I pray that the Lord be with you and your family as you travel, for safety for all, for favor wherever you go. I pray that you will all enjoy this time together and take advantage. I pray that the side effects of your medication will be mild. Praying for a clear mind and wellness.

      Please pray for me for the upcoming week. I am covering for another co-worker’s shift. Please pray for strength and stamina and that God give me the skills that I need to do the job well.

  4. Praying for all the ladies above me!
    Many unspoken prayers on my heart…
    Grateful to join together with sisters in prayer!

  5. I pray for all of you that God’s love will fill your hearts, bringing you peace and comfort on your journeys. Please pray for me and my family. We are grieving the death of our unborn son, Grant. May he rejoice with God in heaven and may those of us here on earth hear God’s plans for us and have the strength to follow them.

    • Jess,
      I will pray for comfort for you and your family as you grieve the loss of Grant. I will pray from a place of understanding because I too lost several unborn babies. I want you to know the peace that surpasses all understanding.

    • Praying for comfort for you and your family as you face the loss of your son. I know that you know that he is in Heaven with our Lord. I pray that will be a blessing to you when you need it. I pray for God’s perfect peace that surpasses all understanding to flow over you and surround you and yours.

  6. Need for prayer for learning how to teach my son self control…he is only 4 but we have seen a good deal of impulsive behavior at home and in public and with his little friends…feeling overwhelmed with how to teach him….also prayer against the comparison game to other moms, parents, and even with my children….praying that my roots would grow deep in him, that my life would be built on him, that my faith would grow strong, and that we as a family would overflow with thanksgiving….I so desire to find my identity in Christ alone! Col 2:7

  7. Kendra, I will pray wisdom and encouragement for you during this time of needing direction and grace from The Lord.

    I am taking the bar exam this week to hopefully get my law license. It has been a long and stressful summer, full of studying and tears. I know this is what The Lord has set before me, so I trust that He will be faithful. I just don’t have confidence in myself. I would love prayer for divine recollection and wisdom, and for peace in my heart and mind as I sit for the test. And endurance. It’s a two-day test. 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

    • BJ

      Praying your exam goes well. Just relax and know that God is in Control–you’ve studied hard & know this information–so let go & let God!

  8. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for 4 years. We are in the process of starting IVF treatments. Please pray that this cycle of IVF is in his will and timing for us. Pray that our hearts desires will turn into answered prayers. Thank you.

  9. Would appreciate prayers for situations with some of my sons choices (19) with possible legal life altering ramifications (don’t know yet) and for him to know/truly believe that God still loves him. He doesn’t talk much but I can see that it is weighing heavy on him and he has some self esteem issues. That he would turn to the Lord in the middle of all this, for mercy, truth, protection and God’s will to be done. He is an amazing, creative, gifted young man.

    We are also in the middle of selling our home and moving to MO for the military. Please pray we will hear back from VA this week and also that we will have wisdom to know what to do with that and the situation with our son.

    Wisdom for eldest daughter about school.

    • Prayers for your son. I have a 22 year old son who is currently incarcerated and awaiting rehab. I know your Momma’s heart is hurting as is mine. Also, prayers for your move and your daughter’s schooling.

    • praying for you jessica(my daughter’s name) and she is also having a spinal tap on tues to rule out/prove ms. our Lord knows( the outcome and us inside and out) and better still He cares!!

    • Jessica,

      Praying for complete healing. May God surround you today with His healing touch. Rest in the knowledge that God is in Control. He won’t give you more than you can handle!


  10. Please pray with me for my two sons and their hearts. I pray that they would be strong men of God. They have chosen other paths. Pray for their marriages. Thank you so much. Will also be lifting you all up in prayer. May God hold us all in the palms of His hands! God bless you all.

      • June,
        I will be praying for your two sons because I also have two sons who have chosen other paths. It so grieves my heart, as I’m sure it does yours. Yes, my God hold us all in the palms of His hands1

  11. I am struggling with doubt. I just left my job of 9 years to pursue my education & degree full time. It is a GodSizedDream of mine. But I’ve been moving between faith and doubt on a regular basis. Would love to rest in the peace of God regarding this next step.

    • Tonya,

      If it is truly a God-sized dream, then God will provide the resources. Have faith and knowledge that God is in control! He will make a way for you.

      Praying for you!

  12. Thank you for this post. We are in such desperate need of prayer. I am currently on my way home from a conference in Atlanta. I am going home to my husband and 4 kids and am charged with the responsibility of earning the majority of the income. I only work part time and in direct sales. My husband is unemployed and we are struggling to pay any of our bills. We need many miracles right now, so any and all prayers are appreciated.

    • Praying for you, Whitney. I am in the same boat. I have a part time job that pays poorly. My husband isn’t with us right now and is not able to collect unemployment, so I am taking care of my 4 kids, ages 14, 16, 18, and 20. The 20 year old has a job and is very responsible and helps with some of the bills, but he has to pay for all of his college. Life is really hard right now, some days are so overwhelming and I don’t know how I am going to keep doing this. However, I do know that GOD is in control, He knows the future and He is safe to trust. Keep the faith!

      • Whitney & Robin,

        Prayers for both of you. Whitney–may God provide a good paying job for your husband.

        Robin–may God provide a better paying job for you & a chance for you hubby to get a good or unemployment to help pay the bills.

        Know that God is in control & He will make a way for the both of you!

        • Whitney and Robin, I pray for you both as well as your families. I pray that God would provide for your needs and richly bless you both. I am also going through the same experience. My husband has looked for a job for 5 years and my earning power can’t even come close to meeting our needs. We are praying for an offer from a potential employer later this week. If the news is not good, it will be the umpteenth time my husband has been turned away over the years. Prayers for his strength and that the Lord leads and blesses him. Thank you.

  13. This is such a wonderful idea! I have just moved to Ireland from Poland. I really need a job and I hope everything works out well for me here. Thank you for your prayer!

  14. I’d like prayer for wisdom and discernment. I’m gonna be 21 yrs old and I feel that God has a big shift in my life when I turn 21. I just want to be wise enough and brave enough to say YES to Him no matter what it may be.

  15. I am praying for a dear college friend. Her mother is close to death. Sending .support her way

  16. A prayer request for my friend Lisa who has recently lost her job. She has two children and she and her husband must work. I pray she will maintain her well-being and God will award her a promotion in due time. Amen

  17. Praying for your sons June. I have two sons as well and my heart breaks at the choices they make. I never dreamed that being a parent could be so hard.
    Please pray for me that Christ’s love will be enough…that it will heal my insecurities and woundedness and set me free to love others and serve Him. Pray that He will be my strength and my song as I continue to work with women in the Middle East. The enemy seeks to derail me, so please pray that I not only persevere, but that I do so with joy.

  18. Would greatly appreciate prayers for my mom…she recently underwent a stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma. Everything s looking good but she’s in pain, lots of fatigue and basically miserable. Pray for her… And for us as her caregivers.

  19. Please pray for my husband, Dave. I no longer regard him as my husband as he has abused me verbally and emotionally for too long. But by the GRACE OF GOD, I am exactly where GOD wants me to be, to lead Dave to Jesus. Dave is my enemy, but OUR LORD JESUS graces me with forgiveness and desire for Dave’s heart to live for CHRIST. This is my most fervent prayer. I desire so much for Dave to experience God’s Holy Spirit and Jesus within his heart. Thank you, sisters in Christ, for your faith and love for our Lord!

    • Prayers of salvation for your husband and for you to be able to show him a unconditional love and graceful testimony.

  20. I’ve been struggling with depression for some time now. I am turning 50 in a few weeks and I’m thinking it may be hormone related, but even so it’s affecting every area of my life.

    • Prayers for you to seek your doctor’s advice and find some answers and to also lean into the Lord during this time.

  21. My mothers dementia is getting much worse. Last night when I left my visit with her (she lives in a memory care center- she needs 24/7 care) she beat on the door calling for me. I cried all the way home. She is lost and confused, she doesn’t understand, and it is awful to see my beautiful mother like this. I am praying she does not suffer like this long and is released to go be with her Savior and her family waiting for her on the other side.

    • Gayle,

      I have been there & bought the T-shirt. My mom was in & out of hospital/rehab for 1.5 months. Then when she went home she had dementia & sundowners. Dad, who was 82, was her primary care taker. It was tough at first as no one knew what she had. When hospice was called in & explained it. That all made sense.

      It was hard for me to visit each week & see her declining in health. Also to get phone calls to go help with something. My biggest prayer was that God would take her peacefully. She finally left us in 2009 (2 yrs later).

      Prayers for strength for you to handle the situation & maintain sanity. May God provide you with friends whom you can talk with about this.

      God Bless!

  22. My husband and I are adopting a baby ..she is 2 days old and in NICU for antibiotics . We are a long way from home without family here and need strength and patience to wait this out. Thank you!!

    • Dear Amy,

      When I was a baby, I was in NICU for a long time because I was very premature and needed lots of extra care….so I know firsthand how essential NICU care is! And I know how hard it was on my parents that I couldn’t be at home with them immediately and how extremely trying all the stress of neonatal challenges were for them and are for everyone….but take comfort in knowing that it will all work out! Truly, God watches over and protects and cares for every single child in the NICU center, along with the doctors…and He will care for your daughter!! He IS with her right now, and will continue to be with her and to take care of her! Know that God is in control, and He is always with your daughter and with you and the rest of your family! Take comfort in knowing that soon your daughter will be home with you, healthy and safe and sound! Sending you many prayers, blessings, and hugs, and much love!
      Dear Lord, I come before You to lift up Amy and her daughter and her whole family into Your healing light….please bless and protect them all, and shower them all with Your healing light and love! Please especially bless Amy’s daughter….please bless and protect her and care for her and heal her completely in the NICU! Lord, we give You tremendous thanks for the infinite blessing which Amy’s daughter is and for the overwhelmingly precious gift of her life!! We praise You and thank You profusely for creating her and for bringing her into the world! We thank You for all the wonderful gifts You have already given to her and all the ways in which You have already blessed her and will continue to bless her all throughout her life, and also for the wonderful ways in which she already blesses and will always bless her family and everyone else whose life she will touch throughout her own life! And thank You for bringing her into Amy’s family and for all the love which she will receive there! Lord, I ask You to please shelter, shield, guard, and protect Amy’s daughter as she heals in the NICU, and I ask You to please, please let her recover as quickly as possible from whatever ails her and, and please bring her Your total healing! Restore, strengthen, and heal her as quickly as possible, Lord! Please let her be able to come home soon! Please help Amy and the rest of her family as well during this very tough time–help Amy to feel Your presence so she won’t feel lonely and give her and her family all the strength and faith and patience they need in the waiting. Let them know that they can always trust in You, and that You will bring their beloved daughter home to them soon! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

  23. how i see the suffering of so many, yet i know that HE knows us, and cares so very much.
    i am facing multiple health issues, unresolved, as well as test and health issues that my grown daughter(and mother of 4) is facing.
    i believe the Lord gave me these words to share.. so here goes:
    You know me

    when feelings of pain come and go..
    when life seems so unfair…
    when one struggle opens to another…
    YOU know me
    when others are not the answer…
    when fun seems non existent…
    when things are so temporary…
    YOU know me
    when troubles mount unending….
    when answers are unfilled….
    when hopes and promises broken…
    You know me
    And You, only You have all the answers, hopes, promises, fun, things, fairness, feelings, i need, and so……
    I will Trust in You, Lord~~

    • Wonderfully written poem. It truly speaks to my heart & the stories I read today!

      Thanks for sharing!

  24. I want to pray for all the women who posted before me. My heart goes out to them. I feel very fortunate right now and have a praise. I am at a big horse show and one my class yesterday (yeah). This seems so petty compared to everyone else, but I pray that today I can continue to show God’s grace and love to everyone as I compete in the championship class today. I always offer my riding as a prayer every day. I also want to pray that my two sons, John and Clay, will come to know God and fully brace Him in there lives.

  25. I am a wife/caregiver for my husband that is 100% disabled unemployable Iraq Veteran due to PTSD/TBI, I am dealing with horrible issues and have been praying on what to do, have not felt Gods direction or if I have I have not had strength to proceed..fear is gripping. Please pray I feel Gods guidance/direction and have emotional strength to overcome fear.

