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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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    • I have many dreams. The one I am praying for today is that I would trust others enough to let them into my life, be vulnerable and willing to lose control a little bit.

      • Totally with you on this Diana. It is so hard in this world of deceit to remember to open up! So afraid, afraid of being wounded.

    • My dream is to re-unite with my ex-husband. I am now by God’s Grace a recovered addict. This is what came between us and now I am healthy and ready to re- commit to a marriage in which we shared 25 years and three children.

      Thank you Holley for all the love and care in your words that touch my heart so tenderly : )

    • My God-sized dream? That’s a very Good question. To which I have no answer to. I do though have deep, longing desires within my heart: to be a useful and a beautiful-in-heart, pleasing daughter unto Him – to which I fail miserably; to be mercifully blessed with a partner-in-Christ Jesus and to be able to procreate with my (Lord-willing) future hubby and/or adopt…and other desires…all of which, at my age, appear impossible and too wonderful for me; but, of course, with God all things are possible. Our Father knows what’s best, and I just need to stop being anxious and frustrated in life, and be thankful…especially for His merciful salvation.

    • My God-sized dream? That’s a very Good question. To which I have no answer to. I do though have deep, longing desires within my heart: to be a useful and a beautiful-in-heart, pleasing daughter unto Him – to which I fail miserably; to be mercifully blessed with a partner-in-Christ Jesus and to be able to procreate with my (Lord-willing) future hubby and-or adopt…and other desires…all of which, at my age, appear impossible and too wonderful for me; but, of course, with God all things are possible. Our Father knows what’s best, and I just need to stop being anxious and frustrated in life, and be thankful…especially for His merciful salvation.

    • Oh Amy, I can relate. I have begun to write, but it is a struggle at times. But God…. He helps us and I know He will help you. Just take the first step and don’t give up on days you don’t write. Try to write daily, even if it’s only in your journal. Encourage yourself in the Lord as King David did. I feel your heart. I still am there at times, but we will write, because God will help us!:) “You have the pen of a ready writer.” Love in Him, Jeanne Gabrielle

  1. My dream is to make art that reflects the pain and healing of my history of family abuse. I write fiction, poetry, and song lyrics, and yet my work goes unfinished and unshared. I keep thinking it’s not the right time yet to focus on this, and yet it’s been my secret goal for years now.

  2. I want to make a career of working for the homeless and poor and organizing charity events.

  3. I want to be a missionary, to write a book, and to compose sacred music. I can’t even play the piano right now! 🙂

  4. My dream is to move overseas to teach (in support of missions to unreached people groups)….and my flight leaves June 24th for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Haven of Peace Academy where I will be teaching for the next two years!!!!!!

    • Atta Girl! That’s awesome 🙂 If you have never been there before it’s great! Make sure to try the street food 🙂 And get some fresh juice… The fruits are great… If you have been there then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about

    • That is awesome Abigail! I’m excited for you – and I know that God will use you in a wonderful way out there! 🙂

  5. My dream is to be married and have a family. And to see broken relationships in my church restored. And to see this city passionate about God.

    Definitely God-sized, all of them.

  6. My God-sized dream is to be a pediatric neurosurgeon. When I was a sophomore in high school I had brain surgery, and at that point in my life I knew this is what God called me to do. To help children. I am now in college working on my dream! Not only do I want to be a pediatric neurosurgeon, but I want to be the best mother to my future children and wife to my future husband. My boyfriend of two years is currently in seminary working on becoming an ordained pastor. I know we will get married one day because we’ve talked about it we just both know that we should concentrate on what God wants us to do in school then get married. With that being said I hope to be a pastors wife one day. My boyfriend and I have a very Godly relationship, we Skype every night and have a devotional together at that time! We both have a deal, we love God more than we love each other. So to be a Godly influence to him, my future children, everyone in our future church, and everyone I operate on and their families in the future is my big God-sized dream.

  7. My God sized dream came upon me this year, to give my kidney away to this little 1 yo boy from our old town. http://teddybearsjourney.wordpress.com/ But God provided someone else. So it wasnt meant for me. Sounds silly to say but I was sad and still am sometimes. I thought this was my big for God. I never see what I am doing in daily life as that God sized dream, and yet it so is!! We have two little girls and my dream was always to marry and raise children. I never once thought we would be homeschooling and yet I get to do everyday life with these precious girls, maybe my life wasnt prepared yet for a kidney donation…Im sure God knew my time and focus needed to be on this seemingly small dream than on the big one, being in a new community in a new way of life. Im sure God brought me to this new country life surrounded by new small towns and a few small cities to fullfill another God sized dream that I am not even aware of yet. Maybe my God sized dream is in the daily, to raise these girls up to know God well, to be bold and on fire for Christ, to be kind in heart and so loving towards others Jesus spills out of them? Maybe my God sized dream is to raise them up for their big God sized dream? Maybe my seemingly little is for others big. May I remember this when I feel so insignificant for Him. Please pray for this little boy, Teddy, his transplant is soon and for his donor Tiff. Because all God sized dreams require prayer, whether yours or someone elses. Maybe learning to pray better for others is my God sized dream? For every gift from God is big!!

    • Hi Steph
      This is no small dream- This is a mightily fantastic dream that is God-birthed! Jesus so loves children and his love for them is amazing. For most people they are able to only go for “big” dreams and fail to realise that the truly biggest dream is that of empowering others and equipping them. You do this every day. Go girl! God so loves you!

  8. No one knows how long I have wanted to sing professionally. I want to sing, write, teach, and speak for God’s glory worldwide that all may experience His salvation, love, and restoration.

  9. I just want to say thank you so much for this everyday! Your words and wisdom helped me help my brother…he has been suffering from a drug addiction I have tried to hard to keep him encouraged and lean on him. With your help and God I Have been able to to that! He is defintely on his road to recovery! My God Sized Dream! I love that Necklace that says wonderfully made! I have told me brother that over the past several months we are all wonderfully made we need to praise him through the storms!

  10. My God-sized dreams are:

    1. To run a half marathon in October to benefit As Our Own ministry
    2. To encourage women of faith through a blog or fiction or in person – somehow through words
    3. To be a mighty woman of God and give my children a legacy of great faith

    Thank you for your encouragement, Holley, and for pursuing your God-sized dreams!

    • Keep on dreaming, dear sister! At 42 God handed me my answer to that same dream, and now at 54, God is still my husband’s and my Center, and I can’t begin to list all of the blessings we’ve received since we were married (a second marriage for us both).

      Thanks to Holley for encouraging God Sized Dreams! It reminds me to keep on finding God Sized Dreams for my life. My latest is that some day soon my husband and I will have quit our corporate-world jobs to devote more time to our church community and family. Also, to find time and ways to share the peace of a cabin & wooded acreage we bought recently, maybe even with foster children!

    • Christal,

      The best way to find a Godly mate at this time in your life is to try E-harmony, Yahoo personals or some other on-line dating. A lot of people have met their mates that way. I did 9 years ago this January. We have been very very happy ever since.

      Praying for you! 🙂

      • Christal,

        Will intercede for you! Remember, Halle Berry is having a baby at 46!


  11. My God sized dream is to be able to stay at home with my children instead of working full-time and to be heavily involved in some sort of ministry, or to start my own!

  12. My God sized Dreams!
    <3 Bring FINDINGbalance to the North
    <3 Be a diamond coach for Beachbody
    <3 keep on writing my blog

    Thanks for giving us a place to (in)courange and share with such amazing women!!
    Have a wonderful day everyone!!

  13. My God sized dream has always been to raise Godly children; I feel that has been accomplished; it has also been to be happily married. Unfortunately, after 20 years, my husband left me for another, and I have been single 10 years, separated 7 additional years. My dream is to re-marry and not to be physically alone in this world. To have a really close girlfriend (I have rarely had a friend who hasn’t either taken advantage of me or stabbed me in the back). To be financially independent so that I may on a mission field–preferably as a chaplain with the military, or in Haiti or Nambia with the orphans. sigh. Thank you.

    • Shari,

      Praying for a True Godly mate for you so you won’t be alone! May God bless you immensely with His love, grace & mercy!

  14. Successfully homeschooling my sons, authoring children’s books, organizing my house, painting my kitchen and dating my husband are just a few of my God-size dreams. Thank you for this. I felt like you were right here listening. Glad to know God-size is not about the size.

  15. My God Sized Dream is to have a family committed to God as a group, not individually. Also to be out of debt, and running a successful Thirty-One Business. All these things seem to be teetering on the edge right now.

  16. My God-size dream is to stay home full time with my son. I feel like I’m missing out on so much while I’m at work and by the time I get home he gets my “leftover” time when I’m tired. I want to be a hands on Mom and be there for him.

  17. My dream is to be an editor. One of my spiritual gifts is the gift of administration, and I’d love to use it to work as an editor for Christian books (fiction and non-fiction).

  18. At this stage of my life, when adjustments and changes are being made, (62), I find it hard sometimes to dream. I feel like I have exhausted all my possibilities, yet, I know, through reading your blogs and watching your trailer, that I must be here for a reason.
    I am ready to begin dreaming God-sized dreams, and I am praying that I will again become a dreamer. I have lived out my husband’s dreams, but mine have been suppressed. I just want to be used somewhere, somehow, in community. Community is hard for me, because I have been damaged by those I thought were friends. God has given me new friends, and I dream of working – maybe operating – a crisis pregnancy center! Unreal, eh? Yet, I know God dreams with us! I just hope I am up for a wild ride!
    Thanks, Holley. Love you, and am praying for you.

