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Melanie Shankle lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Perry, and daughter, Caroline. She is the New York Times Bestselling author of Sparkly Green Earrings and The Antelope in the Living Room. She's passionate about Jesus, laughter, and sales at Anthropologie.

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  1. How exciting for you to live out your dream! I, too loved reading blume’s books. Otherwise known as Sheila the Great was a fun one for me, she seemed so different from who I was. Last year i read Charlotte’s Web to my kids and I simply fell in love with Wilbur and the life he led in the midst of all his farm friends. I love books that evoke all the various feelings we experience in life.

  2. How exciting for you to live out your dream! I, too loved reading blume’s books. Otherwise known as Sheila the Great was a fun one for me, she seemed so different from who I was. Last year i read Charlotte’s Web to my kids and I simply fell in love with Wilbur and the life he led in the midst of all his farm friends. I love books that evoke all the various feelings we experience in life.

  3. Your daughter’s comment almost made me cry, too! How sweet! I was an avid reader when I was younger, and still am to some extent. I remember checking out all of the Babysitter’s Club books from my school library. When I was in high-school, I really enjoyed the books we were “assigned” to read. The Great Gatsby is still one of my favorites. Congratulations on your book!

  4. What a great post. I liked little house on the Prarie when I was growing up, but my absolute favorite books were from a series of books about a fictional character named Elsie Dinsmore. I still love reading her books even though I’m almost twenty. A close second is the book series called Heartland.

  5. I too LOVE the Little House series as a child – in fact I just recently found the books at my parents house and took them back home so I could read them again! 🙂

  6. I LOVED all of Noel Streatfeild’s books! My mother would get them for us, interlibrary loan and we would read them together before bed. I have been browsing Abe books planning to buy them to try with my daughter. I hope she loves them as much as I do.
    Of course, I loved Judy Blume, too and when I got older, Madeleine L’Engle stole my heart (and still owns it!)
    I am really looking forward to reading your book. If you loved Ballet Shoes, we must be kindred spirits!

  7. I read everything I could get my hands on too. All of the “Little House of the Prairie” series, the Nancy Drew series, Judy Blume series, Beverly Clearly, and any other book that let a girl “save” the day.

    Congrats on your book. So glad that the busyness of life didn’t choke out your dream!

  8. Life has a way of pushing us along and children are the best at seeing the simplicity of the moment. We adults look at all the “what ifs” and they simply see” why not”. I am still learning to enjoy the daily moments and not live just for the future. No matter the age, we all need to learn to breathe and see how God’s hand is working in our todays. Hold today loosely in your hand, because time slips through your fingers…but the fragrance of the day is a sweet aroma to share with others.

  9. Your daughter’s quote is really wonderful. I’m going to have to remember that next time I’m feeling impatient about dreams that aren’t coming true fast enough…and remember it’s all God’s plan and in God’s time. 🙂

  10. As a children’s Librarian in an elementary school, I have read hundreds of children’s books! As far as ” easy” books as we called the picture books, I love Jan Brett and as a child Laura Ingalls Wilder and L. M. Montgomery’s Anne books…..I am not a writer but can sure appreciate them!!!

  11. A favorite book – well when I was young I can’t say there was one and there were no series back then. I remember my 2nd grade teacher telling my Mom I had read every one of her books in her room library and then that summer Mom took me to the library and I remember they had cars up on the walls high they moved around as we read books and I was one of the winners that summer. I love books and I love reading. Today my favorite book will always be my Bible.

  12. Oh yes, I spent many nights staying up too late reading the Little House books. 🙂 I read them over and over and finally convinced my parents to take us to Laura’s house in Missouri where she wrote the books. Best. vacation. ever!!

  13. I really loved the Betsy-Tacy books by Maude Hart Lovelace. There are ten of them, tracing the relationship from childhood into young womanhood of three girls,
    Betsy, Tacy, and Tib in the early twentieth century. Looking back I loved reading them because they explored the beauties of women’s relationships throughout life. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!

  14. I am always surprised at the truth kids speak unaware!
    When I was a kid I read anything I could get my hands on; my books, my sisters’ books.. my parents’ news magazines.

  15. What a beautiful story! The books that I read over and over again were Encyclopedia Brown. I am not sure why at the moment. But I loved them.

  16. For me it was the Trixie Belden series and anything I could get my hands on about Annie Oakley. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Sparkly Green Earrings. Looking forward to reading it. Congratulations!

  17. Jewels of wisdom from one so young. What a true example of grace. When I was young, I had my face buried in a book constantly. A favorite book of mine was entitled “The Greyhound”. A young girl finds a greyhound in a bombed out building in London and cares for it. It is a story of love and loss and humanity. It haunted me for years. My favorite series was Nancy Drew. Yes, I grew up in the 60’s when I would wait in anticipation for the new Nancy Drew as I imagine children waiting for the next Harry Potter. Thank you for your inspiration.

  18. it was like reading my dream 🙂 God is so good, and faithful! blessings to you and yours for following it and allowing God to “walk with you on the journey”. how profound the words caroline spoke, i agree, God gave those words, we do want to run, His timing is always the right time.
    someday i hope to take the journaling i did on my emma, our only daughter. i too have dreamed of composing my life into a book, a way to pay it forward and a way too, to reflect on how God has been there every step of the way, just as He promises, going before us!

  19. I to am in the middle of working on my writing and am seeing how God is putting so many things together to make dreams really happen – I am a mother of three, two daughters and a son they are my gifts.

  20. Loved your daughter’s quote! Such wisdom…

    I’ve always loved to read, but I adored Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys books because they showed me that kids could do anything—even outsmart adults!

  21. “A little Princess”. Hands down! Also Elizabeth enright’s “Goneaway Lake” and “the Four Story Mistake”

  22. Little Women…still one of my favorites! And congratulations on accomplishing this dream!

  23. Thank you for.this beautiful affirmation. It is the third I’ve.had in a week. It spoke to me on several.levels….about Faith and writing through and.past fear. Brava. I am really anticipating reading it.

  24. Congratulations on seeing a dream come to fruition! I would love to read your book and get encouragement for my own deferred dream.

  25. Hi Melanie! Congratulations on your book! I first saw you back in February at the dotMom conference in Frisco, TX….God woke me up that weekend from a long slumber. I wanted to biy everyone’s books that weekend, but was only able to get a couple. I would love to read your book! I was a huge fan of the Babysitters Club series! Still have them all to give to my oldest daughter when she is ready for them. Some other favorites were Don’t Look Behind You and the Indian in the Cupboard. Have a blessed day!

  26. Charlotte’s Web (of course…)
    Strawberry Girl
    Little House on the Prairie
    Nancy Drew

  27. I read all the books by Beverly Cleary. I so enjoyed the way she told her stories.

  28. My favorite childhood books were Judy Blume, Sweet Valley High, Choose Your Own Adventure, The Westing Game, and I loved to read about Helen Keller. I never read the Little House books as a child, but I just got them to read to my almost five year old daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. “Tiger Eyes” by Judy Blume has long been a favorite of mine. My husband is reading “Charlotte’s Web” with my kids (They’re 5 — almost 6, really — and 3 1/2.) and seeing them cuddled up reading a chapter book is one of those motherhood moments I didn’t know I was waiting for but am so glad is here.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book, Melanie!

  30. I read every Trixie Beldon and Boxcar kids book, but my favorite book from a surprisingly young age was Jane Eyre. My sister’s was Gone With the Wind. A house of voracious readers.

  31. I read every Trixie Beldon and Boxcar kids book, but my favorite book from a surprisingly young age was Jane Eyre. My sister’s was Gone With the Wind. We’re voracious readers.

  32. I too love to read and have forever. I think it is probably the best habit/love I handed down to my now young adult daughter. Favorite book as a youth? Who knows, all of them! 🙂 I loved Little House on the Prairie and Little Men the list could go on and on. Now I’d like your book for my pregnant daughter!

  33. Some of my favorites were: the Narnia books, Madelaine L’Engle, Little House series, Beverly Cleary & Judy Blume. My mom managed a bookstore & I read constantly!

  34. Having been a little ballerina myself, Noel Streatfield’s ‘Ballet Shoes’ and ‘White Boots’ were some of my favourites. I then inherited my mum’s entire Enid Blyton collection and grew up addicted to the ‘St Clares’ series, and reading about the ‘O’Sullivan’ twins. I guess though that the books which stick out most in my mind were the very first ones that I ever received as a toddler, and began reading as soon as I learned how, and these were the Ladybird collection of all my favourite fairy tales: ‘The Elves & The Shoemaker’, ‘Rapunzel’ and so on. This began a lifelong literary affair with beautiful stories and inspirational memoirs. 🙂

  35. Some of my favorites were: the Narnia books, Madelaine L’Engle, Little House series, Beverly Cleary & Judy Blume books. My mom managed a bookstore & I read constantly!

  36. Every time the Scholastic Book Fair would come to my elementary school, my mom always said we couldn’t afford books. Then one year when I was in fourth grade, she relented for some reason, and I got to buy TWO books, which was a huge deal! The books were Katie John, by Mary Calhoun, and Mitch and Amy, by Beverly Cleary. I read them so often that they finally disintegrated, but to this day they are among my favorite books, simply because they were my first ‘very own’ ones. Thanks for letting me share a very fond memory! God bless you.

