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Lisa Leonard is mom to two boys, David, 13 and Matthias, 12 and wife to Steve. In between school and work they spend their time playing outdoors on the central coast of California, eating chocolate chip pancakes, tapping tunes on the piano (David) and choreographing elaborate light saber duels (Matthias)....

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  1. Lisa,
    The piece of yours that I own and that speaks to my heart is “Be Still And Know” . I have an anxiety disorder and that scripture encourages me, when my heart is racing, to pause and be still, and KNOW that He is God. I take comfort knowing that He is in control and even in the midst of hard times I can truly know that God’s got me. I am never outside His arms of love. So thankful that you share your God given talent!

  2. the necklace that incourage eve thought i dnt have is “he calls the stars by name”there are times when i feel like giving up or like god does’nt see and respond to my situations, i just remember that he does see he know and he is there for he know all the stars he does know me

  3. Hi there, I’m fairly new to (in)courage my mother used to email me links to stories from Melbourne and eventually I got drawn in, joined up myself and I have been checking the blog messages most nights before I turn in for the night. I read about your life and your beautiful son. I think you are very talented and to create your own business as well as care for your sons and family is very admirable and it must take a lot of work balancing it all. Your pieces are lovely I don’t know all the styles and ‘words’ you do but I really love the letters one for each of my children’s names and “by grace alone’. I also had postnatal depression and anxiety which is getting better as time goes on but my whole life is ‘by God’s grace alone’ in so so many ways. He always brings me back to him, to into his refuge. I read somewhere on I courage when I was struggling to feel that connection with God of how to say I was sorry good enough for God for all the lost years…that “God I am already yours” please forgive me AND my prayer flowed from there. I have always been Gods and he never stopped loving me and his forgiveness and grace alone is bigger and deeper than I can truly understand. It made me feel like I am home again, everything is going to alright but only by his grace alone.

  4. I don’t have any of the jewelry pieces; but the “be still and know” necklace would be my favorite. A reminder that God controls it all not me.

    • God is always in control. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way…..but He is in control.

  5. As a survivor of domestic violence and mother of 3 daughters, By Grace Alone is definitely the piece that resonates deeply within my soul. I have looked back on one particular day, in which I truly almost lost my life, and realized over and over again that it is by His amazing grace alone that I am here today. I am so thankful for the many “second” chances that He has given me and in awe of how His mercy has covered me and my daughters. They’re names all start with “M”, so I would love to include that letter if I won! My favorite place on earth, and the place where I always feel the most peace, is the beach; the turquoise colored jewel reminds me of that place. I continue to struggle with fear, anxiety, and anger, but I know He is not done with me yet!!!

    • by grace alone,I can relate to because my life has been nothing but years of trauma and if it wasn’t for God’s grace where would I be.

  6. Each one is beautiful, Lisa. I’ve seen your pieces on people and they speak so much and are so personal. The diamond in the rough one, with that tiny heart and what almost looks like the impression of fingers molding is the one that speaks to my heart. The Lord has been pressing me to wait as I desire to run forward. My molding comes not only through His hands, but through the hands of those I meet each day that help Him in His work. I commit my heart to Him each day and trust that my imperfections He will make perfect. For in weakness I am made strong. For His Glory.

  7. I love the “By Grace Alone”.. I am a mother of a precious 3 year old with a disability. I’ve learned early on that I can’t be the mother that he needs without God’s intervention. I’m so thankful each day for God’s grace, favor, love.

  8. I love the captured heart necklace. I have three sons- two on Earth and one on heaven. I’d love a necklace with all three boys’ names. 🙂

  9. I love the let your light shine bracelet. because I don’t really let my light shine.

  10. I don’t own any of your pieces, but my theme piece would be
    “it is well with my soul”. That is truly my hearts desire.

  11. My middle son was born with a congenital heart defect. He is 31 years old and has survived 2 open heart surgeries. The day I handed him over to the anesthesiologist when he was 15 months old for his first surgery is the day I handed my life over to Christ. It truly was the turning point in my life. I have hearts all over my house that remind me daily that God is truly in control. With that being said, the “diamond in the rough” necklace truly speaks to me. But I just LOVE all your pieces. Blessings!

  12. Lisa,

    Definitely for me the “By Grace Alone” necklace fits my personal testimony… We are blessed with two beautiful little girls 8 and 5. Three years ago I miscarried my third pregnancy and again had another miscarriage on March 20 of this year… I am ready to move forward again. I can only do that “by grace alone”. I’d love to wear the necklace, while I’m in this season as HE is so very present and my life:)


  13. I am still learning more and more the truth of “by grace alone”… & humbled by the fact that I can’t do life without Jesus!

  14. Each one is beautiful and encouraging. I particularly encouraged by the “he calls the stars by name”. It reminds me to remember that the Lord’s plans are so much bigger and more glorious than my fears and worries, especially for my adult children whom are struggling with deep, difficult, daily battles.

  15. I love the “by grace alone” piece. As I have grown in my faith I am even more aware, every day, that it truly is only by His grace alone that I can be called a daughter of the Most High God!

    Thank you!

  16. I love the “be still and know” bracelet…what a constant reminder to worship, not worry, share Him, hope, be joyful, contemplate His beauty- all just from that phrase. Powerful.

  17. “By Grace Alone.” This speaks to me in so many ways in struggles I deal with in my own personal life. I’m desperately seeking forgiveness and am struggling with the path for me that will allow this. I take out my anger and frustration on my husband. I scream and cry in front of my two year old in moments of desperation and I can’t continue this path. I need to work this out within myself and for that, I walk “by grace alone.” I’m determined to forgive for myself, my family, and for my marriage.

  18. Your pieces all speak to me and I a huge admirer. Be still and KNOW probably speaks the loudest. With so many trials with health and employment and family in the last few years. Stress wants to creep in. This is a wonderful reminder and one that when worn- would also speak to others and be a constant reminder to me.

  19. I bought your ‘It is well with my soul’ necklace. My 89 year old mother always talks about this song. She keeps reminding me she wants it at her funeral. When I saw it, I purchased it for Mother’s Day. She was thrilled. She wears it all the time. it has very special meaning for her since she has lost my father, 2 of my brother’s, all her siblings and a best friend. And yet, it is well with her soul.