  19. I’d really like to be a stay at home mom and with my husband’s schedule be able to volunteer my time at our local children’s hospital. Often I feel that this is so far out of reach, but I know that all things are possible with God so I will wait patiently.

  20. to be honest…I never believed in things like God sized dreams…I too often just wrote other’s desires as just wanting to make a name for themselves(maybe I am tainted living in Music City…Nashville):) But being in this bloggy world…coming across you, Deidra …Bob Goff…. and others….God and I are on a journey…digging deep. I having been a homeschooling mom for the past 25 yrs… a chapter is closing…and for the first time in a very long time I am looking into the future having no idea what I want to do…and I am asked all the time…so now what do you want to do? and I have no answer…by God’s grace I want HIm to show me…me in new ways…who He has created me to be… and allow by His Spirit anything that need awakening in me….so if I win this book…it just might be another guide post on this journey….blessings and thanks for the opportunity.

    • Hi Ro
      Have you asked God what he’d like you to do? If so then decide to listen for his still small voice which may come through a sermon, through a passage you read in your bible or maybe even through a thought or something you do. Read Ephesians 3:20.
      Praying he’ll give you a vision that inspires you to do great and wonderful things.

  21. I put my husband and three children through college, and my God-sized dream, at age 58, is to go to college and get a degree in design/architecture – or I have a desire for Biblical studies, too.

  22. Part of my dream has happened, moving to San Diego. The rest of my dream is working with vulnerable women.

  23. Funny that you named our God-sized dream in both of your explanations. We desire to raise our children here in this little town AND also go out and start a non-profit organization to take care of orphans. We are open to whatever He has. “Here we are, Lord…Send us.”

  24. My dream is one day to buy the house that I am renting right now. It is in a nice location. Hoping that if that happens that the price is right for my husband and I. We only have one income and it is a scary thought but a big leap of faith when it happens.

  25. I have a few dreams God has placed on my heart.

    First and foremost: to be a godly wife and mother… presently striving every day to be a godly wife; looking forward to raising my future children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

    Secondly, to write books and speak at retreats/conferences where those listening (women?) would be encouraged and challenged to pursue their relationship with God further, deeper, more intimately.

    Thirdly, to have my own retreat center where Christian retreats can be held… a cottage in the woods for my family… woodsy paths leading to the center… nature, water, peace… children of God seeking Him year-round — this dream is perhaps the most scary (and unknown)… and the least reachable in my eyes. However, it’s still a passion and a dream, all the same. 🙂

  26. My dream is to be a wife and mother. I’m still a little young for both, but the time will come. 🙂 My second dream is to be an elementary school teacher. I’m going to college this fall to learn how! 🙂

  27. My God-sized dream is to become a doctor, which is such a wild dream for me, coming from a business background. The only explanation for this desire is that it came from God Himself, because it’s that wild 🙂 But none-the-less, here I am joyfully carrying my cross and following His lead!

  28. My God-sized dream is to gain clarity on what my God-sized dream IS. I’m struggling with many things in my life right now, trying to find my way back to the “happy me” I once was. That is what led me to (in)courage. I know that prayer works. I have a loving heart and many gifts to uncover. I want to start a business that combines my love of helping people and writing, along with other skills. I have no idea where to start but I know that prayer, change, and caring people in my life will enable the clouds to clear so that God-sized dream can be revealed. Your books look wonderful!

  29. I found out that we will be having another baby this year. I feel overwhelmed, especially since the last 6 months have been so hard, and a year from now looks so uncertain. Right now I really want peace and grace, so that I can support my husband and do the right things for my children’s spiritual growth. It feels like a God-sized dream to me because…. I desire that so much and also because I don’t have a clue what I am doing. 🙂

  30. Such beautiful dreams. I feel a little silly adding mine. My first dream has always been to be a mom and to show my children how much I loved them each and every day. I have the honor of doing that. I also dream of writing multiple books- fiction and non. I dream of ministering to hurting people- mostly teens and women. I pray I always follow God’s leadning. Thanks for encouraging each of us today.

  31. My God-sized dream is to speak to a room full (2-200 size doesn’t matter) of women. I just want them to know how valuable they are to me , to God. Full of use, purpose and love – sitting dormant waiting to be used by God in ways they can’t begin to believe or imagine. I can’t imagine it (and i’ve done it!) but I know God wants to do more than I can believe but I’m willing and that’s all He asks. I just want to encourage women everywhere in their faith, their walk and themselves. You are so valuable.

  32. My dream is to work with people who are living with disability and to be a support as they cope with difficult life transitions, sharing the love of God with them

  33. My God-sized dream is for my children. I want to succeed in raising my own children to know, love, and serve God, but I hope these same things for the children in my extended family, church, and community. I also dream of giving more of myself to others, whether through encouragement, support, or volunteering opportunities. I just want to come together with other willing individuals and make a difference!

  34. We are adopting two beautiful children from the DRC and part of my prayer through this is that God would do more through my life for the orphan and for those who may never hear or experience the good new of the gospel. I’m currently a stay at home wife & not sure how God will use this deep passion I have to see the Kingdom go to the least reached, but I don’t want to give up on it. I’m just not sure how to put my passions into action with the season of life I’m in.

  35. I think I have a couple. The first would be going on a Compassion trip (or two or three) to meet our little boy and have a chance to interact with him in person. My other one is to raise my kids the way God wants them raised.

  36. My dream is to make a difference. I want people to be impacted by life for good. If I was able to look in at my funeral, I would love for people to say they have a closer relationship with God because of a way He used me in their life. I’m not sure if this is through writing or what but this is my dream.

  37. Thanks for the encouragement Holley! I began grad school three years ago to pursue a master’s in counseling – I will graduate this summer! It’s been a struggle at times with a full time job and with a familly. My kids are now both in college and I am on my way to starting a second career later in life. It’s scary, but exciting! My dream has been to be a liscened professional counselor – and to eventually have a private practice and extend my counseling into writing. My dream has felt too big and too heavy at times….but I’ve had to learn to work at it one small leap of faith at a time, and know that I’m making progress to achieving this God-size dream. Encouragement from others (family, friends, and your blog post!) helps to keep me moving forward – thanks!

  38. My God sized dream…to take our “perfect in the world’s eyes” family of 2 kids (one boy and one girl) and bring in LOTS more (through adoption)…I would love to the mom of say six or seven…but I look at that right now and wonder how that would EVER come to pass…God sized dream for sure!

  39. I’ve wanted to be a missionary since I was 7 years old! Now I’m 48, and unless God performs a miracle……….anyway, I have been to Trinidad 6 times, to Mexico 4 times, I’m a nurse as well! I just have such a deep longing in my heart to be there permanently. My husband and I have formed relationships with the orphanage, the soup kitchen, the pastors, and every time we go it is increasingly difficult to return home!

  40. My dream is to take my personal ministry to the next level. I have been quietly seeking out the hurting women of my congregation, who suffer with chronic pain and assorted disabilities. I email, phone and sometimes send cards. I love to sprinkle their lives with little gifts, joyful gifts. Thoughtful gifts that bring joy,
    which are given out of the abundance of joy in my heart. The next part of making my dream more real is to blog and scatter joy through that social media.

  41. I keep feeling a stirring to adopt. And become a WAHM by selling crocheted items with my one year old girl now.

  42. Missionary to central/south America AND program to help those released from prison to enter back into society AND youth shelter home.

  43. I’d love to find a way to grow deeper in my walk with the Lord while encouraging other women to do the same. This may come through leading Bible studies with women from church, or just opening up my home to women in the community. Whatever that looks like, I’m excited to find out!

  44. My God sized dream is to write the book God gave me the title for during a very stormy period in my life. He confirmed the title 3 times through people who have no idea the dream has been placed. I start and lose what I’ve written and don’t continue because I struggle with the thought of failure.

    He is the Almighty who is our strength when we are weakest. He speaks quietly to our hurting heart with a still small voice of calm and touches us in the deepest parts to bring hope and healing. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

    May God touch your heart as you read this today!

  45. Love reading all these dreams. I don’t have a dream yet, I quit dreaming when to many of them were crushed. This post and these comments are highly encouraging to me. Guess it is time for me to grab that book!!

  46. I have been struggling with what my dreams are, much less finding my god-sized dreams. As wife and mom to 3 little boys I lost myself. I have been spending time listening to God lately and rediscovering what he created me to be and do.

  47. My dream is to write a novel of historical fiction for middle school/high school and adults that will inspire readers to want to learn more about the places they live.

  48. I said Yes to Jesus years ago but lived a No. I opened up my heart to Him last year, and He is cleaning it out of my old self. I have forgiven others and He has forgiven me. I desire a God-sized dream but I am retirement age and have some health issues . I have been praying for the Holy Spirits direction.

