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  1. Please, Lord Jesus, be with them. Stay with the people who were in that place, in Boston and saw it happen. Stay near the wounded Lord Jesus, stand by their bed and surround them with Your presence. Also stay near the families Lord of the of fatalities. O God, give comfort and strength. We all over the world and our children often feel unsafe in this world full of violence. Give us strength to follow You wherever You go. This I pray in Jesus name.

    • This is my prayer as well. GOD knows the needs of all whom were involved, and he will take care of them.
      I would also like to add, we pray for our Country and for our Leaders, I also would like to ask everyone to pray that the Authorities catch the person(s) involved in the Nasty prank in Boston! God will see to your proper punishment! You will be found!

  2. Dear Lord, please keep everyone in Boston safe and everyone safe in all the cities of our nation–protect all the other cities in our country and please keep them all safe! Please, Lord, don’t let there be any more violence or problems–please keep our country, everyone in it and every area of it, safe! I pray especially for the safety of New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, but also for all other cities in our country–please keep them all safe and free of violence! Please bless and help all the wounded and all the families who lost loved ones, Lord–help and heal them all! Please also bless and help everyone, all the police and FBI and everyone else, who is working to figure out who was responsible for such a ghastly tragedy–please guide everyone working on it and lead them to the answer and to the people who are responsible; let the police figure it out as quickly as possible so that the people who are responsible can be apprehended and stopped! Be with everyone, Lord–be with us all! Bring safety and peace, Lord! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

  3. lord I pray for the families in Boston liord I pray for all the lost families I pray for healing .LordI pray for my family . Lord give us strenght in this world

  4. I am praying for those in Boston who were affected by the recent bombing. May the Lord grant them peace and healing.

    I also pray for the anonymous poster above me – that whatever may be heavy on his/her heart will be lifted.

    I ask for prayers for me – as I struggle with various issues within my life right now. I am praying for peace and strength and guidance in all aspects of my current struggles. Thank you for praying for me and with me.

    • I will pray for you, and you can pray for me. I live in East Texas. May the LORD be with you in your daily walk, your struggles. I am asking that you also pray for my

      health issues as well as some personal struggles. Thank you so much! God bless Susan!

  5. As always, prayers for those affected by this senseless tragedy. Prayers that we may understand you are here during this time.

    Heavenly Father I pray for Susan as she struggles through certain parts of her life. Please Dear Lord lift Susan up in Peace. Help her open her heart and find the inner strength that she needs to make it through this difficult time. Dear Lord please open her heart to allow your guidance in and guide her to where she needs to be. Always in you loving presence! Amen!

    If you could take the time to pray for health for myself . I have encountered a bump in the road and could use prayers for good blood results. Please also, pray for family as we are getting closer to a move across the country. Prayers for a smooth house closing and of all of us as we continue to process through this transition! Thank you so very much!

    • Andrea, you have my prayers! God bless you and yours!
      Please pray for me and my health issues, as well as some personal struggles.
      Please help me in praying for our Country and the leaders.
      Our Country is headed for disaster, but, it is all in the bible! It’s ALL scripture.
      Take care and GOD bless you.

  6. Lord – Be with and comfort those affected by the horrific events in Boston. Bring strength, physical relief, healing, restoration, and comfort to the injured, and may Your presence be felt by them and their families. Pour out Your grace, mercy, and healing powers on us all. Give the responders, those investigating this attack and the people dealing with the aftermath strength, clarity of thought, focus, and equip them to do all that needs to be done.

    Lord – I lift up your precious daughter, Andrea to you. You know all the details of her situation, and I ask for Your mighty healing hand to restore her to health. I ask you for good blood test results, and for wisdom and guidance in the steps she needs to take, and we give You all the glory. Lord, be with her family in their upcoming move. All the details are in your control, and I ask you to bless all this move and give Andrea and her family a smooth transition to the place you have prepared for them.

    I ask all these things in the mighty and precious name of Jesus. Amen

    I would so appreciate prayer for my dad. He is 80 years old, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and is unsaved.


    • Oh, I prayed for Andrea as I hadn’t seen your message Adrienne. I pray, Lord, for Adrienne’s father as he struggles with Parkinson’s. Lord, I ask humbly that as you knock at the door of his heart, that he opens the door to you Father. I pray he experiences the joy of knowing you and the healing that only you can bring during suffering. I pray for peace for not only Adrienne but their entire family.

    • Father God, I pray that you will be with Adrienne’s Dad, Lord, you know he needs healing from Parkinson’s, but most of all, he needs Salvation! I pray that he will come to know you as his personal Lord and savior before it’s everlasting too late. Oh how I lift him up to you right now Lord, that you will come into his life, show him the way, Father, wrap your loving arms around him and show him the way, send someone to him that will show him how to be saved according to your words. Open his mind and his heart, let him know it’s NOT TOO LATE! Father, I ask all these things in your precious name, AMEN!
      Ms. Adrienne, I hope someone can talkn to your Dad before it’s too late. Keep an open mind, and you have my prayers! It’s hard to see someone you love suffer from illness, and then, knowing they don’t have GOD in their lives, it’s not the easiest thing to deal with. I pray for you too, and may GOD give you peace and comfort in these trying times. I am glad to hear when someone loves someone so much, they are concerned with their salvation more than anything at all.
      I am pleased to let you know that I am lifting you up in prayer! God bless you!

  7. Lord Jesus, I pray for all those who have been affected by the tragedy in Boston. May they know your peace and love Lord not only today but over the weeks, months and years. Allow them and all those who hurt, as a result of this tragedy, heal in your time and in your way.

    Almighty Father, I pray for Andrea’s health. I pray that she may receive good blood results. Guide her Lord, towards the path of good health, that she may always have your name on her lips and praise you for all your goodness. I pray also for Andrea’s family as they prepare for their move. Lord, we know that through your guidance and intercession anything can be achieve. Allow the whole process to flow smoothly and with a sense of your joy and peace.

