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Anne Taylor is a lover of stories. Through writing, blogging, and community outreach, she strives to help people live life with intention and joy, and equip them with the resources they need to share their passions and stories with others to help make a better world. Anne is a writer,...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I so get this! I just started running and it is amazing the parallels with the Christian life. My strength comes from Him because in myself, I am weak. Every breath I breathe comes from the Word of God because everything else is worthless. Let’s talk about grace! Some days the best I can do is carve out the time and walk the 3 miles. That’s the grace I’ve been given that day and God is there! Running doesn’t solve problems but it helps me focus on the One who makes all things new and has prepared good works for me to do!

  2. Right now I feel side lined by a bum knee and aching rotor cuff on my right shoulder. It’s all the results of a fall during a dark, moonless night. I’m bearing the results of this fall for over six months and kicking myself for the consequences. Yet, in all this aftermath, I find that I have been forced to turn to God in a way like never before. Your experiences and now mine confirm that only God can bring something new and positive in my life when I’m healing and finding His direction to start writing in a serious way.

  3. Anne,

    Congratulations on doing the half-marathon–that is my dream one day. Why do we, especially as women, try to fix things on our own. Why can’t we stop and ask for help–do we think it makes us weak? All the time God is waiting there for us to come to Him and ask.

    I find it cathartic when I exercise. I usually either walk, run, or lift weights. Each time I have some music on and really try to push myself. Lately my goal has been 10 walking miles a day, although I usually on do about 5-7 miles.

  4. I drove home from my grief group and just bawled on the way home, deeply aching, telling God that I just can’t live this same life anymore and to please help me and lead me in a new direction. My life was literally wrecked after my husband died. That was the bookend, that was when my life had headed south. Our very new business, our life together, our house, our dog – just gone. The stress nearly killed me and I spent days in the hospital and then I was diagnosed with cancer a few months later. I know this has made me stronger but I’m just done. Your words resonate with me in a very big way, as I have tears in my eyes as I read it. I’m just so tired and I need some of God’s peace. Thanks for letting me vent. I know that God will use these experiences for something good, I hope.

  5. I, too, have felt the parallels with running. Running was my quiet time with God (oh, I should probably get back to that someday)… whenever I felt like I could no longer go on, I always felt God pushing me forward, moving my legs, breathing for me, keeping me going. This is a lovely post!