    • Hi Sheila
      Like you I am so close to re-firement age and with multiple health problems. In choose to look past the challenges and see the amazingness of the wonderful God we serve. Lift your eyes to Him and His vision for your life for He is able to take anyone and transform them. Many of the bible heroes (Moses, Abraham) were way over their use-by date when God used them! So go girl! Believe your miracle- working God and see your life change.
      My vision? In believe he’s sending me to Africa to minister to 10000 children in a healing miracle ministry – I just don’t know when but in the meantime I’m praying and waiting on him to anoint and prepare me for the even greater things.

  49. My God-Size Dreams:
    – To start an online Christian community for teenage girls
    – To be a foster parent
    – To raise God-fearing, Christ-following children
    – For my marriage to be all that God intended it to be

    These are the desires of my heart….

  50. I dream that God will use my adoption story for women facing tough decisions and that my journey and reunion with my birth family can be used to glorify God who brought us back together.

  51. My God sized dream is to partner with my husband in ministering to orphans.
    I would like to start a ministry called Dispenser of Hope to bring hope to the hurting whatever the need. I want to share the hope found in Christ with others.

  52. I’m not sure my dream is specific yet. I do know that I have a yearning in my heart that keeps growing in my heart to throw off all inhibitions and really, really live
    for Jesus. I’m hungry for so much more than my comfortable, SoCal life. I want to serve, give of my time and money in extravagant ways.

  53. My dream is to be involved in Spanish ministry with my husband somewhere in the world. Not fluent yet, but God put this dream in my heart when I went on a missions trip to Honduras nine years ago.

  54. Right now I am struggling with my God size dream, it may not be what I thought it was. I have been serving in a different area and I really enjoy it! So I am just confused, seeking God’s will.

  55. Write the TWO books God laid on my heart now so many years ago.
    Get control of the paper clutter in my life and eliminate the distractions to my heart.
    Become a BIG GIVER into the Kingdom of God.
    Memorize “hunks” of His Word.
    Open my heart and mind to His Prophetic inspiration.
    All of these and more are God-sized Dreams I carry in my heart day by day. I want to see His Power work to actualize those He has placed in me!!!

  56. My God size dreams:
    – raise a daughter who follows Christ with her whole being
    – go back to school and finish my degree
    – move to s Fl.
    – see Europe with my daughter and spread His gospel

  57. My dream is to plan events around inner city communities which will help them to be seen in a different way than the portrayal they get from the news. I want to help them be seen the same way that God sees them which will hopefully empower different communities to move to a more God centered lifestyle, making little difference that will add up eventually

  58. Not sure what my God-sized dream is! I want to discover it and use it to bring God glory.

  59. My dream is for a good friend, someone who is there for me as much as I am for them. I also have a dream to be a mother.

  60. I have been “dreaming” about what my next job will be. We are moving to another state in less than 2 weeks and I feel so burnt out from my previous job that I have been thinking about going back to school in order to do something that I love.

  61. Thanks Holley for your inspirational words. They have been swirling around in my brain for quite a while. My biggest wish is to continue my ministry of encouragement with cards and phone calls to new heights. Some times it feels like Withering Heights. I want to put feet to my good intentions and call or write in a timely matter. The Lord has me sending out homemade Birthday Cards to Widows and Widowers for our Church. I also send out get well and sympathy cards. With some of my physical and emotional limitations it is hard to get things done on time, but what a better motivation than this to minister to other hurting people. I pray also that this will lead to bigger and better things. Who Knows?

    Thanks to Susan Spurrier for her vision of dreams.

  62. My God~sized dream is to be present with terminally ill patients who are making the hard choices regarding their end-of-life directives; to be a member of a palliative care team. I am older (60) and do not have a credential that would necessarily apply to palliative care, so I see the obstacles instead of trusting in the possibilities. Thank you Holley, for letting me give voice to that today. I’m saying I can’t while I want to believe with God I can.

  63. My God size dream is for my husband to be released from prison then I can leave the women’s shelter and we can get a car and a new place to live. Then we can live the life the God want us to live.

    • Bonnie, I am praying right now that God make you and your husband strong for when you are tested – and give you clear direction when decisions have to be made. I just praise God that you are faithful and willing to give this man another chance. Just remember that life is NOW, not some day in the future, and what you do, who you become, matters for eternity. Loving you, sister.

  64. My God-sized dream is for my marriage to be restored to better than it ever was before. Many obtacles have to be overcome first. God is able!

  65. I’d like to help my husband begin a healthy church of our denomination in our town and I’d like to speak to women’s groups and lead women’s Bible studies.

  66. I want to finish and publish my book about Mom. She was an amazing woman, and I so want to share some of the things she taught me about life, love, and faith with others.

  67. One dream I used to have but have set aside because I have no idea how to do it is just to be camping over the summer with other like-minded people and go around to different campsites in the state or wherever and just have worship, singing & sharing times around the campfire – and anyone passing by could just come join “us”. I don’t know who the “us” would be because I’m just me and there is no “us”.

  68. My dream is ~ to find a job close to home instead of driving 100 miles twice a week and staying away from home 4 days and 3 nights ,… for the past 5 years …

  69. My God-sized dream is to own a small farm where we can be as self-sufficient and less dependent on corporations, “the grid”, etc as possible. I want my daughter to grow up in an environment where she learns the value of hard work along with taking care of others and the world around her.

  70. My God-sized dream is to share God with my husband and his family, who are nonbelievers.

  71. My dream is to be the wife of a man whose heart’s desire is to chase after the dream of whatever God has for him. I want to be able to support him in the work God has called him to do. I want to raise a family who love each other and are close. Help my daughters become strong ladies who are confident in God and care not what other people who aren’t willing to step out in faith, think of them. I want to be a blessing to orphans, and I want to write a book, speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, namely the unborn.

  72. As I’ve matured not only chronologically, but emotionally mentally and spiritually…mostly through trials and sufferings…I’ve recently decided and become content knowing my legacy will be to break the multigenerational family dysfunction and show my girls and others what being humbled by God and leaning not on your understanding means. I’m an adult survivor of sexual abuse and emotional neglect, have had 4 spine surgeries, inpatient psych stay for depression and suicidal thoughts and beginning the journey of obtaining disability and healing wholistically…all this at the age of 37. Nichole

  73. I have only one dream right now and that requires God’s mighty intervention to come to pass. I would love to settle down somewhere so I can stop living out of suitcases and pack up every time I become a burden to people. So I pray that God will bless me with a little house that I can call my own with a little garden perhaps. Also a job with a steady income so I can support myself and my husband. He’s recovering from major surgery and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. We have been missionaries all through the last 17 years of our married life. So I just want a place of rest physically. I know that in everything God has been our strength and comfort…but I long for the tangible, visible rest now. Is that asking too much of God? I wonder!

  74. My God-sized dream is to be the best daughter, wife, and mom by God’s grace and provision every step of the way.

  75. *to get raising this 8 year old boy right…as a mighty man of God
    *to write a book…fiction I think or funny essays about life
    *to be thought of as a woman who loves God fiercely and who loves people well

  76. My God sized dream is to own my own home where I have the space to rescue shelter pets. Hubby and I are tired of living in rented apartments/houses. We would love our own place.
    I would also like to write a book based on real life events in my past.

  77. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become a teacher … this may not necessarily seem like a God-sized dream in the natural, but just about everything that could happen to screw with this dream and make me think it can never be achieved has happened (at least I hope so … not ready to deal with any more ‘set backs’!!). Despite everything I have done and gone through, this dream still whispers quietly in the background, calling me back to it.
    Also, the dream to have a large family, and be a SAHM, possibly homeschooling my children(?) This has been growing and developing over the last few years, and though I already have one daughter, her father is not involved and has no desire for contact from either of us (despite our 10+ year friendship before we conceived!). Since my last relationship was over 7 years ago, and nearly all of my friends are married with multiple children, it is at times *very* hard to believe in this dream that calls to my heart. I know its a dream He gave me – and that I will see it fulfilled – but there are more and more times when the desire for that (human) companionship is so strong, that it can seem like it might never come to pass – that the loneliness will never end. The only bright spot? … My daughter 🙂

  78. My dream is to complete my masters degree. I will hopefully start in August. I’m scared to death!!

  79. I would love to dream of saying yes to adopting a baby, writing my book and starting my own business. I would also dream of speaking and ministering to women.

  80. My dream is to be able to speak…the words of Christ…with the power of the Holy Spirit, so that all who hear…will hear Jesus calling. I am a co-leader-helper in a women’s small group, for some years now, but God has lead me in another direction…only to be heading back to the small group. 🙂 I want to hear clearly what I am to do and where I am to go. Now that’s a God-sized dream! Hearing God and speaking God’s Word. 🙂

  81. Right now my God sized dream is also a very practical dream. My God sized dream is to find an apartment that I like, can afford, AND has an availability when I need to move in. I am in pharmacy school so I don’t have a lot of time to devote to searching. I have social anxiety so going to look at apartments can be terrifying, and I have OCD so the apartment really does need to look clean–a really daunting proposition in the area my school is located in–everything is run down. Facing these obstacles, it seems impossible and like my joking about living at school and using the locker rooms to shower might be my reality if God doesn’t get involved…

  82. My God-sized dream is two-fold: 1)to raise my kids to love and always be a follower of Jesus and 2)to find a way to help abused and neglected children. My heart just goes out to little children who are hurting and hurt by those who are supposed to love them the most.