    • Wendie, My heart goes out to you & your husband. We are currently working through TBI & PCS with our 17 yo daughter from sports related concussions, so I imagine much of the “horrible issues” you face . I was curious if you have heard of Brain State Technologies or other brain balancing therapies for PTSD/TBI? BST offices will often give free sessions to veterans, that is why I’m mentioning it. Google search for it.

      Lord Jesus I pray that Your Love would beam as Light into Wendie’s life, driving out the fears. Help her know your Presence with her, holding her hand and walking her through each & every fear.

      I came on this site to post my prayer need and here I am so priviledged to be able to hold you & your husband before the Father in prayer.

      Sharing a quote that’s sticking with me this weekend: The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

  26. Praying for you, Sandy.
    My husband and grown children have wandered away from God. Please pray for them and that I would have patience, love, and wisdom.

  27. Susie, I am praying for you and Dave. Think about this though: Dave is not your enemy. The evil influence within him is your enemy. Dave is loved and cherished by the Lord even if he doesn’t want to be and doesn’t recognize this. “Bless those that curse you, etc.”. (Been there. My husband of 41 years was saved just weeks before he died. It is very hard.)

    Please pray for my son and daughter. They are both suffering with chronic illness. They both are safe in Jesus.

  28. I will pray for those women ahead of me, that God will send His angels to surround and comfort while the Lord in His wisdom works on their needs!
    Please pray for my “lost boys”….my sweetheart, who just entered treatment for substance abuse(which was a miracle)–pray that he is given the strength to complete it….and My older son; His attempt to enter the army is on hold–and he needs work; pray for God to protect him and guide him
    Thank-You my sisters in Christ,

    • Praying for your son, Julia, as we are waiting for my son to enter rehab as well. Please pray for the paperwork to be found and a bed to be available. God’s timing is perfect! I also have a son in the marines right now – boot camp – that still has a month left before the 36 hours of intense training. I will be praying for your son’s military career as well.

  29. Bettina, I’m praying for you. Isaiah 41:10.

    I have been waiting for 18 months, trying to conceive. I really thought this was the month. But it isn’t. My heart is broken. Again. I just need strength and the Lord near me.

    • Praying for your Momma’s heart’s desire to be fulfilled in God’s time and for you to rejoice in it knowing all the times you thought it was the month or the right time, that you can see His hand working for an even more miraculous thing!

  30. I have prayed for each and every situation above me. Know someone has prayed today specifically for you and your situation. And for you as a Christian sister in our Lord.
    My situation? My life is so strange. I have a traumatic brain injury so I am cut off from the world as I sit alone at home and my spouse works long hours and by then my brain is tired. I don’t think right. And I’m weary. Not quite two weeks ago I went into cardiac arrest for an unknown cause after a biopsy. CPR was done and I had many seizures and odd things four days in the hospital. But even now I’m weak. My chest to back hurt so does my heart. I’m so tired. I feel so apart from this world anymore. I don’t fit in. I sing hymns…I read my Bible! And pray but this CPR ordeal has made me so weak. Friends say hope it’s going good for you but don’t stop by. I think I’ve had so many things go wrong I’m just an oddity to them. Forgotten. Too busy for a quick visit? But being self focused is one of my injury’s manifestations. Pray for me. I’m also a bit scared to not feel well as those were my last words

    • dear gwen,
      to quote a current song by Jesus Culture~~~~ higher than the mountains that i face, stronger than the power of the grave, Constant through the trial and the change~~ one thing remains, this one thing remains~~Your Love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me….on and on it goes… it overwhelms and satisfies my soul…AND I NEVER HAVE TO be afraid.. one thing remains~~ Your Love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…….in death and in life, i’m confident and covered by Your Great Love. my debt is paid there’s nothing that can separate my heart from your great Love…
      His promise is that He will never leave you or forsake you… He is the Great promise keeper!!! people will fail and disappoint, but the Lord IS YOUR ROCK AND FORTRESS!!! i am praying for you, sister.

  31. Praying for you!

    I’m trying to start a craft/prayer group in the fall. I ask for prayer to guide me – I’ve never done a prayer group before. Also, I covet prayer to help me lean on The Lord for strength as I suffer from chronic fatigue, and I will need His help to have the energy to make this work!

    • Praying that your group brings many ladies together to be encouraged and brought closer to the Lord. And I will pray for your chronic fatigue as I suffer in the same way.

  32. Please pray for my family. My grandson, who is almost 3, has been living with me for almost a year due to suspicions of abuse by my daughters boyfriend and also neglect by my daughter. He is a sweet precious smart boy. Recently, my daughter got angry with me and took my grandson back to live with her out of spite. No one who is familiar with the situation believes she will keep him long, but I do ask for your prayers for him while he is over there, that he will be safe and nurtured. I also ask for your prayers for my daughter, that she will she what she is doing and want to change. Please pray that she will accept Jesus and allow Him to change her heart toward her children. Also, that she will value her children enough to learn and practice good parenting skills and that she will see the benefit in leading a stable, quiet, violence free life. We also have many financial concerns that seem impossible, but God meets always meets our needs. Please also pray for me to no worry and trust God. My heart is breaking over this. Thank you.

    • I have a three year old grandson, so my heart goes out to you and him. I will be praying for his safety and for your daughter’s salvation and for her to properly parent and care for this little boy. I pray for continued provisions for your finances as well.

  33. My skin is suffering from rashes n allergy recently. Very itchy over the face n some parts of my body. I can’t even sleep well due to the rashes n hotness.

    As a result, I feel tired n hv bad temper whenever I saw my face looks so ugly due to the rashes. I believe God will heal me so I keep going to church even I am suffering from this illness. In fact, I’ve been suffering from this allergy for two to three years, I’ve seen many doctors but still can’t be healed. It really affects my life.

  34. Praying for those above that the God of peace will meet you at your deepest need. He whose mind is stayed on thee will have perfect peace.
    My daughter Emily walked away from God after a college class caused her to doubt her faith. Praying God will show Himself alive to her. We are preparing to move home to Florida. Please pray that my husband finds a job quickly and that our house will sell. Praying for God to order our steps and His perfect timing. Thank you.

  35. Prayed for you ladies hope God will give relief in on your worries and illness, may God bless you and keep you.

  36. Pray for the conversion of my daughter and her father, that the Eternal Father give them light and love in their hearts. Amen.

  37. I just quit my job out of obedience to God, for I felt He was calling me go work at a nonprofit, but the job hunt has been slow and my funds are running low and now my car just broke down…feeling a little tested at this time…but trusting God He has everything under control!

  38. Praying that He would give you peace as you trust in His sovereignty! I want my boys to grow up into men of righteousness and faith (like in Hebrews 11!) and love the Lord above all else in their lives.

  39. My dad passed away on Friday. Our family was caring for him in our home under hospice. I lost my older brother when he was 19, my mom when she was 43, my younger brother when he was 31, and now my dad, the last of my original family. I’m surrounded by my own incredible family and my friends, but I’m grieving for this loss and what it means. Thanks for praying.

  40. I have struggled with depression anxiety and it is getting better, but does seem to be worse at “that time” every month. Obviously hormone related! Prayers would be greatly appreciated for God to heal this area of my life! I know He will!

  41. Please pray for me to be able to realease my son to God and trust that he will call hin back to himself. Its been a very hard last several years, and he is getting married to a girl that is not walking closing with God. Please pray for their home to be built on God, that they would turn to him and desire him. Thanks so much. I prya for Michelle that God wil answer and show up in bigger ways that she ever imagine, that she would see the goodness of God..

    • I also need to release my son to the Lord as he deal with his drug addiction and it is not easy, as I want him to return to the Lord. I will be praying for you and your son.

  42. I am rejoicing in my two healthy children. At the same time, I am mourning a miscarriage and am fearful my husband does not want another child. I am praying God can show him how wonderful another child could be for our family one day. I am also praying for comfort as I continue to mourn the loss of this baby. I am praying for Debbie that she can put her trust in God that he has a plan for her son even when it doesn’t look that way.

    • Meg, your comment must have posted while I was writing mine. Praying for you and your family – and hugging you tight.

  43. Asking that you pray for reconciliation between me and a beloved friend.

    Debbie, sending up prayers right now for your son and his wife.

    Praying for you, too, Tara — I struggle with anxiety also — hormones definitely have an impact.

    • Amy – I too posted after another comment was submitted. Again my prayer for your and your friend is that God would reconcile you both and restore your friendship.

  44. I am involved in a group with 25 women who are all believing for a husband/family. There are many of us who are in our late 30’s and early 40’s who are still believing but are weary in the waiting. We are all holding onto hope and it would be so cool if God would do a miracle in each one of our lives. Please pray the God would lead us to the right person now and, in the waiting, to make us more like Him.

  45. My husband had major open heart surgery this past March & is recovering from the surgery when this past week he had a stroke. I know our faith is being tested and know that God is with us, however, I find I’m to tired to prayer, unable to go to church and don’t feel a connection with our pastor or church family right now. I have fought with cronic depression all my life and both of us are struggling with everything now. We believe in pray, it’s just ours don’t come…Please pray for us…God’s Blessings to You!

    • Praying for you and your husband Barby for both a speedy recovery and for your struggles to end. Stay strong in your faith, and God Bless.

  46. Prayer that I grow deeper and deeper in my faith and love for my Savior Jesus Christ after the suicide death of my husband (a believer). Amy, God is the ultimate author of reconciliation – I’m lifting you up and your friend for complete restoration.

  47. My husband and I want nothing more than a healthy child. I am almost 40, we married late, and I know I am towards the end of childbearing years. We have been trying for almost 2 years, and do not have the resources for medical help. Please pray for us to be blessed with a baby.

  48. I am struggling to go on. The rug has been pulled out from under my life. After 37 years of marriage, my husband has decided to choose another woman. My grown children have moved out and 2 moved far away. They have lives of there own. I feel so alone . It is hard to start over at 59. I am trying to trust God for a plan and and a future. I am do depressed and medications aren’t working. Please pray for the hurt to go away. This rejection has taken my self esteem and motivation for living. I am lost. Only God can heal my broken heart. Please pray for me

    • I will be praying for you Rose along with my family. I know how you feel when it seems like all life’s support systems have been pulled out of your life. Jesus can still fulfill your every need. Keep your roots strong in Him. He will never let you down. He knows exactly how you feel. Stay on your medications because they take time to work. Let us know how you are doing soon! Please pray for my husband and our finances and my desire to go to do something for the Lord together.

    • Rose, I am so very sorry for your loss and for the immense pain you are feeling. I am praying for the LORD to send you friends and family to surround you and love you, and that you would sense His presence with you always. I hope you know you are not alone in your suffering; Job cursed the day he was born in his sorrow, and Jeremiah was deeply depressed after the exile of Judah calling God a lion who mauled him. This tells me that it is okay to feel the way you feel, and it is okay to tell God how you feel. I am going through something similar, and there is a passage that has brought me great comfort. I’m hoping it gives you comfort too. “Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood. For your Maker is your husband—the Lord Almighty is his name, the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth. The Lord will call you back as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit—a wife who married young, only to be rejected,” says your God.” You will NOT be put to shame. The LORD is our redeemer and our restorer. I pray that you press into Him and find that He is enough when all else is gone. For He and only He is always there and always faithful. Hugs.

  49. I received word this morning that my grandfather passed away last night. I have so many fond memories of time on their farm. . .I know he is with Jesus and in a better place but I am sad. . .and pray for my grandmother and his 3 children. . .for all to have safe travels to funeral this week. Also, I ask for prayer to be able to walk well as I hurt my knee in a leg that I previously broke so have some arthritis in that ankle. It hurts and is hard to walk. . .don’t want this to be a hindrance at the funeral this week.
    Thank you, prayer sisters!

  50. Barby,
    Prayer comes in many forms and God wants a relationship with us above all else. Just say his name as you go through your day. Praise him for the blessing however small it may seem. And reach out to your church…we need each other! I’ll be praying for you!

  51. First if all. Rose. You are not lost not are you alone. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. Your current circumstances don’t Define you. Give those hurts and cares to God. Let him wrap his loving arms around you and embrace you with his loving-kindness. Let him restore your joy. Let him give you peace to move forward. Trust in what you know is truth. Not feelings. Truth. It will set you free.