    I would really appreciate prayers for a business venture that I am undertaking. It has been led by the Lord but I feel a little nervous as the contract and meetings take place tomorrow. I would like a sense of confidence and peace; peace not only for me but for my husband and two children. Thank you!

  8. I have been and will continue to pray for all those affected by this terrible event in Boston and across the world.
    I can use prayers for a diagnosis of severe glaucoma and that the medicine will stop the disease from causing blindness…that the nerve fibers that are left will be protected. For peace as my husband and I digest this.

    • Renee, may God placeHis healing hands on your eyes and protect your optic nerves. Please know that this too will be done for good. I was just diagnosed with glaucoma and macular degeneration. Bad bad..I do know that Gods hands are on us Renee. May you and your husband have peace and strength with this.

      Our country and our pople will remain strong during this time.

    • Remember Fred Rogers’ mother’s wisdom in the face of tragic news:

      Fred Rogers often told this story about when he was a boy and would see scary things on the news: “My mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers-so many caring people in this world.”

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnO9voHUi54 (Start at 2:10)

      We can all – at every age — gain from “looking for the helpers,” trying to BE helpers, and lifting gratitude to the helpers. God bless them all.

  9. Lord I lift up Boston. I thank you my friends near the blast were safe. I thank you for all the selfless workers and people who ran towards to help and for their families. I lift up the injured people to be healed. Their families to be comforted, especially those who mourn. The Lord is with us wherever we go. Lord may they feel your peace and love even in the confusion and fear, cast it all at the cross where you saved us. Father for all those who dont know you yet, there and around the world…please open their hearts, may someone step into their lives and pour Jesus love over them that they choose you. Jesus hold those scared children as they process this. The children there, the children whose family or friends were injured, the children around the world who hear of this. God may they live in peace and cast out fear.

    Lord lifting up Renee. You created her eyes in her mamas womb. Father please heal them. Jesus comfort her and her hubs as they deal with the pain and fear. Father help them to walk in your word…to lean on your truths not the ways of this world. Show them a path and doctors that will aid in the healing of her precious sight. May medicians work through your name and restore full sight and protect the nerves.

    We are traveling soon with our children and after Boston I get shaken. Please pray fear is cast out. We are called to.live for Christ but not to guarenteed safe, help us to be bold in truth and not fear death…for what can man do to us? God reigns. Jesus wins. Love God and Love others.

    • Can I also ask prayer for family and friends who choose to say No to a relationship with Jesus? There are many and it breaks my heart. As Im sure is also the prayers of many of you.

      Thank you to Freda and Dori for your written prayers for me!!!

  10. I spoke about this with my son after he asked me: Couldn’t God stop things like this from happening? (My response is on my blog). I just hope and pray that we can focus on the heroes of the day, and hope, and love even in the midst of the chaos.

  11. We have those who were hurt . . a family w/young children and a mom w/brain injury . . been praying for all of those involved, including those who caused the tragedy.

    Continue to be w/Steph and her family –help her to live in faith, not fear! We need your Lord . . thank you for having walked before us and prepared our way!

    Almighty God, we lay this tragedy and all involved at your feet for you to accomplish your purpose! We praise your NAME which is above ALL!

    Praise God for this community of prayer warriors!

  12. Father, please help us to keep our eyes on you, and guide our prayers. Please make our hearts like yours. I ask specifically for myself to be filled/refilled and changed by Your Holy Spirit in thought and in habits. Prayer to walk in Him daily in thought word and deed and to begin to make new Godly choices for life. Continuing to pray for His truth deeply inside guiding me. (especially in some areas that I really don’t want to let go. ) Romans 8:28 and praying that Your presence will be what captures the attention and hearts of those in Boston who have been in harm’s way. Healing, assurance in YOU alone Lord.

  13. Please pray for my family and me. I want the best for my 5 year old granddaughter Simone. My family feels that we should let another family raise her but that just breaks my heart. I want to raise her but I am a 57 year old widow with not a lot of resources. It would break my heart not to have her in our life. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide my heart and show me what I should do. Thank you and many blessings–Barb Wall

    • Lord lift up Barb and her grandaughter. Father light the path and make it clear where this little girl should be and let peace and grace and love cover all those involved. Knowing this little girl is your child first bring comfort to the situation. Lord bring resources and health to Barb so if it is your will she can raise her grandaughter. In Him alone. Amen.

  14. My granddaughter, Brittaney is expecting her 3rd baby…she is 37 weeks now….very high risk pregnancy. Please pray for healthy, safe delivery – both mom and baby. She was told yesterday that the drs are concerned about the stress level on the baby, about the position of the cord.

    • I pray that your daughter delivers her baby safely and that they will both be out of harms way.


  15. Heavenly Father, I praise your Holy Name…You say,”Be still and know that I am God”.. We cannot prevent bad things from happening but we can make good out of something bad.. Lead us to teach others about your son Jesus Christ. Support and encourage us to live out our purpose so that others will come to know You more. I pray for the victims and the people who will suffer because of this terrible tragedy. Wrap your loving arms around your children today and everyday. This I pray in Jesus name..Amen

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was /is affected in Boston and around the globe.

    I pray for peace , guidance , healing & strength for all …..
    My only request is for my son to get the specialist appointment he has been waiting months for. (He is 6.)

    Thank-you ,

    Love and prayers to all.


  17. as a boston girl since my adoption at 6mo, my heart is broken….for the families that have lost loved ones…and the families still struggling with loved ones precarious teetering on death’s door…for the first responders, fire personnel, police/fbi/atf personnel, military and all who have been called upon to minister, and protect, those needing a touch, and protection. but Lord, may we all realize that whomever is responsible, that we do not know what brought them to this point….and they need you too!!! you have pierced my heart wider to speak out for those who have no voice…the molested, and abused, and bullied, and so much more. will you start with me, Lord, to touch the life of someone who may be heading in a horrific direction, because of pain, hurt, anger or whatever brings them to even consider something like this. boston has been wounded, badly, as have all who love her..but she is NOT dead…and we will stand together, and help those who need our help, and pray for those who need You, and become stronger, better, wiser children of the Most High God….because we represent YOU…Who is Love, and grace, and joy, and peace and Eternal comfort. Lord, heal this land…YOUR land!!! precious Jesus, we pray!