  83. My dream…earn my ministerial credentials, be a stay @ home mom/grandmother, begin & operate a ministry to single/unwed mothers offering them hope & a new beginning.

  84. Thank you so much for this encouragement! Just like some others… I feel silly about my big dreams. But I do believe God loves to use the weak to show he is strong. I have a heart for women and teens. I want to write and speak. I have a heart to teach and encourage. I want to use all the pain and trials that God has brought me through to help others.

  85. Over 15 years ago I experienced such a powerful vision. An angel of the Lord placed hot coals in my mouth and commanded me to speak. I have reflected long and hard over this experience but have never taken the action I know it was meant to stir. My God-sized dream is to speak. Open my mouth and have the Lord pluck out His chosen words to be shared with others. I am a strong women and I feel drawn to speak words of empowerment to women. I desire to help women become strong in their belief about themselves, strong in their support of others, strong in their relationships, strong in their battles with the world. The problem is…I don’t know how. I tear up just thinking about this. The Lord has commanded me, yet I have not acted. Not because of fear but because I don’t know where to start. I can still see the massive warrior angel holding the tongs. He looks at me with sad, questioning eyes. “Why haven’t you spoken?” Why, indeed? My mouth is open, the tongue is on fire, the words run deep. I am overwhelmed.

  86. Over 15 years ago I experienced such a powerful vision. An angel of the Lord placed hot coals in my mouth and commanded me to speak. I have reflected long and hard over this experience but have never taken the action I know it was meant to stir. My God-sized dream is to speak. I desire to help women become strong in their belief about themselves, strong in their support of others, strong in their relationships, strong in their battles with the world. The problem is…I don’t know how. I tear up just thinking about this. The Lord has commanded me, yet I have not acted. Not because of fear but because I don’t know where to start. I can still see the massive warrior angel holding the tongs. He looks at me with sad, questioning eyes. “Why haven’t you spoken?” Why, indeed? My mouth is open, the tongue is on fire, the words run deep. I am overwhelmed.

  87. Over 15 years ago I experienced such a powerful vision. An angel of the Lord placed hot coals in my mouth and commanded me to speak. I have reflected long and hard over this experience but have never taken the action I know it was meant to stir. My God-sized dream is to speak. I desire to help women become strong in their belief about themselves, strong in their support of others, strong in their relationships, strong in their battles with the world. The Lord has commanded me, yet I have not acted. Not because of fear but because I don’t know where to start. I can still see the massive warrior angel holding the tongs. He looks at me with sad, questioning eyes. “Why haven’t you spoken?” Why, indeed? My mouth is open, the tongue is on fire, the words run deep. I am overwhelmed.

  88. Over 15 years ago I experienced such a powerful vision. An angel of the Lord placed hot coals in my mouth and commanded me to speak. I have reflected long and hard over this experience but have never taken the action I know it was meant to stir. My God-sized dream is to speak. I desire to help women become strong in their belief about themselves, strong in their support of others, strong in their relationships, strong in their battles with the world. The Lord has commanded me, yet I have not acted. Not because of fear but because I don’t know where to start. I am overwhelmed.

  89. My God-sized dream is to speak. I desire to help women become strong in their belief about themselves, strong in their support of others, strong in their relationships, strong in their battles with the world. The Lord has commanded me, yet I have not acted. Not because of fear but because I don’t know where to start. I am overwhelmed.

    • Ann-Marie, I will be praying that God will provide clarity over the first/next step He wants you to take. He provided the dream, and He will make a way! Blessings to you, sister 🙂

  90. God had granted one of my big dreams already. Actually 2, or 3. depending on how you look at it. After my late husband died I never dreamed I would find someone who would love me the way my husband does now. He is a semi driver and the company for a small monthly fee allows me to ride along, which means I get to travel, another of my dreams. Since my vision is an issue and I was not financially able to do it, these are dreams come true. And oh yes, a fantasy was to share life in the semi with my husband someday. God is amazing. Now He is nudging me to become a blogger/writer. For today I am a prayer warrior encourager who shares blogs with others, and responds to comments with encouraging words of scripture and prayer. For today, that is enough.

  91. My God sized dream is to minister to young moms in the teeny tiny community that I live in. I’ve had very few, well almost no older mom mentors to help me through my mom days to my 3 kiddos. I don’t want that for this next generation behind me. Baby steps have happened so far to start ministering to these women and I pray that I’m listening to God’s prompting and direction and not making it about me!

  92. My husband and I dream of owning a Christian coffee-shop when he retires from the military!!! Too big for us, but with God all things are possible,so we will see:-)

  93. My dream is to help my community. I currently work a civilian job in the local county jail and I want to advance and live out my father’s legacy as a Law Enforcement Officer. He’s recently retired after 26 years.

  94. Publishing my reflections on life and belonging to a blog! Are these too big to reach? How many mountains do I need to remove? I cross my fingers as I delight myself in your writings and all the other writers from InCourage! Hugs!

    • Marinalva, good thing is … God will remove those mountains, as you look at Him! Blessings to you, sister 🙂

      • Kelli, thanks so much to take time in answering! I have journals and reflections on my laptop. I planned a little organization in order to display the seasons of my life. Right now, it’s a hard time for me. It seems to me that now I’m ready to grieve the loss of my husband and daughter and usher into a new phase as guardian of my grandson. I think about myself as the 3Ds kind of person, like David’s soldiers – distressed, discouraged, and distraught. Soaking in God’s presence through InCourage has been a way out. Thank you again, Kelli.

  95. I want to see reconciliation between different Ethnic groups in Bosnia Herzegovina become a reality. I have lived here 12 years as a Christian worker and it is something that is still my greatest desire for this country! It definitely is a God sized dream!!

  96. My dream is to write a novel, start a blog, and teach high school girls about having a “servant’s heart”.

  97. I am 56 years old and have had a dream on the back burner for many many years and have always believed that one day it would be possible and as I have taken baby steps along the way, just doing the very next thing I felt the Lord showing me to do, I have been getting closer to seeing that dream become a reality. Age should never be a deterrent to seeing those God-sized dreams becoming a reality. After all with man it is not possible but with God all things are possible!

  98. My dream is still being shaped, and slightly hidden….but I’m aware God is forming it within me! After feeling so overwhelmed by the ministry of motherhood, I’d lost sight of His calling and purpose in other areas. God is stirring those slumbering chords, though, and I’m eager to see what He has in store!

  99. I always appreciate the encouragement I receive when reading Holley’s posts. I know God’s perfect timing is always at work!

  100. My dream is to have more time with Jesus. I desire a daily lingering with Him. The more I am with him, everything else seems to fall into place. My attitutde changes, and I find joy in EVERYTHING 🙂 He is so good.

    • OH Amanda! Do it! That was my dream when I was young… I have been the leader of Serendipity Book Club, a Christian fiction club, for over 15 years, and we love how the stories are changing our lives…we need more “gutsy” real challenges! You GO for it , girl!

  101. My God-sized dream is to have a second child (we were told we couldn’t have our first, and lost 2 before her), raise our first Sweetie Girl to be a Jesus-lover and lover of souls, and support my Handsome through the rest of his military career, and submit to his leading. With my personality, that last part is the REAL God-sized part, b/c I am very self-sufficient. 🙂 Thanks!!!

  102. My God sized dream is to have a community center on the island that I live on for the families and children.

  103. I am not really sure of my God sized dream. I am pursuning a Masters in Theology as it seemed to be the direction I was called in but it is all rather vague.But it is the one step at a time that can be the challenge for me.My other dream is to once again to have a godly man to share my life. I know from listening to God that my gift is to stay where I am and work within my community or to work with others outside my community for other causes,sch as Mercy House and battling infanticide. It is so inspiring to talk about dreams and dreaming, so often as adults we re discourged from letting our imaginations take flight.Thank you Holley for this outlet!

  104. The Lord has a put adoption on our hearts. I know He is calling my husband, kiddos and I to step out of the boat, onto the water, and to take his hand; trusting Him in faith!

  105. I dream of a home with a fireplace, and a husband…we’re leading a Bible study for those who wouldn’t normally go to church, and the outcasts learn the love and the welcome of the Father, through Jesus. We use movie clips and art to teach the Truth of His Word, and people have a deep sense of belonging, because His Spirit is present.

  106. My God size dream seems so simple but achieving it always seems to always be just out of reach…I want to be a better child of GOD, of better wife for my husband, a better Mom to my 3 children, a better daughter to my aging Mother, a better sibling to my brother and sister…and less of of a better employee to my 40 hour+ week job!

  107. And…to work with those who are grieving the loss of a loved one because I have been through a lot of loss in my life, however I have gained a closer relationship with Jesus! To offer hope in Him through the study of His Word to those who are hurting and to encourage them to know and believe that He came to heal the brokenhearted! Isaiah 61 🙂 Just not sure which He is direction He is calling us toward first, this or adoption! 🙂

  108. My God-sized dream is to get my nonprofit ministry, Providence Justice Group, off the ground to provide advocacy, education and hope for women in crisis, bringing the love of God to those most desperate for it and for whom the world has become a dangerous and destructive place. Many organization try to solve problems without Jesus, but there is no solution without Him, and I hope to bring Him to these hurting women and to educate others how only His love can answer the world’s destructive force.