    Thank you for making that piece.

  20. “It is well with my soul”, is probably my favorite but they are all lovely and would make great gifts for friends and family. I bought a necklace from you a couple years ago for my daughter and she was so excited. Your talent is amazing.

  21. All of the little and great deaths we die……
    All of the dreams spent through the prism of “me” that were never His dreams for me
    The selfish “ism’s” of causes that I thought erroneously His “causes”
    Thanking Him everyday He never gives up on me and looks at me with loving eyes and doting heart
    His message of Calvary ever present before me…..

    Thank you for the reminder…..

  22. When we feel that all is falling down around us and know one sees us or even seems to care, we have to remember that the One who cares the most knows our name, knows our pain, knows every hair on our head. So definitely need the reminder that He calls the stars by name, how much more so does he know me and love me.

  23. “Be still and know” speaks to me because of the crazy rushed world that we all seem to live in keeps us on the go and our minds racing. I need the reminder to slow down and listen to God

  24. The diamond in the rough is the one that speaks to my heart the most. As a “good Christian girl” who wants to be everything to everyone all the time its a great reminder that that is not where my focus should be. Leaning on the one who made me and who is continuing His good work in me is a sweet reminder for my soul. Allowing me to breathe.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  25. “he calls the stars by name”, this piece speaks to me and helps me remember no matter where we are in life and how insignificant we may feel, we are important to our Father.

  26. The truth is, it is difficult to choose which one speaks to my heart the most. It depends on the day…
    Today, Be Still And Know is the one. I am struggling with seeing Him. In Prince Caspian, the fourth book of the Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy can see Aslan but none of the others can see him. Eventually all but Susan can see him. She wants to see him but she can’t. That’s where I am today.
    So I wait.
    Be still and know…

  27. I love love love the By Grace Alone piece because it’s only by God’s grace that’s I’ve been able to cope with some of the hardships of this life….as is most likely true for a lot of people. When I stop and think about it (and even when I don’t) God’s grace is truly awesome and amazing.

  28. On June 16, 2012 my husband of 23 years moved out and exactly one year later our marriage was officially ended, I didn’t want it to end. Through this long year when I have been scared and trying to run away God has impressed upon me to wait. So the “Be still and know” speaks to me.

  29. I love all of your jewelry and in particular the “be still and know” – it reminds me of the hymn my grandmother sang and I can hear her and my mothers voices singing in harmony… it brings tears of gratitude to my eyes, because I am blessed with a rich heritage of women who loved the Lord and served him well. I miss them.

  30. I love by grace alone..I wore it to church last night and my sis in law so admired it-I shared Lisa’s story and promised to forward the video link to her- I would love to win and give that necklace to her!! 🙂

  31. I love the “it is well with my soul” pendant. I need daily reminding not to worry, that I can’t add any more days to my life by worrying, that I need to rest in His promises and ability to take care of me through even the toughest of situations.

  32. “He calls the stars by name” really speaks to me. It reminds me of some song lyrics I love: He knows my name, He hears my every cry, He answers when I call. (Not exact, but you get the idea). Also reminds me of the DVD by Louis Giglio, “Indescribable” . And there’s another song based on a Psalm, “When I gaze in into the night sky and see the works of your fingers, oh what is man that you are mindful of him?” It’s a beautiful anthem–one of my all-time favorites!

    It is such a comfort to KNOW that God really does know everything about me and He not only numbers the stars, but calls them by name!

  33. He knows the stars by names”…… So He knows me, re- assuring that I’m not alone and gives me Hope! Thanks I love it….Gina F

  34. All of the necklaces have such a meaning behind them. I love them all. The one that stands though is “He calls the stars by name.” I have a son that was born healthy but got sick at 15 months and almost died. He now has special needs. I to questioned God “Why?” I don’t have any answers but God is in control and has blessed us through this situation (my son is now 19 years old). The necklace “He calls the stars by name” shows how intimate God wants to be with us. God Bless!

  35. I love the “by grace alone” necklace. Gods grace alone carried us when we lost our daughter to triploidy. We named her Savannah Grace which means abundant grace…Gods grace was our strength and was sufficient in our weakness.

  36. You work is just beautiful! I love the peice “by grace alone” I think I need to remind myself about that, every minute of every day… I feel so weak and only he can make me strong, by his grace alone.

  37. I agree with so many here who know your work as beautiful and encouraging! I would have to say “He calls the stars by name” would be a special one for me, as I love the night sky, and love the words where God told Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the stars…there is a star for me!

  38. The “Be still an know” necklace. When my 2nd child was born, in the choas of things, God whispered to me Be still and know that I am God. I still get choked up thinking about it all, so that’s why it has a special meaning to me.

  39. They are all beautiful and unique in their own way and touched me ……I can’t choose (sorry).

  40. Your necklaces have touched a chord in my heart, even more for my daughter than for me. After several years of battling rebellion, anorexia, depression, bad friendships, and self-harm, my daughter has given her life to Christ and is trying to think on truth each day. She often talks about herself as a broken person who is healing. The “diamond in the rough” necklace would speak to the change that God has made in her heart, or the “by grace alone” would remind her to think on God’s truth daily.

    I would love one of your necklaces for myself as well because of the work that God has done in my heart through these valleys, but if I am chosen, the necklace would go to my daughter as a reminder of what God has done and is doing in her.

    Thank you for using your trial to encourage others to focus on Christ!

  41. I have spent the last several days I have studied every necklace, bracelet and set of earrings available on Lisa Leonard website, trying desperately to pick one favorite piece to order! I can’t seem to get it narrowed down no matter how many times I try! From these pieces, the “by grace alone” so resonates with my soul. I have only been walking with the Lord for two years, and have struggled every day of those 24 months with letting go of my works-based mindsets. Just within the last few weeks I’ve realized that every aspect of my life, every decision, every accomplishment, every trial turned testimony, is only made possible by His grace alone. Redemption, healing, restoration, perseverance, strength, humility, friendship, marriage, peace, joy – – all perfected and made possible by His grace alone. Each day our feet hit the floor and we walk in to the world as beacons of His light we do so by His grace alone.

