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Kristin writes about the things that inspire her to live a better story, appreciate the moments in the story, and encourage others along the way.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thanks that was really special,im not a mom by i had a relative give me a card and i got a call that meant alot..many are the children of the desolate i suppose God shows us love in weird ways, so cute

  2. Kristin,
    The Lord is such a gentle and effective Teacher in the classroom of motherhood. It’s a precious and unforgettable story. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is such great insight. May we all be as loving as our sons in our actions towards others, looking at how we may serve them through love throughout the day.

  4. It says in the Bible that we should train our children and bring them up in God’s
    ways. I believe that if we were to listen to our children more ,we would be blessed
    in ways God wants ALL of us to learn.

  5. Your son sounds delightful, Kristin! The power of little acts of love beautifully learned and conveyed through this sweet story. Thank you.

  6. What a precious story!

    Back when I taught at a private school our staff all read The Five Love Languages for Kids and we were challenged to figure out what the primary love language was for each of our students – both the one they expressed love with and most received love from (since they’re not always the same).

    It was an interesting exercise even with kids that weren’t “ours” – and it’s been interesting to watch those same kids all these years later and see that those budding ways of expressing love back in early elementary school are, in most cases, the ways that they still most express love today.

    This specific story with your son could be an interesting one to come back to down the road and see if him wanting to serve you in this way is something he still tends toward!

  7. I tell people I love them all the time. I realize I must also use actions behind those words. People hear things & noises coming at them all day, but it is the actions behind those words that really mean something & stick with us.

    Thanks for a great post!

  8. Beautiful. As a momma to a sweet, sweet 3-year-old, I can relate. My son is extremely verbal and very conversational as well. Thanks for this – I will remember.

  9. Sooo sweet! I’m touched. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank God, just before reading your blog, my daughter, a teenager, just returned from a school trip to Wonderland, brought me a slice of the chocolate cheesecake from Starbucks. A kind and thoughtful act. Though she is a loving child, the teenage years were marring the thoughtfulness at times.
    Once again it reminded me that she loved and cared for me.

  10. I love your story! What a sweet and thoughtful little man you have! Thank you for sharing his love and your lesson! It’s such a good reminder for us all – to take the time to appreciate the little things.

    I wrote about another sort of love – my husbands love of teaching Math and how proud of him I am…if you have a moment check it out:

    Thank you again for sharing! May we all be reminded of these acts of love.

  11. I went to visit my 3 year old great granddaughter whom I do not get to see very often
    The visit was very short she hugged me and kissed me and showed me some of her pretty things. Then she got real serious and asked “Where is Grandaddy” I told her he was at home working in his garden. She got real serious again she said” will you please tell him I love him?” I just thought that was so grown up for a just turned 3 year old to be so concerned with telling her Granddaddy she loved him!

  12. […] Love and Cough Drops —> (in)courage what I love about this: “I love connecting with people through meaningful conversations, and reaching out with my words is not a struggle for me. But putting actions behind my love is something I don’t always find easy.” […]