  37. Congratulations on your book. I like them all but probably Charlotte’s Web and the Gone With The Wind.

  38. Congratulations!
    My childhood books of choice were The Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon series!

  39. Love the quote from your daughter, so true! Congratulations on your book and your walk!

  40. My mom began reading to me from the moment I came into the world and signed me up for Story Times at our local library as soon as I could sit up by myself :] With that said, I have always had a love for anything written by Patricia Polacco. From a very young age, I always discovered the deeper meaning in her books and was entranced by her words and beautiful pictures that go along with them. I too want to write a book one day and I thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. It’s authors like you that inspire me to follow my own dream. Best of luck with everything!

  41. My absolute favorite book when I was younger was The Boxcar Children. I still own a copy today at age 35!

  42. The Boxcar Series when I was young and then Ask Me if I Care when I was in jr high. I love love love to read. I’m still addicted to kids books!

  43. Hello Melanie,
    First of all congratulations on releasing your first book. I know it took lots of courage and ooh, so much patience. I am a mother of three daughters, ( two of them twins) and one son, and two grandchildren and two more on the way. I’d really like to win one of your books for my daughter Kristin. She is also a blogger and she’s very creative. She crotchets and sews and sells her items on Etsy. My time with my daughters has flown by so, so quickly that I would want her to capture the sweetness of the message you have in your book. Enjoy every part of life now.

  44. I have a hard time saying a favorite. I’d probably say the ‘Pollyanna’series. Also spent time with Little House on Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames and so many more. As I grew older I switched to Harold Bell Wright, George MacDonald, & Michael Phillips.

  45. Unfortunately I didn’t come to appreciate books until adulthood. When I decided to homeschool our kids is when my love of the written word started to bloom. At one point I had over 3000 books but regretfully had to get rid of half when we moved and I enjoy everything from picture books to adult reads!

  46. I have a hard time saying a favorite. I’d probably say the ‘Pollyanna’series. Also spent time with Little House on Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames and so many more.

  47. Definitely “Little Women”. I love the fact that my daughter is old enough to read it now. We can read it again and again together!

  48. sad to say I was not a reader growing up…reading issues killed the joy…but I was determined to have my children have a love for reading….I have 5 kids…some took to reading others were more like me…but my oldest is a veracious reader…a new momma….and I would love to win this book for her….BTW she loved little house too 🙂

  49. I can’t wait to read your book! It’s been on my Amazon Wish List for awhile. I’ve always had a love of reading, so its hard to pick a favorite, but I think anything by Judy Blume or any of the Nancy Drew books.

  50. I was just in San Antonio,TX this weekend to visit my inlaws and I live in College Station,TX.
    I was amazed at your daughters perception. Out of the mouths of babes! The book sounds really good and I would like to win. After I finish a book, I recycle it to friends and family(in laws). Thank you for being refreshingly honest!

  51. If your book is written half as well as your post, I know I will love reading it! I loved reading growing up, and I devoured every Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery book! I loved trying to figure out the mystery before it was revealed. I also loved James and the Giant Peach. I think I was secretly wishing I could live in a peach, and I especially liked the wonderful ending where everything worked out for James!

  52. What a wonderful writer you are, and a very precious daughter you have been blessed with indeed!
    As far back as I can remember I have always had the strangest taste in literature, and too many favorites to narrow it to only two choices… but here are two of my top 10 as a kid… Gone With The Wind and The Pit and The Pendulum

  53. Thank you for your writing. I loved reading as a girl and still love reading to our children today. Some of my favorites as a child were The Boxcar Children, The Wind in the Willows, and Island of the Blue Dolphins.

  54. Your words resonate with my heart…what a loving God we have to give us dreams and then to give us what we dreamed!! As a young girl..long ago :)…I loved reading Nancy Drew’s and my Mom’s book club books from the 50’s…I was retro even then..ha..would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway..God bless!

  55. Lotta on Troublemaker Street, by Astrid Lindgren, was one of my very favorite books as a child. I also real lots of biographies, reading them in alphabetical order by last name. The Raggedy Ann and Andy series and Danny Dunn series were favorites, too.

    Melanie, I am thrilled for you as you are living out God’s plan for you according to how He made you! There is no greater sense of fulfillment than that, is there? You just KNOW you are right smack-dab in the middle of God’s will for your life when you do that, and the sense of JOY and PEACE you experience in working HARD at what He created you to be and what He has put inside of you is overwhelming and humbling, isn’t it? Although we may struggle with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, there is great satisfaction and a settledness in working in your giftedness. Many times I have said the same thing as you: “It’s up to me to do the hard work, and the outcome lies with God.” How freeing that is!

  56. Your daughter’s comment just made me burst out in tears! wow!
    I loved Beverly Cleary books too and all the Little House ones. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and anything Lucy M. Montgomery. Chronicles of Narnia too of course.
    I’ve read the beginning of your book somewhere online and it makes me happy that you get to share your voice in this way through a book! You have a strong and beautiful writing voice! 🙂

  57. books, books, books! One can never have too many books!! 🙂
    I loved Nancy Drew, and Beverly Cleary. I’ve been thinking about it again as my kids are starting to read the longer chapter books these days! Might have to visit the classics with them!

  58. What a pround statement from you daughter….it goes to show that her “mama” did a great job! It was so good….I am so happy for you. I see myself so much in your story…I loved the same books as you growing up…and have sinced passed them on to my daughter. I have been told here by several trustworthy friends that I need to start a blog. but that scares me to death! I was adopted at 3 days old to a wonderful family. I was truly blessed that day. I have gone through so many emotions growing up and just wanted to be able to help another person with the emotions they may be having with adoption. Anyway, thank you for the encouragement today that I received through your message today. I So want to read your book! It sounds Great!
    Be Blessed!

  59. Thank you for this post! I, too am familiar with the flashlight under the covers reading all night to finish a book 🙂 I’m encouraged to know that your dream came true and will continue to cling to mine. I’d love to win a copy!

  60. The Little House series was and still is one of my favorite series to read. I can’t wait to start reading it to my daughter in a few years. I also loved reading The Babysitter’s Club books. I just idolized those hip girls while I was growing up.

  61. Loved your daughter’s bit of wisdom! I’ll definitely share it with my college-age daughter, a creative writing major who hopes to publish her own books some day.
    I read anything adventurous when I was little – animals and outdoors were my passion and still are. Jack London, Nancy Drew, Little Women, Black Beauty and Albert Payson Terhune. In college it was the Narnia Chronicles and Tolkien, L’Engle, Mark Helprin … and the reading hasn’t stopped yet!

  62. Wow, at the young age of 60, I am still stirred by my fond memories of young motherhood. Your blog and video for your new book really got me thinking about my own childhood, of reading under the covers, and of sharing my love of reading with my only son. He is now 33 years old and lives half a world away from me in Beijing. I remember him calling me when he was in high school, just to read to me a page from a book he discovered, a treasure I’ve kept for many years. The heart of a mother just grows more tender with the passing years. Thanks for your gift, keep it coming!

  63. I grew up in the 60’s-70’s and I never remember being encouraged to read. So imagine my delight, as an adult, homeschooling my kids, reading Little House for the first time. We read through every book out loud together., as well as a host of other classics. I miss those days. My oldest son, is now an English teacher, and every time he comes home we talk Literature. Makes this mama very happy.

    Congrats on your book being published!

  64. I read so many! I read all the Nancy Drew books and Black Stallion series. Probably my very favorite, however, were a series of 3 books by Ralph Moody. The first was “Little Britches.” My dad talked about these books and how this was just like his life and my grandpa’s life growing up on the farm. I still read them when I’m feeling nostalgic. BTW, I gave my husband the quote from you daughter. It was exactly what he needed to hear today! Thank you.

  65. How exciting!! My favs as a child were Nancy Drew and Alfred Hitchcock. Obviously, I had a thing for mysteries. Sometimes I still do, although I like plenty of other genres as well. 🙂

  66. I loved Nancy Drew…but I really LOVED Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators!!!

  67. My favorite children’s book is The Velveteen Rabbit. I’m about to give birth to our little girl & my husband’s aunt gave us this book at our baby shower, she didn’t know it was my favorite…God is so amazing in His little surprises.

  68. Laura of Little House. Anne of Green Gables. Emily of New Moon. These were my best friends during my moving-around growing-up years. I love reading, and I’d love to read your book!

  69. My favorite book’s growing up were the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley.

  70. Oh how I remember Judy Blume! I read the books you talked about in this post too. My all time favorite was Charlotte’s Web! If only we could understand our children as well as Charlotte understood the animals!

  71. I remember when i started school my teacher had to take me to class 3 (we start school at 4/5 in UK) to find a book I hadn’t read before! We settled on the Little Gingerbread Man!