  42. I love so many of your pieces…..well done you for pursuing God amidst your pain…it shows in the simplicity and beauty of each piece.

    I would love to own any of the items but if I had to choose I think it would be wonderfully made…I would love to acknowledge that each time I wore it and each time someone commented on it….because it is truth…simple and utterably TRUTH.

  43. Lisa, just yesterday I was tearfully confiding to a friend that God has asked me to finally walk through and really deal with the grief I have supressed for so long for many different reasons. I told her how frightened I get when I start feeling the pain and how difficult it is for me to face it rather than swallow it back down to that place deep inside me. You see, within a few short months I lost my eleven month old son to a form of muscular dystrophy, my forty two year old mother and rock to cancer. I had to be strong as I had two children who needed a mommy and a husband who was often on the road leaving me a signle parent. I was twenty two years old………
    I thought all the ‘bad’ was behind me when at age 30, my husband dropped dead from a massive heart attack. This was more than I could handle. When the grief threatened to overwhelm me, I once more swallowed it back….afterall I had two children who needed me.
    Now I’m fifty six and still afraid to feel fully the pain that I carry in some dark place within me. As I was telling my friend how afraid I was of the pain, of the brokeness she revealed a word from God for me….”I am His Favorite”, His eyes are on me and out of my brokeness beuaty will arise. Your pendant reminding me that he named the stars affirmed this! Thank you for sharing your talent!

    • Susan,

      I can relate so much to that feeling. I lost my almost 30 year old son to heart failure 2 years ago, The grief from this overwhelming on it’s own, but 2 months to the day later my grandmother also passed. These grief’s brought so much past grief to the surface such as the passing of both my parents I thought I might drown. I was afraid to let myself cry for fear I would never stop. It wasn’t until I stopped fighting the grief, and fell in to my heavenly fathers arms that I have truly been able to say (and now wear the necklace almost daily) that it is well with my soul.

      I prayed for you today.

      In His Grace-

      • Bev, thank you for your reassurance that I can do this….I have counseled so many of my clients that grief undealt with is like a splinter that has healed over but not disappearred. Until it is dealt with and removed, regardless of the pain this entails it will fester and infect your life forever. Too bad that I haven’t, until now, taken my own advice. I am determined to walk through the pain so that I can finally heal. Thank you for your prayers. They are coveted!

  44. I am just simply thrilled with the amazing choice of beautiful ware and deep thoughts exposed on these pages – I DO feel that God is with me whether I wear ‘him’ around my neck or hand BUT also I am one to wear (as per my daily disposition) a little angel around my neck – a heart hidden on a simple necklace – or a tear tucked in a flower in my hair…. all is possible, all is permitted!
    Could I choose, it would have to be either the STAR ‘tag’ (He calls the stars by their name) or the ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL – I think ALL of your jewellery talks to me….
    In any case, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous and kind offer to your readers.
    Love, Kiki

  45. “By Grace Alone” is my favorite. It truly speaks to the season of my life that I am in now.
    Thank you for your words of encouragement…..

  46. “By grace alone” is echoing in my heart these days. I ponder the greatness and profound mystery in that truth. I cannot fathom His grace but I am wholly dependent on it.

  47. I have the ‘be still and know’ peuce and I love it. My husband and I have been waiting for the Lord to give us a baby for about five years now. I wanted the necklace to remind me that God is in control and I need to be still and wait on Him. I would love the ‘It is well with my soul’ piece.. Im also trying to learn to be ok with God’s plans and timing for my life. Love your jewelry Lisa!!

  48. The “by grace alone” piece speaks to my heart because it truly is by the grace of God that I am where I am today. It is only through His love and grace that I am able to make it through each day!!

  49. I’m new to (in)courage, and haven’t purchased any of these, but “by grace alone” is definitely my favorite. I’ve been learning how to lay aside certainty and rules and allow God to embrace me and fill my life and my relationships with grace.

    This is true salvation, being held by grace.

  50. I too have a child with a disability that was unexpected and completely overwhelming at first. I have a wood block (across from the toilet-so I see it often) that says, “Be still and know that I am God” and I hang on to that verse believing that my daughter, our family, our “Trip to Holland” is something ordained by our heavenly Father and instead of resisting and questioning His plan, that I am to just know HIm and trust HIm for all our needs and this journey on Earth.

  51. My favorite was “It is Well with my Soul,” for this hymn above all others echoes my heart. But today, “He calls the stars by name,” jumped out at me. Billions of stars, and He names each one. Billions of people, and He knows each one. In the sea of humanity, I often feel lost, forgotten, insignificant. But in my Father’s Kingdom, I am known. Called. Loved. Named. Thank you for “sharing your heart.”

  52. I am so moved by the gold Connected Hearts necklace. It is a sweet reminder to me that though my son now lives with Jesus in Paradise, our hearts are connected and we wil be together again one Glorious day!

  53. The “He cares for the birds of the air” necklace speaks volumes about my life. The Lord has provided for me in so many gracious ways as I home schooled my children, survived a traumatic divorce, and later was provided a wonderful husband. The Lord has allowed trouble and lack in my life so that I could see clearly His provision and love. How much more will He care for me? More than the birds of the air! He is my Jehovah-Jireh. I will never stop praising His name!

  54. There are many that speak to me, but since going through cancer, chemo, and going into remission, God has taught me that I am a “diamond in the rough”. I don’t understand why I had to go through that, but I am grateful because He has used it to deepen my faith, trust and dependency on Him. I know He will continue to use that valley to grow my faith and help others.

  55. I love all your pieces…and now that I know the story behind them beautiful artwork…I love them even more. My favorite is: “the truth is you are amazing”… I quickly see that in others, however I am reluctant to see it in myself. I need to be reminded of this TRUTH. Because of Jesus, I am amazing.

  56. Picking a favorite is hard, but I love the “Diamond in the Rough” necklace. It reminds me of one of my favorite verses: “He who began a good work in you will complete it…” It encourages me to remember that I’m a work in progress – God is not finished with me yet!