  18. Lord Jesus, with a grateful heart I pray for those You love in Boston. Thank You that we see Your goodness in the land of the living, that we may not lose heart or hope. You go before us in every situation, You have authority over every hair on our heads. Hold tightly to those affected by such evil in Boston, love them and heal them as only You can. We pray for each other, loving from cities far away.
    Lord, I pray for Amanda as she ventures out into a new business opportunity. I pray that she goes confidently as one loved by You, Lord. I pray for success in her meetings and such clarity from You that she has no questions about the direction she should go. Bless her for loving You, seeking You out in this situation, and for the love she feels for her family.
    Lord, I also pray for Steph. Many times in Your word You command us to have no fear. Please help Steph feel Your mighty presence as she prepares to travel with her family. Help her to keep her eyes set on You, as Peter did when he walked on the waves during the storm. You are with us in the storms and our faith is all that we need to bring-You take care of the rest. Please let this trip be a blessing and a wonderful experience for Steph and her family. The battle is Yours Lord.
    I ask for prayer for my recovery after surgery. I also ask for The Lord to be present in the lives of my family.

    • Thank you Dori!! Lord heal Dori from surgery comfort her when times get tough and be her strength. Father you love her dearly help her feel that as she recovers. Surround her with people to love and physically help her. Pour your peace in her heart. Let this be a time of renewal for her spirit as you heal her body. In Jesus Alone. Amen.

    • And lord I pray the same prayer Dori has for family to know you. Jesus my in-loves need you, help them turn their faces towards you not their backs. Help Dori’s family to feel your love stronger than ever that they cannot deny your amazing Glory and that they will lean on your ways in all things. In Jesus Alone. Amen.

    • Thank you so much Dori!

      Heavenly Father, I lift Dori up to you. I pray for Your healing hands to be upon her as she recovers from her surgery. Surround her with your presence and give her Your healing and strength. Dear Lord, I also pray for Dori’s family, that You touch their hearts and lives and bring them into Your loving arms.

      Blessings to you and your family.

  19. Jesus- I pray Dori will know she is your hands. You will provide the healing she needs. I pray for your Spirit to surround her family and let their eyes be open to your goodness, Your love.
    Father I ask for you to release me from my depression The days I don’t want to go on anymore, help my husband to understand. I need support and wisdom.

    • Jesus wrap Kelly in the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Break free the chains of depression. Father strengthen her on the days life is too much and make your glorious power known in her life. Father you know those who feel depression hurts my heart. Women in my family have suffered so and went so deep but you Lord stepped in. You Lord are greater and 3 years later all three walk with you and see the beauty of life, though it is not perfect and depression lingers, Father they have come through from the darkness and oh the lives they live now! Lord make Kelly new inside. Help her experience that same freedom that years later she will see what beauty she may have missed Lord help her hang on and oh that her husband will stand strong in faith and be so compassionate in her pain. Father I pray this for Kelly. Lord there is peace bring her to this peace now. In you Alone. Jesus Jesus Jesus. Amen!

    • Kelly, know I am praying for you. I know the pain of depression and those days you just do not want to go on. I am praying for your husband too, for a heart of understanding. That he will learn to love you like Jesus. Take refuge in His wings (ps 91:4) hugs to you my friend.

  20. LORD, I seek Your wisdom as I work with my second grade class today. You know the needs. I thank you ahead of time that You will provide everything I need to do the job you have called me to do. In Your Son’s name, Amen

  21. Dear Abba God, Your heart breaks as ours do at the evil that is taking place in our world. What happened in Boston happens in so many countries every day. But now it is in our back yard, and it seems worse. I pray that Your love and peace will come through in all the circumstances and that Good will come from this evil act.
    I pray for Dori as she recovers from her surgery. I pray for her family, for we are all family in You. Guide us Lord. Fill us with Your glory that we may shine in the darkness of our world. Let our lives make a difference this day as we share your love, your grace, your compassion. Thank you Jesus, for hearing and answering our prayers.
    I would appreciate prayer for my sister who is facing amputation of at least toes and possibly her entire foot this day. I pray for healing in our relationships, and families.
    I am confident the HE who began a work in each of us will complete it in His own time.

    • Lord thank you for the abundant blessings in my life, for children who love you with all their hearts and lives and who seek to have you in their lives and who have reached out to bring you into the lives of others ~ oh if I’ve done nothing else on earth but to teach my children to love you, I have done that. Lord I ask you place your healing hands on Mary’s sister, place knowledge upon the doctors, place peace in the hearts of her family, heal her Lord and work in her. Heal hurts Lord in their family, and may your abundant love be greater than all hurts & bring them together with one another, not just for this day, but for all their days. Lord I ask that you place your loving hands on Brogan Lord, bring into his life influences who will lead him to you Lord. Lead him to your cross, bring forth YOUR GLORY in having that beautiful boy embrace you on his own as his father and I pray over him and seek you in his life. Lord our prayer is that Brogan come to you without being forced or pushed, with our hearts being to lead him through actions and deeds, conversations and love. Bless us as we seek you in this Lord. Bless our family in this Lord, in your name I know that YOU ARE GOOD, ALL THE TIME and that in your time Brogan will come to know you. Ohhh how I long to see the joy and gratitude upon his father’s heart when that day comes, I love you Jesus and know that through you all things are possible.