    Now I ask that you help me pray that God would give me strength to go thru this season of my life. May he fill my mind with hope that he is in control and I must just trust and wait on him but keep moving forward. It’s not easy.

  52. Praying for all before me – may God see your worries, your hopes, your dreams, your fears, whatever they may be and send His love and guidance down to you. I did not read ever post, but must have been guided to read the ones I needed to …

    • Sending prayers of love and grace your way as you need to be gentle with yourself, as you would be with others. ((Hugs))

  53. Please pray for my son, he is going throgh difficult times with
    A very serious addiction to Rx drugs. He needs Jesus, he needs to know truth about his Father and who he is! Please pray my prodigal will cone home! Be set free in Jesus Name!

    • Praying for your son as my son is dealing with a drug addiction as well. Believing that our prodigals will come home.

  54. My Sister had some fibroid tumors in her uterus and when she was going to get a hysterectomy, they wanted to give her an MRI to make sure her other organs were ok, in this process, they found a nodule on her liver, in a biopsy, they said it was pecoma & they have sent the pathology report to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas. It is still unknown as to what the clear diagnosis is, they did not say if it was for sure cancer, so she doesn’t know what the prognosis is & what the plan to do is, her doctor who originally was going to remove the fibroid tumors and perform a hysterectomy said, now it will probably be some sort of specialist who will have to possibly, do it all in one surgery; -remove the nodule on the liver, remove the fibroid tumors in her uterus, as well as the hysterectomy. Please pray for this who procedure, the most serious of all is the liver part, having the surgery & the recovery from it all is going to be hard on the body (the possibility of the liver hemorrhaging) –as well as the possible cancer & treatment that may be necessary following the surgery. Please pray for this whole situation, as it is life threatening & my sister is in Dallas without family, just a few friends & her 2 kids who are in college… she just found all this out recently, on July 27th, 2013 and is anxiously waiting for the next step she needs to make.

  55. Lord God, I pray that these women who are created in your image have an end to their suffering and sadness, that blessings and the best memories of those they have lost prevail, and those whom they love as you instructed are safe and well. It is in your love that we heal ourselves and each other. Guide us to do right by each other. Amen 🙂
    I ask that you include me in your prayers. I am lonely; after my divorce I lost my best friend and all my married girlfriends. I feel lost, alone and misunderstood. And am scared to step out and change that.

  56. Please pray that I may let God transform me so that i may leave behind all the negative thoughts and patterns that have continually destroyed my self esteem and my family. Pray that my family may be reunited. karyn you are in my prayers.

  57. Dear Sisters, so many need for prayers here. I pray for each and everyone of you. God is good and He will answer each one of our prayers in His perfect time.
    I also need prayers—I have a lot of health issues and situations in my life make them a lot worse! I have a son 36 year old, married with 2 kids. His dad was not really ever involved in his life and it has really impacted him bad through the years, now that he has kids, he realizes more and more everyday how much he missed his father 🙁 he is also bipolar and it makes things bad for us all. He gets very upset and then my husband and I have to deal with all the verbal abuse and such! he knows the Lord but he just seems to forget to seek and pray….please pray for him Jesse, he needs intervention bad!!!! thank you and I pray too for all of you above, God Bless us all~

    • Prayers for your son, as I also have a son who bi-polar and is currently incarcerated. He also deals with drug addiction. he has 2 small children and never had a proper relationship with his biological father either. My parents also enable him which causes additional problems for the family.

  58. I humbly ask for God’s healing touch for Becky’s sister, also that he will give wisdom to the doctors that are giving her care, for a successful and complete surgery and for swift healing for her body, soul and spirit. May she be surrounded with people that will offer her the help and comfort that she needs to make a full recovery.

    My prayer request is for boldness and mobility and favor to pursue a ‘God-sized Dream’. Also the everyday ‘battles’ with family relationships. After reading 1 Chronicles 5:20 how God’s people cried out to him for help during a physical battle and he answered their prayers because they trusted Him. The battle really was not theirs – the battle was the Lord’s…so Lord, I cry out to You for all the battles that we face and trust you that we will be victorious because we trust in You.

    • Healing prayers for your sister, Becky and prayers for you as you pursue your Godsized dream. I love 1 Chron. 5:20 and pray it for my family as well.

  59. Three days ago, my sweet little baby boy, Tristan, grew his wings and became our guardian angel. He was too special for this world, and God had other plans for him.

    They are saying he passed from SIDS. To my husband and I, this doesn’t seem real. We are in shock and are feeling numb.

    One day, we will see our sweet angel again.

  60. Praying for strength and victory in your battles, Lisa.

    For me, please pray for wisdom, understanding and compassion as I learn to be a witness to my many friends who are agnostic or atheist. I want to love them and respect them and yet never be less than who I am: a child of God, saved by grace, learning to live in love.

    • Praying for you to be a gracious and loving witness and that God will open doors for you to speak the truth to your friends.

  61. Please pray for my son, his fiancé and her unborn child. My son has bipolar disorder, and has become engaged to a young woman who also has mental problems. She is pregnant (not with my son’s child). They are facing all kinds of problems — financial, health, spiritual. Neither have found the Lord. Please pray for them — and for our family — as we try to support them and witness to them. Thank you!

  62. I have just read all the posts and i grieve with each of you precious sisters in your trials and lift you up to the One Who can do all things, the One with whom nothing is impossible. Gwen – I can understand a bit of what you are going through. Take heart sis, God has not left your side for even a nano second – He is right there with you and knows and feels every emotion you are going through. Such is the world and society but thank God for Jesus and the community He has given us to walk out life with. We are here for you, each one of you. I recently heard a story about a great faith man who went through a series of trials and tribulations and in every one he faced, he said aloud without flinching “FOR THIS I HAVE JESUS” – that is how he lived his whole life and I have begun to declare those words over my situations too. It brings me comfort. Almighty Father in Heaven, I bring all my precious sisters to you and thank you Lord, You’ve heard every cry, every sigh, every prayer and through all these difficult situations you are bringing something good out of it. These situations are not the end of the story, so we can have hope. Rebuild hope where hope is diminishing, rebuild faith where faith is fading, give us strength in our weakness – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and lift us up Lord into Your loving arms and embrace us and comfort us as only You can. I pray in the never failing, perfect and matchless name of Jesus.

    Sisters – i have a son who has walked away from the Lord and not walking in the path that leads to life. He has disconnected his heart from God and from me and has hardly a relationship with me. My daughter too. I raised these two babies as a single mum and it sure does hurt to be rejected by the very ones I would have given my life for when they were young and helpless. I am looking to the Lord more so when i experience moments of deep sorrow and rejection and would really appreciate your prayers for my babies to encounter the love of God which leads to repentance and a turning away from the world.

    • I will pray for you and your relationship with your children as I deal with the same thing with my oldest son and my stepdaughter. ((Hugs))

  63. Please pray Gods will be done as we seek to sell land in order to move home. Embarking on this venture in October 2012 The Lord gave me Jeremiaih 32:44. Both my husband and I were convinced this came from God as has several other verses given me over the preceding months. We have now however received notice that the planners are going to reject the plans between 12 & 15th August. We have people who have started process of buying our current house and we have offered on a house. There are obviously chains involved either end. If we don’t get the permission the builder will retract his offer which means we will not be in a position to proceed. There will be several people hurt and out of pocket including us. My heartfelt appreciation. God bless you

    • Praying that all of the details will be worked out and you will see God move in a mighty way in this difficult situation.

  64. Please pray that the Lord will bring my husband back home and restore our marriage. My husband has become a prodigal, lost in the world of sin. Praying for the Lord to get ahold of him and bring him back to Him first and then to our family, removing him from the bondage that satan has over him. We are waiting with open arms in total agreement that nothing is too difficult for our God. Asking for the strength that only the Christ can give in dealing with this. Believing that through the grace of God we will be reunited once more as man and wife holding true to the covenant of our marriage with Christ as the center of it. May the Lord bless your ministry as well, in all you do in getting the word out there encouraging others in Christ.

    • My son-in-law is in same state. Praying for his restoration to God and wife and four children.

  65. Father we pray for all the situations above and thank you that you Lord God are in control of each situation. I pray especially for Amritas prodigal son. Thank you Lord that you have called this boy by name, you are his loving Heavenly Father. I pray that as the prodigal returned to his Father so this boy returns to you. Thank you that even at this moment you running toward him with open arms. Thank you that you have lost not one Lord Jesus who the Father gave you. Thank you that you love this boy and you died for him. Thank you Lord that you have redeemed him. Remove the scales from his eyes I pray and cause him to turn, repent and be saved. Please give his mother patience, understanding and your peace. Thank you my Lord and my God. Praise you Lord for answering all our prayers.

  66. I so wish that in our community churches there would be …more UNITY in praying like James’ epistle instructs! Let us pray for THAT and more attendance to all our Prayer MEETINGS. As for myself..I ask for God’s WISDOM in relationships with men who are in my life as friends.THANK YOU:)

  67. Praying for my two prodigals… My heart’s cry is for them to know Jesus, and although they were raised in the faith, college has influenced them in other directions.

  68. Asking prayer that my daughter-in-law can avoid a mandatory C-section if the doctor’s efforts to turn the baby don’t work tomorrow. Praying that God alone, or with doctor, or with midwife’s tips the baby will turn and be vaginally delivered.
    But in all, we pray GOD will be glorified.

  69. I quit smoking 5 weeks ago. I have had more stress and anxiety in the last few days and have come close to starting again. There has been no particular stress, just an intese intense craving that wont go away, and it has made me jumpy and cranky and anxious. I feel frozen in fear and anxiety to the point that I don’t want to leave my house or do anything I enjoy, and I just want to cry. I need prayer that God would remove all of the craving and fear and anxiety so that I can glorify Him.

    • Praying for you that you will be able to resist this temptation, lean into the Lord and feel victorious! God is able to help and you can rely on His strength!

  70. Carol, I am praying for your daughter in law, that the baby will turn and that a c section will be avoided. I pray that your daughter in law will have an easy labor and that both mom and baby will be healthy. I pray for peace for your family during this stressful time.
    In Jesus precious name I pray.

  71. Carol, praying for your daughter-in-law right now – only God can make this happen…that she will be in a relaxed frame of mind and feel god’s hands at work to turn that baby…praying for a healthy baby no matter how it will be delivered.

    Need prayers for a friend who’s sister is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer – pray for the strength to go through this last walk with her…praying for her to feel she is not alone, but has the Heavenly Father walking beside her every step of the way…also need prays for my dad who is a nursing home and has dementia…pray that he still has good days where he will recognize us, where we can still carry on a conversation to some degree..pray for me and my siblings to have the strength and courage to care for him and visit him despite how difficult it is on us…to not give up on him, but continue to love on him even though he doesn’t respond….one last pray is for me and my arm – 3 weeks post surgery now from repairing the damage from falling down three stairs..that I will continue to progress and that the exercises will get easier and not so painful, that i will gradually gain full mobility…

    • Prayers for your sister’s friend, your dad, you and your siblings and healing prayers for your during your recovery.

  72. Please pray that my husband will get a job offer this week. He has been unemployed for 2 years and has become discouraged. He interviewed for a position last week which would be ideal for him. Thanks!

  73. Carol , will pray that your prayer is heard and that your d-i-l has a normal delivery, God be praised for this!
    My son’s desperately needs projects to let his work not sink, he has given his all to make this work good for 2 years and yet there seems to be no success in sight –he is extremely disspirited and doesn’t believe prayers are heard . God I praise you for what is happening right now, I know you will show him the way and I also know you will help him decide on his marriage soon so that a good loving companion will share the ups and downs of his life. He lives very faraway from home, in the US while we are in India and he needs you healing , loving touch Lord. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and releasing my son from his numerous struggles.

    I also thank you Lord for being with my son’s twin sister who is carrying twin babies , please take her to full term and let my husband and me travel safely next week to be and stay with them to help them in their troubles. We need your healing and loving care as we prepare to on this long trip

  74. Emily, take many, many deep, slow breaths, in and out, when you get the cravings. Even move your arm in and out as if you were taking a drag from your cigarette. I quit smoking when my Grandfather died of lung cancer, from smoking. It was very difficult because of the physical addictive power of nicotine and the habit. I found taking deep, slow breaths helped tremendously, and gave me that momentary fix I craved. I also began practicing yoga, which you can easily begin in the privacy of your home. The circulatory benefits are beyond amazing! You won’t even desire a smoke after cleaning out your lungs and becoming secure with out the nicotine and smoking! My prayer is that you turn to clean air, the perfect creation from God, as a source for fulfill your cravings as you stick to your commitment to quit! I have complete faith in Him and you!