  109. My God-sized dream is to surrender to Him fully and learn to “shout from the rooftops for all to hear what He whispers in my ear!” (Matt. 10:27 nlt)

  110. Sometimes we think God-sized dreams are going to impact a lot of people in big ways, and we keep looking for those “big, important” jobs we think God wants us to do. At least, that’s what I kept doing. Then I asked God, “what do YOU want me to do?” and he showed me! Not at all what I expected or what I would have thought of at all! He wanted me to bring my elderly Mom into my home and take care of her in her final years AND homeschool my granddaughter, who is autistic and was broken and failing in the school system. Big jobs? No. Important jobs? Yes! And I have seen them heal a broken, hurting child and make her successful and provide peace and companionship to a lonely, frightened lady who lost a beloved husband after 65 years of marriage and was completely bewildered at how to face life without him. Christ calls us to be like Him, and He was a servant. That is all I can be, and He gives me strength and joy each day in the God-sized jobs He has given me at this time. He is simply amazing!

  111. To encourage women and use the gifts God has given me for His glory, not exactly sure what that is yet

  112. Not really sure what it looks like, but as I’ve hit a milestone year in my life I dream of making the next decade purposeful and intentional, growing closer to Jesus and being available to be used by Him. Not settling. Still growing. Making a difference.

  113. My God-sized dream is to have a job that allows me to volunteer and still stay in touch with my daughter and her needs as she is hitting the teen years. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!
    Another part of my dream is to be successful in my business. Would love to have the book, thanks!!

  114. My God sized dream is to open shelters and learning centers for single parents. I also want to start a Christian tutoring service for children and adults who have problems with reading and comprehension. I have been homeless before and remember feeling so hopeless and I remembered how it felt when this older Christian woman took me in. I also had family members who could not read that well and education is important. That is the one thing Noone can take away from a person.

  115. My God size dream is to hold and love on Babies that are in need. I have two boys 13 and 17 and I work full time. God willing someday I won’t have to sit at a desk all day, but be able to hold His children in my arms. So till then I will pray for all the babies out there that need someone to love them.

  116. My God Sized Dream would be to be a motivational speaker. I have taught Bible Studies for almost twenty years and have had the blessing of reaching many women through that avenue but I would like to reach further and share my love for the Lord and all he has to others through speaking.

  117. My God sized dream is to become a Christian therapist to help traumatized children and adults.

  118. My God-sized dream is to be an motivational Christian speaker. I love Jesus and I love talking about Him and I would love to share Him and His amazing love with lots of people around the world so that they can come to know Him, too.
    I would love a chance to read this book, but as a single working mom, extra money is just not available most of the time.
    Thanks for all you ladies do!!!

    • One of my dreams is to own a tea shop, also! And, I write poetry! God be with you as you aspire to these things!

  119. My God-size dreams are to marry and have more children, to be able to stay home with them and to find the ministry god has called me for.

  120. My God-sized Dream is to be able to join my husband of 35 years in the next season of ministry full time… That means I would no longer be working!!! That would take a miracle provision so I am dreaming BIG!!!

  121. My dream — I would love to quit my full-time job and have a full-time ministry with my husband — teaching and preaching to help others.

  122. My God-sized dream is to be the best mama I can be for my son and the best wife I can be for my dear husband. Three years ago we thought we’d be in a very different place vocationally than where we currently find ourselves. Where we are right now is not unknown to God, however. He knew where we would be right now and why, so I press on that He knows where He is leading us to and I continue trusting in Him.

  123. My dream is that others will see the love of God in me as I love on them and not to think that I am phoney!

  124. My God-sized dream…First I must say, He has given me so much more than I deserve..a godly, loving home to grow up in…the joy of teaching in a Christian school for over 12 years, a precious husband and man of God and three beloved children who love Jesus so deeply and a precious child in Jesus’ care in Heaven…five years of homeschooling and here we are- rejoicing that through every valley and every mountaintop HE has been faithful…yes, my dream is to dream God’s dreams for me and to be faithful in life and in death…rejoice dear sisters in Christ..the grave is empty!!

  125. God-sized dream:
    clay floors… cement house… children everywhere…. fruit trees… chickens… farm animals… a godly husband who is also my best friend…. it’s warm all the time…

    Don’t know where (probably another country). Surely don’t know how, otherwise it wouldn’t be God-Sized… Don’t know when either…

    The other dream (which will come true and only God can do) is for Jesus to come back in my lifetime and to spend eternity with My God and my daddy who died last year

  126. My God sized dream is to settle – buy a house, make our town our home, watch our kids grow up here. In 9 years we have lived in 3 different States, moved 7 times, and although my husband has changed careers and loves what he is doing, he is still searching for the right job where he can grow professionally and sees himself long term. I want to lay down some roots!

  127. God gave me a very grand dream to swim with humpback whales in Tonga. While I am saving my money to do that, I have taken on an incredibly fulfilling volunteer position at an aquarium. This satisfies my longings to study marine life.

    God and I are in a discussion about another dream that I think he wants me to take on. It’s a dream that still seems to be in its incubation period. I am a survivor of a suicide attempt, and I am exploring ways to tell my story to help others in their despiration. God revealed my whaleswim dream while I was in a mental hospital after my second suicide attempt. I think I have much to share about God’s grace, love, and forgiveness.

  128. My God sized dream is that I learn to live an anxious free life in Him, put the past behind me and move forward in his healing love.

  129. I dream of being a foster parent! We are in the process of being licensed now. Only God can do this through us.

  130. My dream is to somehow share the book I have written about my sister-in-law’s battle with breast cancer. Right now it only sits on my computer…waiting…

  131. My God-sized dream is 2 fold: 1) be able to retire from my job while I am still young(been on my job for almost 20 yrs & am only 40) & tend to a mission field somewhere where I can use the skills that I have learned of public health prevention & treatment, and my second language-spanish 2) meet the husband God has been preparing for me on that mission field….even if that mission field is in the USA or somewhere beyond it’s bounderies 🙂

  132. My wish is to continue to shine for Jesus. I dream that He will put me where I need to be to show His ever-lasting love. I want to light up someone’s life who thinks it is over. I was there once and now I see the beauty of life through all joys He leads me to. Life is wonderful now that my light is shining again for Him.

  133. Thank you for this encouragement today. A perfect fit! Now, Lord, do I write or paint today! Thank you, Father, that you got all my transcription done yesterday and have given me this “free” day! What’s that word? “Just go for it….HIM!” Love, Lauri

  134. Thank you for the encouragement today. I love your posts and would love to read your books. I’m not sure what my God sized dream is right now. I’m sort-of between dreams trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do next. I think, in the waiting, my dreams are to have a clean house, safe car, get our finances under control and take my kids to the beach.

  135. My goal is to create a Kids Compassion Camp/Class. To teach children how to nurture their compassionate side daily, in hopes of creating a brighter, sweeter, more connected future for our babies.

  136. I was so discouraged this morning. One of my dreams is to lose the excess weight I am carrying around. I did so good last week, then stepped on the scales today to find that I had not lost…but gained. It is so frustrating! I began to feel that old familiar nagging worthless and hopeless feeling settle down over me, then I read your words. They spoke straight to my open heart! No matter how big or small I am, I am special to God. He loves me, even when I don’t love myself. He cares about this dream of mine to get healthier, lose the excess, and be more of the woman He is calling me to be. Thank you, Holley, for the gentle, sweet reminders you so consistently give. I needed this SO much today.

    • I am on that same journey right now. It is very discouraging. I don’t know where you live, but I would love to connect more personally. My email is paulc777@bellsouth.net – or – you can find me on FB. My name on there is Denise Barber Christianson.

  137. My dream is to be a speaker for women’s events. I believe I have so much to share and offer, but I don’t know how to begin.

  138. I’ve been having lots of trouble trying to figure out what my God-sized dream is. It’s been an odd sort of limbo year. Then Monday my daughter decided where she wants to go for college, and I realized that right now my God-sized dream is that she would attend a Christian college (she is:) and that she would grow in faith as she finds God-loving friends in a positive place. I think that this college is the right one (thanks, Lord). I just now hope she won’t feel pressured by the cost (she is, but I am praying that things will work out OK financially). Thanks.

  139. Right now, I’m just trying to live each day. Homeschooling six children with Daddy working away from home leaves little time for dreams. Lately, it’s all been about giving our children the best we can so they will grow in their walks with the Lord. I know there is more for me, it’s just not the time — yet!

  140. Dreams? long ago released because my life-path took a different direction…and now I’m 67 and wonder: Am I too old to dream?

  141. My God sized dream is to go back to school to become a teacher, or counselor. Counsel youth. To work at something God knows I would love to do. For my children to grow in God and serve him and love him. For my husband to commit fully to God.

  142. Thank you for your amazing encouragement! I recently quit my job (in which I was overworked, overstressed and unhappy but reasonably well paid) because I felt God’s leading me in a different direction. It’s a scary and uncertain time. I don’t know His will for my life or my God-sized dream, but in His time I’ll find out!

  143. My God sized dream is to start a women’s ministry in my church and community. Our first meeting is next week! He knows the dreams of our hearts…for He placed them there! I don’t entirely know His plans, but I’m taking steps of faith and following Him on this journey.