  72. Congratulations on your dream come true! I can’t pinpoint a book for me as a child but I know that as a mom one of my most favorite children’s book is Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. We must be around the same age because I too loved those same books. I would say that my favorite was The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White. I don’t know what it was about that one but I read it many times

  74. Hey Melanie,

    I enjoyed your post thoroughly! Thank you for sharing.
    My favorite authors growing up were Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, and of course Grace Livingston Hill. When I was much younger, I also loved reading all the Black Stallion books as well as the Boxcar Children Series. What memories they bring back!

  75. Ooh, this is hard – I was going to not think about required reading, but have to say Island of the Blue Dolphins ‘ cause I know I read that again on my own. Also, The Day No Pigs Would Die; Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, the box set of Little House books, probably a lot of Judy Blume – but especially are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, The Velveteen Rabbit, Dragon John, Little Women…how many did you ask for? Congratulations & thanks for the opportunity!

  76. I love the way you write! I remember loving Roald Dahl… Matilda and The Witches were two that I read over and over.

  77. I loved (and still do!) the whole Anne of Green Gables series. Little House on the Prairie was another favorite.

  78. I too fell in love very early with Little House on the Prairie and am now enjoying re-reading them with my little girls. What joy! Thank you for writing from your heart, looking forward to reading your book.

  79. What encouragement! I just love books, all different kinds. Historical fiction is probably my favorite. I would love to read your book!

  80. I loved your daughter’s quote about sometimes needing to walk to our future when we want to run – so very profound!! I loved reading as a kid, and still do! I think I read every Nancy Drew book available at our library, and loved Judy Blume, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Beverly Cleary. As an adult I loved Maniac McGee by Jerry Spinelli, Harry Potter, and still like anything by Tomie de Paola.

    • I like that quote about walking when we want to run. If we’re stressed or in grief, it’s good to walk and not run to what the future holds for us.

  81. I loved books growing up and had dreams of being an author up till I was in third grade when I was told that was a silly dream. I would stay up late reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, Beverly Cleary, Baby-Sitters Club, any horse book, but my all time favorite childhood book was Cady Woodlawn. I have such good memories with all of those books, even when I would get in trouble for staying up late or not doing my chores because I was reading 🙂

  82. I also grew up reading Little House on the Prairie. We would all sit on my mother’s bed with apple slices listening to the stories.

  83. I read all of the Little House books, Nancy Drew, Judy Blume, and any books about horses that I could find (though I have never, may I repeat EVER been on a horse-still cracks me up). I read the little house series to my daughters when they were young!

  84. Congratulations!! That is so huge! My favorite book was and will always be Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.
    Thanks so much for your words!
    Krista 🙂

  85. Couldn’t get enough of Nancy Drew. In the late 70’s there were probably sixty books and I read them all! But Little Women is the one that touched my heart and caused me to sob for a fictional character..poor Beth! Just. Love. Reading!

  86. Perhaps I’m weird but I read a weird combination of historical fiction, Christian fiction, and non-fiction growing up. I enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder, especially The Long Winter, as well as everything by Frank Peretti.

  87. Narnia, babysitter’s little sister or sweet valley twins. I also loved American Girl and a series called The Magic Attic.
    Your daughter is wise beyond her years! Wow!

  88. My favorite books when I was little were by Gene Stratton-Porter: Laddie, Freckles, Girl of the Limberlost, etc. Then there were Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. Later, to my kids, C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series were some of our favorite read-alouds.

    I’m pretty new to (in)courage. Glad to find you.

  89. Beautiful post! And so profound regarding waiting; it truly is the hardest part.

    My favorite books growing up were Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume also. Now my daughter is devouring them like I used to. I love watching her enjoy the same characters that I did at her age!

  90. I have heard so much about this book. To get a chance to win it for myself is awesome! Thank you so much!

  91. I too, was a fan of the “Little House on the Prairie” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It showed me the dynamics of a family that prayed and played together to make a satisfying home life. The work ethnic shown by the parents conveyed to the children how to live and experience adventure. It would be wonderful to read of your experiences of motherhood in your book. Sounds like a good read.

  92. Melanie, your post was so truthful it hurt, (in a good way!) and your daughters words were very touching and thought provoking. Aren’t kids wonderful they way they just pop out with life altering things to say in the most mundane of moments? I would love to read your book. Thank you for being honest.

  93. It’s hard for me to narrow down my favorite books. I was always reading as a kid and still love reading. When I was in Jr. High, my favorite books were all by Lori Wick but the two books that stick out the most from my childhood were “The Indian in the Cupboard” and “Island of the blue dolphin”, oh and “A wrinkle in time” oh and …. We could be here all day!

  94. The fruit of your life lives in your home. Your daughter’s words are truth and yet we want to be the wise ones. As I school my son today at our kitchen table, I am reminded to listen to his wise words. When I was young, I read THE HIDING PLACE by Corrie ten Boom and ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN. Couldn’t get enough of them.

  95. I too live in San Antonio and this is my first time visiting your website. I was led here by sprinkles and wrinkles.
    When I was young…….many years ago……I loved to read the Little House series. I cannot count how many times I read them, especially the last one where Laura gets married. At my age then, that seemed so romantic to me, and in some ways, it still does. I also read every Nancy Drew mystery that was ever published. My 3rd grade teacher was so impressed that I read so much. I still have the card on which she listed all the books I read that year….she ran out of space and had to go to card #2!
    Please enter me in the contest to win your book. I signed up for the newsletter and look forward to becoming more acquainted with you. Go Spurs!!

  96. I’ve been reading you for a while from Pioneer Woman and now your blog. When I was a kid, my favorite books were Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lucy Maud Montgomery AND Roald Dahl books.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. I think I have always had a place for Nicholas Sparks. I try to read everything of his I can get my hands on.

  98. I loved where the red fern grows and Heidi. I read them both multiple times. I’m adding this book to my wish list.

  99. Congratulations on the book! I am looking forward to reading it….and I love your blog! My favorite books were anything by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, and Little Women (and all the other books by Louisa May Alcott!).

  100. As a teenager I read all of Janette Okies books. Every series that came out I had to get, I still have them now, I am 62!

  101. I LOVE to blog. It is a way to get all my thoughts out and someone might actually read them :-). Writing to me is very cathartic and good for the soul. When I was a child, I loved Wrinkle in Time (guess that explains my “nerd” status these days…haha).

  102. Besides reading tons of Nancy Drew books I absolutely love the Legend of the Bluebonnet. Living it Texas made it that more special.

  103. I LOVED all the Nurse Cherry Ames books! Also Heidi and the Bobsey Twins. The Secret Garden was not one I read as a child but loved when I read it so will be sure the Grands have it to read!

  104. Believe it or not, as a kid I was NOT a reader. I feel certain now that I had ADD and just flat could not focus. However, I loved to Little House on the Prairie. I didn’t realize how gourgeous Michael Landon was. I really enjoy reading now and actually thinking about writting a children’s book. Your message inspired me to get going! I find myself jotting words and events down. My daughter is 13 y.o. now and we are very close. She is my 4th child and I feel I have done it “right” with her. You know, we are not perfect creatures and we think too much sometimes. My story is a true and completely happened by accident. I took in the moment and it has been sitting the back of my mind for a very long time. Thanks for sharing!

  105. I like Noel S too but even more the Sadlers Wells ballet stories about girls living in England going to ballet school in London.

  106. Your post reminded me of the importance of following what we believe and know God wants us to do and how he wants us to use our talents, and having faith that the rest will fall into place. I also feel that my little one is growing up too quickly and while long journal or blog entries is not my forte, I have taken to writing down one moment/memory/special thing every day. It seems manageable to me but still lets me record and remember this wonderful life! One of my favorite books was Are you there, God It’s Me, Margaret.

  107. After reading your bio (which sounds a lot like me! :-)) I now really want to read your book 🙂 I loved reading too, still do. As a kid I loved the Little House series, and read it to my kids. Among many, I loved Jack London’s stories, Where the Red Fern Grows, Winnie the Pooh, The Black Pearl, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Beverly Cleary, Ray Bradbury, Everything we got assigned in English class..on and on…I read Charlotte’s Web and Where the Red Fern Grows to my kids and cry everytime (which makes them tease me :-)).

  108. I had the pleasure of seeing you at in Frisco! I witnessed first hand your sense of humor and love of Christ our Lord. I want able to get a copy if your book then but it is on my list! When I was a child, I got lost in the life of Charlotte’s Web and the Babysitter series 🙂 Thank you for being willing to share your life experiences and lessons with us!

  109. I loved The Borrowers series when I was in elementary school and discovered series books. And of “Little House on the Prairie” books.
    And I am positive I will love your book too.
    Love blowing your way!

  110. So many books I have loved that there is not nearly enough room to list them, but here are a few: Little Women, Pollyanna, Where the Red Fern Grows, Cherry Ames Army Nurse and on and on……….

  111. Congratulations on making your dream come true! My very favorite book growing up was “Harriet the Spy” by Louise Fitzhugh. I never read books more than once but this one I’ve read multiple times. I didn’t see the movie a few years back because I didn’t want it to ruin my childhood memory of that book, as movies often do. I also devoured all the Nancy Drew books. I’m looking forward to adding your book to my reading list.

