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  1. “Just like we can’t survive on a positive attitude with just a pinch of God. We actually need him to sustain us.” Love this, Stephanie. I’m learning this truth along with you!

  2. Loved your post, especially the part about taking God “like a power bar we cram into our purse on the way out the door”. How often I fail to take the time to really read and meditate on scripture. I’ve often just crammed in a random verse from my Bible on the way out the door and by the time I start the car and back out of the driveway, I have totally forgotten what the verse even was. As for the kitchen, well that’s like a playground to me. I love to try new recipes and all sorts of kitchen gadgets. If you ever get an invitation to a Pampered Chef party, go. You might just learn to love playing in your kitchen.

  3. Oh, Stephanie, I’ve been learning this hard lesson too. And honestly, I think it’s one of the most important lessons for the faith of our generation. God is not a side-dish, not a power bar, not dessert. He won’t and can’t be pushed to the side. He’s our bread and water, and if we don’t depend on Him as such, we will not grow. We frail, impatient humans want some easy magic formula to grow closer to Him, but we need the bread. And when we are filled, we need to break and pour out right along with Him into the world. Thank you for helping me to see Him better and for telling the story afresh.

  4. “We can’t survive on willpower and just a pinch of food. We actually need it to sustain us. Just like we can’t survive on a positive attitude with just a pinch of God. We actually need him to sustain us.” This went straight in my journal. What challenging words!! I tried to survive on willpower and just a pinch of food for quite some time, until I was humbled enough to admit that my hunger was for love, and that I couldn’t pretend to be super human any longer – God made me simply human.

  5. Loved post. It reminded me of the truth that God has created us and we all belong to God. Sometimes I think that I can do everything without Him or with a little power of Him. However, eventually I get to realize that I actually need my God to sustain me and he is my everything. It also reminded me of the importance of acknowledging God in our daily lives. Thanks Stephanie for your wonderful post.

  6. Loved the phrase “God is not a power bar that you shove into your purse as your rush out the door”. There are many many times when we do just that. We only give God a small portion of our day and shove Him aside the rest of the time.

    It is only when “crisis” arrive that we really want & seek Him all the time. We need to realize our dependence on Him & His supernatural grace to get through this tough gig called life!

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