  144. My God sized dream is to complete my novel, write poems that convey thoughts on our Lord and purpose in living. I also desire to be a shining light to others to show them the way to the Lord.

  145. I am 54 and within the next year not only my parent-care responsibilities but my child-care responsibilities will end. It is a unique opportunity to “reinvent” myself. I keep thinking about using the land I grew up on (53 acres) as a place for women to come for healing, rest and rejuvenation. So many are bone-weary and exhausted from care-taking others and are so handicapped by being unable to see the beauty that God created right into them! Somehow, cost needs not to be a factor. And what a unique team of individuals would need to come together to create such a place! But it is very near my heart, I expect because I myself have longed for such a place.

  146. I want to make jewelry, do greeting cards,do something with my phototgraphy,have my kids where they need to be with the Lord,wanting to be with me and serving the Lord. Actually find a TRUE christian man who would CONTINUE to love and serve the Lord with all that he is and would love me as Christ would lead him, have a godly marriage.I would like to do more missions and open a homeless shelter and do jail ministry.Lord , YOU help me do what YOU want me to do. I want to do YOUR dreams for me………..not mine! Amen and Amen! May it be so!
    Blessings and help to us all for those dreams You have placed in our hearts. Guard them for us please.

  147. I know I have a God Sized dream, but I don’t know what it is yet. I have been struggling with it ever since I turned 50. I know I need to change my career and to find something else worthy to do with my life, but I keep praying and asking what that will be. I know he will guide me to what that will be. I just have to be patient.

  148. My dream, and I believe God put it on my heart, is to work with women who need encouraging in the Word of God. I like doing Bible studies and finding that diamond in the scripture that is just right for someone to hold on to.

  149. I know what Amy means – I’ve had a story/book burbling on the “back burner” for about 25 years. Life got in the way after only 4 finished chapters. Now it’s out of date and I sometimes feel the same way. I’ve had to get re-trained in the craft of writing and I feel over-whelmed. Can I really do this thing? Can I put a God ordained fantasy story “out there”? Is is really His work that I want to do, or mine? It has been hanging around a long time. If it is His, He’ll have to help – a lot.

  150. Hi Holley,

    After reading your messages, I am always inspired ~ you have a wonderful way of speaking directly to my heart’s needs. Thank you so much for your ministry!
    I enjoyed reading the comments above and am saying a prayer for each person. It’s amazing how even though we may be from all corners of the globe, that same desire to grow and be the the woman He wants us to be, draws us together.
    I am so encouraged to grow more in Him and desire to make a positive difference on those around me.

  151. I have a couple and maybe they can be tied in together – one is to work with women that are a little bit older and start a group to help women that are a little younger with any areas in their lives (and ours) that need bolstering – a fun focused group that will inspire creativity and sharing! Also, I would love to follow a dream I gave up long ago and learn to sew!! Yes, so simple but I have always wanted to but never jumped to it. It seems a little scary, like the machine will bite me or something! Anyway, machine or hand sewing would be perfect, even if I am a little older at this point!

  152. My dream is to speak to men and women around the world, encouraging us all to become ALL God made us to be, not selling ourselves short because of our own or others’ assumptions.

  153. My God size dream is to receive the gift of a wonderful home, with property and places for my children and our animals. I know that God has put aside the just right home for all of us and in Him we wait for his just right timing to bless us with the gift of this wonderfully blessed God Size Dream. I believe he is alreading clearing the way and I trust that along that way, our journey is sharing with others the faith we have in KNOWING that he will provide in HIS TIME. Ohhh yeah, my God, He is good ALL THE TIME!

  154. My God-sized dream is to encourage other women like you do! 🙂 Not exactly just like you do – I don’t write – hey, I don’t even speak well. 🙂 But one-one one or in a small group I want to be what God wants me to be – an encourager. I’ve been told in the past that I am an ‘encourager’…but sometimes I am not… I want hear God each and every day and speak His words to all He wants me to speak to.
    Thanks so much for each and every encouraging word/blog you share with all of us ladies every day! All I can say to you is “Go get ’em friend!” 🙂
    Much love!

  155. First of all let me just say that you are adorable! I would love to have coffee with you though I fear I would cry the whole time through. I have bought many of your cards and gift items at Dayspring because your words are always so heart felt and meaningful.
    My God-sized dream has always been to create a womans shelter/home/or business where I can help women down on their luck to get back on their feet. I have always used my own trials and tribulations – along with the healing to encourage others to move forward too.
    My Smaller-sized dream is to lead a book study in my home. Growing up with hoarder parents is a real push to have me invite women into my home but I think it is time. =) If I win your book I will take that as the sign to go forth with that book as our theme.

    God bless!

  156. My God-sized dreams are to adopt a sibling set (even though we already have four blessings of our own) and to have a God-centered marriage that reflects Jesus to others.

  157. My dream is to be able to stay home with our (soon to be) 2 kids and have a way to help supplement our income. Travel is also in there somewhere.

  158. one of my God-sized dreams came true 2 years ago, when i was the friday night conference speaker at our womens conf – and has continued to be lived out as this is my 3rd year opening the conf. i think i’m stretched then to think what next… ?

    we have a wonderful housegroup of young adults and my dreams weave with theirs – to see them “grow up” and marry and find their God place in the world. what comes next ?

    i think my new God dream, or the God dream that has always been there is to write a book. i think its in that growing germinating process…

  159. I have struggled with being a young person with a serious disability. My dream is to work with people struggling with disability and to be a friend and support alongside them, sharing Gods magnificent love with them xx

  160. My God-sized dream is to buy my family home from my siblings and fix it up and live in it while we still can. My husband has been ill for 6 months, and we have been pretty low. I know that only God can manage this dream!

  161. My God-sized dream is to be a long-term breast cancer survivor who writes and speaks His hope and truth and strength and beauty into the lives of His precious women.

  162. My God sized dreams are:
    1) to be the best Godly wife I can who uses her words to encourage her mate.

    2) to find a job that will fulfill me and make me happy again!
    3) To help find a cure for all cancers

  163. I’m still figuring out what my God-sized dreams are 🙂 Thank you for this giveaway, I’ve been wanting to read your book!

  164. I have many God sized dreams. Mainly,trying to be a “changed for the better ” person. Thanks for the inspiration!

  165. God-sized dream – to love on the orphans, be a mother to the motherless and my husband be a father to the fatherless – to show those precious children how special they are to our Heavenly Father – I love to travel, my husband doesn’t so this would have to be a God thing

  166. I dream of being so connected to His heart and his purpose that I reveale Jesus to those who need His touch.

  167. My God-sized dream is to help my husband pursue his dreams, raise our children to love God, adopt & further the kingdom of God.

  168. I had a God sized dream of becoming a therapist and helping other wounded people. I was able with God’s help to do just that and now have retired. Thank you for praying for me and all the women who read your blog.

  169. I have many god sized dreams. But I also have much fear that accompanies those dreams as well. The first and the biggest (the one that has my heart the most and it won’t let go) dream: to sing (recording artist) and to write songs fear: it’s too big, too hard and I’m too old (29, but it’s music) and I wonder if I’ll “make it.” Dream: to write a lyrical poetry book fear: who would buy it, so the lyrics have a chance to inspire change. Dream: to make art, using different types of mediums. Fear: what if I’m not good at creating it with my hands of what I see in my mind. Dream: to do voice- overs (radio, commercials) fear: it’s like the music. Dream: to be a wife and a mother, to have a house with a recording studio fear: I’m too old for them. What if I can’t have both a family and music. I haven’t read the book, I just looked at it in the bookstore. I believe that music or the desire of it- singing ect. Was put in my heart when I was born, my mom agrees. I was born very early (23 weeks) my nurses keeps journals of my progress in the nicu, they wrote down my fave songs by my heartbeat. They even had to change the radio station because my heart rate was dropping. They changed it back and I was fine. But with my early birth, I also, have one vocal cord that works- I had vocal surgery and it didn’t work (only when I sing, do both of them work- but not very strong) it’s not suppose to be like that, the drs can’t explain why it does that- but it does. With all of my dreams there comes fear and all of them seem impossible and too big for me to do on my own. Jesus sees them all too and put them there. The devil brought in his fear to go along side each of them. I believe in the god sized dreams but I doubt with the other half of me.

  170. My God-sized dream is to raise my 3 children in the Love and knowledge of Jesus. That they learn to walk with Him at an early age and depend on Him for their every need.

  171. Having been a college teacher for 36 years, my dream is to to move over across the world with my husband to where our children are so I can contribute by using my teaching skills to make a better world, to write features, to encourage our son to not be hesitant now to marry the girl whom God has chosen for him and who is prayerful and loving.
    Above all, my dream is to be a less impatient more calm, fearless and productive person so I can go out to do God’s wonderful work esp with our twin grandchildren coming along in the next 6 months. I want to be a builder of hope and dreams

  172. I am inspired by reading others dreams because I don’t feel so crazy for dreaming for things to be different and out of the ordinary! I want to write, sing, travel, and help others to know the glory of God and His creation, and to feel community. But I’m stuck in the ordinary day to day responsibilities and don’t know where to begin. So glad to read of others dreaming too. God works in so many ways.

  173. One of my God-sized dreams is to finish college and be able to take care of my parents financially. This is at the top of my list.