  112. ooooo Nancy Drews, Judy Blumes, Beverly Clearys, Little Houses, Little Women, I loved reading!

  113. I really loved Laura Ingalls Wilder too. And Nancy Drew. And I’m embarrassed to admit Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins! I have much more reputable tastes these days since I majored in English. 🙂

  114. I smiled when I read your favorite childhood book because my maiden name was Wilder, and Laura Ingalls Wilder, by marriage, is part of my heritage line. The picture in our geneology book isn’t quite as beautiful as the TV series portrayed. 🙂
    As a girl growing up I loved to read novels by Grace Livingston Hill–one of the first Christian novel writers in that day.

  115. I remember reading Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High series, also books by Judy Blume & Beverly Clearly. The author that sticks out most in my mind would be Lurlene McDaniel, especially her One Last Wish series.

  116. I loved the Berenstain Bears books!

    What a wonderful book trailer! Tears were streaming down my face as I watched it. My daughter is 21 months old, and I feel like time is going by way too fast. Can’t wait to read your book.

  117. Great post! I loved Judy Blume, especially Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret and Blubber.

  118. I love what your daughter said to you! How smart and precious. Looks like a great book… 🙂


  119. Congratulations! And thank you for this giveaway 🙂

    Oh, goodness….I grew up in a family of bookworms, and read anything and everything I could get my hands on! I, like you, did love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. 🙂

  120. You are a wonderful writer and this post made me laugh and smile! My first book i remember reading was by Judy Blume called “Are you there God, its me Margret”..i remember thinking, wow this author can REALLY talk to God, i want to know how to do this….anyway i will always remember this book fondly

  121. I loved the Little House on the Prairie books too when I was little. I can’t wait to read this book. I love the trailer and have already read so many good reviews about it!

  122. I was an under the covers reader too:) I loved the Childhood of Famous Americans books and read and reread them. I loved Little House and Ramona books. And as a junior high girl – I loved Janette Oke books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. I ate up the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leoppard. As a teenager, Robin Jones Gunn got me with the Christy Miller series and the Sierra Jensen series.

  124. When my sister and I were really young, Mom would read to us every night from the Ragedy Ann and Andy Series. Oh how I loved those stories! When I was old enough to read, I loved the Beverly Clearly books and read anything I could get my hands on. Also Nancy Drew, Roald Dahl, and one of my favorite books ever was Mr. Poppers Penguins.

  125. I loved Christopher Pike and RL Stine books. I have always been a reader. I am a new mom of a 3 month old. looking forward to reading your book!!

    God bless you

  126. I loved Christopher Pike and RL Stine books. I have always been a reader. I am a new mom of a 3 month old. looking forward to reading your book!!
    God bless you

  127. I had the pleasure of hearing a little bit of your story at the DOTMom conference in Frisco in February. What a blessing!

    I love to read…count it as an honor to always be learning and growing. When I was a little girl, two of my favorite books were Charlotte’s Web and Ramona the Pest. Childhood favorites for other little girls, I’m sure.

    I can’t wait to read Sparkly Green Earrings. I’ve heard good things about it.

  128. My favorite was not read until my teenage years, Charlotte Brontë Jane Erye. I have read and re-read it many time over the years…and although I know exactly what is going to happen, I enjoy it so much. I also Loved reading the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oaks…I just love to read!! It is my escape, my way to relax. Look forward to reading your book!!! Sounds wonderful!!

  129. I loved reading The Little House on the Prairie series and The Babysitter’s Club series!

  130. I also loved Judy Blume! But I was also an even girlier-girl and loved The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins. LOL. I cringe at that now. I loved collecting them and could hardly wait to get the next one!

  131. I too loved the Little House Books, and the Anne of Green Gables books! and dreamed of being a writer one day… and now I am, but not quite in the way I expected. (I write for educational publishers)

    I also have a special heart for Clifford books (because those are the first I read on my own) and some Cabbage Patch Kids books (because my sister used those to teach me to read).

  132. Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume…was my ALL TIME FAVORITE book when I was a young girl…..NOW my all time favorite book is Redeeming Love….
    I appreciated your candor and honesty. It’s refreshing. Thank you.

  133. I always feel like God is speaking to me through my son. What an awesome thing to say!

    Two of my favorite books as a child were Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and Coming of Age in Mississippi. Two awesome books.

  134. I enjoy your blog– I love to read especially about the all important job of MOTHERHOOD. I feel blessed to be a mother and grandmother

  135. Learning to read was a struggle for me and I hated it until I the day I read Beverly Cleary’s book Romona the Pest. From that day forward I couldn’t wait to check out a book from our school library. However my all time favorite book is Too Young to Die by Lurlene McDaniel. She includes Ecclesiates Chapter 3 in the book. I will never forget how those verses and her book really changed the way I looked at the adversity that life throws my way. Thank God that I have a Lord and Savior who is right there beside me helping me through! Thank you for sharing your daughters quote the words really spoke to me today. It’s truly all about God’s Perfect Timing!Congratulations on the release of Sparkly Green Earings I look foward to reading it! God Bless! 🙂

  136. I loved all the Little House on the Prairie books and the Baby Sitters Club Little Sister books. 🙂

  137. I read the first few pages of you book online and thought of my daughter who is expecting her first, well, first full-term baby. She too writes, and her dad keeps telling her to write a book. My favorite reads today are her blogs which make me laugh and cry. I love seeing the glimpse into her life and knowing how to pray for her. I see her intelligent mind worrying some about this new role of motherhood, and I remind her to ‘Trust Him’. I’m thinking your book is right where she will be living and camping in a few months. Blessings!

  138. What a wonderful story! I can’t wait to read your book!

    My very favorite book from childhood is Where the Red Fern Grows. It was the first book that ever made me cry and realize the power of the written word. I remember so vividly laying on the living room floor sobbing over the dogs while the rest of the family watched Miami Vice on tv. 😉 I loved reading before that, but this book changed me.

  139. I have read your delightful blog for years and I’m so happy and excited for you! Congratulations on your wonderful book and it’s amazing reception. I grew up reading all the time, loved Little Women and Nancy Drew. Thank you for the chance to get my hands on your book. Keep writing and shining the light of the Lord!

  140. I remember reading Felix The Cat, and all the fairy tales in the two books; Grimms Fairy Tales! And during school we would be able to
    Go to a little library where a sweet little lady
    assisted me in finding just the right book,
    and making sure I was responsible to return it on time. I lived to read stories that made my life better than it was.I read tall tales. And it provided me an opportunity to know how creative I could be! I self-published a book
    in 2006 – fiction but also based on experiences. I have sent articles to a couple magazines – no response. Writing is a way to
    Step back and dig deep to find that little girl
    in all of us. I would enjoy reading your work as well!

  141. The title of your book so intrigues me. 🙂 Motherhood is so fleeting. It is the most challenging, “can’t quit,” trench work ever, but, whoa… it has this deep treasure, a priceless return that outlasts the time given to it; even outlasts us. What a gift to be a mother! I’m proud of you for capturing some of its lightning in your bottle.

    The book that made the deepest impression on me during my growing up was Anne of Green Gables… I loved her quest for kindred spirits, her eyes for the romantic, and her healing relationship with Matthew and Marilla.

  142. Loved the American Girls series! A window to historical fiction through the eyes of a young girl!

  143. I loved what you write about trials and the long walk with God when we question even Him sometimes as we question our ability to be genuine. I did publish a response but I don’t seem to find it attached with the other gals comments. So I’m sending this as well.

  144. My favorite book was The Secret Garden. I loved the idea of having a secret, somewhat magical place I could escape to!

  145. I repeatedly read a copy of Heidi. One of my favorite parts was when the grandfather melted cheese over the fire to spread on their bread. Yum! I still love cheese, and I still love children’s books!

  146. I never had children of my own, but the Lord has blessed me with MANY kids in my life. Kinds who in some way see me as a mother-figure. Of course, I buy them loud toys, fill them full of all the sugar they want and send them home. (Mainly because of the look on their mother’s faces. It still amazes me people let me “borrow” there kids.) But we have lots of fun. And I have learned more from them that I ever did in college and I studied birth through five years of age! And your daughter’s statement is so true. We want to run when God would like for us to just stroll along with him and enjoy the journey.

  147. My favorite books when I was young were Charlotte’s Web (I still have my tattered and frayed copy that I read a thousand times), The Bobbsey Twins (and now I don’t even remember if I spelled that right!) and Little Women. And God has a way of teaching us so much through our kids and the things that they have to say to us, doesn’t he? I think it is one of the most excellent ways He speaks to our souls, and keeps us humble!

  148. I can so relate — and now my daughter reads with her flashlight at night. I remember devouring Little Woman on a ski vacation once. I spent a lot more time reading by the lodge fireplace than I did on the slopes!

  149. I enjoyed reading the Ramona books by Beverly Clearly as well as the Francis Books (Bread and Jam for Franci).

  150. Your story profoundly moved me, especially the comment from your daughter. I grew up in a world of domestic violence before it was recognized and laws passed to address it. I became a police officer 26 years ago because of the abuse that I grew up in. My mother was my saving grace and the phrase, there but for the grace of God go I, is so true with me. I didn’t have many books when I was growing up but I read The Black Stallion and the Laura Ingalls books over and over.