  22. Heavenly Father,
    I lift up the people of Boston today. I thank you for being present in the hurt and struggles of your people. I pray got those who lost loved ones. I ask that you bless those who are injured. May this circumstance work out for the good of those who love you. May you be glorified in every story. I pray got strength, and courage and your protection from any further harm. May the prayers of the righteous utility prevail on the

  23. I have and been praying for all of Boston. And the enemy.
    I pray for the post before mine.
    I need prayer for my struggles and decisions, Lord help me to hear your small voice, open my ears to you.

  24. I need a job! Been unemployed too long… God knows all things and I’m trusting in Him. I’m depending on Him and I know He will supply all my needs!!! Thanks!!

  25. Heavenly Father, you see your daughter, Mary, as she stands in the gap for her sister. I pray that she will feel the power of your presence as it surrounds her and know that you also hover over her sister. We ask that you would give the doctors and surgeons artful insight to go along with scientific knowledge as they approach this surgery. Help them know how much to do and what not to do. Help her heal well and quickly and protect from any post op infections. Give her family grace in this time and use this situation to do what only you can do when it comes to healing family brokenness. Gift the proud with humility, gift the hurting with compassion, undo the knots of misunderstanding. Let your Holy Spirit perfect my prayer and present it before the mercy seat as a sweet, sweet offering to you. May Mary know that today you have heard and acted upon her prayers and mine as we have met before you. Amen and amen. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    My talented, gifted, warrior in the faith, 22YO son has been diagnosed with Dysthymia related double depression. We are thankful he was not committed to a psych hospital but cannot leave him alone because of the depth of his anguish. Unlike everyone else on the ER unit’s behavioral health area, he tested negative for any drug – which we knew. We are at a loss to know how to help him. He looks like someone who has mono but tests negative for it. It looks as tho’ he will have to withdraw from school on a medical leave altho’ he has only 3 wks left in his final semester. Please pray that the God of all comfort would help us figure out what triggered this downward spiral. We are attacking the depression with medicine, diet, and naturopathy as well. We just don’t know what to do next. He is the 7th young person in our community to be at risk for suicide in the last 6 mo. 3 are dead. Satan is at war for our children because he knows young adults who are strong in their faith will be a powerful weapon against him. I am afraid we will lose our son if God does not intervene. Please pray?

    • I lift your son up to our Lord for strength and healing. Lord, protect him from the attacks from the enemy and keep him safe in your arms. We do not understand why this disease lingers Lord but we know that all things are possible when we turn our eyes to You. I ask you to give Carol Anne and her family guidance so that they may seek the right avenues for help and healing. I ask this in Your name Lord. Amen.

  26. I pray for Mary, for her sister’s recovery. May she astound the doctors who think they know what her outcome will be. You are the ultimate healer. I pray for miracles to take place in this family today. Bless Mary fot her desire to pray for others. Bless her with peace in the midst ofthe stress she may be feeling. In Jesus name. Amen

    I ask for prayer for my marriage, my husband relationship with God to improve, and for direction.

  27. Lord, I pray to unite the world inprayer today for all who have lost someone in a trajic circumstance. Please guide the community if Boston when they are confused and give them stregth when they are weary. Please infuse the light of the Holy Spirt on this whole situation and may the work and the prayers that we do bring you glory. In Jesus Name, Amen!

    I also pray for Dori and her sister on this day, give the doctors and surgeons guideance and the family strength to know that will be thier light during this time. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  28. Lord thank you for the abundant blessings in my life, for children who love you with all their hearts and lives and who seek to have you in their lives and who have reached out to bring you into the lives of others ~ oh if I’ve done nothing else on earth but to teach my children to love you, I have done that. Lord I ask you place your healing hands on Mary’s sister, place knowledge upon the doctors, place peace in the hearts of her family, heal her Lord and work in her. Heal hurts Lord in their family, and may your abundant love be greater than all hurts & bring them together with one another, not just for this day, but for all their days. Lord I ask that you place your loving hands on Brogan Lord, bring into his life influences who will lead him to you Lord. Lead him to your cross, bring forth YOUR GLORY in having that beautiful boy embrace you on his own as his father and I pray over him and seek you in his life. Lord our prayer is that Brogan come to you without being forced or pushed, with our hearts being to lead him through actions and deeds, conversations and love. Bless us as we seek you in this Lord. Bless our family in this Lord, in your name I know that YOU ARE GOOD, ALL THE TIME and that in your time Brogan will come to know you. Ohhh how I long to see the joy and gratitude upon his father’s heart when that day comes, I love you Jesus and know that through you all things are possible.

  29. Dear Jesus,
    First I want to say thank you! Thank you for all you do in my life. I ask that you be with the people of boston, that you will make good out if this tragidy. be with their friends families, and just the city, state and country in general. I ask that you show Brogan the person Donna is asking prayer for, the way to you. I pray that you put specific people on their life to be a great influence towards him. I pray that he will come to you and give his life over to you and you alone. Please be with everyone on this page, whatever their request is. God I also pray about the news I revived about my heart yesterday. I pray that you’ll provide me with a doctor who will fix it and that by fixing my heart it will fix everything else. Please forgive me of my sins, I do not deserve a love like yours, Jesus. Thank you for loving me regardless of anything. Protect me and guide me through the day. In Jesus name i pray,

  30. God,
    I do not understand the hatred, despair, and darkness that must fill a heart to cause a person to lash out and want to harm innocent people around them with a bomb. But You know what the human heart is capable of when darkness rains, please, give me courage to live wildly courageous for You. Remind all your children that death does not have the final word; it is our doorway into your loving arms.
    Cover us with your grace, Amen

  31. Dear Lord,
    Please comfort all those in Boston and the surrounding areas – including my own loved ones. Thank you for keeping my dear friends safe who were only blocks away from this tragedy. Please heal those that were harmed both physically and mentally.
    I also pray for Kaitlyn and her heart and her healing and Your amazing comfort and peace about whatever is happening. Please heal her and be with her along the process. Not coincidentally I am sure that I need prayer for my own heart and that the doctors will finally find out why I have been so sick for so long and figure out what this pain in my chest really is….