  174. One of my God-sized dreams is to finish college and be able to take care of my parents financially. This is at the top of my list

  175. I’m inspired by reading the dreams! I’m not crazy to want something out of the ordinary! It’s just hard know where to begin with so many daily responsibilities. I’d love to write, sing, travel, and joyfully share the glory of God’s creation, but the every day is getting in the way and I know God had lead me to find wonderful Christian ladies online as inspiration.

  176. My God-sized dream is one where I can help women grow in the Lord as we meet one on one – been looking into spiritual coaching things. I love to see “aha” moments when someone is talking to me about an issue and I can point them to the Lord – somewhere in His Word another person dealt with that, or help her see the lie she is believing about God or herself in Christ that she needs to repent of and pray the Spirit enables her to replace with what is true. Changing women by letting the Lord use me as I come up alongside a struggling woman and pour Jesus into her spirit, reminding her of all He is and what He died and rose again to free her to do by His empowering Spirit within her. Not sure which coaching programs fit what I feel called to do and have been doing but want to be more intentional about, being as equipped as I can be and let the Lord do the rest.

  177. I am in my early 60’s and still do not know what I want to do or be when I grow up. I am interested in all things creative, nutrition, exercise so would probably like to dream big in one or more of those areas. Whatever it is will be to bring glory to God who has given me my gifts. e.g. Christian aerobics, creating christian greeting cards or artwork, who knows with God the sky is the limit. Thank you for your blog and book which encourages us to seek God for all our answers.

  178. My God size dream is to have a family and be able to help support my family by owning a handmade business that I can also provide for others by using my gifts.

  179. I am currently unemployed and desperately need a job. But I have a God-sized dream while I’m hunting for work: I don’t want it to be just *A* job — I want it to be one where I help people, am happy, and honor God. Not too much to ask, right??

  180. You have such an amazing way of touching my heart with your words. My world is full of stress right now with family issues and job problems. Your words calm my spirit and help me remember what really matters in this world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with us!

  181. Oh, how I LOVE reading all of these God-sized dreams! So many different ones, covering so many different places and people! I just love seeing how God has wired us all differently. 🙂

    One of my God-sized dreams right now is to be be able to work with people as a life coach / spiritual director ~ using those related, but different skills to help them see how God is at work in their lives and encourage them to be intentional about living into what God has created them to be. I especially have a heart for women who are grieving miscarriages or loss of a child.

  182. My dream, to start a ministry for young women. It would be a ministry that encompasses all aspect of being a women. but at the same tome it all focuses around the heart, the Heart of God. We as women are told so many lies. Yet, we let each other walk around daily believing these lies. I want girls to know their worth is in Christ. That Christ speaks truth into these lies. There is so much more to it than just that. I believe that God is still developing and growing this passion in me. One day, one day this dream will come to life. It will be birthed out of ashes, it will be the result of a path not often traveled, the aftermath of pain. It will be beautiful. Why? Because this is what God has planted with in me. I desire to see it come to fruition I doer to bring him more praise.

  183. I have many God-sized dreams but the two biggest dreams right now is to move back to KS, buy a farm, and live off the land, and to adopt our daughter from China.

  184. My dream, to start a ministry for young women. It would be a ministry that encompasses all aspect of being a women. but at the same tome it all focuses around the heart, the Heart of God. We as women are told so many lies. Yet, we let each other walk around daily believing these lies. I want girls to know their worth is in Christ. That Christ speaks truth into these lies. There is so much more to it than just that. I believe that God is still developing and growing this passion in me. One day, one day this dream will come to life. It will be birthed out of ashes, it will be the result of a path not often traveled, the aftermath of pain. It will be beautiful.

  185. My God-sized dream is a writing and speaking ministry. I know this burning desire is from Him, not me, because until a year or two ago, if you asked me, I would always answer, “I’m a writer, not a speaker.” Now I balk that God isn’t bringing more or bigger speaking opportunities “fast enough.” But I pray that when He does, He will fill my mouth and the ears that listen, with His glory!

  186. I was in a dark place in December of 2012. I did not realize how heavy the weights of the world were weighing down upon me. I was unhappy with life in general…my job, my lack of a ministry…not being in the church that I had once loved, learned, and was growing in..missing social relationships…my house was full of people and I was actually lonely…I was working on my Master’s- spending evenings and weekends in a room by myself while my family enjoyed life. I worked teaching all day in a situation that was almost impossible and working for someone who did not care about their employees. I had a mental breakdown set off my an administrative meeting with the team I was on. I sat there and saw my principal criticize my colleagues in front of me; I was hurt for them and appaulled at the situation. Everything went downhill from there. I came home to laundry, dishes, meals to be prepared, a course to work on, on top of mounds and mounds of papers to grade and 4 different preparations for teaching the next day. My husband kept saying “there’s got to be a better life” every morning when we woke up and I was beginning to drown, but no one saw me. I went to my principal’s office with a plan to make things better. He appeared to listen, but by the end of the week he told me to quit using the word “God” (and he was a Christian) and to come back to work when I was my usual, quiet, reserved self (with basically nothing to say…a flower on the wall). I was hospitalized due to the nervous breakdown that followed and was home for 2 more weeks…due to my principal advising me not to come back until the beginning of the next semester in January 2013. I returned with a better sense of why I was drowning and a determination to stay afloat. I dropped out of my masters for the time being. I picked and chose which papers got graded and which did not need to be graded. I began leaving work to head home at the end of my work day @ 3:30pm. I asked administration to place me in a different position. Upon the advice of my dad, psychiatrist, and counselor, I began searching for jobs online. I went to several interviews. And to catch you up to speed upon getting out of the hospital and the week before when I had the nervous breakdown, I began writing,..something this math teacher has never done, nor cared to do. God started birthing devotionals within me. I contacted our small town paper and began writing in it 2 times a month as a local columnist. I was writing about God in the paper…a ministry that I never saw coming. I am loving doing it. It still apaulls me when I sit down and the words start pouring out. I have written around 6 articles so far and it feels good. I have a new job, online teaching, staying at home…more carefree and less stressful. I love my boss and my little office I work in . I love picking my son up from school at the end of the day. I love that there are now only 3 people to take care of in my house instead of 9. The God-sized dream that He has begun in me is more than I can imagine. For my eyes have never seen or my ears heard what He has in store for me. I can see books in the future but for right now writing for the paper is my God-sized dream and it fits just right. I am not wanting or needing more yet. I am enjoying basking in His presence. I once felt as if I was lost and now I know He was carrying me the entire time from December 2012 to today. Praise God for people like Holley who encourage me to pressing forward. Sincerely, Natalie Alday

  187. I’ve been writing songs, poems, stories, and novels since early childhood. I would love to do this as a vocation and for God’s glory. Other things I long for: a house, a master’s degree, a husband….but there are obstacles. 🙁

  188. I want to be a champion for biblical womanhood in my generation. learning, teaching and writing about what it means to seek the Lord’s purpose and design for me was a woman. and I dream of having lots of children pass through my home. be it foster, adoption, or a ministry setting. I want to leave a legacy of biblical womanhood.

  189. My God sixedream is to learn to trust & relay on God more. I’ve been very unhappy at work the past few months & I’ve applied for other jobs but haven’t got them. I felt really disheartened & hurt. I know God has some plan for me I just have trouble waiting to see it. I also dream of leaving a strong Christian legacy for my family continuing the legacy & heritage my family has left for me.

  190. My dream is to go to college and become a counselor. But my dreams have been put on hold for years.

  191. God has given me a dream to go to Burkina Faso Africa & help there with a mission. I leave July 11th with 8 others from my church for 10 days. And I get to meet my Compassion child ! God has amazing things in store if we will step out of our comfort zone. I can’t wait to see what he does through us !

  192. Thank you for the encouraging words. I needed them today. I feel like I’m ready to boil over with the “more” God has in store for me, but I need a little extra heat to get me there. Uh-oh! I don

  193. …I don’t like the sound of that, but I know it’s in the trials we grow the most. Actually, instead of uh-oh it’s now sounding like a comfort knowing that the struggle I am going throufh currently in regards to my dream is likely that extra heat I need to get this dream overflowing into my reality. I guess I just needed to “talk it out”. Thanks for the “coffee chat”. =)

  194. After the loss of my 21 year old son 8 years ago, I asked- even begged- God to use me up to the glory of His name. He had me in a time of “being still” with Him, and in that waiting He gave me the dream to write for Him, speak for Him, and make the name of Jesus famous. His answer to that prayer was to call me to teach middle schoolers!! I am currently teaching Bible in a private Christian school, pointing young people to Jesus and challenging them to seek His divine purpose in their lives. I esoecially have a heart for middle school girls and the battle they face every day with the culture. God continues to reveal His faithfulness everyday. It is clear that God is writing HIS story across each of our hearts!

  195. I’ve been a single woman for many years and have had to work outside the home. My dream is to be a homemaker, whether or not I’m married. Never wanted to be a “career” woman.

  196. My God size dream is to move forward. I am stuck.
    i try but y experience has me in a state of fear.

  197. I pray often about encouraging and comforting others through what I have come through and experience in my own life. I even write devotions and parts of praise songs that I only share with family most of the time. I would love to start a blog and have even researched it.