    Please pray for my sister and the anger she has with the recent loss of our dad. Her angry root produces hurtful, shocking verbal attacks. She is pushing everyone she loves away from her and it’s ugly. I told her I am praying for the source of anger to be revealed, healed and replaced with Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please play that prayer with me, the healing blood of Christ can conquer all anger! Amen.

    • Praying for you and your sister! Anger is part of the grieving process, so I pray for grace, love and understanding as well. Prayers for your heart to be guarded as well.

  75. Obedience. I try to be obedient all the time but… I do many mistakes, I sin…. Yes, I have many other requests but obedience is the most important. Also I always have doubts whether I am God`s child. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Lord I thank you for Tetyana and her desire for obedience unto you-Lord I ask that you would grant her the confidence and assurance that Your Love for her is not based on what she does or doesn’t do but that You love her because she exist and that you have a GREAT purpose for her life. That You work through her personality, her faults, her strengths, in and through all of who You designed/created her to be. She is your child God may she resemble her Brother Jesus may she respond as He did when He walked this earth, may she continue the work Jesus started letting everyone know they have a God in Heaven who loves them and sent His for them/us.
      Amen Lord Amen!

  76. I want to be free to live authentically. I hide by protecting myself (not trusting them with my heart) from others who have no clue that I respond in a way that perpetuates dysfunctional patterns, habits, behaviors, that are hurtful and harmful to the souls around them. I enable them to stay “stuck” but I desire ALL to know Jesus as LORD to impart the wonderful faith, trust, love, confidence, I have in His Truth and Reality. I need the strength and power of the HOLY SPIRIT to do the impossible in those I live near and care for.

    • Me too! I pray that Jesus sets you free and you are free indeed to live life to the fullest.

  77. Please pray. I am so full of fear and worry. It stops me from enjoying anything as I am constantly waiting for things to go wrong.
    It is my daughters 5th birthday on Wednesday and we have a big trip to the theatre planned and I am so worried that something will happen to prevent it… like illness. it all so stupid when you type it… but it is huge for me.
    thank you. Amy.

    • Amy – I also deal with this type of anxiety. I will pray for you that you will be able to lean on the Lord and in His protective arms, that you will enjoy your daughter and her birthday and not be hindered by your fears.

  78. I lift up Tana to You, Lord. I pray that you will give her your eyese to see people the way you see them. I pray that she will follow Your heart Lord, and not her own, as we know Your Word tells us our hearts are wicked. I pray that Your love will shine through her, and that as You give her opportunity, that You will give her the words to speak truth, in love. And I pray that those that hear will cry out in true repentance and faith, and that by Your grace You may grant them salvation. Lord, all we desire is to glorify You as we listen to You, obey You, and trust You. In Jesus Name I pray all this, amen!

    My family is a mess. Our daughter recently had a baby out of wedlock and they have moved back in with us, after running from us and God. Our son has recently told us he is gay. My husbands diabetes is effecting him a lot, physically and he is not able to work. He has filed for disability but we are still waiting to here. We have no income. Our mortgage is late and they have said if we don’t pay by Wednesday they will start forclosure. We couldn’t live anywhere else for what we are paying now. Our electric bill is due the end of this week or it will be cut off to. My daughter is getting very discouraged and anxious wondering where we will all go, what we will do. To be honest, I have too. Hubby and I are trying very hard to show our daughter and son that we are trusting God. It’s hard. Thanks .

    • Dear LORD thank you for the prayers your Spirit has given Lori and Amy have prayed for me. LORD I ask the prayers “they” have prayed will be visited up them and even more. LORD I ask for You to make the impossible possible by infusing the natural with the supernatural for all these things that concern and overwhelm us for they are wrapped up in bringing you GLORY. You moved in Marvelous and Miraculous ways in Bible times and we know You are God who does not change You are the same today as You were yesterday and the future of those who belong to you is “so bright we will have to wear shades.” LORD Send Lori Word of GREAT PROVISION AND PROVIDENCE more than she could ever dare dream or imagine. Lord your “maid servants” need YOU to be LORD in our lives personally, uniquely, intimately, our Faith and Hope is in You not a desired outcome for we have come to know that You know and have our BEST at heart. Lord thank you that you deal with us in our weakness and failures that your love never gives up or runs out us, you alone make alive and can bring the “dead” to life!
      I look forward to heaven when I will meet Lori, Amy, Dawn, Tetyana, and countless other men and maid servants who prayed for one another and were a means You used to accomplish your will on earth as it is already being done now in heaven. For your Praise, Blessing, Glory, and RENOWN!
      Amen Sisters I pray the Lord blesses you and makes His face shine upon you.

  79. Lord, I pray you would free Tana to live in obedience to You and You alone. I pray that you would impart an extra special touch on her life to live in complete faith, trust , love and confidence. I pray that the Holy Spirit would do miraculous works in and through her life. Amen

    • Thank you Dawn for your prayer for me-I ask that the Lord would give you peace and word of bodily health and spiritual vitality. Thank you Father for Dawn and her life lived unto you, would you bless her and make your face to shine upon her.
      In your name alone is power to break every chain. In Jesus name I ask and Pray~

  80. I have a lump in my right breast. I have a diagnostic mammogram scheduled for Tuesday. Please pray for a good report!

    • Praying, Dawn for a very good report! That it will just be a simple cyst and easily cared for. Thank you, Jesus in advance for this good word.

  81. Dawn, praying for a good report! I was diagnosed with breast cancer Friday. I meet with the Dr. For prognosis and a plan tomorrow. Prayers please for strength!

    • .Kris I’m sorry I skipped you….
      I pray that the Lord provides you strength as you are faced with this challenge and that the outcome will be a positive one.

      Bless you….

  82. Dawn I will pray that the outcome of your result will be in your favor.and that you will be blessed with good health.

  83. My heart is sad…I feel bound by guilt and sorrow. Can’t seem to shake it. I have a skin infection and am on meds for it. I feel distant from my husband. Just feeling a little lost…although I know I’m not really…cause I have Jesus.

    • Praying for you to feel the presence of the Lord and to not feel distant from your husband. You are not alone. You are loved! Healing prayers for your skin infection as well.

  84. Praying for you Kris that God will grant you strength and peace as you walk the road ahead. I pray for healing and that God will give you and your family wisdom for any decisions that need to be made. Bless you!

    My prayer request is for my 20 year old niece who is a heroin addict and who has just relapsed after completing treatment a few months ago.

    • Praying for your niece that she will be completely released from the bondage of her addiction, that she will find strength in the Lord and healing.

  85. My husband and I need to find a house to rent. After the flooding in Southern Alberta, there are not enough available homes, people are raising the rent by huge amounts because they can and landlords are taking their time picking and choosing, not returning calls simply because there are so many people to choose from. I am disabled by lupus and fibromyalgia. My husband makes a decent income but not nearly enough for the rent they are asking. I would ask you to pray that God provides a home for us that is affordable and within a decent commute so we don’t have to spend hours in city traffic. Ideally we would love to be out of Calgary, but wherever God sends us… His will be done. Thanks so much. Praying over the rest of you as well. Ev

    • Dear Ev,

      I am so sorry to hear about the flooding in Southern Alberta–that is so, so terrible!! And I’m so sorry for how that negatively impacts the rent, making it so hard to find a house. I pray that the LORD will provide you and your husband with everything you need in order to find a good, affordable home without a long commute. Sending you prayers, blessings, and love!
      Dear Lord, I come before You to lift up Ev and her husband, to lift them both into Your healing light….please be with them, bless them, and help them! Please give them the financial assistance they need from You in order to be able to find and buy a nice, affordable house….please lead them to exactly the house You want them to have, one that they can easily afford…guide them to exactly the right one, Lord, and please enable them to buy it and receive it successfully! In the meantime, please enable them both to experience Your presence and the peace that only You can give, and give them both all the strength and faith and trust they need as they wait on You for Your perfect timing. Please help Ev to deal successfully with her lupus and fibromyalgia as well–please support her with both those challenges, and bring healing to her heart, mind, soul, and body! When You do lead them to the perfect house and give it to them, please let the house not be a long commute for either of them. Send them wherever You will, Lord–show them where You would like them to be. Please support them both, and shower them with Your graces and blessings! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

      • Ev,
        I’m sorry that you are faced with this .I know how tragic the flooding has become .My thoughts and prayers have been with you all since day one.
        I pray that you and your husband are able to find the security and comfort that you seek.
        blessings to you both.


  86. Heavenly father,in jesus name i pray for Mindy`s niece,that she feels your spirit,your power,your soft and strong love..and that she will find what she is looking for in her addichtion in YOU. give her a strong sign about your love for her and make her free. please give her a new mind ,a new heart,that cries only for you. give her a new song,new ways worth living for..
    in jesus name,please take care of her and sending your angels,who will protect and guide her <3
    please take all the things from her,which captives her and bringing her away from you..in jesus name we pray. AMEN

    here my prayer request:

    i have bulimia and depressions for over 20 years. and i will be free of that!!!!!!!! it`s such a torture..i can`t stand it physically and mentally any longer. i am so afraid,that it will totally destroy my life..

    thank you for keeping me in prayers***

    • Dear Bianca,

      I am so, so sorry to hear about the terrible things that you are going through–that is so terrible! 🙁 I know several people who have had similar challenges in their own lives, and so I know how just ghastly it can really be…but what’s so wonderful is that you have your faith in God! I’ve known people in the same struggles but who haven’t had that faith, and not having faith like that makes everything so much harder, whereas with faith in God as the ultimate Healer, we can do anything and always have plenty of reasons to hope! Total healing and restoration are ALWAYS possible with God! He can–and will–truly heal you as you cling to Him and receive His strength and the peace that only He can give! Truly, He can and will give you all the physical and mental, emotional, and spiritual strength that you need in order to walk the paths of healing and to simply survive the turmoil which these challenges bring–He is always with you to strengthen and uphold and support you, no matter what! You can cry out to Him anytime you need strength, and He will truly strengthen you! I will keep you in my prayers and my heart as you continue to walk this journey–bless you for your courage and bravery! Sending you many prayers, blessings, hugs, and love!
      Dear Lord, I lift up Bianca to You…asking You to wrap her in Your arms of love and hold her….please comfort, soothe, and strengthen her! Please bless her, protect her, shield her, guard her, and care for her and grant her peace! Enable her to feel Your infinite love for her, poured into her heart and soul….and please let her know without any doubt that You will win this battle for her, that You will give her all the grace and strength she needs in order to fully conquer these challenges which she is experiencing! Please help her to know that You are all she needs to give her strength and courage in all the difficult times, and that You are always with her! Please bring her total healing in mind, body, and spirit and soul! Please deliver her out of the grasp of these terrible challenges, and bring her total restoration! Let her know that it’s never, ever, ever too late for Your healing, and that nothing is ever too hard for You! Enable her to know and to really experience how much she is loved by You and to always be able to feel Your presence with her, guiding her and upholding her! Continue to lead her on the path towards total healing, and be with her at every moment of every day! Please let her always know that she is your beloved, beautiful daughter, and that You will never, ever leave her and that You will always help her! Be with her, Lord, now and always! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

  87. Things I’ve been struggling with:
    I am worried about my twin sister, as we are far apart now and she’s going through depression, relationship challenges, and work burn-out.
    I have a hard time being happy and energized in the mornings, tend to feel better after lunch. I hate being in a rut in the mornings.
    I am trying to find a part time job to support my air force hubby and our finances. We want to buy a house within the next year and need more downpayment.
    My husband and I have been trying for a few months for pregnancy and I feel like it will be me that will be inadequate.

    • Praying for you and your sister, as she deals with depression and you are seeking part time employment. I also pray God will give you the desires of your Momma’s heart and that you will be able to get pregnant. ((Hugs))

  88. I love praying for others and thank you for doing this! I will praying for the others on this list as well.
    Asking for prayer for my husband and our family…We need some mountains moved regarding a job that will hopefully be opening soon. This would be the perfect community that we have been praying for. We would have dental insurance, lots of serving opportunities and a home school coop right there. We need some mountains moved for sure but we have been praying for this for years!
    We serve a miracle moving GOD!
    Thank you!