  57. Lisa –

    The piece I wear almost daily is “It is well with my soul” my daughter bought this for me with my son’s initial this last Christmas. It was 2 years ago we lost him to undiagnosed congestive heart failure.

    I would love the “be still” piece. I often find myself racing from project to project to keep busy. My husband reminds me often to take time out and just be still.

    I really love your pieces.


  58. Lamentations 3:22-23 is very powerful to me because I have learned through trials and hardships that it is only because of God’s grace and mercy every day that I am not consumed by them. I am drawn to your jewelry because each piece is a living testimony and therefore a conversation piece. Now that I know some of your story, it is even more beautiful!
    Therefore, I would pick the “daily grow in grace” necklace as my favorite simply because I rely on God daily…He is ever present. Never have I know that more than right now as I am in an unbelievable time. I also love flowers so that touch makes it extra special.
    Thanks for sharing your love and talent! Be blessed…

  59. The by grace alone necklace speaks to me in this season. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your heart and these beautiful treasures.

  60. Be Still and Know is probably my fav…but I also love by grace alone. Beautiful work! My adult child lost his/her way a few years back and I pray with all my heart they find their way back. This life can be so hard for a parent. I have faith that my adult child will be guided home.

  61. I love all of your beautiful work, but the one that speaks to my heart is the “Be still and know” necklace. I am in remission from a serious illness, and this is a constant reminder for me that God is always near, always by my side.
    Thank you, you are a blessing to all of us

  62. How exciting to know our Lord cares so much more for us than the stars, as we are made in His image!! With the stars being called by name how can I think any less of His care for me!?! How precious we are in His sight.
    With loving joy for all that you share……~Sandie

  63. Wow! All of Lisa’s jewelry ideas are awesome! My three favorites are “Grace alone,” “Be still and know,” and “Diamond in the rough.” Each piece speaks to different parts of my soul! Thank you for creating such unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry!

  64. Oh, the diamond in the rough is my favorite right now. The reminder of letting God shape and mold me in spite of being in this same place for years and years and years. That some of this, in fact all of this time has been about shaping me, not hurting me. And I’m again beginning to being open to his shaping….

  65. Lisa,

    The piece that moves me most is the heart necklace that says, “It is well with my soul.” I bought it as a gift for a friend who was in a valley time and wanted it to be a reminder that I was thinking of her and God is in control. I wanted to buy one for myself but did not. I have to sing the words to myself when I see that necklace and I so often need to be reminded that it is well, even when my circumstances are screaming something very different. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. Erin

  66. I love the Be Still and Know necklace. I have gone through a season of crisis with my teenage son, and the words of this psalm remind me of God and His sovereignty. Keeping in mind that nothing comes to me that has not been sifted and sorted through His hand, that everything in my life is either God ordained or God-allowed helps me to rest and KNOW that He’s got this!

  67. I wear my “It is well” necklace nearly every day and want to buy one for my sister but didn’t see it on you site when I looked the other day. Can I order one? And if I could choose one it would be “by grace alone”. I LOVE your work and the way God is using you for His glory! Thanks for being faithful!

  68. I love “God’s Heart for You” and “It Is Well…” Both are amazing reminders of my place and God’s place in my life. Beautiful jewelry.

  69. I was looking for a daily devotional and stumbled upon this one. I couldn’t choose just one piece. I haven’t seen them I’ve only read what others have posted. This is a season of uncertainty for my family. A season of selfishness, want, brokenness. A season of feeling lost, fighting to hold on to God when it seems he’s not there. I’ve just started hearing his voice again that still small voice. It seems life has needed to remind me of his grace, yo be still and know that by his power I’m allowed to live another day. I have been having physical problems which kind of drags my morale down in the dumps. I think that if you have one that is themed “the joy of the Lord is my strength ” that would be my favorite. Because I need my joy back.

  70. The piece that speaks to me is the Well with My Soul. I always had a love for that hymn, especially that my late high school band director had that hymn included in our competition show several times. Yes we played it at football games! Now that my faith has become stronger it has more meaning to me that he would think to play it no matter what people thought.

  71. “by grace alone”
    What peace is found in the verses, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. ~ Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV)
    What rest to know that nothing. No. Thing. So, that means I can try all I want, but nothing I do/think/feel saves me. It is just a-l-l Him!
    So (most ) of the days when I just feel I don’t/can’t/will never measure up, I can remember that it is not about me. It is all about HIM.
    Praise God for such complete, whole, utter, all-encompassing provision through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ!!! What a mighty God we serve!!!

  72. I am quite partial to the “by grace alone” necklace. I have a little pride i carry with me and this reminds me that who i am, what i do,, what i write is by the cross, His grace alone.

  73. First–Lisa, your jewelry is beautiful–and hearing your story behind the piece is neat. Second, the ladies thoughts above as to which piece resonates with them brings tears to my eyes. I’m very fortunate to own your piece, “together”, as one of the (in)courage group leaders, we received this as a gift–and it truly is a wonderful gift! But since we have to pick one that speaks to us, my pick would be “Be still and know”. This has been popping in front of me since January 2012 when I least expect it. I think God is trying to get it through my thick skull!!! In the (in)courage group I lead on depression, I have found I share that verse often!! Psalm 46:10a

  74. I love the Well with my Soul piece. It is one of my favorite hymns and brings such peace to my soul!

    Kim J

  75. I love the Be still and know. That is my favorite verse and He uses it often to still my mind when on overflow and my heart when it is overwhelmed. I find when I read that verse I just breathe. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.

  76. Dear Lisa,
    I really love the Daily Grow in Grace necklace because even though I’m 43, I’m still growing in his grace on a daily basis. I’m still learning to not only give my struggles to God but I’m learning to love myself. I have always thought so bad of myself but I’m learning to see myself as God sees me and not as the world sees me. It’s a work in progress BUT, I’m still Growing in Grace so I know I’ll be ok.