  151. I loved reading the babysitter club books, boxcar children and Little House on the Prairie! I can’t wait to read Sparkly Green Earrings!!

  152. What a very smart little girl you have !! I don’t know about favorites, but Laura Ingalls Wilder and Beverly Cleary were parts of my childhood. Books were my escape and I was very, very fortunate to have a public library available.

  153. I read constantly as a child, but two books that really stuck with me were The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles (at least I think that’s the name) and Mandy (or is it Christie?). Oh Gee… I wish I could remember the names!!!! I’ve been wanting a copy of this book!!!

  154. Congratulations on your life-long dream being fulfilled. Just last week, my 23 year old daughter said “thank you Mom for making sure I read the classics! I’m re-reading ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ again.” (I homeschooled). As a young child growing up in Maine, my favorite book was ‘Blueberries for Sal’ by Robert McCloskey and as a teenager (besides an addiction to ‘Nancy Drew’), I think ‘Ann Frank’s Diary’ was most moving. God bless your continued adventures! Laurie

  155. Yes, I really loved all the books growing up! I started reading American Girl books and Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I remember reading the whole series, devouring one book after the other! Makes my heart happy and I can’t wait to share these books with my kids some day!

  156. Love Little House, too! My first memories of it was in elementary school one of my teachers read through a few of the books to our class. I love the simplicity of life that we are lacking now days. Taking time to truly connect. God bless you!

  157. Congratulations on the book! My all-time favorite books growing up were the Little House books as well!

  158. Out of the mouths of babes! I love the remark she made after your phone call. It reminds me of another wise little girl, the daughter of my dear friend who once said to her mother, “you know Mom, you can’t believe everything your mind thinks!” . I would love to win a copy of your new book and congrats in achieving your dream!

  159. I spent many evenings under the cover with a flashlight reading Bobsey Twins books! I still read past my bedtime.

  160. I loved Cherry Ames, RN books altho having read them again recently I think they attracted me for the RN part, not so much for the rest(no mention of God). My love of books has grown more in my adult years than when I was a kid although my folks always encouraged reading. This book sounds wonderful and I look forward to reading it.

  161. My favorite books were always about the pioneer era. Thought it would have been wonderful to live back then when they were discovering the west or for that matter discovering any new land. And really I am not adventeous but God must have thought I needed some in my life so He sent me following my Godly to live in two foreign countries. I still read and that era is still my favorite. Blessings

  162. I distinctly remember early trips to the library and being fascinated by all the books we could check out… and wondering why my mother had never before taken us to such a wonderful place where we could get new books free! I was only allowed 10 at a time and blew through them anxiously awaiting another trip back to the library when I could get 10 new books! I loved all the Little House books especially.

  163. My favorite books growing up were the Little House on the Prairie series and the Boxcar Children. Then when I became a teen I really liked the Harlequin Romances when they used to be clean romances. Now they are not so.

  164. I got a little teary-eyed reading because I think you tell the story of so many of us who lurk here :). I can say in all seriousness that books saved me. Nancy Drew was my heroine, but I loved Little Women, and Little House, and The Island of the Blue Dolphins. I’m so excited for you and would love a copy of your sparkly words all bound up so pretty! Keep telling it true, friend. Your voice is a joy to read.

  165. I am so happy for you that one of your dreams came true. I hope your book does well, and your books after that. Keep listening to your daughter, as she had wise words!
    My favorite books from youth tended to be ones about girls who overcame hard lives or situations, like Witch of Blackbird Pond an The Little Princess, or strong capable females like Nancy Drew and Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice.

  166. Charlotte’s Web was the first book I remember reading over and over … Since then, I’ve read thousands and thousands of books … and I’d love to read yours~!

  167. I love books! I have so many that I haven’t read and just nor enough time. I wish I could make my dreams come true. Maybe one day. Until then it is great to see other’s dreams come true! Congrats.

  168. I’d love to read your book! (I will, actually, whether I win one or not.) I read a LOT of Boxcar Children growing up.

  169. I read a lot, but the one series I read was The Babysitter’s Club. Thanks for the opportunity.

  170. I loved loved loved Anne of Green Gables, I can still remember reading my first book in the 7th grade and I was hooked from there. I read all of her books and then read them again. She is my most loved literary character of all time.

  171. My world was changed when I first read To kill a mocking bird when I was about 10. It was then I knew I wanted to change the world, fight injustice an make a difference. Before then my world was Enid Blyton

  172. Five Little Peppers and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew and the whole series were my favorites. So precious and old fashioned! Thanks for your open heart and vulnerability!

  173. I loved The Little House on the Prairie books when I was a kid! I also liked “A Wrinkle in Time” and anything that had to do with Jesus. I can’t wait to read this book! May God bless you for using the gift He gave you.

  174. Thanks for sharing your story. This is the first time for me to attempt to respond to a blog, so here it goes….I loved reading. One of my favorites was the Nancy Drew Mysteries. I also loved Pilgrams Progress. I faithfully watched Little House on the Prairie 😉 Then becoming a mother I have loved and appreciated Susan Yates book ‘And Then I Had Kids’ among others…my how the stories change! Grateful most of all for God’s Story in my life! Congratulations and may God continue to bless your words as you share with others.

  175. The first book I remember not being able to get enough of was The Secret Garden. I think that I was in 3rd or 4th grade and I must have re-read that book five or six times that year!

  176. My favorites were probably Harriet the Spy (Louise Fitzhugh), Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web (EB White).

  177. I loved the whole Anne of Green Gables series by L. M. Montgomery. And definitely read Where the Red Fern Grows more than once and bawled through it every time.

  178. I would love to read your book! My favorite books to read were any fairytale books or books on greek mythology! I also liked books on archeology. Odd, right! Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. I have always loved to read.. As a child I read the Judy bloom books… These books always talked about how no matter what happened to you. There was always a tomorrow… A new opportunity to make things right or to see things clearer…. Loved those books….

  180. My favorite books were the Babysitter Club books. I remember longing for the days that I could be called a babysitter. I think there is still a box of them at my Mom’s house somewhere.

  181. Your book sounds like it will be a great read; I am anxious to get my hands on a copy of it.

  182. It amazes me the wisdom our children speak sometimes! I loved the Little House books, of course, and the Love Comes Softly series when I was a bit older. Every time I see bits of the movie on tv I think I should take time to read them again.

  183. I can only remember one book I read as a child, “Uncle Quiggly” or something like that. But my youngest daughter can’t get enough of reading books, she always has one in her hand wherever we go! She began reading at 3 1/2 years old and she is now 15 years. I would love to share your book with her. Thanks for staying on your journey and best wishes to you!

  184. When I decided I wanted to be an author, one of my favorite sources was entitled “Telling Lies for Fun and Profit”. That just hit the nail on the head for me! I love your daughter’s words. Amazing the wisdom that God bestows on children and those wise enough to listen to them. Wishing you all the best to you in your endeavors.

  185. I read and reread all the Bobbie Twins books in my teen years, but before that when I started to read–I would take the candle (yes I am that old) and hid under the table and read Little Black Sambo over and over.

  186. Thank you for this post. I have a few notebooks of angst filled poetry myself. Writing it all down helps to articulate how I’m feeling. I have a lot of the books I read as a kid hoping my daughters will be interested in them as well. I loved the Laura wilder books, Nancy drew and trixie belden.

  187. Little Women, The Secret Garden & A Tree Grows in Brooklyn were all pivotal books in my life as a reader. And I was a voracious reader. I had read all of these, multiple times, before I was 13! They’re still my favorites.

  188. I remember reading the Ramona books as a small girl, but as I sit now in my PJ’s (spring break!) with my three girls I am thinking back to the first book that left an impression on me. It was To Kill A Mocking Bird in high school….I still have my copy on the bookshelf. (It’s old if that tells you anything!) I’ve promised my 3rd grade, book-loving daughter she can read it one day 🙂

    I appreciate your post because like many, no doubt, I live with this burn in my heart to write. I started blogging three years ago and constantly am challenged to check my heart…Am I willing to write for an audience of One? In the end I am. Because I must. And whatever happens after that is His to know and His to work out.

    Congrats on your book!!

  189. I can’t remember one particular favorite series from my childhood , but I remember the “smell” of book from the library or ‘bookmobile’. I used to have my parents drive me constantly to check out books. To this day I am a book lover….and that library ‘smell’ takes me back to fond memories curled up on my bed or laying outside in the lush green grass reading:)

  190. I can still see the “Little House” series lined up on my bookcase by my bed – waiting for me to read them yet another time! I also loved Trixie Beldon, Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew. They made me want to be a kid detective! Judy Blume came into my life at a curious age, and her characters told me things that my mama couldn’t!