    Thank you Lord for enabling us to come before You with our requests.

    Love, Lina

  32. Our family like so many, is dealing with a crises of job loss and maybe a cross country move, along with young adult children leaving home. We ask for wisdom and discernment to know the Fathers will. We also join our hearts with our fellow Americans and pray for Boston and our nation. Gods promises are new each day and He is faithful to all who trust Him and depend on His word. Praise the name of Jesus!!

  33. So encouraging to see all of the pray-ers — those who are willing to stand in the gap for other sisters in Christ — blessings to you all! Praying for those in Boston, the pain and heartache caused by this horrible bombing. May many come to Christ and know His healing power.
    Praying for broken families, women who are hurting due to a husbands choices. So much hurt, but such a BIG GOD!! I would appreciate prayers for my own family, a husband who was a pastor for many years, who has chosen to leave for someone else after more than 30 years of marriage, I need a place to live, and a way to figure out what to do with our house that is now in foreclosure, as he left and has not helped in any way – I’ve prayed for healing, and continue to pray to that end. thank you –

    • Joyce, only moments earlier, I had sat at my computer, composing an e-mail to a friend while tears burned my eyes and eventually released down my face. I was “venting” to her: griping, complaining, whining about my current state of life.

      And then I read your post. My heart immediately broke for yours, and I realized how small my problems are. Please know that I am praying right now for God to provide for your physical, financial, and emotional needs.

      • Thank you so very much — I appreciate your thoughts and prayers Amy — blessings to you!!

  34. The Boston tragedy is literally heart breaking. I don’t have words.

    Father, I pray for Loretta Owens and her family. Lord, I know that you love them and are always with them. Please help her family through the things they are facing. God, you are an amazing God of provision. I’ve seen this time and time again. Please provide for Loretta and her family whatever they need – income, food, guidance on their move, and comfort and peace as the children leave home. Please open door after door and show them your amazing grace. Thank you Father for hearing this prayer and for loving us enough to make yourself known. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.

    I ask for prayers for a heart that always seeks God and ears to hear, eyes to see, and a mind to comprehend how He’s leading me. Specifically that God will help me and my sister overcome our fear of stepping out in faith in pursuit of a God-sized dream and trusting Him for provision. Also for His provision and income in that process and for a friend I love who is struggling with her faith – that she will know God’s love and grace is also for her. For protection for the people I love. OK, that’s a lot. Thank you!

    • Vicki,
      Praying for you and your family that God’s will be done and that the Lord will be glorified as your family goes to court on Thursday. I have marked it on my calendar to pray at 9 am and will be praying up until that point and afterward.
      Blessings sister,

  35. Abba Father I call on you now to hear my prayer. Please be with Vicki and her family during their court hearing. Please be with them every step of the way. Let them feel your presences from dawn until dusk.

    Father, I ask that you help our family be better stewards with our time, talents, and finances. Help us to make the right decision about homeschooling our children.

    • Nadine,
      Praying that you would be faithful stewards with all that God has blessed you with and that He would enable you to make the right decision about homeschooling your children. Praying God’s blessing upon your family…

  36. Lord, please be with those affected by the tragedy in Boston. We lift them up and ask for your loving arms of comfort to surround them. Help us to be a nation that helps one another in times of trial.

    I ask for prayers for my dog Zoe, who had a very adverse reaction to a chemical in a new medication. She is under a vet’s care, but is an older dog. I just lost my other dog this year and cannot bear the thought of losing my precious Zoe. Prayers for her healing would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Most gracious Heavenly Father, please be with Bev and her wonderful pet, Zoe. Help the vet know exactly what is needed to be Your hands in this case. Lord, You created Zoe to be a companion for Bev and she needs her comforting presence. Give Bev Your peace in her heart and spirit that You are in control and that You will work things out for the good of those who love You in all things. In all things we give all the honor and glory to You, Father!

  37. Precious Father, our hearts break at the devastation in Boston. We grieve for those who lost their lives and mourn with their families, especially those who had hardly started their lives. Father, only you can comfort their families and bring healing to their wounded hearts. For those who were wounded, I ask that you would bring your healing, not only to their bodies but to their hearts and especially those who do not yet know You. May they encounter Your love and peace and find Your grace to forgive. I pray for the entire nation that our hearts will be lifted up to you as a people as we grieve. May we seek You and draw close to You. Heal this nation Father and deliver us from the scourge of the enemy. Protect our children and bring peace to our land dear Father. Let Your healing virtue flow through this land restoring righteousness and godliness. Lord show us Your mercy we pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Father I pray for Bev Duncan’s dog, Zoe, her companion. Her name translates to life and so I speak life over her and ask that You divinely guide the Vet as to her care Lord and bring speedy recovery to Zoe. Give peace to Bev’s heart and help her to stand in faith for her dog’s healing. Be glorified dear Father as You answer our prayers, in Jesus’ Name.


  38. May the God who brings a peace that passes all understanding be with those affected by the tragic bombings in Boston. May thay feel God’s strength, courage, peace, healing, and hope during the difficult days ahead.
    Please pray also for my daughter, Kami, and her children who are going through many struggles right now. God knows the details.
    Blessings to all!

  39. Dear Lord, I ask for physical strength and that I would focus on you and not my circumstances. I also pray that the spiritual eyes of my son and husband would be opened and that they would see Jesus for who he is, and receive him totally in their hearts without reservation.

    I thank for Bosede Santos, and her heart of prayer for the country, and Boston, as we reel from this terrible tragedy. Lord, you know the desires of her heart and her trials. Please shower her with your Holy Presence and a sense of peace.