  77. He calls the “stars” by name. That statement took my breath away. There are lots of stars and if God calls them by name, how much more important am I to him. And he knows my name and he calls me friend. I guess I have been feeling a little like God has forgotten me lately (even though I know he hasn’t). This piece was comforting. He knows my name as well…and I am not a star or any level, but I am His friend and he is my Lord. The is No Other Name above that of Jesus by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

  78. By grace alone is definitely a reminder I needed today. With a new baby and chasing a toddler I end each day oh so tired. It’s nice knowing that Jesus is beside me working His plan each step of the way. He is my strength!

  79. Your pieces are truly stunning. I can totally relate to the struggles. This year has been one of many serious struggles for me as well – loads of them health related. And every step of the way I see how in my weakness He is strong. Praise our wonderful Creator and Father God and our Savior Jesus and the Holy Spirit that so inspires me.

  80. Calls the stars by name speaks to me most because I know God loves me but sometimes it feels like I haven’t been a good daughter and so he might be mad at me or something. This verse reminds me that he sees me, he knows me inside and out and he loves me and never forgets me.

  81. I love them all!! My favorite is BY GRACE ALONE & THE MENDED HEART piece.

  82. Such beautiful pieces. I am starting over raising two boys who are now two and three y/o after raising two kids who are now grown. I know this is by grace alone at my age to do anything, but I also have in the past tried desperately to be good enough and try harder. I many times made a mess by trying harder rather than trusting in the Lord to do the work, and me learning to love more through Him. I have to trust the Lord is continuing to change me into His image and likeness so I am able to do the work He has called me to do.

    By Grace Alone and the diamond in the rough are the pieces that speak to me right where I am in my life and I will need to continue to be.

    Lisa, you are gifted and are anointed to be able to take your experiences and turn them into works of art that speak to our hearts, and portray the Lord’s heart for us.



  83. Seeing the “He calls the stars by name” necklace brings tears and represents so much of what my own journey, brokenness, and God’s love means in the midst of it. After losing my eighteen year old son, Thomas, in a tragic car accident several years ago, I too, (even as a woman of faith with a ministry) questioned God’s plan. That Christmas I had a dream of a night sky filled with stars. In the dream, I was crying. My eyes focused one bright star as it began to move. When it did, I heard my son’s voice say, “Mom, I just sent you a star.” There is much more to the story, which became an article for HomeLife Magazine… the beginning of what would become a full writing career. Stars mean so much to me…and to my daughter, Kelly. We exchange a “star gift” each Christmas in memory of Thomas. I also registered two stars in the star registry, one with Thomas’ name and one with my daughter, Kelly’s name–another reason the scripture is especially meaningful to me. Thank you for this beautiful creation. ~Susan Duke

  84. this is the first time I’ve seen any of Lisa’s creations! the one which speaks to my condition this particular moment is “He calls the stars by name”. God the Father and His Son, and Spirit KNOW each of us. We only share our name with those closely connected to us. We aren’t some “hey, you!”….. this name-knowing encompasses so very much intimacy, and includes the daily details of which God is truly involved ! Needing reminded of that daily , is my position ! Hallelujah. Thank you for sharing your gifts of beauty and truth.

  85. The words that speak to me are “Be Still and Know” and “But for the Grace of God” but I am a large size lady who usually wears larger size jewelry…

    Would you be making any bigger pieces for us bigger gals in the future?

    They are all wonderful phrases and I think it is an awesome gift that you get to share with the world.

    God Luck!

  86. By God’s grace, I am still alive, healing and becoming stronger. He placed me in the hands of wonderful family and friends, pastors and support groups after the sudden and devastating death of my husband, a devastating near death illness of my own, in which I couldn’t walk unaided afterwards and also the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I wonder what else may be coming down the pike for me – but I also have to trust God. I believe that he already has, and will continue to, use all of my experiences for something amazing to help others. Your “By Grace Alone” piece speaks to me, as does the “Diamond in the Rough” one, as well.

  87. So beautiful. The piece that speaks to me is ”he calls the stars by name”. I love the verse in Isaiah that says ”fear not, for I have redeemed , I have called you by name. You are mine.” So thankful he knows us inside and out and has a perfect plan for each of us!

  88. HELLO, I do love the work you do and the simplicity of it. I believe that the piece I would choose is ”By God’s Grace”.
    I’m here on a journey through life.I have to depend on God 24/7,for strength
    to my body,to live out each day.I don’t want to bore you with details,but believe me, It is ”By God’s Grace that I’m still here. God’s grace is ALL I NEED.
    Thank You, Marta

  89. I love ‘He calls the stars by name’. It’s a reminder that when I forget who I am, He doesn’t, and He knows me by name and loves me anyway! All of your jewelry is really nice, so it was hard to choose just one favorite !

  90. i love the “well with my soul” piece! That hymn has been a constant source of comfort throughout my life and was played at my mom’s funeral 10 years ago.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. The one that speaks to me is “by grace alone” because it reminds me of Ann Voskamp’s book, 1000 gifts, and the journey that I’ve been on for the past few years. It is by God’s grace that I am one of his children, that I am forgiven, that I am blessed with so many gifts, that I am able to be used by him, that I can depend on his strength for each new day, that I am able to take my next breath and do my next task. By grace alone!!

    I will also say that I really like the “be still and know,” but I would rather have it without the crown on top. The crown speaks to me of kingship and lordship, but I associate being still with mountains, rivers, rocks, or the Bible….places to go and be quiet before God.

    Thank you! we’re tight on $ right now, but I will keep these in mind for when I can spend–maybe for Christmas!

  92. It Is Well With My Soul … my favorite hym and a reminder that everything can seem wrong but my soul can still be at peace. A lesson I’ve been learning since February 2012.

  93. Must I choose? I’m so glad you share your heart, Lisa. Your work speaks with so much love. When I saw that middle piece–“He calls the stars by name”, my heart skipped a beat. Yes. Just wonderful truth about our God.

  94. I love these pieces and that they have a story behind them. I’m a sucker for such things (having even commissioned some jewelry for myself with meaning ‘behind’ it). I relate to both the ‘by Grace alone’ and the ‘stars’ pendants. (Must i really choose?!) I have CFS and mild fibro – constant reminders that I simply cannot do life on my own. My eldest son has Asperger’s and I daily have to remind myself that God made him the way he is – on purpose. That although I get (too easily) frustrated with him, God knows all about it and has a plan. I love that these necklaces are more than something pretty. They really do have an extra layer of ‘special’ as well.