  191. I loved the series The Boxcar Children. Little house was another favorite. I read (and still do ) a ton growing up. Thankfully my Mom shared with us a love of reading at a young age. I still treasure the opportunity to get wrapped up in a good book today. Can’t wait to ready yours. Congrats, I’ve heard it’s a good one. :0)

  192. My favorites were the Nancy Drew series and Little Women. I read the same old copy of Little Women someone must have gotten for me at a library book sale over and over each year. It was my summertime companion.

  193. It’s wonderful reading about your dreams coming true =) Some of my favorite books growing up were Anne of Green Gables (and all of the “Anne books” really) and A Girl of the Limberlost. I’m really looking forward to reading your book!

  194. Thanks for sharing so openly about your process of becoming a writer. And, boy–don’t our kids speak wisdom at times?! I, too was a book-lover as a child (my mom would have to force me to stop reading and go outside and play like a normal child!!) and I remember in 4th grade when I read “Harriett the Spy “3 times because I enjoyed it so much! Would love to win your book–thanks for the chance

  195. I also loved reading as a little girl. The Babysitter’s Club books were favorites! What a beautiful thing that you are now able to see your writing dreams become reality. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about your book.

  196. Anne of Green Gables and all of the books in the series were my favorites as a child and I still love them today!

  197. Anne of Green Gables and all of the books in the series were my favorites as a child!

  198. I grew up reading my books tucked away on a large shelf in my closet. Curled in a blanket hiding from the other kids in the family, clutching my flashlight and hoping I had enough battery life left to finish my book. I remember feeling like I actually was there in the stories I read. Thank you for your honesty and sharing. God bless!

  199. My favorites were also Little House (could read one in a day!), Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Babysitters Club, and a whole bunch of others mixed in there including All of a Kind Family. That’s what happens when you’re an only child living on a farm 🙂

  200. My 4 th grade teacher spurred me into reading. Books like The Indian in the Cupboard, The Big friendly Giant, and All on a Winters Day. In highschool I became friendz with my english teacher. My senior year we must of chatted about our favorite books and oh to my surprise my gradutaion gift was that last book above. It was out of print but came from a little book shop in a big city across the states from us. I was so touched at such a personal gift! I still have it stowed away for a day I will let my girls read it.

  201. I loved reading the All of A Kind Family books by Sydney Taylor. Even though I was brought up as a Christian I have always been fascinated by the Jewish faith so this series of books about this a Jewish family in New York had be reading and rereading them every year. In my forties I still take out my stack of well-read paperbacks and read them again. Other favorite authors were Laura Ingalls Wilder, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary and Carolyn Haywood.

    BTW I just started reading Sparkly Green Earrings as a check out from the library and would love to be able to pass a copy along to my sisters in Minnesota. You stories are great and so relatable!

  202. I’m not even a mom but ache to read your book. I’ve read so many reviews/thoughts of it that I feel like I sort of have. Lord-willing, I will be a Mama someday.

    As a child….
    All time favorite children’s book is Goodnight Moon. Hands’ down.
    Favorite elem school books were Beverly Cleary and then Judy Bloom. Of course, I’m a child of the 70’s. Then Elisabeth Gail books and then John Benton books. I still have most of them and will probably get sick from paper mold.
    Oh, how I love books.

  203. oh! like you, my favorite were the little house books…
    and as grew older, judy blume was also at the top of the list. my young daughter just read her first judy blume, and she enjoyed it as much as i did, i think!

  204. I too, have loved being a mom to a daughter, God blessed us with 3 in fact. They are all grown up with children of their own. So now, God has called me to be a mom again to more beautiful daughters This time at an orphanage in Mexico. What a blessed calling! Can’t wait to read your book!

  205. I was a huge fan of the original Nancy Drew series that my mother had purchased when she was young with her babysitting money. I also loved the Secret Garden, still one of the most lovely stories ever! My girls are all fans of both… but my comment is that I just happened upon your post JUST NOW, Wednesday 4-3-13 at about 9:30a TX time… I had to shut my office door because I was so moved. I have been running on quicksand for weeks with my girls and I’ve lost track of how many regretful things have spilled out of my mouth. Your post is a KICK IN MY HEAD that is much needed and I cannot thank you enough for writing it and Thank God for guiding me to it. I am poor in many things, but am rich in my love for my girls. I hope our library has your book so that I can read it. THANK YOU again for being vunerable enough to share something REAL. ~Shannon Ratliff, Denton, TX

  206. I think every book at the library was my favorite book! From Nancy Drew to the Boxcar Children, I soaked the stories in to my brain and my heart. This past Christmas my husband tucked two vintage Nancy Drew books into my stocking and stole my heart all over again.

  207. I loved and still love Anne of Green Gables and all the sequels! I was addicted to Beverly Clearly and all of her Ramona books. Loved The Boxcar Children and Mr. Popper’s Penguins too!

  208. I hope I win a copy! I would love to read your book!!! Growing up I loved antique books…so I fell in love with Elsie Dinsmore and the Happy Hollisters and The Little Captain and Cherry Ames 🙂

  209. My mom (who passed away two years ago) was an elementary school teacher and specialized in literature. So I was bred to be a lover of books from an early age! She always says that “The Babysitters Club” series was what began my love of books. However, the ones that actually made an impression on me “Dear Mr. Henshaw” will always remember how to spell the word “friend.” And “Island of Blue Dolphins” and anything by Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume! My favorite time of year was Book Fair and anytime we received our ‘Scholastic’ or ‘Troll’ book order forms!!!

  210. I loved A Blue Eyed Daisy by Cynthia Rylant. I read it over and over again.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of those words that you have strung together!

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

  211. As a mom of two girls and an English teacher, I cannot wait to read your book! Thank you for blessing us with your dreams!

  212. I have always love Troubling a Star by Madeleine L’Engle and any novels about the Holocaust times – the stories of the children during that time just spoke to me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  213. Having a little one of my own now keeps me from the daily blog reading from 19 months ago but I have been an avid reader for several years now. Twitter has been a huge way to stay connected to your story and many others. Anyway, I think I went through so many series books… The Boxcar Children, Little House on the Prairie, American Girl, Sweet Valley Twins, Babysitter’s Club 🙂 Can’t wait to read the book!

  214. My favorite books growing up were Sweet Valley Twins, then Sweet Valley High! I grew up just knowing Elizabeth and I would be best friends (and that I would NOT get along with Jessica…would probably hit Lila with my car…). I was SO very excited to see the new book about the twins as adults, but I was TRAUMATIZED by how horrible they turned out to be. Horrible. 🙂

    But I still stick by my childhood faves!

  215. long time reader of your blog, love your writing … reading about your journey has been inspiring … I NEED to get up and GO for what God has planted in my heart.

  216. Um, the trailer made me cry, I’m not sure I can handle the book! I spend most of my birthday and Christmas money on LM Montgomery books!

  217. Congratulations on the book and the fulfilment of your hearts desire! My childhood favorite was a book called What Katy Did…I remember getting lost in her adventures. I also loved the classics including the Little House series, Boxcar Children, Little Women and all the Shel Silverstein poems. I began reading Trumpet of the Swan out loud to kiddos last night…they kept pleading “just one more chapter!” My heart lept!
    Can’t wait to read your book!

  218. I loved reading anything about law, mystery, etc. Reading was an outlet for me growing up in an alcoholic family. I just wanted to escape where I was and I’d get lost reading anything (the original classics Dante’s Inferno, Grimm’s, Dracula, etc. or younger, but fun – the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew or studying for my next exam). I still have a zest for reading but now, love to write. Not necessarily for anyone else to read but journaling / blogging is definitely another outlet for me. Thank you for being passionate about writing and especially about leaving a legacy to your daughter. It’s inspiring and a beautiful blessing.

  219. Melanie, seven years ago, I joined a blogging world where so many friendships were built. Your blog, (and Sophie’s, and Mary’s and…) has been a delight all these years, and I am SO proud of you! I can’t wait to read your book.
    I have always loved reading – as a child, Anne of Green Gables, Bobbsey Twins, Little Women, Enid Blyton, the list is so long. I still love reading. That is why we are blogging, I suppose!

  220. Can’t wait to read your God ordained book! Congratulations on seeing your dream come true of publishing your book.

  221. As I child, I never really read books. I collected them and made my own library and checked them out to my neighbors but because of a transfer from an easy reading class up into a more challenging class I lost ALL CONFIDENCE in my reading ability and swore it off until I was well out of college. I am now enjoying read-a-louds with my children. We have read all of the Laura Ingalls books, the Hobbit and many more classics such as The Rats of Nihm, 21 Balloons and The Farthest Away Mountain. My children listen to “The Indian in the Cupboard” series on tape over and over. I have to admit, I have grown pretty fond of Lynne Reid Banks.

  222. My favorite books were the Love Comes Softly series. I still love them to this day and have no idea how many times I have read them. Every time I read them I find something new that means so much to me.

  223. My favorite books when I was little were the Berenstein Bear books. Especially the one where they clean their room. I am an organization freak! Ha!

  224. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I can’t wait to read your book. 🙂

  225. I loved the book Number the Stars and series: Chronicles of Narnia, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Judy Blume. As a mother, I have enjoyed reading all these plus Junie B. Jones, Little House on the Prairie and Amelia Bedelia with my children. Once my little ones find a book or author they love ~ they are hooked on reading and they choose to read each day.
    Enjoy your insight and perspective on parenting and being a mama.