  198. Hi Holly,
    I have truly enjoyed reading your love and compassion about truly finding out what God has in store for our life and truly searching our hearts and praying to find out. As I sit here each day in my last boy chair and hardly ever leave my home I know in my heart that God has a plan for me. My heart has been troubled with this huge void and I keep trying to fill it with everything other than what God would prefer. I think it its because I finally have realized why I am so lonely and bored. I am married to a wonderful man of God who loves me dearly but he works all the time and I am retired and all I do each day is keep the house clean, try to exercise, and make dinner. We both love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. We don’t have any kids either. My husband would like to retire in 3 to 5 years. The problem is that I need to be doing more with my life other than sitting in this house each day. My heart yearns to know Gods direction and plan for my life and/or my husbands life. I know there has to be more to life than this!! 🙂
    Please help me pray for this and please help me learn discernment from God and know when he is speaking to me. I am sure he brought me here to your site.

  199. The dream the Lord has put into my heart is to have a haven of rest for whomever God sends my way. They may be a hurting pastoral couple, a missionary that needs a bit of a respite, someone who needs some quiet time to hear from God…I don’t know.
    It has happened from time to time already but there is much to do to simplify around here. I am working on resting in His Peace and being obedient to do my part and trusting Him to bring the “big” things to pass.

  200. Such a beautiful message of hope and inspiration! Thank you so much for taking the time to share and pray. I absolutely needed to hear this today as I have struggled, for several years now, with finding His will for my life. Honestly, there have been many days that I have to continuously pray those doubts and fears away….those days when I’m feeling like there’s no use for me and I serve no purpose in this world. So thank you, for this beautiful reminder. I needed to be reminded in a big way. 🙂

  201. I don’t know what my God-sized dream is but know He is working in my life. My prayer is to be open to His leading and to be fearless. Holley, thank you for your willingness to serve Him.

  202. My husband and I are working on planting a church in our area. Currently, my job fully supports us. My God-sized dream is to not have to depend on a job and be by his side in our ministry with my full focus on our marriage and the people we are called to lead.

  203. My God-size dream is to open a rehab center where the patients won’t look at my power chair but my heart. God Bless you!

  204. I am in an extremely hard struggle of survival at this time.. due to health struggles I’ve suffered thru for many years now. But I cling to my Father God & Jesus for healing… which new doors have just come but I’m admit I’m frightened to think I will get well.. and whole BUT God is my source! My hearts desire is
    to be fully well
    to have my family & that I lost healed & RESTORED
    to be equipped to share these victories and the journey with others who are struggling where I did … Giving God ALL the Praise!
    to begin training to RUN again… But its a special Race that God gave me a vision of.
    So to be well & whole & freed TO LIVE OUT THAT… WHICH GOD GAVE ME ! …. and more!

  205. My God size dream is to become a Mom. It is a God size dream because if God does not accomplish it. It will not come to pass.

  206. Wow! I’m so inspired and encouraged by reading all of these God-sized dreams. Thanks, Holley, for your words of support and encouragement. My God-sized dream is to have a home for women who are hurting–just to come away, rest, and be renewed to go back out and be the beautiful person God has created them to be.

  207. I believe, like you that God is and wants to be so big in our life but we limit Him. My dream is to live the life He has planned for me fully, in contentment – which will attract others to Him. I dream and love to lead others to a life of contentment as well.

  208. I am in the process of starting up an Interdenominational Counselling Centre in South Africa.It will be run by a Board of Trustees from different churches and not attached to a specific church. People can come there for counselling and to be trained as counsellors. No set charge but donations according to their means will be asked for! I moved from Zimbabwe in 2009 and God gave me a vision to start this up.There are times when I feel like this is too hard but always, He sends encouragement just when I need it the most!!

  209. My God-sized dream is to own my own home one day. Even though sometimes we can bearly keep our heads above water and I feel like we owe everyone in the world, I am believing God for my house.

  210. God placed a God-sized dream on my heart at the same time as a dear friend…actually an acquaintance/fellow cancer survivor at the time who He has grown to be one of my dearest. He had been whispering “cancer ministry” in our ears since we were initially diagnosed. Then He pounded, “It is time.” So we met for lunch, our Type A personalities already having put everything down on paper that He had shown us over the past several months. We laid our stacks in front of each other and saw mirror images of the exact same God-sized dream. We knew then that this was of Him and He was already blessing it. So I said, “Yes” to walking away from a 6-figure job, worldly success, and a fancy title. And I have never felt closer to Him, more sustained by Him, and more blessed by Him. I’ve never been able to recognize the true gifts straight from God and actually use them for His glory like I have since saying “yes.” He has taken what the world had deemed a “curse” and annoying traits, and redeemed it…the compassion that my mom and the world told me was “overreacting” now reaches out to those facing cancer and lets them know that they are not alone and that Jesus is there to hold their hand the entire way. That “OCD” organizing and “detail freak” is now used to coordinate all those tiny details and take the burden off their plates so they can focus on fighting cancer and loving well.

    And in the midst of bringing this dream to life, He continues to put new God-sized dreams on my heart. Once again, ones that I have pushed aside and denied because the enemy tells me I could never do that. And I know it has to be God because those fears and my subsequent lack of worth have told me for so long that I would be a disservice. But I am trusting God that He will give me the strength, the knowledge, the ability to do this, and with that it will bring so much glory to His name. And while I wanted to push back and question Him because on the outside it seems to deter from that original dream, He tells me to rest and trust as our family follows Him into a new chapter. Scary because it is so big but He has shown us what He does when we follow HIS dreams for our lives.

  211. Thank you for your encouragement, and know i can’t wait to read your post daily, and the prayer was beautiful….Blessing’s to you

  212. My dream right now is to finish healing from the Divorce I’m going through. I just finished the 13 weeks of Divorce care and the group I was with were great, but we are not through it all yet. We need each other still, so we decided to contiune meeting (at my house) and my dream is that we can make this work and study, learn and grow together with anyone leading us and God there taking control and showing us all how to dream again – little dreams and big dreams – because most of us are shattered right now trying to figure this all out. That is my dream to heal myself and others with the contiuning of our group.

  213. My God- Sized dream is to have my own classroom and teach. I have been praying over this and I know that God has placed this in my heart. I want to help encourage youth.

  214. My dream. Im not sure what it is.

    I long for unity. For people to be together.

    Many may say family is like this or friends are like this.
    That’s what I want most of all. For people to not leave.

    to get out of my box.

    But there’s another.
    I want “more.”

    I am a christian.
    As believers we have a relationship with Jesus.
    A connection.
    We can tell him all out pain,joys,dissapointments and anything and everthing.

    I want more than what ive settled for.
    I want to stop being lazy. I want to read even when I don’t know where to read. To read even when im not sure how long to read. read and not make excuses.
    i want to change and grow in Christ.

    I want so much- but it all boils down to 1 thing.
    I want a REAL relationship with Jesus.

    Not just go to church because i always do and should.
    Not just to pray little, only when i really want to or need to.
    Not just saying i hope all the time-when i dont even _____.
    Not just what i’ve been doing.

    I want it to be REAL to me.

  215. Thanks for the encouraging post! My God-sized dream is to start some business ventures and to become one of the most influential women in the World.

  216. I want to write a book, one that is filled with the truth and wisdom that God has been giving me over the last several years.

  217. I have a dream of finding the right job that God wants me to do since closing the door on my last job of almost 22 years. I have a dream of using my love of photography and to watch people laugh and or smile at the pictures that I take

  218. My dream is to inspire the rejected … with the only truth that matters …

    *our FATHER loves them with a special and most awesome kinda of love and HIS love is the only love they truely need …

    My dream is now and has always been to move folks with words and images … in the direction of this TRUTH of HIS mighty and powerful love.

  219. My dream is to run a medical clinic in Haiti and to teach the women how to care for the health of themselves and their families. My hubby and I finally are in agreement about where, we just need to know how and when. Praying!!

  220. My God sized dream that I carry in my heart is to go back to school and become a life coach, counselor or psychologist for families, marriages, and mothers to inspire, encourage them, and point them to back to Jesus’s arms and ways. Please pray for me even if you dont pick me thanks.

  221. God sent me on a quest to design an inexpensive, quick to build, disaster house built without power tools. The disaster house idea came from my research on small scale houses for a book that I am writing (God keeps this dream alive too). Although my house was well received at two different colleges, I have yet to have help in building a model. I have no money and recently lost my part-time job. Prior to that I was unemployed for 3-1/2 years. I have lost almost everything of earthly value but my Lord is faithful and keeps me encouraged to not lose my dreams of the disaster house or my book. He is a God of hope. As I read some of the comments before mine, my prayer is for these people to keep their faith alive by focusing on Christ and not on their circumstances. “Be strong and be of good courage, for the Lord your God will go with you wherever you go” Thank you Holly for your encouraging words. I look forward to them and always pass them on to those I know who live troubled lives.

  222. Hi there, my dream is to move away from the big city and be homemaker and stay at home mom. To be involved at church. To be a wife and mother. I’m going crazy at having to work full-time instead of investing my time where I want to really be.

  223. My God-size dream? To go back to school after spending the past 32 years married to who I thought was the love of my life and raising two fantastic sons but now finding myself divorced and my soul calling me to go back at age 57 and get my degree in psychotherapy/counseling.

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