    • I love that you said we serve a miracle moving God. I needed that reminder. I pray that God moves those mountains and gives you the desires of your heart. He knows just what you need!

  89. I have read each request and pray that each of you feel God’s comforting arm around your shoulder as well as my own as I sit with a heating pad on my back for an injury. My request is for my husband and patience. After 10 years of a work related disability his patience is getting shorter. We knew this would be a hard year but it seems to be harder than we imagined. Thank you for your prayers

  90. Oh Father, so many are praying and yet you hear us all!! How awesome and mighty you are!! Please help Ev and her family to find a home that they can afford. May it be even better than they imagined!!
    Wrap your arms around Bianca, sweet Jesus. Help her to know how very precious she is in Your eyes. May she see herself as you do, worthy of love and accepted. Take the depression and bulimia away.
    I pray that I would desire to be more like you everyday, dear Lord.

    Thank you incourage! This was fabulous!!

  91. Mindy I pray for your niece that she will have a divine encounter with her Heavenly Father that loves her and is calling her according His divine purpose and plan. I pray her mind will be transformed and renewed so the old thoughts of not being good enough and rejection will be gone. If God is for her who can be against her. For God can turn all things for good according His divine will purposes. For all things are possible with God. I pray God will place Godly women into her life that will speak the truth of His Word of who she is. A precious child of the King. Blessings and peace to you as you place your faith and trust in Him.

    My prayer request is for the prodigals my husband Allan and my daughter.

  92. Pray for the special needs ministry I am beginning at our church, that God will continue to bless this with families in need and volunteers willing to serve

  93. Diane I pray that your husband and daughter find their way to our Lord. May they see His great light shine through you and think wow I need some of that great loving. May they be showered with the love that only our creator can give: may God bless your family Diane

  94. I am so thankful for everything The Lord has done for me and my family. I would like to ask for help with our financial situation and our health issues. The Lord knows the details. Thank you for your prayers.

  95. Praying for all those before me.

    Please pray for me as I prepare to move from my home of 20 years. I have a lot of things and I have been struggling with letting go of my excess possessions, a lot of stuff, especially books. Pray I will let people help me and not be too defensive or feel ashamed. Also pray that I can find a new place to live.

    Bless you all!

    • Praying for you as I will have to do the same thing with my mother this week. She has 35+ years of things, though =) Prayers for a new place as well.

  96. Debbie I am praying that The Lord will richly bless this ministry. And, I am also so grateful for people like you that are willing to work with those who have special needs!

  97. Amen! I agree with the ‘sister’ above who is praying for everyone who has asked prayer on this list. I have also prayed that God will meet each person just where they are – that they will feel His Presence and that their prayers will be answered. We serve a great God – who hears and answers our prayers!
    I also have a prayer request…:) I will have another blood test next week to see what is going on with my white blood cell count, which is low… I’m assured God is good and will work everything out for my good…however that looks…but I am also praying for healing! 🙂
    Bless you all!

    • My prayer is for you, Susan. That God may work within your body and restore the blood cells – I see them swirling around in circles, being very active …. being restored …………….

      I read the very scripture this morning in James …. how Great is out God … He confirms His guidance, we only need listen and look with a soft and gentle heart ………

      This morning I sing a song of praise to our Lord and Saviour with a song in my heart : “Make a way for the King, the King is coming”

      Blessings and Joy to you all!!!

  98. Would appreciate prayer. My husband of 39 years left our home in January and recently told me he is filing for divorce and wants to sell our home. We have struggled for years, but I never thought it would come to this. He seems to be walking away from not only me, but our family as well. We have 3 married children (one who was just married in June), a 3 month old grandson and our other son will be married in just a few weeks. My husband has also walked away from God. I know God is in control, but this is really hard.
    I will celebrate the blessings of the weddings and the new baby, but at times my emotions are hard to hide. I want to show that I trust God even in this situation and want my husband to see his need for God.

    • I am so sorry for your hardship!! 🙁 My heart goes out to you and I will lift you up in a prayer to our wonderful God!

  99. Praying that I will use my authority in Christ, to reign over my circumstances, keeping my eyes ever on Him, instead of being rained on! Although the answer may not always be apparent, we are always victorious in Christ, who became a curse for us, that we might be saved by His grace! Hallelujah!

  100. Marylou, , I pray for your peace of mind as your navigate rough waters. I pray for your entire family as you walk through this difficult time. I ask that God continue guiding me and my family as we transition to an empty nest. So excited for all the future holds, yet so uncertain.

  101. Please pray that I may fall so deeply, passionately, and seriously in love with the One True God and that my mind will be healed from my fears, worries, false ideas about God, fear of the enemy, and things whether in past or present that I beat myself up about. Please also pray for my husband (who is working two jobs to support us…. SUCH a WONDERFUL, wonderful man..) that he will find strength in Christ and will be close to His heart even in the midst of his crazy busy schedule.

    Thank you for being a safe place for our hearts and for praying for us!

    Prayer is the best thing you could ever do for someone. 😀

    In love,

    • Prayer offered, Courtney! And you are right…I have been dealing with a bad bout of depression, but praying for y’all tonight has helped me!

  102. Hope, how exciting for a new future approaching… May our LORD Bless you & Keep you focused on HIM thru this transition… I ask our LORD to show how Majestic HE is in the lives of my two sons & daughter & that they receive HIS Love.

  103. For God to renew, restore, and redeem a specific relationship, built by Him, with another. A relationship that stood to serve Christ together as one, a relationship where sin entered in and satan hated to see God’s good works through. Holy miracles needed here on earth, soon. To not hear or believe Satan’s lies in it, both sides. For Grace and forgiveness both sides. For action and communication both sides towards one another. For joy in it.

  104. Unspoken, I lift you up in prayer that God will heal, renew, and restore this broken relationship in such a way that everyone involved will know that it had to be the hand of God. I am asking for prayers for Mendy Brockman…a young mom who was in a horrible car accident that has left her facing possible permanent paralysis. There is a website called Mondays for Mendy where specific prayer requests will be listed, as well as updates on her condition.

    • Thank You Donna. Would you continue to keep lifting up in prayer the requests? It’s a hard road not seeing God working in it and wondering if He is. Asking God with all my heart for divine communication only He could do, to heal, renew, and restore this relationship. It’s in Gods hands and its up to the other person. Lord, move….

  105. Father,I lift up Chase, our high school aged grandson to you . School is nearing and he is already discouraged; last year was so turbulent and scattered for him. I ask that he walk under your conviction ,filled with God-given confidence, clarity in mind ,soul and spirit and with absolute trust that You see his struggles and hold him close.. Your love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, favor, and grace sustain him through all of his days, but especially as he faces this new school year. I give you thanks for making the way when there is no way and guiding him safely from the first day of school through the school year. I call to you Father; God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  106. Lord, I lift up Mendy to you. You alone Lord know her future and what it holds. I ask that whatever that may be that you will be with her and allow her to feel Your presence, holding and sustaining her in this dark time. In the midst of this tragic situation may she take hold of Your promises and find strength in knowing that You have a purpose in all things.

    I ask that you would pray for my son Bryan’s relationship with the Lord…that he would accept Him as his Lord and Savior and that he would become a man after God’s own heart.

  107. Kay ~ I pray for your grandson and this coming new school year. I pray for him to feel the Father’s hand and presence with him minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, as he walks through this season in his life. I pray also for a godly friend that will come and walk beside Chase. May he put the past of last year behind and know that this year is a new page in this chapter. In the name of our precious Lord JESUS, the Glory is all His . . . amen

    and I ask for prayer as we continue to pray and wait for our prodigal son to return to His Flock. I pray for him to hear the Voice of the Spirit and that he not continue to turn away. I pray for the strongholds that have so entangled him be broken and the he remember his identity is the Lord, His Creator and not in the opinions and agendas of the world. I pray for angels to come across his path each day and that he will recognize these strangers as the Light that draws him out of the darkness the enemy has lured him into. I also pray for my husband and me, and the other kids, to continue to be there looking, waiting for his return. To never lose faith and to not allow the enemy to distract us from our prayers.

  108. Hi just need reassurance that I am in right path.
    4 years ago ex left after years of affairs. 2 years ago we got divorced
    Now house has to sell before being repossessed
    Ex stopped paying mortgage despite court order.
    I just want to move out and move on.
    Leaving the history behind.
    I have a new partner altho live 154 miles apart.
    My youngest daughter 22 still at home.
    I have stood on jeremiah 29:11 for 4 years.

    • Praying that the house will sell and you would be able to move on, showing your daughter your trust in God and His provision for your family.

  109. Father, I lift Bev up to You… You know the desires of her heart. God, I pray comfort for her and her family as they pray and wait for this loved one that is far from them to return home. Help them to trust that You have him in the palm of Your hand and that You are in control. I pray for her son… Father, I pray for His eyes to be open to see what You want Him to see. I pray for his heart to be broken for the things in His life that are not pleasing to You. I ask You to bring this precious child to repentance, healing and restoration. All of this in Jesus’ name.

    I am so grateFUL today for God’s presence… He is so faithful! I am asking for prayer for the sale of our house… we have a showing tomorrow! Also, for the seller of the house we want to purchase… she is having trouble letting go of her home of 40 years. May we be the witness and testimony we are called to be… shining His light in her life. Guidance as we start a business, and a clear vision to be able to stay on the path God has for us! I believe all will work out in God’s perfect timing, but I need to keep my focus on Him and not the circumstances.

    God created this dream inside of me and I will be patient as I continue on this journey with Him! Thanks!

    • oops…forgot that I was supposed to type out the prayer as well as pray it! And, I also had it in my own post instead of a reply to you Carin. Sigh. Good thing God can sort out what I really mean. : ) I will be praying for you all week, my friend.

      Father in heaven – please give Carin and her family a sense of peace and calmness as they await the sale of their house. Please bring the right buyer together with them so that their house might be sold. I ask also for peace and strength for the lady who will be leaving her home so that Carin and her family might move there.

      I pray also for guidance and wisdom as they begin a business. Let them always focus on You, and deliver them from all worry. In your Son’s name I ask this. Amen.

  110. That we would be led to opportunities to create more income so that we can meet our financial responsibilities. Thanks!

    • oops…forgot that I was supposed to type out the prayer as well as pray it!

      Father in heaven – please give Carin and her family a sense of peace and calmness as they await the sale of their house. Please bring the right buyer together with them so that their house might be sold. I ask also for peace and strength for the lady who will be leaving her home so that Carin and her family might move there.

      I pray also for guidance and wisdom as they begin a business. Let them always focus on him, and deliver them from all worry. In your Son’s name I ask this. Amen.

      • My goodness – my typing skills are lacking today – “let them always focus on You, and deliver them from all worry.”

        • I would like prayer overmy family,That We would comeinto unityand that strifeand discord would leave this family and healing would come. Father I pray for the person before me I ask that You would meet every need physically,mentally emotionally and spiritually and that they would be blessed and walk in Your favor inJesus name I pray.

  111. Grateful for this prayer site. It truly helps me realize how blessed I am. Although I have some problems with my job–boss, unappreciated, type of work versus training–I can see that I am much better off than so many other people.

    Praying for everyone on this list! May God hear our prayers & bless us as He wills it to be. God Bless you all!

  112. Please pray for a family situation with my father. He is home bound and will not have live in help after I return to my home. Please pray that God will provide for his needs and will help us all feel at ease with this situation

  113. Please pray for my son who has a need for a Godly mentor. My son has wounds from not having a father to show him what it means to be a man and a man who lives for God. My husband left me and our family and he is living a gay lifestyle. Both my adult children have a lot of pain from the brokenness in our home and now after having their Dad leave 5years ago. I am praying God will heal and fully restore what the enemy has taken and raise up Godly mentors for my children.

    • I pray for restoration and for Godly mentors for your children. I especially pray that they will lean into the Lord during this time.

  114. Father, I lift Marilyn to you. I pray in the name of Jesus that you will remove the discord in her family and replace with the peaceful unity you so adore.

    Heavenly father I thank you for Beth and her gracious thankfulness in all these prayers and her grace in her own life. Lord I pray that you will have your hand on her work life and guide it with your loving care.