  226. I loved scrolling through these 🙂 Like so many, I loved the Boxcar Children, the Babysitters’ Club, Anne of Green Gables, the Little House books, and the (original!) American Girl books.

  227. I wasn’t a real book worm until my own children were born and my youngest learned to swim (at age 3). Because I didn’t enjoy reading when I was young but found a love of books a little later, I encouraged both my daughters to be readers by reading to them. They are now 23 and 25 and both enjoy reading lots of different books, some for fun and others for instruction! I know my older daughter, the mother of one little blue eyed girl and and #2 on the way, would LOVE your book. I’m excited at the prospect of reading it myself!

  228. I always amazed when God uses my daughter as His mouthpiece to me.

    One of my favorite things in raising my daughter has been sharing my love of books with her, and the chapter books I loved as a kid: Amos & Boris, Stowaway To The Mushroom Planet, The Cricket in Times Square, The Mouse & The Motorcycle, Understood Betsy . . . to name a few.

  229. The first big girl book I ever read was Little Women. Oh, I was so proud of myself when I finished it! It was a beautiful hardback edition that was a gift from a favorite aunt – I still have it today and read it once a year. Congratulations on following your dream! (And I hope you don’t mind, I’ve printed out your daughter’s wise words and taped them to my monitor – they’re a wonderful reminder to keep going!)

  230. Would looove this book! I was very much into Little Women and all the other classics. I also read medical thrillers and the nancy drew books as a young child . Looove to read!

  231. God’s words to you that day through your daughter, were His words to me yesterday. After seeking Him for what I am to do….it was a confirmation for me to slow down…..I up have been so busy trying to do and be all He has for me now, that I am killing my relationship with my children. So to save us… save me and them, and my marriage…..I take Gods words and begin to walk…..

  232. Hi, Melanie – excited about your new book! Green is my favorite color – and my bday is next month, thus my love of green 😉

    I only recall loving a few series growing up: Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High (I’m a twin), and Judy Blume. I really didn’t appreciate reading until college and after and have a wide-range of books that are favorites, ranging in every genre under the sun!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your book and all the best to you as you pursue the calling and dream God has uniquely gifted you for – use it wisely and use it well – ENJOY 🙂

    peace and blessings,
    Lisa Chandler

  233. Love reading your blog. Can’t wait to get to read your book as well. God sure blessed each of us, when He gave us children. I now have four grandsons, and am having even a greater blessing loving on them. Keep up the good work!!

  234. I loved the Little House books, Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys books and Charlotte’s Web. Would love to read your book too. I enjoy your blog a lot. I am sure your book is awesome too. It would be great to read it! Even if I don’t win, I will read your book! 😉

  235. I read the classics. I wanted to know why they were classics. I read all of Andre Norton’s books and later, Anne McAffrey. I read biographies and autobiographies. I read historical fiction: Thomas B Costain was my favorite, but I like the Americas series that came out around the Bicentennial (yes I am still parenting while in my grandparenting years). Reading helped me grow up to be somewhat sane instead of what my childhood could have led to. Survivers are readers. How else are we going to know what life is supposed to be like? How else are we going to know there are other choices we can make? Whenever we can, we need to help a child learn to love reading!

  236. Because of my age, the Nancy Drew mysteries were so popular when I was in elementary school. I read all of them. When I taught fourth grade for years, I loved to read the following books to my class every year: Charlotte’s Web, Misty, The Borrowers. Later, when I home schooled my daughter, I read the books above and The Little House on the Prairie series. Your excitement is contagious!

  237. I remember loving the Boxcar Children, Anne of Green Gables, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Oh how I loved reading as a child and young adult, I should make it a priority now that I’m a grown up!

  238. As a child, I consumed books like they were the only nourishment that I would ever find again. Babysitters Club, Christopher Pike, anything not too spooky, with a hint of romance in them would fit the bill. I love the concept of a do over in today’s blog post. So often, we all need those, and that is probably my best teaching tool about grace to my kids, my friends, my community.

  239. my favorite book as a child was the secret garden. although the favorite book now that i love to read to my children is “stripes”. i need a second chance every day…thank God we worship the God of second, and third chances…

  240. What a beautiful post! I love what you said about giving ourselves grace- not always easy to do! Can’t wait to read your book.

  241. I would love to read your book! My favorites growing up were Ramona Quimby books, Babysitter’s Club and Little House on the Prairie.

  242. Your blogging resonated deeply within me….my children will often say things like that to me and I just KNOW that it’s simply a ‘whisper from God’ urging me on, quietly suggesting something to me or simply encouraging me in a weak moment. These are the moments we’ll forever remember won’t we?
    As for a favorite book from my younger years….hmmmm….I’d have to say yet another Judy Blume book and it’d be ‘Are You there God, It’s Me Margaret’. It helped me sort through a lot of the pre-teen angst. Good stuff indeed! I’d love to win a copy of your new book!!!

  243. I loved reading Judy Blume books too. It was her books that I would sit and read cover to cover without putting down.
    Congratulations on achieving a dream with the publication of your book. I would love a chance to win a copy to read.

  244. Melanie I originally saw your book posted in a Ann Voskamp’s blog A Holy Experience. I immediately fell in love with the ideals that you seem to be aiming to show us as mothers. I am an avid lover of books and my husband would probably tell you that he should take away my amazon account. That being said I would love to win a copy of your new book!

  245. When I was young I did not read much, it was never a very big deal and I wanted to be outside. But as an older adult I love reading and have taught my kids the importance of reading. I have had them all volunteer at our local library, which sometimes was against their will, but they enjoyed it once they got there. I would love to win your book and pass it on after I read it.

  246. I would love to win a copy of your book! I hear it is fantastic! As for my favorite books growing up, I loved Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Nancy Drew mysteries and Little House on the Prairie books. I love reading and my kids love books. My daughter is in kinder reading at almost a 4th grade level.

  247. The babysitter’s club books were faves of mine. I hv 5 little ones. I’d love to read your book.

  248. I love your story! It really hit home with me. I often find myself comparing myself to my friends’ stories of motherhood, parenting skills, & their advice/tips on every topic…and thinking “Seriously?! She LOVED being pregnant, she LOVES changing diapers, LOVES her childs cute little temper tantrums, LOVES to constantly sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and play Hide and Go Seek…give me a break! 🙂 Then I find myself obsessing and focusing all of my energy for the title of “Super Mom” because ALL of my friends apparently are and I end up going nuts.
    My daughter just turned 2 yrs in December, she’s at such a fun age(for the most part) and she’s a complete mess! Even though I get frustrated, annoyed, exhausted, and get the desire to be selfish…I love her more than words can describe and I know that God blessed me with her for his specific purpose and plan for my life and hers. After reading your story, it has helped me to see that being more patient & being in the moment with Lakelynn, is far more important, fulfilling, and rewarding than running errands or rushing through a story so I can watch “The Real Housewives”.
    One of my favorite books from my younger days is, “The Hot and Cold Summer” by Johanna Hurwitz. I remember reading it over and over and over again. My favorite book at the moment is, “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It’s very uplifting and helps get me through those inevitable chaotic and stressful moments:)
    I can’t wait to read your book!

  249. I just read your post Grace and Second Chances…thank you for that. I needed to read that today and I am going to hang on to it, so I can reread it on those many days when motherhood just feels like too much! As for books, as a little kid, I loved Horton Hears A Who and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. When I was little older I loved reading my sisters Nancy Drew books, Sweet Valley High (I know a little cheesy), but my favorite was The Boxcar Children! Man, I wish I knew what happened to my collection.

  250. I’m within a year or two of having an empty nest, and I DREAD it! My days for so many years have revolved around my children. I have always tried to treasure as many moments as I could, but I still have regrets about being too impatient with them at times. I love that you got a “do over” day, even if it required your daughter being sick. I’ve had those days too, and I was so thankful. I’m excited to read your book!

  251. Thank you for the reminder out mothers (probably) did as they saw fit. I already have moments, hours and days I regret some of the ways I act with my 2 year old. I try to remind myself ‘okay, it happened move on & do better.’

  252. I love reading. Congratulations on your book. My daughter read all the Judy Blumes’ books. Showing my age aren’t I? That’s ok, Love to read all these posts from you youngsters.

  253. Thank you for the gentle reminder that we, as mothers, do the best that we can, the best we know how. For many years I struggled with guilt over my impatience and frustration and, yes, even yelling!, at my two sons. I was a single mom with all the angst that comes with the title. A couple of years ago I felt the Lord prompting me to apologize to my now grown sons and ask for their forgiveness for those times I lost my cool with them. They each lovingly accepted my apology and I’ll never forget my oldest’s reply of, “it couldn’t have been easy for you either mom”. God’s grace shining through two wonderful gifts from heaven!

  254. Funny, I never read the Little house books until I was an adult! I don’t know why, I LOVED the show. Any way…I loved anything by Janette Oke. If it had her name knit, I read it!

