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Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus. A blogger, author, and co-author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, she’s currently writing The Complicated Heart, a book for broken-hearted lovers of Jesus. Learn more at @thecomplicatedheart on Instagram or...

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    • I used to feel the same way, the extrovert thing. I mainly felt that way because of the scripture about being gentle and quiet, but then I read the Greek and realized the meaning is not to be literally quiet but to have a quiet, peaceful soul, to be tranquil in the inner parts, trusting in God. Changed my world. 🙂

      • I’m so GLAD that you said that about being gentle and quiet. God definitely did NOT make me that way, and I have felt like I needed to change who he made me to fit that. Thank you, Sarah Mae! I swear, you and I were cut from the same cloth! This article hits the nail on the head!

  1. Interesting read this morning! I’ve never considered having to give up my unique personality traits, style, etc. in order to follow Christ. Do I have to remind myself to “die to self” by giving up my perceived rights and the sins that I default to when I’m not abiding? Yes, every second of the day I have to intentionally seek God in order to do that.

    But the things that make me truly me? The passions I have (whether it’s my talents, style, sense of humor, taste in music, etc.) are a gift from God. They make me His unique child, and I think He is pleased when he sees me enjoying the very things He gave me a passion for….

  2. Thank you for painting this beautiful picture. I love it! Such a soul sweet thing to read first thing in the morning. I agree, sometimes I have it down but a lot of the time I am looking all around, comparing who is the better swimmer, or gasping for breath, or even at worst just letting the water take me under. I love those sweet times of just letting His current take me and I stop trying so hard to do it myself and stop fighting His grace. It’s so refreshing to know someone else is learning the same way! Love your sweet spirit. You are a treasure!

  3. Oh how I have struggled with this very thing most of my life. That I had to change the Me to become what I thought was how Jesus wanted me to be. I love the pic. of woven together by God.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  4. This is beautiful Sarah Mae! I so get this!
    I remember standing in praise and worship at church one day and feeling a little silly about my excitement and expression of praise. God spoke to me in that moment and said “I love anything you do that is silly because that is YOU.” It was such a freeing thought. My quirks are me and I can be okay with expressing them just as I am okay with expressing the “proper” me. Since that moment and that revelation life has become so much more fun for me! Where the spirit of The Lord is there is freedom – freedom to be all He created and redeemed us to be!

  5. Amen! We are so much MORE ourselves when we put on Christ. And it’s good to be silly and laugh and throw ourselves head-first into that ocean, because in Him, we are free and safe and dangerous and loved. I love your words, and your sweet heart — and your sweet Caroline! 🙂

  6. All I can say is “Wow!” and “Thank you!” This has been an area I have been conflicted with for many years and I have been growing in this year. My text for this year is 2 Corinthians 5:17. I am letting God in, to create a new me! It is important to me that people still see me but see more.
    Love and Prayers!

  7. Please forgive me for not ‘understanding’ the ‘wearing Him’??? For some reason I am missing something? Wear? Can someone help explain this further? Thank You and Blessings to you….

    • Galatians 3:27 “And all who have been united with Christ…. have put on Christ, like putting on new clothes.”
      And Ephesians 4 talks about taking off our old sinful nature and putting on our new nature in Christ.
      I think of “wearing” Christ as a directive that He be seen. And that He covers me. And that He enhances me. When people see me-He is obvious in me, a filter for my thoughts, words and actions.
      I am still me, but a better me, lavished by being clothed in the Son of God! <3

  8. I love this! I am a bit of an introvert and have sorta felt like I need to “push” through that to be able to witness loudly and proudly to others and the thought scares me to death. But as I grow more in my walk with God and learn more about my passions and who He made me to be, I’ve begun to realize I don’t have to be that person proclaiming Jesus’ name from a soapbox or with a megaphone. God has given me talents to share my faith in the ways most genuine for me.

    I’ve been floundering for a while but recently, I asked God to help me swim and help me flow along His current and help me to see that He will meet my needs on a day-by-day basis and I have rarely felt so calm and assured in my life. I’m a huge worrier, big-time overanalyzer, but yet I put my trust in Him on a daily basis to get me through whatever I need to go through on that day and I no longer feel like a stressed out crazy person. 🙂

  9. What about when you have a passion, conviction, dream to do something – like a calling or career – but the circumstances don’t allow for it? Does that mean you should deny yourself those? Even when the motives are pure and good? For instance, the desire to be a SAHM or a work-at-home mom or a writer? Is that “my cross to bear” that these aren’t fulfilled even though I feel like they’re from God? I’m struggling with this!