    In Jesus precious name, Amen.

    Can the next person please pray for me. I am thankful for this season in my life. Yet as I near 40, I know that I would still like to be a christian wife to a godly man of the Lords choosing and a Mother. I feel time is running out and its not going to happen. I dont know how to deal with Gods will for my life, if this is not his plan. Thank you xx

    • I will pray for your heart’s desire to be answered! I have a friend who will also turn 40 this year and desires the same things. ((Hugs))

  115. There seems like so many needs at the.moment. I need prayers for my ministry focused on helping other women/couples struggling with infertility. I’m praying that what I’ve written reaches out to the hearts of women. We are also trying to move and having trouble finding a house. But I really, really just need a friend, in real life.
    Thanks ladies!

    • Prayers your ministry, for you to find a house and a friend. I pray that you will be able to reach out and be friendly to others so that they will be drawn to you and your heart for friendship.

  116. I pray that (in)courage feels how much love and energy God is giving to these prayers, I pray that all the people on here feel God’s peace as he reaches out to bless and Love them, In Jesus name.

    Please pray Numbers 6:22-27 over me and all of us who need this Promise of God.

    thank you. : )

  117. Father, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I lift up Marcy and Marilyn before you. Father bless Marcy’s ministry unto women and couples who desire to give birth. I rebuke the spirit of barrenness in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. Bless Marcy with a wonderful, accountable, dear friend in Christ and direct her/family to their new home, IJN, amen.

    Lord, like Marilyn, I am getting older but still believing you for my man of God and children. Father, let Marilyn’s husband find her now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Let nothing hinder them from coming together now, according to your will. Encourage her as she waits for your perfect plan to unfold, IJN, amen.

    My prayer request is regarding someone I have been doing business with to do the right thing. They have disappeared and not communicated in a month on a project that is in development. I pray conviction in their heart to be ethical. I pray that it will turn out to be a blessing and that this person will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    Thanks ladies and God Bless!

    • Prayers sent for your business practices and the person whom you do business with – especially for his/her salvation.

  118. Please pray for friends of ours whose marriage is in a critical place. We are trying to get them to agree to attend a marriage conference to open the doors of communication for healing. There are many tough issues but we know God is able. Pray specifically that they are willing to go and that work and child care issues do not interfere. Thank you!

    • Prayers for your friends and for healing to come to their marriage. I pray the conference will be a great start for healing and restoration.

  119. Feeling so useless and unneeded. It’s hard to want to get up in the morning. I feel so lonely and discouraged. I’ve been trying to follow my dream with the gift God has given me. There have been so many struggles and doubts. My passion seems to have died. I’ve been having a hard time thinking I’m worth being loved and don’t believe that I deserve to be happy & successful.

    • Christine,
      Everyone is worth being loved. That is why Jesus came. We are all unworthy but Jesus cloths us in righteousness which makes us worthy. Read God’s Word and He will tell you how much He loves You. I pray that you will know God in such a personal way that it will shed all doubts and fears. That you will trust Jesus with your very life because He will take care of you. I once worried just like you. God took all my crutches away just to show me how much I can trust Him. I went to New York City and God never left me but provided for me the whole time I was there.

  120. I’m thankful for my salvation, for God sending His Son to save me and anyone else who will believe. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and church family that I have.

    I’m troubled for my daughter’s who married brother’s. The brother’s follow their father in the way they treat their wives. Its really hard to see your daughter’s treated like second hand rags. And their not even ashamed to put them down in front of me. I live in another state from them and only get to see them once in a while. Not to mention I don’t get to see my grand children that much either. When their husbands do bring them home it long faces and their withdrawn the whole time like its a real bother to be here. It just hurts so much.

  121. Please pray that the Lord will provide a steady income for us and help strengten my faith.

    • Prayers for provision and for you to be strengthened in your faith as you see God do wonderful things for you and your family!

  122. I pray for you Ruthann that God will help you with a career and your income. My husband and I are in the process of adopting a newborn. At this time God has not showed us which baby we will be blessed with. I pray for financial peace and I pray for the women who will carry this sweet baby and for the Heath kc both. I love this site.

    • Praying for Kim and her husband for financial provision and the health and protection of the woman who will be carrying their child. God’s blessing on you all.

      Asking for prayer of protection especially at work and for my self-confidence to be restored as God intended it to be before I was badly hurt in a relationship. Thank you.

      • Darcy,

        Please get Renee Swopes book A Confident Heart. I loved it! Words can not express the work God did in my heart through that book… You are in my prayers:)


    • Jesus, would You continue to be the Lord of Kimberly’s life? I pray that You would give her clarity and understanding of Your ways, because they are so much higher than our own. Holy Spirit draw near to her and fill her with the peace and confidence that comes from You alone. You are good in all circumstances and in every new season we place our trust in YOU.

      “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”
      Ps. 37:23

      Bless you sister. I pray you have a great week!

  123. Moving on after two miscarriages…one 3 years ago and another on March 20 of this year. I have two beautiful daughters 8 and 5. My journey has been tough… I’ve struggled thru anxiety, sometimes severe, thru pregnancy, motherhood and alongside grief. I have learned so much spiritually and my relationship with God has grown by perserverance. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is… Stop trying so hard and let expectations go. When we try too hard and fight it on our own strength, we cancel out God. Such Freedom and Peace have come into my life daily, because I except that it’s God’s plan, not my own. There is so much to be grateful for no matter how hard the situation. God is soo good!
    Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV) For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.
    I Am Redeemed! Praise Him!

    I would still love to welcome another child into out family… Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

    Love and Blessings:)

  124. Please pray for me. My job is stressful, and I am weary from trying to gain others’ approval. Lately, I feel as if I’m living in fear more than anything else–fear of failure. I know that this isn’t how I want to live. Pray that I would see myself the way my Father sees me and stop striving for perfection.

    • Lord, does this sound familiar! I thank You Jesus that we are not alone in this Body, that there are many parts and often times we are going through similar difficulties. Lord, I thank You for Chelsea. I thank You that You have a plan and a purpose for her life. The most intricate details of who she is, her personality and sense of humor.. is meant to make a difference in this world! Train her, Lord. Encourage her heart. Speak words of life and truth over her that she would be reminded of the great Love that goes before her and behind her. Give her peace when she is working and grace with her co workers. Most of all, I pray for REST in her spirit. Draw near to her as she sits still in the sweet knowledge that You are God!
      Thank You Jesus, You are so good to us! AMEN

      Chelsea, I will continue to pray for you, I think I really understand where you’re coming from and I will fight with you in prayer! Press on, sister!
      Blessings and Love

      • Caitlin, thank you so much–you put into words so well what is on my heart and what I need most right now. Thank you for fighting with me in prayer tonight, and continuing to keep me in your prayers. You are a blessing!

  125. Jen, I praise God for what He is doing in and through your life sister! Lord, I pray that You would continue this work that you have begun inside your daughter. I pray she would be a light in this world that shines so bright. Continue to train her in the ways of mother hood and keep her strong. May her roots grow deep in Your Love Lord and I pray that You would grant her the desires of her heart. Make a way in the wilderness Papa and grow this lovely family. Bless her and keep her Lord.

    Please pray that I would press on in all circumstances. Please pray for a revelation of the Father’s love and the knowledge of His presence in my life!! Thank you so much friends.
    Blessings and Love

    • Praying for you to persevere in serving Him and for you to be surrounded by His love and know He is ever present in your life!

  126. I pray for all the requests before me. May the grace of Our Father be blessed to each one. I request a prayer for the restoration of my marriage. I want to thank everyone in advance.

  127. Please pray for my daughter who is pregnant. The man she became involved with just got out of being incarcerated for four years. My daughter is naive and was caught up in his manipulative behavior. Pray for my daughter to have the strength to stay away from this young man. That the Lord would draw her close to Him. For discernment for me as her mother to know what to say and do. I am an avid prayer warrior and believe in the power of prayer. Also, pray for the safety of this unborn baby and my daughter. He has been abusive in the past.

    • Father God, I ask that you would grant pblanch’s daughter great wisdom and discernment and that You would guide her away from this man. I claim your promise of protection in Psalm 91 for everyone involved in this situation. I ask for a safe and healthy pregnancy for her daughter and for restoration of anything taken or destroyed by this man.

      In Jesus’ name. Amen,


      Lady M

  128. Father, God, we trust you and your will and ways. None of this surprises you…it was set in motion before she was born. I would ask you to show up in a most powerful way for this mom and her daughter. Use this situation to draw everyone closer to you. And may the trust they place in you give them strength. Speak loudly to this young woman about the life she carries, about what a miracle of your love this baby is. I place these souls at the foot of your cross, knowing that only you can change and move them into your continued will and purpose. Thank you Father for loving us all as we walk imperfect lives. It is you we love and trust! In all these things I pray in Jesus’ name!

    • Cathy,

      You didn’t mention what you needed in the way of prayers. So I’m praying for you that your needs and those of your family will be met. I ask God for health, peace of mind and financial security for you and yours.

      God Bless you for the lovely prayer you left for pblanch, who posted before you. I’m sending prayers for her daughter & unborn grandchild as well.

  129. Father, I pray for pblanch’s daughter. Help to to turn to you through this situation and to make wise choices. I pray for the safety of the whole family and that pblanch’s daughter will no longer be caught in lies.

    I need prayer for the restoration of my marriage.

  130. Please pray for my 2 sons, ages 22 and 27, that they will find their way in the world to live happy & successful lives and be the strong & loving men that I’ve worked so hard to help them become.

    It is very difficult for young people to make a start in the world today and they are both struggling to find their way without the example of an involved father.

    Thank you all for your prayers!

    • Prayers for guidance and employment for your sons. I also pray that they will be able to find Godly men to encourage them and help them in their walk with the Lord.

  131. Completed chemo in April, finishing radiation for stage 2 breast cancer. Praying everything worked and to restore my platelets and for my college bound twins that they will be strong in Christ. My daughter to make the right choices for her and my grandsons future and that I may enjoy a long life with my best friend and husband.

    • Healing prayers being sent your way! I also pray for your twins in college to stay strong in their walk with the Lord and for your daughter as she makes the right choices for herself and your grandson. May you be healed and enjoy a long life with your husband!

  132. Please pray for my finances as a single mom, for an end to unhealthy eating and a return to good health(including recent hip replacement), and that God will reveal Himself to my 15 year old in a loving, miraculous, personal way.

    The peace of the Lord with you.

    Thanks be to God.

    • Dear Father,

      I lift to you now Your beautiful daughter, Pamela. You see every crevice of her heart and every curve of her mind. Please fill her with Your Gracious Love; give her the complete trust that just as Your Son multiplied the loaves here on earth so will You multiply the resources available to her to cover all her needs. Teach her more to take delight in You and to believe in her heart that even her secret desires–You are still mindful of ’em all. Lord, give her the right motive and perfect motivation to break unhealthy eating to return to healthy living that You may be glorified in this. Please cover her child with Your Love, and open his/her mind to Your Awesome Glory. Remove the blinders the enemy has put and give him/her repentance. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

      My prayer requests dear friends: 1) that the Lord will be glorified in our coming wedding and that Jesus’ name will be proclaimed to all unbelievers He has designed to attend; 2) fine sunny weather on our wedding day as we are going to have it outdoors, 3) the Lord’s equipping of all our suppliers to deliver their goods/services for His glory and 4) that the Lord’s story and glory will be our canopy in preparing for the wedding, our marriage, and our future family 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

  133. Please pray that I might find a good job. I’m running out of time. I’ve filled out various applications and sent resumes, but have heard nothing.

    Also, please pray that God would send me a husband. I’m watching my friends get married. I’m the only one of my circle still on the shelf. 🙁

    Thanks and God bless!

  134. Please pray that the possibility of extending my hours at work will become reality. If this does not happen, please pray that I will accept this and remember that God will provide all that I need.