  255. I really would love to read this book – I too am often impatient with the things that need to get done that day. My daughter is 2, but I can’t believe how much time has already flown by or how grown up she is already!

  256. I loved the Alex Series and then as i got older my favorite was The Golden Filly Series.

  257. Ah, there were so many favorites when I was a child! Dr. Seuss, Edward Lear, the Black Stallion books, the Chronicles of Narnia… Your post resonated with me. I too put writing on the shelf for a long time. I have just recently started a new blog.

  258. I would say the Little House books were my favorite too! And I too remember the part where Nellie encountered the leeches! That’s too funny!

  259. So glad to learn about your book & blog! Your daughter has wise words…what a blessing she is!

  260. Thank you!! Your words about motherhood made me cry. When you said our mother’s did the best they knew how, (why did I not understand that with my mother?). I am a grandmother now with grown up boys and grandchildren. I SO miss their younger years… Your daughter is beautiful and very wise for her age, I think maybe like her mother!! The books I read as a child were Nancy Drew, adventure, loved it.

  261. My favorite books as a child were Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Where the Sidewalk Ends & Where the Wild Things Are!! 🙂

    • I love those as well! They are now being read by my 7 year old grand daughter. Kudos to my daughter to pass those along and for encouraging her!

  262. For my sweet daughter who has taught me so much as I watch her mothering her daughter. I am humbled and proud.

  263. id love to say my favorites were classics, but honestly it was more like every single babysitters club ever printed. sigh.

  264. Also loved the Little House books, Ellen Tibbets & the Ramona books, and the Nancy Drew books.

  265. I’m still in love with my childhood favourites: A. A. Milne’s Once Upon A Time, anything by Madeleine L’Engle or L. M. Montgomery, the Chronicles of Narnia… Those books shaped me.

  266. I have read The Secret Garden so many times that I still hear it in my head sometimes. Congratulations! This is wonderful.

  267. I loved the Anne of Green Gables books. I also remember my dad buying me a set of classics (White Fang, Call of the Wild…adventure type books that we have recently purchased for our boys) that I enjoyed thoroughly. Thankfully our boys have grown to love story as well!

  268. I loved the Anne of Green Gables books. Thankfully our boys have grown to love story as well!

  269. Thank you for sharing this. I have a 16 year old daughter and for the last few days I have felt like a total failure as a mom. It is so tough having to be a parent. I miss those days when she left me notes that I was her best friend. I am learning to pick my battles, but it is encouraging to know other moms feel the same way.

  270. Your book sounds wonderful – I am anxious to read it. You and your daughter are both so beautiful!

  271. I loved reading this post. you sound like me. i dreamed of writing when I was little reading the Little House books and I thought I was Laura Ingalls sometimes 🙂 playing pretend in my backyard. I would love to read your book.

  272. I devoured the Little House series, moved on to Nancy Drew and then the Anne of Green Gables series. I couldn’t get enough of female heroines!

  273. I love your story… That dreams come true at any age in any stage of life. I am the mama of a 5 year old princess… and a 16 year old prince! so I can relate to your stories and the constant need for grace.
    As a child one of my favorite books was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. An amazing story of a hard working young girl with a dream.
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading your book!

  274. What an amazing little reminder for any day! Thank you for sharing. When I was young, I liked to read everything! But I remember loving Anne of Green Gables and the Little House books. 🙂

  275. Good for you that you get to live the dream come true of writing! I like your honesty and humor and will likely buy this book too. I have quite the stack to read already.

    My God bless you and your writing ministry and keep on being real.


  276. I’m reading this book on my Kindle and I cannot put it down. One minute I’m laughing out loud (and my 4 yr old daughter is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind) and the next minute I’m near to tears remembering how precious the gift of motherhood is. I’d love to share this book with my friends to encourage them and remind each of them that they are not alone.

  277. Love your book. Just started reading it yesterday and I’m half way! I would be done, but my two children just don’t think mommy should read all day. I loved Blume books too and any book about horses I could get my hands on like Misty. Can’t wait to get back to reading. 🙂

  278. I have so enjoyed reading your articles and look forward to your book. My two daughters are now 28 and 25. They are both married and doing exactly what we raised them to do. They are both such fine young women with hearts for God. You are right and wise to savor the moments, chronicle the big and little things. Time spent molding, shaping, teaching, snuggling, transporting, observing will suddenly be over. I thought I spent plenty of time with them but from where I sit now… was not enough. Do all that you can, enjoy all that you can. Nothing will be wasted. Time with them was and is the most precious commodity on earth. Praising God here…….


  279. I have so enjoyed reading your articles and look forward to your book. My two daughters are now 28 and 25. They are both married and doing exactly what we raised them to do. They are both such fine young women with hearts for God. You are right and wise to savor the moments, chronicle the big and little things. Time spent molding, shaping, teaching, snuggling, transporting, observing will suddenly be over. I thought I spent plenty of time with them but from where I sit now… was not enough. Do all that you can, enjoy all that you can. Nothing will be wasted. Time with them was and is the most precious commodity on earth. Praising God here.


  280. I really want to read your book!

    I remember enjoying Janette Oke’s animal friends books when I was young. I don’t think I was a very avid reader back then, but I remember reading the Little House books and also, Dicey’s Song sticks out in my memory.

  281. I read anything and everything! But I remember loving Little House and Judy Blume books. Thanks for encouraging me over the years through your blog. I have a daughter very similar to yours and you have helped me find humor in situations that could have just been maddening. I needed a reminder this week to laugh more and stop picking on every little thing. If only “what in the world were you thinking?” had been my low this week, it would have been a much better week. Thank you for the reminder!

  282. Oh my heart. I got a little teary just now. 🙂 And how can you sum up favorite books when it was your whole childhood? 🙂 Some of my favorites: The Secret Garden, Little Women, I loooved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and the Boxcar children, and who doesn’t want to be Robinson Crusoe or the Swiss Family Robinson? I loved anything by Louisa May Alcott, and cried every time reading through the C.S. Lewis’ the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe series.

    and one of my very favorite books called Peachtree Island is when I started keeping a list of girl names, because I was so inspired. 🙂

  283. I’d love to win a copy! I’ve already bought & read Sparkly Green Earrings on my phone, but would love to have a copy to hold & pass around to my friends. I’ve already told them ALL they must get & read your book. Thanks for writing it!

  284. I used to be in a Bible study with your sister and I remember you being pregnant with Caroline. So fun to “catch up” through your blog. I look forward to reading your book!

  285. I’m laughing so hard at the excerpt from your book!! Too funny…and so true 🙂
    The statement your daughter made is absolutely wonderful and so wise.
    Congratulations on your success! Praise God!!

  286. My very favorite book was Bambi, by Felix Salten, or the Black Stallion series or the Little House series, or the Grandma’s Attic series, or Marguerite Henry’s books….the list could go on and on!

  287. Hi, I loved reading that. Growing up I didn’t like to read. Sitting quiet and alone was not something I wanted. I wanted to be around people and get away from home. But since I have had children I enjoy reading. I look forward to it. I like reading books that make me think on a deeper level. Right now I am reading the Tenth Insight, The detox miracle source book. I am waiting for the Essene Gospel of Peace book 1 to be delivered.

  288. My favorite childhood books were The Fireflies (mostly for the pictures!) and Alice in Wonderland.
    I love your blog! It is so nice to feel like a “normal” mom and laugh about it! Thank you!

  289. I too loved the Little House on the Prairie books and just finished reading through them for the countless time a few months back. I also loved Harriet the Spy and carried a little black notebook around with me everywhere!

  290. You have touched my heart, Melanie! I too love reading and am hoping to instill that in my daughter as well. I also tried to be sensible out of college and get a good sales job that put my marketing degree to good use. Little did I know I would end up not being in sales and living in small Kerrville, Texas loving life and living out my dreams even though it didn’t seem sensible at first. Thank you for your blog!

  291. I grew up escaping through the lives of those written on page after page of every book I read. To name a favorite would be impossible and unfair to all that allowed me to dream of a life i didn’t know, but so desperately wanted. My favorite memories are of; me lying in the yard with the sun warming my face and a good book warming my heart; and of climbing high into the trees to a branch that was strong enough to hold me, all of the pain I carried as a young girl , along with the tales of many adventures, laughter and tears. I have 3 girls, and 2 of them have the same love and passion for books as I do. Sadly, I seldom read anymore because of my eyesight, but sometime soon I will have to have my eyes checked because the stacks of book I have waiting for me is getting very tall. Your book would certainly be on the top of them to read first. 🙂 Lisa

  292. My best friend and I are both working on starting families. We both over think things and sometimes worry about the datils of how we are going to be able to pull off motherhood. She purchased this book for me and we started reading it togther. I ride the bus to work and found myself laughing and crying. A lot of your stories reminded me of my childhood and made me want to go home and curl up in my moms lap…and tell her thank you! It also gave me a sense of relief. I finally got it, I don’t have to strive to be perfect or to have all the answers on how to juggle life and start a family. I just have to sit back, laugh and enjoy the moments and they roll along. SHEW, relief! You are one special person! Blessings!