  10. I really enjoyed this piece. I have been giving this concept a lot of thought lately since I occasionally find myself not really fitting into the “perfect, Christian woman” box. Thanks so much!

  11. Thank you. That is almost all I can say.
    This touched me grately. So powerful and honest.
    “He is asking us to be who He created us to be.”
    Thank you. I have been struggling through what less of me and more of Him truly looks like. So thank you for this. I think I will have to reread this over again and again.

  12. Oh, my, this is beautifully done! YES – this is such a central truth and one we so often do.not.get. Thanks for this fine thinking and lovely writing.

  13. This is beautiful! I’m learning more and more as I grow older that God made me a certain way for a reason, and I need to quit trying hard to be someone I’m not just because culture tells me to change. I’m learning that the more I listen to and trust the Spirit, the more I become who God created me to be…and I am beautiful! 🙂

  14. Where I struggle the most is in my brokenness, and flawed parts. They are a part of the human me. The flesh me. And this is part of who I am. I am spirit, I know this. But I am also part human. When being called to His People, called to preach, called to pray, it seems as though people often want perfection. I am not perfection, far from it. So I wonder, will I be able to complete the call on my life and really, truly be all of me? I pray so, because this tug of war is exhausting. Thanks for this Sarah, it’s beautiful and has touched me so.


  15. You just have no idea how badly I needed to hear this. This has been my struggle lately, trying to figure out how to balance who I am in Christ with who I just am. I really needed to hear that it’s ok to be both. Thank you!

  16. God created me in His image, so I like to think he is slightly goofy at times, likes to write and has a funny bone that is easily tickled…Thanks for a beautiful reminder that we don’t have to deny who God created us to be in order to “put on” Christ. The combination of uniqueness redeemed is beautiful indeed!

  17. Great thoughts. This makes things clearer for me with “dying to self.” I’ve asked some of these same questions. We learn some of the best stuff from kids, don’t we?

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Praise Jesus!

  18. yup, this was the sweet reminder I needed as I struggle to find my identity in HIM, and not in my accomplishments (or lack of them). I want to more deeply believe that God created each part of me with intentionality, and that He smiles with love on me because He delights in me. It is so much easier to see my flaws sometimes, so much easier to find the reasons why I wish I were more this, or less that. Living into my identity as His beautiful one is an act of faith in Him- it is believing that what He says is true. Lord, increase my faith!

  19. I rarely stop by to say thank you, but a friend made a point of showing me this post (even though I get it in my email). She knew it spoke to a question of mine. So anyway… thank you. Thank you for sharing that. God meant for you and I to spend this few moments together today. Thank you for participating in His plan.



  21. Please be careful with your precious four year old…you said “hippie child” and she does not want to be a servant. I am sure you are walking well with God.
    Quite a conundrum: I am so sorry to say I think the picture is too explicit of a four year old child (the picture somewhat portrays a teenager with the long mussed up hair adorning half of her face). I think we should be conservative; she does Not want to sacrifice herself in order to be someone else.
    I’m sorry since I did not read the full article and comments, since it was difficult to get past the picture of a misconstrued four year old. Our children are sweet and pure!

  22. Sarah Mae – Thank you! This is a common question among women, I would think more especially wives and mothers who are constantly switching hats in order to care for her family! Thank you for helping us to see that it’s ok to ‘Let go and Let God’! When we work at it, it’s truly a blessing! Thank you! P.S. I bet you are an awesome mom, and I LOVE the picture! 😉

  23. I don’t know about being a beautiful one, but I am so broken enough to believe it. I was able to identify with so many of your sweet Caroline’s feelings here. Thank you for writing this slice of encouragement for our day, Sarah Mae.

  24. What beautiful words! I am just coming into my beautiful brokenness and loving it!

  25. “A child will lead…” =) My little boy thinks like your Caroline. I’ll ask if he’s cute or silly or anything and his answer is always the same, “No. I’m just Titus.” Now, for those of us who know him, being “just Titus” is quite a loaded answer! =) If only we could understand how much is meant by being “just a Christian”.
    Thanks for the post, Sarah Mae. =)

  26. My husband and I moved our little family to Nova Scotia for a year. Away from the place I grew up. It was so freeing attending a church where noone new me from Adam. It was the most liberating year for us! We didn’t realize the unspoken pressure to conform to certain standards until we moved away, and went to a church where we finally felt alive and excited to go to church. We have moved back “home” and it’s hard because we are not returning to the family church yet exciting to finally embrace who we are and looking forward to descovering what God has for us in this new phase of our lives.