  95. I love your By Grace Alone necklace. So often I beat up harshly on myself for the mistakes I’ve made. I’m trying to learn to rest in God’s grace!

  96. I have the By Grace Alone pendant. My testimony is I was so needy and inadequate, but God saw me and redeemed me. Since then He keeps giving me opportunities and resources to grow. Only by His grace I am richer than I was. I like the Diamond in the Rough necklace also because there is more to develop and I am still in the rough stage.

  97. By Grace Alone speaks to me. I have had a very hard three years. Financially and emotionally with my teenagers. My daughter had gotten into trouble with some underage substance abuse for the second time and so much was at stake as we made our way to court. We could loose the ability to secure financial aide for college. She could loose scholarships. this mistake could cost her so much. In my mind I could only hear the word Grace just constantly going through my mind I knew at that moment we would be given grace. Clearly not because she deserved it, because she did not. But I know that our sweet Lord took pity on this praying mother and offered this family Grace!! And yes we walked out with a small fine and a promise of good behavior for year which we have accomplished. Grace, the Lords most gracious gift he gives right after his love which of course is the greatest gift.

  98. I love the “by grace alone” necklace. I lost my 2nd child at 19 days of age because he had no adrenal glands and therefore no immune system that worked. It has been His grace that has kept me through years since then. Lisa is a very talented designer. God bless your ministry.

  99. I LOVE the “by grace alone” necklace. I too have a child with special needs (behavioral and psychiatric) and a while ago during I time that I was really down and crying out to God I heard the Holy Spirit say to me “It’s all about grace”. I am still working on giving and receiving grace daily! 🙂 “By grace alone” is also one of Luther’s 3 foundational beliefs and I am a Lutheran. Your work is just beautiful Lisa, you are a blessing!

    Kelly in Columbus, OH

  100. I like all the designs but the top two would have to be “stars” (what an awesome God we serve) and “be still”. How often do I need to stop and remember who he is…and who I am in Him. We get so caught up in the busy and forget to focus on what’s eternal. The crown is symbolic to me, too…I love the “keep calm and carry on” poster for that reason. Keep calm because He’s in control and carry on in the work of encouraging those He’s put in my path; remember that He is on the throne and we are called to further the Kingdom. How amazing that our stories are part of His Story. 🙂

  101. The grateful necklace speaks to me, I’m learning to be grateful and content in ALL things. Sometimes finding contentment is such a struggle in our world where we’re constantly shown so many things we ‘need’ to have … and deciding in my heart to be content and grateful is hard but necessary work!!

  102. All your pieces are so beautiful, it’s hard to pick a favorite! But the “by grace alone” resonates with my soul the most.

  103. Thank you Lisa for sharing “by grace alone,”

    In 1994 my 3rd and last child was born. Her middle name is Grace. I chose Grace because really it was my simple prayer. I knew that it would be by His grace alone that I would be able to raise these three precious children to know Him personally and to follow Him passionately on their own in their adult years. Little did I know how much of my heart that it would express through the years as each day I faced my own brokenness.

    Upon her birth I was living overseas as a missionary, but my husband had been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since the beginning of my pregnancy with our 2nd child (a girl now 22, middle name -Joy. She was our joy that year). During my third pregnancy I had been in a Bible Study on Deuteronomy and the Lord seemed to say to me that I was deep in a wilderness much like the Israelites and it would be a long walk out. Oh, how I needed His grace in my brokenness.

    Also at the time I didn’t know it, but my oldest (a boy now 24) would later be diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when he was in 3rd grade. When these special kids hit puberty, things really get rocky. He is doing well now, but those Middle School and High School years were truly rough.

    2 Years after our son’s diagnosis, my husband left me and it was primarily me who would raise these three beautiful children. My youngest was just in kindergarten. I was blessed to be able to lead each of my children in a prayer to invite Jesus into their hearts, each at an early age. Through the years In my brokenness, in my depression and in my weakness I have made it through every day “by His grace alone”.

    Today, my oldest is 24 He dropped out of High School and passed the GED in order to participate in a youth ministry that went around to school assemblies presenting a message based on Biblical principles that encouraged students to make wise choices. He has been working full time in an office for over three years now and moved out into his own apartment a year ago. My middle daughter just graduated from a Christian University with honors, in the theology department with an emphasis in Missions. She is heading to Romania for three months this fall. And my youngest daughter is about to begin her 2nd year at a Christian University studying graphic design. She has a heart for worship but is having a very difficult time with the transition to college life and is currently learning to live each day “by grace alone.”

  104. By grace alone, I trust this great big God of mine. Knowing every day that I am certainly more valuable to Him than the stars. Living confidently each day that He knows my name too. Thankful that He sees the true beauty of my soul and not my wounded humanity that conceals it many days.

    Diamond in the rough! Will need to put that on my “want list”.
    Thank you Lisa.

  105. They are all so lovely and filled with such beautiful and rich meaning!

    Of these, I love “He calls the stars by name”. There is such comfort in knowing He cares so much about the details of His creation.

  106. I love the “it is well with my soul” necklace. After struggling to have a child with no success, I have finally turned a corner within the last year. I know who God is, and I know that my identity is found in Him and being a Christ follower, not in whether or not I am a mom. I can truly say…….I am content with my life & it is well with my soul. Thanks be to God 🙂

  107. I am a diamond in the rough. He’s testing me recently all of the time with my health. I have bad knees from my long years of standing as I am a traffic control flagger. And now speech is slurred. I have no idea what that’s about. I was taking Xyngular products when that came about. So stopped taking them til I get to an M.D. I have no medical insurance at the present time. Have to go to a Dr. next week as my knee is giving out on me now. I like the By Grace Alone necklace.
    I know Jesus is here with me, but it is really hard to believe right now.

