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  1. Thank you, I need this today, I have a lump and I was fine about it until I saw my doctor and now it’s all I can think of. Trying so hard to focus on the Word instead.

      • Sheila, my thoughts keep coming back to you. “Peace I give you, says Jesus”
        Praying for sweet sleep, peaceful days through this time of fear.

    • Praying for the Peace of God that surpasses all understand to surround you right now!

      May God wrap His loving arms around you & give you the comfort & restful assurance you need!


  2. Thank-you for this post.It is a good daily reminder to focus on .

    Peace , joy and comfort to all.

  3. What a beautiful and timely post for me. My husband and I are going through some terrible health and financial issues right now. But for the grace of God, I don’t know how we would be making it!

    • Lisa E

      Praying for the God of all comfort & healing to come beside you and your hubby. May you feel His loving arms surround with His grace, peace & mercy!


      Give Lisa E & hubby a restful peace that can only come from you! Shower them with your love & contentment!


  4. What a great scripture to wake up to–& such beautiful picture of God’s natural beauty that surrounds us daily!

    Thank you all (In) Courage! God Bless!!