  40. Hi guys, I live in boston – so definite prayers for the city i live in. I am thankful my sis is safe, she worked like a few minutes walk from the explosion, on the same street. Thank you God.
    Also – prayer for courage and encouragement for me. I had a big event releasing something i worked on creatively last week, and I feel like i need refreshment and nourishment after it all; pray against anything negative and that i would enjoy rest and delight from the Lord. the event testified on all that God had done in my life in the past. Please pray that my giving out won’t include backlash, that i won’t be afraid and that everything my soul, spirit and body needs right now, I will recieve without delay or distraction. also help to discern God’s voice on what is next, how to stay balanced and continue to give him glory; i want to travel light and stay little in his arms. In Jesus name. thank you.

  41. I join my prayers with my ‘sisters, Ann, Bosede and Coni, and Bev above as I read their prayers and also their needs. I pray that every single one of the injured in Boston, or have lost loved ones will feel your Holy Presence and come to know You as their God and Savior. I pray peace from the shock and chaos, I pray healing, I pray justice and mercy and that Your Love will fall on each of them.
    I pray for the needs of my ‘sisters’ for daughter and grandchildren, and Zoe to be miraculously healed. And for each prayer on their hearts that you may hear and answer. You are Always Good, You are Always constant, You never change, You are Always Faithful!
    In Your Great Name Jesus, Amen!
    Much love for you all!

  42. Stay close by Jesus to those who were involved and witnessed this tragic event that happened yesterday. Our great physician, provide healing to those in the hospital with physical and emotional wounds with your touch. This world we live in is a scary place and I am full of anxiety. Send your angels to protect and comfort those who need peace, let your presence be known in this horrific event. Promise me you will never leave me, walk away or give up on me….I need you. I am sorry for my worries when I face trials, I give them too you for they are too heavy for me. Please speak to me my friend, I miss hearing from you. I lift up Ann Van to you and ask that you put a tug on the hearts of her loved ones. Show them how much you love them and want the best for them. Speak to her family Jesus. Amen.

  43. Lord, I pray for the poster above. Please grant her peace and freedom from anxiety. Please bless her – and grant her the certitude in your abiding that she seeks. Please protect her in her difficulty sensing your presence.

    Please pray for me and my husband. We found out the house we are purchasing has no working heat and hot water. It is uncertain whether the sale will move forward and we have already given notice to our landlord. Please pray that we have a place to live, and financially will be stable. This crisis has led to an unexpected blessing as I am growing in my ability to trust my husband when he says everything will be ok. Thank you, God!

  44. I lift up the families of all the tragedies in all areas of this world. Truly this world is in need of prayer. I pray for a unity of prayer and fasting to spread all over the earth that GOD may deliver us and heal this land. I pray for the person before me that her friend Ann will be returned back into her life for the good so much so, but if it not be for her good may GOD give her peace to know her friend is alrite for sure. LORD hear the cry of your peaople and help us to be submissive to hear YOU so much more than all things of this world. We need you GOD for YOU are great and YOU alone are able to heal this land . YOU are able to restore this land on the foundation on wh=ish it was founded to worship and honor YOU more than man. I lift up my children especially my son who is in need of transporation and a job that he will not continue to make money illegally but to glorify GOD so much more. I pray that the person who looks at the next application he puts in looks beyond the wrong he has done and see who GOD has called him to be so much more. I pray the doors will open in divine favor for him that he is not just another statistic or another person behind bars as their children go through life without him and go down the same path more. I bleed the blood of JESUS upon my children and this world IN JESUS NAME AMEN GOD is able GOD is able thank you for joining in agreement with me and trusting GOD for a miracle blessing rain upon your family and you

  45. Gracious Heavenly Father, in You we find all that we need. In You is our hope . Having been through difficulties, I know how easy it is to falter and lose faith, so I pray for the people at the Boston Marathon who were affected by this act of violence and hatred…..to turn to You and find in You the Life which was promised when your Son gave His life for us…a life rich in joy and meaning, devotion and kindness, obedience and the love which never ends…even though we will be in the world with its troubles , we will be covered by You and You will keep us safe as your beloved children…..As instructed, i pray for “guest” the entry before me to know the peace that defies understanding….that even in difficulties he/she will find in You a friend that stays closer than a brother. God bless you.

  46. oh, I forgot, please pray for me and my family to seek God’s will and do it wholeheartedly without doubting and hesitation….I lack confidence in believing sometimes that God’s favor rests on me when I come against difficult circumstances…thanks

  47. Lifting up Boston in prayer. God is still faithful! Praying for the anonymous lady above me.. make God bless you and Keep you today!!!

    Please pray for me as I struggle with a life long battle with my weight and yo-yo dieting that leads to self-image and self0esteem issues. I’m 35 and just want to be free from this battle. Please pray I try to find balance in being healthy and not making it an idol. Thank you!


  48. Dear Lord please bring peace and healing to all of those affected by the tragic event in Boston yesterday. May your presence comfort all of those that need it.

    Father also please be with Georgia as she tries to make healthy choices for her body and her weight. Help her to remember that you created her and she is fearfully and wonderfully made by you, and you are where her self-worth comes from, not her size or a number on the scale. Give her the wisdom and courage to make the right choices each day and she searches for balance between being healthy and fit but not letting it consume her. Guide her Lord. Thank you, Father. Amen.

    Please pray for my husband’s salvation and that he leaves his adulterous relationship and moves back home with me and our children. Thank you.

  49. Praying for Boston today…..a friend of mine goes to school there & the reality of this scary moment made me aware of God’s blessings and love that He continually pours out on those both in safe and unsafe areas. He is an amazing God!!!

    Georgia, I pray for you today. I pray you would feel God holding your heart and hear Him whisper into your ear, “Georgia, you are fearfully and wonderfully made”. The Creator of the whole universe intricately created YOU! 🙂 I pray for you to experience the FREEDOM God promises from the chains of this battle that has been a part of your life. You are a precious precious treasure to Him, and I pray your heart KNOWS how much the Lord is in love with a special woman like you.

    I would ask for prayer for self-worth and that I would find confidence solely in the Lord. I know in my mind that He wants me to have confidence in Him, and sometimes I have a hard time sending that Truth down to my heart. Sometimes I feel of little value, and I give in to Satan’s lies. I need to balance accepting my humanity AND knowing that He has made me new. 🙂

    Thank you SO much….your prayers mean the world. So very thankful for the incourage community.