  135. Father God,
    I lift up in prayer all the requests & needs of those above. Please give healing where it is needed be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. Please give strength and grace to those who need it as well. I ask for financial provision for those who are struggling. I especially lift up Valerie, who, as You know, needs for her hours at work to be lengthened. Comfort her and give her the peace of knowing You will provide.
    Now, my faith sisters, I will ask for prayer from you if I may.
    1) we are struggling very badly financially. I lost my job 13 months ago, was denied unemployment because my former boss lied about my reason for being fired. I work in a profession that requires a license to be able to practice. My license expired and because of the low salary I was being paid I couldn’t afford to renew it. I keep applying for other jobs but get turned down as “overqualified.” My job was enough to pay our mortgage and car loan but when I lost it, the bank foreclosed on the house. My husband lost his job 6 months ago and also keeps being turned down for jobs. We were able to get some help from a local agency that paid a security deposit and rent from April through June but their funding has run out. We borrowed money from my in laws to pay rent this month but they “can’t” help us for August. We have a 12 yo daughter and don’t want to be homeless!
    And to top things off, our car was relied this am.
    2) my husband has withdrawn into depression and feeling useless and has just given up. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and a couple of chronic medical issues but I am still fighting and not giving up. Seems like nothing I can say or do can help lift him up.
    3) most especially please pray for our sweet, wonderful, loving daughter who not only is going through the regular tween/soon-to-be-teenager things but having to deal with all this struggle as well. She is an awesome girl and I don’t want her to be adversely affected by it.

    • Father God,

      Please shower Tammy and her family with your love & grace now, Give Tammy and her hubby some type of work to build up their self-esteem. Shower them with financial blessings of any nature and help them with their depression.
      Be with their precious daughter and help her not to be to stressed out with her parents problems.

      Most of all Father–show them your mercies are new daily! Shower them with hugs & blessings of all kinds. Renew their spiritual & emotional faith in you!


  136. I didn’t see before I posted that auto correct changed the word repoed to relied about our car. Sorry.
    I am so tired and worn out from all this stress & fear.

  137. Dear Father, please be with Tammy and her family right now. Help them to feel your loving arms around them. Please meet their financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Please watch over their daughter and keep her from being adversely affected by what is happening. Please provide a job for Tammy and her husband. In Jesus name, amen.

  138. Please pray for my sister. She once loved God but now doesn’t.
    She had an infection in her spine which has led to her being in alot of pain. Although the infection is clear, it has left a lasting effect on her. She is depressed, in pain, can’t stand upright, has to take Morphine to cope with the pain, which has rotted her teeth. I could go on and on. I pray for her daily but it’s breaking my heart and I don’t know what to do. I love her dearly and hate seeing what’s become of her.

    • Dear Linda,

      I was told to keep in prayer the person who made a request prior to mine. As I am in qute a bit of pain myself right now, I can tell you that it’s very likely that your sister still loves God just as much as she ever has done, but she wants to be mad at God right now, and that’s okay,and believe it or not, it’s also very healthy. There are pain management centers all over the country to help manage her pain without such a heavy reliance on medication. However, SHE NEEDS TO WANT HELP BEFORE THE HELP WILL DO ANY GOOD FOR HER. If she’s unwilling to get help, ask her to pray “to be willing to be willing”. That’s what my first sponsor taught me. Good Luck.

  139. I am asking for prayer for a very severe bout of the stomach flu and also for finding God’s way of directing my volunteerism to help out in the church. Because the seriousness of my condition, I can no longer work with children. Blessings and thank you for praying for me. Lisa

  140. Lisa- I pray in the name of Jesus that your stomach be well and that you could rest in the Father’s arms as your body is weak. May He give you strength as well as wisdom to help you find just your niche in church for your joy and His glory.

    Rosanna- God is greater! Don’t forget, though, that “People are God’s plan A” when it comes to helping us! 🙂 Lord Jesus, reign over Rosanna’s life. Be her guide, be her vision, be the Great Provider who shows Himself strong in her weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people, too, beautiful one.

    Please pray for my heart as I delve into a new relationship. I “should be” experiencing feelings of joy but because of my past, I’m caught up in a whirlwind of fear, confusion and anger. Thank you so much!

    • Nicole – I pray that you would be freed from your feelings of fear, confusion and anger and that you would not let the past ruin your future relationships, that you would be able to enjoy this new relationship and give the negative feelings to the Lord.

  141. Please pray for my brother who is sick, he suffersm from alzheimer’s and depression. I just ask that the Lord give him peace and hope and to savemhis soul. Thank you and have a blessed day!

  142. My husband and I have been pursuing an international adoption for 2 years now and desperately want to get our referral. My arms ache to hold this still unknown child. Please pray for us…patience to wait and a quick referral from our country of choice.

  143. Please Lord be with Grace’s brother during this time. You know the heart of this brother and you know his mind as well. Give him peace and comfort so that he is able to fully experience your eternal promise of salvation. Allow his family to care and minister for him and allow him clarity of mind to accept your loving mercy. Be with grace and her family. Allow this situation to bring them closer to you and give them rest and peace.
    In the name of Christ

  144. Father, I lift Amy’s request for a child straight up to your throne. You know her heart and her desires. And we know that your desire is for your child’s happiness. We also know that there is a child out there waiting to be a part of Amy’s family. Bless this process and this journey. Grant them wisdom and patience. Protect her child as they wait.

  145. Sisters, please be in prayer for me as I begin my journey as a widow. My husband died on July 20 at the age of 61 after a 8 month illness. Grace abounds but there are so many unknowns. Please lift up my children as well as they cope with the loss of their father.

  146. My Father God – I am overwhelmed reading of all this need and misery, but You are not overwhelmed. You are the one and only Father that can meet all these needs, and I pray that Your righteous right hand will comfort and sustain your children as they go through difficult times. I pray that you work in your mighty power to comfort and sustain the wounded, convict and change the offenders, and set things right in your eyes. I pray in the name of Yeshua, Jesus, who came to save us from the wiles of our enemy. Amen.

  147. Please pray that my husband can find another job soon. He worked for Walmart for 11 years and they just uped and let him go. He worked hard there and gave them 110% but that wasn’t enough for them. I also ask that we all pray for our great country that is going through so much with politics destroying our freedoms, disaster’s affecting every one from floods and hurricanes, tornado’s and blizzards.

  148. Our church is struggling financially due to a number of people leaving over Biblcal issues. My husband (pastor) stood true to God’s Word and obeyed even when it was hard to “do the right thing.” But the ripple effect is our church’s offerings. Our people so faithfully and so abundantly give, but when numbers drop so does finances. Our family is struggling as a result but God still is providing. (We haven’t received a paycheck in well over a month to cover church bills). We pray for wisdom and strength and encouragement and…a miracle…that only God can provide.

  149. Could I ask you to pray for emotional healing for the man I love? We have both only had a few long term relationships/ marriages, and they have all been dysfunctional. This relationship is our chance to really love someone for the right reasons.
    He is really struggling with emotions and feelings he’s left with from the fall-out of these relationships, and especially with his ex-wife who seeks to hurt him through his relationship with his two college age sons. I pray for his healing, as it is needed for us to be able to move forward. I love this man so, and the pain he feels is palpable and my heart just breaks.
    I pray for Gods blessing on this relationship and that through His healing, we are able to move forward in our relationship and share our lives with each other

  150. Will you please pray for my marriage? We’ve been through a lot and are struggling to live our marriage according to Christ’s guidance and design of what marriage should be. Also, please pray for my parents, who are going through a divorce, and our family during this difficult time. Thank you and God Bless.

    • God I ask that you would be with Melissa. Please touch her and her marriage. Father I ask that you would break all of the things that are entangling each of them and that you would heal their marriage. Father please bind them closer to each other and closer to you and let them experience the miracle of this healing. God I also pray for her parents that you would bring peace and healing to every member of their family during this difficult time. In your precious name,Amen.

  151. Can you please pray for us to be blessed with a van and a bigger apartment? We are expecting our third child at the end of October and will quickly run out of space in our 1 car and our 2 bedroom apartment. But we don’t have a lot of wiggle room in our finances and need God to provide a miracle. Thank you.

    • Praying for a miracle for your family because I have seen in my own life God provide in incredible ways. He is faithful and is aware of every need in our lives. You and your family will be in my prayers daily!

  152. I am asking for prayer for my marriage. For restoration and forgiveness to occur and that God would draw us near to Himself and to each other. For me to not give up fighting for a strong marriage centered on Christ.

  153. Our family is asking for prayers for a loved one who has just started her fight against esphogeal and stomach cancer. She is my sister-in-law, has two young daughters, a loving husband and only 45 years old. She just had her first chemo treatment and is now enduring nausea like never before. Please pray for healing and comfort, but also for her to keep her trust in Him as her focus. Help her to seek Him at each moment even when she is consumed in her deep anguish. Pray for her children who are hurting and afraid. May they be reminded He is there for them too. Pray for us, her family and friends, as we try to help her and be comforted ourselves. We are a Christian family and believe in the power of prayer and trust He will be her GREAT physician and His will for her.

    May those of you with requests above be lifted by all those who are praying for you.

    Danielle – May God provide you with the space and transportation your family needs.

    In Him ~ Fran

  154. I suffer from ocd. I can’t stand it anymore. Pain is always hunting me. Please pray for my healing.
    God bless y

    • Dear Elisama,

      I’m so sorry to hear about everything you’re going through! Pain like that must be so difficult. But rest assured knowing that God can and will heal you completely and bring you total restoration–He sees you, hears you, and loves you infinitely! Sending you many prayers, blessings, hugs, and love!
      Dear Lord, I lift up Elisama to You today, asking You to embrace her with Your love and Your presence….be with her, Lord! Strengthen, support, uphold, and bless her, and give her continued great courage and bravery as she battles through these challenges! Be with her at all times to strengthen her and to walk with her and to alleviate the pain she is in. Bring her Your total healing, Lord, and restore her completely! Help her to feel Your peace right now as well, in the meantime, as it upholds her, and let her know that You will heal her! Be with her! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

  155. I am a recovering drug abuser. I’ve lost a lot because of it. I’m trying to start fresh with God. Each day is a challenge. But I know with His help I will make it!

  156. Thank you Lord for all you do to keep us afloat. If you could see your way clear, Father, we really need that financial breakthrough. You know our struggles Lord, so thank you in advance…

  157. Thalia, I am praying that the Giver of All Good Things will supply your need! Do not be afraid to ask for BIG things. Many times we limit Him! (I have been guilty of that many times!)

    I would like to request prayer form my daughter and her husband. They have 3 small boys and live 3 hours from family members. Todd has just had surgery for varicose veins in one leg (16 incisions!) and is now having complications and severe pain! Beth has intense pain in her back and has been battling with back issues for a solid 18 months! She has said that she feels as if she is “in the middle of a hurricane inside a tornado”! My husband and I are both totally disabled so we are unable to help much, besides prayer. I also pray that they will set their faces toward God and realize that He is their help, if they will only trust in Him!

  158. I pray for all of the women whom have posted on this site. May God’s love and healing power waqsh over you all in your relationships, marriages, health, spiritual walks, seek Him daily and trust He has a plan for each of lives. You are created for great purpose, you are valuable and God will never leave you or forsake you just call on Him and He will answer. I send my love and prayers to you all. God Bless.

  159. I am seeking to hear the voice of Our Lord. Our family has gone through many hardships adn losses so far this year. My Husband, ricky, began having seizures over a year ago and we have only just found out what caused them. Healing can be given by Our Lord. Our finances were affected by his illness and we had to move in with his parents. This was made especially hard because his mother doesn’t want us here. Please also join us in prayer for his mother, whi is not saved.

  160. I am NOT FINE!
    I have been going to the same church… same community for over 12 years. The same best friend for the same 12 years…. we have no family here and have grown to have our children call each others families Aunt/Uncle and cousins… our friendship is falling apart! I simply cannot do it anymore… all we do is argue and grow distant. I am starting over in community and friendships and I am incredibly alone. I have been there for each member of this community I have been in and when I am hurting they scatter! Their pain is too much for them to help me with mine.. I am blessed by another woman who saw this in my eyes on sunday and asked me the “how are you” question and I fell apart.. right into her arms! each member of my community passed me by… crying and in a pile right at the altar… not one stopped. not one looked at me.. I am afraid to grow bitter. please pray for my heart as I meet with a counseling friend Thursday… I am putting myself out there to start over and I have no Clue what I am doing!

    • Precious Lord,

      Lifting up Candy to you today. Keep her from growing bitter and insensitive. Be with her Thursday as she sees a counselor and opens her heart up. Give her the words you want spoken. Bless Candy with a new community group that will care for her and make her feel welcome!