  108. I love all of your jewelry! In March we lost our 29 yr old son to cancer, by God’s grace alone we are making it through the grieving, as we made it through the long months while he fought cancer. But my word this year was JOY and then on one of my darkest days after Bill died I was taking a walk and found a purple plastic cancer bracelet that said HOPE. My hope is in the LORD. Also love the Be Still and Know. and to know He calls the stars by name and now my son is with Him. It would be so hard for me to choose…they would all have special meaning.

  109. Hi, I came across your website through Angie Smith’s blog. I found out tonight that my (almost) sister-in-law had a miscarriage. I was trying to find something that I could give to her to show her that I might not know what she is going through, but I do know that she had a sweet baby that isn’t going to come in to this world. That I love and miss that sweet niece or nephew too. I think the Amore necklace or Diamond in the Rough Necklace would be perfect to give to her.

  110. I love your story and all the jewelry that it has inspired. Like everyone else I think By Grace Alone says it all, but the diamond in the rough is me. God is working in my life everyday and I am seeing what he does when I share with others. Having the pearl along with the diamond just reminds me that we are all gems in God eyes, precious in His sight.
    thank you for sharing your story Lisa.

  111. By Grace Alone is my favorite because God met me in such a special way when our 15-year-old son died and my life was changed in ways I could never have expected. I love Jesus more than ever before and I know it was His Grace Alone that brought me through this. He’s a giver and not a taker! I actually felt His tangible grace that very day and it’s unforgetable!!

  112. Your work is so real. By grace alone do we all get through the many hurdles we encounter in our journey called life. My daughter , Beth who is 33 and has special needs is the joy of my life. She touches so many lives with her smile and infectious laugh, and I truly feel close to God when I am with her. In her own simple way she spreads the gospel just by being who she is everyday. God places these special people in our lives for a reason and we are so blessed that He does. Many blessings on your inspirations!

  113. My favorie among all my favorites would be ” It is well with my soul”, as I have seen God’s hand touch my spirit throughout my life and know He loves me as much as I need HIM.

    I too have a disabled daughter, turning 39 years old this September. By His Grace, Mercy, Love and Presence in our lives, instead of asking “Why me?” , I thank Him each day for choosing me !! I knew at the moment I chose to continue with my pregnancy that He would never leave us nor forsake us. Difficult times, yes, but never alone.

    Believe me Lisa, with God ALL things are possible. Coninued blessings.


  114. “Diamond on the rough” … Looking in the window of my life It would seem a chaotic mess. Having suffered from incest as a 4 yo old, being rejected by my father until his accidental death at an early age, tragic death of my dearest friend at 16, divorce, remarriage to only lose that husband to suicide after 16 yrs of marriage, my daughter becoming a mom at 15 and me raising that child as my own, many health and financial problems…. But I see it not as mess but as the flow of life molding me while God shines me up and makes me not rough but smooth shiny – like a diamond!!

  115. I love how God is so Large and in charge…and still desires a relationship with little me;) I think the when i look at stars I realize how very large God is…so the stars pendant looks like my heart;) thanks for sharing

  116. “Wonderfully made”…love that necklace you’ve created. My hubby & I have been blessed with 3 daughters, & this is something that God continues to remind not only me, but a truth that needs spoken to our girls as well. Encouraged that we are “fearfully & wonderfully made” in His image. Wouldn’t want it any other way!

  117. ~ I love your jewelry creations. “by grace alone” is my favorite, as I’ve been on a grace journey the past several years. God has been teaching me about His wonderful grace and setting me free from the bondage of self-righteousness, worry, shame and fear. His grace assures me of my value and identity in Him. I’m grateful for the freedom and security that his grace and salvation provide.

  118. My mom passed away back in March and one of the songs that was sang was It is well with my soul, which is one of my favorite songs. I then saw on your web page It is well with my soul necklace and fell in love with it. My mom had lived with us for four years after my dad passed away and I know she was ready to go Home to be with our Heavenly Father, so this necklace reminds me of her.

  119. “It is well with my soul” is one of my very favorite songs, so I would pick that one!

  120. Your story, your jewelry are remarkable. I should own one of each of your creations so I could choose a different one for each day of the month as each touches a different place somewhere in my heart. How can human hearts be so broken and confused? I thought mine could not hurt as bad again as when my baby son died so long ago but not true. Yet I read the stories listed here and my heart reaches out to others and I am lifted and reminded not to dwell on me. I pray for them. The world is brighter. God is always right. “Be Still and Know That I Am God.”

  121. By grace alone has become a theme song for me in the last few years. I am really aware that by the grace of God go I. I too am the mother of a mildly disabled son, and another son just a year older. Both have faces some struggles of late as they are becoming more independent. When I am tempted to despair, I remember some of the other young people I know and the struggles they are going through. I realize the hand of God on my sons and all that He has saved them from. Praise God that He does know us my name and is acquainted with our struggles! He is with us, ladies!! He is with our children!

  122. Dear Lisa,

    I love the fact that every piece of jewellery is a witness to what you have experienced of Him! By Grace Alone is my favourite…..’cos apart from that I could not have made it thus far. I became a grandma this year and as I reflect on my journey as a Christian [39 years now!] I can truly say “by Grace alone”!!
    I live in the Island Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean and though oceans divide us as a woman of God I feel so connected and thank God for using you to bless others!


  123. I too love that little necklace ‘Diamond in the Rough’ pretty much sums up my life….in the rough….but God sees beyond and continues to work in my life, and smooths out the rough edges and one day I will stand before Him and be Amazed at all He is and has done!!!
    Blessings to you in your journey 🙂

  124. I love the heart one (the diamond in the rough)! It really shows how God makes us all unique, and also His protection over us, LOVE it! 🙂

  125. They all speak to my heart. To choose one would be very difficult. I suffer from bipolar and I am having a very difficult time right now. In fact my husband is on FMLA so he can be with me during this difficult time. I know more then anything that God will see me through and that he loves me……a broken mess…….but he loves me!

  126. “By Grace Alone” is my favorite. God gave me 2 Cor. 12:9 as my life verse during a very difficult time.