    Love, Natalie

    • Lord, I pray for Natalie’s heart that you would give her your heart and mind for herself, just as you prayed for us over 2000 years ago in John 17 (The Message version), praying for our hearts and minds to be like yours.

  50. Dear God, we pray for everyone who has been affected by the Boston tragedy. Those who were there and beyond. We pray that people find peace and feel your comforting arms around them. Thank you Lord for all those who helped and I pray that you would comfort them and give them piece and they process what they experienced.

    I’m asking prayers for my husband and a neighbor who are not working. Both men had interviews this week and I pray that they would receive job offers by the end of the week. I also ask that you pray for me. I’ve been experiencing mild depression for a few months and I’m looking for a breakthrough.

    Thank you,


  51. Lord I pray for all those struck by senseless tragedy of Boston and other areas of our world. Be with those whose hearts and heads are trying to make sense of life. Show them your grace, love, mercy above all else.

    Please pray for me, as I struggle with my husband’s health issues, financial issues, and my own depression right now.

  52. Lord, I lift Natalie up to you and ask you fill her heart with your confidence. Help her to resist the devil and remind her that Luke 10:19 says you give her “power (authority) to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Help her to claim your word in her heart. Bless Natalie in times of need and let her know that you are always there holding her her close because she is a blood bought child through Jesus Christ. In his name we pray AMEN

    I ask would for your prayer in the manifestation in the healing of the cancer that has attacked my body. I know that by the wounds laid upon Jesus at that cross that I have already been healed by God. I am waiting patiently for that healing to manifest within me. Pray also for my daily strength to keep the devil away from me and to listen only to Gods word!

    I also pray that God gives peace to everyone on his Earth and that everyone will turn to him and become his child.

    God Bless Everyone!!

  53. I was home with the stomach bug feeling sick and sorry for myself when I heard my Uncle Dave did not recieve the good news we were hoping for from his doctors. My husband came home early and told me what was happening in Boston. I am overwhelmed by the pain and sickness and tragedy in this world…my heart is breaking!
    I trust the Lord and His timing and I know that He is GOOD…ALL the TIME…but it hurts so badly right now!
    Please pray for my Uncle. I know that He is already saved and the battle for his life has already been won, but I am pleading with God to keep him here and let him grow old with my aunt and see his daughter get married…it seems so crazy to be praying for a 58 year old man when young lives have been taken in Boston and so manny people are fighting to live and suffer loss…but I love him and don’t want to lose him yet.

  54. I was doing really good in my struggle with depression and feel I have been being attacked this last week! It really disturbed me to hear about Rick Warren’s son. You could pray for me that the devil will flee and not attack me and that my trust will be fully in the Lord for healing from this bout of depression.

  55. Lord, I lift up Melissa. I thank You that you paid such a price to be able to enter our lives and work miracles in our bodies. Lord, touch her uncle now and work mightily in his life. Bring peace to the entire family and wrap them in your arms. And work also in Melissa’s life. Hold her close and comfort her soul.
    In Jesus’ name, amen!

    I ask for prayer for our financial situation. We have had to make sacrifices to follow what God has told myself and my husband to do. I know that His provision is mightier than anything we can ever do, just to give me the strength to rest in Him during this time.

  56. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Meg and her husband regarding their financial situation. I thank you that they heed your call to follow you and I Pray that you will give them the assurances that you will provide for them and the strength to rest and wait on you.

    As for myself, I am overwhelmed with work in the office . I seek God’s help and will to move to a less stressful job. I pray that God will sustain me during these difficult times.

  57. Dear Heavenly Father , I lift up Meg and her family to you help them to feel your presence . Lord grant them your Peace as they face these trying times. Help them to know that they sacrifices are not in vain. Father i ask for your Blessing on them , open a door that only You can open make a way where there seem to be no way . Father, help them to remember the cattle on a thousands hills are your. Strength them , guide them and keep.
    In Jesus’ name amen.

    Please pray for my financial situation . I am about to lose my apartment and i am so very behind in all my bills. (job lost for a long time) and the job i have now does not allow me to buy food , pay the rent and the other bills. plus all the bill from being unemployed.Sometimes i have had choose wither to buy food or pay bills. I don’t what to do or where i would go if i lost my apartment.
    Please pray that God will provide

  58. Heavenly Father,

    Please guide Dahlia as she is in this financial crisis. Give her Your peace, perseverance, and patience. Please bring other godly people into her life to help her in this time. Help her to rely on you.

    In your precious name, Amen.

    Please pray for our family. My husband is waiting for news about a job. He has had three interviews with this company and we are waiting for the answer. He has been without work for 9 months and our finances are quickly dwindling. We have three children. Thank you!!

  59. Lord,

    Surround all the families in Boston. Be with the police, fireman, and most especially the hospital workers who are tending the wounded. Shower all them with your grace, mercy and love! AMEN!

    Pray for a huge change in attitude for me. I am bringing my yucky work attitude home with me and making life uncomfortable for hubby! Lord please please help me with this–to keep my mouth shut and watch what I say!

  60. Abba Father,
    Please wrap your loving arms around all those who were injured in the tragedy in Boston. Give healing and peace to them all. Grant this to all the emergency workers that helped do Your work to bring peace and order.

    Please pray for our school children. There are so many demands put on by the government, but not the money to fulfill mandates, that our schools are in dire need of money, help, and time to get everything accomplished!


  61. As I am praying for all those in Boston who are affected by this tragedy, I ask that you pray for me to get well enough to at least be able to go back to church.

    Thank You

  62. prayers for financial stability to meet our needs. Thank you. Also prayers for strength and healing for those affected by the horror in Boston, and that the perpetrator would be brought to justice.

    • Lynne, I will hold you and your family’s financial situation in my prayers this week.