      Thank you for that friend on Sunday who took the time to care & just be your ears, & arms. Thank you that someone cared enough to see beneath the surface.

  161. ~Candy~
    Dear Heavenly Father, I life up Candy to you today. Lord I pray that you will protect her heart from bitterness and her feelings of being alone. I pray that she holds on to you during this difficult time in her life. I pray that you will continue to put loving caring people in her path. Lord just wrap your arms around her today and let her know how much she is loved. Amen

    I am struggling today financially. We are doing our best to keep our family business a float. I am not sure if God has another plan for us or what He wants us to do. I am so unsure of what the right thing to do is at this point. I pray for guidance….I pray that God will help me to see what he wants me to do.
    thank you

  162. Please pray for me….met a soldier boy suffering with PTSD and kinda fell for him, but we are not compatible and yet, I think, I need to stay and minister in his life….please pray for me to find and live my Fathers will in this.

    • Heather, I am praying for God to give you His wisdom and His grace in the situation. He holds your precious heart in His hands. I pray that God will use the words of life you offer to this hurting soldier boy to bring him healing and God glory. Hang on to Jesus, He loves you.

      God bless,

  163. I have struggled with depression since I was 13, and anxiety came into the mix after 3 miscarriages-the first in 2004 and the other 2 six months apart in 2006. I so want my mind to be healed and to live a normal life free from the tormenting thoughts.

  164. Dear Jen,
    I come and pray for transforming and renewal of your mind. I bind down every spirit of depression, stress, anxiety and death to lift off and go. Lord Jesus I ask that you will cleanse my sisters womb and renew and restore it. I pray that you will come and restore what the locust has eaten. I pray that you will hold your precious daughter so closely that nothing that the enemy throws will come at her but will bounce right back at him. I pray that yoh will brinv her spirit, soul and body in to your godly alignment and bless her immensely that she will be overwhelmed by your presence.
    Jen our Daddy God loves you so much and he is weeping with you for the loss you have been through. He will never leave you are foresake you. So hang o to him and he will get you through this. God Bless you my sister Jen.

  165. I was raised in a non Christian family and accepted Christ for the sake of marrying. But since our fou dations were not right and we were unevenly yoked the enemy came and devoured my marriage and I walked out of my marriage and at the lowest point God came and rescued me. He has promised that he will reconcile and resurrect my marriage. I am now a Christian and I have a fire for the Lord. In the mean time my husband has divorced me. In Australia you do not need both parties consent. I still bave not seen the divorce paper with my eyes. I belive that Gods will bring us back. So please pray for my husband to know abba father so deeply and that he will follow him and listen to God and his heart will soften towards me. I have faith and have been waiting 7 years and will wait till I go home. Please pray a new marriage to be resurrected and restored witb my husband. Bless you for your prayers.

    • Deepa.

      So sorry for your divorce. Prayers for your husband’s heart to be changed & on fire like yours.


      Please help Deepa with her marriage. Help her to have friends to reach out to and confide with. Keep her fire for Christ alive and burning within her heart. Help her husband to have a change of heart and come back to Christ. Help him to realize that the divorce was wrong & that he still loves Deepa.


  166. Deepa,
    God has already shown you His might and strength and you will be with Him one day. My prayer for you is that His will be done and your husband find it within himself to come back to you…a strong, Christian woman. God bless you!

  167. I am in need of prayers that I trust God enough for His will to be done in my life…and that I accept His will. We find out tomorrow if I am pregnant after a second round of in vitro…which has been a long and difficult process. May God bless you!

  168. Father I offer thanks. The ability to publicly request prayer and offer prayer for one another is such a gift. Lord we are all so richly blessed. I offer prayers for Destiny. Lord would you clearly light their path and give them the strength to trust you in the midst of the unknown. Lord may Carrie be blessed tomorrow with the news of her parenthood. Lord may we chase you more than our circumstances. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

  169. Father God,
    Thank you for this community of women from all over who are willing to pray for others so powerfully and, in turn, ask for prayer. Thank you for each who prayed for my family and me. And thank you for these ladies being nonjudgmental not only of us but of each who has come to ask for prayer. Amen.

  170. Please pray for my city of Lowell, MA. Pray that a church can rise up that welcomes all. A vibrant church that is full of different kinds of people. A church that brings the word in a fresh way and feels like home to any who enter!

    • Thank you Jesus for for the opportunity to pray for Elyse. May you bless her and bless her heart’s desire: Let there be a church in Lowell, MA that is true to you, that shows people your compassion and just how happy you are to welcome anyone, everyone. In your beautiful name, amen.

      Hope I’m not too late… please for my spiritual healing, I was making progress but now I’m feeling a bit disoriented and like old habits want to show up and like is hard to hold on to God’s unconditional… I want to be able forgive myself. I want to be able to give myself grace.

  171. Abba Father, Please bless your daughter Leticia. We know the road we walk can be hard, but you are always with us. Help us to lean on you, to depend on you…you are our everything and without you we can do nothing. Help her Lord to forgive herself just as you have forgiven her. Praise you Lord.

    Please pray for my job search. I have been without work for over a year. God is our provider…..this, I know, but it has been a difficult challenge. I am so thankful for his provision and the time I have been allowed to spend with my girls. My 5 year-old goes to kindergarten next month. My 10 year-old has blossomed during this time. Thank you for your prayers.


  172. Dear God,
    Kimberly’s request for prayer struck a chord with me as you know. I can empathize with her situation being in similar one myself. Please lift her and her family up dear Lord–bless them even more abundantly than any of them can imagine with grace, well-being and health (physically, mentally, and spiritually), and financial provision. Help Kimberly be able to find work that will not only provide a paycheck but a renewed sense of purpose. And thank you for this time you’ve blessed her and her precious daughters with so that the little ones could get extra mommy time and Kimberly be able to watch them blossom from that. I know you will use this experience as a way to bond them even closer to you and to one another so that in any future times of stress, worry, etc, they know, without a doubt, that they are there for one another as are You. Amen.

  173. Oh precious Lord–Please bless these daughters of yours. Shower them with your grace & mercy. Help them see that this trial is for good not bad. Help them to depend on you for everything in all situations.

    Father give them doses of healthy, emotional, spiritual, & financial healing. Pour your blessings over them and allow them to forgive themselves & others for the hurt caused them.

    Bless them all Lord!


  174. My 27 yr old daughter and I have a strained relationship. I blame myself for all of it and have apologized many times. The enemy uses this against me to make me feel like a failure and I know it and have prayed against it but my heart is still broken for this relationship. Would you pray with me for God’s peace and that I can accept and trust that He is in control of all this? I need to feel His love around me.
    Thank you Sisters in Christ

  175. Dear God, our loving heavenly Father, we bring to you KC and her daughter today. Knowing they are precious souls in Your hands, and we lay their relationship upon the altar. There oh Lord, will you begin the deep healing and molding of what You want their relationship to be, in the way that will bring the most glory to You and Your Name. Help KC to remember there is no condemnation because of the work of Christ upon the cross for that which she has confessed before You and given to You. Guard her against the attack of the enemy reminding her in those moments that she has been given the mind of Christ. In You, almighty God, there are no failures, not in Your will and Your way. Bathe her heart with the healing balm of Gilead and begin even now to shore up those doubts with Your strength, assurance, and love. May your peace begin to flow through her life in such a shining way that she only experiences Your overwhelming presence in the moments of any doubt. Envelope and carry her securely in Your arms of love. Begin working in the life of KC’s daughter, continually bringing across her path those that whole-hearted serve you. Please Father, cause Your undying, unconditional love, mercy, and grace to overflow between KC and her daughter. Not just overflowing, but to the full and brimming over. That others may see and glorify You. In the precious name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

    May I humbly request prayer for our family. We are in dire need right now, needing secure employment, and, quite frankly a raining down of financial blessings, as my DH just found out he will need a second heart surgery before the end of the year. Thank you dear ones, for sharing in bringing our needs before our merciful God and King. All glory and praise be to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

    • Marla – I pray for a great outpouring of financial provisions in your life and for your husband’s surgery and recovery.

  176. Please pray for my husband, Steve, who has a follow-up CAT scan next Monday – please pray that it shows NO CANCER! Please pray for us – patience and hope!
    Pray for our neighbor, who was diagnosed w/ cancer yesterday – for his healing, her strength, and for their 3 sons. thank you!

    • Praying for NO CANCER for Steve and for your neighbor’s family in light of the recent news of cancer for them. Healing prayers sent for all involved.

  177. I am requesting prayer for my son who is a missionary and he is returning home after a 2 month summer mission trip to Nome, AK. Please pray for his readjustment when he returns home. Also for my sister and her family to find some type of peace. She lost her 13 year old son two years ago and is so trying to lean on our Lord, but at times it is just so hard for her.
    Thank you

    • Praying for your son that he will be able to readjust to being home and enjoy his time with family again. I also pray for your sister as I am sure her heart is slow in healing. I can not even imagine.

  178. I am praying for reconciliation with my daughter. She left with her father at 14 for a promised life of fun and freedom only to face emotional and physical abuse. It has been 4.5 years and in that time I have only seen her for 15 minutes. I miss her so much it hurts and the passing of time has not eased the pain at all. Please pray that she will return home soon where she can see God in the lives of her sister and myself and where she can find healing for her wounder heart. I want nothing more than to love her and celebrate the return of my prodigal. I would also appreciate prayers for my older daughter who is very much the other sibling in the prodigal story. May she find the grace and mercy needed to forgive her sister. May we all find healing and see God truly bring beauty from the ashes. Thank you for your prayers.

    • God is a God of redemption and restoration and I pray this for your family and your daughters. Stay close to the Lord and He will continue to comfort you.

  179. I am asking for prayers for grace and faith during this time of trial. My health has been an issue for a year now, making me unable to work. Tears in both RTC tendons in my shoulders, hip bursitis and piriformis syndrome and ongoing struggles with Sjogren’s Syndrome. My faith has been tested, my patience gone. I am tired, just so very tired. I used to be an incredibly busy go-getter and am exhausted at the slightest activity. I appreciate any prayers you can offer. With a grateful heart.

    • Healing prayers sent your way and for you to rest in the Lord and His timing right now, as difficult as that may be. ((Hugs))

  180. My mother died, please pray for me. I’m having a really hard time. Hurting so bad. It is hard to function on a daily basis. Thank you

    • ((Hugs)) and prayers sent your way, that you will take it one day at a time and give yourself the grace and time needed to grieve. Lean into the Lord and receive His comfort and strength.

  181. Please pray for my 22 year old son, who is currently incarcerated. He is a drug addict and is serving a sentence for violation of his probation due to stealing to have money for drugs. This is a vicious cycle he has been in for several years now – getting arrested, receiving probation, testing dirty, going back to jail, not being able to pay restitution/fees, getting arrested again….we were told this time his sentence would include court mandated rehab, but yet he could be released in just a few weeks and no one can find his rehab paperwork even though it was signed by the judge. He knows if he is released without going to rehab that he will not go on his own as he has been in jail for 9+ months and wants to be home to see his children. He also has a sexual addiction that causes him to feel like he needs to physically and sexually be with someone or he is worthless. He is also bi-polar. Please pray he is able to get to rehab before his sentence is up this time. When he is released he is going to move back in with my parents who live in the basement apartment below me, my husband and our two children. He has lived there before and it is always hard on all of us – the drama, the drugs, the stealing. Pray for God’s intervention, for him to truly want to change for himself and for rehab to be a start for him to change his lifestyle. Thanks!

  182. Marlen,
    I stumbled upon this site in hopes of finding a prayer for someone I love who is entering rehab today. It will be his second attempt as he came home after his first night. His family is so beautiful as is he. Before I met him I didn’t see addicts as lost souls I only saw them as wasted flesh. God changed my ignorant thoughts thankfully and I now pray everynight that those who lose themselves to addiction need more prayers and more love. The hardest thing to do was to end all communication with him but today he’s going back and I believe its because God heard all o our prayers.

    God, in you I put my faith to watch over, heal and restore faith to Marlens son and may his soul be in your hands when he loses hope. May you guide his thoughts away from addiction and replace them with thoughts of love for himself his family and for you.
    God I pray for my loved one whose also a lost soul and may he find peace and trust within treatment.