  127. Wouldn’t know which one to choose but permit me to share my present situation. I have prayed to fall in love and experience that good feeling. Two years ago, I was in a trance and saw a man who was also praying for love. He looked alot older so I begged God against it. Two months ago, I meet a man whom I now recall that I was speechless on our first meeting. Without wasting much time, he said he knew I was his and wanted a relationship with me. He was obviously in love with me as even birds could tell as they flew past. I noticed every thing around me is changing , I guess it’s love. Each time i fall deeper in this, I remember that he has three children. He is a divorcee although he never got married in church. I have been encouraging him to go back to the other woman but he says it was a horrible relationship despite all his effort to make it work. I don’t know the woman’s side of the story but don’t know if she is making efforts to build that relationship back. This holds my lips from even muttering the word “yes” each time he pleads to spend the rest of his life with me. Guess I felt sharing this in an unknown territory will help release this burden. Will love to carry around these words ” show me the way Lord, lead me through your will”

  128. “He calls the stars by name” That verse has really ministered to me in the past few months. I love it!

  129. What a beautiful testimony you have.And you creating beautiful pieces that shine Him wherever people wear them. If I could…………..probably the heart right now.Have gone through so much……………some of my own doing…………the last……….fooled again by a man I was going to marry……..I hope to one day find a truly Godly man that God will bring into my life…………but, I know He is remolding me so I can truly focus on my ONE true love and noone can ever take His place in my heart or life! Break on Lord…………break on…………..I am yours for the making!

  130. I have always loved your comments that although you have problems you have given all over to the Lord. I have many things on my mind and you have really helped me restore my faith and not slip into negativity. May God bless you and your son and please keep helping all of us who read your comments and listen to your faith that our faith may sustain us. Even at 63 we don’t have everything figured out I realize that, but I still believe in God and pray that he will watch over me help me be wise and a good mother. I have a son 27 who has Epilepsy. I surrender our worries to God that he may be with us. I love all your jewelry but the one that has touched me most lately is the “He calls the stars by name.” That is really important.

  131. I love your “Dream God sized Dreams) bracelet and I wish it was in a necklace too! I am a single 28 year old and when I was 26 and in graduate school I began the process of adopting a little girl I worked with since she was 2. I fought across state lines, put my heart on the line and emotions out the window. So many people told me I was crazy to adopt as a young single person but this was definitely a God sized dream and God inspired. Now we are a family and I know it was all worth it!

  132. I too, have a son born with disability. Nearing 11 years this August he was born after suffering a stroke in the womb. (our first born). His struggles are huge in the cognitive, processing, everyday world stuff – from learning disabilities, to a very “glitchy” brain, that struggles processing basic things a person processes in a day. But His God is way HUGER! I particularly LOVE your piece “He calls the stars by name” – as this journey has given us such a gift in seeing how God uses disability to TRULY display, what a creative, sovereign, all powerful and in control God He truly is! In spite of his struggles, I have the privilege of seeing Isaac at this age, REALLY walk in confidence because HE knows His value is in Christ alone, who created him, orchestrates everyday of his life. Isaac’s nursery we prepared was covered in blue “STARS”. We did not know if he would come home to that star filled nursery as he was limp, seizures and placed on a ventilator for his first days of life. God literally breathed life back into our son, we are grateful for each day we have been given. In his album a picture sits of Isaac in the NICU, with the caption: A Star is Born – I would wear that necklace with great tribute to a GREAT & MIGHTY GOD – and use it to share His faithfulness with all who see.

    • I read the story of your son Lisa – very, very, touching. I wanted to share this , as God gave me these words to write as a sum up of Isaac’s life.
      Hot August night, the prognosis is grim
      In man’s understanding the “chances” are slim
      Covered in prayer, God was with him there,
      in the darkness of the womb,
      in his struggle for life –
      Nobody knew what God would do
      Give it to Him – He would see it through
      Baby boy born limp and cold
      Didn’t know what the future would hold
      Crying, praying, submitting it all
      Trusting in the Lord for the impossible
      Waiting, trusting, God was there
      He gave us peace only He could give
      Wondering and waiting, would baby live?
      Tubes, machines, and sweet whispers in his ear
      stroking his head, God was still near
      “Jesus Loves Me” mom and dad daily sang to their son
      Believing in God to continue the work He had begun
      Healing, first cries, and breaths on his own
      “your baby lives” the doctors told
      A miracle God has performed
      He chose Isaac to stay with us longer
      Through it all God continues to make this family stronger!
      Glory to You Jesus!

  133. Bev@ walking with God-you are not alone I am in the same boat! It was a blessing to read your post and to know that I am not alone!

  134. Amen! By Grace alone we are make righteous in Him, this is an undeserved,unmerited favor from God. You are God child by name which he called.
    And be bless for you are not alone. Amen,

  135. I like the “faith, hope, love” necklace. It makes me smile, and feel at peace.
    Thanks for giving us this chance to receive a piece of your jewelry. God is blessing us through your talented hands.

  136. I love the “by grace alone” necklace because I know that it is by God’s Grace that I have survived several traumatic events. To those few who know what I experienced, they have often asked how I made it through…my reply has always been “by the Grace of God.”

  137. “By Grace Alone” is my favorite saying. God’s Grace is amazing….this we “know”….we hear it, we sing it, but when we realize how it has worked in our lives it transcends even its description! Amazing doesn’t even cover what His Grace is….He is the One and Only Redeemer who took me from the desolate road I had wandered to and delivered me back on the road He had intended all along. His love and Grace never fail me….even when I felt alone I realize He was there waiting for me to cry out and accept what He had to offer me….from that day forward I have never looked back, nor down….but up!

  138. “By Grace Alone” speaks to my heart. I have struggled with anxiety since this past December when my husband lost his job. I haven’t told anyone about this except my husband. There have been moments when I despaired of even life. Praise be to God that through His Word and my husband I have began the road to recovery. I still struggle daily but I know that God’s grace is enough. I have no reason to fear.

  139. It is well with my soul. This is my husbands favorite hymn and I know he would love to see me wearing a necklace that shows how he feels. As I looked through your line so many pieces spoke volumes as a family we know recently lost their young daughter and she is now with Jesus.

  140. Hi,

    I’m from the Philippines and I love your items, how can purchase? Thank you! Your sharing has been an inspiration. God bless you more! 🙂