  63. I would appreciate prayers for my family and our relationships this week. My father is facing some very traumatic memories about abuse from his childhood, and he needs strength and peace. Unfortunately, over the years, the legacy from that childhood abuse has created relationship problems that also need healing. Our family is under so much stress right now as we deal with therapy over these issues. I would really appreciate prayers for God’s comfort, healing, reconciliation, and peace.

  64. My grades are not great and the semestrer is a few weeks from over. I want to request prayers that my grades will improve, but it might be more practical to ask for prayers that I can accept whatever they turn out to be. Additionally, I struggle with OCD and social anxiety, and that combo makes it rather difficult to look for an apartment and I currently have nowhere to live next come August…

    • -VA-

      I will pray for you to have the wisdom you need to accomplish God’s Will for you this semester. I pray that God would answer your concerns about an apartment and that while God is answering that prayer that you would be open and go where HE leads.

      Good luck!!!

  65. Amen! The senselessness of this bombing – That a person/s could even think this into a reality…… How it must break GOD’s heart. Nothing that we say or do will take this agony in body & spirit, away- only GOD’s amazing grace will ease and comfort. On our knees, we feel for you, and in our prayers we ask HIS balm and healing. x

  66. Prayers please for a sweet friend who is in rehab hoping to begin his life new. I pray and ask for prayers for God to strengthen him and invade every part of his body & soul and that God would give him the strength he needs moment by moment.


  67. I would like prayer for my back/neck pain. I am about to have a procedure done to have pain pump implanted, please pray for superb results and quick healing.
    I am also asking for prayer for my Husband’s cousin, she has a very rare form of breast cancer, PAGET’s, it’s very fast growing and generally, terminal. She also has regular breast cancer. Her Dr. has discovered a tumor behind one eye, causing her to not be able to open it. And, a tumor on her liver as well. It may have already progressed to the point she can’t be helped. She is undergoing 8 weeks of chemo and then they will re-test her. Please keep her in your prayers, I put her needs above mine. Thank you so much!
    And I’m praying for those poor folks in BOSTON, for all those suffering loss of loved ones, or limbs, or just whatever the case may be. My heart and prayers go out to all!
    Pray for our country and our leaders, it’s all out of our control, but, we must PRAY diligently!

  68. I would like prayer for my back/neck pain. I am about to have a procedure done to have pain pump implanted, please pray for superb results and quick healing.
    I am also asking for prayer for my Husband’s cousin, she has a very rare form of breast cancer, PAGET’s, it’s very fast growing and generally, terminal. She also has regular breast cancer. Her Dr. has discovered a tumor behind one eye, causing her to not be able to open it. And, a tumor on her liver as well. It may have already progressed to the point she can’t be helped. She is undergoing 8 weeks of chemo and then they will re-test her. Please keep her in your prayers, I put her needs above mine. Thank you so much!

  69. Our family best friends lost their entire house to lightning last night. Thankfully they weren’t home so no one was hurt, but they live out in the country. By the time the firefighters arrived the house was engulfed in flames. Pray they would continue to cling to God as He is our hope; not the things of this world.

    • Praise that Christopher who was only 4 blocks away from the bombings is safe. Prayers for all the families who lost loved ones and all those who were injured or in any way affected by this Boston tragedy. Prayers for the friends of Elyse that lost their entire home but gratitude that no lives were lost.May God shower them with blessings more than what was lost.

      For me, I have just gotten out of the hospital with a bad bout of depression/anxiety and confusion that left me not even recognizing my own name. I am grateful for the significant improvements that have been made but I have no diagnosis as of yet. Prayers that God will lead me to a neurologist and other specialists that will find the cause of this most terrifying of events. The one blessing and all we know is that a CT scan ruled out dementia and early onset Alzheimers. They never tested for TIA or Stroke because I don’t have high BP or cholesterol BUT I am under a humongous amount of stress which could have caused that. I also have pernicious anemia that has gone untreated for 10 years. I need to continue to receive and feel God’s healing power upon this situation.

  70. Prayers for Paula and her pain. Prayers that God will heal your depression and anxiety and ease your heart. Prayers that God will put the right team if doctors in your path to help you overcome this and fade away the stress you feel.

    For me, I really need prayer to be successful in my new career so I have the means to be reunited with my daughter who was taken from me a few months ago as I could not financially support her. I need prayer that I make the right decisions from here on out, and become the amazing person I want to be. Lastly, prayer for my friend, Patrick, who’s heart is very heavy, due to finding out his best friend has an inoperable brain tumor. May God show his love to all of those who are suffering.

  71. I give thanks that we serve a MIGHTY and AWESOME God that can do all things in His time. I pray for the anonymous poster above to have success in her new career so that she will be reunited with her daughter. Also for her friend, Patrick, and his friend with the tumor. Father God, You know all things and can do all things and we will give You all the honor and glory for it!

    I am asking for prayers for my daughter and her family. She has just lost her job and she was the higher paid in the household. They have 3 precious sons under the age of 6! The parents are both believers, but they do not attend worship. I fear that the boys are not being brought up in the admonition of the Lord and will ultimately suffer.

    • Lord, please help Valerie’s daughter find a new job quickly, and raise the family up in the meantime. Please, use this crisis to show them something so radical that they know it can only be You. Draw the whole family closer to You.

      I hurt today. My husband and I just found out that his little brother’s on-again/off-again girlfriend is pregnant. I need prayers for contentedness. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our first for nearly two years, and seeing this accidental pregnancy is breaking me. They need prayers too, as they navigate the rocky waters before them.

  72. Please help me. I’m 50, since child hood, my life has been painful torture. Prisons. Etc. now fear and panic disorder has taken over my life. Filth, perversion, hate, anger, isolation , as if my mind is about to break. I can’t stand this suffocation feeling, and panic any longer. I know Jesus Christ is lord and savior. I accept Him into my life, yet the devil refuses to let go of me. Please