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Megan writes about faith, family, and natural living at where she invites you to take off your shoes and stay awhile.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Thank you so much for bearing your heart! I’m so sorry you were not feeling your best when I’m sure all you wanted was to entertain, surround yourself with familiar voices and loving arm touches. Like myself, an extrovert 😉 And your home sounds so dreamy!! I’m heading over to your blog now! …

  2. Sounds like you have have a wonderful husband to be so persistent with you. And like Deb, the house sounds incredible! Thank you. I just moved into my house and I am looking for ways to branch out. We are trying a new church this weekend!!!!!

  3. I spent most of last year really sick after a terrible surgery. One afternoon, two friends came over and made smoothies (that was all I could hold down). We played Skip Bo and watched a movie. I needed them and didn’t know it….

    Your post reminded me of how they loved me…

    Your husband sounds like a keeper. 🙂

  4. That’s a great husband you have. This sounds like something mine would do, although I giggle imagining him knowing how to whip cream (it’s never as restful when you have to give instructions, huh?).

  5. Beautiful… and I remember well that Green… what a blessed woman to have such a giving and serving hubby! Sounds a lot like mine! Loved this post… and I am loving this book!

  6. Megan … Loved your post. Our first home was an old mill house we bought & remodeled. It had that “square” design. Old creaky wood floors. We loved it so much. Heading to your blog!
    Dawn- Can’t wait to read the rest of your post on the Supper Club. Heading there next. I would love to start a supper club. My parents use to do a progressive dinner with friends in their Sunday school, such fun! And I reeeeeally like how y’all called this “A Second Helping”. Clever! 😉

  7. Oh, I can so relate to this! I would get so sick every time I was pregnant and eating and cooking (let alone entertaining) was such a challenge. In our case, my husband is the extravert, but I’m grateful for how he kept things going…and people coming…during those “green months”. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

  8. I loved this post. My husband has that same gift of hospitality. He actually learned to cook when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had that lovely combination of nausea and exhaustion. Supper would have been takeout for months had he not stepped in. It was one of the most loving ways he took care of me. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  9. That’s a good husband. I am so glad you didn’t starve during your pregnancy because I know how being really sick can make it unbearable to do anything for yourself. I remember sitting with you at Blissdom 2 years ago and how you just light up a conversation. I felt like I’d known you forever. Anyone can practice hospitality, but some people really shine in it, and you’re one of those. I’d have you at my table any day.

  10. Megan,
    I loved your story of company tending you in community being a huge helping of healing for you during your sequestered time even if you couldn’t stomach morsels of food. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing your story here.

  11. “But more than that, I learned that even in the moments of life when we most resist it, the moments we’re sure we can’t bear it, that there is hope and healing and life and light to be found around the table in the company of those we love.”
    Oh Megan, this beautiful line made me tear up…in my case, it’s introversion and social anxiety, rather than pregnancy-induced nausea, that makes me really have to drag myself sometimes to the table–in my case, others’ tables, in order to receive their generous hospitality. I don’t think i’ve ever regretted going once i’ve gone, though–others have blessed me by pulling me out of myself (whether they meant to or not!) and letting me know of the goodness in the world. Like you, i am blessed to have a husband who is a partner in that process. It sounds like your dining room is a very special place. 🙂

  12. Oh how I have lived the morning sickness- 6 times, in fact, but some of my most favorite memories around the table have been born in my moments of being dragged to the table. The casseroles and fruit and desserts and bags of ice that have been delivered to my doorstep, served by my friends and family, and then brought to me on a tray make me smile even now.
    Love your post, friend~ thank you for sharing!

  13. Ms. Megan, I LOVE this!!! “Our family, our friends, our neighbors, our pastors … all of them came and offered their company to keep me from starving.” That’s it. I’m starving for community!!! Thanks you for the ah ha moment.